Enough of transfergate, lets get into predictions: West Covina No. 1 in the Hacienda League

If we’re to assume the best teams in the area are Bishop Amat, Charter Oak, Chino Hills, Glendora and possibly South Hills, and that the Pac-5 and the Inland Division are far superior than the Southeast or Mid-Valley Divisions, then the Valley’s best mid-major is the new Hacienda League. I’m not saying Diamond Ranch, West Covina, Bonita and so forth couldn’t compete with teams in the Sierra or teams in the Inland (I won’t go there in the Pac-5), but they have to prove they can dominate and win championships, such as Charter Oak, to be among the discussion of top programs. The Hacienda will be an interesting race, bringing West Covina and Diamond Ranch closer together, creating a huge rivalry between the Diamond schools, and including the area’s winningest program of all-time, Los Altos, a school easy to forget because of its recent struggles. So how’s this going to shake out. Let’s take a look. I will rank the Valle Vista on Thursday, Sierra on Friday, Montview Tuesday, Mission Valley Wednesday, Serra and Baseline Thursday, and let the games begin on Friday.

1. West Covina — The size up front on both sides, a third-year starting quarterback and enough running backs to give new meaning to the word depth. If the Bulldogs aren’t plagued by injuries, such as they were last year, this is the team to beat. Not just in the Hacienda, but in the Southeast.
2. Diamond Ranch — Coach Roddy Layton is on a mission, and now that Charter Oak is gone there are no excuses. This is the team that beat South Hills two straight years in the playoffs, not many schools can say that. Although they graduated a few players, it was obvious at a recent practice that this is a program that reloads, not rebuilds. I mean, athletes everywhere, and the spirit was there. With their nonleague schedule lighter than years past, I don’t expect them to start 1-5 or 0-5 like years past.
3. Rowland — Yes, the return of quarterback Michael Ball. This kid was so sensational as a sophomore, then broke his collarbone in the league opener against Walnut as junior. Think of it, Ball battled eventual champion Charter Oak in the semifinals as soph, that experience is invaluable. Even with Ball going down, the Raiders competed, have a lot returning and coach Craig Snyder is not to be undervalued as a coach, in fact, he’s one of our best.
4. Diamond Bar — Yes I said it, the Brahmas check in here over some other notable teams. Even though they got spanked by Walnut and West Covina in nonleague games last year, I like the Brahmas in this spot. This is a team that didn’t have problems scoring points, and returns senior QB Andrew Cameron, who averaged 179 yards a game. They have a lot returning and the new league is a chance for them to reinvent themselves, especially with Diamond Ranch in it. Remember, back in the 80s the purple was among the valley giants.
5. Bonita — Oh I can hear it now, what are you thinking Fred J? I hope K.C. (inside blog joke) is settled in for this but it’s pretty simple, if they don’t have 6-foot-4 QB Garrett Pendleton healthy by the start of league, then No. 5 is pretty generous. Even with Pendleton, I would have ranked Bonita No. 4 behind Rowland. Having said that, this is a wait-and-see. From everything I’ve heard (from Bonita supporters) if Pendleton is ready by league, this is a team capable of winning league. They might wind up being the area’s biggest surprise, but after watching them the past two years, I’ve got to see it before I believe it.
6. Walnut — This is a balanced league when you’re ranking a Walnut at No. 6. My issue is, I thought Walnut was good enough to compete for the San Antonio last year after starting 5-0, then what happened. A 27-7 loss to a Rowland team that lost Ball during the game. A 31-11 loss to West Covina and another spanking to South Hills and the playoff dreams were over. And guess what, this team isn’t as good as last year, though they do have some playmakers. Again, let’s wait and see, they did beat Bonita in a non-league finale.
7. Los Altos — Ouch, the winningest program in Valley history picked last. It’s the sign of the times, I guess. There would be no better story than new coach Jim Arellanes somehow bringing the Conqs back to glory, or even contention in his first season but it doesn’t appear they have the horse’s. Simply put, the rest of the league is just better.

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  • Aaron

    The Bearcats are talented to win the games before league without GP, there I said it. Oh don’t get me wrong, it will be hard, a lot harder than it would have been with him there. However, it means all of the other guys will have to step it up and I know they can.

