Breaking News: Kreuter out at USC

Just saw this on Scott Wolf’s USC blog that USC A.D. Pat Haden has let go baseball coach Chad Kreuter, who has taken USC to just one postseason appearance during his tenure.
It will be interesting to see how this effects USC’s recruiting, especially some of our local players who have committed to Troy.
Here’s the link to Kreuter’s firing

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  • G-town

    Just a suggestion,
    Dan Henley To Manage at USC

  • kh

    g- town your finnally using your head.thats the brightest thing you have ever said on the blog.
    good job.
    danny would be great, at least to interview to get his feet wet,the promblem is the have on staff a well qualified personnal frank cruz,cant believe they waited this long,garrett didnt care about the # 1 banner holder at the school usc baseball,wooden cant hold rods d cane.
    danny henleys dad was on the championship either 1946 or 47 maz was on the team g-town your on to some thing.danny would have to take a asst. job the recriting rules are alittle different the c.o. putting kids into houseing to play for the chargers.remember i always said danny could be a great pro manager,what he should do if he has it in his careen move,would be go take a summer short season job like his father did for 30 years,i played agaisnt mr. henley when he mamaged the dodgers rookies.
    they won it all.he should of been the dodger skipper many times over,pro ball isnt what you all make it out to be.maybe if you like 12 to 18 bus trips and sleeping next to a guy head on your shouder snorning for 15 hours,then maybe pros arent for you.
    back to usc,frank cruz should be the3re for the next 10 years will liked man,with plently of coaching ex.loyal marymount 14 years os so head coach,

  • Cleaning house


    USC will go after someone with a lot more experience than Henley! They need a much bigger name and presence at this level.

  • kh

    frank cruz is there man.
    great choice,plently of job skills at the level and he tops at eyeing lower levl talent,lower level i mean h.s. players.

  • Wrong

    I bet it will be someone that understands the recruiting process/rules to a “T” and a national championship already under his belt!

    What to guess KH? Cruz is interim only!

  • kh

    so when the ucla hired the legend john wooten he had nantional rings already,
    dont think so. before a guy comes in with the rings you have to go back and see whos recruits the playersa were from,the new coach could of walked into a gold mine,instant glory on some ones else hard work,will see how the new football coach dose in four years after his boys fill the holes.
    frank cruz his my man for many years,let haden get to know and sniff around awhile,he will see franks the man.
    really strong on recruiting,i really dont think the other guy head was in the right direction,the pitching coach will be the next to go,just my opinion,tom house.he should run for the next commisioner of baseball.knows every thing about every thing.i have a filling steve rousey who got the axe from csun will be joining the trojan family soon,watch could work for my boy because we were heading to csun did are visit likrd what we saw,they offered ,what a deal,all talk was like if you committed in nov. this is what could happen,they know how top talk,
    but the whole coaching staff got fired three weeks later.god know what best so we will just sit back and let life happen..
    so back to interm.
    sometime god plays a interm into someones life,intell we see what hes all about or shows us the power of let the cards play out first them,haden will see good or bad for the program..
    frank cruz will bring usc back with a short recruiting classes .