Breaking News: Pomona RB Taj Teague transfers to Claremont, giving Wolfback another weapon

As soon as I post enough of transfergate, I get the tip an another this morning. Pomona first-year head coach Anthony Rice confirmed that Taj Teague, a Valle Vista Legue first-team running back as a junior after rushing for 800 yards, has transferred to Claremont High. Teague, 6-foot-1, 200 pounds, is expected to be among the Valley’s best rushers and would have been a key figure in Pomona’s Valle Vista league title hopes under Rice, who is hoping to reshape the program after success at his previous stint at Colony. If many of you are wondering if Pomona will challenge Teague’s transfer to Claremont citing “athletically motivated” reasons given what has transpired in recent days, Rice says no and wishes Teague well. “Let him play,” Rice said. “I don’t challenge anything, if he (Teague) wants to go to Claremont so be it. I wish the kid the best of luck and hope he has a great senior year. You hate to lose a kid of that caliber, but it’s his choice.”

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  • Aaron

    Yes it is athletically motivated. Think about it, their running back graduated last season. Couple of things, good for Rice. Remember Claremont is not so far away that he couldn’t remain playing for the Devils. It’s also a senior transfer so the transfer for better academics doesn’t fly in my book.

  • Okay, starting this year, we keep a tab on the number of athletic transfers and when we start talking about talent and coaching skills, 10 points are automatically deducted. Better yet, we’ll create an award for true “4 year” student athletes that enroll and stay at one high school throughout his/her high school “career.” Something has got to be done about athletic motivated transfers otherwise what’s the point of organized sports in the USD – why not just form youth sports club? Again, something has got to be done. Nevertheless, its time to play!!!!

    Laurence Todd


    For all of the talk about transfers coming into Pomona because of Rice, I hear more kids have left the program because of Rice.

  • WOW

    I’m pretty shocked to hear this. I’ve seen Teague play, and he’s a hell of a player. I thought AR would turn that thing around. Losing Teague makes me think that there may be turmoil going on in PTown. Is there any truth as to any other players leaving?

  • wolfpack

    sh goes 0-10 in 2011. Not gonna get by Claremont!

  • Pomona Alum

    This is not the last of Pomona kids transferring trust me I’m a recent grad and these young man tell me everything. Taj I understand why you left its just not Pomona Football just when things were looking up with Johnny Brown at the helm they replace him with a no good non coaching sell out unstable creature so Rice I hope this bites the h*** out of you. GO BACK TO COLONY!

  • To WOW!!!

    You guys are idiots “turmoil at Pomona”! There has always been turmoil at Pomona High. Kids will come and go thats just the way it goes. But, be careful Rice you have some people in your stable that arent loyal to the program. Maybe those kids that are leaving are following the old coach to wherever he is…..

  • Dan

    Don’t like all this transfering going on, I agree with Mr. Todd something must be done.
    Aside from that, back to Claremont, they looked loaded with athletes both times I saw them in passing league this summer, reminded me of your typical Upland type of team. I would not be suprised at all to see them with an upset or two over the big four in the Baseline league When all is said and done. West Covina threw against them at least twice this summer and Claremont had the bigger size and numbers as far as athletes went, don’t know if they have the line to match the Baseline teams, if they do look out for the Wolfpack, in the passing games that I saw they had a good looking offense that threw the ball well and they had a pretty tight defense, they also had a linebacker that was built like a tank who looks like he would be a wrecking ball in pads. Judging only by the looks of their skill players I think they match up well with any of the top teams in the SGV, of course if they don’t have a decent line then all bets are off.

  • TeachDGame

    Hey Dan – its’ the Sierra league now for Claremont, not the baseline…. still gonna be interesting.

    Like many other’s this is flippin rediculous, now with these blogs being the popular dissemination of information now days, we all know stuff like this has always happened, but sure seems like we are seeing (or hearing) more lately.

    Anyway, my opinion, no way kids should be able to transfer SR year and be eligible, unless they are moving from far distance like the IE to OC. Doubt very highly this kid lives in Claremont, then why was he at Pomona in the first place? Seems athletically, Claremont has always been a better athletic choice all along than Claremont, unless I’m missing something… Crazy …. I would LOVE to hear the Claremont Booster Club parent whose kid this player just sent to the bench… talk about whining…. OMG that is gonna be NUTS….. good luck Claremont Coach and Booster Club president…. those parents are off the hook….

