Girls Volleyball: Los Altos, Bonita, then who?

Steve Ramirez is working on our volleyball preview. I figure all volleyball discussions start with defending CIF champion Los Altos and perennial favorite Bonita. After that, your guess is as good as mine….

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  • Aaron

    Can you Dig It?

    Let’s go Lady Bearcats! Every year they’ve taken the next step. This last year they lost to a team they’d beaten twice and were invited to the state playoffs. They know their mission and they have a great coach who knows what it is like to win titles.

    How does it feel to a Bearcat, how does it feel to be way up High!

  • Walnut Insider

    Walnut beat both Bonita and L.A. last year.

    Although with Sheller and some others graduating, and Coach McElroy leaving, where does this put Walnut next year? I haven’t even heard who the new coach is yet.

  • KH wannabe

    you choked last year…couldn’t bring home the title. everything you worked for was for nothing. haha. just kidding. go get them lady bearcats.

  • Los Altos and Bonita, then who??? Are you serious?

    Los Altos and Bonita did great last year for Division III and have much to be proud of. But both teams have lost some key players for this upcoming season. (We all know they have some amazing athletes remaining but there are six girls on the court) The #1 team over the SGV should be St. Lucy’s. Even with missing key players during the summer tournaments St. Lucy’s came in 2nd overall (Over Walnut and Bonita)in the Club West summer tournament. St. Lucy’s JV came in 3rd in this same tournament.

    St. Lucy’s is returning everyone of their starting players from last year (Deanna, Megan, Alyssa, Jackie, Jasmine and Ari) and we went to quarter finals CIF for Division II-AA for the last three years. In addition, three of our starters are DIV I verbally committed Volleyball athletes. Coach Sean and the Regents are ready.

    If this were football, you wouldn’t rank Damien over Bishop Amat because Damien won their league and Amat didn’t. The teams and level of play are different. The same applies in volleyball.

  • Just sayin

    St. Lucy’s won the Sierra League for the last two years. This is their year for CIF.

  • Observer

    Saw SL/Bonita game. Bonita all present and SL had everyone minus their star setter. SL blew them up. SL had a shooting gallery of hitters.

    This might be the first time in SGV Volleyball where half the starters from a single team are committed to D1 schools at the beginning of the season. The three juniors will play D1 too. They were a younger team for so long but the starting six are all seniors and juniors now. The SL team is the real deal. I was shocked (as were the bearcats) to see how fast that SL offense was.

    Steve/Fred: This SL team shouldn’t be ignored anymore.

  • FredJ

    We’re reading and listening …

  • Aaron

    Lady Bearcats and Lady Conqs were in the CIF Finals and then went to state playoffs. They are deserving of respect. If SL was DI like a lot of the beach schools I may go with your outlandish statement…but SL is no Amat.

    Oh since when did summer league in any sport mean jack?

  • SL Fan

    Los Altos and Bonita are deserving of respect. No doubt about that.

    But St. Lucy’s is D2 and Bonita is D3. And by the way, St. Lucy’s beat Amat in CIF. Thank you.

