GET YOUR PREPXTRA FOOTBALL PREVIEW TODAY What’s coming? Friday night scoreboard, Bishop Amat on Coveritlive, post game video interviews, and of course, Saturday Morning Quarterback

PREPXTRA UPDATE: Have already fielded calls and emails saying newsracks are sold out in some areas. Not to worry, we’re selling them at the Tribune at 1210 N. Azusa Canyon Rd., in West Covina for $1, so you can purchase as many as you want. We don’t have an unlimited supply, so get down here today to get your copy.

Also: If any of you got the wrong copy (I.E. Star-News copy) in your home subscription or news rack, email I’m told he can mail you a copy. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I will post Aram’s entertaining preview column and quarterbacks preview later, as well as the top ten. But for now, go get your copy of PrepXtra today

Quarter-by-Quarter updates and final scores.
With Friday around the corner, time to let you know what’s coming. For those with the internet on your cell phone or for those just sitting at home, you can click the link above for quarter-by-quarter updates of the games listed, with final scores posted soon after games are finalized. Because of Bishop Amat’s huge following, we’re going to cater to it more than ever on Coveritlive, an interactive Q&A with bloggers that will provide live updates throughout the game hosted by my cousin Mike, a tech nut. We used Coveritlive for several Amat games last year, and also for San Dimas’ and Charter Oak’s championship games, and got a huge response. The plan for now is to cover every Amat game on Coveritlive, and why not, the blog numbers tell us it’s a no brainer. For the games Aram, Steve and I cover, we will provide post-game video interviews, and finally, we’re bringing back the always popular “Saturday Morning Quarterback,” which is a thread that provides all the updated scores on Friday nights less than an hour after the games are played, which is also the thread for all of you to dissect the games throughout the weekend. On late Friday’s, Aram and I will post a video giving our thoughts of Friday night outcomes as well. Like we promised a few months ago, starting with Wednesday’s first-ever Football Preview Magazine PrepXtra, we plan on providing you with as much football coverage as you can absorb.

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  • Competitive high school football has just taken on a whole new meaning. It’s really time to play or step aside. No more excuses, gentlemen…no more excuses. “All eyes are on you!”

    Laurence Todd

  • We own the rest of the week, too, Freddie. But point taken.

  • 1st and goal

    Are you kidding me? This is the cover? He hasnt taken a 1 varsity snap at all and you place this kid on the cover. How about you place the 2 QBs of last years CIF championship teams. They deserved it. The did what no one else did in the valley. They proved themselves to be worthy to 1)Stand in at the best and 2) wear the ring.

    Im just sayin’.

  • FJR <3 BA

    Someone other than Amat on the cover? Are you crazy? You know what a stiff one Freddy has for BA!

  • just sayin’

    1st and goal – maybe they did #2 – but not #1. This guy did.

  • BTW

    Ruiz’s passing stats from ’09 =
    2 for 2, 2 TD’s

  • Hey Fred

    Hey Fred I think you missed the boat on the pre-view cover. If you are going to put two Quarter backs on the cover then you needed to put the two best Jefferies and Pendleton. these two are way better than any other two in this valley. nd they are both Seniors.

  • FredJ

    I knew there would be some objections when it came to the cover, because we were limited to two athletes, and with a QB theme, there were tons of choices like Charter Oak’s Travis Santiago, Rowland’s Michael Ball, Arroyo’s Steven Rivera, Covina’s Billy Livingston, San Dimas’ Shawn Kennedy, Bonita’s Garrett Pendleton, South Hills’ Vincent Hernandez, etc. I went with perhaps the highest-rated of them all in Chad Jeffries, and the most intriguing in Rio Ruiz. I thought they were the most compelling QB stories going into 2010. You know how this goes, no matter which two you decide on, someone will always tell ya you missed the boat on so and so.

  • Great Cover


    There is no need to explain to the haters on how you chose the QB’s on the cover. Jefferies is Solid and Rio is the next one to QB The Amat Lancers. It make sfor a good story, after all Rio as a Sophmore last year played WR and made some huge catches for the Lancers last season, including one that got tipped and tipped again by Rio to beat Mater Dei in a playoff game. This is a talented athlete and as a Junior this year he will be one of the most watched and talked about athletes in both football and baseball. Yes Rio is that good. As Rio gets comfortable with his offense and starts to feel that comfort not only will he light up the scoreboard with TD passes but this guy can run with the ball as well. Amat packs their stadium every friday nite during football season but when RIO gets it going and he will that stadium will really be a place to be because everyone will be coming to Amat to see this guy play. Good Choice Fred you will not regret putting Rio on your cover this is Amat next great one. My newspaper delivery guy better not be late with my paper tomorrow he gets there at 5 am I will be waiting there for this issue. Thanks Fred Nice Job.

