Just a thought given all this transfer talk, if you ranked the top five public schools based just on home-grown talent, who would it be?

I’ll take a shot, this is how I would rank the top five public high school football teams if everyone had to use its own home-grown talent. Kind of an interesting thought, isn’t it? Don’t know Chino Hills or Ayala area’s well enough, so sticking with our traditional schools.

1. Glendora
2. West Covina
3. Bonita
4. Charter Oak
5. Rowland

There have been some good points brought up on this thread. If we opened this conversation up to the entire SGV, Muir would be No. 1 hands down, followed probably by Monrovia then West Covina.

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  • truedat

    Well, The city of Glendora has had it tough, Charter Oak/Royal Oak has always been an above average and sometime flat out great football team. Below the 210 freeway is Glendora’s “other side of the tracks” and yet a city of 55,000 only about 21,000 live below the 210 and go to Charter Oak. Now Charter Oak also has Covina and a bit of San Dimas in there sphere so they get a more eclectic group a vastly different demographic than the Tartans do up North(sounds like a Civil War reference). Glendora High has been blessed with great boosters that comes from well educated upper middle class families that really enjoy their sports. Most of the Dads were starters when they were in High School (because in 75-81, you could play Guard at 175lbs) so they push their kids to do well also. Glendora’s Lassie League softball is intense!, almost scary to see these 9-12 year old girls run each other over week in and week out. Now with the Junior All American football team that was reestablished in 2000 , thanks to a number of people but, to the greatness of a Ron Vega, (whose sons all played at Glendora) now Glendora boys are playing at 9,10,11,12 years old and getting used to a tackle game.

    But Again, I think Charter Oak should be higher but also I see the point that they do get a lot of transfers and unhappy kids.

    And Glendora from having a demographic that is has the ability to raise $15,000 for a new weight room and jerseys, in the off-season, that is exceptionally rare.

    But Go Glendora, Go Charter Oak, Pasqy and Farrar keep up the good work!

  • Lovin The Heights

    CO – home grown????? didn’t i just read today allegations of hanky panky with transfers… and truedat just said it… CO gets the transfers and unhappy players… why are they even listed?? If anyone has home grown, RR does. They start from Jr. All American and graduate through hi school. I guess i should be thankful that RR is even listed in this poll! Thank you!

  • AMAT 73

    West Covina because I have never really heard of a transfer going in but a few going out. Also I think Azusa warrants a look also.

  • FredJ

    I thought of ranking Rowland ahead, they absolutely surprise me with what they do with homegrown talent. But I felt even if you took away a few transfers from Chater Oak, they still have enough home-grown talent to be a top five. But then again, I’m still just guessing, when you think of the players that have transferred to COak, they’re such huge impact players, so not completely sure. Other schools I considered listing were Arroyo, Baldwdin Park, Diamond Ranch, Diamond Bar, South Hills and San Dimas.

  • Jackboy

    Arcadia High School by a mile!
    Add up all the Pro Baseball and Football players and it’s not even close.

  • COSteelCurtain

    If you’re good enough to play ball at CO why would you go to Glendora? Chad and a few others would have 2 CIF rings if they had stayed at CO right after playing for the CO JAA team.

    Those Tartan boys know who they are. They’re still regretting it.

  • Living Legend

    Fred are you serious? CO as a home grown school, if by home grown you mean Pasadena, West Covina, Monrovia then yeah they have home grown talent. Then you also have the gull to say you were considering South Hills, once again if you mean home grown as in from other cities not named Covina. Please check your facts, now I understand the difference between a reporter and a journalist.

  • COSteelCurtain

    Hah! Don’t forget Duarte, LB Poly, Mexico, China, and England What’s your point LL? Hah!

  • Uh, it’s got to be Muir. If they kept home all their kids, oh man. You guys have no idea.

    After that, I’d say West Covina. Good mix. If WestCo didn’t lose kids to Amat and Los Altos thru the years, you’d be talking about a powerhouse.

