Summer Baseball update: Covina Blue put on hold

Here’s an update from the Colt World Series

By John Sherrard, Correspondent

LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Covina Blue will have to wait another day for its third pool-play game in the Colt World Series after thunderstorms forced a postponement of Monday night’s game against White Division opponent Greensboro, N.C.
After an hour-and-a-half thunder and lightning delay, Colt officials announced the game would be rescheduled for today at 2 p.m. (EST).
The game called be heard over the Internet at
“Our kids were so pumped for this game, they would have stayed until midnight to get this game in,” Covina manager Tony Page said. “But we’re just as excited to come back (today) with that same intensity and play our best baseball.”
In the other White Division game earlier in the afternoon, Hoosier North of Lafayette, Ind. eliminated Mexico, 7-5.
The winner of today’s Covina/Greensboro game will advance to Wednesday’s semifinal, with the loser being eliminated. Covina would finish in second place in the division and face the first-place team in the Red Division if victorious.
Covina would have had a scheduled day off today before the medal-round semifinals, but now it could possibly play three consecutive days.
Today’s other scheduled games include Puerto Rico vs. Texas and Lafayette vs. Czech Republic.

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  • CBaseballFan

    Covina Colt beat the host team and defending world champion Santa Clara tonight 11-0 at the Colt Zone tournament. Bonitas Justin Garza pitched an exceptional game. Covina is off until Wednesday and is one win away from advacning to the Colt World Series in Lafayette Indiana. This is Covina’s fifth trip to Zone in six years.

    Santa Clara plays Los Gatos tomorrow with the winner facing Covina on Wednesday.

  • CBaseballFan

    Covina Colt beat the host team and defending world champion Santa Clara tonight 11-0 at the Colt Zone tournament. Bonitas Justin Garza pitched an exceptional game. Covina is off until Wednesday and is one win away from advacning to the Colt World Series in Lafayette Indiana. This is Covina’s fifth trip to Zone in six years.

    Santa Clara plays Los Gatos tomorrow with the winner facing Covina on Wednesday.

  • Aaron

    Hey Steve,

    You just scored points in Mr. Huth’s book! Mine too! Thanks for the summer baseball updates.

  • baseball fan

    In the Bronco Pony Division 12U. The West Covina Red team made it all the way to Zone play. The Zone tournament was held at Whittier’s York Field. Hawaii beat West Covina in the Championship game 4-3. Hawaii will represent Pony Baseball as thw West Coast representative in Monterey,Ca. beginning on 8/5. Congratulations go out to the West Covina team that had a tremendous run at the title. The team was led by Gabriel Chavez, Alex Carrillo and Chris Lopez. These kids are playing top notch caliber baseball.

  • Duh

    Obviously not top notch if they couldn’t beat Hawaii. Hawaii is playing top notch brudda

  • A League Of Their Own

    I don’t see why we can’t give the rosters of these teams with stats going back to when they played T-Ball to chart their progress. I’m sure it would be interesting to see. How else can anyone know these kids are actually having fun if no one is writing about them and actually putting their accomplishments in print.

    So now we’re following all star baseball games. What’s next YMCA indorr soccer tournaments. Just seen the South Park episode on parents and baseball. Too funny.

    So unless the event is covered it didn’t happen? Is that what we’re saying? I’m sure the kids enjoy the game and parents enjoy cheering the kids on but the constant bashing of Aram, Steve and Fred because they don’t cover off season events is pathetic. Truthfully I’m sure this is all well and good but instead of seeking validation just post the scores and hitlight the “stars and starters” which is what every one is really all about.

    So I say give the rosters. That was every paying parents can say they “made it” !…opps I mena the “kid” made it!!!!

    You baseball parents are in a league all your own.

  • Easy Big Guy!!!

    Duh… whoa dude…did I miss something? Where is the post ripping, Steve, Aram and Fred? Do you know something we don’t? Is this Steve, Aram or Fred posting anonymously? Thin skin? I think it’s great they covered the “local” sports and not another story about an overweight football player making 100 million that can’t run a simple 300 yard shuttle 🙂 At least these kids are playing for the love of the sport…I hope your day gets better!!!

  • will you cover this Fred?

    This is the best of the best in girls softball 18Gold.The Sgv will be well represented on some of the top teams in socal 72 of the top teams in the nation will play a double elimination tourney with the championship game to be televised on espn.

    The 2010 ESPN RISE/Premier Girls Fastpitch National Championship
    Huntington Beach, Irvine, Fountain Valley, California
    18U High School Division – August 9-14, 2010
    16U Division – August 10-14, 2010

  • MattKempNeedsABrain

    Looks like another world series appearnce for Hollenbeck.

  • kh

    great job boys.
    see i didnt know bonita under classmen were playing for covia,
    any way after you say the names maybe put there school next to it,just a thaught,
    in the upper trny can we fine outr what happened to babe ruth allstars,
    cv head coach torres took the team up north and thats the last ive heard,lots of local kids on the team,apu henley big first basemen from glendora sorry cant remember this name hes a / volleyball player it will come,sign of age calling,
    palimino tnry aaron mallo from st francis,coached a fine bunch of local kids d-bar peek,kevin swick walking on at u s c .
    i heard from the grape vine jason plowmen ex bearcat now apu crushed a dinger deep out of the ball yard sunday in the mexico leagues games.if you like some good baseball,at night monday thur friday in azusa park above the 210 west of azusa 7;03 at night theres always a game going on,lots of northview kids play during the week nights,
    pasadena redbirds won there three straight stan m. trny so cal champs.
    but went 1-2 in the western regional.,jason cly,camera copping.tyler garkow k.c. huth manny acosta.
    keep up the work reporters i will be at work tomorrow thinking about the next pros right here in our back yards.thanks k.h.

  • Ro

    Hawaii also beat last years world series champs Walnut 3-1.west covina and walnut have the best 12u players in the valley,they both have travel ball players that can compete with the best of them.

  • Let’s not forgot Title IX and learn about AB2404

    For whatever reason this newspaper has failed for at least the last 2 years to report or even acknowledge Girls Fastpitch National Championships. Here’s who in the area that I know are competing this week-(by the way I had sent this to Fred prior to his vacation. Obviously he felt it not important enough to forward to a fellow reporter. Need we discuss gender equity around here?
    USA/ASA National Championship Tournaments
    Chattanooga, TN
    So cal Jynx-West Covina
    Moline, IL
    Cal Thunder-Haciedna Heights
    So Cal Jynx-West Covina
    Hemet CA
    Minors Gold-Macias-Covina

  • CBaseballFan

    At the Colt Zone tournament, Los Gatos defeats Santa Clara 3-2. That means Covina will play Los Gatos and needs to win one of two games to advance to Indiana and the Colt World Series.