  • Robert


    1) Los Altos Ended on top, starts on top. Last years CIF Div 3AA Champion and have rings to prove it! Lost key personnel (OH, MB and S) among the six seniors they graduated. Heavy-hitter OH-Jazmen Russell (Wake Forest), solid RS-Katherine Nazaroff (Sr) and a force to be reckoned with in MB-Amanda Brown (Sr). Provided great example of playing as a team. Should contend for title in new Hacienda League.
    2) Bonita Ended second, starts second. Lost in five to Los Altos in CIF Div 3AA Finals. Beat them three times during season but could not get it done when it counted most. Also loses six seniors including last years SGVT Player of the Year. Returns last years CIF DIV 3 Co-Player of the Year in a pin-to-pin S-Ashley Maxfeldt (Loyola Marymount) and impressive OH-Katie Kirby (Sr). Should get more consistent play out of middle position as MB-Victoria Dennis (Jr) continues to learn game. Coach Contreras (last years IVDB Coach of the Year) could have this team on the big stage two years in a row.
    3) St. Lucys Never rebuilds..just reloads. No exception this year. Lost only one senior to graduation. Very strong court leadership and presence from talented OH-Deanna Dalton (West Point). Athletic MB-Alissa Young (Sacred Heart), solid MB-Megan Callen (Sr), court-aware S-Jackie Macy (Jr and All CIF 2009) and aggressive L-Arianna Sifuentes (Jr) only got faster, quicker and stronger over the club season. Young group ready to step on court led by Arden Davis (Soph) and Sidney Bast (Frosh). This is good as team runs one of the quicker offenses in area. Coach Douglas should lead team to deepest playoff run in school history.
    4) San Dimas Had good season last year beating two good OC Schools in playoffs before losing to Cerritos. Lost only two seniors to graduation. Will be led by MB- Nicole Ellis (Sr) who can just leap out of the gym. Also returns fellow co-Captain in S-Courtney Hine (Sr) who can deliver the ball with great efficiency. This team prides themselves on defense especially at the net.
    5) Glendora Huge losses to last years nucleus as they graduate (OH, MB, RS, and L). Returning OH-Hannah Letourneau (Sr) and L-Sydney Mitchell (Sr) will be required to carry the load. Will need to look down bench to see who is this years player to step up for Coach Barbone. This is a team that always manages to stay in system. Move to Baseline league could help as the Sierra looks stacked.
    6) South Hills How do you rebound from losing key players including last years SGVT Female Athlete of the Year? Younger sister OH-Marisa Gomez (Jr) along with S-Bree Hunter (Jr) should provide nucleus for a solid team this year built around leader defensive-minded MB-Jackie Valle-Acosta (Sr). Team has great blocking techniques and will tool you at the net. Team played in Finals at Los Osos summer league. Look for them to perform well down the stretch.
    7) Bishop Amat This will be a very fundamentally sound team that just doesnt let many balls hit the floor. They play will controlled aggression. Had a great showing in Summer league. Will be led by MB-Price Kiley (Sr) and OH-Chelsey Martinez (OH). Play in a very tough league that is bound to prepare them for playoffs.
    8) Ganesha How can you count out a team with perhaps the best coach in the area? Gets more with less than any coach on the planet. Always has girls well prepared to play and even more prepared to face life after High School. You gotta love it. Go G-Hi!!!
    9) Walnut Probably a bit of a rebuilding year as they were bitten by graduation bug and lose seven seniors. They appear serious as they rebuild from the top. Has a very knowledgeable new coach (Angel Posada) who will certainly bring a new enthusiasm and approach to the game, Walnut will be led by RS-Kassidy Greenberg (Sr), S-Leau Quiocho (Sr) and last years super soph OH-Krystle Ervin (Jr). Will display one of the finest serve-receive defenses you will see in area.
    10) West Covina Did not get a chance to see them over the summer, but heard nothing but good things about them. Should benefit from the new league realignment.
    11. Diamond Ranch, 12. Workman, 13. Diamond Bar, 14. Covina, 15. Charter Oak, 16. Rosemead, 17. Nogales, 18. Rowland, 19. Northview, 20. Arroyo, 21. Baldwin Park, 22 El Monte, 23. La Puente, 24. Azusa, 25. Wilson, 26. Gladstone, 27. Bassett, 28. Mountain View, 29. Sierra Vista, 30. Duarte, 31. South El Monte

  • Observer

    Robert: Since when do the top teams from last year get automatic dibs for #1? What Polls do that? Any real poll will give the team great placement but never an automatic #1 unless they have all the key players coming back or better ones replacing the old.

    Los Altos losing Erica, Megan and Jennifer was a substantial hit. Bonita lost Allie and still has Ashley and Katie but any observers can see that it becomes predictable as Ashley has fewer go to people.

    The St. Lucy’s observation also missed Jasmine Warmington (6’1, OPP). Anyone who has seen her recently would be a fool to leave her out. Her hits are beast and is a force in the blocking department. In addition, Megan Callen (MB) (University of North Florida) is the third verbally committed senior on the SL frontline. The Regents have a whole artillery of firing weapons. They have their returning nucleus of six.

    Is Glendora also being ranked high for results last year? South Hills is as #6? South Hills should be 4 and Walnut should be #6.

    Preseason is about to begin. The results will speak for themselves.


    Next visit to Walmart, get larger panties as yours are clearly bunched too tight. I’m sure Robert could have listed the entire roster of your daughter’s school. He (or she) could probably do same for each school listed. I thought he/she did a good job trying to give recognition to a few key players from each school. It is just preseason high school volleyball. It is a long season that has to start somewhere. Individual stars and teams will rise to top at the end.

  • Class Act

    That’s classic.

    I am sure your panties will be soiled after coming in to the Sierra League.

    Welcome CO HS!

  • nut

    Walnut does have another big hitter you will have to wait and see

  • Blogger

    To CO HS: The point of the blog was to discuss who are the favorites and to explain the whys. Robert is one opinion (and did have some good observations). However, he is just a blogger like the rest of us offering an opinion. This isn’t getting all bothered. It was offering counter parts to certain rankings just like Fred asked. BTW: Are you his girlfriend or something? “I think Robert did a great job”… You need to be tougher for blogger banter.

    Robert did a great job outlining area teams except give concrete reasons why the Bearcats or the Lady conqs should be on top except that they had great seasons last year. He made a great case for St. Lucy’s and why they should be #1. They have everyone returning and described that starting six as talented, natural leaders and they were the quickest offense in the area.

    Walnut should be ranked higher. There is no way they should be 9th behind Glendora, Ganesha and Bishop Amat. These three teams should be ranked, just not in Roberts order. Just my humble blogging opinion.