    GP will be back and he’ll show what he’s been doing all summer and that’s been getting better. That joke on KC is pretty funny because he will see time not only in Wildcat packages but he’ll see some reps behind Greg Spathias. For all you know he could actually start against SD, we will see.

    If you had Bonita finishing behind Walnut…I would understand…but Diamond Bar…really, not gonna happen.

  • Basic

    Fred, I have to agree with your rankings here, good job…

    Aaron, I thought they had enough talent last year, and I still blame the last two losses to SD on coaching (offensive play calling) so I have to agree with you, about having the talent this year that is. However, as last year, I just don’t see them getting it done, I do hope I’m wrong though. I know some said I was a little tough on GP last year (I said he was slow in the pocket and on his reads) but I also said he had all the tools and from all that I’ve heard he had a GREAT offseason so his lost his HUGE…

    Good luck Bearcats, and prove me and many wrong, I’d love for you guys to get some huge wins, make the playoffs and make some noise….

  • koolaid

    Aaron, forever the bonita optimist, quit drinking the koolaid…you are high if you think bonita’s offense will be close to effective without GP. not gonna happen. they will be a very bad team

  • reality

    Bonita’s strength will be the defence. Tough experienced players at all positions with speed on the corners, very active linebackers and size and athletisizm on the line. The safety spot will be critical.This could be best defence in the Hacienda. I think to much focus is put on offence when defence and special teams are what put you in position to win games. Cal preps is well as most predictors say San Dimas will score 45+ in the Smudgepot. If they do then a long season for the cats. If not, who knows?

  • Dan

    Dang it Fred, I feel the tribune curse lurking
    nearby, Next time just rank us somewhere in the middle.
    As for Bonita I think many are under estimating them, they were 3 & 7 last year because of injuries not because of lack of ability. When they got healthy the real Bonita showed up and they almost beat South Hills, and most of those key players are back this year, but of course they also had Garret P. throwing the ball for them which is not the case for now. Bonita looked good sized and athletic this summer, If they can get their backup QB to keep the mistakes down and just manage the game and find a way to get the ball to all their athletes they should be pretty tough to beat.

  • Dan

    By the way Fred we’re not that big on the line, with the exception of 1 kid on the offensive side and 1 on defense I believe the other starters are in the 5’10” to 6 foot range, but I hear they can push some weight around.

  • Fred Robledo

    I guess they all look big compared to me šŸ™‚

  • 2009 Parent of Walnut

    Someone please weigh in on the situation over at Walnut. Since last year when my kid played we played a easy non league schedule and looked good out of the gate, after that we were shalacked in league play, say it aint so this year, all I have heard is the QB that they will have starting is not the best choice, he is only in there due to Daddy’s influence with the coach, aka politics. Is the team one dimensional with Coleman? The line may not hold up is that also true. So many inuendos and I have not seen them up close. What is the truth coming out of Walnut.

  • Lovin The Heights

    OMG…. WC the team to beat.. I don’t think I’ll eat my words but I’ll save my opinion for another day!

  • Chris

    Parent of Walnut, show up to practice and make you own decision. The public blog is a good way to become confused and misled. The QB situation is cut and dry. Daddy has nothing to do with it other than his son is well prepared. If you saw how well we did in passing leagues, you would know also. The line is the same line we had last year with some additional depth. Some bad information out there as there is with all teams. However, I do notice some sandbagging. Not sure if that is by design. I think with the hype last year and not making playoffs, we will choose to underhype the squad this year. I’ll get back to you in week 1 of the playoffs with a full team analysis.

    The schedule is more demanding this year. I love the Claremont game early. That will give a good idea of where we are at and what needs to be worked on. Be sure to show up and bring a friend.

  • bcat

    GP will be lucky to get back under center this year. He broke his arm at the elbow. Think about it. 3-6 weeks off not throwing the ball then it will take at least another two weeks to get into game shape. the Bcats need to take their best athlete in the school, Big Horine, and put him under center and let him go. He is a natural leader. Spathias is less of an athlete than GP and does not have the arm GP has, so that wont work. Don’t even think about Huth at QB, he is not a leader and won’t be able to see over the line. With Horine under center the Bcats have a chance. To be honest, if Horine finds success under center keep him there all year regardless if GP returns. Horine has the wheels and toughness to win.

