With Bonita QB Garrett Pendleton suffering an injured elbow and South Hills losing Jamie Canada to a knee injury, who will it affect more?

Bonita QB Garrett Pendleton injures right elbow, coach Eric Podley awaiting MRI, more details later. “We’re not positive on the extent of the injury yet,” Podley said. “He’s had differing opinions from different doctors and we don’t really know what’s wrong yet.”

With Pendleton possibly out a few weeks along with South Hills’ Jamie Canada, who is scheduled to have knee surgery and could miss the entire season, Aram and I discussed the losses to both teams, and who it might affect more.

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  • Breaking News

    Way to break the story 3 DAYS afer it happened

  • FredJ

    Did the headline say Breaking News?

  • Breaking News

    Ok. way to report old news 3 days after it happened. Bet if it was BA, you guys would have been all over it.

  • Modern tech


  • SaintsR4real

    “breaking news”….

    go back to bed, you grouchy old fart!!

  • Breaking News


    that made me smile. Now, I think I will take your advice and catch a nap. haha.

  • reality

    Keep your head up Garrett. It is bad but you still need to lead this team. Stay in condition the best you can. As Arnold says I”LL BE BACK.

  • whaaat

    Hey Fred did you call ARAM to wear the same shirt for the video shoot? HAHAHAHA…


  • FredJ

    Team Blue

  • Aaron

    4 wins without Garrett Pendleton at a minimum. Greg Spathias will be just fine filling in the spot while the GP gets healthy.

    Garrett you’re still a leader on the team, and the leader of the offense. Lead them off the field right now and when you come back lead them both on and off.

  • Bonita Football

    Let’s be clear. Podley not playing games. GP is OUT for smudgepot and well beyond. Let’s be even more clear. This team’s offense will be horrible without GP. KC can run some wildcat formations, but that will only go so far. The other 2 QBs are good kids, but lack experience and an elite arm to run this offense. Aaron, quit sipping the Bonita Koolaid. In for another long year. Over/Under is 3 1/2 games. Get well soon GP. You are a helluva QB.

  • Basic

    I know I’ve been a little tough on GP in the past about his footwork and game speed but I’ve always said what a good kid he is and what great tools he has so this is Devastating. I’ve blamed the last two on coaching (play calling more than anything) so now it’s time for this coaching staff to step up. This team does have some great athletes with speed and size (height) so I hope they can rally behind this and also want it bad enough before they graduate, to get a big win next Friday…

    Good luck Bearcats…

  • kh

    fred 1-9
    fred you said the same thing about the baseball team last year.
    eat your words there,didnt you bro.
    we will be fine,garretts a monster loss,
    someone will raise to the top and bring the cats home..
    richard keep running your mouth,
    your nothing but a prank caller.
    by the ways whos your kid?

  • Are U Kidding

    Aram are you kidding? Have you seen the two play? It’s not even close. Pendleton will be missed big time. He was a key part of every offensive play. May be the best qb in this valley. compared to a kid who has not taken a snap of varsity football. Maybe should ask the Bonita coaching staff what kind of a QB they lost.I saw him play last year against South Hills in the playoffs – very impressive. Just ask Bogan what he thinks about Pendleton.With that I wish the best for both kids.

  • Wow

    Wow, are you really comparing the loss of a senior QB – the only Bonita QB with any real experience – to the loss of kid who has not even played a down for SHHS. Really. This video was obviously put up just to give you guys something to do yesterday…must have been a slow day at the office. GP loss is devestating and it will be deep into the season before Bonita can begin to recover, if they are that fortunate. Get well GP.

  • To Aram:

    Hey Aram who would you rather have? Kobe or Kwame Brown. You are under estimating how good Pedleton is. Very clear that all of Bonita’s expectations ride on Pendleton. Come on now Aram wake up

  • kh

    bonita will recover,just like g.p. will heal.
    its still in the air our qb.
    but friday will test both young men,
    lets see k.c. been throwing all week with linebacker shoulder pads,thats not good.
    why dont they put g.p. pads on him,
    steve young came in for montana and the niners were a better team,they had a new type offense,he could run the ball and get you 5 to 9 yards every time,we still have the h brothers and big hairmen,this could be what i see a a big problem for other teams,they wont be able to sit back and wait for are stud g.p. to throw the ball 70% of the time,you wont win championships on qb arms.you have to run the ball boys,time will tell.1-9….fred,wheres all the hate coming from dude?

  • EM

    I’ll remember that….1-9. Haha , let underdogs out of the cage.