New safety standards for metal bats

High school baseball teams in California will have to follow new safety standards for the metal bats they use under rules released Wednesday, in the wake of accidents that brought national attention to the issue of the bats’ safety.

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  • COChargerfan

    This is not some “new” development that resulted from the Sandberg kid being hit by a line drive and instead is simply the CIF adopting the NCAA’s BBCOR standard that has been in the works for the past 2 years. And the number of home runs being hit by college kids and not “safety” was the driving force being the change. As I have commented before on this issue, the ball exit speed of a big league hitter with a wood bat is much higher that what the average high school kid generates with a metal one. These new bats are mandatory per CIF so there is no option to use your old BESR bats. Considering that they were involved in the process and have had 2 years to prepare, any shortages of BBCOR bats will be contrived by the manufacturers to sustain high prices.

  • kh

    another wat to make money,every year baseball parents are chancing the game of god pretty soon we will be wearing shirks.

  • Bonitasucksrichard

    Whatever bat you get kc this year, make sure its the bat without the giant hole in it. Bonita can’t use a .241 hitter this season.
    This is his senior year the most important high school season he could have, so get him a good bat and leave him alone and kh, dont choke!!!