    Go Bcats

  • what?

    Even with Diamond Bar returning starters, they didn’t perform last year and I highly doubt that they would perform this year. Also, look at their line? They have NO good OL/DL. That’s the problem that they’ve had for many years. They could also use some athletes

  • kh

    freddy jr. brother
    i like the action on the blogs moving,you coming to see demein and bohi friday at demein 6;00 only 35 plays each alittle punting and kick offs maybe,who know,,you know better then to axe out a former t.c. rams cif champs son out.
    dont do it freddy my friend,
    so fred what do you know about s.d. new qb the just flowin in from moddosto n=cal.brother
    we dont care it super joe nanth flys in,we are going to stick the crap out of the little sd boys.
    there coaches know it too, we are all senior with anger issues,looks like the d is eating gun power in there protein shakes,
    as far as k.c. goes ,middle linebacker is his spot,17 tackles agaisnt s.h last year as greg vaugh,will contest. k.c. stuffed him time after time last year,15 more pounds on body close to 180lb.
    stand next to him fred,and you tell us all how small mini me is…iam getting pumped,dude really pumped…..i only bad thing about him playing qb,he wont play lb from what i heard.we have to qb working hard,plus cassey will take some snaps to,will have athletes,why didnt they move sd into are league if there so good?

  • Walnut Insider

    oh Chris…please don’t tell me you are Chris Warren or Chris Devera.

    Anyway, looking at the schedule and who’s who on Walnut’s team I think it will be a good year if they can get to .500. I don’t think losing Rhodes is that big of deal since he never performed on the field, King was probably a bigger loss.

    I know Randy is in the backfield now and he has put on some size & weight and looks really impressive ( and will probably be better than Rhodes), but it comes down to that line again. Walnut doesn’t have the size or skill up front. If I was playing Walnut against the spread, I would send the house every time (like we saw last year) until they could make me get out of it. The question has to be asked, if Aubrey doesn’t get his touches is he going to quit on the field? It’s a fair question coming after a couple games last year and the whole basketball situation.

    As far as the QB situation goes, since there was no clear number 1 going into camp, there are always going to be second guessers. Same went for last year with Cooper & Peralta. So no matter what happens someone is going to say something else. I have faith that the coaches made the best decision for the team. The last time I saw someone be a QB that shouldn’t have been was back in the late 90’s. Jon Al-Gattas should have been the QB over Jon Hernandez.

    Looking at the schedule, Chris is right, it is a lot more challenging. We will get a good feel of how good/bad of a year it will be early on. Believe it or not, Troy will be a great game 1 for us, I think they match up well with us. Claremont is always solid and don’t forget they just got that transfer from Pomona. And we can’t take Covina for granted because they almost pulled out last year’s game and they have 15 starters coming back. I won’t get into league because it is stacked with solid teams.

    Defensively, we have to be able to stop someone. Last year, we were giving up 23 points a game. The only team they held under 10 last year was Sonora and they finished 3 – 7. That’s not going to cut it in the new league.

    With all that said, the staff is doing the best they can with what they have. They don’t get transfers like South Hills or other schools. I also like the offense we have in place right now. They just need to find a way to protect the QB.

    On a side note, I don’t see DB ending up in 4th. I know they are returning a bunch of guys and from what I have seen, they have gotten a little bigger as well. But ahead of Bonita, that’s just crazy talk, especially if their QB is back in time.

  • Mid Valley

    D Bar stinks. No way Bonita loses to them.

  • Basic


    Love the idea of Horine under center, and I have to agree with you, he is the best athlete on the team, saw it since freshman year, kid is just a stud. He can run well or throw to Matt or his brother…really liking that idea.

  • to bcat and basic

    As far as the Bonita qb situation goes. if GP gets back you must insert him in right away. they don’t have anyone who can play at his level there and nobody who knows the offense as he does. putting Horrine there is out of the question. he is too valuable at linebacker and wide-out.They should go with Greg s. He has been a qb there for 4 years and has been groomed to play in case of an injury to
    GP. While Horrine is an excellent athelete, he is not the qb that Greg is and the coaches know that.

