South Hills dealing with players leaving, injuries to key players and toughest schedule in history, otherwise, everything is dandy

South Hills has a schedule that goes like this, Baldwin Park, West Covina, Tesoro, Monrovia, Los Osos, Damien, Ayala, Chino Hills, Claremont and the finale with Charter Oak. It’s a monster obviously, and one that will surely test the Huskies, who have lost at least two transfers to Charter Oak, two to Bishop Amat and another to a potential season-ending injury, that being WR/DB Jamie Canada, who will have knee surgery next month. But don’t feel sorry for the Huskies, not when your offensive line boasts Peter Nonu, Sioasi Aiono and Jeff Vargas, not to mention QB Vincent Hernandez and RB Jamel Hart. But will the Huskies have the depth and enough bodies to compete in the powerful Sierra? Will they have solid enough replacements to fill the voids of the departed? That’s what they’re going to find out.

For video interviews from Baldwin Park coach James Heggins, Wardell Crutchfield III and Demetrius Jackson, click here. The Braves play South Hills after facing Rowland.

South Hills coach Steve Bogan …

South Hills lineman Sioasi Aiono …

South Hills QB Vincent Hernandez …

South Hills lineman Peter Nonu …

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  • lol

    Los Altos gets an interview yet the other low tier school in Hacienda does not.

  • Loving the Heights

    What does Rowland have to do in order to get some ink!!!

  • Rowland for ink

    All Rowland has to do to get ink is have two players from Colony tranfer and say that they did not know Felipe Aguilar was a coach there

  • Dan

    Rowland for ink,
    I think I missed something can you clear that up for me, I don’t quite get how Colony transfers are tied to Felipe Agular.

  • SgvPrepsFan


  • FredJ

    I wanted to go to Azusa and Diamond Ranch Thursday, but haven’t heard back from Azusa, so all over the Ranch on Thursday.

  • WOW!!!

    5 transfers! 2 at CO and 3 at BA… What’s the story Fred? Why’d they leave?

  • Anonymous

    Azusa does not want you around you are terrible. Stay away!

  • Never lose to DR

    I think that South Hills’ back to back losses against Diamond Ranch the past couple of years has really opened the eyes of many people. There has been some great talent over at SH yet Bogan has had a lot of trouble beating teams he should be beating…at least on paper.

    I don’t think it helps that the GURU has showcased that talent only to see this talent get dismantled by DR who themselves got beat by CO and BA.

  • jcaz

    Nice little piece in the LA Times online high school section about Amat. Worth taking a look at.

  • Wow

    Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ! Sounds like a private born again school to me!

  • never lose to DR, i was at that game and if Hernandez holds on to that interception at the 5yd line or near there South Hills wins that game, the reciver from DR took the ball out of his hands on the way down, it was a great play by the reciever, i believr it was # 7

  • Just The Truth

    Well that’s true if sophomore Hernandez holds on to the ball, but he didn’t and had it taken away by the Bryan Gibson, (not the best receiver that DR had) but he’s ok. We will continue to have issues beating inferior competition if Bogan continues to play the favorite game…it’s only going to get harder since SH is moving up to the Sierra League…Hernandez couldn’t hit the side of a barn when he played against Tesoro and other talent…so how is he going to play against better talent??? If you seen any of his passing league games…you will see it was filled with interceptions…Coach Bogan…I hope you’re reading this…use the Talent that God has giving you and don’t squander it! We will pray hard this season, hopefully Bogan listens and allows all the talent to be used this season…We Hope!

  • why oh why

    why do the football players have to practice on our baseball field??? you’re effing up our outfield.

  • Just a thought…


    Hernandez is by far the best QB on the team right now, he’s much better off at QB than at WR or DB… The running game is where SH lacked last year, a better RB and SH probably makes the championship v. CO! FACT!

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