Two-Minute Drill with Robledo and Tolegian: Charter Oak vs. Glendora at Citrus College 7 p.m., San Dimas at Bonita, Smudge Pot, 7 p.m.

Aram and I will discuss the two-minute drills on video this season, today we talk about San Dimas-Bonita and Glendora-Charter Oak. On Wednesday we preview Rowland-Baldwin Park and West Covina-Covina.

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  • Mike the Clone


    Charter Oak, just based on the coaching staff alone! Period!


    Mike the Clone

  • Bonita

    Fred – are you going to do an overveiw with video interviews. I think I recall that you said you would do it the week of smudgepot.

  • kh

    28-7 bonita bearcats

  • JD

    Fred, by the end of the first half you will see that this is the best o line that Glendora has had in years & you made the right pick!

  • Under the radar…

    GHS…never had a tour stop during the summer and Fred and Aram only know about Chad. This Tartan team has no flash and no big names, just solid players and little fanfare…just like Coach P likes it. CO you may have reason to be thumping your chest, but know this…GHS will battle to the end. The wildcard in this game is #29… D Hicks also IF and that is a BIG IF Glendora’s secondary can limit big plays look for a return of the Mayor’s Trophy to Foothill and Valley Center!!!

  • Kimbo Slice (of Reality)


    I believe! I hope the boys do as well!

    C.O. has some studs on their D-Line, so I hope our boys are ready for some FOOTBALL!

  • Aaron

    Can’t believe you guys are hyping Codee Watts…look at his numbers! He throws picks like you change underwear.

  • Bonita BIG!!

    The days of Barbone, Joseph, Evans, and Kohler are over. SD is weak this year. I know a few of those kids, and they don’t have a shot. Bonita wins BIG 37-13!!! Congrats in advance goes out to Bonita’s staff and players. Can’t wait to see this ass kicking in person, it’s been a long time coming.

  • JFR


    Nobody over here is chest thumping. Inexperience, youth and thin in numbers (just over 50 kids) is what were working with. Looking forward to see what the newbie’s can do under the lights. Freshman team is huge in #’s and size not to mention some good skill and that’s without the scoob.

  • Wecome Back Mike

    Gee Mike,

    Coach P has done nothing but establish Glendora as a legit, well run, high character program with unbeliveable community support. Along the way he’s also won three straight Sierra League titles and beaten some pretty good teams, some in spectacular fashion…some by the skin of his teeth. Look what he got out of QB K while Jeffries was in the wings.

    How many POY has he had? How many All Leaguers and All CIF players has he developed. Heck even your son made the big time and he was average at best and probably the weakest linemen that year,Addison B was way better if you know your stuff. All Coach P has done is do right by the kids and no one will dispute he’s a solid citizen, by any measurement…so how does he not earn your respect?

    The last time CO played GHS the Tartans lost on a last ditch trick play that almost didn’t happen as the kid almost fell before the endzone. Great game, no shame there….at all! Even in Aram’s interview with Farrar and Coach P you hear his perspective on the game, from his point of view…..class act.

    Gee Mike you’re probably one of those guys who walk the sidelines of high school games, due to some connection, and gossip about how terrible the coach’s decisions are.

    Here’s a sideline tip….! If you’re on the sideline that means you’re ALL IN. Have some class and admit when you’re a wind bag with out a cause.

    Could Glendora wins more games, score more points or even win a CIF Championship any time soon? CIF seems to think so or why else would they move them to the Baseline? Be glad you have a great guy like Coach P and stop being the lone assinthehills. I’ve survived real douche bags for coaches and Glendora has a great bunch of guys from Le Duc to Henley to Coach P.

    Maybe Mike you have a perspective that ignores the individuals at Glendora or maybe you do have the “master plan” …get off your high horse and help out instead of being a royal pain in the butt without cuase.

    Anyone bench your kid for you being a blogass or call your kids defamatory names or have parents attack you personally for your comments? that you would neeed to interject yourself as you do? Glendora has a good thing going, get on board.

    Still have a few “I SURVIVED MIKE THE CLONE” t-shirts…what size are you? Hey if T-Shirts aren’t your thing how about a few PROUD TARTAN BUTTON WEARER Bumper stickers…. in your case they’re FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!

    Dude get a clue.

  • u r better than that

    Aaron – stick to talking up BHS and don’t bag on HS kids from other teams. You are better than that.

  • JFR

    Damn, that was strong.

  • Bonita Preview

    Fred – when is the Bonita preview coming?

  • Aaron

    Shawn Kennedy(San Dimas)
    Cmp: 56 Att: 102 Yds:1225 Pct: .549 TDs: 12 Ints:4 QB Rat: 121 Rsh:25 Yds: 159 TD: 1

    Codee Watts (Denair)
    Cmp: 86 Att: 192 Yds: 1346 Pct: .448 TDs: 14 Ints: 15 QB rat: 60 Rsh: 70 Yds: 473 TDs 6
    Had a big game against Mariposa Country throwing 6 TDs vs two INTs.

    You tell me…who would you rather have…Watts or Kennedy?

  • FredJ

    The preview for every team in the area is in tomorrow’s prep magazine..

  • not the point

    not the point Aaron, quit bagging on 17 year olds in the blogs. They are not getting paid and dont deserve you bagging on them. My feeling is you have no idea what this kid has done on the offseason to prepare himself, much like most people outside of LV dont know how hard GP has worked this offseason. Not to bag on your backup, but I would probably rather have both of these guys over your guy, based purely on experience.

  • Bonita Fan

    Really, no online video interview in the blogs. You sort of implied there would be one in a previous blog when you were talking about other teams.

  • FredJ

    The Bonita interview from Friday’s scrimmage is on Aram’s In the Huddle blog..