  • The inside man with all the pomona news

    I wanna start of by saying I have no respect for Rice nor do I have respect for the coaching staff at pomona. Pomona did not need a new coach they were on the rise with Cayer and Brown…

    When Rice took over the program he came in bad mouthing coach Brown.. The players loved Brown because everybody felt apart of the team. Brown put the 3 C’s into motion.

    payers that transfered from pomona during the rice era.

    Sali Johnwell Div 1 prospect
    Taj Teague- Div 1 prospect
    Morris Donaldson- top soph in the ie an sgv! will be ranked in the nation in 2013

    Moe Woods-Top Reciver in the area !ruled inelgible due to grades. Rice caused this because he forgot about the student in athlete. Made him choose pratice over apex class. If he plays they are switching grades.

    When Rice gets fired pomona will be like usc under investigation and inelgible on rices behalf

  • DirtDevils

    So the Pomona mess continues….nothing new here. What a waste.

  • CurrentDevilsAthlete

    @”The inside man with all the pomona news”…
    Although I did like Brown, as a team we did not “love” him as you say we did. As for Rice and his coaching staff coming to Pomona, it is probably the best thing that has ever happened to the team in a while. Rice and his staff are very professional and organized when it comes to football in contrast to our previous coaches. What are you talking about “Rice caused this”, regarding the subject of Moe Woods being ineligible. Rice makes sure that schooling comes first, and if Moe Woods doesnt play because of his failure to maintain his grades, then really, whos fault is it?

    Taj Teague leaving our program wont hurt us. The team for this upcoming season is much stronger and faster then last seasons, so look out for us.

  • PHS Alum

    I can tell you that Rice has created division amongst the players. He has taken the approach of “Colony Kids First.” I appreciate loyalty to the kids that followed him to Pomona, but to push kids like Taj & Co. to the side isn’t right. All of the kids that transferred out of Pomona are legit players, but weren’t getting the touches because Rice wanted to take care of his boys!!! Rice made a huge mistake by playing favorites. It’s basically Pomona vs Colony everyday at PHS.

  • some of you are plain crazy

    This is absolutely amazing to read. First off as a Pomona resident and Parent of a player on this new and exciting team, I am hear to set some records straight. The talk above by a few shady characters are completely inaccurate and pretty deamoning to not only the current coaching staff but also its players and quite frankly yourselves who claim to be Pomona loyalists. So let me break this down to you systematically in a way that even your delusional minds can understand.
    1. Practice is Pomona Vs. Pomona, the talk about colony is only brought up by disgruntled people like yourselves. These coaches and players sweat all the same for red and black.
    2. Taj was good but if you think one player can dictate the actions of 50 you are even a more terrible coach than i thought you were before. Taj is gone, we are talking about the same kid who claimed to be hurt while his teammates were busting their ass on the field and then gave them a speech and bounced the next game. I am happy, I don’t want my son learning how to play from a kid who runs when their is competition.
    3. Only two kids have left and to be quite honest there are 5 more like them still on that field. Ironically the two that have left were both J.B. disciples who for some reason still shows up an awfully lot to Pomona events, My question is why? Is he trying to sabotage this year along with others who have been trusted and obviously been just messengers for the all knowing John Brown.
    4. What tradition are they tearing down now at Pomona. Are you talking about tradition from the year 2004. No offense since then there has been no tradition embedded in this athletes minds. I was a witness to last years practices, they involved party time in the weight room and then a practice solely based on defense alone, if I’m not mistaken JB was the defensive coordinator also but practice was more unstructured than the first day of a pop Warner practice.
    5. Salih left way before a new coach was announced so obviously you are so stupid that you are reaching for more bad becuase in your heart you hate the good.
    6. Morris was a young player who still had alot to learn, if he was that good why is it that he is still at Pomona everyday instead of practicing with his team, oh I heard he is academically ineligible, wasn’t he under J.B’s regime so I guess the school comes first attitude doesn’t apply to your coach only the knew one. Practice what you preach.
    7. Mr. Woods and every other player on this team makes their own decisions and obviously what ever difficulties he has endured has been the work of himself. Do you really expect a coach to walk a student to class by the hand or better yet give them all the tools to complete their own classwork. Once again reaching, that’s all your doing.I guess the study halls last year that were spent playing cards and joking around should be re instituted so this years players can succeed academically. It would of been easier if the new coach would have had the same mentality as in the past of endorsing what you say is student first, athletics second, maybe that is why the record was what it was last year.

