Tribskin Pick’em, your predictions and ours

For the fourth consecutive year, Steve Ramirez and I will go head-to-head throughout the season for our annual end-of-season who pays the dinner bill bet. Steve beat me in 2007, but I came back and won 2008 and ’09 by going 189-44 to Steve’s 173-60 last year.

This week’s games: Steve and I differ on several right off the bat. I like Glendora, San Dimas, Rowland, El Rancho and Santa Margarita while Steve goes with Charter Oak, Bonita, Baldwin Park, Los Altos and Diamond Ranch, a difference in five games. It just goes to show how exciting zero week has become. I like Glendora because of the experience of QB Chad Jeffries, and the uncertainty of Charter Oak’s defense, especially with top notch DBs like Brandon Golden, A.J. Powell, and linebackers Keith Smith and Leon Youngblood graduated. I feel good about San Dimas because Bonita won’t have QB Garrett Pendleton, and the Saints are unveiling a hurry-up offense, like the Wing T wasn’t already tough enough to prepare for. Rowland, across the board is too tough for Baldwin Park, and can’t wait to see QB Michael Ball return. Diamond Ranch is still a question with so many starters graduated, and a tough roadie to Orange County won’t make it any easier. El Rancho is a tough Whittier area school, and with all the uncertainly still at Los Altos, I couldn’t pick’em yet. And oh yeah, there’s Bishop Amat, which we both agree on. But this won’t be a slam dunk. Garfield reminds me of Amat two years ago, a hungry team with something to prove and if you think Bishop Amat are a bunch of hard-hat kids, expect that an then some from the East L.A. hosts.

Thursday’s game
Ganesha at Montclair, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Montclair); Ramirez (Montclair)
Friday’s games
Charter Oak vs. Glendora at Citrus College, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Glendora); Ramirez (Charter Oak).
San Dimas at Bonita, 7 p.m. — Robledo (San Dimas); Ramirez (Bonita).
Rowland at Baldwin Park, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Rowland); Ramirez (Baldwin Park).
Garfield vs. Bishop Amat at ELAC, 7:30 p.m. — Robledo (BAmat); Ramirez (BAmat).
Covina at West Covina, 7 p.m. — Robledo (WCovina); Ramirez (WCovina)
Nogales at Diamond Bar, 7 p.m. — Robledo (DBar); Ramirez (DBar)
Ontario at Arroyo, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Arroyo); Ramirez (Arroyo)
Garey at Pomona, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Pomona); Ramirez (Pomona)
Los Altos at El Rancho, 7 p.m. — Robledo (El Rancho); Ramirez (Los Altos)
Ayala at Don Lugo, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Ayala); Ramirez (Ayala)
Chino Hills vs. Mayfair at Bellflower, 7 p.m. — Robledo (CHills); Ramirez (CHills)
Diamond Ranch vs. Santa Margarita at Saddleback College, 7 p.m. — Robledo (SMargarita); Ramirez (DRanch)
Bassett at Keppel, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Bassett); Ramirez (Bassett)

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  • kh

    did you go to demein vs bonita scrimmage friday ,i didnt see you there.?
    you said on the blog you were going to show up.
    well if you did or would of went.
    you would of seen the bearcats move ball at will.4 td to 1. the td for demein, they started on our 10 it was a goal line drive,dont see many teams putting up big #s agaisnt us this year,we are fully heathly except our starting qb g.p. the other qb held his own,but there was no hitting the qb,things can change when the dogs are out to stuff for the other qb he was only allowed to run with the second string guys made up of mostly of soph,he had some nice break away runs,passing was off alittle.
    so fred again we will prove you wrong again friday nite,maybe you can make that game,

  • QB Coach

    Coach P is as good of a strategist as there is. Hes had a long time to prepare for this matchup and its critical he gets his team off on the right foot due to the challenges they will run into during league. On the flip side I think to many people are over looking the issues COs will have with its youth. I have faith the staff at CO will work through all these issues but just not in week one. All that being said I am looking for GHS in a one side victory.

  • FredJ

    I was there K.H., maybe you couldn’t see me standing next to Aram 🙂

  • hahahaha

    “The other QB”…who are you trying to kid. Let’s see, did he have LB pads on this time?

