Brock Booth’s transfer request to Bishop Amat denied, could other South Hills transfers be next?

I told you this could be coming now that schools are filing transfer requests. It appears that Bishop Amat tight end Brock Booth will not be eligible, at least to start the season. Booth’s transfer request from South Hills to Bishop Amat has been denied, according to the CIF-SS webpage. Booth left South Hills before the summer, and though he initially wanted to try out at quarterback, he settled in at tight end and looked good in Friday’s scrimmage. South Hills apparently challenged Booth’s transfer, and he was denied for athletically motivated reasons, according to CIF-SS spokesperson Thom Simmons. CIF’s website said Booth was denied on Friday and is not eligible to play sports at Amat until April. To further that, I have been checking CIF’s website on the eligibility of RB Aaren Vaughns and WR Chris Gilchrist, two other South Hills players that have transferred to Charter Oak. Also, Randal Varela transferred from South Hills to Bishop Amat. As of today, there is nothing new to report on the aforementioned transfers, it appears the transfer request paperwork still has not been filed for Gilchrist, Vaughns or Varela. But with Booth being declared ineligible for athletically motivated reasons, you have to wonder about the eligibility of other South Hills transfers. We will keep you posted when we learn more.

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  • LA Conq

    These transfer rules are in place for a reason. I have no idea why people feel sorry for kids like Booth and the Canadas who are blatantly violating these rules that everyone else has to follow. That “the rules don’t apply to me” mentality is EXACTLY the problem with today’s athletes.

    And the sad thing is…in the Booth case anyway…it’s all the stupid parents’ fault. I know Brock, he’s anice kid. But his arrogant father has single handedly destroyed his son’s football career by shopping him all over the SGV. (LA, SH, Amat). Congrats Dad…hope you are happy with the result. When are parents going to realize the negative effects of their actions on their kids???

  • jcaz

    I guess South Hills has quickly forgotten about all the transfers that they’ve received in the recent past without complaint.

    Seems to me that they’ve opened up a can of worms with this one I suppose, because what comes around goes around right ?

  • Aaron

    Wait a minute, I thought Booth was cleared already? So this denial comes after South Hills challenges it. South Hills has lived on transfers forever and they are doing this…I find it funny but sad.

  • Wesco

    Who’s fault is this?? When these students transfer to another school it’s on these blogs like NBA basketball free agent signings.I can’t believe some of these parents didn’t do their homework on how these transfer rules work with the CIF. School starts Monday for South Hills, Brock has time to go back and not lose a season like the tranfers from Duarte HS. South Hills how do you like the KARMA??

  • Never was a fan of kids transferring schools except for bonafide, educational purposes. I hope that’s the case here. Transferring schools to play for a so-called “better school or program” is not what champions are made of. The same goes for coaching – development and work with what you got.

    I am absolutely confident that no matter what school a kid goes to, his/her talent will be recognized – maybe a little later, but it will be recognized.

    Laurence Todd

  • Anthony

    I just look this inf up.Tuition at Bishop Amat for 2009-2010 is $6105 and registration fees are $700.That’s $570 a month for 12 months.If Brock Booth was my kid I would tell him your going to South Hills I’m buying a BMW !!!

  • who friggin cares


    it’s already been around, ‘member jake shirley and both canada’s — it’s about time south hills starts challenging — northview had 2 of south hills seniors START on the varsity baseball team why weren’t they ineligible??

  • Mike Ochoa

    So Hills challenging the transfer???. Kids see the writing on the wall this will be a down year for Bogan and SH and kids are jumping ship for CO and Amat. Amat since Hagerty arrived has parents intrested in Amat once again. If parents have the talented kid, from the beginning they should enroll them in the Amat CO programs and build at least one or even both of them into powerhouse football schools so the SGV can be represented every year in championships. La Habra does this not to mention LB Poly, Lakewood, Edison, Norco,etc.. if your going to recruit do it quietly and do it when the kid is in 8th grade. I would love to see all the talent go to Amat and have them just win championships after championships. Hagerty is doing it quietly playing surrounding schools to get them intrested in his great coaching staff. Playing Garfield will bring some of the East L.A. good football players out to play for Amat. A quiet recruiting tool is to play teams that will take a intrest in you after they played against you. The reason CO, SH, DR, LA and West Covina are not scheduling Amat anymore.

