Saturday Morning Quarterback: Glendora, Bonita earn big victories, shocker of the night, Covina knocks off West Covina … Amat wins too

By Fred J. Robledo, staff writer
There was something strange about Charter Oak High School’s No. 5 ranking in this week’s CIF-Southern Section Inland Division poll. Not that the back-to-back CIF-Southeast Division champs weren’t deserving, even though the Chargers are moving up to a considerably tougher division. (To continue click thread and listen to coach Mark Pasquarella and Chad Jeffries on video).

Tonight’s results
Glendora 28, Charter Oak 21 — The Chargers’ four turnovers didn’t help their cause, but this was the Tartans’ night. Chad Jeffries pass for 94 yards and rushed for 70 while Corey Victoria rushed for 83 yards and two TDs.
Bonita 41, San Dimas 20 — Not shocking that the Bearcats ended the Saints’ three-game Smudge streak, shocking how easily it happened without their starting QB.
Rowland 35, Baldwin Park 29 — Who would have thought the Raiders would win in a shootout. Though the Braves’ defense was stronger.
Bishop Amat 23, Garfield 0 — Once again, when all else fails the Lancers played solid defense. It’s been their M.O. in the Steve Hagerty era. We hear Ruiz had the jitters in the first half, then settled down and did fine in the second.
Covina 27, West Covina 21 – Shocker of the night. The Colts trailed 21-2 at one point, scoring three touchdowns in the final four minutes to shock the Valley, and your favorite Trib reporters.
Diamond Bar 38, Nogales 21 — The Nobles put up a solid fight, but it looks like the Brahmas offense will be a force to reckon with the rest of the way.
Arroyo 35, Ontario 14 — On cruise control, the Knights rolled up 35 points and held off the visitors.
Pomona 21, Garey 14 — The Red Devils usher in the Anthony Rice era with a victory, though closer than expected.
El Rancho 41, Los Altos 0 — The Jim Arellanes debut for the Conqs couldn’t of gone any worse, could it?
Ayala 35, Don Lugo 13 — The Bulldogs roll to an easy victory, no surprise.
Chino Hills 28, Mayfair 14 — The Inland’s fourth-ranked Huskies get a big win on tthe road.
Santa Margarita 56, Diamond Ranch 0 — This would even make the normally speakable Roddy Layton unspeakable.
Bassett 34, Keppel 0 — The Olympians win and win easily, a great way for new coach Aubrey Duncan to start.

Click here for tonight’s Quarter-by-Quarter updates and final scores

It was more of a slap to Glendora, a team not ranked in the Inland Division after earning a piece of the Sierra League crown last year — the same Sierra League Charter Oak will move into in a few weeks while the Tartans head to the Baseline League.
Earning respect the old fashioned way, the Tartans took advantage of four Chargers turnovers to take the Mayor’s Trophy at Citrus College on Friday, beating visiting Charter Oak 28-21 in the season opener for both schools.
“We have to earn our way a little bit,” Tartans coach Mark Pasquarella said. “To be ranked in the (Inland) Division you’re doing something. Hopefully we can climb our way up and get a little respect.”
Tartans quarterback Chad Jeffries was a handful, completing 9-of-15 for 94 yards, which included a 17-yard touchdown pass to Cory Murphy with 10 seconds left in the half to stake the Tartans to a 14-7 lead.
Jeffries was just as dangerous with his feet, rushing for 74 yards and a touchdown, teaming with running back Corey Victoria, who rushed for 83 yards and two touchdowns.
“I think both teams are going to be good in the long run,” Pasquarella said. “But we knew we had somebody special in Chad. He’s going to help us win a lot of games.
“I would tell everyone in the Valley to go see him at least once. He can play at the next level, and the next level after that.”
The Chargers received a pleasant surprise from freshman running back Kurt Scoby, who rushed for 76 yards. Even junior quarterback Travis Santiago performed well most of the evening, completing 15-of-24 for 201 yards and a touchdown pass.
But Santiago’s lone interception to go with three Chargers fumbles were tough to overcome.
“You can’t turn the ball over that many times, not against a team like that, it makes it so difficult,” Chargers coach Lou Farrar said. “They played on a short field, and the team that doesn’t make mistakes early in the season usually wins.”
After fumbling on the Tartans’ 29 on the opening possession, Charter Oak came back and took a 7-0 lead on Santiago’s 24-yard touchdown pass to Dennis Rufus.
After Jeffries led the Tartans back on an 11-play, 80-yard drive that ended with Victoria’s two-yard touchdown run to make it 7-7, the Chargers fumbled the ensuing possession on its own 42 with 2:39 left — which the Tartans cashed in on Jeffries’ touchdown pass to Murphy to go up 14-7.
Santiago’s pick came early in the third quarter at the Tartans’ 43, which the Tartans turned into a 21-7 lead after Victoria scored from five yards late in the third quarter.
Scoby’s 22 yard run set up Donald Martin’s one-yard touchdown to cut the Chargers’ lead to 21-14, but Jeffries scored on a two-yard run with 5:08 left to stretch their lead back to 28-14.

Excuse the bad camera work, I’ll work at it 🙂

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  • Aaron

    My father texted me the frosh score for Bonita-SD.
    Bonita 41
    SD 13

    Anyone got the JV score?

  • at

    jv score
    SD 13
    Bonita 0

  • Aaron

    I honestly thought Servite would lose a step with the loss of Glenn Davis Award Winner Cody Fajardo. That kid was nails all season, Nevada got a great one in him. But then I checked the LA Times this morning…they destroyed state defending Div I champ Oceanside 31-7.

    It looks too me that they could be contending for the open division berth in the State Championship.

  • CO Bro

    You all can come and view the Mayors Trophy on Covina Blvd. for the next few years!

  • Bro’s Mom

    CO Bro…

    Shouldn’t you be in school…what have I taught you about spouting off…remember Karma…dammit boy!!!

  • JFR

    Easy CO Bro,

    Chill dude, these young pups havnt taken a snap yet.

  • kh

    you open sports page three, c.o. vs glendora,full page .
    trying to still the limelight from the smudgepot.
    you have this game being moved to week 0, s.d. playing bonita.
    s.d. coming off cif championship run,
    bonita qb breaking elbow, one week before big game and zero coverage,
    thats really bad news management,right after stuffing alot of la verne people of there prep mag.
    theres no love to bohi in the fred news.
    i guess with 27 guys hurt last season theres no story there either fred,when we take care of business tonight then it will be ,s.d. didnt have a good game to many turn overs,fumble ball,they will make a case for s.d. losing if thats the case,so will just sit back and enjoy all the young athletes giving it all for there school colers.go boys…..
    the books still open on why fred dosnt like the bearcats,fred in your h.s. did we own you on the track,or did one of bonitas finest young fillies dump you.come clean fred let us know kh out.

  • Glendora will win

    Charter Choaks is way over-rated, Glendora is going to take it to them, Big Lou needs to get a few more kids from Pasadena and Duarte now that’s he is not going to play a soft schedule. Come-on Big Lou, get the bus ready and pick them kids up. You know your way around Pasadena, I’m sure you can get a few before kick-off.

  • AMAT 73

    Many questions will be answered tonight . Some good and some bad answers but answers none the less. Good luck to all SGV teams tonight and hopefully all the teams achieve their goals along with an injury free season to all . As for my LANCERS, GO BLUE and do the work neccessary to bring home the victory.

  • ghsalum2008

    heres my take on co vs ghs


    2 with that i think it will be close and ghs win in a shootout because they got the allstar qb and 2 headed rb duo will be unleashed.

    3 co will hang around for sure but wont get it done

    4 this year ghs can make history in the new lg there in and divsion

    5 two great coaches goin at it coach p will get some respect after he beats the big one tonight i hope!

    Go tartans!

    im be late my bro is coachin at pasadeena marshal and there going wrek havioc on duarte in there scrimmage at 6 [come check it out for a few mins]

  • Aaron

    I know why now…we need a press box with free coffee.

  • COSteelCurtain


    Don’t forget to shine up that Bull’s Eye. We’re coming after you boy.


  • TeachDGame

    Sweeeet, the season is finally here. Ready for some local football baby.

    By the way, just a question, is it technically correct for all the articles on here to keep on referring to Charter Oak as the 2 Time “Defending” CIF Champs….? This year they are not defending anything, as they are in DII and their championships were well below this. So, thinking they are the legitimate Back-To-Back Champs… but not “defending”…. just a thought….

    Kick it off and let it fly…. the play not the trash talk… hahahaha, I almost forgot where I was……

    By the way BoHi’s frosh have a very good squad, ran their spread offense very well, best wishes.

  • GHS Dad

    Glendora has a lot of talent on this years team. We have been watching them progress over the years.
    CO JV team was horrible ( GHS 13-0) if they had to bring up all of there so called stud sophomore’s I think they will be in for a rude awakening!!!

  • Early Prediction

    GHS doesn’t have the speed at corners or the skill at WR to win. Lots of heart and school pride on GHS’s side but skill and athleticism in on CO’s side. Too big, too fast, too deep.

