Thursday Final: Ganesha rolls, look out Montview League, there’s a new sheriff in town

As evidenced by the state-record 49-game losing streak it mercifully ended in 2008, the Ganesha High School football team has been on the wrong side of its share of blowouts. Thursday night, however, the Giants were on the right side of a lopsided score in a season-opening, 31-12 victory over Montclair. Quarterback Terry Francis rushed for 243 yards and two touchdowns on just 18 carries. The explosive senior broke off 54- and 59-yard scoring runs in the second quarter to give Ganesha a 21-0 lead.

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    Lets GO Ganesha and represent the BIG MONTVIEW LEAGUE with a WIN!


  • Unreal…

    Ganesha still has a team? Do they have enough for a two-deep roster.

    Not trying to be funny, I really thought their program was in shambles.

  • GHigh

    Thanks Aztec Pride. We are looking forward to joining the Montview league.

  • Hey Fred, nice post. Well, after resigning (sort of speak) to reprise my role as a prep sports contributor again this season, I have decided to revive my prep sports blog (addy is linked) which I started 2 years ago, but abandoned for unknown reasons! Not as successful by any means as the Trib’s blog, but at least you can keep up with what I’m doing, etc.


  • Panther Fan

    Here it is 9pm and still no quarterly results for the LONE GAME tonight.

  • General Turgidson

    Hey Fred…

    I salute you for having journalistic integrity and for allowing the people to speak. You would be surprised if you knew how few of your “esteemed colleagues” allow this.

    Again, I salute you.

  • jcaz

    Notes on Amat

    I went to the game over at Kiefer this afternoon and was absolutely shocked at how many people were at the game today.

    Usually for a Thursday afternoon JV or Frosh game, there are perhaps a few hundred folks in the stands….at most.

    However, today was an exception to the rule, because there must have been more than a thousand people sitting out there in that heat today.

    Now, to tell you the truth, most of the time, the people who come out to these Thursday afternoon games are either parents getting away from work a little bit early (to catch little johnny in his pick up game), or crazy football fanatics like me and this little old lady that I met last year at Kieffer, who drove her car all the way from Orange county each Thursday afternoon just to see her Lancers play.

    But really, more often than not, these stands are usually full of kids who haven’t yet gotten a ride home from school yet and I guess because of that, that I found it so hard to belive that there were so many people out there watching this game.

    I guess if this is any indication of this years attendance, then the powers that be, had better increase the copacity of Kieffer !

    BTW, I think I noticed that they were re-installing the over flow bleachers that they constructed for the Mater Dai game last year. It looks as if the are making them more of a permanent type of a structure for the football season.

    To tell you the truth, they will need all of that and more if you ask me….

    Anyway even though the game today was a win for the Lancers, what made me feel so good about this afternoon was the fact that it was finally football season once again !!

  • GHigh

    Congrats to the hard working Ganesha coaches and players! Hopefully the beginning of a memorable season. Best Ganesha’s played in many, many years.

  • DRanchhhh

    Congrats Ganesha, way to represent. Keep it up DF.

  • TC Bruin

    Amat frosh game was ‘pretty’ even. Did Amat even score in the 2nd half?

    Amat 2014 lines not as big as 2013 lines.

    Garfield QB is VERY good. He should transfer to Amat and understudy River. By Jr. year, he’d be THE MAN.

    Is it me, or are the number of Football players on Amat’s sidelines smaller?

    jcaz, since no one was sitting on visitors side, perhaps your POV was skewed. LOTS of Garfield fans.

    The ‘older’ lady will be back when JV’s play. She has g-son on JV’s this season. Last season she had a JV & Frosh players, hence every Thursday.

  • GHigh

    jcaz and TCbruin: Can’t u wait for an amat thread? Can we have a little spot light for once please?

  • SGV Athlete


    you’re surprised?

  • jcaz

    TC Bruin,

    Glad you went to the game.

    BTW, you are correct. That older lady does in fact have family on the various Lancers teams, and I always make an effort to say hi to her whenever I sse her. In fact, I think that she was there yesterday, but I think that she came with a couple of other people didn’t she ??

    Anyway, yes, again you are correct in your observation.

    Because of the heat, more often than not, many visitors to Kieffer usually sit on our side of the stadium for those Thurday afternoon games because quite frankly, the press box provides a marginal level of shade during the day.

    Having said that, the fact still remains that there were far more people at that game than we have had in several years for a Thursday, and yes, there were indeed a great many Garfield fans in attendance.

    Also, I do agree with you about their players, but our Freshman quarter back didn’t do to badly. Also, didn’t number 22 on their team sort of remind you of some of our smaller, quicker running backs that Amat has produced over the years ?

