We began our tour of SGV Hell Week at Bishop Amat with coach Steve Hagerty, QB Rio Ruiz, RB Zachary Shay and LB Austin Lacy

Bishop Amat practice photo gallery by Watchara Phomicinda

Despite ongoing reports that we were booted off the Bishop Amat practice field :), coach Steve Hagerty and players couldn’t of been more cordial or fired up for the first day of Hell Week on Wednesday. Coach Hagerty talked about the upcoming season and expectations while Ruiz spoke of living up to the expectations for a QB yet to make his first start. Shay is ready to join a long list of talented backs in the Lancers backfield and nobody was happier than Austin Lacy after the long ordeal he dealt with back in March.

Bishop Amat coach Steve Hagerty on 2010 …

QB Rio Ruiz …

Linebacker Austin Lacy …

Running back Zachary Shay …

Bishop Amat practice video …

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  • D-Mo

    Bonita is a girls name….but I think they will pull out the win.

  • This has nothing to do with this post just a link for you baseball fans.


  • SGVsBest

    This is good Fred.
    Should be a short visit. No QB, no RB, No Defense! Go there first, get it out of the way, and don’t have to come back!
    I get it! This is good.


    By the way did you happen to see the replay of AMAT vs Mater Dei playoff game last night? on primetime ticket HIGH SCHOOL REPLAY??? What you seen was SGVALLEYS BEST on T.V.


  • Great stuff

    I love the new video element Fred, keep it coming, I love to hear what the athletes and coaches have to say.

  • Hmmm

    They look tiny…

  • Great Interviews!


    GO LANCERS 2010!!!!!!!

  • Lancer Pride


    I know it does not look like it but the QB in that video is 6ft 1in. Compare him to those around him. Everyone looks “small” w/out pads on, dude. Regardless, BA has never been known for size but rather aggressivness, speed, dicipline, and most of all, teamwork.


    Jalen is 6ft 205…how about BIG “O” Christian Orduno at 6′ 5″ 295 ? O-line is at 255 lb average… Just wait and see!!!

    ON BLUE!!!

  • SGVsBest

    You’re right…That is Too Funny!
    What is that…The JAA Midget Team?
    All I see is lack of size, aggressiveness, and speed…I don’t discipline or team work!
    You are in trouble Amnot Honkers…!

  • Nipsey

    its not that hard to be 255 at lineman!
    you guys are about to get mollywhomped this season!

  • Unreal…

    SGVsBest + Nipsey,

    I’m sure you guys were happy to hear about Prop 8 being overturned. You guys make a cute couple and I wish your two dad family all the best in the future.

    Anyways…. Keep the HATE coming. I love it, the kids at Amat love it, the Alumni love it. Haters don’t hate the weak, they only hate when others are better than they are.

  • AMAT 73

    I find it very amusing how these football experts can see size, speed , dicipline , aggressiveness and teamwork while viewing an under 5 minute video.


    Tipsy and sgv worst,
    Seems to be the same way things started out last year…
    First there was smack talk, then came smash mouth football and then SILENCE AND RESPECT!

    Glad we are all on track!!!

    ON BLUE!!!

  • Scott Fisch

    Hey Steve, still looking as good as I can remember from our Marie Callendar days. Good luck again this year. Lets talk sometime.
    Scott Fisch

  • Lancer Pride

    AMAT 73

    I was not referring to the video but rather Bishop Amat football in general. What’s interesting is why the commment bothered you in the first place? Care to elaborate?

  • jcaz

    It’s quite a departure from years past when we had a coach who could come onto a thread such as this, and say that a CIF championship (in the PAC 5 no less) is a real possibility !

    It’s very exciting to know that both the players and coaches truly believe it can happen this year, and to hear Zachary Shay say that this is going to be a very good team is simply awesome !

    I can remember as recently as last year that folks were talking about the lack of skilled position player being a major problem on the team, and the year before that, it was all about the offensive line.

    In fact, if all of you long time blogers remember, even our own Joe Amat came on here and said not to have to many unrealistic expectations about last years team, but then again, we all know how that story ended up right ?

    Now, it seems as if it’s all coming together over at Kiefer, and the end product should make all of us in the lancer family, very proud indeed.

  • AMAT 73

    Lancer Pride,
    I was not reffering to you but to the poster you replied to also. How could he come on here and say they look tiny. What was he using as a comparison because I didn’t see a measuring stick next any of the kids interviewed . If they were all 6 ft 2″ and a 7 footer walks by yes they look tiny .Any Lancer past or present knows what make our teams go and they are the things you mentioned. After your post the village idiot chimes in on what he saw in the videos which lead to the post by me. I totally agree with you because we are usually not the biggest team in the mix but as far as the points you mentioned we are outstanding in that aspect and especially in the dicipline and execution department. KNOW YOUR ROLE AND DO YOUR JOB. I hope that clears it up for you . GO LANCERS !!!!!!!!

  • smallcity

    I would caution anyone who puts so much stock into the size of a player. I made that mistake last year. I recall looking at some of the opposing teams and thinking “Amat is going to get crushed.” Yet, it never happened. Game after game these guys went up against some BIG cats and yet, at the end of the game, you would have thought Amat was the bigger team.

    What Amat taught me last year was that motivation and desire are two key factors that can put you over the top regardless of physical “restrictions.” EVERYONE has it in them, but not everyone realizes it. Some coaches know what it takes to flip the switch and trigger that lethal combo, but sadly some do not. It appears that Hagerty and crew have their finger on it.

  • Lancer Pride

    Amat 73

    You’ve made things crystal clear. I completely misread your entry and now I feel foolish! LOL!

    Win or lose it should be an exciting year for our Lancers!!!

  • wait!

    I got a question who are they going to throw too? Last year Rio was probably their best WR and now he’s at Qb soo someone Please Tell Me!

  • Amat 02

    Rio will be throwing to a 6’5″ tall kid name Wallace Gonzales and a bevy of quick receivers. Here is a clip when he was a sophomore at Glendora. He is now a senior, bigger, stronger and quicker…..so watch out!


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