  • Sgv hasta la muerte

    Funny to see the disrespect coming from supposedly the most classiest programs in the valley!?? Diamond Bar may not place 4th or whatever, but Bonita and Walnut aint no Mater Dei either, so quit pretending to be untouchable. The above programs dont like having your kids underestimated , so show the same respect! You dont know what Diamond Bar may or may not do come season, so i would avoid the mighty “Crow” !

  • dbwho?

    Didn’t know DBar was serving the kool aid cold this season, Fred. Last year’s QB stats are a result of YAC yards, not QB prowess. The team accomplished nothing last year and let several “athletes” walk because the program won’t change until the coaching staff changes. Need athletes and coaches to put a team together and the past administration was sure to dog that oppty. Hopefully this will be the last year of the old AD’s regime and admin and DB can look forward to some changes. Hacienda won’t be any easier as so many think, so be prepared DB for a tough season!!

  • SGV For 30 Years

    The Hacienda League will be a tough league no doubt. I posted my rankings and the reasons for them earlier this summer. But here goes again

    1. West Covina/Diamond Ranch- I think this game may be one of the best games of the year in the SGV. I think it will come down to someone making a big play in the 4th quarter.

    3. Rowland- They have Michael Ball which always makes them dangerous. I don’t think they have enough horses to keep up with the other 2.

    4. Walnut- They should be a solid team, I just don’t see them being big enough or fast enough to stop the big plays of the 3 teams above them. I also don’t think they have enough offense to out score them. The Mustangs better not fall asleep against Bonita or they could find themselves finishing 5th.

    5. Bonita-I’m putting them in the same catagory as Walnut because I don’t see them being able to stop enough big plays of the top 3. They haven’t been known for thier defenses. I like their offense but I don’t think they will be able to out score the big 3 either. Their game against Walnut will be for the leagues last play-off spot. I gave Walnut the edge based on the fact that they have have beaten the Bearcats 6 out of 9 times.

    6. Diamond Bar- Seems like they are getting alot of hype this pre-season. But they won one game last year. I think they think that this league is a huge step down in competition for them. I have news for you. The top 3 teams will be as good as anyone in the Sierra League will be. Offensively the Bramahas should be ok, they can score some points. But they played Efense last season (no D). If they can find some D they could move up.

    7. Los Altos- Oh how the mighty have fallen. I really don’t see them being able to win a game in this league. Not big enough, fast enough, or strong enough.

    Good Luck to all the teams in the SGV. I will post a Hacienda my Pre League ranking after the preseason games.

    SGV430 Ouuuttt!!!!

  • kh

    good thing basic your not the coach?
    did you miss the claremont game last year, we lost it in the 2nd quarter,3 and out every play. plus acouple big fumbles,now after coming off a broken hand,no summer league passing,just hand him the job,your crazy dude,we all know whos going to take the qb job,one of the leaders of the team,not a three year back up guy,this is a make or break season for the bearcat,new league full of stud seniors.if they fumble this ball,nobody to blame but them selfs .best athletes of the sgv tribune the last two seasons were both baseball players my friend.hardest sport of all,longest season of all too.

  • KH just couldn’t help himself

    You might be right about KC taking the job (that is who you are talking about), but do you really have to come on hear and put down the backup QB. Freaking grow up or, better yet, just go away. KCKCKCKCKCKCKC….tired of it. He’s good for Bonita, but that is it. Has not really done ANYTHING to put him into an elite level in baseball or football. Again, he is good for the Bonita fishbowl you live in.


    How does someone eat a protein shake . I thought you drank a shake. As far as the gun powder they must shooting flames out their azz when they fart. Get off it man you had you day back in tc now let these kids have theirs. Until Bonita wins the big one just shut your trap and let them play the games. You seem to be living your hs life all over again thru your son . Let me clue you in on something , games are not lost in the 2nd quarter the are won in the 4th quarter . When you learn to quit making excuses for the losses and just except them for what they are, a team loss then maybe you will understand the game of football . This is not your individual game of baseball it is the team sport of football . All you ever do is come on here and rag on kids who don’t measure up to your blurry eyed standards and then you start off with KC this and KC will save the day and so forth . Why not for once in your pathetic life try to be a team player and just back the whole team .