    Covina is 12-0 in All-Star tournament play. A credit to the sound baseball played every year at Hollenbeck Park.

  • kh

    mr. softball
    fred covered every girls game there was to cover,
    he never even seen the bonita bearcats hardball team play,yet i saw him at 6 ladycats games.realize theres not much futuore in girls softball,yes you can get a scholarship,but will you get to honor it and play,have you seen some of the moster girl players,the little slap happy player days are coming. have a great set of hands and plently of arm speed to play major college softball.some of the teams look like the german shot putters,i wouldnt send my little foxy daughter to those hounds,
    again do we really need to read about a 10 and under team?
    these guys have plenty to do then go check out the mother on the weekend,bontas little rt fielder is on a serious wieght training program,hes up to 176 lb thats were he hit the scales today.i figure after football we will speed train two months then will see what coach knott dose with a man coming in at 185 to 190,our senior better carry us to the roses.iam putting the whole season on the seniors backs.we are stocked, we should end up 27-3 with the championship.if you see the pattern 2 season ago 3nd round lost to s.h. bad call. this season championship lost 2to 1 .next season its theres to choke away or run away with it.go bearcats

  • all in good fun since the blog is a dry my humor

    ken sorry but you did the same thing you accuse sportswriters of when you mentioned players on the (your) redbirds and didn’t give their schools any love?

    this is too mean. asking for newspaper ink when some schools haven’t seen the light of day or the rear ends of any Tribune writers in decades (okay that was an exaggeration) lol but you get the point.

    still don’t understand why anyone cares. btw my sister’s brother’s uncle’s aunt’s best friend from her first or second marriage’s neighbor is sponsoring a team in the national belly flop contest in las vegas a week from next thursday.

    any one want to know what happens?

  • Charger/Bruin Fan

    Surprises abound.
    Mini me isnt the only Bearcat getting big! Ive seen a couple of your boys workin out hard at the high school. Glendora kid Infielder, good hands great arm, good bat, maybe a pitcher, Blonde Bonita kid taller and bigger than I remember last season, Outfielder, fast, good arm great bat, lots of pop, looks like he might be a football player?
    Your right kh, Bonita is stacked, good luck.
    Go Chargers!

  • kh

    to anwser you,most redbirds are alittle older players,semi pro,but the players still in h.s. or college are,manny acosta ex so el monte now csla,he was h.s. athlete of the year two years ago,tyler garkow played most of the end of the summer.c.o, now mtsac,k.c. huth the youngerst on team senior to be bonita.evan highley ex-bonita now apu spot played,brent smith and brother brain brett blair pcc this fall brain pcc naia kentucky this fall.jason cly ex arcadia expro.
    and bruin/charger fan,dont know glendora kid but blond bonita kid could be henley,nolen works out alot he plays baseball only,the football staff would love to have him at free saftey or w-out good hands fast athlete.the out field will be hard to cut next season if they leave it as it was,but ft field should be open,if any coaches got out and saw the babe ruth allstars,there senior s.s. job with the senior 2b job would be real tough to get a ball by.with mark ,k.c. mier and matt the middle could be the best four senior up the midddle in the school history.they find away to blow it.then again what happened in the line up this year,i dont really give a rats ass.

  • SGV_supporter

    Good luck boys!Play your best!

  • playball

    Good Luck to San Gabriel Valley Arsenal who are currently in McKinney, Texas competing for the Mickey Mantle World Series. Bring it home!

  • Covina allstars

    Good luck to the Covina Blue allstars tonight. They have players from Charter Oak, Bishop Amat, South Hills and Bonita. Tony Page, Greg Johnson and Greg Santiago have done a great job coaching these young men and they continue to fight their way through tough games every night.

  • CovinaKid

    As Vin Scully says “Tonights the night Josephine”

    Good luck to the Covina All Stars getting udnerway in just about half an hour. Take it all the way to Indiana!

    Covinaallstars, that coaching staff is very solid. Another tribute to the program put forth at Hollenbeck.

  • CBaseballFan

    In Game one in Santa Clara, Covina took it on the chin losing 2-1 to Los Gatos. This sets up a winner take all game starting about now.

  • Tartan’s Rule

    Covina all-stars?

    Covina Blue, Covina Red. How many all star teams do you guys have?

  • HollenbeckKid

    Tartans Rule,

    Covina put out four All-Star Teams. A 13 yr old team, a 14 year old team and two Colt teams. All advanced to the Super Region tournamnets.

  • Tartan’s Rule


    Most Colt leagues have one all-star team; you guys must have allot of talent. Wouldnt one team have a better chance of winning the Colt World Series?

  • Charger Fan

    Covina allstars Covina Blue Roster?

  • HollenbeckKid


    They usually send out two teams and they both do pretty well. This partuclar Covina Blue team advnacd to Super Region last year, so the talent in Colt is very good these last few years.

    One team may, but one team is usally a majority 16 yr old team and one team is usually majority 15yr olds. And its usually the older team that gets a bit farther.

  • Tartan’s Rule


    Isnt the whole idea of an All Star team to do really well not just pretty well regardless of age? Maybe even win a World series?

  • Covina allstars

    Covina up 7-2 in 5th. 9 more outs.

  • stfu

    KH give it a rest already dude..get over the heart-on you have for south hills–yes I said heart-on….waa waa waa you had your chance this season to do what south hills did last but you didn’t so quit crying already

  • Charger/Bruin Fan


    South Hills never had any class and now you cant spell. So go get your Wiffle balls and throw them at Smitty!
    Heart-on what a loser.
    kh is a proven winner and youre jealous!

  • HollenbeckKid


    Yes but its uusally just ends up that way. Covina has been to Zone five out of six years and got to the World Series two years ago. During that span, one team has reached Zone and the other Super Region. The best players are always on the A team though and thats the team that goes the farthest. The next level players go on the B team and its uually the younger players.

  • Covina allstars

    7-5 Covina going to 7th

  • CBaseballFan

    Hollenbeck kid

    The Blue team is Tony Pages Regular season Rangers, not the older or 16 year old team as you say.
    The Blue team is made up from the other teams in the league.
    The two best hitters and the best Outfielder in the league arent even on the Covina Blue All- Star team.
    Go Covina!