  • JFR

    I can’t believe people are crying about the cover, get a frickin life people. It’s not like your going to be able to sell it to a comic bookstore for 100G’s morons. Do you care about a cover or success on the turf.

  • AMAT 73

    Fred J,
    That cover makes all the sense in the world. If you look at it from a football perspective, QB being the most important position, you have the best and the perceived best to come . If there is a cover story I am sure you do the explaining there. Looking forward to my morning delivery of the Trib . You , Aram , and Steve should give all the delivery people a pep talk on getting out early tomorrow for on time delivery. You guys are doing a great job this season as far as coverage of the teams in our end of the SGV. Keep up the good work . Just do me a favor and throw that nation t-shirt in the nearest trash can .

  • Aaron

    It does give into Robledo’s bias…or the school he always tends to favor. No offense 73 but he does and we all know it. However if you wanted it to be QB centric you could have gone with five QBs.

    Jeffries, Santiago, Ruiz, Rivera, and Pendleton.
    You could go with a sixth and have Kennedy…or you could have gone with Kennedy and Santiago since they are the only ones with rings.

  • FredJ

    If bias is giving extra attention to the biggest area following and greatest football tradition in the San Gabriel Valley, then I guess I’m biased.

  • Aaron

    Yes Amat has a large following. We know that you seem to hammer the nail every day. But to say they have the most football tradition…woah you’d be off. Schools in this Valley were winning titles is all sports well before Amat was even thought of by the Archdiocese…so that argument is a wash.

    I really do dislike the whole Amat is superior to everyone else in every single way…when in fact…they’re just another school. Do they have a great athletic and academic tradition: YES However, so do many other schools that have a much more hollowed history than Bishop Amat.

  • FredJ

    The bottom line Aaron is that every team in our coverage area will be previewed in tomorrow’s magazine. That’s something we haven’t been able to do since newspapers thrived years ago. You have to understand newspapers are struggling today, so catering to readership demands is more important than ever. But you’re absolutely right about tradition, I may have jumped the gun on that. Though Amat and it’s five major titles are great, Los Altos makes a great case too.

  • Besides being Pac-5

    You guys, it’s simple numbers. BA has a lot more fans and not just by a little, but by the thousands.

    Fred and Aram have no choice especially considering that last year, the top 5 football articles clicked on (on this website) were about BA.

    In other words gentlemen, you must always cater to your largest audience in order to stay open for business.

  • Aaron

    Congratulations to Bishop Amat Memorial High School for being ranked 8th in the PAC-5 preseason CIF poll.

    Other Notables:Chino Hills at fourth, CO at fifth, Upland at sixth, Norco at seventh, and Rancho Cucamonga at tenth in the pre-season Inland poll. What I find interesting is the respect given to the Sierra league with two teams in the top five, and also Rancho with how much they graduated.

    San Dimas is 1st in the Mid-Valley, Azusa taking 7th.

    Diamond Ranch is fourth in the Southeast, West Covina at fifth and Rowland at tenth, Bonita also receiving votes/consideration. A ton of respect for the Suburban and Hacienda leagues.

    Ifo Ekpre-Olomu was profiled and the video footage on him by the times is at the Bonita Air Assault. Now as the one of the top if not the top prospects in Southern California/California would have been a great candidate for the cover.

  • Norco

    Ive seen Chino Hills and they have no business being ranked in the top five…I can`t comment on CH because I have not see them as of it…But CH IS OVERRATED

  • jcaz

    On a side note, there was a nice little article on Amat’s very own Sheldon Price in today’s Tribune.

    He is the starting corner back on UCLA’s defense which also has another Amat grad as a back up on that very same unit.

    I vividly remember during the Long Beach Poly game, where Sheldon make a touchdown saving deflection to deny the Jackrabbits a score that would have put them ahead.

    Amat is well represented in division 1 football by this young man.