  • kh

    love to fire u gays up.
    never had a bananna thick shake,you need a spoon,like i said before.
    who cares about qb,
    denfense is what wins championships,
    already been there and took home the gold buddy,what school is your son starting at,would love to come cheer him on,
    facts are facts jack.
    not everybody raised too handle that little pressure of friday night live
    go drink a beer. its hot out,

  • kh

    never called a kid out,what i said the best player for qb better be ready for 9-3 -10
    it could make or break a kid.the whole city plus about 7000 will be watching the game,we have two k.c- casey- on the team,c.h. would be a great guy to run this offense,i really hope #12 steps up and smooth sailing home,thats going to be the best for the team,what i did say,watch him under the gun last year,he had a tough game,so that being the only time i saw him,why cant i say what i saw.then he missed most of the passing league this summer,big deal,did i hurt your feelings,good your sorry anyways,we put in our four years here,its time to put the right person behind the center,who ever that is,we and i am talking for most of the parents want see us go far in cif

  • sorry kh nation

    I was just a anti bishop nation, but now since u hav spewed ur arrogance, I hav a new favorite team ….. whoever is playing the bear-pu**y’s.

  • DB

    Battle of the retards (scrimmage): Diamond Bar vs Alta Loma. Diamond Bar: 48 Alta Loma: 3

  • Basic


    I am not sure what you said since your comments seem to contradict each other but my comment was that Casey is the best athelete on that team and that seeing him under center, in my opinion, would be great. Yes he might not be the best at one thing but all around he is the best athelete, he always stands out at every game and has since freshmen year, who did those bombs go to? Don’t get me wrong, KC is a very good athelete too and excells in a few areas but for me, Casey is the better athelete and that is all I said.

    I do love your passion for your son though and for the school and like your last comment, I do just want to see the best guy available under center, even if that means Spathias. Greg, get your mind set and own it kid, and you will do well, best of luck…

  • kh

    casey is a stud athlete.
    no? about it.
    with greg filling in and hope of good action,
    we will be running on all full steam ahead,greg is the key to bonitas defense.if he handles it,teams our in for some smashing times playing agaisnt bonita d,
    but if greg fails to move the offense,mini me will step in and guide us to the victory,its a good thing knowing as a coach you have more weapons to launch.its called a comfort zone.so fire away boys tonight will see what in store,and there should be no dount whos are qb after the scimmage,hope the best man wins the job,thats all we are saying from the stands,


    That’s a real smart reply ” go get a beer ” from someone who first hand knows the evils of one too many because of a disease. You have always called out kids on the blog . Maybe not by name but you’ve given enough of a description so people know who you mean . Just let the players play the game and give them a congratulations win or lose . I am sure you had a few bad plays in your day and also pray for them that don’t have the bad play you had in your life that led you to throw away a career in pro ball. Think about that. By the way who won the game vs SH that you are bragging so much on how great a game your son had. Isn’t what really matters is the outcome for the team or is it really just about me me me me with you.

  • kh

    real smart,
    i am sure this is just one of many names u use on the blog.
    dont for get we have two k.c.on the team.
    1. k.c. huth
    2. casey horine
    so dont always assume its my boy,
    i have plenly of love for all the boys,
    as for your beer comment,i dont drink.
    save the bullish for your boys down at the pubs.
    you have been following my foot steps down the lonely road to recovery,i accept your followship,
    your cheap shots just put you in company of nobodys,way do you try to preach goodness,but still fill to fire develish shots at me.maybe with this 11 months under my clean body and mind,my thaughts are clear so i say what i fill.am not there coach so i dont have to play the parent johnny game.if thats the case you would if lucky have 22 to 27 players on the team, suit up and give every thing they have to give,as we know its not the case in h.s. 45 kids suit up with 90 parents,its a no win situation for all h.s. coaches,i guess in life its better to be the loved one,then the winner every body hates.i went to every game for three straight years.i supported all bearcat players 100% and the coaching staff,i dont have to agree with what they do,but i dont call coaches out on the blog.if it makes you a bigger man then unload on me,i can take,i have 98 % more positive things going in life then your 2% negative,have a great day real smart guy ,come visit our scrimmage tonight at demein 6;30

  • hahaha


    here is one example (took all of 1 minute to find it) of you calling out the coaches on the blog. this is your quote.