  • kh

    kh picks fredspicks steves picks
    1.montC m.c m.c.
    2.c.o gl c.o.
    3.b.p. s.d bohi
    4.b.a. rold. b.p.
    5.w.c. amat anatn
    6.nogl. w.c. w.c
    7.ont. aryo. aryo
    8.garey pom. pom
    9.el ranh el r l.a.
    10.c.h. chills chills
    11s.m. s.m. d.rnch
    12kepple basst basst
    13.d.log aya. aya

  • Small Cats

    ha ha

    Classic! Daddy ball never fails… especially with this clown..

  • MS Werd


    You have got to be one of the worst writers on this blog. I encourage you to write in MS Word and then cut and paste after you run spell/grammar check. That way, we can follow what you have to say without stuggle.

    I never understood why everyone expects so much from Damien football. Damien has a some great players now and then, but they have never been known for football. The very fact that Damien is a parochial all boys school (like Loyola, Crespi, Concord De La Salle) yet is in a Public football league speaks volumns about where Damien football has been.

  • Wow

    Do you gentlemen research or just flip a coin on these picks? LMAO!

  • Bulldog Fan

    Picks for Zero Week:
    Robledo/ Ramirez / Bulldog Fan
    2.Glendora,Charter Oak,Charter Oak
    3.San Dimas,Bonita,San Dimas
    4.Rowland,Baldwin Park,Rowland
    10.El Rancho,Los Altos, El Rancho
    12.Chino Hills,Chino Hills,Chino Hills

    It looks like a few games were left off, not sure why ? Maybe the match-ups are not that good, but still games to be played.

    15.San Gabriel at Muir- BFan Pick- Muir
    16.Westchester at Pasadena-Bfan Pick Westchester
    17.La Salle at Village Christian- BFan Pick VC
    18.Maranatha at Big Bear-BFan Pick-Maranatha

  • Aaron

    1. Montclair-Ganesha…no clue both bad.
    2. CO-Glendora…just to be contrary, Glendora
    3. Smudgepot…you know how it is, Go BEARCATS!
    4. Rowland-Baldwin Park…Rowland
    5. Garfield-BA…don’t know that much about Garfield so push.
    6. Covina-WesCo…West Covina
    7. Nogales-Diamond Bar…DB
    8. Ontario-Arroyo…Arroyo
    9. Garey-Pomona…P-town
    10. Los Altos-El Rancho…The Ranch big!
    11. Ayala-Don Lugo…Ayala
    12. Chino Hills-Mayfair…Chino Hills big.
    13. DR-Santa Margarita…SM
    14. Bassett-Keppel…let’s see whose worse off

  • Aaron

    Concord De La Salle plays in the East Bay League with seven public schools…does that make them weak?


    Fred, this has to be the first time in a while that you picked CO to lose a game!

    As far as the CO game I think your missing the fact that Travis Santiago in my opinion is one of the top 3 Qb’s in the valley today. He is as accurate as is gets in high school. Granted Jeffries is a great Qb also but you seem to down play that Santiago lead his team to a CIF championship as a Sophomore and will only return with more experience. Last year you guys said the same thing how is Charter Oak going to replace Chris Allen, Kiely Rycraw, Tyler Perri, Matt Chan, Evan Willams etc, etc, etc. This year its Muema, Golden, Youngblood, Smith, Powell, same story just another year. Big Lou and co will do just fine.

    Thursday’s game
    Ganesha at Montclair, (Montclair)
    Friday’s games
    Charter Oak vs. Glendora (Charter Oak)
    San Dimas at Bonita, (Bonita)Tre Evans was a monster without the bruiser I dont see Dimas winning.
    Rowland at Baldwin Park (Baldwin Park)
    Garfield vs. Bishop Amat, (Amat)
    Covina at West Covina, (WCovina)
    Nogales at Diamond Bar, (DBar)
    Ontario at Arroyo, (Arroyo)
    Garey at Pomona, (Pomona)
    Los Altos at El Rancho,(El Rancho)
    Ayala at Don Lugo, (Ayala)
    Chino Hills vs. Mayfair, (CHills)
    Diamond Ranch vs. Santa Margarita, (DRanch)
    Bassett at Keppel, (Keppel)




    amat is playing down to garfield
    garfield is playing up and will be the biggest game for the east los angeles community!

    callin it out right now

    amat comes out shakey and garfield takes advantage.