  • jesusjr23

    First of all, Brock’s parents are both extremely nice and want what’s best for their son! The start of his freshman year at LA everything was fine, but admin and others started acting stupid, Mr. Booth decides to take Brock to SH, which he had all the right to do according to CIF rules. Now, at SH Mr. Booth didn’t expect Brock to start over Deen, but his Jr season he should have definitely started. He didn’t though, and why? The coaches go beg Shirley to play and cover up a bunch of Shirley’s retarded actions that occur amongst the team and in the locker room so he stays eligible. How retarded is that? Well, very retarded, so Mr. Booth decides to take Brock to AMAT, which SH should’ve never challenged, because of their childish actions the year prior. Brock should be made eligible at AMAT! It’s not his fault, nor his parents fault that the SH staff is retarded and plays favorites right?

    BTW, Mr. Booth is probably one of the most knowledgeable football coaches around! He could replace Farrar, Gano, Bogan and Hagerty in a minute! That’s a fact!

  • SGVsBest

    Hey Aram-
    Why are so sensitve when it comes to the JAA Lancers?
    I’m just giving it as good as they dish it out…Fred lets me do it!
    You shouldn’t be so sensitive Aram! Not when you’re suppose to be covering the entire SGV. Even the schools that don’t win! Those parents buy the Tribune also!
    There…No more posting on Aram!

  • Lance R


    Go to todays New York times sports page and see the article written about Pad Haden as the new AD at USC. It talks about where he played HS football, you guessed it Bishop Amat H.S.

  • SGVsBest

    Hey Lancer R-
    Who is PAD Handen…?
    I’m googling the name but get nothing! Help me out.

  • jesusjr23

    LOL… and u would know? Doubt it! Brock did play at LA and started at QB, so as for your 3-3-3? Incorrect! And ur a CONQ? WOW! SH and staff clearly played favorites, because if u knew anything, then you wouldn’t be posting what u r posting! Mr. Booth would mop the floor with them and it wouldn’t be close! Brock should be eligible at Bishop, but I’m sure Mr. Booth didn’t want to put anyone at SH in danger of losing their jobs. Trust me Conq, u don’t know the half of it! Stop while you’re ahead…

  • jcaz

    SGV…ya got banned eh ??

    Tooooooo Funny dude….Classic yet again, ha ha ha


    So I guess Bogan just opened up a can of worms…They recruit at South hills all the time….just like last year’s Canada kids.


  • SGVsBest,

    Got nothing to do with Amat. People aren’t going to post their takes on my blog only to have you come in and start taking shots at them about menudo and taco trucks. If you’re not smart enough to make a point without getting racial, then yeah, I don’t want you on my blog.

  • Norco

    I know Norco had 12 kids transfer in since the end of last years football season…It made somebody unhappy because CIF showed up at few kids doors last week at 8:30pm with Norcos AD and took pictures of the kids rooms & utility bills…Here are a few of notable transfers who will start this season for Norco…
    6`0 185-Pound Junior Cameren Hemmings, who started at QB for Riverside Patriot last Season…MLB Chance Baker 6`1 217-pound Senior transfer fromOrange Lutheran…6` 4 205-pound Junior OLB Scott Starr, who made 111 tackles for Desert Oasis High School in Las Vegas a year…OLB 6`1 213-pound Junior Stephen Prescott & 6`0 310-pound Junior DT AJ Kennison from Roosevelt HS…5`9 190 Kicker AJ Cruz Corona HS….

  • Bogan is the biggest Hypocrite

    I got one thing to say to Bogan and South Hills: DORIAN WELLS…..he was Amat’s gift to SH and he was all everything there DURING HIS SENIOR YEAR. He made a big difference there at SH and showed case what D1 talent is all about. We get one of your 2nd or 3rd stringers, converted him to D1 talent and now you deny his eligibility?!!….INCREDIBLE!!!….what a bunch of crock!!!

