*Update on South Hills transfers

I had a brief conversation with CIF-SS spokesperson Thom Simmons, who officially confirmed that South Hills formally challenged the transfers of Aaren Vaughns and Chris Gilchrist to Charter Oak based on the belief these were athletically motivated transfers. South Hills also challenged QB Brock Booth’s transfer to Bishop Amat, who has already been denied eligibility on the grounds of an athletically motivated transfer. We also learned that Randal Varela’s transfer from South Hills to Bishop Amat has been officially challenged by the Huskies administration. So, here’s where we’re at with the other three players, noting that Booth is appealing his transfer denial.

… Gilchrist has been declared ineligible by the CIF-SS this morning based on an athletically motivated transfer.
.. Varela is cleared as of now based on a valid change of address, but that could change if South Hills can prove to CIF-SS officials that it was an athletically motivated transfer.
…CIF has not ruled on Vaughns as of today…

Finally, South Hills has taken some abuse on the blogs after changing its philosophy on challenging transfers that leave the school. So much that it provoked a one-liner from Simmons, the CIF-SS spokesperson who said, and I quote .. “Just because you change principals doesn’t mean you should change principles,” Simmons said. Read all of Simmons’ comments, he made some interesting points in terms of the system CIF has in place, in addition to criticizing South Hills for taking so long to file their paperwork.

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    Should be easy for South Hills to prove . Have Bogan and Reed cry that SH’s program is in the toilet and Amat’s program is thriving so that is what motivated the move . South Hills has turned into a bunch of pathetic crying babies from Bogan on down .

  • Ralph W

    Thanks all around So Hills, This will be remembered as the year of the “crybaby”. I liked Judi North’s approach, “you dont want to be here, fine, move on, no hassles, no challenges”. This coming from a Woman principal. The so called men over at So. Hills are acting like Women, ruining these kids that want to play football elsewhere. It just goes to show that over in SH they could not win with homegrown talent so they recruited and now that the recruits no longer go there they are mad because they have to play with their own homegrowns and their homegrowns want to play elsewhere, geez I wonder who showed these kids how to take in transfers? never did they realize that showing these kids the illegal transfers and recruiting tactics also showed them they can transfer out as well. Oh I get it now it is not fair. SHHS will never be the same after this come football season. As for Bogans Hero’s dont be shocked when he calls it quits after this year. Bogan lives in Walnut so he may be the next Walnut coach.

  • CO Bro

    Sorry to lose Gilchrist, he could have help us out. Oh well, we got to play with what we got.

  • General Turgidson

    Enough is enough! Who are these CIF bureaucrats that are making these rules? What teams did they ever coach? Who in the h–l are they to make rules that dictate whether or not our sons and brothers can play football. So what if it’s an “athletically motivated” transfer! Last I checked we live in a free country and it is no one’s business why or to where a kid transfers.

    And good for the Pamona coach who did not stoop to the level of cess pool cubicle rats who would challenge a kid’s right to play high school football. They say that they want to keep it fun and equal for all schools and athletes. So this is what they call fun and equal???

    I say enough is enough! We need to change the CIF rules or someone needs to leave the whole thing in the toilet – where it currently is – and move on. Secession or revolution is the only option now. Our entire state has been ruined by office rats who don’t have the nerve to compete like men and so they do it by chicanery and tomfoolery – under the guise of rules.

    When are we going to get mad enough to end this?

    That’s how I got ’em.

  • Food for thought

    Here’s more for the Randall Vaourela story as a transfer.
    He established residency in West Covina and lived with his father. Mother lives in Monterey Park. Transfers to Bishop Amat using Moms address in Monterey Park.
    Also, transfered from SH to Amat with a very questionable GPA. I thought Amat had restrictions on academics??
    CIF rule states that you must move with family members in which you established residency with. Varela family is trying to pull a fast one.

  • Blue and Gold Stud

    It’s unfortunate that this transfer protest comes right before the season starts, after these players worked hard during the summer to vie for a starting position, especially at Amat.
    The only valid arguement if you will, should be if the player transfers within the division, anything outside shouldn’t be contested.

    Kind of makes you wonder if Steve Bogan’s gamble to challenge the transfers to Amat (knowing full well the arguments/insults would follow) will ultimately cause these players to return back to SH to play their final year(s)thus far saving his (Bogan) remaining season(s).

    I’ve seen these players change into athletes & team players in their short time at Amat, they are mentally and physically better & starting to feel accepted as a “team” (instead of individual) player from the elevated competition & expectation of being “all you can be” even if it means changing positions (Brock Booth)that Bogan & Staff was incapable of doing for them while they attended SH.

    It’s a well known fact how much South Hills has benefitted from players transfering out of Amat over the years..let’s think..Ray Barrera; Defensive MVP, Dorian Wells; POY just to name a few!

    Does any of this make sense to you?

  • TeachDGame

    What goes around comes around, and around, and around…… whatever south hills does, don’t forget yes it is getting back at the system. Anyway the CO xfers are because they are now in the same league as CO, so now they do care. The BA ones, whatever…

    Anyway — HUGE ISSUE WITH TIMMONS COMMENT… no way the PR person at CIF-SS should be making a comment like that. Does not make the CIF office in anyway look like an impartial enforcer of the rules that are in place. I think he might get slapped for those published comments…

    Another point, everyone is getting po’d with CIF and talking as if they are this high on above ruling party….. unless I am seriously wrong, the CIF-SS is a collaberation of all of the member schools…. aaah, that would be all the schools we are bashing…. the CIF admins are just enforcing the rules and regulations that were developed by this collaberative group of member schools…. reps from ALL of the area’s are part of determining the rules, so they are just enforcing the rules that all the schools agreed to…. they don’t just make things up, although they do have the interpretive rights I guess….. anyway, tisk tisk mr timmons, open mouth insert foot… maybe he thought it should have been “off the record”.

  • Jastrab


    I viewed all the great video this week, but I still don’t understand the process of an “atheletically motivated transfer.” Is it a form with a written rational or simply a form with a box? I doubt the latter, but when you say if SHHS can “prove” what is the documentation that CIF can review rationally? The hardship and prior contact seems to be something you can document or provide, but the AMT seems to be somewhat difficult. Further, do they provide a public opinion and when they say it is not (have there been any in the SGV) is that too something that can be viewed. I gather if a parent went on record that is easy to document, but after that has Simmons commented about what is the “process” to review the written protest?

  • Panther Fan

    Not that this is about transfers, Since the idea of changing CIF rules has been mentioned by Mr. Simmons “If they are not happy with the rule the way it is now, then they should go to their league and have the league present to the CIF Southern Section a proposal to change the rule. They make the rules, we don’t. We enforce them. And at the end of the day, you can be a part of the problem or a part of the solution.”

    What other CIF rules should be changed?

    Here is one.
    How about that one on the kick off. If the ball goes into the end zone or is caught in the end zone then the first play starts on the 20 yard line. What difference does one foot make? The ball can be caught within inches in front of the end zone and can be run back, if it is caught with the players foot just crossing the end zone line then the first down has to start at the 20 yard line. That is non-sense and should be changed to be played as in college or the Pros. The player should be able to run it out just like the old days (not saying how old those days are).

    Any other suggestions!!

  • just wait

    Just wait til Gilchrist and Vaughns try to pull the race card. Just like they always did at SH!