Montview League Prediction: No secret, the bullseye is on two-time champion Azusa

The Montview race is going to be interesting, because unlike in previous years, the Montview is only guaranteed two playoff spots, with the rest hoping to earn an at-large, which could prove to be quite a chore. It will be important for the Montview to play well in the preseason, and it’s a league that improved mightily last year, and should be improved across the board. Azusa is head-and-shoulders above the rest, but several like La Puente, Gladstone, Sierra Vista and Workman are gaining on them.

1. Azusa –– In his first two years coach Joe Scherf has gone 21-4, won two league titles and has advanced to the Mid-Valley Division quarterfinals and semifinals, respectively. It’s a completely mentality change that players have bought into. More players are staying at the school, players that didn’t normally go out for football and showing up in droves. This is the result of winning, and they’re doing it home-grown style. Kudos to the Aztecs.

2. La Puente — The Warriors were 8-3 overall and second in the Montview behind new coach Brandon Rohrer, who should give Azusa all it can handle in his second season. Senior RB Jose Perez should be a force in the Warriors’ Wing T, but defensively, they’re solid with LB Jesse Gutierrez and Pedro Candia.

3. Workman — I’m taking a shot here with new coach Scott Morrison, and like what they have returning in RB/S Gabriel Fychok and with lineman Steven Miranda and Ismael Villaviscencio. Morrison has won titles in much tougher leagues and like Rohrer, could turn around a team that already was on its way back after going 6-5 last year.

4. Gladstone — The Gladiators returned somewhat to form by going 7-4 overall and return plenty of talent for 12th year coach Albert Sanchez. They will be tough to compete with in the backfield with Jhossep Juarez and Joe Herrera and if they improve on defense, they could be competing for the No. 2 spot, but not sure they have enough to topple Azusa.

5. Sierra Vista — One thing I know for certain, and that is that coach Keith Locklear is one of the hardest working coaches there is. He gave up coaching the girls varsity basketball team, which he did wonders with, to focus on football. He loves to throw the ball around, but the Dons need to prove they can play defense after allowing an average of 25 points in 2009.

6. Ganesha — After dropping from the Valle Vista League, many are wondering what to expect from the Giants. They started improving last year, even beating Northview to end a long league losing streak. They will have more to prove in the Montview, a league that seems like the perfect fit.

7. Bassett — The Olympians finally settled on new coach Aubrey Duncan, a no-nonsense Pasadena High graduate who took over late, but seems to have a handle on thigns. This is a wait-and-see, but they do have some impact players in Michael Pena and Alejandro Camacho.

8. Duarte — The Falcons hope to return to be more competitive after going 0-10 last year after the departure of so many players to neighboring school following the firing of coach Wardell Crutchfield. The numbers are better and they will improve, but not sure they’re ready to climb out of the cellar just yet.

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  • FRank

    Are you kidding me Fred!

  • sv

    sierra vista gots a few surprises this season

  • not me

    “wrong” FRank…nice try though

  • Frank

    @ not me
    Why bother blogging on this thread nobody cares about it. Thats what I meant by “are you kidding me Fred” I knew it would get no hits.

  • potential

    @Frank….then why in the world are you in this blog. You dont like it STAY THE HELL OUT OF IT. Period. This is for Montview league fans.

    NO ONE CARES WHAT CRAP YOU SAY ABOUT THIS BLOG. Stop being bias and go back to your rich-recruiting school.

  • Frank

    @ Pontential
    Obviously there are not to many montview league fans being that I have 3 of the 6 blogs.
    And what little rich school are you talking about.

  • Bell Gardens

    Azuza will start the season like they did last year with a loss to BG and this year BG will win by 21.

  • SGV Athlete

    @FRank, shut up. if you don’t have anything relevant to say, then just shut up. this is for Montview league fans, 1 or 1000. everyone get their turn.

    As far as the league goes, Azusa has to be the favorite. A good amount of returning players from a team that was pretty darn good last year. They showcased their talent at the SGV Shootout this year by taking the tournament.

    I think that the three playoff teams are Azusa, Gladstone, and La Puente (not necessarily in that order). Any of these three teams could upset each other and have a magical league championship run. Saying that, I do not think that the league champion will go undefeated in league play.

    To all those that hate on the Montview league, take a hike!! These kids are out there doing the best they can with what they have. Not everyone can afford to go to a big rich school like AMAT, or can find a relative in an area to use their address (CO, SH, Glendora, SD). These kids play with pride and for the love of the game.



    BELL GARDENS, here you are running your mouth on how AZUSA lost last season to BG. Okay what happened to the rest of your season? You, BELL Gardens FELL APART! Didn’t win your league or make the playoffs!

    AZUSA, after that game went on to the semi’s, went undefeated in there league and beat two teams in the playoffs. Won against Covina and San Marino. San Marino, (WINS) San Gabriel, who beat BELL GARDENS!!! 49 to 28! BELL GARDENS gets spanked!

