Aram reporting that South Hills is challenging the transfers of Vaughns and Gilchrist to Charter Oak; South Hills AD Paul Reed explains why

By Aram Tolegian
South Hills High School athletic director Paul Reed confirmed Monday night that the school has filed a protest with the CIF Southern Section office in regard to the transfers of sophomore running back Aaren Vaughns and junior wide receiver Chris Gilchrist. Reed said that South Hills is alleging that the transfers were athletically motivated and should not be allowed. The protests were made in late July at the same time South Hills also protested the transfer of Brock Booth to Bishop Amat. CIF denied Booth eligibility until April of 2011, thus costing the senior his final chance to play prep football. (To continue reading, click thread).

South Hills is still deciding whether to challenge the transfer of linebacker Randall Varela to Amat. Varela is vying for a starting position at defensive end and Booth was locked in a battle for tight end with sophomore Sal Velasquez, a transfer from Los Altos. Booth started at tight end last Friday in Amat’s Blue/Gold scrimmage.

“We have nothing against the kids,” Reed said. “If all three of them can’t play, it’s going to be a tragedy for them. But really, it’s not our fault. We haven’t done anything but make CIF aware of the situation.”

South Hills was on the other end of the spectrum last year at this time when the eligibility of Duarte transfers Jordan Canada and Jamie Canada were denied because CIF deemed their moves to be athletically motivated. Reed contends the CIF rule is flawed and that’s a major reason why the school is standing in the way of Vaughns, Gilchrist and Booth’s transfers.

“Undue influence is not a factor, to us, in any of these cases,” Reed said. “We do not feel that Amat or Charter Oak reached out to any of these kids. We just feel that everybody needs to play by the same rules. To us (Vaughns and Gilchrist) it’s clearly athletically motivated. I was personally standing there when Vaughns’ dad said he was taking the kids to Charter Oak because he was unhappy here.”

Due to him being a freshman last year, Vaughns is able to transfer and maintain eligibility so long as there’s a valid change of address. But Reed believes that rule will be trumped if the transfer is deemed to be athletically motivated.

The Southern Section said it still had not received any transfer request forms from Charter Oak for Vaughns or Gilchrist as of late last week.

In Booth’s case, CIF originally granted him eligibility until South Hills challenged the transfer. Booth is going to challenge the decision, according to Amat coach Steve Hagerty.

“I talked to him today and I don’t think as far as he’s concerned it’s a final matter,” Hagerty said. “I don’t understand how it all works, but it would be disappointing for the young man more so than for us because he’s worked so hard.

“We reduced his reps today and gave more reps to other kids. Brock’s a great kid. He understands what’s going on and went out there today and practiced just as hard as ever. I don’t know enough about what’s going on at South Hills to comment about it. It’s not my place to say whether they’re doing the right or wrong thing. I’m sure it’s worked both ways and they’ve benefited from kids who went to their school for the right reason.”

Reed acknowledged that South Hills protesting the transfers breaks ranks with the school’s policy in such matters under previous principal Judi North, who retired after the ’09-10 school year.

“If it would have been up to me, I think we would have challenged (transfers) in the past,” Reed said. “But they decided if a student didn’t want to be at South Hills, then they didn’t want me to write a letter. This current administration thinks that everyone should follow the rules and if we’re a kid is leaving for athletic reasons, we’re going to challenge it.

Reed acknowledged that he’s aware that some fans will view South Hills as being hypocritical in this or allege the Huskies are being sour grapes because the Canada decision went against them last year, but he’s quick to point out that the CIF rules have changed and so has school policy under new principal Steve James.

“It’s a different world now,” Reed said. “Athletically motivated transfers wasn’t even in the rule book a few years ago. The rule everyone concerned themselves with then was undue influence (recruiting). We don’t think it’s accurate to look at the transfers we didn’t challenge in the past few years because it’s a totally different climate.

“Before we did anything, we met with our new principal and told him where Coach (Steve) Bogan is at on this and he said ‘I will support this as high as you want to take it.'”

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  • Ron

    This is BS for this AD to cancel some of these players senior senior season by waging this protest. It is obvious SH is going to get rocked bad this year and they are on a downward slide due to kids not wanting to play there anymore. It is not the program it once was and the kids and their parents know it is time to bail out. Well whats done is done but karma will come back to bite SHHS in the azz. Feel sorry for guys like Booth, he just wants to play football his senior season ad he did not see his playing day over there at SH. Amt is a private school and he will do well there. I am hoping CIF cuts this kid a break.

  • Ron’s brother

    It’s your own damn fault if you ever send your kids now to play football for South Hills again. This just shows you what kind of coaches your sons will be playing for. Everybody now better just get the hell out of Dodge.

  • amat!!

    this is crazy! I know most of these boys and thier parents and feel terrible that these boys may not be able to play. All these boys love football and live for it. Its a shame what a bunch of resentful adults are doing to these kids. If your program was strong and good you wouldnt be losing players to better school. This should be a wake up call to get your sports programs as well as your academic programs in tip top shape so that you can keep your players!