    GHS 14 CO 35

  • Big Dawg

    Charter Oak vs. Glendora at Citrus College, 7 p.m. (Glendora)
    San Dimas at Bonita, 7 p.m. -(San Dimas)
    Rowland at Baldwin Park, 7 p.m. — (Rowland)
    Garfield vs. Bishop Amat at ELAC, 7:30 p.m. — (BAmat)
    Covina at West Covina, 7 p.m. — (WCovina)
    Nogales at Diamond Bar, 7 p.m. — (DBar)
    Ontario at Arroyo, 7 p.m. — (Arroyo)
    Garey at Pomona, 7 p.m. — (Pomona)
    Los Altos at El Rancho, 7 p.m. –(El Rancho)
    Ayala at Don Lugo, 7 p.m. — (Ayala)
    Chino Hills vs. Mayfair at Bellflower, 7 p.m. — (CHills)
    Diamond Ranch vs. Santa Margarita at Saddleback College, 7 p.m. — (SMargarita))
    Bassett at Keppel, 7 p.m. — (Keppel)

  • Mtown will be watching

    Well its time for CO and GHS to smash heads tonight. I will be attendance. I think CO is in for big wake up call tonight. This will be the first year in a while, they will have to play with their own players. Outside of Rufus… they really don’t have that much speed This year, and that dfense took a big hit. If they win this game it wil be something. It will be attributed to the coaching. They don’t have a clear cut stud RB. I know Kurt Scooby personally. He will be a stud, but is not ready to get 20
    carries a game yet. Glendora has alot to prove tonight. Anytime you have a stud qb, you have the chance to win. The question is, does he have the supporting cast to pull it off. We will see. I say GHS needs to Bring in a extra DB, Double Rufus, force them to run the ball and Sustain drives, and keep Rufus from catching long big plays balls. Glendora needs to score big tonight. If they can get a little running game going, that will help Jefferies be that much more effective. GHS needs this win, because they play the cats next, and they don’t want to be 0-2.


    Ohhh Shiatz were closing in on kick off time!!!

    You guys keep talking about Rufus and double teaming him, come on he is our shortest receiver. Lets not forget Josiah @ 6-5 and Gilchrist @ 6-4 and the Jonathan @6-3!!! Too many weapons to throw to, the line is strong. I dont see this game being close…IMO


  • AMAT 73

    It’s amazine to see the countdown clock on Aram’s blog down to hours instead of days . I remember when he first put it up and it looked like the start of season was so far off . Now it is finally here !!!!!!!!!!




  • FredJ

    Glendora sporting new uniforms, all red with white helmets wit a G on the helmet…

  • patrick

    What happened DRanch?? All the crap shooting out the mouth…and looky looky….Find themselves down 0-35 half to Santa Margarita!!

  • patrick

    Okay, my bad, i figured it was wrong but just in case!

  • ghsalum08

    all i saw was the 2nd half my goodness 15 is a great player back up by great oline opening holes like days of loyola and 7 great debute tonight I love the new unies look like d 2 team out there tonight could been alot worse but a win a win bring on dem cats next week!

    1 is a helluva player to for ghs

  • C-TOWN 2010

    Good show C-Town. Way to knock off the power that the Bulldogs were.

  • Everyone Had LH Beating OL

    Orange Lutheran 21, La Habra 17

    The Pac-5 is brutal…

  • Trinity League

    Give Diamond Ranch a break. They are not Pac-5. Santa Margarita may suck but they only suck in the Pac-5.

    Chalk and Cheese, my friends…

  • Where r u Mike the Clone?

    Hey dude you want to jump back on the band wagon? We did what your son couldn’t …beat CO!!! But bro we will let u back on if you want to be with us button wearers… there’s room!!!

  • Coaches are retarded!!!

    West Covina is up 21-8 going into the 4th quarter! Their free safety gets a personal foul 15 yards called on him and the coaches sit him down (RETARDED) and then their strong safety gets hurt and they thrown in the QB… WOW!!! 3 TD’s scored came from deep passes completed to wide open receivers and a really bad play by the QB… He pratically handed off the ball to the Covina DE so he could score… Poor showing by WC… Extremely disapointed!

  • diogenes

    CO bigger on both lines, as well as receivers. TOs big factors. Good rb quickness. Wha hoppen? Jeffries runs too much to last the season and some of his throws were way off target. GHS made it a game with fumble recoveries and INTs. Have some RB talent May do OK in the IE. CO will be fine. Don’t much care for the all red unies and white hats. Luv’d the black. PA man talks too much, too loud, and too biased. He needs to realize that we can see the game.

  • No one is safe

    Alemany 20, Oaks Christian 17 (At Oaks Christian)

    The Pac-5 is brutal…

  • Panther Fan

    DR 0 Santa Margarita 56 Final. This isn’t last years Santa Margarita team. This SM team was much better than last years Charter Oak team. Santa Margarita will be a contender this year in their own league.

  • Pomona


    Dominique Williams- 4 catches 38 rec. Yards 1td
    Locked Down of the week!

  • Football for Real

    Panther Fan

    Again, you a judging Santa Margarita by Diamond Ranch standards. Santa Margarita will lose to Orange Lutheran and Mater Dei and Servite. The Pac-5 is the 3rd most difficult division in the entire USA. You wanna beat a Pac-5 elite? Send your kid to a Pac-5 school.

  • Norco

    or an Inland school who can represent….

  • LA Conq

    El Rancho – 41
    Los Altos – 0

    Cheese and Rice we looked like crap tonight folks! ER probably had close to 400 yrds offense and my guess is we had no more than 120 (probably 70 of which came on two long runs by Scott Tibbs).

    And before you go blame it on Arrellanes let me say this…we could have had Knute Rockne out there coaching out boys and we woulda got ROLLED tonight. Just plain and simple, no discussion about it, we don’t have the talent to compete. I’m very sad. I see 0-10.

  • covina insider

    great job covina despite the refs not calling holdings penalties
    we hung in there and you boys prevailed. We arent the biggest we have heart and we but but we know how to play the game. we need to take this win and
    keep it going all season long. Robledo eat your words my friend.

    covina vikings in the house…..c town

  • bmteducator

    Congratulations to Bassett on not only fielding a team, but getting a victory. Cieslik is obviously a joke, a nomad coach who will never leave a legacy, where men like Coach Duncan will leave a lasting impact on the athletes they coach. Bassett may not win more than a couple games, but men like Coach Duncan deserve to be recognized.

  • Dan

    Covina 27 WC 21,
    We had a melt down! Down 21 to 2, in the third quarter, the Colts took advantage of a mistake filled night by the Bulldogs for a comeback win in the last minutes. I lost count but the Bulldogs had 6 or 7 turnovers. A fumbled snap at the 1 yardline by the Bulldogs killed one 1st half score and an interception down in Colt territory killed another so instead of 28 to 0 at half we go in 14 to 0, Thats all the insiration Covina needed, after one more Bulldog score in the third quarter made it 21 to 2 the Colts took advantage of several more Bulldog miscues to mount their comeback.
    Next week Venice comes to town, that could get pretty ugly if we play like tonight, after that is South Hills and Glendora.

  • Panther Fan

    As both of you should do. Since I don’t see any evidence that you have. I know quality football playing, having come from the Marine League of the LA Section. You know the teams that are capable of beating the likes of Mater Dei. To answer your question – no I didn’t play myself. Just know good play when I see it.

  • jcaz

    Notes on Amat

    There was a older couple sitting in the stands a few rows in front of me holding a baby. Every time Grandpa (and of course, I am guessing it was grandpa) would give the kid something, the kid would take it and throw down a few seat or so. At first I kind of got irritated because the kid was throwing not only hats and glasses all over the place, but he was also throwing a few drops of milk that inevitable landed on my lap. Anyway, I asked myself, why is it that this kids always throwing everything away thats seemingly given to him ? Then a lady came up to the kid answered my question. She placed a small bay sized football jersey over the kid that read “Rix” on the back of it.

    Well, no wonder I thought to myself, the kids a natural.

    Anyway, right about now, you might be guessing where Im going with this because if that kid could have dressed up last night and gone out onto that field, I am almost certain he couldnt have done any worse than what I witnessed out there from that Lancer offense last night.

    It was bad folks.

    Oh dont get me wrong, there were moments of shear brilliance to be shure, but to tell you the truth, after watching that sorry azz offensive performance, this evening, I kept asking myself over and over, where in the world is Jerry Mac and Rags at right about now ?

    You know, if I were to say to you that Garfield dominated the line of scrimmage on their defensive end of the ball, then I would only be stating the obvious because even though Amat scored 23 unanswered points, it was more a testament to the skill and outstanding play of both the special teams, and of the Amat defense in particular.

    Those two teams looked more than ready for Pac 5 play, but honestly, if Amat were to have been in a game against a Serrra league foe right about now, then I would be very worried indeed.

    Now, dont get me wrong. Sloppy play and, missed executions in the very first game of the season are often times a rule rather than the exception, but honestly, I have never seen an Amat team seem to be so out of wack on the offensive side of the ball in a very long time.

    Look, this win was a testimony to some big plays, and when Nick Casares intercepted that pass at the end of that game to put it out of reach, I kept yelling at the kid to cut back across the field because he only had one guy to beat !

    But do you think that he listened to me ? Nope, because sure enough, he got taken down by the one and only player who could have stopped him.

    I guess he should have taken my advice right ?

    Ya right, like he was really going to be able hear me when I was sitting there screaming at the top of my lungs something like a half mile away in the Uker seats.

    Get real JCAZ

  • LA Conq

    “The Jim Arellanes debut for the Conqs couldn’t of gone any worse, could it?”