  • Bishop Amat Parent

    Mr. Robledo,

    If you handled this story appropriately you could cover a truth about South Hills and football in the S.G.V. for a long time now that would be insightful, truthful, and expose the reality to South Hills and their motives but unfortunately you probably won’t even post this comment and will continue to subjectively and arbitrarily protect your interest and that is your childhood hero Bogan. We at Bishop Amat just want to remind you that maybe what your failing to realize that instead of acting like TMZ these still our adolescent children we are talking about so how about advocating for them once in a while too not just coaches, their friends like the Guru, and your favorite team.

  • Dan

    Uhhh, geee Mike O. yeah we’ll send all our kids your way and just forget about all our different schools that we’ve come to follow, support and become loyal too, just so you can watch your favorite school become a champion year after year cause after all Amat and CO are the only worthy programs around here and nothing else matters, okayyyyy I get it, thats a great idea.

  • FredJ

    Bishop Amat parent, this has nothing to do with South Hills, and everything to do with reporting high profile transfers when they happen. Is this any different that when the Times or any other newspaper reports a player transferring to another school? Whether its Los Altos, Bishop Amat, Charter Oak, Duarte, Baldwin Park and so forth, when there are high profile transfers we report it, and when a player is denied, we report that too. I don’t know how I’m protecting South Hills in this instance, I’ve gone on record many times explaining that schools should let players transfer if that’s what parent/child choose to do. I’ve always said as long as you’re making the grades and a good citizen on campus, if your family chooses to relocate and enrolls in another school, you should be able to play sports without interference from your previous school unless there is PROOF that a coach or coaches illegaly recruited said player. I praised South Hills, Bishop Amat and others for historically not challenging transfers while being critical of schools that did challenge. No difference here, if it was me, let Booth play, this is his decision, same goes for the others. As for acting like TMZ, I don’t think reporting that a player is ineligible for athletically motivated reasons falls in that category, do you?

  • Lan C. Erbacker

    So Fred, is this a done deal with B. Booth or is there still an avenue for appeal? He is a good kid and it would be a shame for him, or any kid for that matter, to miss out on playing their senior year in High School.

  • Bishop Amat Parent

    Mr. Robledo,

    I do stand corrected on one part of the “real” story and respect if your telling me the truth we agree with you. My apology.

    Why punish child if and when their father in this instance “chooses” to transfer his child to another school. Let the child play because by now he’s developed relationships with his new teammates and ultimately not only does the child lose now but also his team. So with that in mind, why suddenly is Coach Bogan “choosing” to not let a kid “transfer” and play at another school when last year for instance he was so upset about what Duarte did to the Canada brothers AND didn’t he say earlier this year that if the kids want to transfer someplace and I am paraphrasing now but in essence we won’t stop them from playing someplace else.

    Why suddenly now has Coach Bogan gone back on his word?

    Please post this comment too if your truly trying to show the “world” your a man of integrity.

  • observer

    What i dont understand is how charter oak can get transfers from long beach poly? or in the inland empire how kids from many different cities suddenly find their way to upland high school. they have kids from whittier, pasadena, diamond bar, and ontario. can someone please enlighten me to the hypocrisy of the cif rulings.

  • Hypocrite aka LA Conq

    Did I read this right; LA Conq is on this blog defending CIF for denying Booth’s transfer. Talk about a hypocrite. LA has had more illegal transfers than any other school in the SGV. Just because you guys suck now and everyone is leaving your program you want to defend the rule.

    What a joke…..

    Hope you guys are enjoying being on the other side of TRANSFERS..

  • MikeRamos

    UR absolutely correct on Wells, Amat knew that the apartment they moved into was temporary, and AMAT DID NOT BLOW THE WHISTLE ON HIM. In my opinion Amat has a lot of class to let the kid play and not report the bogus address to CIF. If you are unaware, let me make this clear Amat does not take out its problems with adults (parents) on children.