    Please tell me the many other schools that have a much more hallowed tradition and history than Amat .I will spot you the Heisman at Bonita but for them that’s about as far as it goes. One time does not make for tradition , one time history yes but tradition no way. Now who else ? Remember you wrote many and also much more.

  • Aaron

    I wasn’t going to rest on my laurels and say Bonita. However since you brought it up…we did win in the big division…but that was you know in the 40s.

    The school I was going to point to is Covina and not Bonita. Covina is seven years older than Bonita is. They won their fair share of titles…a few in leather helmets.

  • what a joke

    Fred and daddy Ruiz must have established a great relationship. He must take care of u pretty well. Ur really a joke for all the reasons other bloggers have stated. WOW!!!!

  • Joe Amat


    You’re talking about longevity – but that doesn’t always equal tradition. It’s about great teams and great players. You read “The Kings” retrospectives. Laden with Lancer references. I respect the Colts a bunch, but bloggers talk about our drought of titles at the highest level – Covina’s last in their division was the same year as ours… then you have to go all the way back to the Wolak to Impastato Colts of 1980 for the next one. And the 4 titles in the 20’s & 30’s and beating teams like San Diego only highlights how many teams were around then.

    Had you made the Los Altos argument it may have held more water. Outside of them it’s a long way to the next tier.

  • Live Blogging

    I know I’m not going to convince you to take the in-game blogging off of Amat… but what would it take to get another in-game blog or two each week at some of the area’s other coveted games. You talk about needing to appeal to your constituents, and while we get that Amat is the biggest fan base, but they play mostly out of area teams, so covering a game between two area teams might get you as much or more people interested in a given game. Just a thought, it only takes a lap top with wireless internet, and someone who can type along with the game. Might be worth it.

  • Live Blogging

    I know I’m not going to convince you to take the in-game blogging off of Amat… but what would it take to get another in-game blog or two each week at some of the area’s other coveted games. You talk about needing to appeal to your constituents, and while we get that Amat is the biggest fan base, but they play mostly out of area teams, so covering a game between two area teams might get you as much or more people interested in a given game. Just a thought, it only takes a lap top with wireless internet, and someone who can type along with the game. Might be worth it.

  • socalfootball fan

    To Norco,
    How come all the hate for Chino Hills ranking in the PRESEASON POLL. This is not the BCS where early rankings are important. Fortunately the best team will rise to the top at the end of the season. Most teams in their scrimmage play vanilla football as other teams are scouting them. What you see in the scrimmage will have little importance once the real games start. Chino Hills will be good this year.

  • COSteelCurtain


    This magazine is great. Only thing is that it’s selling out and it’s just 6:30 am. You might wanna deliver/send many more out here to the CO/Glendora area. I got mine. Congratulations to you and everyone involved. Great job!

  • FredJ

    Live Blogging, that’s an excellent point. What worked out last year is we did have people with computers at other games who signed on the coveritlive and gave updates along with Amat, and almost as quick as the Amat updates all on the same thread. When that happens, I will let you know. In fact, whatever game I’m covering, I can send Mike updates as well. I tried covering a game and doing coveritlive at the same time as was overwhelmed, I couldn’t keep stats and follow the game I needed to in order to write a story at the end of the night.

  • jcaz


    I won’t be able to pick up a paper until late this afternoon, by then, you guys may very well be out of stock.

    Having said that, could you recommend a place for us “late” buyers to pick up a copy ?

  • Dogmeat

    I loved Pastor Bogans favorite saying in prepXtra but it should read something like this. “Let’s kick any kid under the bus that doesn’t want to play for us, amen”.

  • Fred Robledo

    You can purchase copies, or multiple copies here at the Tribune, 1210 N. Azusa Canyon Rd, West Covina for $1….

  • kh

    is todays copy have the qb from monrovia on the cover or in la verne some how i got wrong issue.?

  • Rowland Man!

    Wheres the love for Michael Ball (Rowland )?
    Chad is legit, but to have a baseball player with just 1 good catch last year for his resume is on the cover of your HS football preview. Come on Fred?
    Stats dont lie:
    Sophomore-W/L 10-3+ playoff, 113-168, 1,871yds-TD/Int 17-8
    Rushing 79 for 676yds 6 tds
    Junior was starting to have a great season until his injury:
    Passing-42-72 728yds- TD/Int 12-1
    Rushing 37 for 180yds
    My point: Rio can be potentially good, but Ball has done it and is not finish.

