Charter Oak’s Charlie Avila at FBU Top Gun

Charter Oak’s Charlie Avila isn’t settling for the normal summer, he’s been competing around the country at different lineman camps. Here he’s at the Top Gun O-lineman camp in Virginia. Give the guy some props, it was 105 degrees with 95% humidity out there. Anyways, check his video out, it looks great.

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  • FredJ

    We have been hit with a lot of spam and may have inadvertently eliminated some comments.

  • Norco

    Good looking athlete…with a non stop motor…


    Looking at this kid he definitely looks like a THIRD TEAM ALL LEAGUE selection, no better. But all you bloggers that never played will think he’s gonna be great because he went to a few camps.

  • kh

    that pumped me that kid.

  • Dan

    You got a great reason to be excited, good luck to your boy this year, Lancer for life, for your sake I hope your just some kid in highschool who doesn’t know any better.

  • SGVsBest

    Lancer 4 Life:
    You little crap from La Puente!
    What happen…you get cut from the cheerleading squad? Oh wait…priests are not allowed to where skirts!
    Maybe you’re a nun?

    Let us know


    I’M actuallY A LANCER LEGEND, just like clowning on all you to scared to come to LANCERLAND. You wuold rather start @ BONITA THAN SIT @ AMAT I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND.

  • SGVsBest

    Are you that Menudo loving, Taco Stand manager, $5 Bags of Orange selling vendor off of the Baldwyn Park exit!? Don Lie Aye!
    You still mad at Arizona?
    Watch out for La Migra!

  • Norco

    Man….to bad I don`t have a dog in this fight…But
    Avila from this video and the tapes I have seen is a handful…

  • Don

    No surprises, I mentioned this kid over a month ago as a returning C O asset.

    Quick, good feet, good leverage, stays low, head’s up, all good.

    How come he ended up against the lumbering blonde kid so many times in the video? Luck O the draw?

    Keep that back straight ad that head up Charlie, you’ll do OK.

  • King Tartans

    He looks fine and dandy in shorts and a t-shirt but you know as well as I do come Friday night versus some corn feed white boys a.k.a. bros from Glendora that Charlie going to have a long night and ain’t going to touch our QB Jefferies one time. He’ll have a wait another week for a highlight video to send out to colleges because I guarantee you he’s not sacking Jefferies one time until after he runs him over in the end zone. The Tartans ready for you Charlie and bring that other transfer with you. Long Beach Poly yeah right!

  • Goach Brown

    Anyone can look great without pads,Charlie! Go down to Camp Pendelton and work out with them Jar Heads Marines! This is real training Mr. C O

  • Nipsey

    Damm why is everyone hating on him?

  • COSteelCurtain

    This kid has been training all summer and you haters try to hate on him? You did the same thing to the kid from Amat for going to Yankee stadium!

    Hey Jar Head – Way to repersent our country’s best soldiers! I’m sure they are all proud of you! Right Semper fi?

    We know who we are, but you don’t!

  • COSteelCurtain

    Its the one that talks the most that is always handing out the towels and water bottles!

    Thanks for the Bulletin Board Material Queen Tartan. Now go make sure that water is nice and cold!

  • Best of luck kid

    Any one else notice how often the “coaches” high fived the kid? Speaks volumes when the coaches know your name and make a point of giving you props. Will he go to USC? Who knows? Ed Gutierrez went form Salesian to ELAC to starting as an outside linebacker…at 5’9″ 215? or there abouts back in 1977 or there abouts

    Give the kid credit..he’s got the one thing every next level palyer needs…coachability and that “motor”.

    Best of luck Charlie.

  • Hard to tell. I doubt either team will go all the way to the Super Bowl again. It’s a great time to make Superbowl bets though, the odds are really high.

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