    Freddy…score was 21-0 with 5 min left in the FIRST QUARTER and 35-0 at half! It could have gone MUCH worse, trust me. That game could have EASILY been 55 or 62-0.


    GHS sweeps Charter Oak
    Jv 13-0
    Frosh 8-6
    Varsity 28-21

    Does the Mayors trophy come with a broom ?

  • Conq Pride

    LA Conq,
    Yes, you are right about how we looked out there tonight. Alot of work to be done. But I give credit to the boys who have stayed in this program and stuck it out whether it’s by choice or not. They are a young team and will hopefully build a strong bond together to play greater games in the future. I wish them much patience and desire to improve. Coaches and players…keep your heads up. Conqueror pride is here!

  • OneandDone

    When was the last time Glendora won back to back CIF championships? This was their CHAMPIONSHIP the mayors trophy! Whoppie
    A Glendora orgasm!!!
    Where r u Mike the Clone? said:
    Hey dude you want to jump back on the band wagon? We did what your son couldn’t …beat CO!!! But bro we will let u back on if you want to be with us button wearers… there’s room!!!

  • IE Town

    Came to see all the hype from the Glendora honks! Jeffries is way over hyped and his play tonight wasn’t impressive at all.

    This is an average QB in our land!

  • DRanchhhh

    I feel like we were

    Ok, from the stands this team was HUGE. I even heard the Tesoro coaches talking to one another saying that this is not the SM that they have seen in the past 2 years. He also mentioned that welch “worked the system”, whatever that means. I guess good players follow GOOD coaches. I mean after all isnt WELCH a legendary coach. I mean SM is a private!! Yea we got our asses handed to us. BUT I will say that there is NO team, MAYBE Amat, that will touch this team. There were no wasted uniforms on that field or sideline tonight. As Jastrab said, their offensive line was massive, 6’6,6’5 across the board and very mobile. Stud QB and receivers. Speaking of QB’s I heard from the Tesoro coach that Carson Palmer and Sanchez once played at SM. For us, We could not get the ball rolling. Good surge on the line, 3 yds. here, 7 yards here, etc. 2 or 3 fumbles. SM’s LB were the best I have ever seen play at the HS level. To piggyback off of panther fan, This will by far be the team to stop in the trinity league. This team will beat MD, OLU, Bosco and may fight for league title with SERVITE. YES I said it, SERVITE.

  • Hey oneanddone

    Hey oneanddone when was the last time charter oak won a championship in the division Glendora has played in in recent years? Your division was weak. Glendora played in d 2 and d 5 sorry it’s not d 7 or 8 whatever it was.

  • Frank

    Amat is definetly going to need some work. But, this was a nice win and a good chance to see areas of the team that need to get it together. There is a lot of promise, but definitly some work to be done. Game was a lot closer then the score. Few big plays are what gave Amat advantage.

  • Living Legend

    This Covina game just proves that dudes who have never laced up a pair of cleats (Fred, Steve) have no business trying to tell us the public how games are going to turn out.

    The simple truth is that West Co could not handle the tempo the game was played at. The bulldogs defensive players were tapping out in that fourth quarter, while the kids at Covina were in great shape.

    In the immortal words of Shaq, hey fred “how’s covinas a## taste!”

  • LOL

    The only reason Covina was able to pass on WC was because the SS and FS were both out of the game for most of the 4th quarter! WC had the victory, their inexperienced FS(2nd stringer) gave up too many deep balls. That’s what really killed WC.

  • Kimbo Slice (of reality)

    C NO!

    Welcome to a real division! Better keep those rings handy, they will be the last ones you get for a while. Bigger lines, bigger wideouts, big deal! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Size doesn’t matter in C-No, just ask your wives!
    C-NO, U know……you can’t win in this division!
    Go back to playing your Pop Warner competition.

  • They have no clue…


    You know absolutely nothing about Pac-5 ball. Santa Margarita may possibly beat St. John Bosco or JSerra and that’s it.

    To say that Santa Margarita will beat Mater Dei or Orange Lutheran (who just beat La Habra) is absolutely ludicrous.

    This is Pac-5 ball, son…the absolute best in California…not SGV fishbowl ball.

    Ya’ll crack me up sometimes! =)

  • They have no clue…


    You know absolutely nothing about Pac-5 ball. Santa Margarita may possibly beat St. John Bosco or JSerra and that’s it.

    To say that Santa Margarita will beat Mater Dei or Orange Lutheran (who just beat La Habra) is absolutely ludicrous.

    This is Pac-5 ball, son…the absolute best in California…not SGV fishbowl ball.

    Ya’ll crack me up sometimes! =)

  • Wake up Call

    Glendora Coach:

    What are you on? Play at next level and level after that? Get real, did he really impress tonight? Can’t wait to get a hold of your little red team.

    Your clowns are in for a real eye opener come the IE Wood!

  • Chatta Who?

    Chatta Who?

    Glendora worked Chatta. The game wasn’t even as close as the score makes it seem.

    Chatta will be OK, but a good humbling experience like this one may do good for them in the long run.

    We’ll see….

  • Tarty Boy

    WOW, Hey CO “stick that bullseye where the sun dont shine” steel curtain, SGV Football, Amat 73, Bulldog fan, Ken “I once coached glendora JAA football” Huth, diogenes you dont know what your talking about Jeffries will run all year see last years highlight fool! IE Clown I mean town. Glendora Qb was limited to what coach P’s play calling, let me take that back you are a clown!
    And all else who said Glendora would lose,,,, 28-21 put that in your pipe and smoke it!!!
    This just in,,,,, Glendora did unvail it’s new running back and his name is Cory Victoria!!!

  • IE Town

    Tarty Boy

    Good name for you! (Boy) When you come to IE its like a man child putting some whoop @ss on glendora. Looked like a JV team.

    Bigger, faster man child’s this side of town…..

  • DRanchhhh


    talk to me in 6-8 weeks when WELCH in half of his St.Margies team sweeps through the Trinity. Once they do, Id like lunch on YOU. If they dont, lunch on me bud. I know what I saw out there tonight and that my friend was not a normal football team. TRUST ME

  • bonita worked san dimas tonight you could definitely see the size difference between the two school weight room i think san dimas might be in for a long year they seem to be lacking rbs this year and there dfense looke bad tonight as for bonita spathias could have played better but he will improve good first game

  • Rewind

    Fred J Robledo:

    “Either we’re homers for thinking this is West Covina and Diamond Ranch’s division to lose, or the section knows way more than we do. You can’t argue with La Mirada, they’re legit, and Norwalk is top four.”

    WC loses to Covina
    DR romped and shoutout by Santa Margarita
    La Mirada loses to St. Paul
    Norwalk blown out and shutout by Los Alamitos.

    DR and Norwalk are somewhat understandable. WC and LM are embarrassments.

    Shake-up in the next CIF Southeast Top 10. And yes Fred, you are a homer. And no the section doesn’t know more than you. It’s about even. Thumbs down.

  • Big Boy Ball

    “SM’s LB were the best I have ever seen play at the HS level.”


    What about the last two Bishop Amat teams that held Diamond Ranch to about 100 yards of total offence in each game????

    Is your memory that short, dude? Or are you just shell shocked by Pac-5 football???

  • Living Legend

    @LoL, why were those kids out of the game? Because they were cramping during the whole second half. Oh and correction WC never had that game won well simply because they lost the game. Teams who have games in control win them, along those same lines great teams or even very good teams don’t cough the ball up 6 times. So it is easy to come up with all these excuses about how WC gave the game away, but what it really comes down to is that Covina scored 25 unanswered and had tons of more heart down the stretch.

  • IE Town

    Another ridiculous comment: Big test with Monrovia? Are you kidding me coach? Nice test!

  • Rewind

    Fred J Robledo:

    “Either we’re homers for thinking this is West Covina and Diamond Ranch’s division to lose, or the section knows way more than we do. You can’t argue with La Mirada, they’re legit, and Norwalk is top four.”

    WC loses to Covina
    DR romped and shoutout by Santa Margarita
    La Mirada loses to St. Paul
    Norwalk blown out and shutout by Los Alamitos.

    DR and Norwalk are somewhat understandable. WC and LM are embarrassments.

    Shake-up in the next CIF Southeast Top 10. And yes Fred, you are a homer. And no the section doesn’t know more than you. It’s about even. Thumbs down.

  • DRanchhhh


    What about them? Haha!! None notable, sorry. I said what I meant, they had the best LB corp I have seen in a LONG time and one of the BIGGEST lines I have ever seen. But hey, DR is not a private that get the pick of the litter. AMAT has that ability and they..well, Ill wait and see. Hopefully our only PAC 5 SGV team will make it to the show this year!! Good Luck!!

  • Amat Observer

    All I can say about Amat after tonights game is you better get your act together on Offense and special teams or you will get worked by Dominguez and Venice and perhaps Cathedral.

    Moore is not your go to guy can’t you guys have figured it out by now? I said it in my earlier post, Moore is no Anderson…. Shay is the man. You also have some good receivers in number #89 Andrews and #86 Velasquez. Yes they are only sophomores but they can catch and run. Defense did a great job tonight. I was very impressed with #76 Gener who tore it up all night long, DE #43 Varella who contained his home and our secondary who did a decent job containing Garfields elusive receivers. Our set of rotating linebackers did a decent job tonight as well. You guys really contained their running game.