  • Kimbo Slice (of Reality)


    C’mon man. You hype this Prep X-tra issue for how long? We all are chomping at the bit to get it! I PURCHASE your fine newspaper in Glendora, one that says SAN GABRIEL VALLEY TRIBUNE and get the STAR NEWS insert?

    WTF! you guys work so hard in putting this literature piece out and some half asleep/awake mail room dumbass can’t put the right edition in the correct paper.

    I see it was a marketing ploy. To get us all to PURCHASE two of these well known editorials.

    No wonder they are sold out. Everyone is having to buy two or three papers just to get the correct insert. Fine job guys!


  • TeachDGame

    Too Damn funny, actually NOT FUNNY…. you guy’s worked so hard and your distribution people SUCK… hahahaha I too bought a Trib in Glendora, sit down with my coffee and open up the paper only to see the friggin Star News Edition…… JEEEEEESSSUUUUUUUUSSSS, that really sucked, now I have to go out and try and find another newstand…

    P.S…… Star News Edition was awesome, you guy’s did a great job…. I grew up in that area and attended one of your top teams… so it was kinda cool seeing what is up in that end of the valley.



    cmon I opened up my SGV Tribune and I find the pasadena star news:( I have too say that I have never been heart broken by a newspaper but this one takes the cake. Months of anticipation and none of the teams in my area. Its Okay the Pasadena star put together a great magazine!

  • FredJ

    I’m heartbroken over these comments, I believe it’s also happening in reverse in the Star-News area. We have alerted our publisher, and I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We do have copies at the Tribune, and again, when I get further information I will certainly send it your way.

  • JFR

    Kh, I’m in LV also but I walked out to the tribune in my driveway and it was a good read. Sorry.

  • kh

    fred .
    how in the world with max prep stats stuck in every body heads,can you put a rookie on the cover?
    dude just another bullshit amat plug.
    micheal ball after getting his neck twisted like linda blair,hands down he had good numbers the last two season bro.bonita g.p. put up some nice number too.
    this amat crap never stops.
    your like the kid who brings the basketball and dosnt get picked to play,ends all fun and takes his ball home,game over.
    make the amat kid pay his dues fred,nothing wrong with that,you did the same thing to the young man in baseball last season making him the almighy,which he is above alot other athletes,i didnt see any ring brought home from amat last season,so stop putting amat nation to high too fast,thats all.make them earn it fred.stop handing out the oscars before the awards banquet. no am not going to run out to get another paper,just to see your prep xtra,you guys fumble the ball,on your openning drive.makes for a long season,get it together.
    your pros.inless this is all a scam to sell papers so your boss will say,that a boy keep up the good work guys,,,i would not put it pass ya guys,you scammed us all during baseball season last year with your AMAT rated number 1 all season.
    lets all vote.
    scam =kh votes yes =1
    no scam just a mistake= 0
    voters let us no you true feelings.

  • just sayin’

    Fred – you should have a trade in program at the office. Bring in your copy of the Star edition to get your copy of the Trib version. And vice-versa.

  • FredJ

    KH, I was never the last one picked to play…


    Still waiting for the list of the many schools . You came up with Covina who yes when leather helmets were in , but as a football tradition I don’t think so . Where are the many others you mentioned or did you really put your foot in it this time.

  • SGVsBest

    Hey dumb A$$E$-
    Howbout checking the newspaper before you walk away with it!
    This ain’t the social security office, the WIC office or even the Goodwill.
    Take responsibility for what you buy, damm it!
    Good jod, Fred and Trib staff.

    I got mine! Other than the over rated Amnot JAA Lancers, everything looks good.


    Maybe you were meant to get the Star News copy because the Trib knew you would biatch and moan when you saw Rio on the cover and not KC . I mean he is a top flight QB or so you say . Get over it you guys have a big game coming up so focus on that .Maybe a little jealousy towards Rio’s baseball ability and the press he gets has you so riled up .

  • Lan C. Erbacker

    Echo the previous statements….I got the paper, got my coffee, pulled out the PrepXtra and BAMM!!!! It was the Star News Edition. I feel like the kid who didn’t get Ice Cream and I’m watching all the other kids eat theirs šŸ™ Great Job by the Star News Guys though, The mag looks great! Now I just need to find a News stand with a Bishop Amat insert. The Quest begins!