  • Bishop Amat Parent

    We at Amat would never and have never in the past done to South Hills what they are now doing to us. How can anyone have any respect for Coach Bogan and his staff when we never blew the whistle on them and suddenly one time this happens to them and they call foul. I don’t blame anyone not wanting to playing for South Hills. Cowards, absolutely a hypocrisy!

    The sad part any intelligent parent now will never transfer their child to South Hills again and instead will go to someplace like us at Bishop Amat because at least we have confidence and faith in ourselves and each other and don’t break unspoken rules.

    Seriously, what does South Hills have to say about themselves now because seriously by trying to make a family look bad ultimately they are only making themselves look worse.

    Dear Coach Bogan,

    I dare you, am begging and pleading with you please schedule Bishop Amat next year but then again that’s right you’ve never played us nor will you ever want to play us. Remember you best player in recent past was one of our former athletes. I know you are reading this right now too.

    Dear Mr. Robledo,

    Please answer my question in your expert opinion about Coach Bogan.

    Why suddenly has he gone back on his word?

  • Simpleton

    It’s quite simple, people…

    Coach Bogan has had some very good talent play at South Hills over the past few years. This talent has been highlighted by this blog. South Hills has lost to Diamond Ranch two years in a row. South Hills has also lost to every Pac-5 school they’ve played. As a result, South Hills is no longer viewed as a premier SGV football program. And this is why we are seeing SH to Amat or SH to CO transfers, which (lets be honest) make Bogan n company cringe.

    Coach Bogan has had some very good talent but cannot beat Diamond Ranch. This stinks of bad coaching….and Bogan knows this. He is fighting for his job, folks. He started this by retaliating againts his most recent transfers.

    Again, if you view everything from the perspective of one who is trying to keep his employment or his coaching reputation, it makes perfect sense.

    Due to disciplinary reasons, Dorian Wells had to leave Bishop Amat. His family was given the choice of expulsion or “resignation.” The Wells family chose “resignation” and Bishop Amat did not contest his eligibilty to play at South Hills. Wells would go on to be the SGV’s MVP…

  • FredJ

    To answer Lance, yes the Booth family can appeal, but the sad part is even in a best case scenario, he would likely miss some games while waiting for an appeal date, a part of the process I don’t agree with. To answer Bishop Amat parent, I think part of the regime change at South Hills has something to do with it, and whatever role Bogan played in the decision, I’m not going to speculate. I just learned of this late in the day, as we learn more in the coming days and weeks we will share it along with our opinions, like we always have.
    To its quite simple, to say South Hills is no longer viewed as the Valley power it once was is not true at all. What’s true is they have lost some very good talent to other schools, but the coaching peers of the SGV have spoken, ranking South Hills No. 4 in the Valley behind Amat, Charter Oak and Chino Hills. They might not be Amat ready, but top five out of 35 teams in the area is considered a valley power, no ifs, ands or buts about it. It’s also amusing how desperate housewives can say they haven’t had a good team in years. Didn’t they just win the San Antonio and advance to the Southeast semifinals? Yeah, not winning a title is a down year when you have accomplished what South Hills has, but to say they haven’t been a good team in years makes no sense at all. The simple fact that Charter Oak and South Hills were bumped to the Sierra and Inland speaks volumes about their programs and what coaching peers think of them for voting them out league and division. BTW, Aram just called to me and has some news that might shed some light on the transfers, I will link his blog in a sec.

  • Wesco

    Desperate Housewives?? NO, Desperate Coaches. That whats going on at SHHS. Coach has not had a good season in years and the future does not look bright. After years of accepting transfers NOW players are transferring OUT from SHHS.Maybe times have caught up coach??

  • FredJ

    Bishop Amat parent, you wanted answers, South Hills AD Paul Reed provided them and then some, look at the thread just posted. Now you tell me, is that us trying to hide anything?

  • Puzzling

    This is puzzling because Brock did not even start or play much in the last 8 or 9 games of the season last year at South Hills.

    Let the kid go play at Bishop. He probably wouldn’t have had a starting job at QB at South Hills this year either.

