West Covina among favorites for Hacienda and Southeast as we check in with coach Maggiore, RB Chris Solomon and QB George Johnson

There is no denying with two-time Southeast champ Charter Oak now in the Inland Division, West Covina could become the biggest benefactor. At Thursday’s practice, coach Mike Maggiore talked about the opportunity to win his second title with the Bulldogs while RB Chris Solomon practically guaranteed anything less than a title would be a disappointment. We also spoke with QB George Johnson, a third-year starter who could be the straw the stirs the drink, even though the Bulldogs could have the best stable of backs in the area. And when you talk about size, the Bulldogs have that too, and plenty of it. There is no Bishop Amat or Mater Dei on the schedule, but nonleague games against rival South Hills and Glendora should tell folks a lot before entering the Hacienda.

West Covina coach Mike Maggiore …

West Covina RB Chris Solomon …

West Covina QB George Johnson …

West Covina practice video…

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  • Would love to know

    This would be a great time to get a comment, on the record, about Blogger “Dan” who has to be one of the most well respected and positive bloggers online.

    As I’d like to know his opinion regarding the tough games he’s scheduled against Mater Dei and Bishop Amat and how he handles critics who say it’s too much and too tough on the kids. Does he ever feel like he’s over scheduled and somehow hurt his team’s chances to get to a final.

  • football fan

    This team is one of the better teams in the valley. Being able to throw well and run well is going to be hard to stop. I saw them in a passing game and it seems like the long ball is going to be easy for them.

  • walnut insider

    I heard they have been running the spread. QB can fling it and run and they have receivers to spread the ball around. But can they defend?

  • Walnut Insider

    …who’s using my name?

    Back to WC. I really think they are the team to beat in the new league. Maggiore doesn’t hype up his teams. So for him to say it is his strongest team and what not tends to make me feel like WC could run away with this league.

    If Walnut finishes 4th, it would be a good year.

  • S.G.V. Football Fan

    I can guarantee you West Covina does not and will not miss the likes of the old Miramonte league. Charter Oak literally proved to be the perennial home-wrecker for the mighty Bulldogs. If what he says is true and he wants to play the best in the Valley then there are two teams for sure that he hasn’t schedule for preseason games that he might consider. Why is Bishop Amat suddenly off their schedule again?

    While we are talking about West Covina, can someone please tell me how they continue to get there fair share of transfers every year especially from the Duarte area as well. I’ve noticed the Bulldogs freshmen team has a few out of district kids on their team.

  • Huskies Ready!

    Classy sandals coach! 33 dive? Madden runs better plays!

  • That is a Big Coach

    Even without a helmet and pads, the biggest guy in the practice film is Coach Maggiore.

    Not a good sign?


    Is he just a Big Man?

  • Insider

    WC had one preseason opening that fit for both Amat and SH and chose to keep SH on schedule instead of Amat. The Venice deal expires this year and would not be surprised to see Maggiore try to pick up Amat again if they have the same openings.

  • !stang!

    – am ready the season to start all ready! This year there is no true front runner for the southeast division. Every reporter has their favorite. Nothing will surpise mein this division. By far this is the most interesting division.

  • Walnut Insider

    Maggiore is a big guy. I have met him a few times and he is well over 6 foot and still works out, as you can tell. I can’t remember where he played college ball right now though…

  • FredJ

    Maggiore went to Oregon State

  • Aubrey

    ayo chris..wtf are you saying in that video ha ha

  • SGVsBest

    Four days and only 12 comments?
    I thoughts that the dogs were going to be more relavent now that CO and SH had moved on to better competition.
    I suppose you can still count on DRanch to spoil the fun…!

  • Dan

    Just got back from vacation, haven’t had a chance to see any practices since before the dead period, I’m anxious to see what the team looks like with pads this year.
    To would like to know,
    I think Maggiore enjoys the challenge of big teams and big games like Bishop Amat and Mater Dei and so on, although I do remember reading in a trib article last season that he was a little taken back by the cif ranking system come playoff time because cif only looks at the records of teams and doesn’t consider who they play, some inferior teams with cupcake schedules were ranked higher and had an easier path in the playoffs, resulting in some of the better teams facing each other early instead of late.
    To S.G.V. Football fan,
    Your guarantee is null and void, WC likes the challeng of good teams and will miss the CO matchup. Maggiore called Charter Oak to play this off season, but CO had other things on their mind, my guess is they had been there and done that with West Covina and were looking for another challenge, it’s to bad because it looks to have been a competitive game this year. On the other hand could it be that CO remembers that these same WC boy’s beat CO 42 to 21 as freshmen? Its fact, but I’m Just kidding don’t get all riled up CO posters. I believe Big Lou figures he’s beaten us enough times. The game with Amat was dropped because the only availiable week for both schools was the same week that South Hills had availiable, so they chose to keep the rivalry game with South Hills, a good decision if you ask me. I hope they can renew with Amat or another big school when the Venice contract expires.
    As for out of district transfers, I know of a couple but they came in as freshmen, similar to
    some of your CO transfers, just not as high profile and not near the numbers.
    To SGV’s best,
    I don’t see big numbers of hits on any of your DR threads either, but I’m looking forward to the WC vs DR game, I don’t know about DR spoiling the fun, but it should be a nice game, looks like several good games in the Hacienda league this year.

  • Venice is a big school!

    Football: Venice deserves City Section attention
    August 16, 2010 | 9:23 am
    Veteran Coach Angelo Gasca of Venice is pleased what he has seen from his team in early practices.

    “I like this team,” he said. “They’re working hard.”

    The Gondoliers deserve to be in the conversation as a City Section Division I title contender. They have lots of top skill-position players returning, led by receivers Larry Clark and Gabriel Marks.

    Much will depend on the performance of junior quarterback Dean Sarabia.

    Venice is set to scrimmage Garfield on Friday, Aug. 27 at 2:30 p.m. at Venice.

    — Eric Sondheimer

  • SGVsBest

    These same freshmen boys have also gotten spanked by SH the past couple of years and in the meantime DR has been to 2 CIF championships and CO has won Back to Back CIF Rings!
    What’s your point?
    Sounds to me like you’re comparing UNLV to LSU or the Florida Gators.
    By the way DRanch looks really good this year. So does Rowland and La Mirada! WC doesn’t know how to get over the hump…Its the coaching!

  • Dan

    SGV’s Best,
    Can’t get over the hump? Your the pot calling the kettle black, WC has a ring this decade, they also beat CO that same year, both are feats your boys haven’t done yet now who can’t get over the hump?