  • kh

    nice nice set of words my friend.
    classic quote,maybe this is why fred dosnt want to deal with baseball anymore.
    s.h. please.
    wanted no part of us last season,thats a fact.
    for sure will get smoked again if we played them next season.
    we boat raced lancaster 12 to 1 ,s.h. lost 6 to 8. its over the games are games somebody always should win,which makes a loser too.who cares i dont give a rats ass about h.s. baseball.they should have ind. h.s. teams one in every league.
    if a kid wants to play ind. then its his choice.
    that would put a hold on all the h.s. coaches screwing some of the top players who dont kiss there ass,i know a player on bonita whos getting the run around,make me sick,the kid stuffed alta loma in the pre season trny, at the banquet,they gave credit to some other player.
    thats bad,best player on jv and didnt get brought up.always been a all star every year,would of loved to have him come in and closed the door in the cif finales,coaches put there shoes on, just like the parents do.after watching s.h. coach bitching every time the ball wasnt called a strike for him.thats a joke,my son would every play at that school,i know hes has rings to go with his resume,i respect that,but making the game about him,thats where i draw the line.i use to worry about what people thaught of me,now they should be worring about what we think of them.
    i guy told me this along time ago.
    dont ever worry about what people are thinking about you.
    because there too busy worring what your thinking of them?

  • CBaseballFan

    Hollenbeck kid

    The Blue team is Tony Pages Regular season Rangers, not the older or 16 year old team as you say.
    The Red team is made up from the other teams in the league.
    The two best hitters and the best Outfielder in the league arent even on the Covina Blue All- Star team.

  • Covina allstars

    OMG. Los gatos ties in bot of 7th only to have wining run thrown out at the plate by Jared Robinson. Justin garza just went yard in top of 9th to put Covina up

  • CovinaCouldBeBetter

    Covina Red was given the short end of the stick between the 2 teams. They had a crappy coach who couldnt hold on a few key players, Henley, Stavang,and Garcia. Hell, the pitchers from the Blue walked him or hit him with a pitch half the time. Putting gonzalez on the blue team makes the team much stronger. He also had a very good year. Vazquez is a very good catcher/hitter but i think heslop definatley gets the nod behind the dish so vazquez plays first or DH. Also Reyes couldve been a great utility man for the team. If Covina Baseball would have done it right, this team easily makes it to wherever they want to go.

  • Covina allstars

    COVINA WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Off to the world series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RtBck@UHatrs

    Why do so many of you always hate on Tony Page’s team? It’s so annoying to see these stupid childish remarks about his team and the most sickening part of it is that there are remarks to the players on his team who have do nothing but played respectful all year long, then to read these comments by grown men (probably), towards 15 and 16 year olds. These boys have been taught by Tony, Greg, and Greg, not only how to play baseball, but to play it with respect and pride, and dignity. Oh, well that answers my question on why you all have to be haters! There is not one team who the Covina Blue has played in this years All-Star tournament that has played with respect. Oh ya and by the way, the Covina Blue All-Star team is the OG RANGERS straight from Hollenbeck park, Covina CA. Thats exactly why they are right this min. getting ready to get on a plane to Indiana and all you Covina Blue Haters are at home getting ready to watch them from your living room or garage or for that matter not watch them at all. All I Have To Say To You: IF YOU CAN’T BEAT THEM, JOIN THEM!!!!

  • CBaseballFan


    Sounds like someone hit a nerve! The truth always hurts. Fact: It sounds like the observation the team could be better is true, which one of the kids mentioned wouldnt make the team better? Fact: I didnt see where anyone was making derogatory comments about 15 and 16 year old kids or the coaching staff, Hollenbeck kid, even went as far as to say there was a separate 15 and 16 year old All-Star team. Your rant proves him wrong.
    I havent read anything except your ignorant little rant that shows any disrespect for anyone, example There is not one team who the Covina Blue has played in this years All-Star tournament that has played with respect. Are you serious or just stupid? You probably have a kid on the Rangers and feel guilty that your no talent son is on All-Star team he doesnt belong on.
    Isnt the whole idea of an All-Star team to represent the league at its best?
    Nice to know Little League politics are alive and well, So get a life dad and see things the way they are, Stop living your life though your kid and let him grow as a man.
    No haters here, just you. We are all pulling for Tonys team.
    Go Rangers!

  • CBaseballFan

    For the second time in three years, Covina advances to the Colt World Series were it finihsed 3rd place two years ago. Covina looks to bring back its fifth World Series title and its second Colt division title. (1970)

    Good luck boys! On to Lafayette!

  • Angie Franklin

    Congrats to Covina Blue All-Stars… I am hosting this team in Lafayette, IN for the Colt World Series! We would like to get t-shirts made to match the boys, does anyone have any pictures to post or can anyone give me an idea of where to look???

  • Covina allstars

    Angie – what do you need. Quantity and sizes?

  • Convina Allstars`

    Angie – not sure what you need, but the boys will be very appreciative so thank you. There are 17 players. I would say 1/2 of them wear XL and the other half L. Their uniforms are royal blue jerseys (not sure if they get new unis from colt for the WS or not). Again, thank you very much!!

  • SGV_supporter

    Congratulations to the Covina boys! Congrats to cousins Justin Garza and DOminique Davis for helping carry the team through Zone with pride and dignity along with the help of Ty Lupton, Thomas Castro, Joe Gill and the rest of the boys! Congrats to Coach Tony, Coach Greg and coach Greg for leading this group of outstanding young men. Congrats to the parents, and all the friends and family that have supported the boys. Good luck in Indiana. All of the San Gabriel Valley is proud of you and is cheering you on! Let’s go Covina Blue!

    p.s. Please try and keep the negative comments away. These boys are playing their hearts out and need all the support they can get. Thank you.

  • kh


  • Covina Allstars

    I usually try not to comment on these types of thing that carry a negative tone, but what the heck. Before I start, GREAT JOB boys and coaches. You guys have carried yourselves with pride and respect and are a tribute to your community. As far at the team makeup, Tony is the manager and the league gave him the choice and he chose to take his own team. Certainly, there are players outside of the Rangers who have the skills to contribute the team. Having said that, I have gotten to know Tony and loyalty and team chemistry are huge to him. He was loyal to his Rangers team and yes, that means there are good players on other teams that didnt get the opportunity to play on the Blue team, but they were given the opportunity to play on the Red team. It just did not work out. He did add one player, a pitcher from one of the other Colt teams. I am guessing that he thought his team had enough pitching, enough hitting, enough role players and terrific team chemistry to get to the World Series and he has proven that he was right. He has lead the team right where he wanted to get them and that is Indiana. Its funny, had he added other players, they might not have gotten there. Not to say those players would have hurt the team, but last night, the Rangers regular season right fielder through a 1 hop bullet in bottom of 7th to gun down the potential winning run. Had other players been brought in, maybe somebody else is in right and maybe that throw would have been off target by a foot and maybe they lose the game. We will never know. Maybe one of those non-Ranger players hit a HR early in the game and maybe that run would not have mattered. Again, we will never know. Regardless of who is on the team, Tony has carefully built team chemistry, been extremely loyal to his players and pushed all the right buttonsthe players have played brilliantly and clutched up again and again and they are going to Indy. Speaking of chemistry and good players, one of the players broke his ankle in super regions while recording an out on a potential winning run. As he was leaving the field on a stretcher, he turned to his teammates and said WIN THE GAME! They did!!! Great job JB!! Manager, coaches and players, great job and bring home the ring!!!