  • Living Legend


    Did you read the thread topic, it said home-grown talent. Here I will spell it out CO would not be very good if they just played with kids who played CO JAA. So to put them in a top 5 if schools had to play with only the kids in there area is a big stretch.

  • Jastrab

    My vote is for West Covina, but on that thread what do people believe is the reason why West Covina never became as successful a program after the merger of West Covina (Spartans) with the Edgewood (Trojans)?

    I love West Covina, but when they essentially took huge demographic and blended the two campuses, I thought you would have a Charter Oak/Royal Oak scenario but only bigger in terms of success.

    I realize West Covina has had some success, but the number of kids and players you could attract from two programs with speed, size and numbers would have put them on par with other large public enrollment programs.

    If you took those two schools from 70 through 80 you would have arguably one of the best programs in SoCal.


  • FredJ

    I meant schools in the tribune coverage area, if we opened it up to the entire Valley, I would agree that Muir would be No. 1 followed by West Covina and probably Monrovia.

  • co?

    co best players didnt play pop warner no where close to charter oak.
    patrick fuller 2004 – pasadena panthers
    will harris 2005 – pasadena panther ( but did move close to co in the 8th grade)
    kymm snowden 2005 – pasadena panthers
    kannan snowden 2007- pasadena panthers
    mikey ? 2007 – pasadena panthers
    adam m. 2010- pasadena panthers / ponies
    aj powell 2010- pasadena panther / ponies
    dennis rufus – pasadena ponies
    those are just the ones from pasadena i cant speak on the others.

  • Wow!

    Is that true? Why hasn’t the pasadena connection been investigated that’s ridiculous. I had no idea so many came from the same neighborhood, talk about suspicious.

  • Jackboy

    You’re kidding, right Fred?
    Once you do a little research youll find Arcadia hands down! Followed by Pasadena HS then Muir.
    Please include all sports when doing you research, Pro Baseball Major and Minors, Pro Football.

  • Aaron

    You got it right with us.

  • Frank

    I would have to throw Monrovia and Duarte in there. Monrovia has had strong teams last few years and nobody transfers there to play sports. Monrovia still has a lot of residents who play for other schools.
    The Duarte situation is even worse most of their good talent has went to other schools. Duarte kids are playing everywhere but Duarte.

  • Coach Pasadena

    Did you know that brian mcintyre is from the pasadena ponies, played qb and he is a beast, he helped win valley youth conference championship in 2007. He now plays for charter oak.

  • actually

    actually adam and aj played junior all american football at glendora. they would have played at glendora but they got recruited by farrar. they lived in glendora

  • Ok

    Actually everybody here is the fact! Any kid can transfer or go to whatever school they feel fit to go to! Who cares if they are homegrown, all the people that complain about kids not playing for the local high schools are the people whose high school isn’t very good or a good player from their area goes somewhere else! The Fact is if I feel like sending my son to Gladstone then thats where they good, but if I send my son to charter oak and I live in West Covina, San Dimas, Glendora, Monrovia, Pasadena, Duarte, then thats my initiative! Nobody should judge me for where my child goes to school whether it’s inside or outside my district! Anyway Adam and AJ lived in Covina all 4 years of high school! Dennis Rufus lives in Covina as well, Bryan lives in Covina, everybody that you think is from another district has all moved into Covina to come to Charter Oak so from now on I don’t want to hear anybody talking trash about how Charter Oak gets all the transfers and stuff! They all come and move into the Charter Oak district to come to Charter Oak! therefore they are playing for the HOME DISTRICT PEOPLE!!

  • Winger

    West Covina hands down, but if you’re talking entire valley then you would have to put Monrovia/Duarte into the mix. Monrovia has been pretty successful even though they have tons of kids playing elsewhere.

  • The Stang Fan

    Great topic Freddie J. In the WSGV, and the SGV period, it’s Muir hands down. In the ESGV I would say WC.

    If homegrown refers to players who grew up in the area and/or played for the local Pop Warner teams, then yeah, the Stangs would be monstrous. But hey, people move and others prefer to send their kids elsewhere for different reasons. I wasn’t as accepting of that before, but I have certainly grown to understand and respect people’s decisions.