  • FredJ

    If any of you got the wrong copy (I.E. Star-News copy) in your home subscription or news rack, email I’m told he can mail you a copy. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • kh

    just maybe.
    kh hear,never did i say hes a top notch qb,never seen the young man play,so would be lying if i said that.
    but i did see him in the sh vs amat baseball game at mtsac last season,he crushed a bomb bro,i did see that so with that in my mind the boy can hit,and hit with power,i do remember sh shirley putting on a hard hit on him in a pickle play and he handled that ,so the kids tough,iam sure he will do fine behind the center,never ? that….
    dose he get to rep the new prep book form his stats,or is it from his peers fred fred fred ,
    thats all kh was getting at,
    i wish all young men the best in life what ever schools they rep…
    fred i wasnt talking about you getting picked last,just a saying..i would pick you on my team sure you hustle and handle ball enough to help any team compete,maybe even bust acouple threes dogg.i have love for know that,
    if we were in a alley in trouble with some big boys,you know i would have your back bro..might even bring some of the mob boys,we can always make that call to arcadia hahaha inside joke.
    or you could call amat 73 think he would get your back?
    have a good day fred.

  • AMAT 73

    Prep Staff,
    Nice job on the Prep Xtra insert in todays paper. I was not expecting it in magazine form so I thought someone highjacked my copy for a minute. It covers all the teams so everyone should be happy . Haters will always find a reason to gripe as they say a leopard can’t change their spots. One thing I have to say and it pertains to coveritlive is that maybe you should have the main coverage by your cousin Mike be the game of the week instead of AMAT every week . For example the CO vs Glendora game or even the Smudgepot ( this is for you Aaron ) has much more interest to the SGV than the AMAT vs Garfield game as it should . I for one believe as you say with the huge following the Lancers have we are usually at our games and I for one would like to know what’s going on at the big game of the week .Now if were AMAT vs Damien granted there is interest to the valley. Believe me when I say we have our own network to get info when one can’t make it to a game . It’s getting to the point where you guys are saturating the valley with so much AMAT, your blog base is getting fed up or have been fed up with it.

  • FredJ

    Amat 73, great point, I will certainly consider it after this week…

  • reality

    Great job on the magazine guys. You cannot possibly make everyone happy but it is a guide I’m sure all use all season. My only regret is that H.C.’s obviously don’t provide complete roosters with height and weight stats. Where is the best place to get this info or is it all classified and hush-hush?

  • sgvfootballfan

    Great job with Prep Xtra……

  • FredJ

    An FYI, PrepXtra is here to stay, this is how we will do previews for the winter, spring and fall seasons. In the winter we will preview boys and girls soccer, boys and girls basketball and wrestling….It tires me just writing it, we haven’t covered our first football game and we’re already outlining the December issue…

  • kh

    amat 73 good point.
    the guy who said something about haters,
    i think your out of bounds,did you get your prep book.? when you openned your paper?
    well some of us didnt,
    now some how some where i want to see it so are you close by l/v/ ?
    maybe i can come by to thumb thru it,
    you can look thru my wsgv prep mag.
    thats all not hating,just alittle bummed.

  • Aaron

    Not in La Verne but I asked my parents to look for it and send it to me…the Tribune is either sold out or Bueno is everywhere.

  • FredJ

    KH, I’ll keep a special copy with me just for you the next time I run into ya…

  • Observantcat

    Good Point Amat 73, I also think that it is a diservice to the eastside to not at least have Michael Ball on the front cover with these two guys, he definatley deserves the coverage way more than both of these guys, I understand Fred has a definate bias of anyone outside the BA family but this steps way out of the way to prove it. Paper sales my butt, unless you are in the business of stocks and not prep sports, this really doesn’t make sense. I think that a Rowland fan showed you the stats of Michael and I’m sure you have seen them yourself but have taken a so what kind of attitude toward the message. I hope that this doesn’t come back to bite you in the Ass, because there are at least 10 games to be played on everyone’s schedule and if BA doesn’t live up to what you call “More Potential” and Rowland does prevail to what is known as a great QB rating then it makes the cover even muddier than Nick Bueno’s face for the Westside edition.

  • JFR


    You might want to get a bodyguard because the observantcat is on the prowl and he’s talking about biting asses and all sorts of crazy crap. He kind of sounds like coach Snyder did in your interview after the CO loss in the semis. Could it be one in the same. HHHHMMMMMMMMMMM.