    Rio needs to settle down and not force the ball (he should watch McClanahan’s videos)as he forced so many passes during the first half but was lucky none got picked off. Your special teams are atrocious. Your field goal kicker will take you out of the game when it comes down to the wire, he is NO Ragsdale…that’s fo sho. Our punting is the worse I’ve seen in a century. And the OL you guys need give Rio the confidence to stay in the pocket, otherwise he will get rocked when he rolls out of the pocket like he did against Garfield…losing his helmet a few times during some hard hits. I bet Hagerty must’ve pooped in his pants when Rio took some hard shots tonight. Ouch! But Rio is the real deal, just give him some time to grow up.

    Improve each week and work those special teams…they will make the difference during crunch time.

    Go Big Blue!

  • The guru

    TO ALL WC FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wow are u really gonna complain your FS got called for PI which happened 3 times in the game but wasn’t called until then!!!! and OMG Chris Solomon got a cramp boo woo big baby’s keep crying! You guys got out played second half! the D-line and Linebackers were crying to get out they were so tired! and if your gonna complain about your second strings and say that’s why Covina won then that just shows how much you guys cant play as a team when diversity comes hitting! Keep making excuses we can say you guys scored 2 touchdown passes because your tackles were holding and practically tackled our DE’s. WC just got out played at the end and thats the FACT!So stop crying and stuff just take your lose and get on!
    OOOOO and FRED how about your shove that Losing by 4 TD’s and shove it where the sun dont shine no more huh!! and start giving credit where it should be given!

  • Born and Raised SGV

    WOW! First we heard how WC was so much bigger, stronger and faster than us. We also heard how deep your squad is because of the numbers you have and how your second string could beat us… and the best one (Fred) was how we would be down by 4 touchdowns by the half. Fred, you did the same thing to Azusa last year.. you were against them all year and that motivated them… Please keep it up.

    WC did not give us anything..for a few years we heard how great your staff was and now you your excuse is that “they” gave it away? Cmon you had your best out there all game and we held you to the 14 points at the half (not the 4 TD’s). We went and made some changes at the half and you were out coached. If your safety did not have a foul mouth and not cuss out our head coach, maybe your coach would have kept him in. Just face it… you were out coached and that’s that…or are you telling me that you took us light just like you did with El Rancho last year? Please stop teaching your kids to make up excuses and teach them to be men!!! You can reply all you want but you cant change the scoreboard!!! I love it!!! and FTP to all other haters! C Town!

  • I’m confused

    Why is everyone surprise about La Mirada’s loss to St. Paul?

    St. Paul played Bishop Amat, Alemany, St. John Bosco, and Crespi last year.

    The year before, St. Paul played St. John Bosco, Servite, Loyola, Notre Dame, Alemany, and St. John Bosco.

    Again, I am amazed on how disconnected some of you are in regards to level of competition throughout Southern California.

  • 2011 Head Coach Position – Once a proud Program “Los Altos”

    Now does everyone see why the Alum wanted COACH Godinez over this loser? We may not have the talent but how much of it left after Arellanes was hired? How much would have come back if we had COACH Godinez running the ship. How much talent would have we pulled from the area if we had COACH Godinez? Once again our school administration let us down. The future of this program doesnt look good.

  • reality

    If Bonita’s defense can stand up against Claremont next week they will be a very dangerous team.Not sure if Bonita’s that good or S.D. is that bad. One thing for sure they handled the Saints quite easily while still commiting multiple turnovers (4) and penalties(13), as well as a back up qb. One thing that did surprize me was Podley using a whiz-bang trick play with 2 minutes left to run up the score. Must be some bad blood lurking there.

  • This is the Highest Level of So Cal football, People…

    Of all the upsets and great games that happened tonight thoughout Southern California…Everyone should go here…

    Then click on Sports and then High School

    Someone tell me who and what school the Los Angeles Times chose to do a story about?

    What boggles the mind is that so many of you will continue to not understand why…

  • jesusjr23

    Born and Raised SGV,

    First of all, I highly doubt any kid would go and cuss out any coach from any team without reason, if he indeed did cuss him out. The kid did tell one of your coaches to “F” off, but that was after your coach dropped an F bomb on the kid after missing a pass he knew he should’ve caught. Think about it, a 16 year old kid drops a ball and is upset after the fact, then your coach tells him someone’s having bad F’n day! Any kid would react, especially after the dropped pass. I can guarantee if your coach doesn’t say anything, the WC FS does not tell him to F off! Trust me, I’ve known this kid since he was born. Teach your coaches some respect before they get back on the field, because whoever that MORON was that told shouted the F bomb will soon cause Covina some yards. Since you already know that I know this kid, I can guaran”damn”te that you guys lose if he stays in the game. NO DOUBT! Stop before you make your coach look worse…..

  • Mr. 626

    Covina gonna womp on El Monte next week…

  • Born and Raised SGV

    Jesus Jr,
    You and ask around and you will hear a common word when describing our staff….Respectfull.

    Please don’t forget most of these kids grew up together playing each other and he was the same playing at LP Warriors. In fact I remeber his dad was banned from coaching after us because he cussed out the League Pres.. I know it must be hard to accept a lose, against a smaller school (in numbers and size) but deal with it.

    Also….make our coach look bad? I thought he looked good last night, dont you think?

    I hate to coin a phrase but I will end this using Ochocincos favorite comment…Child Please!

  • Living Legend

    @jesusjr, so you were standing there and heard the covina coach cuss at this player? or is this what the player told you happened? I would like to believe if the covina coach said something to the kid the ref who was standing right there would have thrown the flag on the coach and not the WC player.

    Second thing how can your guran”dame”te that if that kid, who showed no discipline, would have stayed in the game that WC would have won the game. Fact is that if the kid had a little more discipline he would have been in the game and not on the sidelines hurting his team.

    Third WC you guys are not the kings of cameron, nor the kings of the Covinas , maybe you should play Northview so that you can have a shot at being the kings of Lark Ellen.

  • bmteducator

    Covina has Happy Rock next week


    Well lets say the menudo sure tastes great this morning. Hey sgvsworst , more onion and cilantro fool and while your at it more salsa tambien menso .Looks like Amat found some defense fool. Drrrranch you should get out more and swim around the ocean every now and then. You get whomped by SM who you were asking the blog for info on them because you knew nothing about them and now crowning them kings of the Trinity. You know nothing about playing in a PAC-5 league and only know that DR is far below the talent level of a PAC-5 team . It is no cake walk and you just can’t come out and say SM will handle the league by any means. You really don’t have a clue as you showed last season in your thinking DR could hang with Amat . Just stick to your little fishbowl and don’t even try to think you know about what goes on in the ocean. Oh sgvbest I’ll have some more menudo please and while your at it check that air pressure in the left front tire fool. If it’s low just wrap your lips around the stem and blow some of that hot air you tend to blow around the blog payaso.


    I gotta give the moron of the week award to Jesusjr. hey jr- the ref was STANDING RIGHT NEXT to your player when he committed the foul. Potty mouth just opened his yap at the wrong moment and got caught. Game changer? Maybe. Your team was already in panic mode.

    LOL- what game were you at? Covina TDs went by the run, a short pass, and a mid-range pass. Covina’s running back had over a hundred yards rushing and covina racked up about 160 yards passing. A balanced attack overall.

    Lots of turnovers by WC. That says your team didnt execute. Further, Covina played a lot harder in the 4th quarter. Also Covina had better field position in the second half.

    Good heads up play by your punter-BTW.

    For a team not expected to win, Covina showed alotta courage. And conditioning.

    Robledo said Covina will lose by 4 TDs. From the Covina locker room- WADDA YA THINK ABOUT THAT, ROBLEDO?

  • DR Who?

    What I want to know, where was DR so called D1 players last night? Did they show up? You think this level it tough, wait till the next level. LOL

    Never heard of there RB’s or LB’s and tonight proved their talent is questionable or someone did a good marketing job.

    No shows on the field….

  • COChargerfan

    So 94 yards in passing is a great night? So what kind of night did Santiago have considering that he had over 200 yards with 4 less possessions and a dropped 50 yard pass that was thrown perfect?

    I have to agree with IE Town that from what I saw Jeffries is way overrated and this lanky, average speed kid who does his running upright isn’t likely to finish the season especially if they keep calling his number on QB options.

    The cold hard truth is that neither team played ANY defense and the CO turnovers were givaways and not the result of some great GH plays. At times CO’s young defense had a lot of trouble just recognizing and setting up to the offensive set.

    And on one of the Jeffries TD passes, he was clearly a yard past the line of scrimmage when he released the ball but unfortunately there wasn’t a ref anywhere near him so they couldn’t call what they failed to see.

    Bottom line is that GH played as well as they could and CO played really poorly including the 4 giveaways so even though they lost by a TD, it looks like CO will be a much better team than GH by the time the season begins. So, the question for CO fans is how good is GH this year…are they good enough to have won another Sierra league title? If so, then CO should do well in league.

    How about that freshman running back? Impressive that combined with his speed he lowered his pads and took on the DBs. After a few years of growth and lifting, this kid just might develop into the best back in the valley.