  • SGV_supporter

    Very well said Covina Allstars. No matter who is on the team, or in which position, these are young men and need everyones support. Coach Tony made his decision and look where it has gotten them. Lets all rally behind them and hope they can bring a World Series Championship back home to the San Gabriel Valley!

  • Tough without a scorecard

    Is this the Little League World Series? Maybe some one could break it down for those of us who are lost.

    Maybe some one could break down who’s who in terms of the best area ‘youth” coaches. I know the Dukes get lost of love but I hear there are other fine coaches out there.

    Any one want to take a crack at spreading the love without it being a “he blows as a coach or some off the wall daddy ball” comment?

    Besides I’m certain some of the youth guys are actually better than high school coaches considering how polished you have to be just to make a high school team out here.

  • GO LLV

    While were talking about youth sports, La Verne 11 year old allstars finished runner up in the Southern California State Champioships! One of two teams left standing and represented the SGV with total class!

    Great group of kids heading bearcat way!

  • KH

    big motorcycle cop was sucks getting old,maybe next blog ill think of this last name.its right on my tongue,coached with murph nv,henley glendora,he a gamer love for the game is strong.

    kettle.dame absence makes fond of the mind.
    sorry jerry. remember the time coming off the bus we were playing citrus college and old man pulley wouldnt let some thing go between us and i turned around and he was right in my face coming down the bus step,so i dropped him with a head butt,didnt do it on purpuse, but timing was good.old fart.he was a retired sheriff,have nothing but respest for the law men..just another story in baseball,
    i see the blue colt team is loaded with are stud jr. to be from bonita bearcats.
    oh thats why i went on the fine some good coaching besides h.s..
    bill buffington dose a good job with younger kids.lots of patiance,hes one on top i think.
    ron barr from glendora pony always willing to give up summer for kids,good job ron.
    steve regis glendora leagues for years.always under control,plus dose great job with his own boys starting 3b and 2b from runner up bruins college baseball iam talking about.
    what about brad pill.covia dont know him but hes there
    aarom milio pasadena area the saints always has teenagers going 100 %
    theres four.
    our home town guys here in lv
    ron johnson gives it every thing he has.good job ron.
    tom ladollo tommys working hard down in the trenches of l.l. biulding the future bearcats hearts. great job too not just the coaches but to all the mothers.

  • Angie

    Thank you for the color of the uniforms!! We, the host parents are getting t’s to support the players at all of the games and wanted to have their team logo on the front of the t’s as well. If you have a pic of the front of their jersey, that is really all I need, other than the color which was posted, ROYAL BLUE…Let me know asap, thank you!! And I can’t wait to meet the team that will hopefully be the 2010 CWS Champs!!

  • covina allstars

    i have it…how can i contact you. can’t post it here.

  • Angie

    Please send it to my e-mail address:

    Thank YOU…

  • Frank

    Replying to earlier comments about why there is so little coverage of the girl softball or whatever, lets be Frank, Nobody really cares! Any time they’re stories here about girls sports they have very few blogs. Through trial and error Fred has learned what people are concerned with and what they are not.

    As to the Allstars of covina, good luck and congratulations! But I have to ask a question, arent pony rules specific about kids being from wihtin the district with the teams they play for.I know some of these kids are from Laverne or other areas, i’m sure la verne has pony, shouldnt those kids of played for them. In travel ball thats acceptable everyone knows that kids can come from all over, as that is the travel ball rules, but it is not pony rules, the pony rules are that kids are are suppose to be from the same area.

  • CBaseballFan

    To answer the living in the area question.

    Two years ago, PONY Baseball changed the boundary rules for Colt and Palomino. The rule now is you have to live in Los Angeles County.

  • kh

    do you think tiawain l.l. picks kids from one l.l. in there town,no way tapia is hugh,its the all stars from the whole co.its about time we widen the bountrys.

  • Frank

    I’m not saying the boundaries shouldn’t be widened, I am just asking the rules, if CBaseball fan is correct then I have no problem with it.

  • WE’RE NO. 1 !!! AT ALL COSTS !!!

    So in theory LA COUNTY has almost 11 million people. Is that what passes as fair? Some countries don’t even have 11 million people. Add to the high tech equipment and pro level coaching some American kids get and it’s a miracle the USA doesn’t win every year.

    Gee so when Monterey Mexico won The Little League World Series it must have been pretty sweet.

    Talk about a loaded deck !!! Come on guys…expanding boundaries?

    Can’t we win a game we invented without “expanding boundaries” ? You Little League Dads are toooooooooooo much !

  • mantleupdate

    Mantle World Series Update-McKinney, Texas

    San Gabriel Valley Arsenal 6
    East Cobb, Ga 4

    Kenny Chapman Claremont ’12 goes a complete game and adds two hits.
    C.J. Saylor South Hills ’12 Solo HR
    Ty France South Hills ’12 game winning 2 run double.

    C.J. Saylor South Hills
    Ty France South Hills
    Kenny Chapman Claremont
    Austin Shives St. Augustine
    Vahn Bozoian Ayala
    Eliot Lowel St. Augustine
    Chad Lee Damien
    Eric Quezada Damien
    DJ Larios West Covina
    Billy McCall Barstow
    Cody Thompson Alemany
    Brent Williams Bishop Amat
    Steven Baltierra HH Wilson
    James Zamarippa Rancho Cucamonga

    Played in Regional but unable to make Texas trip
    Lucas Giolito Harvard-Westlake
    Rio Ruiz Bishop Amat
    Ryan Peterson South Hills
    Dylan Goodwin Diamond Ranch

  • Pony

    La Verne has little league, no pony or colt league. Glendora does have a pony league, but no colt league. Back about 8 or 9 years ago, San dimas had a pony/colt league…..even won the world series back in 2001. Soon thereafter, no one stepped up to run it after the last prez was done so SDLL took it over as their junior and senior leagues.

  • Spartan Baseball

    Were those Damien players Varsity last year, I didn’t see them in the stats or roster from last year? What positions do they play and how are they holding up with this competition. Also who are the coaches and what’s their back ground. Seems they have a pulse on the scene. Why aren’t they high school coaches some where. Seems like quite the program. Best of luck.

  • TeachDGame

    Spartan BB – Damien kids are good solid players didn’t get much varsity time last year, sure they will this year. As for coaches background, the 2 coaches who are in Texas are 2 of the finest young coaches not only in the valley but in So Cal. They are also supported and backed by some other pretty good guy’s as well, but they are GREAT. Why don’t they coach HS? They did. Not sure why that is a barometer of “fine coaching”… hahaha I know a number of outstanding coaches who DON’T WANT to coach @ the HS level because of parent BS, Booster Club BS, etc. etc. You can do some research “in your own back yard” and find out more about the program…. just playin’ …. you probably already know more than your letting on to….

