Valle Vista League predictions: C’mon, it’s San Dimas and you know it clap your hands

I ran into a Northview lineman at Tijuana’s, one of my favorite taco joints on San Bernardino road in Covina. He said some interesting things on how well Northview is doing under new coach Marcel Perez, and that the new atmosphere is paying off. But then he followed with something like “we’re going to take league and CIF,” and said it so convincingly that I didn’t have the heart to tell him they really have no chance. But that’s what two-a-days and the summer are supposed to produce, optimism. But here we talk reality, and the reality is the defending Mid-Valley Division champs aren’t gong anywhere. Here is how the Valle Vista shakes out…On Friday we break down the rough and tough Sierra.

1. San Dimas — This is a team that loses QB Shawn Kennedy to an injury, then learns of the fortunate news that a quarterback from up north transfers into the program, and from what I hear he’s pretty darn good. Why we’re talking QBs on a team that runs the Wing T to perfection tells you how stacked the Saints are. Jordan Taylor and Allen Brown are a handful in the backfield, Kevin Kolbeck is a money go-to-receiver, and coach Bill Zernickow is one of the best. ’nuff said.

2. Baldwin Park — This is the only team that has a shot to knock off San Dimas, and it’s a real opportunity. James Heggins’ teams have been knocking on the door and Wardell Crutchfield III is probably the best linebacker in the league, plus he can run the ball too and will be asked to do a lot more. After sitting out a year after transferring from Duarte, Demetrius Jackson is set to go. You add him to the line strength the Braves had, and this very well could be a team that competes for it all.

3. Wilson — This is a case of buying or selling and I’m buying. I really believe coach Brian Zavala is a program guy and has been licking his chops for the opportunity to move to the VVL. RB Moses Vega is a stud, but what this team will do is play defense. There’s a big difference from facing Charter Oak and Diamond Ranch in the Miramonte to going head up with San Dimas and Baldwin Park. Something tells me the Cats are going to be in the mix.

4. Covina — All conversations start and end with QB Billy Livingston. He’s only a junior but proved last year he’s talented and is a perfect fit in coach Darryl Thomas’ spread offense. They also have the fastest high school sprinter in the country in Remontay McClain and a WR/DB named Randy Robledo, so what’s not to like about them.

5. Pomona — I would have penciled them in at No. 3, but with the recent loss of RB Taj Teague to Claremont, Pomona loses a first-team all-leaguer from a year ago. New coach Anthony Rice did wonders at his previous stint at Colony, and a few of those players are now at Pomona. But Pomona also lost a few with Rice’s arrival, so this is a wait and see.

6. Nogales –– When the Nobles coaching job opened up, some coaches told me this was the best opportunity in the Valley because of the kids on campus, especially the ones who weren’t playing. Well, that opportunity belongs to new coach Sebastian Hernandez. I kind of felt bad for the Nobles last season in the San Antonio. There was no way they could compete with South Hills, West Covina, then had to deal with Walnut and Rowland during one of their good cycles. Going to the VVL is surely relief, and I won’t be surprised if they compete for a playoff spot. I’ve heard great things from people on campus raving about the work they’re putting in, but lets wait until the lights turn on.

7. Northview –– Is this as good as it gets for the Vikes? It was just a couple years ago this was a top ten team in the Valley, but they slipped so far last season, going 1-9 and 0-5 in the VVL, which included that remarkable 16-10 loss to Ganesha. I wanna believe the kid who tells me they’re fighting for a league title and want to believe Perez is up for it, but he’s a coach, not a miracle worker. BTW, watch out for RB Marquise Thomas and a sophomore named Javon Taylor.

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  • Hey man, don’t laugh, you’re not going to believe this, but I drove by Northview yesterday on my way to the Trib and stopped for a second and watched them “go live” from my car. I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t expecting to see what I saw. I wouldn’t call them hopeless.

