Aram returns to Bishop Amat

Aram was at Bishop Amat’s Blue-Gold scrimmage on Friday, got this interview with coach Hagerty, gives his first impression on the Big River, AKA Nine, Rio Ruiz, and the blockbuster news that could leave Amat nation feeling Dionza Blue Offense: Guess what, Nine was under center and Jalen Moore started at tailback. Moore got the bulk of the carries with the first-team offense. Adam Sanchez started at one receiver, but Wallace Gonzalez did not come in until the third play. That could just be a package thing. Brock Booth started at tight end and looked good physically, but didn’t get any balls thrown his way. The line looked big enough, but not necessarily big.

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  • Fred

    I heard that bonita quarterback pendalton broke his arm do u know of this is true

  • kyle

    rowland vs san dimas scrimmage

  • really?

    Just a fan

    where did you hear this from

  • a student from bonita

  • JJ

    Hey Fred what schools will you be at next week?

  • Curious


    Why do you have just pictures of Azusa at practice with no interviews? You guys cover Amat 3 different times, but unable to get to a couple other schools!!!!

  • please forgive us…


    This is Pac-5 football. This is the 3rd toughest division in the entire United States of America.

    Please forgive the SGV Tribune for giving Bishop Amat the extra coverage…



    did you not see how many people were at the blue and gold game, MORE THAN YOUR SCHOOL WILL EVER SEE AT ANY OF ITS GAMES! and thats why!!!

  • Dont waste your time Curious:

    The paper guys and Amat supporters dont realize how disgusted everyone is with Amat – even at varsity track meets the past 2 years I’ve been at everyone cheers when Amat loses – which with the exception of the Price kids is all the time –

    and they really do thinks their stadium and attendance is really something (just look at the posting here) – when in fact when you leave CA and notice their stadium reminds you of a middle school – but that the middle school isnt ugly and is in a nice neighborhood

    It’s sort of like the Dallas Cowboys – you either love them or hate them – and these guys will never realize the “love” side is a minority

  • haters!!

    first of all you are talking out of you A$$ cause “EVERYONE” does not cheer when amat loses.. we all know that, come on, with the amount of people that come out to cheer us on…

    BTW if you reread your post you will find that you make no sense at all… put down the beverage and make some sense, cause in the end, if the stadium had not seat Amat would still pull out record numbers…

  • As mentioned – it does appear wasting your time

    Like the guy said – a few measly thousands of spectators and Amat really thinks it is special – they have never been out of CA it is obvious – and if you go to the Mt SAC Relays or the SGV Track Championships – just sit in the crowd and listen – dont just read a blog and see for yourself

  • kh

    fred fred fred
    did u say something about bonita football,acrouse it was on the negative side,dont you have podleys phone number,pick up the phone and find out for yourself.
    hey fred do you think the baseball player with the strongest arm in all of sgv,will take over the snaps.did kh predict another thing at bearcat land,half these readers wouldnt know a athlete from a stoner,too busy trying to hate on everybody,the last time bonita beat s.d. , it was three years ago when k.c. came in for g.p. and throw 2 bombs to the other casey to beat them in there own back yard,looks like history will get a chance to repeat its self,love goes out to g.p.,if what freds said his h.s. informant told him.i could just ask my son but ill wait to see how long the real guys beat us to the story .the guy whos hating on amat,speak for yourself,i like amat sports,lots of class.good down to earth sport parents,go amat.

  • BIG B. Amat FAN

    I just have one question to the cry babies who complain, were you born and reard in East LA! If you are, don’t attend the game at ELAC! You will be very sorry! They might cancel the annual Taco Bowl at East L A College after everyone sees a real football team.

  • JFR

    Sad but true, Bonita QB is out with a broken throwing arm.

  • sgvpride

    Can kh type normal? Instead of typing in morse code! Yikes

  • jcaz

    Notes on Amat

    Ahh, the sound of oldies in the background and the smell of freshly cooked carne asada ! All of it a Kieffer.