    Again, if we’re talking players who grew up in that area and/or played for the local Pop Warner teams, here is what Muir’s team would’ve looked like last year:

    1. Dietrich Riley- UCLA (though SF is local at least)
    2. Malcolm Marable- OSU (and a HOST of other Dena kids including the starting QB Vernon Adams)
    3. Adam Muema- SDSU (and don’t tell me he’s not a Pasadena kid…he legitimately moved however)
    4. AJ Powell- PSU (if you go to Portland St.’s website, he even lists Pasadena as his hometown, though he did move to the ESGV)
    5. Geoff Vaughns (lives in ESGV but grew up in Dena)
    6. Dennis Rufus (grew up in Dena, even played with Muir in the summer going into Fr. yr. before leaving to St. Paul)

    The list is a little longer, but I think I made my point….or Aram’s! Lol. The bottom line is that there is a ton of talent in Pasadena/Altadena, and where ever a kid decides to go to school we should wish them nothing but the best!

  • DRanchhhh

    I wish we could get some dang transfers. This is crazy!! Last xfer we had was Brandon Sermons and he was a bounce back. SmH. Let Roddy Layton get some of those guys!!

  • I wish I’d stayed!

    First of all, we grow crops not people!Transfers,transfers and transfers!I’ll repeat myself again. When Coach Verti was at the helm at B. Amat,and key players decided to leave next door, why didn’t I hear some of you complain about transfers! B.Amat has not won every CIF Championship since 1957! Your logic does not add up gentlemen! Wait until B. Amat first non league game takes place aganist Garfield,fans are going to say, we lost because their players are a bunch of rich kids. No, you lost because your coach wants scouts to look at players who have no business there. The scouts are there for only one reason, to view Amat players not Garfield!Coach, are you aware that some of the players are subject of getting injured?

  • Midvalley Man

    A ex-charter oak player told me that pasadena players use to carpool together. South Hills had a South El Monte kid playin linebaker last year. After Eric Escamilla left the kid left also. It goes either way. By the way Fred what ever happend to the STAR NEWS. You talk about a sad paper…

  • FredJ

    Mid-Valley man…
    What do you mean what happened to the Star-News? Just like us, they’re about to produce a magazine for every team in the area. Plus, with Aram’s blog, he talks about teams all over the SGV, giving you more than last year, which was just the Star-News blog. What’s the Mid-Valley doing? Are they producing anything for publication?

  • Amused Reader

    What is this Valley News you speak of? Exactly, I haven’t heard of it either.

  • FredJ

    The Mid-Valley is sort of like La Verne Online, but La Verne Online is much more in depth. I love how they cover the community schools of Bonita, Damien, and La Verne Lutheran.

  • Just My Opinion

    In my opinion, a Head Coach with a good staff should be able to teach,mentor,and coach any athlete regardless of the kid’s skill who is entering into the program. Isnt that what they are there to do? If you are a School/Coach that takes and or relies on transfers from other areas in order to help your program, that doesnt say much for your coaching abilities. If it is for and about “the kids” what about those kids that are in the program that could be molded into a talented athlete, but are not being given a second glance at, due to all this drama with your more skilled players.
    With that being said, hats off to all of the PW and JAA Coaches who taught,mentored and actually coached all the these kids from the get go. Obviously those guys along with “the kids” hard work in developing and molding skill has paid off for these top ranked High schools and so called Coaches.

  • Commuter Train

    Everyone knows BA has the best homegrown talent…we get the best from here, the best from there and the best from waaaayyy over there (open enrollment is great!). Ha, ha šŸ™‚ Just having fun guys don’t go all postal blogger on me.
    Who’s JAA and Pop Warner programs are the best? Chances are that that would carry over into the local HS school systems if kids had to stay local. Charter Oak and San Dimas/La Verne have pretty legit programs don’t they?

  • Since you asked

    Over the last 2-4 years some of the best players at Bonita, San Dimas, Glendora and Damien have come out of the LV/SD Pop Waner Program.
    Not saying all so don’t get all but hurt, however the proof is between the lines. Remove those kids from your program and there would be a significant drop in talent.
    To bad the couldn’t all play togther is high….