    GARFIELD 23 amat 14

  • just sayin’

    Aaron, I think you make his point. DeLaSalle is in a public league and should DOMINATE (and they do). Damien wins every so often playing against the oublic schools they are allowed to take players from.

    Any question Amat would have won the San Antonio League the last 10 years?

  • MS Werd

    No Aaron of course not. Damien is the only parochial school that is not in a parochial league. There is a multitude of parochial leagues that Damien could be a part of yet they have not. Why? Because Damien High School’s focus has always been more on academics rather than football. Of course, it does not help matters either when you have a co-ed D-1 football school right next door that usually costs more or less the same in tuition.

    Northern California is an entirely different matter anyways. Concord De La Salle is in Division 1 and is this divisions only parochial school. The other parochials are spread out and mixed into public school leagues. Why is it like this? I don’t know and I can only imagine how the public schools feel up there but the fact is that De La Salle and Marin Catholic dominate their public school leagues. Damien does not and never has. This is why they are in the Sierra and were not in the old Mission (St. Francis, St. Paul, Chaminade, and formerly Alemany that just got bumped up to the Pac-5).


    taco truck,
    No truck you are not the first one who has Garfield beating Amat. Many have come on here ( not hear ) to predict the loss. The only thing shakey will be the celebration by Amat at the Shakey’s on Atlantic after the game .

  • haha

    My son was quite an accomplished HS athlete and goes to a top tier college on the strength of his academics. I don’t need to live through him and tell you who he is and what he is accomplished to feel good about myself. I also don’t need to come onto a blog and give lame exuses everytime he doesn’t live up to somebody elses expectations (namely yours) and I certainly don’t have to come on here and give thinly veiled critisisms of coaching staffs and other players and them claim I am a 100% team player. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Aaron

    There’s two private school League’s in the PAC-5 in Serra and Trinity…but there’s none in the Inland. The Mission, Del Rey, Santa Fe, Alpha, Olympic, Academy and finally the Prep Leagu are all of your Private school leagues. Some of them are all Catholic schools and some are mixed.

    Do you really think Oaks Christian or St Bonnies will dominate the ten team Marmonte. I honestly think St Bonnies has a chance but not this year, because St Bonnies has played in the same division as the Marmonte schools and won consistently. But Westlake and Moorpark are no cupcakes.

    Remember, just because it’s a private school doesn’t mean it will dominate. How many private schools in Texas dominate 5A football? Anyone know because I don’t.

    Although I will say this, Private Schools have a better chance to dominate than public schools based on resources and opporunity.

  • COSteelCurtain

    SGV FOOTBALL I wouldn’t worry too much about Fred. Fred also picked Diamond Ranch in the last 2 cif championship games. His reasoning then was that DRanch had more experience, also. 2 rings later, we have moved on with so called lesser experienced teams.

    CO 24 – GHS 10

  • Dan

    To answer your question,
    “Any questin Amat would have won the San Antonio
    league the last 10 years?”
    Yeah I would question in 02, 06, and 07, any other year no question.

  • Football Fan

    Montclair vs. Ganesha- Montclair wins this one
    CO vs. Glendora-Glendora wins this one, i see it hard for CO to replace some players
    Bonita vs. San Dimas-San Dimas wins big!!
    Rowland vs.Baldwin Park- Michael Ball is all Rowland needs
    Garfield vs BA-Bishop Amat takes this one easy
    Covina vs. WesCo-WC wins big if not then dissapointing
    Nogales vs Diamond Bar- A lot of hype for DB, and expect them to win
    Ontario vs. Arroyo- Arroyo wins
    Garey vs. Pomona- Pomona takes this one
    Los Altos vs . El Rancho- LA takes this one thanks to Scott Tibbs, i see it hard for El Rancho to stop the run
    Ayala vs. Don Lugo-Ayala
    Chino Hills vs. Mayfair-Chino Hills demonstrates why they are better than CO this year
    DR vs. Santa Margarita- SM, but who knows DR might surprise
    Bassett vs. Keppel…Keppel, Bassett not well coached not enough talent

  • AMAT 73

    My two cents ,
    Glen vs CO = CHARTER OAKS
    SD vs Bonita = SAN DIMAS
    Row vs BP = BALDWIN PARK
    Gar vs AMAT = AMAT
    Cov vs W Cov = WEST COVINA
    Nog vs DB = DIAMOND BAR
    Ont vs Arro = ARROYO
    Garey vs Pomo = POMONA
    Aya vs DL = AYALA
    CH vs May = CHINO HILLS
    Bass vs Kepp = BASSETT
    Gan vs Mont = MONTCLAIR