    Anyway for those interested, the group of teams in Texas for the Mickey Mantle WS is incredible. Google East Cobb baseball and Midland Redskins. Tremendous producers of professional and college talent year in and year out. Absolutely some of the BEST 16 y.o. talent in the Country sitting in Texas right now.

  • TeachDGame

    Best wishes to the Covina Team @ the Colt World Series as well. Looks like the SGV has a pretty good run on talent in the country with both Covina & SGV taking on 2 of the Major 16 y.o. National Championships this week.

  • kh

    sounds to me like the bonita bearcats show,where are the boys from amat and sh.
    finish the race in texas sounds like a great way to finish the summer,cates is real pround of his next season 600 hitter,keep up the good work bearcats

  • Bonitasucksrichard

    kh, Whos the next 600 hitter? kc? Ha!
    Your team ave. will be under .300 if your lucky.
    No hitters in the lineup for you this year.
    No power.
    No defence.
    No contact hitters.
    No real pitching.
    Some speed, other than that, NOTHING!

  • Wow

    Wow! Hope you feel better about yourself for that! Good luck to all the Southern California teams competeing this weekend!

  • kh

    dude get it straight
    k.c. is not on covia all-stars,hes too old knucklehead.
    it is a inside joke from our banquet last season.
    it was a comment one of the asst. coaches made,that one of the sophmores will hit 600 next season,thats all.
    to anwser your stupit ? no power between the # 1-2-3- hitters for bonita next season as jr.#1 mier 8 hr #2 gelhish 3 hr # 3 huth 2 hr
    and sb #1- 6 #2 -8 #3 -8
    i think they had like 70 rbi from the three guys.
    and defense is bonita strengh of the strengh,it all depends on if coach knott moves k.c. to the infield,which again he hasnt see him play ss only once in three season,so if he sticks in right again by far gelish and k.c. will again hold there own,so your just a none baseball guy throwing up your haten,come watch some games,it should be fun season for all.go covia all-stars

  • Bonitasucksrichard


    Your Bonita boys are weak! Castro will take kcs spot at SS you can bet on it.
    Hes kickin butt now in Colt all-Stars. Garza at 3b Castro at SS Mier at 2b and ok, kc way out in RF where he belongs!
    I noticed kcs batting ave. plummeted 75 points from Soph. year to Jr. year while the team ave. went up 23 pts. Whats in store for his Sr. year 241 ave.? And dont start cryin about his spot in the order again.
    Three guys hit in the 400s. Gelalich and Mier seem to be your teams only two athletes, Henly hit 444 thats a fluke.
    No doubt Knott has his work cut out for him trying to find a place to hide kc in the line up.

  • mantleupdate

    Round 2
    SGV Arsenal 7 Midland, Ohio Braves 4
    WP: Cody Thompson Alemany ’12 Complete game

    Round 3
    SGV Arsenal vs D-Bats)Dallas/Frozen Ropes(Host) winner 12:30

  • Get your head on straight


    It is actually pretty funny listening to all that Bull coming out of your computer.
    As for Bonita having no tools,
    Pitching may not be as good as last years team but still very good.
    Defense, no other high school in the SVG has a better defense.
    Contact: look at maxpreps, most hitters were .300 or higher. esp., the starters
    Power: It will be there. Our hitters will only hit more this year.
    And Castro at short?? Are you kidding me? He is too big to play short with slow feet and weak, inaccurate arm. K.C. and Garza are much better shortstops. He cant hit his way into that position, he hit .250 last year.
    Dont forget, Henley played in this Covina Colt league as well and tore it up. However, it was unfortunate that he wasnt on the Rangers/Blue all-star team.
    If you think hitting 444 last year was a fluke, then why was his average still higher in this league? Hes proven he can play.
    As for Bonita this year, just sit back and watch.
    Certainly they will bring back a CIF championship will this team.

  • Bonitasucksrichard

    Certainly youre kidding about kc playing SS. Wake up! Maybe if he really wants to play infield he could play Munchkin land High. I here theres a height requirement just like the Autopia ride at Disneyland. As for Castro at SS its a lock, I hear and have read in these very Blogs, this kid can play! Just ask kh and Cates. Hes got a good arm and great hands along with a perfect swing!
    As for pitching the big lefty throws a Fastball about 75 to 80 mph tops, with a hanging curve ball. Garza is very inconsistent and gets lit up easily! Pitch around Gelalich, Castro and Mier you cant lose.
    Kc is going to have to hit better than 241 and clean up his base running blunders if he expects to play over Reyas this season and Henly will have to learn how to drag the infield this year if he wants to see any action on the field this season.
    Clearly Bonita overachieved last season and all the good players are gone.
    By the way, have you ever seen a Bearcat? They look like a scared little girl Kitten.
    Go Kittens!

  • Beercat Pride

    Bonita will return as league champs again in 2011.
    Lead by kc at SS the position is his to lose. Pops has mentored him well! kc has the potential to play pro ball.
    Bonitasucksrichard you should get out and see him play, hes a 5 tool player 6 if youre counting intelligence!
    I think Castro playing the infield is a little far fetched, hes got good hands and thats about it. Average arm and a slow bat along with lazy tendencies will find him starting in the OF again.
    As for pitching, McCreery, Garza, Johnson, Stavang and Murfett should be enough to create fear in any opponent.
    Heslop at 1b, Mier 2b, Huth SS, Garza 3b. Theres your infield, now go out and kick butt!

    Go Beercats!

  • World series updates

    Covina 1, Mexico 1 after 2

  • Bonitsucksrichard


    Youre going to try to say you have any power on the Bearcats this season?
    Are you stupit?
    Your stats bear out my point!!! Mier is the only HR threat period! Ok, Ill give you Gelalich as a good solid contact hitter. Kcs wind blown HR at San Bernardino doesnt count! If the wind aint blowin out kc aint strong enough to hit em out, no haten just the truth!
    As for the rest of the team no power Zip! Nada! Ziltch! Niet!

  • Update

    1-1 after 3

  • Update

    1-1 after 5

  • Update

    1-1 after 7. Mexico tripled to lead off bot 7 and left him there.

  • Final update

    Joe Gill hits grand slam in top of 8th as Covina wins 6-1.