    Anyway, should be a good season ahead of us but for what its worth, I cant help put agree with the over all assessment of this thing and that is that it was a real sloppy game out there. Still, if they clean it up, they should be pretty good. Now, I wont go out on a limb like Hags just did, and predict a CIF championship, but the team does show some promise.

    Anyway, here is my short take from that scrimmage. Both the good and the bad.

    The bad.

    1. The kicking game really needs to find out if Rags has another year of eligibility left. It seems as if this team needs him more than they realize at this juncture.
    2. Very sloppy over all play from the offensive side of the ball. Both quarterbacks really looked out of sync out there because both of them seemed way off the mark. 9 (Rio) settled in after a while but only after he threw that interception. It almost seemed as if he was still playing like freshman out there. I say that because when he quarterbacked that team a few years back, he still very much had a rocket for an arm, but it always seemed as if his accuracy was more often than not, way off.
    3. Linemen were big but way to slow out there. I seem to remember that West Covina game last year when our linemen got out played by a smaller but quicker group of kids. Hope they find that mid season form real soon.

    The Good:
    1. The Defense. Generally, it looked pretty good. There have been games that I have attended over the years here in the SGV where I saw some of the locals play and right now, our defense seems to be as good as any of those other teams. Only problem is that we play in the Serra league, not in the Sierra.
    2. D. blue will be make us soon easily forget about that other running back…….BTW, what was his name again ? He was that good as a freshman and I am sure that he will be an outstanding back for Amat in the years to come

    Side notes to the scrimmage. I think I saw one (or more) of the areas premier coachs at Kieffer. Nice to see them so interested in Amat football.

    I left the scrimmage a little early and just happened to notice that the lights were on at Basset. So I drove by there to take a look. Their team was out there in the middle of the night practicing. It was nice to see that those kids haven’t given up considering all the stuff that’s going on with that program over the last year or so.

    BTW, any truth to the rumor that they have Servite on their schedule next year ?

  • kh

    keep it up dude.
    i see weakness in your blog,your slowing going down,one of kh blog buddys will blow you up soon.
    remember 1977-78 t.c. rams cif champs t.c. 21 to lynwood 6.thats what the huths will bring to bonita this year,we have the ball right were we want it,in his hands.
    on our locker room t,c, the quote says,,,a quitter never wins,
    and a winner never quits.
    i wont quit tell i find out who you are.
    you dont know me,
    you shouldnt be talking crap about my son,
    11 straight years ive raised k.c. by myself.
    gave up my whole life buddy making sure he dosnt hang and turn out with the wrong crowed,he means the world too carefull for the last time richard.again hes 1/4 in’ under 5-10 and 178 lbs.
    i am trippin where you get your infor form.
    never played pop warner we played jr,all american at glendora,chad jeffiers qb and adam mauma was the rb k.c middle lb- rb.there was so much talent on that team,undeffeated season.go to the demein scrimmage next friday at demein,
    will see after game if you still fill the same aboutr k.c. then ok,but if you like what you see,eat your words and be kind,these our gods childred your crummy on,bad things happen to bad people,

  • FredJ

    Will try and confirm tomorrow, but word I’m hearing is that Bonita QB Garrett Pendleton has a fractured elbow…

  • answer man

    The difference between the two QBs is the Ruiz kid played against the 2nd team defense and was not too successful including getting picked.
    The other QB (TP) went up against the 1st string defense and still manage to do as well including no picks and 1 TD with the 2nd string offense. I just wonder what he can do with the 2nd string Defense and 1st string offense. A little unfair don’t u think.