  • high school football fan

    Private schools have no advantage of public schools. When you suit up and line up on that field the kids who play together, play hard, and have discipline will win. Poly has lost private schools, and Mater Dei and Bishop have lost to public schools. Schools with better athletes lose to discipline teams, and vice versa. All that matters is who’s team plays the best that night that half, that key play ( which could be any and every play). If coaches can sell their kids and kids believe, anything is possible. Thats why the game is played. That’s where there are upsets. Otherwise, they would just go hand the title to Long beach poly or Mater dei every year!

    Here are my pics for this week.

    Charter Oak vs. Glendora (Glendora)
    San Dimas at Bonita, (San Dimas)
    Rowland at Baldwin Park, (Baldwin Park)
    Garfield vs. Bishop Amat (Garfield)
    Covina at West Covina, (Covina)
    Nogales at Diamond Bar, (DBAR)
    Ontario at Arroyo, 7 p.m.(Arroyo)
    Garey at Pomona, 7 p.m.(Pomona)
    Los Altos at El Rancho, (Los Altos)
    Ayala at Don Lugo, 7 p.m. — (Ayala)
    Chino Hills vs. Mayfair at (CHills)
    Diamond Ranch vs. Santa Margarita at Saddleback College (Dranch);
    Bassett at Keppel, (Basset)

  • AMAT 73

    To all CO FANS,
    Sorry for the S on Oak.

  • Aaron

    The advantages that private schools have for the most part are off of the field.

    I’ve only seen Amat get on the buses once and those were charter buses at Ganesha, those are the kind of advantage people talk about.

  • http://33636363636 a little baseball sorry

    Adam M commited to pitch at asu bonita will have two more kids sign this year. Meir and Matt G. Three future division 1 players. baseball should be good this year at Bonita.

  • SGVsBest

    Bulldogs are gonna smoke Amnot right out of ELAC.
    Menudo on Sunday? Here we go!!!

  • JFR

    AMAT 73,

    Don’t worry about it, your good with true CO fans. Good luck in ELA this week.

  • Joe Amat


    I’ve always found it interesting that Damien does play against schools from areas that they draw from.I couldn’t see any area schools EVER even allowing that to happen with Amat (which probably tells us something in and of itself). But it’s always fun to play “what if…”

    ’07 was the worst Amat year ever (not statistically – but the overall experience), Amat beats Loyola, Rancho again (who would go undefeated vs CO the next two years), and St Paul – who won the DIII Championship! I think the Lancers win any local matchup here…. even in our worst year

    ’06 may have been the best year in recent South Hills history (last 30 years). That season Amat had wins over St Francis (who beat Los Altos), St Paul, Loyola, and Rancho Cucamonga. The same year RC that swept South Hills and West Covina in the next two weeks. South Hills other loss was to Esperanza – the team that lost to Loyola in the DI championship game. The same Loyola team Amat also beat a few weeks prior. After this one – it’s gotta be at least 8 or 9 outta 10

    So we’re left with ’02. Amat graduated a bunch from the year before and may have been vulnerable, but we did have some big fellas and could pound the ball. That one woulda been fun.

  • DRanchhhh

    Can someone tell me a bit more about Santa Margarita?? I know they are in the PAC 5/ Trinity league and have a accomplished HS Football coach. Anyone have an idea as to what this team is all about??

  • Happy Thawts

    Bishop Amat would have won the San Antonio in 2006. Yes, West Covina had a good team and South Hills was better but check out these scores.

    Rancho Cucamonga 21, South Hills 20
    Rancho Cucamonga 20, West Covina 0
    Bishop Amat 27, Rancho Cucamonga 17 (Actual 27-10)

    Close ones right? Well BA also won this game without their star running back Dominique Gaisie. BA was also up 27-10 at the end of the 4th Quarter before a consolation RC TD to end the game.

    Check out these names on the 2006 BA roster:

    Dorian Wells
    Bryce McBride
    Carlton Fletcher
    Sheldon Price
    Brandon Sermons
    Jesse Prieto
    Jessie Cervantes
    Dominique Austin

    With talent like this, you’ll find a hard time convincing anyone that SH or WC would have beat BA in 2006.