  • kh

    richard sucks bonita corked bats.
    hr is a mistake dude,thats why the best in the bigs hit 30 to 40 moster players,do the math 30 out of 600 at bats whats that 5%,and the great hitters hit 330 to 350,thats 35% on base,do you want a 5% hr hitter who k- 28 % or a 330 hitter who k 14%.
    ill take a cap hitter anyday partner,
    last winter i watched no power mini me k.c. go deep, almost clearing the nate at USC.
    HES NOT BIG MAC,macguire hits them over the net,
    with the right bat speed and good hard swing,the ball will fly out of any park.
    so dick or richard,
    dont put to much on the long ball.
    baseball you need at less 4 out of the 5 tools to climb the ladder,its a steep ladder,we will be playing tomorroow at brookside park by the rose bowl if you want to catch some semi pro baseball game time 1000 go redbirds

  • Really now


    Semi Pro? No such thing in BB! Either our a pro or not! Sounds good for the ego, but lets get real.

  • Extra Coaches- LOL

    Who are your bloggers for or against the Bonita team talking too? At this point, none of you know who’s starting where or who will hit for power, average, or be classified as a five tool player. Interesting stuff boys, leave the coaching up to the men that took the team to final game last year!

  • mantleupdate

    AABC Mantle Word Series-Semi Finals
    SGV Arsenal 9 Carolina, Puerto RIco Jets 0
    WP: Chad Lee Damien ’12
    HR: Vahn Bozoian Ayala ’12

    SGV Arsenal vs Dallas D-Bats(Dallas) in Championship Game today at 1:00 Texas time. Dallas must beat SGV twice.

  • Game 2 Update

    Hoosier north 4 Covina 0 after 3

  • mantleupdate

    You can listen to the matle world series championshipwgame art games starts at 11:oo am california time.

  • Update

    After 6 innings, Hoosier north 5 Covina 2

  • UpdatE

    Covina falls 5-2

  • bonitasucksrichard


    What does a fly ball have to do with position in the batting order?
    You were the one bragging about Bonita power! kh, you are a bona fide ex pro ballplayer with tons of Pro baseball experience; when a little kid with wheels hits a fly ball what good is it? It just pisses of the coach. Castro and Garza are better team players than kc, and Castro has more real power with better hands and a stronger more accurate arm from SS.
    With the developing Reyes kid, kc will find it hard to crack into the starting line up this season! Bringing Knotts dilemma into play Where do you hide kc? Hes a senior right? they have to play him some right?
    From what you say, the coaches are in love with Castro (with good reason) and dont seem to like kc much.
    Come on kc hitting 3rd and playing SS give it a rest. Hell be lucky to get a spot riding shot gun on the cart dragging the infield with Henley.

  • Beercan Pride

    Really Now,

    Dont go haten on kh! Its not his fault you are ignorant and dont know the difference between Semi Pro and Pro and Amateur players.
    So just to fill you in Semi Pro leagues and teams are made up of a mixture of all three.
    kh, Redbirds game time 1000 o,clock? That may be past bonitasucksrichards bed time.

  • kh

    never heard of semi pro?
    call your self a baseball guy,
    ever heard of the hollywood stars?
    1.MIERS 2B—SS
    3 HUTH SS–RT—CF—3B—2B

  • bonitasucksrichard


    I would love to go to the Smudge pot game except Charter Oak will be playing Glendora that night. Otherwise I would love to see San Dimas run and pass the ball over the middle or wherever there trying to hide kc during that game! San Dimas coaching staff is having a hard time trying not to laugh to hard about that game plan.
    WHY, WHY, WHY, do you keep trying to stick kc at SS in any line up scenario? And as for a batting order, a .241 hitter with zero power batting 3rd? Whos drunk?
    Im not drunk, leaving that to your buddy Beercan Pride.
    If Henley .444 is so fast, why do you have him hitting 8th behind Heslop .308, Rodriguez .304 and Rojas .231, didnt he out hit all of those guys and arent they slow? Sounds like thats what you were whining about with kcs spot in the line up? Bonita is in real trouble this year if thats the best you can dig up. Team batting ave. above .300 looking doubtful
    Pop ups swinging at balls in the dirt and capping balls wont get kc into a div 1 college, however it may get him into a nice little maintenance job sweeping floors at Bus stops.
    On an other note; The Amat/Charter Oak kids had a great day in the Colt League World yesterday.
    Joe Gill is a stud!!

  • TeachDGame

    OK, let’s get back to the topic and not the BS kh vs the world pissing contest and all others, my god you guy’s are friggin rediculous….

    SGV Arsenal Wins Mickey Mantle World Series with Mercy in the Championship Game. Props to the DBATS out of Texas who won the 1st game of Championship series beating the Arsenal 10-9, but Arsenal came right back in the 2nd Championship game to mercy them 12-2 in 5 innings.

    Overall the SGV Arsenal had tremendous production from the entire team, but props to Kenny Chapman (Claremont ’12) being names Tournament MVP going 2-0 on the bump and hitting .380. Vahn Bozoian wins the Hitting MVP hitting almost .600 for the event including a couple of home runs. SGV not only wins the National Championship but also is awarded the Sportsmanship Award for the event. Winning with Class.

    Best of Luck to Covina in their quest to make it a San Gabriel Valley sweep…. Go get em young men !!!

  • CBaseballFan

    With Covina’s loss to Hooiser North and Mexico’s win over Greensboro, every team in the pool is 1-1. Mexico plays Hoosier North in the first game tomorrow and Covina plays Greensboro later on. Whoever wins, moves to the semifinals.

  • beercan Pride

    Dont go dragging me into your little hate session!
    kc is a legit 5 tool player come and see for yourself! Just dont get to close to kh he might pin you to the ground!
    kh your is line up is ok but Bonitasucks has a legit point about Henley at the bottom of the order. You did say the position in the order has an effect on the player performance, and with your Pro baseball background I have to go with your baseball knowledge here. Besides, Henley other than being an Outfielder seems to have the same qualities as kc, plus I have seen him Catch, He can defiantly play.
    Maybe kc leading off would be better, but definitely have him at SS no question!

  • Bonitasucksrichard


    1.MIER 2B 435
    2.GELALICH CF 405
    3 HUTH SS 241
    4.LINSEY C 317
    5 ROJAS 3B 213
    6 RODRIGUZ DH 304
    7.HESLOP 1B 308
    8.HENLEY LF 444
    9.GARZA RF 261
    You just made my point. This is your best line up? And you call yourself a Pro Really?
    Coach Knott has his work cut out for himself.
    This could be the worst HS line up Ive ever seen! If some Coach brought this line up card to home plate and gave it to me I would laugh my Butt off!
    As for the Smudge Pot game, maybe Ill go just to see mini me get burned all night long.
    As for me getting pined to the ground, good luck bro.

  • Really Now


    A minor leaguer is a pro, a college player and HS player are considered amateurs and the two dont make up semi-pro. I guess if it sounds good, go with it. Youre either a pro athlete or not and the two dont mix or play any format that matters, now do they?