  • Just Observing

    FYI, The transfer qb won’t make it past the first scrimmage. Don’t know where you hear he is “pretty darn good” from. Wasn’t your take on the Emilio kid the same? “he’s gonna be a good one”?, he’s JV now. I am hoping he can carry the team and get them a league and cif title but I don’t see him doing that. My prediction is the Munoz kid will take over game 1 after halftime…. You heard it here first.

  • Born and Raised SGV

    For those that forgot or just did not know.
    A very young Covina team beat Wilson last year. This year, we are bigger, stronger and most important.. we have some experience under our belt. Wilson will not beat Covina. You may call Vargas a stud, however he can’t do it by himself. Covina is the sleeper team of VVL and it will come down to Baldwin Park or Covina. San Dimas is solid with Kennedy butnot this kid from up North. There are way too many SD fans confirming he is not the one.

  • saladdays

    Wilson should cake walk through this league.


    Born and raise in SGV, what’s your feelings on Covina playing against AZUSA in the playoffs agin?

    Also whats the real story on that kid from Covina, who transfered to AZUSA and is playing middle linebacker now for AZUSA? Can he play?


  • Dee

    @ Aztec Pride,
    Covina kid transfered cause we moved to Azusa. The legal legit way. He played LB for Covina Varsity last year. Check out his stats on Max Preps and you decide on how he fairs. Also his transfer request has been done for months. I just hate it when the kids try to fish for other schools cause they are better or get more looks! Come on now! I want my kid to be a leader not a follower!

  • Christian Lazaro

    There is no secret who the Tribune favors in the Valle Vista. But make no mistake about it Baldwin Park is ready to earn the Valle Vista League Title. With the hard work and dedication those boys put in, i have no doubt in my mind that the Braves can take the saints out and grasp that League Championship. But at the end of the day, TALK IS CHEAP. GO AND GET WHAT U GUYS HAVE WORKED SO HARD FOR. ONCE A BRAVE ALWAYS A BRAVE.

  • football jones

    Dumb & Dumber….

    2010 Northview goes 1-9, gets blown out by LA, and loses to Ganesha for good measure.

    Los Altos fires their head coach and hires Northview’s.

    Am I missing something?


    So Covina did beat Wilson last year, but if u were @ the game u know that Wilson got 2 TD’s called back. The 2nd one with about 2 min left in the game on a bogus call. Covina kids got one more year under their belt, but so do the Wilson kids… That will be a good game but Wilson will come out on top!!!!

  • Inside Info

    Perez will be good at Azusa. He is the only junior in the starting LB core that sports three returning starters. This group should be solid for Azusa as Perez replaces a weak link in their defense from last year. No doubt the kid can’t hit and reads pretty good. Covina will miss him.

  • this would be a really competitive league if San Dimas wasnt in it they dont belong there. They should have been moved to the hacienda league. San dimas is a solid program but far from elite. i think that will definitely show when they play rancho. They could could compete tho in the hacienda thats just my thoughts and in my opinion wilson will get second in the league there better than baldwin park.

  • san dimas and baldwin park are on different levels i know from playing both teams to me tho san dimas always plays down to BPs level if they played how they play in smudgepot those games would never be close

  • Born and Raised SGV

    Perez will fit in just fine. Last year he was young and played Outside Linbacker since we had a solid mid LB last year. IMO, he will be a better Mid LB.

    As far as playing Azusa again would be a good thing. I know there are Fans that will say It’s no CO vs SH, but there were some hard hits and overall good High School football. Also, Covina will have the opportunity to get some revenge after losing two years in a row with a better team. No excuses this time around.

    Good Luck with your season.

  • Talking Playoffs

    Before we talk about Azusa playing Covina again in the playoffs, we should first discuss whether or not either of these teams can make the playoffs. Covina in the VVL is no sinch, and Azusa lost their QB and great RB. My guess is one of both of these teams are done by early November. BTW, when was the last time Azusa was Montview champs in 3 consecutive years? I’m not sure, but I’m willing to bet it’s never happened, and never will.


