CalPreps’ Divisional rankings are out with San Dimas No. 1 in Mid-Valley and West Covina No. 2 in Southeast; Charter Oak No. 8 in Inland

CalPreps’ preseason rankings by Division …As you can see, No. 8 Bishop Amat is ranked one behind Serra League foe Alemany, not a bad spot considering the Pac-5 is the top division in the Southland. Chino HIlls is No. 4 in the powerful Inland Division with two-time Southeast champ Charter Oak at No. 8 with South Hills, Glendora, and Damien not among the top ten. The Southeast is interesting with West Covina at No.2 with Diamond Ranch and Walnut rounding out the top ten? I would have ranked Rowland and Bonita ahead of both. In the Mid-Valley, this is our only super chance of a divisional champion with reigning champ San Dimas on top. Azusa, Arroyo and Baldwin Park also are in the top ten, but once again, teams like Rosemead are snubbed.


Pac-5 (Division I)
1. Servite, 2. Mater Dei, 3. Mission Viejo, 4. Lakewood, 5. Long Beach Poly, 6. Edison, 7. Alemany, 8. Bishop Amat, 9. Los Alamitos, 10. Fountain Valley.

Inland Division (Division II)
1. Chaparral, 2. Vista Murrieta, 3. Corona Centennial, 4. Chino Hills, 5. Upland, 6. Norco, 7. Roosevelt, 8. Charter Oak, 9. Etiwanda, 10. Redlands East Valley, Others, 12. South Hills, 13. Glendora, 23. Damien.

Southeast (Division VII)
1. La Mirada, 2. West Covina, 3. Norwalk, 4. California, 5. Burbank, 6. Muir, 7. Burroughs, 8. Diamond Ranch, 9. Walnut, 10. Rowland, Others: 11. Bonita, 17. Los Altos, 19. Diamond Bar,

Mid Valley (Division XI)
1. San Dimas,
2. Monrovia, 3. Schurr, 4. Cerritos Valley Christian, 5. Whittier Christian, 6. Azusa, 7. San Gabriel, 8. Arroyo, 9. Baldwin Park, 10. Bell Gardens, Others: 12. Rosemead, 14. Covina, 18. Wilson, 20. La Puente, 22. Gladstone, 23. Pomona, 25. Northview, 26. Nogales, 27. South El Monte, 28. El Monte, 30. Bassett, 31. Workman, 36. Ganesha, 37., Mountain View, 38. Duarte.

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  • i love it

    i love how san dimas is in the weakest division ever seen !!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GET NO RESPECT

  • SaintsR4real

    To: I love it;
    Take it easy, just rankings buddy.

    Iwould predict Saints would definitely be in the top 10 in the Southeast division (in front of Burroughs)and maybe even in the Inland division top 12.
    Don’t FREAK out, just MY prediction.

    Love it too!

  • i love it also:

    Respect comes with WINS…and if you dont have ANY like maybe the team your rooting for then maybe you should get to know the word Respect…San Dimas and Monrovia would rank amongst the top 10 in any of these Div. exept for maybe the PAC 5. Your assumtion of how good these teams are is just that! You would be wasting your time trying to figure out what makes them that good. Unless of coarse you know Football!


    I’ll take the 8th seed as this is a preseason ranking and everything will change when November rolls by.

    The brutal one is ranking SHills in front of Glendora, no love for the tartans!

    Dranch still gets no love even though SHills and CO where sent packing.

    I dont see how Alemany is ranked ahead of BA??? Alemany has three teams on the schedule that had a rating of less than 9 last year! Alemany has a 48.7 rating!


    Whoa Whoa Whoa, Saints are not cracking the top 10 in the Southeast anytime soon, not with that wing-t…

  • Inland Hunter

    Saints4real – Take it easy Homer, No way the Saints crack the top 12 in the Inland. Maybe in our I.E. Pop Warner Divisions, since they do run a Pop Warner offense (they do run the Wing-T don’t they?), but then again Fontana,Rancho and Rialto may give them some defensive problems too. ha, ha, ha.


    AZUSA AZTEC FOOTBALL!#(6) on the ranking! Outstanding, and that’s all i’m going to say!


  • Norco

    Pre Season rankings are strictly preliminary, based somewhat on tradition and last years finish…The only rankings that matter are the end of the year.