    2007 is another matter all together. This is the season after the mass exodus of players such as Dorian Wells, Bryce McBride, and Brandon Sermons all who went and became stars at their respective public schools. Dorian Wells would play for South Hills, win the San Antonio,and become the SGV’s Player of the Year. Would BA beat Wells and South Hills in 2007? That’s a tough one and I honestly think the game could have gone either way. This would be BA Coach Mark Verti’s last season…

  • kh

    i will be the bigger man,
    sorry about my action towards saying negitive things towards you and your family,old bad habit,again my bad.
    i should be a better man then what life was like in the past.
    so people take shots at my son,maybe my fault putting his name out there,so thats a start for me to stop using or saying anything about my family,being a man is saying sorry,not hard at all,when in the wrong,a mouse will find a hole and hide,
    we all new its easy to be a bad ass,when its comes to blogging.
    iam going to work on staying on a positive mode,the next time i say or call out somebody no matter what,
    it will be my last sgvtirbunesports blog ever,

  • Aaron

    If you ever stand next to Mr. Huth at the fence during practice or see him at the game you’ll find he has opinion. It is a valid one as he was a CIF champion when he went to Temple City.

    The majority of people here, even I have said some things about players. When it comes to my Bearcats I soften it up and try to show where they need to improve. Staying positive. Trust me I’m a pessimist but for some reason when it comes to Bonita anything I am an eternal optimist.

    However, back to Mr. Huth. He’s a good man whom I have stood next to on several he has nothing but the best wishes for the other kids out there. You probably think he pushes KC too hard…not really, he pushes him hard and knows how to push the buttons. KC is a good kid and a great athlete and a team played. He may not know everything but he’s a parent and because he’s a parent he can have gripes. Some are louder than others…and I’ve seen fathers as well as many mothers the last season that were much harder on the coaching staff than Mr Huth. Actually, some of them make his constructive criticisms look like compliments.

    You may not like him, but many do.

  • big time tartan

    I think Glendora wins in a shootout, I dont know if tartans can cover charter oaks recievers they are tall i believe!!

  • What Advantage?

    I find it interesting with all this talk of the advantages private schools have over public schools when all the news the last two weeks has been public school transfers. All the whinners always point to the idea that private can bring in kids from anywhere. How are public schools now a days any different? You tell me private schools have more resources? You have just as much money at any of the Foothill public schools or the South Hills, Diamond Bars, etc. The difference is that private schools have traditions and bonds that make the alumni want to give back and want to support their Alma Mater after they have left. That is their only advantage.

    And if Damien is not known for football, then why is it always the biggest game on anyone’s schedule, at least the local teams? They know they are going to get all that they can handle.

  • Jackboy

    Why was my comment removed?
    It was relevant to the blogs that are still posted.
    It was neither in bad taste nor in appropriate.

  • Jastrab


    Luca1 or Luca is a well versed writer on the calhi blog and this is as good an assessment you will get on SMHS.

    Santa Margarita started off the Harry Welch era tonight with a scrimmage against El Modena at Santa Margarita High School.

    Coach Welch is only the third head coach the school has had in its 23 years but there are already some obvious changes. First, the physical plant has improved with the addition of a $10 million sports facility that has the best football dedicated weight room I have ever seen at any level. Second, there are more coaches than I have seen for one high school team. It’s a solid staff that includes Marty Spalding and ex-HC Mike Jacot. Third, they seem to be using that weight room since this is the biggest team Santa Margarita has ever fielded.

    I cant draw too many conclusions since El Modena is from a less competitive division and I seem to be unduly optimistic every August. Hope springs eternal. There were some very promising developments and some definite weaknesses that need work.

    There is more enthusiasm than I have seen in several years, with a larger home crowd and more participation from the student body than previously.

    For the offense, it seems the strength might be the offensive line, which is atypical for Santa Margarita. Traditionally this team harkens the “gutty little Bruins” mythology from the 1960s, except that they haven’t always been very gutty recently. This is a big offensive line. Tackle to tackle it averages 63, 275 lb. The leader is likely center Kyle McPherson, a returning two-way starter who may have to start again on defense. The best O lineman may be junior OT Max Tuerk, who was a second-team All Trinity TE last year, now up to 6’6″, 254 lb, very agile, good techniques and aggressive – may be too much since he got tossed from the scrimmage for throwing a punch. He is a D1 player. But there is even more potential in 6’5″ 319 lb soph OT Riley Sorensen who has sufficient agility that he also plays basketball. Overall, the offensive line showed good technique, gave good protection and cleared the way for a lot of running yards. There are three huge and promising sophomore offensive linemen (only one a starter) on this team along with the junior Tuerk.