  • Panther Fan

    Yes Santa Margarita was that good. Showed class also. With just under 4 min. left in the game and being at the Diamond Ranch 10 yd line with 1st and goal, they took a knee for all 4 downs to run down the clock. DR had 1 min 6 sec left, tried one play then let the clock run out. the score could have easily been in the 70 pt range for Santa Margarita.
    Amat is of no consequence this yr. Just talk once again. Remember the first game against DR? Amat was given the ball back on a bogus referee call after DR had intercepted. It was a game changer that prevented DR from a possible score to win the game and allowed Amat to extend their score.
    DR has put a scare into some of the PAC-5 teams they played in the past. Edison, Servite, Oaks Christian as examples. All those teams were come from behind winners and won by narrow scores in at least one game of their series. Even Amat escaped with a win and only won by a marginal score.

  • IE Town

    CO Fan

    Been up having a cup of java, waiting to see if someone had any sense in what I saw last night! We’ll maybe the Glendora honks hide in that bedroom community, but there play last night really didn’t impress me for all the marketing hype form the Tribune. Paper sales I guess and less football knowledge.

    What’s comical is that their coach has some serious issues with understanding what the two next levels are. Unless you’ve been played there or coached there, you have no idea. Then to say his next test is Monrovia? Where did this clown come from?

    The win may have gone to GHS, but I wouldn’t be pounding my chest over their play last night.

  • You didn’t look much better …..

    I feel for those Amat players having to deal with these Amat supporters day in and day out. In recap Amat played a weak team and their defense shutdown this weak team. Their offense with this stud qb looked like sh*t. You maybe in the PAC5 but are you going to do any better than Diamond Ranch. You have some of your own bloggers talking major crap about your offense. As we have seen in the past Hag puts his team on the field prepared, if this is prepared your looking at a very long season with your stud baseball players.

  • JD

    To all of CO, excuses are A$$holes you know the rest. The game was no where close to what the score indicated, We could of run the ball down your throat ALL DAY LONG but Pasgy’s play calling stopped all that! Once he relizes what very good O line he has hopefully he’ll figure it out. The only reason you had a chance was Pasgy’s 30 defence I think it’s designed to give up 30 a game. Welcome to the sierra league u guys are going to get your A$$es thumped.


    1) the next pat haden or john mckay???
    palleeeezzee!!! against garfield?? ha wat a joke!! how could you hype this kid up so much without even taking a damn snap under center? i think the entire valley can see the bromance for amat!! but ok ok the next amat he the best baseball player in the area yes..prolly in 2o yrs..yes..the kids a phenom..but the next jon mckay or pat haden?? you gota be kidding me!! eat your own words

    2) we have fred robledo…never played football
    we have aram tolegian..never played football
    we have andrew campa…never played football
    and we have miggy melendew..never played football

    so what do you expect when these guys are choosing the all valley teams…hyping kids up..choosing and writing articles and literally having the opportunity to give their opinion in ink or online?

    take it all with a grain of salt!!

    3) too much media!! 20 yrs ago..maybe even 10 yrs ago..we all heard of the best becuz the best were the only ones talked about. now..everyones is the best..everyone is great! wow hes the hes the he is..bla bla bla…
    give credit where credit is due!!

    4) the best qb this weekend was the arroyo or charter oak qb!!! done deal! the cover of the prep mag should have been just chad jeffries or him w santiago.

    5) Los Altos should have kept Felipe aguilar…look how bad things are now…thats what you get los altos…you cry n moan..n u get the trash of the valley northviews unproven coach and you are now the trash of two valleys…thanks el rancho 🙂

    6) San dimas?? aahhhhhh OVERATED!!!
    wow that score?? really? mid valley champs? more like mid valley CHUMPS!! look out san dimas..better polish up that ring and where it while you can still remember the win cuz it aint comin.

    7) diamond harry welch..the best coach in so cal! he”ll go undefeated into post season. your own words..that was horrible.

    8) Amat?? yea you better schedule Garfield game one..youd be 0-1 this morning.

    9) Maggiore and bulldogs?? 21 pt lead blown? great job coaching west co..not!

    10) La mirada? overated! a prefect example of a large public school w talent in an easy division!! st paul..well coached..technically sound game breakers but great catholic school ball

    11)Covina..looking good..might just pull out one powerful playoff run!

    12) Dominguez upsets
    amats patsy sched not looking so patsy! i hope john mckay or pat haden comes out to play haha

    13) Nogales’s new coach..nice try but its goin to take more than that in this valley. Take a look..diamond bar..not the best team around..and nogales “i wana be the team to play” yea sorry coach..i think if the wc bruins need a scrimmage

    14) yes when evrybody was txtn from elac made it look so bad becuz you two clowns at the paper made this kid the blue and gold savior!! so yea it was that bad becuz you said it was gona be so good. dont go back on your words..but hey ur just a paper writer..its expected..your opinion is yours and is definelty not the best.

    15) Pomona..nice..garey..nice…its pomona and garey..what more can you say

    16)Damien just might get a win next week with diamond ranch..but then again..roddy always bounces back and Gano..well its the gano era at damien..and how does it go?…”itl take some time” “itl be a few years” how bout..”we wont win this year..maybe in a few years”

    17) charter oak…well doesnt matter what happens in your aint going anywhere in your division!!

    18) the mid valley teams in this valley may be the only ones playing in november!!
    certainly not damien..or s hilss..or charter oak..or west co..or amat..or glendora

    i see azusa..arroyo..rowland..covina..bonita..dranch
    playing in november

    evryoneelse prove me wrong

  • IE Town


    Welcome to IE.. You Glendora honkers are impressed with your night? Wow, Pasqy tarty boys at best.

  • kh

    fred fred fred
    we sent your saints marching home with there tails between there leggs.
    there in for along season,no running game and the qb kind of floats the ball down field.
    next mission clairmont,
    we dont talk ,just will take care of business this year freddy,jump aboard,while there still room in the boat,give us some love fred…your 0=1 with bearcats allready,we will make you look good,

  • IE Town


    Welcome to IE.. You Glendora honkers are impressed with your night? Wow, Pasqy tarty boys at best.

  • JD

    Hey ie-clown can u narrow it down a little. I like to know what team your pullin for or do you just stay by your computer pullin on it all day. Give us a team so when glendora thups their a$$ we wont have to here from u anymore!

  • Hmm….

    Hey norco trying to go incognito by changing your name? Wow nice try dude.

  • Aaron

    We found a running game! All Greg Spathias needed to do was manage the game and he did that. Those three INTs I’m sure he wants back but it was his first start. Defense played great.

    Passing Yds 131
    Rushing Yds 228

    Defensive stats have not been posted.

  • COChargerfan

    JD…apparently you spent most of the game at the snackbar because GH did actually run the ball for the vast majority of their plays. And, I don’t know what makes you think that your o-line is so good because other than a couple of two-yard QB sneaks they didn’t get ANY push whatsoever on the d-line. As proof, GH pretty much did zero running inside the tackles which is the measure of a superior o-line. Instead, the plays were traps and QB draws outside the tackles. Bottom line is your o-line didn’t do squat and CO’s d-line spent a fair amount of time in your backfield.

    GH won and I’m not making any excuses but they did so because CO unnecessarily turned the ball over 4 times.

    Based upon what I saw, both CO and GH need to improve a lot but considering what GH faces in league their year is going to be vastly more difficult.

  • Tarty Boy

    IE Clown,
    Man Childs out there? It must be all your Inbreeding. Clown, you haven’t said what school you support out there in Jerk water IE ?

  • AMAT Dad 05-07-09-12

    Before you blast AMAT for having a weak pre-season schedule, have you ever considered that maybe the local “SGV Powerhouse Teams” or
    “IE Powerhouse Teams” don’t want to play AMAT?

    AMAT has a wining tradition in Academics and in Sports!

    In Academics, many of the AMAT Alumni have gone on to launch successful professional and business careers.

    In Sports, it’s not just football that has a winning tradition. Just walk into the Student Activity Center and look at all the banners!

    How many other local schools have as many student-athletes that have played college sports?

    The last time AMAT played local teams, West Covina in 08-09, Glendora and Charter Oak in 05-06, AMAT blew them out by average of 29 points!

    It’s no wonder that the local “SGV Powerhouse Teams” don’t want to play AMAT.

    Garfield, Dominguez, Muir, Damien, Cathedral and Venice may not be the best schedule to prepare AMAT for Crespi, Loyala, Notre Dame and Alemany but it is what it is folks.

    The first three teams on the pre-season schedule had a combined record of 15-20 in the 2009-2010 schedule.

    Cathedral and Venice had winning records of 11-2 and 10-2 respectively in 09-10.

    However, Cathedral will soon find out that AMAT is no Cantwell, Bosco Tech or Mary Star of the Sea and Venice is not playing Pacific Palisades when they play AMAT.

    This was the first game folks, give the kid (Rio)and the rest of the team a break.

    You have to trust that Coach Haggerty and his staff will make the correct adjustments.

    Coach Haggerty has formed an outstanding coaching staff, many of them AMAT Alumn – who know how to win.

    Congrats to AMAT on the win.

  • D-Mo

    Congratulations to GHS. You made less mistakes and that’s what it takes in week 0.
    CO, let’s stay focused. I was a bit disappointed, but you are an extremely young team and it takes a while. You guys have enough talent and size. Let’s see a little emotion next week.
    Where are the leaders on this team? The sideline looked like a soup kitchen line. Avila, keep your damn helmet on. You, Travis and Dennis need to rally this team or it’s going to be a long, long season. You guys can do it. Work hard. Keep getting better and tougher.
    Let’s baptize the new field next week with some blood, sweatand a victory!