  • just sayin’

    GHigh & SGV Athlete – sorry they interrupted all the in-game/post-game updates(0) on the GHigh/MClair game.

  • ST G54

    Congrats Giants way to dominate & kickoff the start of a new season..

  • Thomas W Haynes Jr

    Was at the Amat-Garfield frosh game. The best player on the feild was Amat’s frosh QB. He accounted for all 4 TD’s. Ran for 152yds on 8 carries and 3 TD’s, also 4-7 65 yds and a TD passing. Now that seems to be very good!

  • The Two Cents

    I saw the Frosh Amat game against Garfield yesterday and was impressed by #7 their QB, #92 DL, #30 LB. #4 Safety is a good hitter but he does not wrap up, he dives and drops his head alot. The Cornerbacks are small and slower than molasses. Garfield fielded some big kids but had no depth, alot of 2 way players, if they had better coaching staff and some more depth they would’ve won.

    Overall this team has no speed in the backfield compare to last year’s Frosh team and their OL would not have measured up to last year’s second string OL. It’s a decent team but this team will struggle against their league foes. I’ve watched many frosh Amat’s teams, and this team by far is the weakest.

  • one cents

    Really now, who gives a rat azz about AMATS Freshmen and Sophmores teams on how they did. Your little AMAT ARTICLE when soon be up, and could you please let Ganesha have their time,PLEASE!!!

    Your like that third person on a date, (FN UP) your game plan.


  • What relevance does it have?

    Even I who admired Bishop Amat think it’s stupid to bring up the Amat games on a thread about Ganesha vs Monclair.

    Seriouslyly stupid!

  • 19 HITS AND ?????

    19 hits and not one reporting on how Ganesha looked last night and you folks are complain about Amat fan hits . Come on get real.

  • ST G54

    19 HITS AND ????? ,
    Maybe because the top of the article basically sums its all up!!

    You wanna know somehting that wasnt mentioned. @ half it was 24-0. Ganesha was up 31-0 before Montclair finally scored with about 6mins remaining in the 3rd..
    #43 from Ganesha had a 50+yd TD called back due to a bs call (block in the back)..

    Offensively G-High could not be stopped, Defensively they had some breakdowns but overall stepped up when they needed to.
    Both of Montclair’s scores came in garbage time.

    How’s that?


    ST G54,
    Much better. What was written on top sums up nothing. Why the change in Ganesha . Was the OL just blowing holes open or was it QB scrambles on broken plays . Is this the beginning of something big or was MC just that bad. Maybe if you had more fan input you would force the powers to give you more coverage.

  • Finally


  • jcaz


    Perhaps I should apologize, but there really wasn’t a thread out there last night where I could have posted my commnets about Thursady games in general.

    it wasn’t until this morning that Fred put out something relating to Amat so again, if it took anything away from our locals, then I’m truly sorry about that….

    BTW, I am such a big football junkie, that you might actually find me watching a Thursday Frosh Soph or JV game almost anywhere in the SGV valley.

  • ST G54

    The change @ Ganesha has taken place since our new HC took over 2 yrs ago. Our record the last 2 yrs hasnt shown it but there has been change with the program. Ask any team we have faced & they will relate the same info..

    No broken plays, we won the battle up front & once our guys got to the outside it was all she wrote!! We are hoping this is the start of something big, MC was not that bad to put it in the words of their HC they wern’t ready for us & thought it would be a cake walk, then again I don’t understand how he can say that when last yr if it weren’t for a couple mistakes we coulda had them as well..

  • 4 REAL

    Amat is done. Amat is a bunch of wanabee’s kids, who wish they had telent. They used to be dominant. Those days are over. Sorry all you dads paying all that money and spending all that time in the snack bar for your kids not even to make the team. Sucks ha? And the ones that do are average at best. Put your kids back where they belong. Chino, West Covina, Covina, Glendora, Charter Oak, Azusa, Gladstone, San Dimas, Rowland, or wherever you live! And quite trying to hype medeocre talent.

  • SGV Athlete

    @4 REAL,

    Get a clue man, AMAT is still the best team in all the Valley, hands down. When was the last team they lost to someone in the valley?? My point exactly. And on top of that, whether you’re first string or carrying water bottles on the sideline, these kids are paying for a QUALITY education. While I’m not trying to knock on other local high schools, just look at the difference in kids that go on to 4-year universities at AMAT compared to anywhere else.

    And where in the H**L do you get off calling the KIDS wanabees?? NEVER talk down about the kids. Coaches are one thing, they are grown adults. But the kids do NOT deserve to be talked about like that. GROW UP!

    AMAT will shine tonight!!