    I truely thought you were above this type of post. Why bag on a kid that has no relativity to Bonita other then playing against them the first game. Really not your style to come out like that . It looks like a kh post but with an education behind it . If the coach feels he is worthy then so be it .

  • oops

    Thanks Fred – i normally stick to this blog since that is where I saw the other previews. I saw it now.

  • Aaron

    It is Smudgepot week.

    I like Spathias to manage the game and get the ball to the playmakers. He can do that and we’ll see maybe even a little more.

    However I expect the defense to come in and shut SD down for awhile. Speed at linebacker, speed at corners…great rush up front now. I believe in these kids. They’re a great group, and it looks like the ones coming after them will be great as well.

  • The Obvious

    Glad to see that there is still one guy at Glendora that:

    1. Thinks winning league titles is a good thing when winning a CIF title is the prize.
    2. Likes having “POY’s” and “All Leaguers” that haven’t won a CIF title.
    3. Likes beating some “pretty good” teams.
    4. Likes winning in spectacular fashion.
    5. Attacks a kid’s ability on the field.
    6. Thinks Glendora can score more points.
    7. Thinks Glendora can win a CIF title.
    8. Thinks CIF moved Glendora to the baseline to win a CIF title.
    9. Thinks it’s fashionable to wear “”I survived Mike The Clone” t-shirts and buttons.
    10. Is jealous that someone has a field pass.
    11. Thinks there a lot of “High Horses” in Glendora.
    12. Can’t spell the word “Cause”
    13 Thinks that the coach’s at Glendora bench kids for parents being a “blogass” (whatever that is)on a blog.We thought Glendora was a “well run, high character program” hummmmm maybe not if that goes on. And what does Welcome Back Mike know that the rest of us don’t know.

    Maybe we really don’t have a clue, Ya think? Good luck Glendora you are going to need it.

  • who cares what week it is

    Aaron, these are not pro teams or even college teams and you are supposed to be an adult. You really think going online and bagging on 16 and 17 years olds is the right thing to do

  • who cares what week it is

    Aaron, these are not pro teams or even college teams and you are supposed to be an adult. You really think going online and bagging on 16 and 17 years olds is the right thing to do

  • who cares what week it is

    Aaron, these are not pro teams or even college teams and you are supposed to be an adult. You really think going online and bagging on 16 and 17 years olds is the right thing to do

  • kh

    say it ain’t so.
    nice stab at me,
    dont think arron was crumming on players,putting up stats,whats wrong with that?
    arrons a rule follower,not a player hater.brings life to the blog.
    will miss you at the big game friday night arron,good luck in school, kh out.

  • Mike the Clone

    Dear Welcome Back Mike…..

    You still don’t “GET IT” it’s not a personal thing with Mark Pasquarella. It’s all about in between the lines. Pretty easy concept to comprehend.

    If you want to make it personal about me that’s OK, I’ve dealt with little whinie parents and alumn like you before.So blast away!

    Talk about clueless! Gezzz

    Got to get me one of them shirts!!!

    I AM OUT!

    Mike the Clone

  • Stay home Mike the Clone…

    Clone…your days have passed you by. When your boy was playing and GHS was winning, everything was great…when they were losing it was because of the coaching. Maybe you forgot to tell your boy to look in the mirror to figure out why they didn’t win. You’re a bitter has been now and have nothing nice to say about the program, so why don’t you leave and don’t let the door hit you in the a$$ on the way out!!! Your true colors/insecurities are shining brighter than ever!!!

  • Win a CIF title then pop off

    Winning? what did they win when his kid was playing? NADA you fool! You’re just another pasgy apologist and just another pasgy one and done team.
    Another Glendora a$$ kisser trying to get his kid some playig time and satisfied with just being average…….Clone I feel your pain.

  • Another Has Been…

    Win a CIF title and…

    Dude another has been…how many CIF titles have you won? You’re a tool to the highest degree. A note to all you coaches that haven’t won a CIF title…I guess you ain’t nothin’. More to life than titles, quit living through your kids play. You couldn’t do it and so you have to blame all those type of coaches who wouldn’t play you. Mike the Clone and his apologists are tools that never made it to the next level…HAS BEENS!!!!

  • kh

    dose anyone besides myself have a cif football championship on the blog?
    inless you have earned one then,why talk about it,,,
    t.c. rams baby cif champs 1977-78 season 21 to 7 oner lywood.
    pride and hard work is how you get one,
    plus good coaching is a must…

  • Dan

    I remember playing against that Lynwood squad
    that year, they had a big runningback who was 230
    pounds and was said to run the hundred yard dash in 9.9 seconds,can’t remember his name, this was in the season of 77, I think I remember you guy’s beating El Rancho in the semifinals the week before too.

  • kh

    game 1.mark kepple
    2. la serna
    3. el ranchho
    4. lynwood cif champs t.c. rams
    we as a school have 7 or 9 cif not bad from a little town called t.c.
    it all started down in he all american jr. football league at live oak park.
    lots of the older tt.c. guys with cif rings would coach down on the farm league.
    we ran the same plays down there as the h.s. did up there.
    coach hitchcocks son was on are team so he was at every game.
    hitchcock was the rams head coach.won 47 straight game lost streak to st francis 10 to 0 on there field middle 70 i was at the dan thanks for bringing back t.c. glory years.we put together a reunion last year from our cif team,it was cool about 30 players and 4 coaches showed up at mark farries house,i have every game film from that year,on a dvd some body put it all together,fill like all bundy watching it with son.

  • Short Memory

    “Another has been” has a short memory!(But I bet he won’t even know what we are talking about which makes it even more hillarious)
    Talk about an apologist!