  • M Riley

    COchargerfan, give the Glendora QB your receivers and a Coach that will air it out and he would of had over 400 yrds last night against Glendora D. Were you not watching what plays were being called for Glendora the kid was held back or you just couldnt stop crying watching the fumbles and interceptions and there was actually 2 by Santiago? Stop drowning in your sorrow, you left Citrus college with a big L tattooed to your big head.
    IE Clown, You must have a bug up your a$$ for Glendora and it’s coach. Please tell us what school you support ?

  • Not Fred

    Harry Welch taking over Santa Margarita changes everything in the Trinity League. A new power emerges.

  • kh

    get real
    man your on a roll.
    like the fact you see us us being a parent of punter and lb for bonita in the flow of things,we manhandle the aints from kick-off tell the bell rang.
    this up coming week we get clairmount are games are set up for pay backs all season long,
    get real are you sure you didnt grab the gun powder and instead of the pepper,
    keep the coming i like it,becarefull you might take kh post season award away from him this year,
    its a jungle out there kh out

  • amat forever

    To Get Real and all other haters…Dude you are the absolute king of all haters…What sports did you play in high school, you were probably the biggest underachieving piece of S in school…No game with the ball and probably no game with the girls…pure loser yourself, anybody and I mean anybody who gets on here and just hates is showing his (I’ll get back at innocent kids because of the kids that picked on me in High school mentality)…I dont know what the medical field calls it but my psychoanalysis word will be”Dick” …that’s all you need to be called.
    The glendora QB is a tremendous athelete, but he doesn’t call the plays, Ruiz is another athelete, again he doesn’t call the plays…Last night Rio should solid shots of why he was chosen…many dropped balls and penalties, absolutely no running game not to mention how Garfield was much bigger and stronger than Amat and controlled both lines of scrimmage. Rio was running most of the time to make plays happen and he did…big 1st down passes. Because of him being the athelete that he is, he was able to not get sacked about 10 times…42 was in his ass all night and before you bring up the J Mac deal, if this was last year J Mac would have been sacked 15 times because he could not move out of the pocket…Horrible play calling by Hags, beef package was done no line help.In the redzone 6 times and only scored twice…Thats on Hags and the play calling…Bottom line is Garfield Lines beat our ass they were big and physical, but Amat is Amat and playmakers find a way…Gener, Ruiz and Shay…carried the day…Leave the writers alone its there job, they don’t write about you cleaning bed pans do they. FN Loser

  • keep it real

    Well, Well, Well, CO falls to Glendora. I was at the game. Its interesting to see how CO Plays with its own players. Actually Kurt Scooby was the best player on Offense that night. He is the last of a dying breed. The last Monrovia Skill guys to go to CO. I am not saying Farrar and staff are not good, but its real easy to coach and win when they have the horses. This season it does not look that way. They look horrible in the secondary. Glendora WR got behind CO Dbs on several occasions. Rufus did not play well, niether did Santiago. Jefferies outplayed him. The gledora oline outplayed CO. Its going to be a long year for the chargers. Their is a possibilty that the will not get out the first or second round this year.

  • General Turgidson

    General Turgidson said:
    Normally, I do not feel that it is in our best interests to criticize Fred and Aram… normally. Certainly we are very fortunate not to have to wade through the manure that Muigelle Melendez shovels onto his paper. However, I believe that it is entirely warranted in this case.

    Ruiz was hyped more than any quarterback I can remember in recent memory. What was especially horrifying was that he was being compared to some of the greatest players in area history without taking a snap. Use your heads men! “Get real” is correct. Make no mistake about it men… Amat is in for a very tough season if “THE MESSIAH” can’t even light it up against Garfield. Defy me if you dare!

    It is not the kid’s fault either. It was really foolish of EVERYONE to tout this kid as something that you had no idea about, and to say things that you had no right to say. Challenge me if you dare!

    Amat barely makes it to round one and gets obliterated.

    Shame on you soldiers!

  • IE Town

    Tarty Boys/Riley

    Schedule us then pop your Glendora Honks crap! The water we drink in Huskie land will teach the bedroom boys how to play football.

    Schedule some of us next year! After reading all the hype, we’ll lets just say the meat is out here in the IE.

    Good luck with your next (Pasqy Test) Monrovia.. LMAO!

  • BA vs. Garfield!!!

    The entire BISHOP AMAT VS. GARFIELD game is now available for view at:

  • SGVLifer

    Covina 27, West Covina 21 – Shocker of the night. The Colts trailed 21-2 at one point, scoring three touchdowns in the final four minutes to shock the Valley, and your favorite Trib reporters.

    Favorite trib reporters? Says who? Puhlease Fred! If you only knew what people really say about u guys. The fact that you guys have created a blog that feeds and fuels all this drama and hatred, blasts teenage kids, and takes away from the true meaning of high school sports to satisfy your own insecure needs is a tribute to the fact that you have no clue and deserve all the criticism that comes your way…I know some if you might disagree regarding the sgv tribune blog but nothing but trash comes from beating a teenage kid that just wants to play sports…IMO the blog needs to go away! Until then Fred, you reap what you sow.

  • just sayin’

    SGVlifer – and yet you’re here. interesting.

  • Ugly!

    just watched some of the Diamond Ranch/SMCHS massacre. Not a pretty sight. and SMCHS is going to be the 4th place team in the Trinity League

  • just askin’

    General Turgidson -since Florida is struggling with Miami (of OHIO) that must mean Brantley suck, Meyer is a bad coach and all the writers who picked the Gators to be the #4 team in the nation are full of it and their publications are going to lose readers??? Sheezze.. it’s Game 1 fellas!

  • jcaz

    Additional notes….

    Believe it or not, I am going to have to stick up for Drrrranch this time. Santa Margarita, may very well run the tables in the trinity league this year and that’s because Harry Welch hasnt lost more than one game in the last, what, four years as a head football coach ?

    The fact that his new school did so well last night against Diamond ranch should not have come as a big surprise to anyone, but the fact that a Harry Welch coached team took a knee at the end of a game, speaks volumes about how his philosophy during game time must have changed over the years because to tell you the truth, that would never have happened in the past.

    In fact, I remember a game he coached where his team scored more than 90 points against an obviously over matched team. He would have scored more, but I think that the only thing that stoped him was the fact that there are only 48 minuies in high school football. He simply, ran out of time.

    So when somebody comes in here and says that Drrrracnh knows nothing about Pac5 football, well, maybe they’re right, but then again perhaps the guy should do some homework because even though Harry Welch discovered the word “mercy” recently, I promise you that he will do very well, come league time. Even if it is the Trinity….

    One more thing. Both Crespi and Notre Dame lost last night, and the way its beginning to look, that very last game of the season may very well determine the league champion this year.

    The only problem for the boys in blue is that its an away game and we all remember how the last game ended over at Alemany.

    Also, I dropped my kid off at a friends house a few blocks from Amat this morning and happened to have noticed that there was a home game being played.

    Usually on certain Saturdays throughout the season, there are Freshman games played at certain times of the year. These games are played for the benefit of the kids who didnt get a chance to play on Thursday’s game. It sort of gives them a chance make it up on Saturday.

    Anyway, I decided to drop by and catch the last quarter of the Lancers game against Mater Dai.

    Unfortunately, there was no Rio Ruiz out on that field this morning to make a spectacular catch as Mater Dai was up 32 to 8 and was driving for yet another touchdown with under a minute to go.

    Anyway, like I said, it was by pure chance that I was there, but i have to say that in looking at the folks out in the stands this morning, I noticed folks that I saw at the games both on Thursday afternoon and on Friday night.

    Must be hard to have to sit through so many games if you got kids on all the teams I suppose. But then again, love triumph’s all right ?

  • Tech Support

    So what have we learned from the comments this week? Apparently every team in the SGV is horrible, all the new coaches were bad hires, and nobody who writes for these newspapers knows anything.

    Congrats for proving everything everybody says about the internet right people.

  • jesusjr23

    “First of all, I highly doubt any kid would go and cuss out any coach from any team without reason.”

    So y’all are telling me that for no good reason he just decided to cuss the coach out? C’mon get real. Like I said, I find it hard to believe any kid, from any team would cuss out a coach from an opposing team for no reason. I’m sure even your most mouthy player wouldn’t do it for no reason! Something definitely fueled the kid, and I’m not saying what he did was right, because he should have just been the bigger man and walked away, right? We forget though all these players are still kids and I’m sure someone said something… I bet you asked your coach and he told you he didn’t say anything right? Well duh, a grown man and a coach, that would make him look stupid. I’m sure he would never tell anyone he said anything, nor would those around him. Can we stop now?

  • Phantom Fan

    To Amat Dad, Bishop Amat will find out Cathedral is no garfield. The Phantoms are alot better than Garfield and they have already played Two teams better than Amat Oaks Christian and serra. I was there last night and Cathedral would have beat Amat with Our 6’4 QB Haden Reddig picking off Amat’s weak secondary. You Amat Guys keep talking trash about Cathedral and we will see you in Oct 1st.

  • Joe Amat

    Tech Support,

    Now THAT made me laugh!

  • kurmugin

    Comparing BA QBs you might want to consider John Sciarra (sp?), the post-Haden transfer from Alhambra who did quite well for the Lancers, in college, and, for a time, in the pros.