    Maybe you need to concentrate on figuring out how to get your sons average and attitude improved before next year. Sounds like someone on this blog has your number! I would bet big dollars, KH will not be the SS next year! Hes a good outfielder and the bum who said five tool, well lets look at the facts of a five tool player: Hits for power how many HRs and Rbi?; Hits for average: what was the average again? Arm Strength : Very good ; Speed: Average + ; Fielding: Good outfielder not a SS. Now be careful what you bite off, because a five tool guy is way better

  • kh

    do do
    where you getting 241,ave.
    you taking about your weight.241 lbs.
    max prep. k.c. stats
    gp-ave,-pa-ab-r-h-2b-3b-hr-w-k- sb cs
    28-316-87- 76-18-24-2-1-2 -6- 8 – 7- 2
    you cant even get your stats straight,get off the bottle dude.its ok,god died for your sins,
    there not the greatest stats,he was really starting to come on late way thru the season.remember he was coming off a broken foot on cruches 3 months. we dont just play baseball all year hes a athlete,you better train kids to be athletes not just ball players or the road to the pros will end soon,are you going to tell me what it takes to be a minor leaguer.we stopped playing travelball when he was 14,you will burn them out just playing the mentel tuffness it takes to servibe the long ass minor leaguers is bruttle,18 hour bus rides,
    just let me train my son and gets to screw with him only 3 months,big deal.k.c. not a easy kid to coach,he has to be challeged,and thats where the soft little teachers /coaches cant understand.every thing is there way or the highway,just like in the classroom,control freaks,you cant control a high wired athlete,they need to funnel energy negative or positive,baseball a game for soft people,in h.s. you cant even take out the ss or 2b and if you get a peice of the catcher your kicked out of the game,thats not baseball.softball is those rules.
    baseball is played as a team game,but come on,balls hit to you, you have to make the play,when you at the plate you have to hit the ball.when your running the bases,its you not the wins or team loses.but in reallity.
    you choke or you come thur.not the team.

  • G-town

    You have three guys that appear to be hitters. And your 3 and 4 hitters in would be 8,9 in other programs because if you go by average, hr’s and rbi. This 3/4 combo is weak!

    Pussy cats at its best….

  • KH Fan

    Ken – the guy you are arguing with is just doing this to get under your skin. You can put up all the analysis you want, but he is not going to agree. You feed his purpose every time you respond. We all know KC is a very good athlete and a competitor. Let it go and end this eundless and useless arguing.

    Good job Arsenal and keep playing hard Covina. We are all rooting for you!!

  • kh

    g-town glendora brother.
    your senior left fielder hit 301 ave
    and ss hit 326 with 16 rbi.
    they won it all.
    so ave.dosent mean team goal,ave. could mean players goal.
    ill take the team goal over players goal.
    i dont worry about what he says about k.c. ,i dont like what he saying bearcats stink.we prove last season beating all teams that came are way,even the 2a cif champs in the cory lindle trny last you will here from me on it.
    but check it out we are over the 100 blog,proving my point baseball will never die.
    fans for life

  • World Series Update

    Covina falls 7-4 to North Carolina. It was a great run and the team and coaching staff should be proud. SGV baseball is alive and well!!

  • Tartan’s Rule

    Two words, Adam Plutko, Dan Henley.
    No high school team can go all the way with kc at SS, especially if he can only hit 241!

  • Aaron

    Those who would knock KC Huth have yet to see him, have yet to even know him. To go after KC just to get back at Mr. Huth obviously understand neither the son nor the father.

    I find it funny that some would call KC a non-team player with a horrible attitude. If anything he has a great attitude and will sacrifice all for his team. By all accounts if you listen to your physician KC should not have played after his foot was healed but he answered the call.

    KC is another team player like many before him, otherwise he would not be a team captain this coming fall!

  • Bonitasucksrichard

    A list of Bearcats that will play infield before kc in the 2011 season;
    1 Castro
    2 Garza
    3 Mier
    4 Row
    5 Reyes
    6 Gonzalez
    7 Murfett
    8 Schneider
    Not counting the first base position to be played by Heslop or McCreery who will be alternating in DH.
    Best to re secure that position in RF and work on that .241 ave.
    Its funny reading khs rants about Coach Knott, Im not a Bearcat fan and one of the reasons is this parent continually going after Knotts judgment.
    Aaron, obviously you kh and Beercan share a pillow, but Looking at your posts here, even you dont really believe kc should be at SS. If you did I would lose all respect I really do have for you.

  • aren’t you a happy man?

    ken are you arguing with an Umpire? Bonitasucksrichard said, “if they brought that line card to the plate to me”…gee who’s an umpire who blogs?

    that’s all you need to know

  • kh

    if we were in mexico,i would say that looks like a hell of a soccer team brother,put that line up in the l.l. field maybe couple guys could reach the fence,
    dont be pissed your guys choked,
    its kind of the sgv thing not to finish the race.not like t.c. rams days when it came to play-offs we would bury teams.
    its people like you raising the soft little no muscel kids,spend all your money sucking suds instead of personnal trainers.get a life richard the guy man.who hides behind the blog talking crap about kids and there parents,your one of those guys who see me and say high ken how are you.then run back to the blog,start your finger
    fighting,what a girl.becarefull you dont get headbutted by a bearcat.or maybe get rammed.

  • Kh fan

    Ken, I told you to ignore this idiot and you claimed it wasn’t about kc, it was about
    Bonita baseball. Then you bag on Bonita players in a response to the idiot. Just ignore him.

  • Cameron Saylor

    Gongratulations to the Hollenbeck boys on making as far as they did. Baseball in the SGV is indeed alive and well.

    To that point but not reported by the Trib although information has been made available.

    The SGV Arsenal won the AABC Mickey Mantle World Series on Sunday in Dallas Texas. Beating the Dallas D-Bats 12 – 2 run ruling them in the championship game. Overall the team went 5 & 1. Taking all four awards, The Championship, the Sportsmanship Award, the Hitting Title (Vaugh Bozoian) and the MVP Kenny Chapman.

    On top of that the Dukes 14u lost the AABC World Series championship game in Phoenix. Losing to ASBA 15 to 7, but had the Batting Title go to Eric Flores and Series MVP go to
    Eric Martinez both Dukes.

    Overall a tremendous showing for SGV Baseball in World Series events.


    You should have left well enough alone. Now what’s up with the Mexico soccer team comment and knocking your own kids team mates . Some one hung the bait in front of you long enough and you wind up putting your foot in your mouth . I can’t agree with this richardtakesitintheazz fool belittling your kid, but maybe you should tone it down on putting him on the spot so much . Just train your kid who I am sure is a great person and team mate and let him enjoy high school without the added preasure of you putting him on the spot as you do quite often . Peer pressure is tuff enough at their age without an over zealous parent added into the mix. By the way have you noticed you are the only parent blowing their own kids horn on the blog and using a name everyone can identify.