    Why challenge the transfer or a 2nd or 3rd string QB? Let them chase their dreams.

    Maybe this was personal against the father?

    Sad for Brock.




  • amat!!

    I see no other reason to challenge a kids eligiblity from the old school he was at except for resentfulness… shame on you! these are kids let them play, where ever that may be, let the kids plays!

  • amat Forever

    Bogan or should he now be called “Bogus”…is using this opportunity to scare his enrolled current kids that they better not transfer or he will come after you. There is word amongst the kids at SH that there is going to be more transfers, as the team is not going to be very good this year nor the next…as Amat is in an upswing so the the talent will be going back to Bishop…SH benefitted the most from Amat’s downswing in multiple sports FB and Baseball…since J North is gone and not there to slap them, Reed and Bogus are crying foul, knowing they will tie up innocent kids well past the season and in Brocks case his senior year…to say this is BS and a cheap shot is an understatement, Booth was not needed at SH nor wanted so why make a stink now…because for the first time in his young life he has found a home and has settled in nicely, the kids have accepted him and he was going to be able to experience life as an Amat Football player and really understand how special it is to play at Amat…But Bogus has to play the spoiler and cry foul six months later after everything is all approved and the Coaches are settling in there rotations…prediction SH will not make the playoff’s and there will be a mass exodus at SH along with the resurrection of Amat and Pac 5 Championship will bring back the big talent back to La Puente like it used to be. Amat will be playing past Thanksgiving and SH will starting there off season workouts…Bogus payback is a B@tch dude, how dare you take HS away from kids…Reed has little man syndrome…This is the start of SH fall from grace, the long line of other schools is forming to kick the “once bully” ass…you will see you just signed your own death warrant…Classless Ahole’s

  • saladays

    Bogan and South Hills are unbelievable absolutely classless move on their part. As for Booth I feel sorry for Brock but you saw it coming the dad had him play for three different youth teams and three different high schools. He would be the starter at LA right now if he just stayed put and his dad had any loyalty. Its unfortunate but maybe this is the only the dads will figure it out.

  • amazing changes of heart

    Interesting that not one blogger comes on here accusing anyone of illegal recruiting. When this was the Canada’s, very few of you were on South Hills side, most of you played the ethics card and said the Canada’s should have honored their commitment at Duarte, that moving was a bad precedent, and that South Hills was recruiting them anyway. Interesting that nobody says any of those things about these kids now, or that Charter Oak or Bishop Amat may have been tugging at these kids a little too. My point is now everyone is saying a kid should be able to go wherever they want without reprecussions, which is fine. But why when it happens to South Hills, as in the case with the Canada’s, and Jacob Shirley, who West Covina blocked from going to South Hills, why weren’t all of you running to South Hills’ defense. Shouldn’t you of been upset when West Covina blew the whistle on Shirley? Shouldn’t you of been upset when Duarte blew the whistle on not just the Canada’s, but the players who went to Baldwin Park and other schools? You people always want it both ways.

  • pedronus

    Amazing Changes of Heart,

    I agree with you!

    The problem is that all these other schools have done this to South Hills (except Amat and maybe Charter Oak).

    South Hills has not normally contested any transfers, but after they keep getting screwed (Shirley, Canadas, etc.) at some point you fight back.

    I do think there is some truth to the program having some down years and a message being sent too. I also think that doing this will discourage other athletes from transfering into South Hills though for fear that they cannot get out.

    There are so many ways to look at this. Maybe Brock should have stuck it out and would have been a big part of the South Hills program this year considering it is a down year and all. Maybe loyalty would have paid off for him.

    Maybe CIF should make exceptions for non-starters like Brock.

    There is no RIGHT answer. All parties have what they consider valid reasons for what they did.

    In the end, it should be about the kids though.