    Get your popcorn ready for Crenshaw vs. Norco

    By John Murphy on August 13, 2010 12:35 PM

    The Los Angeles Times blog has reported that Norco’s Sept. 10 home game against Los Angeles Crenshaw and its star running back De’Anthony “Black Mamba” Thomas will probably be televised on Prime Ticket, with an 8:30 p.m. kickoff.

    That means our reporter should have no trouble making deadline if the game lasts like an hour.

    Thomas’ nickname, by the way, is the best in prep football.

    Here is the link:

    –John Murphy

  • TeachDGame

    Interesting looking at the team overviews, however wonder how in depth these things really are….. Bishop still has noted that they return their top RB (Jay A)….. that has been old news for MONTHS….. so not kocking the rankings, but that is a pretty high profile miss. Rankings are pretty solid.

  • Hindsight is 20/20

    I wonder if J.A. regrets his hasty departure from football? Amat could probably put him to some good use this year? I hear that Amat is going to open up their offense this year too. Just throwing it out there. Any news on J.A’s baseball offers?

  • bassettt waht

    haha how can bassett be ranked on top of anyone??
    specially sierra vista these people don’t know how insulting that is haha

  • SGVsBest

    Now this is really funny!!!
    They have the JAA Lancers ahead of Los Alamitos? Really? Come on! Really?
    They also have JSerra ahead of Notre Dame and Crespi! Thee JSerra that hasn’t won 10 games in 5 years!
    By the way they also have Bosco at 14!
    Now that is really funny Amnot Lancers!

  • GHS

    That’s ok, we’ll be laying in the weeds waitin for sum fresh meat!

  • RosemeadWEAKsauceKungPao!



    (and for that matter)


    [go ahead Rosemead Panthers, wear those new color designs PROUD!]


  • Gladiator

    Gladstone is going to surprise alot of people. They have the best football player in the Valley Joe Herrera

  • Sorry Azusa

    Sorry Azusa. I know you guys are riding high on the last couple of seasons. But Gladstone has the best football player in the valley. Joe Herrera! He will beat you single handedly

  • JFR

    Norco, aka horsetown,

    Has Murrieta mesa done anything this far? I was heading home yesterday and saw their school from the freeway so I pulled off to take a look. That school is state of the art awesome, I would have to take one step off campus and be in the stadium. Cool stuff.

  • These rankings are a joke.

  • Norco


    yes their school is top notch, but the football teams is another story, I believe this will be their first year of Varsity Football…they will be bringing up the rear in the Southwestern League this year with Chaparral, Vista Murrieta, Murrieta Valley, Great Oak & Temecula Valley (who has received 25 transfers for football since the end of last year) …..give them a few years and they should be competitive…

  • askin’

    Aram – why?

  • Norco

    I tell you why….NO WAY IN HELL Chino Hills or Upland should be ranked ahead of Norco or Roosevelt…based on what they did in DV…hell Norco had Etiwanda down last year 31-0 in the middle of the 2nd quarter when they started subbing in their JV team…Upland struggled and had to come from behind to win 18-16…CH on the other hand won fairly easily 35-14…We will see where Norco stands in week one when they play Crenshaw who is ranked No. 2 in California and No. 13 in the nation & then play Etiwanda and Upland in consecutive weeks…

  • Don

    First, I am as happy to see the Trib embrace CALPREPS rankings as I was to see their call for Correspondents. I’m sure both will improve their coverage this season.

    Those looking at at the pre-season ratings should know that, while not as inaccurate as they were before the fix they still use only two statistical measures: last year’s finish and the ratio of returning roster players from last season’s team. Thus a team like San Dimas, coming off a 13-1 Championship season and returning 33 roster players while graduating only 12 will be ranked very highly, in this case at 36.2. A school like Monrovia who graduated 24 Seniors and and has 36 roster players back from last year’s 13-1 team is ranked a bit lower, about 20% at 30.2.

    How many outside the San Dimas city limits believes the Saints are 20% better than the Cats at this stage of the season?

    It does not take into consideration things like transfers, coaching changes, injuries, eligibility or even whether any of those returnee’s actually even played the previous year. Because of that, teams who show a lot of underclass returnees will be ranked higher than a comparable team with fewer experienced players coming back.