  • Jackboy

    Best wishes to G.P. on a speedy recovery, hes a good young man from a good family. I hope its not as bad as initially reported.
    Bonita football will step up and do well this season. Bonita is loaded with versatile talent! And yes Richard, mini me can play! Hes tough, smart and very talented. Ive watched all of these kids play for years and not only are they good athletes; theyre class act people that are fun to watch.
    Bonita (La Verne) supports its teams and kids like no other community, like the Temple City folks used to be.
    So Richard, come on in, the water is warm!
    Good luck Garrett.
    Go Bearcats!

  • kh

    fred ,
    why dont you find out whats the skinny is on bonita football , so we can all fine out,,,never do i talk to coaches inless they call me over or i get that speaical coach huth. can we talk. thats usally bad news,but can we call them and tell them,mr. coach.and ? there position,hell no your kid will pay the piper.
    i only two real bad parts of the g.p.
    #1 i will miss him,he has a nice touch of the ball.there was acouple people hoping to see him get the ball to.
    so theres t

  • Where was Brock?

    Did I hear that right?

    Brock started at tight end?

    What the hell! I thought he was supposed to be challenging Rio for the QB spot.

    Must be a lot of favoritism at Amat too.

    Brock should be in the mix!

    Wake up Haggerty and Staff!

  • swami

    Kh your getting played don’t be so predictable in your responses.
    Your next move is so easy to see…you’love be bragging about wining the Damien scrimage and how much better the offense looked. I can hear it now.

  • kh

    iam going to make call.
    senior year,now has to learn new position,theres one thing about bonita right when you think you know,you know nothing.
    is cool being able and taught to play all positions ,in baseball and football.
    see guys,train your kids to be a athlete,not just a will stay in the line up if you play all positions,i love that the pros at compton mlb has k.c. playing s.s. but the teachers /coaches at bonita think he can only play rt. field.thats great and we will do what ever we have too,to finishes season on a high positive note.all head coaches are winners at bonita thats what make a better athlete down the road,but hopefully the handcuffs will be off this season,just let the ball fly.

  • Amat On Looker

    Observations-No injuries! It was just a scrimmage and the staff did well to keep it just that, a scrimmage. Offense did look sloppy (mostly passing game) but it’s early on and Amat has never been a big passing team, give it time. Running game needs some development. TE spot appears to be up for grabs. D.Blue does figure to be a fine alternative for the baseball kid. I would like to see D. Blue get some reps with Var. 1st team against Upland. Defensively-Yeah, small in some spots but still an AMAT Defense, which is to say, they HIT and they will be just fine. Saw a couple of good hits and lots of people moving to the ball. The pick by 39 was impressive in the way that a D-lineman went up for the ball and grabbed it out of the air, that was nice! Put that kid in the WR mix, ha,ha. LB crew looks solid and as soon as Lacey gets back to full speed, very formidable crew. Secondary looks good but they are young. I believe there is only one senior in the mix in the secondary, I could be wrong though I still don’t know all the names and numbers of the new kids. Overall, I am very excited about this upcoming season. Keep working hard Lancers! Go Big Blue!

  • Amat Honk

    You Bonita honks get off and find your own thread.

    Quick Notes on the Scrimmage:
    QB: Interesting observation on Rio struggling against 2nd team and Pryzinski success against the first team defense. Rio is good, he just took awhile to shake off the pressure from all the Hype he’s been getting. Tyler P. is very accurate and I think he will fill in just great when Rio takes his 3 week leave of absence.

    OL: Average size but slow off the line. These guys will improve after pre-season, there will be some adjustments made. I think Sophomore RT Hauser will make a big impact during the year. He was an outstanding blocker as a freshman.

    RB’s: If the line gives Shay some daylight, he is gone. Moore would make an excellent FB to kickout the LB or DE. Blue is very young and slices and dices unnecessarily, sometimes you just gotta go right tru the defender.

    WR’s: There is alot of skill at this position, Adam Sanchez and Wallace Gonzalez will be a dangerous duo. I can see Wallace running short routes and completing at least 80% passes thrown to him. While Ruiz establishes the run game.