  • Simpleton


    So South Hills wants to abolish their open transfer policy…that’s cool. But why wait until TWO WEEKS before the season starts, man? South Hills should have made an announcement…should have gave some sort of warning that they were going to get rid of open tranfers. It should have been something like this…

    “HEY SGV! THIS IS SOUTH HILLS! We just wanted everyone to know that beginning in 2011, South Hills will be changing their transfer policy so please beware..blah,blah, blah…”

    See how simple that was??? Instead, Bogan and Reed waited like snakes in the grass, pissed off at all the recent transfers leaving, and decided to “fight back?”

    And everyone needs to stop comparing WEST COVINA and SOUTH HILLS. It’s simple….South Hills has had an open transfer policy forever. West Covina has NOT and everyone knows this. Only a complete moron would think that West Covina would not contest an outgoing transfer.

  • jcaz

    Man I really hate it when they do this….

    I have always been a proponent of kids playing where ever they wnted to. In fact, I have always said that the CIF is more of a hinderance than an asset.

    So why not think outside of the box for just a minute here.

    As I see it, SH (and others) want to protest a transfer, so they basically go to CIF “court” to prevent these kids from doing so right ?

    Well, one way to stop this nonsense once and for all is to simply give them what the want by suing them over playing time.

    For example, this denial and appeal to CIF that SH made, prevents a kid from attendting another school. So when the parents sue, they simply ask the court to force the school to let him play in every game as much as he wants to. In effect taking the ability of the coach to coach his team away.

    So, they go to the court and say, “Look, they prevented my kid from transfering, so if he is forced to return to this other school, he must play and start in each and every game that they play.

    Now, to rub salt into the wound of these schools, you have to make sure that when the kid gets the ball that he turns it over to the other team on every play. Remember, they will be forced to let the kid play because they opened the door to all this nonsense in teh first place.

    If this were to happen, then let’s just see how long these schools would continue in this type of stupid behavior.

    Yes, I know it all sounds very foolish, and as silly as this sounds, I think it could work because in the long run, you force the hands of these schools and make them stop this crap about not letting kids play where they want to.

  • CIF SS Fan

    Everybody knows So. hills has been recruiting for Decades. That Coach Bogan is a Hypocrite and what goes around comes around. Bishop Amat has been down for a few year’s now. They knew the School was going down hill fast so they hired all these ex-head Coaches from Everywhere.Amat is letting anybody and I know they don’t all pay Tuition to play. Amat has kids coming from as far as chino hills and beyond. Yea open enrollment but amat is cheating.

  • Free Parochial School

    AaaaHHAAA, HHAAA, HHHAAAA!!!!! YEAH, RIGHT! If you knew M.A.C. you would know exactly how assinine that staement is…free tutition, HA! The parents at AMAT pay for EVERYTHING! Sure there are some breaks here and there for students that would otherwise be unable to attend but to say that they go there FREE, aha, ha, ha!!! Stop it dude, your killing me!!! This aint the old days pahdna (pa-d-na). You got’s ta pay ta play in some way or another. M.A.C. aint lettin no money go uncollected! Believe that! Free tuition, HA! The athlete that’s that good, hasn’t come through Amat in a long while.

  • Karma Vista

    Congratulations football fans, South Hills is the next Ganesha Bassett!!! Taste that Cameron chukuleros!

  • Observer

    cif ss fan,
    if you knew anything about high school football you would know that as a private school, bishop amat is allowed to have kids from anywhere, because they have to pay to go to school there. it is not a public school where you go for free and have different districts.

    as stated earlier, cif does not make any sense in their rulings. schools from all over the place whether it is in the sgv or in the i.e. are recruiting. if you one looked into the daily bulletin blog, there are accuations of upland coaches giving potential recruits spirit packs, shoes, taking them to dinner, and yes even money. Alos, it is widely known that kids use adresses provided by people who are close to the program why are there never any investigations into the public schools such as Upland or Charter Oak??

  • smallcity

    Among other things, It’s pathetic how SH admin decided to change their mind after the fact and dispute Brock’s transfer just as the season was about to get underway. Who’s the adult in this picture?

  • Tech Support

    A question about the procedure if somebody who is enlightened and not caught up in representing the high school colors they wore years ago….