    I’ll say this playing bell gardens, was a wake up call and AZUSA responded AFTER THAT!




    Listen up FRANK THE TANK! To make a comment like that,shows how intelligent you really are and(YOU), DON’SH*T ABOUT HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL! Frank you are delusional about nobody cares about the Montview League! Come out to Citrus College and you’ll see half the City Of AZUSA out there. BELIEVE THAT! AZUSA is completely jazzed on how well they’re now playing and the city is completely supporting the AZTECS!

    Had (YOU), been at the SEMI’S PLAYOFFS against San Dimas last season, YOU!!! Would have see all the FANS that were out there, heck we had more FANS out there then the San Dimas Fans. It was standing room only, and the stadium crew had to put bleechers on the track, because there wasn’t any more seats!

    So please FRANK THE TANK, don’t come on here making ridicuolous statements like that, because (YOU), DON’T KNOW, IF (YOU), DON’T COME OUT AND WATCH AN AZUSA GAME!

    The Montview League may not have the biggest, fastest kids out there Frank, BUT HELL YES WE PLAY HARD FOOTBALL.




    Excuse the grammar errorrs! My keyboard buttons are stickin.



    Coach Scherf, see you at the game next week AND THIS TIME BE READY FOR BELL GARDENS! LOOKING GOOD COACH!

  • Bell Gardens

    Azusa I’m glad that the slap in the face that BG gave you was a wake up call. I guess you are giving us credit for your league title.Remember last year we were in Div.7 and yes BG came in 4th in league and didnt make the playoffs but you still got spanked buy a 4th place team by more than two TD’s plus our JV and frosh took league and spanked your squads, So do you realy think its going to be differnt this year.Oh and not only did our HS teams kill your teams but our Jr Midget killed Azusa( up coming freshmen ).So do you realy believe its going to be differnt?


    You see BG, i’m not going to come on this blog and just run my mouth! You can see I did some researh and my facts are RIGHT ON! What you came on here with JR MIDGET FOOTBALL? LOL… WOW, BG jr Midget football, beat THE AZUSA RAIDERS JR. Midgets? Wow I needed to know that, like I needed a HOLE IN MY HEAD..

    Okay AZUSA lost to BG last season, but come on, it’s like a preseaon game and you make your adjustmensts after that, and your goal is to win your league and win PLAYOFF GAMES! Oh that’s right your season ended before THANKSGIVING! And oh yes, you want to be still be playing after THANKSGIVING!

    Playing BG, and I will be honest is a great measuring stick for AZUSA, and I almost forgot to include Ontario Christian! By the way BG, did you know AZUSA beat Ontario Chistian, who went on to the FINALS against St. Margrett LAST SEASON ALSO.

    So BG, your goint have to do better than that on your facts,JACK!




    Oh I noticed something funny BG, if you continue to scroll down to the next article, you will see BG jr midgets running for a touchdown on YOUTUBE.


  • Bell Gardens

    Hey Azusa I was tring to show that BG owned you guys in all levels. I cant wait for next Friday, As for beating Ontario Christian nice you guys beat a team in a lower DIV.BG beat both teams they played that were in DIV.3 and Div.1.Who did you guys beat that was in a higher Div? Sorry but the ride home will be a long one for your team. And we will be in the playoffs this year and a team from the Almont will take CIF I just dont see the Almont in Div.11 for long but if it is the Almont will have multiple championships under its belt. You know the Almont is the strongest league in the Mid Valley and your’s is the weakest that is just a fact.

  • Frank

    You see, Aztec pride I make your blogs happen, if I dont get on here and talk trash, no one would respond. I give you reason to exist, I give you a reason to respond, you need me, Azusa needs me. Also it is ok if you can’t spell, very well, you don’t have to blame your computer for your lack of education. At the Semi final last year, yes, you had a large following, but keep in mind people in Azusa tend to have larger families then those in San Dimas. So it would be logical to follow then, that you should have a larger crowd. Still SD spanked you guys, pretty bad. Your crowd didn’t help.
    Have Azusa shedule Monrovia or Arcadia, if you really believe that you are so good.


    Frank the TANK, get over youself. Why don’t you and BG, go out together and catch a game tonight.

  • Bell Gardens

    Hey Frank you want to come down next week to BG and watch Azusa get LAID OUT it will be fun.


    BG, according to CALPREPS, AZUSA will be doing the laying out! 31-28! Click on Calpreps PROJECT A MATCH UP! You can use a computer right?LOL… The FOOTBALL GODS are on our side! CAL PREPS IS NEVER WRONG, BUDDY! I can’t wait either my new (PEN PAL), LOL… AZUSA WILL BE READY, BELIEVE THAT!

    COACH SCHERF, have them ready next week, because my new pen pal can’t wait too get on here and say…


  • Frank

    I might have to come check that out, Bell gardens will crush Azusa, I’m quite sure of that. Azusa isnt ready to play strong teams. They are only good in the league they are in.