  • rob

    the vaughns live across the street from covina high actually they should be going to covina high…Bogan is the biggest recruiter out there.. now that no players with talent want to go there and they want transfers he wants to write letters to cif..but when it was good for him he wouldn’t protest to cif..karma..good luck on your losing seasons…now he will lose on purpose for the next 2 seasons so he will be able to move back down a division…

  • Interesting change of heart

    Interesting that not one blogger comes on here accusing anyone of illegal recruiting. When this was the Canada’s, very few of you were on South Hills side, most of you played the ethics card and said the Canada’s should have honored their commitment at Duarte, that moving was a bad precedent, and that South Hills was recruiting them anyway. Interesting that nobody says any of those things about these kids now, or that Charter Oak or Bishop Amat may have been tugging at these kids a little too. My point is now everyone is saying a kid should be able to go wherever they want without reprecussions, which is fine. But why when it happens to South Hills, as in the case with the Canada’s, and Jacob Shirley, who West Covina blocked from going to South Hills, why weren’t all of you running to South Hills’ defense. Shouldn’t you of been upset when West Covina blew the whistle on Shirley? Shouldn’t you of been upset when Duarte blew the whistle on not just the Canada’s, but the players who went to Baldwin Park and other schools? You people always want it both ways.

  • amazing changes of heart

    This shows all of these comments are simply personal, if not, then where was this outrage when West Covina blocked Shirley from going to South Hills? Anyone? You know what happened, all you South Hills haters screamed that it was recruiting. What happened when Wallace Gonzalez left Glendora to go to Bishop Amat? Why weren’t you all rushing to Gonzalez’s defense, saying let him go if that’s where he wants to go? No, you were screaming he should sit out a year. Seriously, if you want to talk hypocrasy, it starts right here on the blog.


    It’s unfortunate for the youth; unfortunate that he is not playing and developing where he should be doing so i.e. his original school. However, if the change was for academic reasons (and I’m not sure there is a definitive way we can prove such one way or the other) he should be allowed to play; but if the transfer was purely because of a dislike of an athletic program, etc. he should not.

    Football and the other sports offered through the Unified School Districts are privileges, no student athlete (or its parents) is entitled to pick and choose on a yearly basis where he or she will play. CIF, while it may be responsible for governing the sport, its unfortunate that it can’t trust and rely upon its member schools and their staff to enforce the rules absent its micro-oversight.

    Come on, people; the season starts in less than two weeks. It’s time to focus on school pride and bragging rights. On that note, I hear that Pasadena and Muir are ready! So look out.

    Laurence Todd

  • Aaron

    Why is everybody pissed…oh idk, because South Hills has lived off transfers for a long time…longer than Bogan has been there…we’re talking decades.

    Shirley was a Sophomore QB that led West Covina to the semifinals…why in the world would he transfer to South Hills. George Johnson is the QB at WesCO starting these last two years and this will be his third season. However if Shirley hadn’t transfered he would have been a three year starter and for all we know we’d be talking about Wes Co being CIF champs two years in a row instead of CO.

  • Memory Lane

    South Hills will soon become as significant as Wilson and Los Altos in both Football and Baseball in the near future. This new administration does not understand how successful athletic programs within the school affect the student body. Before starting this tit-for-tat they should examine how many of their significant athletes live within South Hills boundaries. South Hills has benefited over the years from student athletes transferring in to participate in these programs, not gonna happen anymore. I expect to see Bogan and others gone within 4 years when they see what the neighborhood has to offer. Demographics baby, its a b#tch.

  • Ron

    Why do you think Judy North is no longer there. She saw this coming and did not want any part of it. SHHS is not the place to play anymore so they are crying now that the shoe is on the other foot. I could see them making a claim to CIF over a transfer to a league opponent like CO or WC, even Walnut for that matter but to complain about a transfer to Bishop Amat is ridiculous. Bishop Amat plays in Pac5 D1 competition and has no bearing on how SHHS does in their season, they do not cross roads with one another ever. A kid transferring to Bishop Amat should never be challenged. Is it athletically Motivated for them to play there at Amat? yes, but for the reason of stepping up to play D1 football. I really think for them to F over Booth and Varela because they went to Amat is crying over spilled Milk. Bogan Man up dude these two players have no say in how your season will go by transferring over to Amat. Suck it up Bogan and play with the cards you have. Two of your high Ace cards went to the Amat hand but to fold here and complain? Go all in and hope your have some good flop and river card players that will get SH football to compete.

  • Shame on SH!

    Laurence Todd & others

    You are not grasping the main point here. South Hills has made a very good living off of transfers in her past. The words “South Hills Football” and “Transfers” is synonymous and it always has been for decades.

    South Hills ad waits until TWO WEEKS before the season starts to decide that they no longer have an open transfer policy and thus, begin to contest outgoing tranfers?

    This is an outrage!

    I definitely agree that Bogan will leave SH. His entire career has been aided by incoming transfers. Despite his high profile transfers, Bogan has struggled recently.

    So my guestion is…if Bogan’s program struggled with high profile transfers, what in the world is he going to do when he gets no transfers and has to rely on the areas surrounding area?

