Let’s go, 25 days until the first Friday night of high school football; Prep Extra almost ready

On the first day back from vacation, the page proof’s for the Prep Extra football magazine are on my desk and ready for us to look over. I know you’re going to love it, this is five times more comprehensive than anything we’ve done before. Also, as you’ve seen on Aram’s blog, more and more video interviews are coming. I’m getting my flip video camera this week, and when summer practices begin, we’re hitting as many camps as we can, talking to coaches, players, etc, etc. We’re even taking our camera’s to games on Friday nights, so if you have that fourth-and-goal with the game on the line, we can load up and show it to you. Also, two minute drills will also be in video, but not sure if we want to do it all on one take, or game by game, so suggest away. Anyways, glad to be back, now lets get going, the countdown is on!!

Back in L.A: Wish that Toby Maguire dude would get out of my way …

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  • Walnut Insider

    welcome back.

    sounds like you guys are going above and beyond this year with the coverage. I can’t wait. Thanks for the hard work you and the entire staff is doing for us.

  • Dan

    Welcome back Fred, hope the fishing was good.

  • FredJ

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