    They run a four wide receiver spread off a T formation with a single up tight, offset running back. There is not much motion and no TE sets, which I assume is why Tuerk is now an OT. Interestingly, Santa Margarita returns both of its quarterbacks from last year but neither will start. The starter instead is senior Adam Young who played JV last year and who has the best arm I have seen on a Santa Margarita quarterback since 2001. It’s very strong and he threw accurately tonight. He has good size at 6’2″ and runs extremely well. He’s fast. He didn’t see much pressure tonight so his pocket presence remains to be determined. But he has the best potential of any SM quarterback in the last decade. Last year’s starter Bobby Crane is the backup and there is an awfully good-looking strong-armed sophomore at the number three spot in Johnny Stanton, who is also big and will probably see some time at safety.

    The wide receivers are pretty deep with three returning starters in Emmanuel, Higgins and Sweet – all of them 6 or better. Speed is decent but none of them are racehorses. Logan Sweet was an all-state WR/”athlete” as a sophomore but had knee reconstruction last year. I was looking for him to have a major influence – and he did in fact get deep for one touchdown – but overall he seemed perhaps understandably a little tentative both offensively and defensively. There is room for improvement but there is no questioning the ability.

    The starting running back is senior Corey Thomson who ran very well last year and who runs hard, fast and elusively. He is listed at 5’11” 190 pounds but I’m not so sure. He reminds me a little of Carlo Audognotti, now at Boise State. His backup is a sophomore clone who looks like he has a future. The running game was very effective and thank God now develops quickly unlike that goddam pistol offense they have used the last three years. Overall, I was impressed with the offense for this early in the season.. but take it with a grain of salt.

    The defense is a different story. They run a basic 4-3. Once again Santa Margarita is too small upfront. The only decent size on what seems to be the starting D line is with 6’4″ 235 pound junior DE Chris Frost. But he is inexperienced as is the rest of the D line. If you’re going to be smaller on the defensive line, you at least expect to be fast and penetrate but I was not overly impressed with the aggressiveness, push or pressure from the front four. I had visions of Lutheran and Servite averaging 5 and 6 yards between the tackles already. They have an active group of linebackers with junior Matt Anderson, who had an outstanding sophomore year. But they are not oversized, either, and they are more of the sideline to sideline pursuers than the bruiser types who compensate for a questionable D line. The front seven played better as the game went on but this is clearly where the team needs most work. The tackling was decent and the hitting OK.

    The defensive backfield seemed pretty good. EL Mo couldn’t complete too many passes, no one got open deep and even when the running backs cleared the LOS the defensive backfield collapsed pretty quickly and tackled well. It’s a young group and may feature three underclassmen.

    Overall this team is going to be much better than last year and probably it’s best edition since the 2006 semifinalist. There is much more size, better speed and a better offensive design. You could sense an enthusiasm and confidence that was lacking last year. But they are going to need to make some changes upfront defensively and get more aggressive. I suspect they will be forced to two platoon both McPherson and Max The Mad Tuerk. Both have the agility and probably the stamina to play both ways much of the game.

    Next week is home against Diamond Bar. We shall see. Luca

  • la parent: fyi

    Did you know los altos past freshman tightend and running back will be playing this friday and starting. Tight end at bishop and running back at garfield. Just found this out. Wow amazing! Good luck to you boys, la really needs you.