  • sgv paper boy

    You need today’s paper? Find a school with maroon colors and a horse shoe on it. I saw a coach looking guy going to two stands on Citrus and grabbing all the paper in the stand.

  • Aaron

    Just got off the phone with parents. We only get the Trib Thursday through Sunday…and they bought three between them and the third paper had the insert in it…seems like people stripped the papers in the newsrack.

  • AMAT 73

    My only reply to anything about Ball was when somebody asked something to the effect of him being the QB at AMAT . Not exactly sure but something like that . My reply was I do see a great athlete in Ball but I don’t think he would be used as the QB at AMAT and believe me when I say I would love to see Ball in the Blue and Gold . To me he would be a much bigger weapon in a RB or WR simply because we run a different style of offense and he could also be used in the defensive back field . Could we change our offense to show case his abilities , yes but I just think he would be used differently at AMAT .I think that is what kind of helps us by having depth AMAT that allows the coaches to make these types of moves with players. Unfortunately it won’t happen but you read where Booth is now a tight end and not the QB all thought he would be. What I wrote on Rio being on the cover is you have the best in Jeffries ( which has been stated many times on the blog and by the blog moderators ) and the “perceived” best to come. Maybe since one theme of the magazine was on the QB position all the ESGV QB’S should have been on the cover . I do know and many of the faithful know Rio has much to prove and is still a work in progress but going by his abilities he should be fine. I hope this clears it up a little because I don’t know where the ” more potential” came from and I would never think of Ball as a ” so what ” to what he has accomplished , the kid is legit and should see many college offers . KH was that post entirely addressed to me or just the first part.

  • FredJ

    As the first comment from me explained, we were asked to keep the cover to one or two players. Believe me, when we started out, I wanted at least five on the cover, but the graphics people were concerned because it’s a vertical shot, not the usual horizontal picture that goes in a newspaper.

  • kh

    amat 73. yes just the first part,
    you have always been kind on the blog,bring goodness with sence.
    no harm no foul.
    fred i will be at smugdepot friday,bring it there if you want.
    fred so whos accountable for the blemish?
    or is it just water under the bridge.
    go with the flow.its really not a big deal,what it shows us is in life the littlest changes can make the biggest inputs on others thaughts.we get into the same groove day in and day out,try changing something in your life,the little daily throws the whole cycle off. we have to reprogram every thing. these last 11 months sober,ive changed every thing that use to be routine,its slowly working out ok i guess.
    go bearcats

  • Ed

    So I wake up early and go get the leaflet known as the “Tribune”. I sit down with my bowl of cereal on the table and a spoonful of Cheerios halfay to my mouth and I thumb through the paper.

    To make a long story short (I know too late) IT wasn’t in there! All this hype for what???? I got 2 sections and a stupid “Relish” insert. No Prepxtra for me. Thank you SGV Tribune for ensuring your subscribers get their copy!

  • Explain this

    I’m a little confused here. You guys ranked Ruiz above Rivera, Ball and Santiago just based on “potential”?! What?! How do you go about doing that?

    It’s like saying someone has the “potential” of being a jerk. But until I actually SEE that someone do something bad, like kick a puppy, I’m not going to call him a jerk. So how do you rank a kid(who’s never played that position) above three others that have actually proven themselves on the field at the position that they play? It’s like a slap in the face for the other three.

  • FredJ

    Kimbo, as much as I wanted to leave that comment, you know I couldn’t, but point taken.

  • sgv paper boy

    Fred, how about if you create a different forum for traditional SGV football teams and teams like amat, that recruit heavily and have out of area players on their rosters? I think that would be fair, being that amat has no reason not to D-1 every year. You could then dedicate that forum exclusivley as they march on to a state title.

  • jcaz

    Believe it or not, I have to agree with 73 on this one. However, the fact that some of you got your panties in a bunch due to the fact that an Amat player got on the cover is just an excuse for some of you guys to blog under the influence… know, not a DUI, but a BUI….

    Moving on here….

    Perhaps a second edition wouldn’t necessarily be out of the question some time down the road here Fred ? Perhaps even right before league play for some of the area schools ? What do you think Freddie ?

    On another note, all of you bloger’s please keep in mind that the football season actually begins tomorrow for many of our youngsters. Some f not most of the JV and Frosh games are often times played on Thursdays.

