Coveritlive: Bishop Amat 23, Garfield 0

Tune in at 6:30 p.m for pregame: Mike (The Cousin) Robledo will host tonight’s Coveritlive featuring Bishop Amat and Garfield from East L. A. College. You can follow along with Mike by signing on through facebook or twitter when he launches at 6:30 p.m. Even better, you can sign in and post scores from other games if you’re technically functional. Mike will provide updates throughout the game, enjoy it. Change of plans: We will not do Bishop Amat games every week. Instead, Mike will move around the Valley, covering games more consistent with the SGV game of the week. You can start by suggesting what game you want him at next week.

SCOREBOARD: Click for quarter-by-quarter updates of tonight’s games

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  • can’t wait

    the anticipation is driving me crazy, lets go Amat, get this done…

  • Dan

    Trust me Amat will get it done. 1st half jitters will be there but come the second half Amat will take off and this will be a yawner. Any tailgating allowed in ELAC?

  • AMAT 73

    I hear they have a beer garden at the stadium. Doubt it will be open for this game but you never know.

  • AMAT 73

    FredJ ,
    I say you should defintely cover the AMAT vs Dominguez game . Just kidding very good call on the coveritlive. Maybe you should three should come up with 3-4 games you think worthy and poll the bloogers and cover the winner of the poll.

  • TC Bruin

    TC Bruin said:
    Amat frosh game was ‘pretty’ even. Did Amat even score in the 2nd half?

    Amat 2014 lines not as big as 2013 lines.

    Garfield QB is VERY good. Great pocket presence, good touch on short throws, laser throws downfield. He should transfer to Amat and understudy River. By Jr. year, he’d be THE MAN.

    Amat QB looked good. His runs were fine, but a team with speed on the edge would not allow them. NO containment.

    Damien is gonna be the TRUE early test for the Amat Frosh team. Parker is gonna want that game REAL bad. In Serra league, watch out. Last years team[2013] was good rolling UNTIL league then went 0-3. 2014 Amat frosh look ok, but not sure if it has the talent across the entire line-up.

    Is it me, or are the number of Football players on Amat’s Frosh sidelines smaller?

  • Dan

    Looks like we have a new Dan on the board, poster below is not me [Dan from West Covina] but I agree with his annalysis, good luck to Amat, I will be at the WC vs Covina game.

  • jcaz

    It’s a good idea to rotate, and if you ask me, perhaps the South Hills – Baldwin Park game should be the game that is covered.

    One more thing, is this blog a streaming video where we can watch it live ?

    I seem to recall that last year (or the year before) that you guys got into some hot water by showcasing a local game live on here.

    Anyway, if it is a live stream, are we going to be able to view this after the game has been played ?

  • FredJ

    No live streaming allowed unless you pay the right fees for it, in fact CIF won’t allow play-by-play commentary either, you have to break it up..

  • FredJ

    Will join the conversation for the first half of the Charter Oak-Glendora game from the Citrus press box, but I’m moving to the field in the second half.

  • FredJ

    JCaz, it will works out next week too, Stevie R., is covering Amat at Carson. He will join the chat to give updates, though not as frequent.

  • jcaz

    I think it’s Compton Dominguez….


  • missing some big updates out there Freddy Boy

    21-0 Rancho Santa Margarita mid way thru the first half, looks like the Panthers are getting spanked again.

  • Wake up call

    Of course you silly wabbits!!! ..Santa Margarita is Pac-5 and in the Trinity League! They have been sucking recently but only by Pac-5 standards…

    It still amazes me how everyone thought that Diamond Ranch was going to be able to hang w/ Santa Margarita!

    The Pac-5 is brutal, people…absolutely brutal.

  • I still very surprised!!!

    You don’t have much of a choice here, Fred. With Compton Dominguez HUGE, GIGANTIC upset vs. Crespi…Ya’ll got to cover Amat vs. Dominguez!!!

  • jcaz

    Cal Preps predicted a Dominguez victory tonight, so in some respects, it wasn’t to much of a surprise I suppose.

  • Joseph M. Valencia

    Thanx, 4 the props Amat, but we try our best 2 keep ours @ home, as it is 90% of our youth tackle football players never attend Garfield, so recruit elsewhere, please..

  • Frank

    Definitely, Diamond Ranch has no business playing a PAC-5 team, I think they were Amats easiest game last year. I know Amat Freshman killed them like 55-0, it was embarrassing for them. A PAC5 team is a whole different level of football even if they are considered weak in PAC-5, they would probably be top teams against other competition.

  • Mario

    Ok my friends. I went to the Amat Game and was not pleased by the Offensive or Defensive Performance. I know jitters, etc. Whatever, so did Garfield not have Jitters playing one of the best teams in the area. I hope Amat can lean on its punt return team like it did against Garfield. I am certain that Dominguez will not allow that. So, my conclusion is that Garfield needed one or athletes like Amat has (6+) and it would have been a different story. I saw them try and run the traditional hurry up power gamd and got stuffed. So, Huston, I maen La Puente we have a problem.

  • Lan C. Erbacker

    Mario-It’s week Zero and the first game of the year. New QB, RB’s,OL, DL, DB’s…overall, Yes there are areas that need work but that will come. Right now, we’ve seen the films, processed the info and now we have turned the page to Dominguez Hills. One week at a time. We will let the haters hate and watch the wins pile up…(something like that). Go Big Blue!

  • Amat Stats

    The traditions at Amat are far reaching than anyone can understand (If you have gone there, only you understand the meaning of the “Blue” pride). Hagerty and the staff with their blue-collar attitude only breed selflessness – win or lose. The Garfield game was the test of our buys in the continuous improvement of a successful season. Pretty or not, the lancers continue to build upon their weaknesses and strengths each week. Though statistically Garfield put up some good numbers, Amat was in the red zone 4 times which they should have scored. Add those points to the existing 23, you have a 50+ goose egg game. You will see Amat fans, Hagerty and company have this figured out….Offensive line will hit the sleigh this week to improve their agility and stay with their man for each assignment. Rio will continue to lead the team with his impressive arm and will continue to rely on his line for protection. Moore and Shay… need we say more… Excellent job in driving their feet. The WRs will continue to step up to the plate with big plays and catches. The Amat defense…. A goose-egg game…. all 11 were tested and all 11 succeeded with a shut-out. On to the next challenge – Dominguez…. On Blue…

  • Amat Observer

    Amat will do just fine against Dominguez. You don’t think Hagerty, McCutcheon, DiFiori, Salter, Sermons et al., haven’t studied last week’s game film and come up with a winning game plan?

    Trust me, Rio and his Oline will be more settled in. If Shay and Moore and maybe Blue can get some decent yardage then Rio can air it out. We have a greater than good chance to beat Dominguez.

  • Sharon, ROFL 😀

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  • Wow, amazing blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you make blogging look easy.

  • Wow, amazing blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you make blogging look easy.

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