  • Dan

    Joe Amat & Happy Thawts,
    Those are some valid points, now remember I said that I would question those years, I didn’t say it would have happened, I realize it’s pretty tough for a local to beat Amat, even in their down years, I’ve seen it first hand lol.
    Looking at 2002, I figured South Hills with the Payton twins would have had a shot since Damien and Ayala both beat Amat that year, but looking at SH schedule, they didn’t beat anybody of the caliber that Amat beat that year and lost to Claremont, Los Altos,and Walnut, who were all good teams that year [they smoked Walnut later that year] so 2002 would probably have been a long shot for SH. Probably a pretty good game though.
    2007 would have been the best shot for a SA.
    team to upset Amat. Probably Amats weakest team of the decade and one of South Hills stronger teams, once Bogan moved Dorian Wells to tailback SH turned into a different team that year and went all the way to the Semis and lost in overtime to a very good Eldorado team who eventually won the CIF title. [Eldorado was rolling over everybody that year] From what I remember reading, the SH field goal kicker sliped in the mud on a 10 yard field goal try that would have won the game for SH in regulation time.
    In 2006 WC lost some players that were home run threats due to discipline issues, they were’t availiable during most of the key games that season, I think they only played in a total of 4 or 5 games. So remember when you compare the Amat vs RC game for that year and the WC vs RC game, that WC was missing their speed/skill threats for that game, [2 were out due to discipline and the third was injured during the 2nd quarter] not having the depth like Amat they were affected much more without their key players. With all that said, WC would have been missing these key players for most of league
    so Amat most likely would have taken league that year too, but remember that even with the loss of those players WC was pretty tough at the end when they went back to their old offense, blowing out a pretty good Rowland team who was 8 & 1 at the time in a league showdown 49 to 20, and also beating a 10 & 0 Mayfair team rated #1 in the division who in turn had beat a D1 Lakewood team that year. Thats why I say it could be questionable, unlikely but questionable.
    Here is an interesting question Joe and happy thawts, there is no doubt in my mind that Amat was the best team in the area when they got rolling last season, but I believe WC caught Amat before they got rolling, WC played Amat pretty tough that night and were very injured, what happens if WC has their two linebackers and two linemen that they were missing for that game, two of these guy’s were three year varsity starters, another was a senior starting his second year as varsity, the forth guy was also very skilled and the younger brother of Isaac Tucker, he was a good fullback/linebacker, all these kids had all league and possibly all cif potential if they don’t get injured, just having some fun but do you think WC has a chance at an upset?

  • Harry’s no savior


    Harry Welch is perhaps one of the most successfull football coaches in recient history, but if you think he is going to be the savior of that program, guess what ?

    H won’t stick around to long.

    Harry has had a history of controversy and it won’t stop anytime soon. Don’t get me wrong, I have no axe to grind with this guy, it’s just that I’ve known him very well over the years. In fact, he was my english teacher in the 70’s over at Canyon high.

    BTW, at that time he was also moonlighting as a wide recieve coach at LA Valley College so the guys been coaching for a while. On a sad note, the guy was diagnoised reciently with Prostate cancer.

  • kh

    s.d. vs bonita
    In my clean heart, the games hugh for the local two teams.lots of love hate blood flowing this week,my heart says bonita will finish up there field business and bring back the pot,but s.d. has some good home growin players,wide out on offense is 6-6 one of sd finest athletes,plays b.b. too.we have four players who play bb to so the throwing the ball up high and having the big guy get it wont work,we lost our ob they got a new qb from thats a toss up,there line is pretty big and good,sd advanage,running backs maybe lining towards sd,we are young,not much game speed,punting game i have to be basis,bonita kicking game,zero game time for bonita,sd , linebackers bonita has 4 to 5 guys all seniors and thats going to make or break this game its all about bonita linebackers coming to lay some lumber,but in the past,all we do is blist every time leaves hugh holes,if they stay home it will be a long night for sd plus bonita. secondary bonita gelhish senior corner back run a 6.6 60 yard dash,wont get behind him,zack b really good two star athlete, saftey another 6-2 three star athlete,thinking with my mind not my heart. 28 -7 bonita,smugde pot comes home to la verne,
    go bearcats

  • Amat Parent 06-07

    The ’06 and ’07 Football teams of Amat were coached by Verti and very poorly I may add. Nothing personal against Mark Verti just the lack of experience showed in that whole coaching staff as a whole. Question to Amat blog Legend Joe Amat, Had Steve Hagerty been the head coach would the ’06 – ’07 teams performance been better? Including a playoff round? Would there have been the mass exodus of players? As one of the parents of the Verti coached Amat teams of above, most parents believed we had very talented teams in those 2 years, which includes the departed players. I know it is all hindsight now but after seeing Hagerty win I will always wonder if my sons team would have been a winner for Amat and not remembered as the losers they were made out to be.