  • Dragon 6

    What has this kid really done to be on the cover. I’m sure his parents are proud but again did he outshine Jerry Mc last year. He was good as a receive, but playing QB is a different story. At this point he’s done nada! This is not Baseball however good luck to him and the rest of the Lancers.

  • Kimbo Slice (of Reality)

    I love you Freddie!

    No worries, I was kind of shocked it was up for as long as it was. Thank you.

    So next years Prep Xtra will have the Edgewood QB on the cover for all papers, right?

    Love you more.

  • Observantcat

    Ok guys, I guess my point is not to take Ruiz off the Cover and add Ball, but why not have all three on the cover. Fred has answered that question. question. It still a bit shysty if you ask me. But never the less it’s a great Magazine and I have both sidee east and west.

  • Facts are facts

    For all that are questioning why Rio is on the cover, come to a Amat game and see for yourself. You guys mention Ball and Santiago and this guy and that guy but here is the other side,,, against who do these supposed superstars play against? last time I checked Rio will be going against Pac5 D1 defenses, who is Ball running and throwing against? Last year a kid from Walnut of all places almost tore Balls head off his shoulders and he was scrapped for the season. Oh yeah , Ball did not even play last year and you want him on the cover. Maybe Abrey Coleman should be on the Cover.

  • SGVsBest

    C’mon people…Leave the Amnot JAA Lancers alone.
    That’s the way thye like it over there in La Puente….Alone!
    Garfield will take care of this arrogant attitude very quickly!
    Bulldogs 28 – Menudo 9

  • amat!!

    Fred, I have to commend you for defending your choice. Excellent choice for the cover.

    Shame on all you people talking so much crap about a kid ho happens to be an awesome athlete!

  • Dan

    Bought the paper this morning but just got the chance to read the Prep Extra right now, Great job Fred and Aram it’s been a long day waiting to read this, but worth the wait.

  • old timer

    Trying to figure out all the hype about the new prepXtra-
    This is the same thing that used to be in the paper every year.About 1-2 weeks before the first game a different league was in the paper every day until all leagues were done.And is was the layout as this one. What am I missing here?

  • Rowland Man!

    Facts are facts, How in the hell do you lose your thoughts after just two sentences? You say that Ball got hurt last year against Walnut, then you say he did not play last year WTF! I’m not trying to knock Rio at all, It just would’ve been cool to give props to someone that has done something on the football field beside one freakin good catch last year. Like you say, Rio will be going against Pac5 D1 defenses, ”will be” does not make him great, just too much hype, let the kid develope then we’ll start talking.For Ball to put up those numbers as a sophmore, those are nice stats.

    Oh yeah, Aubrey Coleman would have been a better choice on that cover for doing something on the football field and not the diamond.

  • just sayin’

    Rowland Dude – The Serra League is the 3rd toughest league IN THE NATION by most accounts. Ruiz was 1st team all Serra League. So he was one of the best offensive players in one of the best leagues – IN THE NATION. I think he did “something” on the football field.

  • Bishop Amat… LOL

    Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
    Bishop Amat 7 0 7 7 21
    West Covina 0 7 0 0

    West Covina could’ve been lucky in the Serra too! Just maybe…

    Game went down to the wire!

    No doubt CO would’ve stomped on Amat…

  • kurmugin

    Great marketing and PR coup. You get the prepxtra in your paper, if you can find it, for 50 cents (or less if you subscribe) or you don’t get it. Then you can drive to the Trib offices and pay $1 for it. Couldn’t just give it to we readers who missed out because distribution screwed up or someone stole it. Nah, that would make too much sense. Bottom line thinking will make certain you reach the bottom sooner.

  • RIVER OR Little lake

    Ok Fred to say Rio is better that Jerry M. Or a step up common really. His stats last year must have been great. Oh wait Rio did not play QB. Jerry did. I mean Jerry come backs big games won. etc etc. Let me guess you must of for got. Check back a couple years back Jerry M. led the Amat team to it’s glory year. Put Amat back on the map. Rio has yet to play one varsity game as QB. From what I have seen his has an up hill battle to learn and lead in the position. Leaders are born. Like Jerry M. Little lake has to step to fill the those shoe Jerry M left behind. I mean this year schedule compare to last couple of years. Jerry M. schedule that J was Qb in. Really a cake walk Rio hopefully 8 and 0 to start. Or not. Still good luck at Amat maybe come up for some air and let the Kid prove himself.