    “just let me train my son and h.s.coach gets to screw with him only 3 months,big deal.k.c. not a easy kid to coach,he has to be challeged,and thats where the soft little teachers /coaches cant understand.every thing is there way or the highway,just like in the classroom,control freaks”

    You called the coaches soft and control freaks. This doesn’t even include the many times that you criticized them on the blog about KC playing right field and not SS (i remember wathing him a few errors at SS back in the Glendora tourn), KC spot in the lineup (yeah, that affects is BA…if anything he got more FB’s down in the order), the coaches benching KC for attitude. The coaches decisions in the CIF game. The list goes on and on.

    Even worse is that you constantly call out other ballplayers on the blog. Real classy. They are kids and don’t need you to come on a blog and talk about their athletic shortcomings. Hell, if you had focused as much on being a stand up guy as you were a talented ballplayer, you might have amounted to more than an awning builder and a wannabe pro scout who threw his playing career away because you couldn’t control your temper.

    No, you never call out the coaches on the blogs. You are so hypocritical.

  • kh

    another nerd
    i said what i said dookie.
    thanks for the awning plug,next time you eat at warehouse check out the new awnings,and all the other store fronts on the st. did all of them.
    now your digging deep brother,what a loser.
    teacher/coaches was i lying?
    speed behind a slow runner.
    what a waste,if i was wrong then why did it get changed right before cif?
    just go to the games and keep your trap shut.
    who you going to bash when were gone next year.your alittle blog. bully stop it,i might end up a 5150.
    a real man has to do what he has to do to keep a roof over his family head.
    stop questioning a mans manlyhood,thats gay.


    Hopefully this is the last year we have to see the painful to eyes posts of yours. You got called out on something you said you don’t do . Your such a manly man just fess up that you do berate coaches and players only to benefit your kids place on Bonita’s teams and for no other reason . I am sure the coaches as well as fans of Bonita are glad to see you go also . Be careful they might let KC graduate at semester just to get rid of you .

  • 5fdp

    I’ll tell you right now if diamond bar quaterbacks the kid from mater dei they well do damage in this league no dout about it this kid is better than anything ive seen in this valley but thats if john martin does the right thing in the past hes been a bust as a football coach truthfully this kid was awesome in the scrimage.

  • dbar

    you cant judge a book by its cover. the people at db have been working since january and from what ive seen, they have way better leadership and more heart than last year. lets save the talk until after a couple of preseason games to see where everyone really stands

  • no worries

    Martin has proven over the last couple of years he is in over his head. His QB 2 yrs ago got suspended at the prime of the season and last year he went with an underachiever to keep his former boss happy. Didn’t care about winning just concerned about “doing the right thing”. That equated to a 1-9 season, whooeee!! This will be his last season and an ass whoopin’ will be in store for the Brahmas again!! Have fun boys!!

  • kh

    so fred still have us bury behind d.b. come on i-9 last season.
    we man handle demein there slow not to big,didnt see any stand out players except the kicking game,the kid for demein can really boom the field goals,and his uncles titans head coach jeff fisher.
    bonita d look really fast at getting to the ball fred.
    we should in up # 1 denfense in the sgv if all stay heathly,
    thats right fred my friend,# 1
    made a few prediction on your blog, before not to far off.
    so some bearcat love freddy.
    cover the real story friday night.
    the smugdepot,tradision brother.
    not some serria league openner where glendora will get man handle by our former cif league champs charter oak chargers.

  • baby blue nutter

    Is it just me…or is this KH guy the biggest attention whore? Bonita…you better give this dude a hug before he goes crazy and makes a sex tape or something. This on you Bonita fans…spare the rest of us.