    Defense: Overall looks very young. Amat’s key to winning games this year is not how many points we score but how well our Defense will contain the running game. Our LB’s are Solid. Our DL is a big question mark. Our Secondary looks good and will improve. Sophomore safety Adam Alcantara is one hell of a player and this is a name you will hear very often over the loudspeaker.

    Amat will not be outcoached this year, that’s for sure!

    The next test: Upland….see you there!

  • jcaz

    Did I mess something here ?

    I thought the next outing was at ELAC against Garfield. Do we have a scrimmage against UPLAND, and if so, where and when ?

  • Amat On Looker

    JCAZ-Upland-Friday@5:00 is what I heard.

  • Amat On Looker

    Hey can you bickering/disgruntled/angry Bonita parents take your fued to a Bonita thread? Thanks.

  • tcbruin

    Amat scrimmage vs Upland is at Upland HS on THURSDAY 9/26 @ 5:00p

  • Lancer Pride

    I don’t mind Bonita football talk on an Amat thread. Amat represents all of the San Gabriel Valley as our kids come from ALL over. What’s important is our common love for football!


  • Amat 1998

    Brock is at the TE spot not at QB. No favoritism just Rio is the QB and Brock lacks what is necessary to be the Amat QB. For those that do not like it, remember Brock is a transfer and Rio has been there. For Brock and Company if there is a problem with no status as a QB then I hear SHHS is looking for players, as players over there off Barranca are leaving for CO and injuries are piling up. Hey Brock-sters you may want to change your tune or give Bogan a jingle they may take you back. At Amat you play where they put you, and you make no waves, this is a football team with a coaching staff that knows how to position players So get with it or pipe down.


    bonita fan,
    You call this bs a Bonita discussion ? With such a big game and all the hoopla on the smudgepot game and your QB going down you consider this worthy of being called a Bonita discussion. Two idiots throwing insults at each other and bringing in kh’s kid to boot . Can’t say kh doesn’t bring the heat upon himself but to air it out on the blog is ridiculus . Also where do you sense the self important attitude in Amat on Looker’s post . If you don’t like being told about your stupid Bonita discussions then keep them off an Amat thread. Plain and simple .

  • Amat On Looker

    tcbruin-Thanks for the upgraded info. It must have been changed because I had heard from several sources that it was going to be Friday at Upland. Thanks again. And to you bickering Bonita Bloggers…….nevermind. Go Amat!
    Brock supporter – It’s cool to back your guy; however, I don’t really believe that the take posted was put up by a Booth supporter but rather an Amat detractor/hater trying to create dissension. FYI, Brock is mixing in well and he appears to be doing whatever the coachng staff has asked of him in order to contribute. B. Booth is now a Lancer and he has been a team player and fine youngman from day one. Keep working hard Lancers!!!

  • jcaz

    To, AmatOn Looker and Tcbruin

    Thanks to the both of you for that update.

    BTW, do you think that the format will be the same as the one at Kiefer ?

    Also, is Verti still at Upland ? If so, it should be very interesting to see him on the other side of the hashmarks so to speak…


    bonita said,
    You have got to be kidding with that post . You better just settle down and concentrate on winning the smudgepot so you can keep warm at night. What is it like 3 years in a row you’ve lost and it looks like number 4 is going to happen in a couple of weeks . You better jump back in the fishbowl and stay out of the ocean before you get eaten up .

  • SGVsBest

    Way to go Bonita!
    All Bassett, La Puente, Duarte alums…This is how you do it!!!
    By the way, your boy Booth is the recipient of the Amnot Wallace Gonzales Award this year! Get it?…He ain’t playing!
    The Varela kid is next…mark my words. He was shopped all spring also! SHHS finally stood up to these parents. Nothing to do with Amnot or CIF!

  • Lan C. Erbacker

    What happened to the comments from 37 to 53????

  • FredJ

    I deleted comments from two bloggers going back and forth inappropriately.