  • Basic

    Humble pie,

    Thx Robert, this was dead before you gave us something to read and gave a few others something to B about…

    I’ve learn that VB is just about as passionate as football and therefore dumb remarks are made and some offensive ones but overall it is just great to see passion and even better to read up on teams even teams I don’t care about. So you can agree, disagree or just B, but he did a better job at putting schools on than even Fred did in opening this “article”. Thx Robert.

    And btw all I really care about is the Lady Bearcats BUT enjoy reading about all teams. I do think it might be tough for Bonita to do what they did last year though, it will be coaching, A Max and Kirby and that 1 or 2 players that step up. Best of Luck Lady Bearcats…

    SL, you guys do have an amazing team and i think everyone knows it so there is no need to B about who was leftout of the list. I will read your arguments about why you should be #1 though (which i think you uys are anyway)

  • GHigh

    Nice to see something finally on volleyball. La Puente and Gladstone look strong this year. BTW-I believe Bonita and Los Altos are now in D.IIA. Diamond Bar will also be strong this year-that should be a great league to watch!
    Thanks for the attention, Robert, but Ganesha has a lot of work to do if we are to break the top ten this year, in my humble opinion. Good luck to everyone-with the league and CIF realignments we may get a CIF champ. this year-San Dimas has as good a chance as any!

  • vballer

    Good insight Robert. I differ a little bit with your opinions however.
    I would go
    !. St. Lucy’s-talent is there to be the best team in the area the next two years as long as the meltdowns dont occur that have happened in the past. I dont suspect they will.
    2. Bonita- lots of talent, probably more focused after the loss in the finals
    3. LA- CIF champ but are in a tougher league now.
    4. S. Hills- still have some strong players left from last year.
    5. Walnut-decimated by graduation but a few gems left over from last year. Always tough defensively, have to see what the new coach brings.
    6-10 tossup I would say in this group Diamond Bar, San Dimas, Amat lead the way.

  • vballer

    oops forgot Glendora and San Dimas . They should be in the 6-10 range.

  • Longerboard

    First of all, huge Kudos to Fred for not glossing over sports like Volleyball. Among the associated papers in the Tribune family, Fred is perhaps the most active and sharpest of the prep sports coverage reporters. He’s a credit to the paper and I come to read what’s being said, even though I reside just outside the SGV area now.

    I’m going to agree with all who picked St. Lucy’s to be the best team in this area. They are top tier in talent and unmatched in experience. Good luck to the Regents in the playoffs.

    As far as Glendora’s move to the Baseline League, They picked a great year to do it, at least as far as volleyball is concerned. The entire league is down in overall talent, but Los Osos somehow manages to reload with massive talent and should finally take the league title. Upland is never weak, and somehow they keep finding good athletes in a school with so few kids (somewhere around 3,800 at last count). Rancho Cucamonga lost nearly all it’s starters from last years champs but it still pounds it and has some nice underclassmen coming up. Alta Loma and Etiwanda are building on a decent core. Glendora should have a good chance to make the playoffs if they can finish 3rd. At least this year that is in the realm of possibilities.

  • VB Fan 2010

    Who won the CW Power League this summer?

    BTW South Hills lost to Upland in the semi-finals in the 2010 Ayala Summer League at Los Osos, finishing 3rd with a very strong victory over Rancho.

    Great job to Coach Wendling for working very hard to put together a solid summer league under some very challenging conditions.

    Best of success to all area VB teams!

  • Longerboard

    I honestly don’t know what the CW Power League is? Also, did Ayala use Los Osos for their summer league this year? My daughter graduated last year, so I’m a bit out of the loop. Last question: if you’re able, could you post the results of the summer leagues you’re familiar with? It would be great to have a trustworthy set of eyes out there keeping up with the sport. Thanks VBFan 2010.

  • VB Fan 2010

    Longerboard: My apologies, ‘CW Power League’ refers to the summer league hosted by Club West, which ran on different nights vs. the Ayala summer league.

    As for the location of the Ayala summer league, the first two weeks were at the new Club West facility in RC, however, due to some issues unrelated to Ayala, the matches were moved over to Los Osos for the final two weeks.

    As for summer league results, the Ayala standings were: Los Osos took 1st, Upland 2nd, South Hills 3rd and Rancho 4th.

    The semi-final matches (LO v. RHS; UHS v. SH) were very spirited as both matches went to 3 sets, with LO and UHS meeting in the finals.

    I do not know what the results were in any of the other local summer leagues. I am sure that the other bloggers can help with sharing the results of other summer leagues.

    With the recent league realignments, I am sure that this will prove to be a very interesting volleyball season.

  • Ace

    CW Power League included Riverside Poly, SL (Var. & JV teams), Bonita, Walnut, Rancho Cucamonga, Claremont, Chino Hills, DB & Pomona Cath. Poly beat SL in 3 for the championship, with SL JV(!) and Walnut tied for 3rd.

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