    Insider…not so much on the inside…are we. I think a lot of schools come into camp with a QB competition. Thats the game…keep the kids working hard to earn that position. Im pretty sure its not a bad thing to have the kids putting in work during the off season. Guess what…it will be the same next year. However, most of the time theres a leading candidate. But trying to insinuate that there is some kind of QB controversy gets a big BOOOO.

    Didnt you say it was a bad idea to start two sophomores on the line in that Bonita game last year? Didnt you say a few weeks ago that most of last years line graduated? Do you know what the hell you are talking about? I think your boy Milan has a few nice games running the ball.and I dont think you go 7-3 without a line. Over 5 yards a carry…Ill take that. Why must I keep reminding you.

    I agree with you on Collinshe will be playing for some scouting looks…I expect a nice season…looks good in the full back sets…havent seen much LB play.

    One thing I cant dispute…is the fact that you have the inside on the dirt…the stuff that really probably doesnt need to be aired out in this forum…unless youre a 14 year old girl…otherwise, no need to try to turn this into a gossip column. Maybe you can help out…have a one on one with A.C. and iron out those wrinkles.

    By the way, check the # of seniors on the team…been going up for the past 3 years. If you take a look at the athletes we have on the freshman team, youll be happy to know Walnut will be putting out a quality team for the next few years.

    Finally, you know…Daddy busts his ass to put your kids in football uniforms…to feed your funky little kids…to have them come out and be able to play. To criticize the intentions of a booster like this…is nothing less than pathetic. The work that he and the other boosters are putting in is all positive…and will keep Walnut football on the map for years to come. See my comments above about the # of seniors.

    Yo…know the game…

  • kh

    baby blue,whats next, man blue.
    your still crying over kh,thats why your baby blue.
    crying baby blue.
    pretty bad when some the booster from walnut has to put down kh from talking up his home town team.
    put me in jail.throw away the key.
    thats what the blogs for talking about teams and leagues ,so dig deep and try to find something positive about your sorry walnut city,
    we will think about you guys oniy once and thats the week we play you guys,stay off the map in sports for years more then walnut,,,i dont even like playing you guys in baseball, every year i feel like am going to get bite by a snake from the hills behind the stands.at least its always another win for the program.

  • Walnut Insider

    Baby Blue,
    Where do I start ripping you apart? First off, I didn’t say there was a QB controversy. I would love to see where I said there was one. I said, that the staff probably picked the best guy for the job. But everyone around the program knows that going into spring last year, there was no clear cut number one. I also think most schools have a good idea who their QB is going to be going into camp. Walnut didn’t, but I am sure they are satisfied with their choice.

    I also didn’t say that starting two sophomores up front was a bad idea either. Starting young guys in a game that was pretty much meaningless was a great call. And not to be repetitive, but I never said anyone upfront graduated. I said their skill position players graduated.

    And I think talking about Aubrey’s coach-ability is fair game. He’s a guy who is potentially going to a D1 school, so character is important. He got kicked off the basketball team and his players didn’t rally around him, they agreed that he needed to go. That is a huge statement. So if you think that is turning this into a “gossip column” that’s your take on it. What I have said is nothing but the truth, that everyone around the program knows about.

    I wouldn’t use the number of seniors on the team as a predictor of a season. Just take last year, Rhodes was a senior and did nothing running the ball. With his size, he should have dominated the field, but he didn’t. What counts is the ability and pride within each one of those players who puts on the uniform and helmet. Keeping kids in the program is good, but it doesn’t automatically equal success.

    I felt Walnut could have finished second in league last year and they fell short. I stand by what I said earlier, if they get to .500 it will be a good year.

    Another thing you misread or pulled out of the air is my criticism of the boosters. I have nothing but respect for all boosters no matter what school. Especially now in these economic times when athletic programs are being cut, the boosters are being asked to make up the difference. O’Shields and his boosters are doing a wonderful job of keeping things as good as possible considering the times. I am not sure what criticism you saw.

    Perhaps you have me confused or can’t comprehend what you read, but please re-read what I say next time. And I absolutely know what I am talking about, but apparently you don’t.

    Finally, to answer your question about how we go 7-3 without a line. Pretty simple actually, you schedule teams that have a combined record of 26 – 47 (that’s about a 35% winning record).