    TALKING PLAYOFFS??? I’ll agree on one thing you mentioned about making the playoffs, that you don’t know how the season is going to be played out until you get there. But, on the other hand what strikes me funny is, how you mentioned AZUSA is going fot it’s third consecutive third league title???

    Who would make a comment like that, other then a Montview League rivial??? Come on don’t be scared to mentioned your school your pulling for and Don’t ever hide underneath the blankets! Take the insults like a true FAN and no need for a undercover drive-by post!

    I’ve been on this blog for several years now and have probably heard every insult , but i’m still here and look how far AZUSA gone. Now were even mentioned in a top 25 poll.



  • Dan

    Just a fan,
    I agree with you San Dimas would have been a nice fit in the Hacienda league, don’t think they would win it but they would be competitive.

  • Marquise thomas

    Northview football we ready this year juss watch and see o yea how do u stop Marquise thomas RB?

  • I have a dream (of NV escaping the cellar)

    “see o yea how do u stop Marquise thomas RB?”

    Oh, I don’t know. How about we give him an English grammar test… That should stop him in his tracks.

    Have fun in the cellar NV. haha

  • Tim Brown

    Football High school for awhile: Why dont they talk about Moses Vegas cocky attitude, Cussing out staff, princinpals and the worst manners. Everyone ignoring his behavior. what is that showing the other kids. The only reason why he stands out cause Wilson has weak players. Kids and coaches refuse to play and coach cause of this kid. Thats who they have representing there school. A rotten kid.

  • Wilson Parent

    Tim Brown,

    Wilson has weak players?

    Where did that come from? A complement to the team is that Moe Vega the great running back that he is hasn’t even been talked about much. Most of the talk about Wilson has been about the team not one individual player. I think that is Fred’s point, during the off season Moe really hasn’t been much of a factor in 7on7, and we all know what he is capable of.

  • For Real

    Wilson Parent,

    Moe is has yet to prove to anyone that he can take a licking and keep on ticking. He is very prone to injuries due to is lack of committment. Moe is talented but his head gets in the way. Wilson best chance is to spread the offensive threats to all the other studs on the team.

  • Wilson Parent

    For Real,

    Moe isn’t the prefect kid, but who is. Moe has made a huge improvement over the summer, and that is all we can ask of these kids. I personally believe the reason for the improvement is Coach Zavala and staff have made him accountable for his actions.

    Now as far as spreading the ball around to all the studs on the team. We seem to have a very balanced attack and to be sucessful we need to take what the defense is giving us. Some teams are going to have blaring matchup issues with us. We need to expose those matchup issues, that’s just basic football.

    “What ever it takes”

  • Common On

    Wilson Parent,

    I aggree with you except,I donot believe that Zavala has made Vega accountable for his actions. Football is a privilege not a right. Vega should not be on the team but Zavala has folded to his desire to win. In his chase to win the team loses.

  • wilson wildcats parent

    There is so much talent at Wilson, but ignored. Kids wont play because of Vega.Really disrespectful to staff and parents. His a big joke here at Wilson. im sure he’ll be a captain. How about the other studs. Humble and committed players. Do they get recognize/ Its so sad to see everyone ignoring his behavior. What he did recent was unacceptable. Anyone else would of been kicked off the team. We have watched him fake his injuries to be taken out. Thats true he cant take a lickin. Watch him against Los Altos. Haha Cant wait. There going to stomp on him. If we get lucky he wont make 2.0 like always. And then we can see the team come together and moral go sky high.

  • For Real

    Coach Zavala !!!!,

    All it takes is one rotten apple and at the moment it looks like your starting to stink in the eyes of your team. Years from know you will look back and see the biggest mistake you made at Wilson is allowing one kid to walk all over you. Luckly you still have time. Man up and find a pair.

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