  • General Turgidson

    I did not say that the kid isn’t good, and I am not even saying that Amat will not have a good season. Please, open your ears and put your thinking caps on little girls.

    All I am saying is that the kid should not be compared to the likes of Pat Hayden until he has done something. That is all.

    And to the SGVforever kid…

    You don’t have to be on here son! And Since when have Fred and Aram PROMOTED any kind of tomfoolery? All they have done is provided a place where we can talk about football. That’s called “freedom” in case you have been in Red China or Iran for the past few decades and don’t know what that means. What people choose to do with it is a different matter.

    If anything, as the Ruiz fiasco demonstrates, they are far too positive about kids and the horrible coaches in this valley who are for some reason always in a “rebuilding season” or at the cusp of “turning things around.” Use your damn head son.

    -thus spake THE GENERAL

  • Eyewitness

    The Bonita coaching staff was spotted leaving T Philips at 8 A.M. Good job boys. You deserve it. No reason to plan anymore. Guess Podley got he key back that he lost 4 years ago.

  • kh

    they had breakfast there this morning before
    they headed into the office to watch the film with there team,
    thats what you do on sat. mornings,
    your showing us you never played the game,and theres a la verne p.d. right behind t=phillips.
    we have enought narcs in the town,
    we dont need you.

  • J Dawg

    I don’t think he was implying the coaching were on a bender until 8AM. I think he was bagging on them for their poor choice of eating establishments.
    then again I could be wrong

  • Give “9” a break

    ALWAYS check the passing statistics before passing judgement =)

    Rio Ruiz 10-17, 164 yrds, 2 TD/ 0 INT

    Chad Jeffries 9-15, 94 yrds, 1TD/ 0 INT

    Travis Santiago 15-24, 201 yrds, 1 TD/ 1 INT

    Andrew Chavez(C.H.) 7-14, 68 yrds 0 TD/ 1 INT

    Michael Ball 9-18, 164 yrds 1 TD/ 0 INT

  • Great Job Julian!!!!!

    Bishop Amat’s Julian Gener had to have about 20 tackles last night or close to this. Does anyone have this stat??? He was unstoppable!

  • AMAT Dad 05-07-09-12

    Reply to Phantom Fan:

    I’ll agree with you on two points:

    1) Cathedral may be a better team than Garfield

    2) Cathedral did play Serra and Oaks Christian

    However, you fail to mention that Cathedral LOST to both teams.

    During the regular season a 21-7 loss to Serra and 38-11 loss to Oaks Christian in the playoffs.

    It’s one thing to play, it’s another thing to win.

    I’m not talking trash. I have respect for Cathedral as prep high school. Two of my best friends are Cathedral Alumni.

    Congrats to Cathedral for trying to step up their football program.

    However, after October 1, Cathedral may want to schedule Cantwell, Salesian, Mary Star of the Sea, and Don Bosco in 2011-2012.

  • My Take

    Here is my take on last night’s Amat game. Gener is the best pljayer on Amat’s team. Rio is definitely no JMac. Long Pac-5 season ahead.

  • Fan Of The Game

    Glendora will be fine in the baseline league. They are going struggle with there line backers.They dont have #7 Michael Gonzales, that kid was all C.I.F and The last Glendora kid to be named defensive MVP. The line backers now Mendoza and Crawl miss tackels and drop there heads every time they make a tackle. This year will be the first year they dont have some what of a solid defense. First it was #40 Chad Young Then #7 Michael Gonzales to lead the defense.. Now who? Glendora has no Leadership and Lewllelan needs to teach the boys how to tackle. Jefferies will do great this year!
    Good Luck Glendora. Stepp it up on defense and you will be fine!!

  • PhantomFan

    Hey Amat Dad the day’s of playing Cantwin and Salesian,Bosco Tech are over for the Phantoms. I know 1 thing last night the Phantoms would have defeated Amat. You will see in a couple of week’s. You also forget It was 7-7 going into the 4th qtr with serra. Also we were right their with Oaks. They just wore us down in the second half. I also know Amat would not have beaten Oaks or serra last season. Don’t count out the Phantoms because After we beat Amat,you guys better schedule Bassett or Baldwin Park.

  • kh

    j dawg.
    t-phillips is a nice place to hang out,
    the coaching staff been going there for many years,
    the team has a breakfast there acouple times a year.
    owner and wife are super people,
    so is this another blog. negitive moment,

    give me a break.
    i didnt see bonita qb on your list.
    dont be like fred.
    bonita has really good coaches and athletes.
    s.d. was rated @1 in there division,
    41 to 20 really kicked there butts without are star qb,
    they other qb did fine and we for some reason run the ball 200 plus ground yards,thats how you win cif rings,when you run the ball everybody involved in the offense,great job bearcats

  • Where are you Mike The Mouth

    Any one heard from the Fool on the Hill, aka MTC aka Mike The Clone aka Mike the Mouth?

    Seems he got this wrong again. “PERIOD!”

    Once again Mike has Foot in Mouth disease.

    COChargerFan, so your true colors come out, you’re a sore loser and a bad sport. How do you know Glendora played their best game? How do you know CO played their worst? You say the CO defense was slow to react to GHS’s alignments. Isn’t that a coaching issue? Ana you knowledge of traps is questionable at best. Since when are traps run outside the tackles?

    GHS beat CO fair and square and Coach P, like most solid coaches, didn’t bring out all the goodies and still beat the Chargers who was suppos eto be well oiled and ready, they were not.

    DR lost big but that only signifies two things, one Viramontes was that invaluable to the team and two Welch is a flat out stud coach. It also highlights the fact that great coaches don’t take years to improve programs, especially when they are rich in talent and resources as SM.

  • AMAT!!!

    Dont worry too much about Amat, haters. We can take care of us and we will make the proper adjustments. Im sure the coaches have reviewed the tapes to pin point the problems in last nights game and will make the proper adjustments. All though many of you are assuming you know how Rio will play after watching one game, are so wrong. Offense will change what they have to change and soon it will come together to be able to take on the teams in the PAC 5. Dont lose any sleep over us!

    BTW: Julian Gener rocked it last night, best defensive player of the night! Well deserved!

  • Hey GHS Fool Mike the Mouth

    To Mike the Mouth you frecking idiot he is so far ahead of you he dissed you already. ha ha ha I guess you were mowing the coaches yard…..which was a great line from clonie. Hey fool look around he and Aram is all over you ghs fools see you in the IE where you dont stand a chance you little sissy boys, The IE is the big time and not CO.

  • Survived MTC T Shirt Wearer

    Mike where Are You,
    Your suffering from heat stroke mow Pasqy’s lawn at night it’s cooler.Just a little advice.
    I really don’t know what Glendora did beside take advantage of CO miscues. The CO defense did more than enough stat-wise to win this game. Holding Jeffries to under 100 in both passing and rushing means you win the game, right?

    – Aram Tolegian

  • Charter Choke

    Did you see there offensive line for Charter Choke they all need stomach bypass surgery. What has the coaching staff been doing in off season nothing I guess but the must be visiting in & out all lot. The defense looked in shape but the could not over come all the turn overs by the offense.

  • SD MOM

    KH: Yep thats how we win a CIF Ring …. And the Smudgepot 3 years in a row….. cant win them all… But who has the 09 Ring? And the Bearcats win with Officials on their side!!!! you know as well as everyone else there that those calls from the officials were horrible…. So talk all you want does your son have a CIF FOOTBALL RING? cause mine does…..

  • Panther Fan

    As I posted earlier the Marine League of the LA Section has teams that can beat the likes of Mater Dei. At the end of the first quarter of tonights game – Carson 7 Mater Dei 0.

  • SD mom

    talk all you want about last year but the fact is you dont got the pot this year and just so you know your team isnt doing anything this year your defense is trash but hey im sure you guys will be feeling good when you beat pomona and wilson two schools that are powerhouses haha so keep living in the past because you guys are going downhill fast and one last thing dont even try to blame this on the refs you guys lost by 21 points this game was completely one sided

    i like your style always been a fan of your posts and tell kc he had a great game

  • Dan

    Santa Margarita will not be the 4th place team in the trinity, they will be right there with Servite and Mater Dei fighting for the league title, Harry Welch is the difference maker in this league. The Trinity should be stacked this year, most likely the toughest in the state for the season, Servite and SJB both won big last night too.

  • Aaron

    My Trinity league prediction:
    Servite (going to open division)
    Santa Margarita
    O Lu

  • Why Not A Mallet?

    Nice doo Chad I’m sure San Diego likes that!!

  • Panther Fan

    Point Proven – Carson (Marine League) 14, Mater Dei (Trinity League) 10. In two weeks Carson plays Santa Margarita.

  • Don

    Great job Bearcats.

    My apologies for sitting with the Saints, but they let me cut in line. Great effort from all.

    Quote of the night was from Casey Horine who said the linebackers, Huth, Mikity, Horine and the rest, played like wild men. That’s what it’s gonna take boys. Guys like my boy Daniel and Tarez and Cody demanding double teams allow Casey, KC, and da boys to run wild.

    A shout out too for my guy Puddin’ who led the team in receiving and played an outstanding CB.

    Bonita will go as far as their D and O line will let them. A healthy Garrett Pendleton will be huge but he must be protected. Mostly it’s gonna be about the D.

    Kinda makes KH and Aaron look smart, huh?

