Bishop Amat scrimmage at Upland Tonight, 5:30

I can’t be there tonight, we have a meeting with our correspondents, but would love to hear what Amat nation thinks of tonight’s scrimmage. Tomorrow night Aram and I are headed to Damien to watch their scrimmage against Bonita at 6:30 p.m.. Also, Diamond Ranch coach Roddy Layton texted to say Saturday’s Black/Blue scrimmage is at 11 a.m., and all the public is welcome. If there are any other scrimmages tonight through Saturday, feel free to post the time and locations.

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  • guess

    Will this game be full contact? Or is it going to be like the passing league?

  • fredjf

    yes full contact, will have the appearance of a real game, just no keeping score.

  • Amat Honk

    These two teams hate each other, despite having a common thread in Tim and Tom Salter. Upland players have done alot of trash talking during passing league. Now the pads come on and it’s put up or shut up time! Should be a hard hitting scrimmage. I think Form Amat Coach Verti is also coaching for Upland.

  • Dan

    Should be a nice scrimmage, wish I could go but my boy has baseball practice tonight. For anyone interested West Covina has Claremont in a scrimmage at Claremont tommorrow night at 7:00.

  • LA Fan

    Los Altos @ Montebello Friday 5pm

  • jcaz

    It’s the Amat family Fred, not the Amat nation…..If you keep it up Fred, I’m going to sick 73 on you ok.

    He Always likes to remind bloger’s of that fact….He he

  • AMAT 73

    Better yet why don’t you get your neighbors chihuahua on him it might make for an fair fight . Just kidding . If Fred slips like that again we will boil him in the kettle corn vat at half time on the 50 yd line at homecoming .On another note I just saw a post on another blog on the line up of FOX games for the season and so far we are the ony SGV team on the list . They still have 3 games to fill OCT 22nd and NOV 5th and 12th . Servite has 2 games vs Edison and MD also Norco vs Crenshaw .

  • Lan C. Erbacker

    Is that the Amat vs. Crespi game?

  • FredJ

    So what happens if I show up at the first game with an Amat Nation shirt on 🙂

  • CH Huskies

    Chino Hills vs Villa Park at El Modena High @ 7pm

  • Joe Amat

    Yes – that’s the Amat-Crespi game. Times-Warner Cable is televising the Amat-Notre Dame game as their new Game of the Week.

  • guess

    Tom Salter said he did not want his quarterback to get hit.So Tim called off the dawgs.This is going to be like a passing league.I’m not going to waste my time to see it.It’s to fricken hot to not see any hitting.If both teams went 100% Upland would own Amat.

  • Amat Dude

    Upland did not own Amat! At least not against the first team. Amat’s first offense looked decent, but not so bad. Wallace and Brock played on the second offense (geez u think CIF cared?), therefore, they would’ve looked better with those two guys in there with Rio at QB.

    We scored on a long pass on the first offensive series that rocked and woke up a sleeping giant in Upland. Our running game was average but not up to speed. I can see where Anderson’s experience and maturity will definitely be missed this year in the backfield. We just do not have that elusive running back.

    Our defense didn’t fare so well, too inconsistent. Too many missed tackles and misreads by the defense..but still manage to keep Upland in check most of the time. Upland had some big boys on that Defense and they have great speed…they are definitely a contender in their division.

    Gener played offensive Guard in the last series and that was a huge surprise to me. The Oline did a decent job opening up holes for our backs, but the pass protect needs some work..Rio needs some time to throw to open receivers.

    Our second team played sloppy and got beaten by Upland’s second team. Overall our entire defense needs alot of work if they want to compete in the PAC5, especially the secondary. Replacing defensive stallwarts Kane, Cazares and Johnson will be one hell of a task.

    Our offense is almost there and should be firing on on all cylinders by league.

    Go Lancers!!

  • kh

    how did the nation look.
    like a pre season # 1 rated team?

  • Not amat related

    Not amat related, but I just want to point out that Diamond Bar vs. Alta Loma scrimmage, Diamond Bar came out 48-3.

  • DB/AL


  • sorry bishop nation

    Wow – is all I hav 2 say. bishop … looked real bad … get ready 4 a long season.