  • kh

    san dimas has earned there keeps.
    13-1 cif champs.
    30 % team returning.
    looks good ,but the game still has to be play any way you look at it.
    watching bonitas practice today,skilled players are shorted comed.
    line looks big and strong,
    can they play under the pressure.
    running game to me looks,so so .no real studs,if we have to sit back and hope g.p. has to carry us every game then sooner or later the fat lady will sing.the run makes the pass,not the other way,last couple long years in the stands all we do is pass,i would love to be the defense coach onn the other team,keep them in front of you boys and go get the qb.
    we need to run the ball down there throats.put a fresh running back in every play intell the stop it,then watch g.p. go to work.

  • Go BIG Bearcats

    Kh & Don

    You bring up some good points. For me, these ranking are how you finished the season but give SD credit for beating us the last what 3 years!

    However, their style of offense is centered around the middle guy which does open up the pass as Kh mentioned. Don’t really see the quality fullback beating us down like in the past. Plus there starting QB from last year is out, so who knows what tomorrow brings?

    Our system was so predictable and 90+ pass. Doesn’t take a lot to defend that! Hopefully, we mix it up!


    @ weak sauce – gotta love the haters.


  • Dan

    I was wondering if you caught the Seattle Seahawks game on Saturday vs Tenesee? Former
    West Covina standout Walter Thurmond made his pro debute and saw plenty of action in what I believe was the 2nd and 4th quarters, I saw him make 5 tackles and he also had a 10 yard punt return. He recovered what at first looked like a fumble but was later ruled an incomplete pass, it was to bad because had it been ruled a fumble he was already on his way to taking it in for a score. Commentors had plenty of positive words for Walter, especially on his quick recovery from his season ending injury over at Oregon last year.

  • Observantcat

    Dan: Please dont mention that name Walter Thurmond…. The name still gives me nightmares…He had probably one of the most spectacular grabs against Monrovia back in the day to just take all of the wind out of our defense….I see he’s still at it. He was not onlly a great player for WC but a really good example of a great person, had the pleasure of meeting him and his family on a couple of occasions. A kid too look out for at Monrovia this season who has an eerily resembalence to Thurmond is Anthony Craft Jr. He is a Sophomore and a very intelligent player at both wide reciever and at free safety.

  • From the Bleachers

    Well yet another Smudge Pot Classic is nearing and the anticipation is already growing with both School scheduled to begin school on Monday. Both Bonita and San Dimas should be healthy going into the game, and after the opening series jitter are over we may see one of the best edition of the Rivalry.
    Bo His skilled Players look ahead of last year and will put pressure on opposing Defenses, and if like most teams they can just stay away from the injury bug that seem to kept one too many team from reaching their potential. This years addition will be a Great kick off for the upcoming Seasons, and if the fans get PUMPED up for a Volleyball Match as you have seen in the SGV Trib, you can just imagine what it is like at a Smudge Pot Football Classic. Dont get me wrong as all of the games and matches in both Girls and Boys Sports are highly contested and Supported by the Students, Parents, Facility, Alumni and Both Communities. The Game are Circled on the Schedule. Many Alumni come back just to see these games even more that at a Homecoming Contest, or follow the game on the Net.
    To the rest of the SG Valley, Leave no Doubt, this is a heated Rivalry!
    Are you ready to Rumble, Go Bo Hi beat SD.
    Well it appears that my prediction of the Suburban League being highly regarded with 2 members in the top 3 would appear to be coming to be all too true. The Suburban League always seems to have one of its members with a Loaded Senior Class. Everyone seems to be worried about the smack talk and their props in the Blogs, when only the player between the lines following their coaches game plan having any affect on the outcome of the game. With all of the teams moving around it will indeed be interesting to see some of the playoff match ups, but why dont we leave that for November and December and enjoy another year of Americas Favorite High School Sport.
    Are you ready for some Prep Football?
    From the Bleachers

  • Dan

    Agree with you 100% about Thurmond, great player and great person off the field, he’s down to earth despit all the success he has had. Thanks for the heads up on Anthony Craft, I will keep tabs on him and Monrovia this year, that running back of yours pictured on Miguels blog looks like a grown man already, Cats sound like their going to be outstanding this year.

  • Joseph Figueroa

    Where do we get the ranking for the missing divisions so we can plan whick games to go to.

  • Actually the New York Jets are one of the top three strongest Super Bowl contenders at the moment. I would make a Superbowl futures bet on them while the odds are really high.

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