    Ok so South Hills challenges the transfer to CIF. At that point did the CIF just go “Oh, ok, let’s not allow him to move?” Or did the CIF look into the matter (interview player, parents, coaches, etc).

    And if they did look into the matter and denied the transfer then wouldn’t it be because the transfer broke the rules?

    I mean if you want to debate the changing of the rule, that’s a good place to have a logical debate. But if there was an investigation and it was found to be against the rules… why are we mad at South Hills?

  • Dorian fan

    Uhhh, AMAT kicked Dorian out of school. They would not have blocked his transfer anywhere.

  • Good for South Hills

    To all SGV so call fans,

    Last two years you cried because SH got Shirley and the canadas. South hills said nothing when Santiago left to CO, thats CO starting QB. Good for SH staff, way to give it back. By the way, Amat had been recruiting that Stud LB from SH since his freshman year, the same one that just transfered to amat. You can give it, but it’s a fact you can’t take it SVG. Truth hurts ha!

  • Basic

    My issue, as was the my issue last year, is with CIF…They dabble in to much “gray” for me, if they have rules and plan to enforce them, then it should be clear “black and white” rulings.

    This kid, or any kid denied the ability to play, could sue the CIF, state that it cause them actual money “Scholarship” This would make the CIF wakeup. Who is to say a good athlete (which are the ones that get denied) at a good program would have not been offered a scholarship after have a great year? well now the CIF has taken that away and therefore, should have to pay for further education.

    I’ve said this before, I would love for kids to play for them home schools and have that pride, and yes I hate all the “recruiting” and transfers but if a kid wants to go and try a new school then who are we to stop them? No they should not be allowed to move more than once in a single year unless they have a “physical” move but other than that, let them go…

    Look I hate that Bonita looses some athletes to other schools, yes hate it, but why punish the kids?

  • ????

    Yeah, AMAT wanted a linebacker from SHHS sooooo bad that they “recruited” the kid and promptly put him on d-line? That sounds like the ultimate fulfilling of a “recruiting” promise. Shut the H3LL up! Take your Lumps Dog-boy! Your chicken shite administration/coaches have made your bed now sleep in it!

  • bbbb

    Freshman Coach At LA remember this phrase Coach Booth If you are winning a game by two touchdowns why dont you play the other RB Booth Remarks the kid that is in is way better. Well A– wipe All the Schools your Kid has gone to are WAY BETTER RIDE PINE A HOLE

  • Amat Honk

    I think SH shot themselves in the foot. Payback is a Biatch, now any kid that is thinking about transferring to SH for “athletically motivated” reasons will think twice, because it will no doubt be challenged. Amat traditionally does not challenge any kid who transfers out for athletic purposes…but that will all change, especially if that kid heads out to SH.

  • Just My Opinion

    In my opinion, a Head Coach with a good staff should be able to teach,mentor,and coach any athlete regardless of the kid’s skill who is entering into the program. Isnt that what they are there to do? If you are a School/Coach that takes and or relies on transfers from other areas in order to help your program, that doesnt say much for your coaching abilities. If it is for and about “the kids” what about those kids that are in the program that could be molded into a talented athlete, but are not being given a second glance at, due to all this drama with your more skilled players.
    With that being said, hats off to all of the PW and JAA Coaches who taught,mentored and actually coached all the these kids from the get go. Obviously those guys along with “the kids” hard work in developing and molding skill has paid off for these top ranked High schools and so called Coaches.

  • hsfootball fan

    What a joke, people are leaving for a reason. Try improving your program instead of trying to pick on the kids that leave you program. If this is the type of bush league moves SHHS wants to remembered for so be it, but I doubt you’ll see anything good come out of this. It will probably be a boom for Charter Oak and Amat when people realize if they don’t like SHHS they’ll never get a transfer so they’ll go to real programs where they’ll be treated like real people.

  • Not too sure how I came across this blog but glad I did discover it. Think I was looking for something else on google. Not sure I agree 100% with what you say, but have bookmaked and will pop back to read to see if you add any additional posts. Carry on the very good work.

  • The question to answer is, how much driving do you really want to do on your honeymoon?