  • DRanchhhh

    Why are you braggin’ about the DB vs AL scrimmage? Those were 2 JV teams out there. Nothing special about DB except one guy, #8. The guy is a ball hawk. Other than that, No one, I mean NO ONE stood out. Your line is undersized and beat up, both of the QB’s are decent but not made for a spread offense. Your RB needs a RB coach. Kid can be special BUT…

    Other than that you (DB) played and under developed Alta Loma team who had no one except a middle LB/OL #52. DB, nothing to brag about. Also there was rumor that some DR players showed up. I didnt see them but I heard peeps whispering.

  • DB

    Well if your from DRanch then obviously if you were at the game you know if there were Dranch players at game! Dont take everything so personal, you dont need to comment on everything a Dbar poster says, and besides from what i hear, you guys will problably not be chasing a title this yr anyways! But you dont hear anybody making any noise about that right?

  • I know it’s only a scrimage

    but Amat got work in all aspects of the game.

    here come all the excuses to try and make your blues go away

    and FYI Upland doesn’t need your complements to add to it’s crediablity.

  • long yeah

    i was there and amat got crushed. long year for AMAT NATION.

  • I Love this time of year

    Here we go again!!! I love this time of year… It seems as though everyone hopes Amat turns back into the Verti years.. Amat sucks… blah blah.. Amat is too small.. blah blah.. all of the talent graduated.. blah blah.. Amat won’t win more than 4 games.. blah blah.. Amat will get killed by St. Bonaventure.. blah blah.. Amat won’t win a game in league.. blah blah.. Amat will never win the Serra League.. blah blah.. Amat won’t get passed the first round of CIF.. blah blah.. Come on already.. Hagerty and staff are the most resourceful coaches in CIF today.. They can make something out of what you all say nothing.. Amat will be fine and will do a great job representing the SGV in one of the hardest divisions in the nation!!! Support the kids!!!

  • DRanchhhh


    Dont brag about beating a team that is not by far capable of competing. I mean damn, DB did go 0-10 lat year right? Who are you guys to post in ARAM and FJR’s blog about blowing out ALTA LOMA? That was not even a team worth braggin about. Then you guys come on here like “We won 48-3”, WTF? There was no score taken sausage lips.

    Who cares if DR isn’t in a title chase, WE WILL WHIP DB’s butt, THAT I know for sure.

  • wow

    Comeon DRanchhhh, or should i say Roddy Layton, its kinda sad that you have to post on a blog to feel better about not being able to get that ring……

  • DRanchhhh

    Thanks for the compliment…WOW, I mean John Martin!! Nice to see you post under different aliases.

  • jcaz

    Prime ticket football schedule

    Friday Sept. 3 – Serra at Notre Dame/Sherman Oaks – Tape Delayed 10:30pm…

    Friday Sept. 10 – Crenshaw at Norco – Live at 8:30 p.m.

    Thursday Sept. 16 – Thousand Oaks at Westlake – Live at 7:30 p.m. …

    Friday Sept. 24 – Edison vs. Servite at Cerritos College – Live at 7:30 p.m. …

    Friday Oct. 1 – Westlake at Oaks Christian – Live at 8:30 p.m. …

    Friday Oct. 8 – Long Beach Poly vs. Lakewood at Veterans Stadium…. Live 7:30pm

    October 15Bye week

    Friday October 22: St. Bonaventure @ Thousand Oaks7:30 pm Live

    Friday October 29: Mater Dei vs Servite @ Angels Stadium – Tape Delayed… 10pm

    Friday November 5: Wild card(delayed at 10:30 pm)…. choose by October 20th amongst Mission Viejo @ Tesoro; Hart vs Canyon Country Canyon @ COC; or Loyola @ Crespi

    Thursday November 11: Los Alamitos vs Edison @ Veterans Stadium7:30 pm LIVE

  • well

    Well DRanchhhh….

    Since you DO realize that DBar has been terrible for a long time, don’t you think that 48-3 is a big win for them, even though it is a shitty team that they played? I mean, how long has it been since DBar scored that high against another team? 10 years? Let them enjoy their victory and let both the teams show what they are made of on October.