  • DRanchhhh


    So its fair to say that this is a pretty stout team? Looks like they are solid across the board. I saw a clip of their RB on youtube and the guy can run. This is a team that put up some point against the big dogs, MD, Ser, Olu, Bosco, right? 6’6, 6’5, 6’4,6’5,6’3 offensive line?? DAMMMM. They couldnt win with that last year?? WTH?? Well wish us luck against a decent OC team. Cant wait to get there friday night. All this time i thought this team was the garbage of the OC..

  • Dan

    I read Luca’s post on the Cal Hi board too, and thought about it when you were asking about Santa Margarita, sounds like SM is going to be pretty legit this year, should be a great challenge for D-Ranch, if you guy’s keep it close then look out for the Ranch this year, good luck.

  • shfan

    Charter Oak
    San Dimas
    Baldwin Park
    Bishop Amat
    West Covina
    Diamond Bar
    Los Altos
    Chino Hills
    Diamond Ranch

  • AMAT 73

    AMAT Parent 06-07,
    First off your sons teams are not thought of as losers by any means. We all know what the problem was with those years. All the Lancers from those years who stuck it out will be remembered for staying with the program and giving it their all and living up to what being a Lancer is all about . I think you as well as everyone else knows what the team would have accomplished with Hags at the helm . Let’s just look forward and hope we never return to dark days that we went thru back then. In hindsight we all know Verti was in over his head and it really wasn’t his fault . I had to post on this because you should not think of those teams as losers , they were winners and will always be thought of that way because they still upheld the tradition of being Lancers and playing to the best of their ability in a tough situation.

  • DRanchhhh


    Thanks. Yea i thought SH and CO had a big offensive line. I have learned big O-lines normally get tired after while. Besides they couldnt be as fast as we are?? So we will see…

    I am also wondering how good Damien is this year

  • Prediction

    Glendora- Close game but QB makes differance

    San Dimas- Bonita cannot match up.

    B.P.- Home team = Home Cooking

    Amat- Blowout this is not fair

    West Covina- Covina not ready yet.

    Nogales- Same old D-bar

    Arroyo- Too easy for the Knights

    Pomona- Can you say transfers (pomona ranch)

    El Rancho- Pico Boys prevail

    Ayala- Big time mismatch

    Chino Hills- They are as good as advertised

    Santa Margarita- No beating Harry Welch in opener.

    Bassett- Kepple being Kepple

  • Joe Amat


    Could not have said it better myself – so I won’t try. AMAT Parent 06-07 – walk proud.

  • righteousLJ

    Friday’s games
    Charter Oak
    San Dimas
    Baldwin Park
    Bishop Amat
    West Covina
    Diamond Bar
    El Rancho
    Chino Hills
    Diamond Ranch

  • The Truth

    Hey Fred,

    Do you have any info. about Arroyo’s opponet Ontario Week 0 ?

  • Jastrab


    Yes, it appears they have some size, but you boys have already mixed it up with Edison so I am sure you will represent the ESGV well. Best of luck!

    Santa Margarita was built to be a football school and it is hard to believe they are already twenty years old. They for some reason have never made the transition to D1 or Pac5 which was there plan from day one. They have had some great players, but never pulled it together to win league (I think) or go deep into the playoffs except for one season.

    I believe this is their tenth year in PAC5 with little success. Now with Tesoro fielding some competitive teams I believe they lost some players to them in recent years. I also believe they ran into some trouble recently with an event that Welch ran which Tesoro felt was athletic only which is not allowed.

    I heard they had some self imposed punishment, but will now disclose what happened. The LA Times filed a FOI to get the particulars but the OC archdioceses blocked it. In short, I think they are trying hard to field a competitive PAC5 OC team. With their new facilities they will probably draw some folks their way.


  • Leonard Hudson (Garey Head Coach)


  • BCats


    I would have to agree that the only way Bonita Wins is to stop the run FIRST! Make SD show us they can pass, because in the past, they have destroyed us on the ground!

    But, we have to give credit where credit is due, their backs in the past have best very good to say the least, and we just tried to blitz and over power them. Didn’t work, but this year we need to play smarter football and really watch where the ball goes. The Wing-t is a miss direction style of offense, and its works real well if you have speed, strength and size. But this year, looking at them I just don’t see it like in the past, SO I believe we can do it!

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