    Look whomever you are, one thing is certain you feel this anamosity becuase of an apparent relationship you have with the last coach. Maybe it is you, JB, or maybe it is an existing coach who has ties to you. Who knows? but at lest if your going to come on this blog and spout off at the mouth get your facts straight, I’m sure if you are their you can approach the coach himself and leave this misery. Pomona football will be great this year becuase these players wnat it to be. They are striving for success like I have not seen before, yet its people like you that think they are knocking coaches when you are just knocking the athletes you claim to be fighting for. You are a joke, and I wish I wouldny have wasted 5 minutes out of my life to show you that you are an idiot which you probably have been told before anyways……… Know your facts and then instead of airing them here, come to a pratice and air them to us parents unless you are already here, UMM just a thought.
    Coach Rice and staff keep up the hard work becuase from what I’ve seen these kids are cocked and loaded, thanks

  • Lee Marable

    I think what happened in this situation was you have a coach who brought in 3 players from his previous job into his new coaching job will mess the chemistry of any team. When he comes in bad mouthing their previous coach as well as some of the players. However, who is this Rice guy? He’s not a Joe Paterno. Joe Paterno builds good relationships with ALL of his players. He makes everyone feel apart of the team. Where were all the other coaches when Rice was dividing this team? How come none of the other coaches stepped in? This is high school football when the kids are supposed to have fun. Pomona High School Football Program I wish you well. I will follow Taj Teague because him as a young man and as a football player. This is a sign Pomona! Wake up! Rice might not be right for what we’re trying to build.

  • The inside man with all the pomona news

    @ some of you are plain crazy,

    1. The pratice is Pomona players Vs. Colony Coaches in full Pads… Yeah you dumb chumps hurt your returning starting OL/DL so what coach is trying to get a D1 offer…lol
    2. See that is how you know that the coaching staff @ pomona sucks because the coaches are not teaching they are leaving it up to the players so if your a parent like you say you should get your kid some real coaching…but we all know you are a coach on staff…When taj was checking out you begged him not to go so he was not that bad
    3. Are you talking about the colony transfers that followed rice in addition to the alta loma transfer? So with Moe inelgible taj,lee,sali,morris gone it leaves you Jamal & Cobbs and we all know cobbs is not an all american and we all know that kids like black & floyd get no love.
    4. WoW…thats all I have to say..why are you slammin a coach on your staff….we all know the OC from last year is still
    5. Sali left when brown resigned. And we all know the reason for that and rice did know he was the new coach.
    6. Morris was a freshman during brown’s year rice took over in jan so add it up…”you know alot to be a parent, you are so involved”
    7. Just switch the grades and shut it up!

    See you on the field you weak a$$ coach….I know this is one of the bald coaches and not the african american one.

  • Really???

    @ Some of You Are Plain Crazy:

    I know who you ARE and you KNOW who I am… Now let’s rock and roll… I have watched this WHOLE thing transpire from afar, on purpose… Let me start by saying that I know Rice is a GREAT coach. The proof is in the pudding. Two (2) CIF championships carry a LOT of weight to those who respect success. However, bashing Brown and/or the previous regime is basically idiotic. Brown did a GREAT job with those kids and it is not about them loving him, it is about them RESPECTING JB… Our staff NEVER kicked a kid OFF the team ONLY to allow him to RETURN… It kind of defeats the purpose of disciplining the kid(s). Moreover, it promotes an atmosphere of disrespect… We ALL know that everything is not Hunky-Dory at Pomona… I have even talked to a parent who IS VERY close to the program. As a matter of fact, Albert you probably talk to him everyday when he’s not doing his salats (sp)… It is nothing like he thought it would be when he advocated hiring Rice… Now, were the kids behavior when JB, yes… Were the under control, yes… At the same time, were incidents within the team, of course. It’s football. Hell, even the New York Jets squabble… Self-policing has ALWAYS been the Pomona way… My advice would be to focus on the season and when you need with recruiting give JB a call as we ALL know he is the one that gets it done on that from… There may be a retainer but hey what’s a few dollars to a boss… With all of that being said, I await the bashing but please ID yourself as I have done… Transparency…

  • Mr. Teague

    Its really sad to see such ignorance go back and forward about Taj Teague, for you’ll information he and his Family moved from Pomona to Claremont there’s no crime in that VS kids who transfer to Pomona high but still live out of the District Taj Teague should not be the main topic so if u don’t mine concentrate on what’s at hand and that is your team your football season ok so please move on.

  • keith R

    I going say this one time keep my name out of your mouth when make you comments on here. I am talking to all parties. I know who is saying what.Respect me as i use to respect you and that goes for the fools who was speaking on me. you guys have my do number be a man and call me. dont hide behind a blog or a anonymously it again try me. i am only taking to two people. Mr. Teague you are right move on.

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