  • smallcity

    Did Lacy play?

  • Lan C. Erbacker

    C’mon, Amat got worked, Amat’s in for a long season? GET REAL! Amat got out of the scrimmage exactly what they needed, to see what worked, what needed work and to see what certain kids can do against a different opponent. IT WAS A SCRIMMAGE! Upland is small and if I’m a scott, I’m not all that fired up about the SCRIMMAGE either Only one fat guy on the D-line that looked to be of size, everyone else was small. It’s ok to be small but I didn’t see any real HITS come from the Upland Defense either. There where alot of mistakes by both sides of the ball. Amat is def going to have a depth problem. Both sides of the ball looked weak once you got to the second teams. Not going to pin the outlook of my season on a scrimmage but I’m sure the haters will hate and the doom and gloom begins BUT it’s a week by week schedule with an opportunity to improve each week so as long as we can string together some W’s Amat will be OK. Offense will look even better once it’s opened up and Rio gets into full swing(several under thrown balls on roll outs that should have been completions).

  • long year

    to orville redenbacker. I was there and they got worked. Long year for AMAT NATION

  • AMAT 73

    There’s joy in mudville today . AMAT got worked (?) in a scrimmage. Glad to see all the haters are in mid-season form . To long year, don’t know about what nation you mean but THE AMAT FAMILY will be just fine this year .

  • Lan C. Erbacker

    Long Year – Whatever floats your boat Bro…I hope your observation will motivate your boys. Thanks for the scrimmage Upland, good luck with your season.



    Didn’t 73 say that there was going to be a BA game on TV this year?

  • AMAT 73

    Yes we are on OCT 15th vs Crespi. It was one of first ones scheduled.

  • jcaz

    If I am not mistaken, there may very well be another television group that will broadcast that Amat game.

    For example, I don’t really know for sure if Prime ticket is the same group as Fox sports are/is (correct verb there ???).

    But if they are indeed different, then look to see Amat showcased on the 15ht against Crespi.

    You know, for what it’s worth, Prime ticket is really giving far too much love to the Trinity league along with that new league that St Bonnie and Oak’s Christian are in.

  • Norco

    I wanted to go to this scrimmage…but went to the Villa Park/Chino Hills….I will say this Chink Hills is OVERRATED…We have Upland week three…How did they look overall? Thanks


    I dont think Fred let my comment through.

    73 & jcaz,

    Copy and paste this link, they are reporting that they scrubbed the BA game against Crespi…

  • jcaz

    SGV Football,

    Thanks for that update

  • AMAT 73

    Just looked at it and yes they scrapped the game .Can’t really complain as we had our turn the past couple of years. Who knows why but the schedule is loaded with Pac-5 teams ( 6 ) and games and maybe they felt another one would be an overload. It’s a shame because no other SGV team is on the schedule . It seems as if they feel the SGV doesn’t warrant any tv time . Not even CO vs CH which would be a good game to televise . A lot of OC teams but one thing ,we will get to see Norco and see if all of Norco’s hype is fact or fiction .

  • Norco

    AMAT 73……all hype…we both know first games are no indicator on how a team will progress each week…Normally a teams biggest improvement is from the opening game to game two. Norco will be battle tested for the first time…well Crenshaw will come in already playing a game…I mean lets get real here…according to most rankings Shaw is a top 15 team in the Nation…

  • good try

    jcaz,Way to try and change the thread.

    BA still got crushed by U High.

    Just the begining my friends so you better enjoy the Garfield game.

  • guess

    Norco I wen’t to the game last night.Upland looked ok.But they were missing 3 starters.Running back Chapman,Outside linebacker Perez and reciever Roberts those 3 guys will make a difference.And you are right Chino Hills is way way way overated.GL Against Upland.