  • reality


    Let’s try this
    Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
    Bishop Amat 7 21 13 0 41
    Diamond Ranch 0 7 0 6 13

    DR scored on last play of half & game. Laughable. cleared the bench. Coulda been 80 – 13

    CO struggled w/ DR. 6-0 after Q3 1st time and 7-0 in the “championship” game.

    Amat wins by 3 TD’s going away.

  • Deep Throat

    I find it interesting how the trib built this day up only to have their biggest delivery “cough” mix-up ever in recent memory. I also love how morons think that people are running the streets yanking them from driveways or dropping in 25 cents and yanking out 20 copies from the stand. The trib pulled a fast one on us to make a few extra bucks during hard times, I can live with it but can you?

  • Dragon 6

    The article say’s “Armed and Ready” For Amat sake,I hope so


    Still waiting on the list of the many more . I saw you answered a question on the paper so maybe you are still doing the research to come up with an answer. So far you have listed Covina .

  • Unreal…

    To the SGV Tribune Preps staff, especially Aram and Fred: Great Job!!! The magazine is awesome and it is truly a testament to the hard work and dedication the staff puts in.

    I like the cover. Rio is going to impress and Jeffries is the proven real deal. In a way, I hope Jeffries has a monster season, gets offered by BCS schools, decommits and goes on to play at a major NCAA football power.

    Anyways, I’m hoping for a great season for all of our SGV schools especially Amat.

    GO AMAT!!!

  • Anonymous

    Unreal: You may now kiss the Bride,, I mean the Staff.

  • Anonymous

    Unreal: You may now kiss the Bride,, I mean the Staff.

  • sgv paper boy

    Deep Throat said:
    I find it interesting how the trib built this day up only to have their biggest delivery “cough” mix-up ever in recent memory. I also love how morons think that people are running the streets yanking them from driveways or dropping in 25 cents and yanking out 20 copies from the stand. The trib pulled a fast one on us to make a few extra bucks during hard times, I can live with it but can you?

    “deep throat” haha name says it all…….

  • Great first effort, A for execution F for Marketing

    Rio ain’t no Jerry Mac.

    Not now at least.

    Jeffries and Bueno would have been the best choices and the “PROJECT” should have had both areas included.

    A BONE HEAD mistake in my opinion.

    Why does the Valley have to be divided…especially when we’re including teams of relevance to all of us.

    Just a bad marketing move by the powers that be. Anyway great first effort.

  • CO CO

    Why is RIO on the cover?? Oh, Fred is related to him lets not forget. Lets stick to the facts and start putting the players who are rated number one by thier performance on the field. A little too much hype on this RIO. My eight year old has potential. Will you put him on the cover. Lets not forget who took CIF last year. A sophmore QB!! Now thats potential!! Give the credit where it is due Fred. I am a little bored with your articles that center around Bishop Amat only!! You are losing readers Fred. Many great players from other schools.

  • No fan of Fred

    Fred!! I have three kids who need a GodFather!! Is that what it takes to make it in every article or the cover!! Intriguing!! Please!! Is that what football is about!? I dont think so. This is not your personal newpaper. Create articles of all the great players. I am just a highschool football fan and do not enjoy reading what you have to say. Rio is good but there are great QB’s out there who are not mentioned. Very tired of Bishop Amat articles only and know I speak for hundreds of San Gabriel Valley Tribune customers! You are losing us Fred and Big Boss wont like that!!

  • Joe Amat

    Let’s look at Rio’s 1st week compared to other QB’s in the valley. Just for kicks i took a look at the QB stats posted below to really figure out “QB Ratings” using the formula they use in the NCAA. Have some fun with this…

    Andrew Chavez(C.H.) 7-14, 68 yrds 0 TD/ 1 INT (76.51 QB rating)
    Chad Jeffries 9-15, 94 yrds, 1TD/ 0 INT( 134.64 QB rating)
    Travis Santiago 15-24, 201 yrds, 1 TD/ 1 INT(1 FUM)( 138.26 QB rating)
    Michael Ball 9-18, 164 yrds 1 TD/ 0 INT (144.86 QB rating)
    Rio Ruiz 10-17, 164 yrds, 2 TD/ 0 INT (178.68 QB rating)

    Didn’t do so bad after all now, did he?
    try it yourself at

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