  • you serious?

    you guys have to be kidding me.. hands down poound for pound and really the best overall home talent is in duarte man.
    you ever been to a duarte hawks game? well you should start going more often, on those teams that you see guys from duarte you will find guys that are gonna go to south hills, charter oak, bishop amat, and monrovia..
    its ridiculous you got all the talent in the world and they choose to play elsewhere..
    you look at the charter oak team that just won 2 cif championships, you had about 3 keys guys on that team that are homegrown and from duarte.

  • Amat On Looker

    Who are the Monrovia/Duarte kids at Amat?

  • WHY ME!


  • Hmm

    Maybe Damien should relocate to Duarte, bet that would make them a power.

  • SGVsBest

    Instead of complaining do something about it!
    Why do these kids move? Be honest.
    C’mon man…!
    Move, take a chance, work hard, learn from failure, and you will suceed!
    Why CO, SH, Amnot? Why…? Be honest! If I was that good at Muir, PHS or Duarte I would have moved also!
    Where would you live: LaPuente or Walnut Hills? Be honest!

  • Just My Opinion

    I’m not complaining. I’m a renter and I found a place close to a school that ranks high in academics however ranked somewhere in the middle as far as football rankings. And that’s ok with me and my son who is a freshman football player. He has had some great coaches in JAA and is really skilled. He knows that his destiny is in his hands and not some Coach or School that really could care less about him and his future but rather more about their record and status in the newspaper. I wish Good luck to ALL of the “KIDS” this year. I think this year we are going to see some great football….

  • Check this out

    The home grown talent is going to start to get better all over. There is a new youth football league that has no weight limit. Now the BIG kids that have not been able to play youth football can now play. I personally think this is awesome and it’s about time!!

  • you serious?

    SGV’s best…?

    no one is complaining, the blog is about home grown talent and the matter of the fact is that duarte is a lil town next to the foothills that gets overlooked way to much.

    and as far as your comment about those kids that so quote on quote “MOVE” to better places.. thats all a bunch of BS and you know it, nothing but relatives and friends adresses being passed around and used to go play somewhere else.. for god sakes you still see many of the same kids that go to other schools roaming around duarte

  • SGVsBest

    Sounds like you’re complaining again!
    The boys are not staying
    I’ll answer it for you… Walnut Hills!
    Now go back to your complaining!

  • You know

    What is the definition of home grown talent you ask? It is what is left over when the good athletes transfer out of your school because it sucks!

  • Steve Hunter

    What is this La Verne online exactly? I clicked on and all I saw was La verne crap…WTF? Nothing else? Are they associated with you guys? Wow i hope not for your sake.

  • not so serious

    you serious? said,” duarte….overlooked…taken for granted…”

    Well one more argument for Glendora and Charter Oak on the list

    06- Glendora beats Covina,whoops Duarte (41-16, with a Chris Harris who rushed for over 2k yards that season) ,Charter Oak and Rowland in Pre-league play, and 3 of those 4 Won their Leagues and 3 were 1 seeds in CIF and went to the Semis

    07- Glendora whoops Covina (51-6) Wins League Outright with a 35-14 of Damien and Chino Hills

    08- Wins League (tied) But with loses Close game with West Covina (21-28)

    09- Wins League (tied) But loses another Close game with West Covina (22-21)

    But West Covina has 105k people in the city itself, now that is spread out between high schools (mostly South Hills) and Rowland/Northview

    Do I honestly think that West Covina/Glendora could beat the League Champs San Dimas/Bonita/Monrovia/Azusa/Duarte/Pomona year in and year out, I think yes, just because of pure Population differences and a wider degree of talent.

  • It’s Called Pop Warner

    Check this out,

    This new football league with no weight limits is called “Pop Warner”. They have had a no weight limit division for the last couple years, it just hasn’t caught on over here yet. They also have tackle at 5 and up now. Only problem with you comment they are the largest and oldest youth football program in the United States.