    Someone said that South Hills football will become like Los Altos football. Well this is exactly what is going to happen…thanks to the new SH administration.

    Goodbye South Hills Football!!!

  • Basic


    Don’t say no one came to your help about the Canadas’ because I did. said they should have been allowed to play and I’m a Bonita supporter.

    I’ll say the same thing I said then, Let the kids play wherever they want period. Yes it would be nice if kids played for their home school but we all know that is not the case so why punish some? We don’t punish any kids for going to another school because of a better computer program, or better drama program or anything else AND those kids could actually make some real cheese and give back to the school.

    Anyway, yes it would be great if kids stayed at their home school but they don’t so while this P***** me off, you know what, it’s not about me, it’s about the kids, so let them play.

    If this continues, I see high schools sports going the way they do in Europe, all club teams…

  • SGVsBest

    Let it be known here to forward-
    Anyone transfering to South Hills should and will be challenged!
    This guy is a gun slinger for Bogan. The same needs to be done to his program. I challenge every AD in the SGV to do the same thing Duarte did to SHHS.
    Duarte HS AD- You are my hero!

  • Just The Truth

    This is a bunch of BS! I can’t believe that SH would lower themselves to that level. Bogan you call yourself a Christian…that’s not a good testimony! I can’t believe that you would be part of ruining a kids life! WOW! I’m lucky I didn’t remove my kid from the school…his last year would of been ruined as well!

    Wake up Coach..if you’re that good of a coach..then use the talent that God has truly intrusted you with and take these kids to a championship! I’m embarassed at this point! I might even sit my kid out on purpose this season…this is a bunch of garbage…shame on you Bogan and the new administration!

  • Husky fan

    How does the protest work? If South Hills is succesful would those kids go back to South Hills or to the schools that they belong in originally? I believe they both should be at a different school not South Hills. I hope so because we dont need that pain in the azz father back at South Hills. He was so bad, I know it could not be Bogans idea to protest the transfers. Bogan was happy he did not have to put up with that kind of distraction this year.
    It has to come down to the new Sherrif in town.

  • dont feel sorry

    Post after post these kids just wan to play football. BULL! They want to pay on their terms and under the conditions they feel are in their best intrest.
    Parents need to be held accountable for this destructive behavior. Teach your kids to battle and over come adversity, not to run when the going gets tuff.
    All this transfer nonsense is representation of the… it’s all about me football and that is not the high school football I was raised on.

  • SGVsBest

    Hey sorry-
    Read the last paragraph and tell me this Reed guy isn’t the Bogan lap dog we all know he is?
    C’mon man? What is this Practice…Pra…Pra…Practice?
    Open your eyes and mind. Read!
    SHHS is on a Vandetta crusade to stop these boys from playing because they won’t play for the guy that recruited them to SHHS! That’s all this is.
    Am I wrong Reed? Tell me (Us)
    No! You and your school are wrong!
    Let them go! If not, this will be your legacy!

  • Norco

    I know Norco has NEVER challenged a transfer…the coaches believe your either a Norco football player or your not…No reason to make a kid play for a school he does not want too…easy come …easy go…

  • JFR


    Bogan was there for the first transfer in the season of 87 when Jerry Wolak came over on a senior transfer from Covina. That was what you could do in the old days, Bogans first year at SH was the 85 year. I loved my SH days but they shot themselves in the foot on this one, if Canada was healthy I wonder. HHHMMMMMMMMMMM.

  • amat!!

    trust me I know these kids and they want to play football all this drama surrounding them and thier transfers is a by product of the fact that they want to play! if there parents kept them at their school then thats where they will play… the drama is all adult created… maybe for the best interest of their kids but still adult fueled… these kids would play anywhere they fall.

  • Nothing New

    Steve Bogan and Paul Reed were assistant coaches at Edgewood (Fall of 81′) when Team Captain Mike Jastrab (Future Mt. SAC, and Colorado Buffalo)transfered to South Hills.

    In those days the schools would publish and distribute large-calenders with photos of the Star Players, schedules etc. It was sad to walk into the local store/ pizza parlor and seeing a huge photo of Jastrab in Edgewood Gear while he was playing at another school.

    Likewise his brother Jim had a heck of a Freshman year at South Hills,only to transfer and star at Los Altos (later at the University of Hawaii)

  • Tech Support

    It’s not like “challenging” means the kids won’t play. It just means they have to show they left for academic or non-athletic reasons. And if the CIF rules they left for athletic reasons?? Well then they broke the rules right?

  • Jastrab

    The LA Times has an interesting article on a kid in Texas who moved from Oklahoma to regain eligibility. There system, Texas, seems to have more finite rules in terms of language where a kid moving from one district to another “must be a complete an permanent move,” and further no personal affects can remain at the old location.



    Once again the overemphasis on high school sports rears its ugly side. Too bad most parents and their kids do not appreciate the odds are so greatly stacked against them achieving their childhood dream of playing professional sports. It is also too bad that they do not realize that the overwhelming majority of that very select minority that actually do reach the professional level wind up broke five years after their athletic career has passed. Dream on, but in almost all cases the dream is destined to turn out as a nightmare.

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