  • Norco

    Nice…A good Upland team makes the Inland Division that much better…As for CH….don`t believe the hype…

  • AMAT 73

    What better way to see if you can hang with the big boys . Didn’t mean the hype remark in a bad way but if you are going to talk the talk you better walk the walk . 1st game 2nd or 3rd doesn’t matter when you are considered a top team . The bullseye is on your chest from day one. That’s the thing with talking about one’s program in an upbeat manner . You are looked at like you have to win every game and if you don’t win big you are still considered a loser . Good luck to Norco this season along with a major injury free season because you know there will always be the bumps and bruises.

  • Norco

    We will be ready…wink wink….If we win win deserved too…If we lose no excuse…

  • Joe Amat

    It looks like Fox didn;t scrap the Amat/Crespi game… they scrapped televising Oct 15th altogether and list it as a “Bye”.

    Wonder if something else is being televised that night? Wishful thinking of opening round of MLB playoffs?

  • Dbarlover

    Yes DBar crushed Alta Loma and yes it don’t mean a thing. Yes it will be a long season…We’re not much better than the 1-9 team from last year. Yes dranch will beat us….Yes Layton and some of his coaches and several players showed up, sat on the the DBar side and watched and filmed the scrimmage. No, no one will show up at there black and blue scrimmage on Sat from DBar and film it. Yes this game means much more to dranch than to DBar. Yes, I saw Roddy’s comment about we’re DBar kids and we want to play DBar blah, blah, blah…That’s just funny. If I were from Pomona, or Chino or Phillips Ranch I would be offended. I guess you guys aren’t going to play in the “Big game”..Sorry Almond and several other stars who don’t live in DBar….Dbar is better this year, but that is a relative term….with an eaisier schedule i think this team will win 3-4 games this year. And we will get our asses kicked by Pomana Ranch….

  • jcaz

    Good try,

    Dude, you give me way to much credit……But hey, I’ll take it 🙂

  • DB

    Drannch, I think you are pretty sad and pathetic that all you think about ALL day is DBar!! You wake up talking about Dbar and go to bed thinking about Dbar! You need to go out and experience the world instead engaging in hearsay. Personally , i consider Dranch to be Pomona anyway, and technically you are, so whats all the fuss about Dranch vs Dbar ?? You shouldnt be Diamond anything!!

  • @DB

    Hence we call them “Pomona Ranch”

  • Dbarrrr

    We may not have the size, depth, or even the talent other schools have around here, but we’re a different team from last year. Last year, we lacked leadership and heart, but our senior class (as well as everyone else) has been working hard since January to fix that. We’ve been doing everything we can to put Diamond Bar back on the map as a good football program. And, granted, we are playing easier teams this year, and I’m not even saying we’re going to go 10 – 0 this year or anything like that, but we aren’t going down without a fight.
    We will continue to play hard every game, and hopefully good things will happen.
    “It is not the size of the dog in the fight, but the amount of fight in the dog.”

  • Panther Pride


    Say what you want, but we will demolish you come October. Enjoy your little 48-3 “victory” but when we face you, you’ll be crying that even the Hacienda league is too tough for you

  • Lancer Pride

    “It is not the size of the dog in the fight, but the amount of fight in the dog.”

    Well said, Dbarrrr. Give em all you got and best of luck to your football team!

  • please

    Upland did well and the receiver is really good, but does anyone seriously believe that team is in the same class as Amat? If so, I’ll give you the number to a therapist!

  • Anonymous

    Where are all of the Amat faithful? Word from the streets is that they looked awful. Can anyone confirm? or are the blogs going look similar this year after game day?

  • Lan C. Erbacker

    This particular member of the Amat Faithful will not relate our season to one scrimmage. Let me just say that if we needed to go through Upland to get somewhere…I wouldn’t be all that worried, despite what some people saw at the scrimmage. Week by week. Garfield game one and let me tell you Garfield wont be the only team ready or hungry. Go Big Blue.

  • guess

    I thought Amat was going to be tough.Upland was missing 4 starters 2 on defence and 2 on offence.The game was kinda boring.All I know is Upland was 24-4 in passing league.Iknow thats not real football.But when they have all there starters they are a good team.They should have no problem winning the Baseline League.Then repeat CIF????

  • I want to know what Bryan will do with this 🙂

  • I need to hear what Pearlie will do about this…

  • I need to know what Elmer thinks with this =D


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