We love our football in the SGV …PrepXtra Football Preview Magazine debuts Wednesday

Are you ready for football? Believe me, we’re tired of transfer talk and training camps, and like you, we’re ready for Thursday and Friday night football. Our first-ever preview magazine, TribXtra, hits newstands and home delivery on Wednesday. So, lets shift the focus to the games. These were my final words before the 2007 season, but the message is always the same. 2010, here we come.

For the players who started during the early days of spring and continued through the brutal summer of two-a-days, it’s lights, camera and action time.
But it’s also a time not to take for granted.
As any former football player worth his helmet can attest to, the wins and losses are never forgotten, but the basic lessons in life are applied forever.
You’ll know about sacrifice, unselfishness, brotherhood, camaraderie, and it will be taught and drilled into your head from coaches who will go down as some of the best role modes you ever had.
So are you ready, because the next 15 weeks are yours.
Enjoy it, soak it up, and revel in it.
The stage is yours to perform in, so take it with class, integrity and a passion for the game that inspires those little kids peaking over the fence who someday hope to wear your jersey.
After all, it’s never too early to be a role model.

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