  • Lan C. Erbacker

    Oh. Good for you. I’m waiting for the glorious day when you follow suit and BAN our resident racist who brings nothing WHATSOEVER to the football table.

  • answer man

    Some one said that the Ruiz kid needed some warming up. I would like to see the Senior TP given the same chance as they have given the Ruiz kid. I always thought that you could earn ur position. If ur already set with ur choice knowing full well that T P is as good or maybe even better. What would have happen if he had the 1st string Offense and 1st string defense. TP didn’t need warming up against the 1st string D. Give him a line and some time which he didn’t have when he was in there and then make ur pick.

  • amat Forever

    Hey answer man or AKA Grandpa
    If you have been to practices, watched intensely, and I know you have because you park on the street and watch…you would know that the difference in talent between Rio and your TP is like night and day, they are not the same caliber of athlete, and never will be, I watched the scrimmage and the fact was the recievers dropped several of Rio’s ball’s…the pick Rio threw is a product of practicing against the same guys, same line all the time, they know the plays and they know the reads…big deal…Rio marched the team straight down the field in less than 7 plays moving the chains during the first set and his 2nd set…he cannot help what plays the coaches call.just execute…TP was sacked 3 times didn’t throw the ball deep down field, fumbled a snap and was given over 12 consecutive plays to run…so who had all the warm ups…Grandpa Martinez-just stop already…the coaches have made their choice, the Amat family all agree..Rio will lead this year and next…you either support the team or go to SHills, I hear they are looking for some transfers…Bye Bye Grandpa

  • Lancer Parent

    Amat Forever; First off, IF you are an Amat Parent, please stop airing your dirty laundry in public. I’m sure that Mr. Grandpa would be happy to discuss this matter with you in person. So since you feel so strongly about it, why don’t you walk on over and go speak to the MAN (because that’s what men do) in person? You obviously know who he is, where he parks and where he’s coming from so go handle the situation and stop coming on here talking smack about another AMAT fan and calling him out behind a blogger screen name. He has a right to his opinion just as you have a right to yours BUT don’t be a biatch and keep calling him out by name when you are not willing to discuss the matter with him in person. Most bloggers who have issues don’t know who the one another are. You do. So unless your going to “Man up” – SHUT-UP!

  • answer man

    Hey amat forever if u had any brains u would know that when u have such a difference in the players it makes a big difference what u can or can’t do. You see u jack azz u need to look at it from all sides being equal. U have one QB getting sacked while his 2nd string Offense is going against the 1st string Defensee. And still able to do as well as the other QB against the 1st offense. BTW no picks On the other side u have the other QB going down field with ease with the 1st string O line and receivers against the 2nd string defense with one fumble and 1 pick. Put him in the same situation. Excuses are like a holes, u know the rest.. What an idiot. DAH!!!

  • AMAT 73

    answer man and forever,
    Look it was an inter team scrimmage and basically a tune up for today and a chance for the parents and followers to see some semi real football. Why don’t the both of you go today’s scrimmage sit next to each other and hash this out . Since it will be live hitting against another team you can get a better picture of who is better. Don’t you 2 remember Hags first season when he pulled the starter and replaced him with J Mac and the rest is history. If Rio won out and does not perform I am damn sure Hags will pull the switch and do what is best for the team. Like Lancer Parent said if you know where Grandpa parks and watches go over there like a man and discuss your differences .

  • amat Forever

    Answerman-Grandpa-Lancer Parent-Grandma…Well what can you say now,
    what can any hater say…the best start and play, and thank goodness, we are going to need it, if the defense plays this soft…Wait till Wallace gets going once out of Transfer jail…the Ruiz to Gonzo combo is going to be the best in the valley…sorry guys, it’s not going to be your guy TP…everyone knows a great kid, but not a starter…stop with the yeah buts and deal with it.

  • Man I dont know, it’s too far out to really predict but somebody can get really high futures odds on Superbowl bets right now.

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