  • COChargerfan

    Ken, as you call yourself,
    Finally you youve written in intelligent little Blog, you finally realize kc does not belong at SS and hitting #3.
    Only three of these kids are fast enough to play soccer at any level; however kc is fast maybe he should consider the sport!
    As for the Colt team that you said choked, only two of these players were on the team and all of these kids had a better little league experience than kc. However, the Covina, Amat and South Hills Kids had a great series.
    Just out of curiosity, why the Mexican soccer team?
    Please re-consider whether you should even be on this blog bro!

  • kh

    lets get it straight.
    i dont care, who cares what i think.
    you guys are so scared to say a team choked,
    iam not. we choked in the finale game,we as a guy was in four plays that could of changed the out come,base running and bad calls not by the refs .
    timily clutch hitting,like i said this game will fold the little guy soorer or later,thats why 3% make the bigs.
    personally i could give a rats ass where he plays or bats,get that straight, mexico is one of the best soccer team in the world,so what are you trying to do.make something out of nothing,you have to be a pretty good athlete to play for mexico.i dont watch soccer,i just picked moxico are friends, most of those guys are small and fast,choke choke choke,
    guys i dont need any friends,i have my german shepherd,her and k.c. are enough,thanksi take your advise like i take a beer. i dont need it

  • Bonitasucksrichard

    You should have said the French soccer team; it would have gotten you in less trouble with the home folks. Besides, they have more in common with the Bearcats.

  • kh

    well the only baseball left is our team.
    the pasadena time sunday 10;00 brookside park.pasadena
    had our first game back sence getting our lunch landed too us at the western regionals,.thats the hardest trny to win.stan muiacal trny,, ive treid to get to the world series for 30 years.has a player coach,manager,g.m. the redbirds did go in 1982,took a train there,went 1-2 and that was one drunk train ride home i herd.
    so redbirds pulled out sundays game 2-0 scored two with 2 outs in top of 8th, 1st and 2nd i put a double steal on close play but he was safe,next pitch base hit birds win,i know your not soppose to make the 1st or 3 nd out at third,the pitcher was only looking once so we took the chance,no gutts,no glory.what they going to do fire me,plus we still had the 9th inn.local glendora moster chad clark,usc,az. d-backs closed out the 9th, he was throwing 90 -93 mph 6-5 240 all muscel,its wired we have another vet hitting 89 -91mph with nasty stuff but scouts just cant go to there boss with older guys.thats where if i was a scouting director like the old days go fine me a vet pitcher,put him in aaa few outings hangs there straight to the bigs,cost you zero.seattle did that with a guy i signed two years ago,he beat the angels, the angels didnt even give us the time of day,chris jakuabas,31 made his first start.
    well the other pitcher who is ready right now jason cly.better then the other player we signed former arcadia, chico st. then cele.indains.i just called cory snieder ex byu 1st rounder hes the coach of the new hawaii team from the golden league,there in first,just told him about jason cly,at one time i had 36 players in the golden league, when o.c. flyers won it all we had 9 of the 11 pitchers under contract,i did it for the love of the game, if a player wanted to keep playing i would get him a job,so richard do you still have any game left,or is this all you can bring to the table,loose lips sink ships.thats enough,
    richard i dont crum on bearcats,but also dont pump them up inless they earn it,
    our big lefty a-mac has earned it willing and dealing with the area code team,mier was on the mickey manttle world series team too.he can play, i like watching what robert brings to the table,if he keeps getting stronger faster and better,somebody better do the home work,he can climb the ladder in the pros.three more years 600 ab in h.s. and college,going to be a middle round pick, he might move to ss this season,bonita has so many weapons,there like the germans before the rest of the world caught on ,if you want to see some local talent this sunday we play at 10;00 pasadena jackie robertson across the st. from the rose bowl.ill be there.this is my 31 year with the pasadena redbirds,i will get to that world series.
    i quitter never wins.
    and a winner never quits.
    good night richard,my ex wife never got under my skin,you have no pray.

  • Get him help!


    Nice book! Who the “F” cares? LMAO!

  • Get him help!


    Nice book! Who the “F” cares? LMAO!

  • Get him help!


    Nice book! Who the “F” cares? LMAO!

  • kh

    who cares.
    ask your mama,she cares.

  • Junior Baseball

    El Monte American Little League out of Pioneer Park in El Monte has made it to the Junior League World Series in Taylor Michigan and begin play on Sunday. Good job kids, bring home the trophy.

  • Mantle


    Mier was not on the Mickey Mantle WS team for the SGV Arsenal. Not sure who his summer team is.

  • abd

    Mier was at aabc 17u don mattingly w.s. with ABD Bulldogs

  • kh

    may bad mier pops and mom came by and told to the other day ,just a mistake don m trny your right,so we got are 2nd place patches,in cif.
    better then 3nd,not as good as 1st,we all know it so this season will make or break bonita baseball.pitching is still the ?.i dont think so.
    area mac #1 left handed starter.
    big t-bone #2 right handed starter,he just made the st louis cardnails scouting team,and iam taking him to mlb compton sunday for a bull pin with dave frost ex big leaguer with angels.
    spot starter garza,he will be a work horse,live arm.
    brandon marfiett should be closer.
    m johnson will get inns in,
    castro can pitch,
    so we will see long time to go

  • Aaron

    I wonder if GP wants to pitch again? Just a thought right?

  • kh really said:

    lets get it straight.
    i dont care, who cares what i think.
    you guys are so scared to say a team choked,
    iam not. we choked in the finale game,we as a guy was in four plays that could of changed the out come,base running and bad calls not by the refs .
    timily clutch hitting,like i said this game will fold the little guy soorer or later,thats why 3%
    if we were in mexico,i would say that looks like a hell of a soccer team brother,put that line up in the l.l. field maybe couple guys could reach the fence,
    dont be pissed your guys choked.
    1.MIERS 2B—SS.
    ill take a cap hitter anyday partner,
    last winter i watched no power mini me k.c. go deep, almost clearing the nate at USC.
    it all depends on if coach knott moves k.c. to the infield,which again he hasnt see him play ss only once in three season,

  • kh

    great job.
    i like that,
    its about time some non baseball people pay attention to the real bb people.
    i know the real english people pay attension to me.
    thank you

  • kh

    went out and worked out today mlb compton,
    if you dont know what it stands for .
    major league baseball is down to 7% black pro big leagers,so the build a yuban youth academy at compton college,top of the line,so they asked if i still have my team together,well this wenesday at 5;00 oclock there we will play agaisnt there college and released ex pro its called a semi-pro game.i will take sgv players with me plus we have 3 koreans in town who just got back from the mexico academy.
    so if you want to see some good talent semi-pro baseball wenesday 5;00 compton collegethats all richard,come watch

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