  • Sports clips

    Why not a Mallet ?,
    Did you mean Mullet? If your going to come on hear and write stupid crap get it right.
    Obvi. you dont know anything about the comradery of football players getting pumped up for their first game. The entire Glendora football team got Mohawks Thurs. night at the team dinner, you ignorant fool! So go wipe that egg off your face !


    Well folks, I was at the amat game myself and the guys that I must give it up for is bishop amat forever. You saw what I saw. People fail to forget that Garfield does not have the best players around, but they have great hardworking kids, with a great coaching staff to match. Amat clearly had the most true athletes. But even under sized and over matched Garfield coaches put their players in the best situation to be successful. Just because it is a City Section School, dont think their coaches are clowns that dont have anything else to do but schedule premier programs. They do it cuz they feel they have a shot and last night it showed. I was impressed with the the following that Amat has, great fans, much respect. The Garfield side was not what it should have been, I am sure for obvious reasons, but for a game 0, I got my monies worth, no doubt. I think this 0 match up should be the beginning of a new tradition because it will push Garfield to play perfect and force Amat to adjust and fight adversity early. Again, great game and yes Ruiz will play maker and will learn, but dont be fouled, look at Amat’s Defense and Garfield Defense and you will see a mirror image on how to play Defense with the front seven, almost identical technique. Gener #76 from Amat and Saucedo #42 from Garfield, my Defensive picks. And for you Cathedral guys that have split a series with Franklin High School 1-1, get lost you dont have the staff to prep for Amat like Garfield. You may have the athletes, but not the staff. Adios you will be a Phantom!!

  • Ghostbuster



    Oaks Christian 28, Alemany 17

    Bishop Amat 36, Alemany 14

    Alemany Head Coach Dean Herrington also stated that between BA and OC, he thought that BA was the more well rounded team.

    “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts”

  • Ghostbuster



    Oaks Christian 28, Alemany 17

    Bishop Amat 36, Alemany 14

    Alemany Head Coach Dean Herrington also stated that between BA and OC, he thought that BA was the more well rounded team.

    “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts”

  • COChargerfan

    Calling it like it is isnt being a poor loser. Like I said, GH won on the scoreboard so congrats but the caveat is that this was because of four CO giveaways and not because Jeffries or the o-line did anything special because they didnt. What about your d-line vs. COs o-linehow many backfield tackles, sacks of even hurries did your o-line have? Honestly, I cant remember a single one. With four less possessions, CO had vastly better offensive stats including Santiago had more than twice the passing yards as Jeffriesstats dont lie. No wonder everyone takes shots at Glendora fan as they talk a lot of smack with no substance to back it up. BTW, Santiago only had one INT as the second pick by your safety was the result of pass interference by the DB who threw a blatant block on Rufus as he made his cutso CO got a first down and went on to score a TD. And the receiver was more at fault on the first INT as after the ball was thrown slightly behind him he tried to tip it to himself and it went too far which allowed the safety who was more than 5 yards away to make the pickso even the one pick wasnt because of some great play by a GH kid and, instead, was just good fortune. And yes a team can trap block outside the tacklesever heard of a tight end or pulling guardwhere do you think hes pulling to? Again, anyone that actually watched the game knows that GH did little running inside the tackles, and other than two QB sneaks pretty much never ran through the 1 or 2 holes and COs d-line did spend a fair amount of time in GHs backfieldthats what really happened so quit trying to make up bs just because your kid is an o-lineman. Enjoy your win GH fan because from what I saw youre all going to be whining in a month after those big, bad IE schools make you the last place team in the Baseline. And I hope it doesnt happen but just saying that some of those skilled 210 lb LBs may turn your average speed, 178 lb QB into mince meat if your coach keeps calling his number on those option plays. The good news is that youll get all the whining out long before playoffs begin so we can be spared the usual past year’s our coach sucks stuff that comes after a one and done playoff loss.

    The CO coaches and kids will figure it out over the next few weeks and be ready for whats going to be a hard fought Sierra league season.

  • JFR

    Sports clips,

    That’s awesome, how original.

  • Blah Blah Blah

    Let it go brother, you become the biggest whiner on here. I know you still hurt from Friday night and you just got to vent your frustrations out about your turnovers and how Jefferies sucks and the GHS lines were overpowered by yours. No one cares what your excuses are, the fact is and the only one that counts is GHS has the “W”.
    Start looking ahead about how your not going to get another big “L” against Gardena.

  • Lan C. Erbacker

    Hey Phantom Fan, we don’t put on our Ghostbuster gear until the week we prepare for Cathedral so, until then we have other teams (Dominguez Hills) to worry about. See you down the road and as the song goes…..”I ain’t afraid no ghost…” I hope Dominguez is reading the papers and saving their press clippings cause Bishop Amat comes to town this Friday!!!! Just a side note to the Dominguez planning staff, be prepared. Amat travels fairly well and the do visit the concession stands so please plan ahead. Note to Garfield concessions – Little preparation next time huh? There was money to be made and opportunity missed on Friday night. Let’s get ready AMAT, Go Big Blue!!

  • Pasadena Coach

    Everyone chill out it’s only one game. I went to the game and neither team played well. However just being honest the CO kids would have won if not for all the turnovers. Also I understand that a couple of skilled players were unavailible to play (injuries). Lucky, Lucky GHS kids. Good luck the rest of the season for both teams and don’t listen to all the hype about the IE or any other area. I watch some of there games last year and their level of play is nothing to brag about.

  • WTF

    Hey Padadena Coach,

    Since you coach in area of greatfootball programs how can you tell good football from bad. SGV Valley by far has the weakest teams in all of the Southern California. The IE has send several teams to the state finals how many has SGV sent or Pasadena. The sad part about pasadena football is not the lack of talent it just horrible coaching like yourself.

  • Conq’76

    I hate to say it, but Los Altos should change the name of the school to “The Heights High School”, change the school colors to Green and Yellow and change the mascot name to the Wasps or something. Watching a tradition die a slow painful death is depressing. Where have you gone Sean and Brigham? Where are you now Binky, Dennis, Randy and Rob? Our city turns its lonely eyes to you…

  • kh

    just watched coaches vidio on fridays game vs c.o.
    your coach said big game agaisnt monrovia wildcats,
    if there like s.d.,witch played them in the cif championship last season, you guys will be 2-0.
    its another season and people cant judge on last season run,go ghs,stuff the wildcats.

  • Ricky

    How many CIF titles has Catheral won in football? Playing Serra and Oaks close is irrelevant, you lost. When you win a title come on the blog and brag, until then support your school but don’t denigrate others. Oh by the way I believe the answer is zero.

  • I love Pasqurllie

    The Glendora people crack me up The so called QB of the century was held to NOTHING, get it NOTHING. He is going to San Diego. That’s its, if he was Freddy’s all this and that He’ be in the SEC, PAC TEN, WAC.So Glendora people you won on turnovers and not your offense. Your coach is taking you only to thanksgivig dinner so shut up and sit down.Wear the bling and then run your stupis mouth

  • scoreboard

    Glendora 28, Charter Oak 21

    Scoreboard say’s it all. No excuses, no whining, no Monday morning quarterback, just scoreboard.

    Nothing more to say.

    Charter Oak’s in in for a long season of wup azz and you can thank the gods that they don’t play Basset next week.

    Ha ha ha

  • GHS Dad

    Hey COChargerfan, If we knew we were playing for stats we would have got more.
    SCOREBOARD BABY!!!! By the way 28-14 with 3:30 left, it wasn’t even that close. Show some class and quit whining.

  • a loss is a loss!!

    Its funny how losers always have soooo many excuses for why they lost!!! A loss is a loss, if your team cant make changes and adjust when players are hurt, then your team will never win championships. This is a TEAM sport, it should never be about one kid, it should be about a TEAM who is able to come together and win no matter whos left to play in the game

    Take your loss and move on to the next game!!!

  • LA Conq

    Conq ’76

    The sad thing is that this has not been a “slow painful death”. This has actually been a VERY quick death. Just THREE years ago the Conqs were one of the best teams in the valley with Ray Rodriguez, Bryce McBride, Nick Longoria, etc. That team could have done some serious damage if three of our best players had not gone down with season ending injuries (including Rodriguez and McBride).

    My guess is that squad would have gone to the Semis if not further. Instead they missed the playoffs, Gano left and…..well you know the rest. But honestly, that wasn’t that long ago my friend. And the year before that I believe was when they went to the semis and lost to El Dorado in a close battle!

  • Pasadena Coach

    Hey WTF

    Just being honest,something you must have a problem with. Have you ever heard the old saying that the truth hurts and by the way stop living in the past.

  • Eyewitness

    Well Looks like Podley and the boys are going to lockup for the night. TPhilips that is. must be nice. KH No breakfast, they were the only ones there. They pulled an all nighter boozing. Good for them.


    LA Conq

    Even Ray, and Bryce could not have overcome the horror at QB that was Jr. Tomato, that 2007 year. One of Gano’s Amat “coups” that backfired. Watching him play QB was like watching Nascar, and waiting for the inevitable crash. (lol)

    Ah, the good ol’ days.

    We want Binky, we want Binky…… Heck, right about now, I’d settle for a Matt Aney.

  • COChargerfan

    Apparently the education level in Glendora isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be because the GH honks clearly can’t read…Because, I clearly congratulated GH for the win so all the poor loser, scoreboard stuff is misguided.

    What I’ve pointed out is that the GH honks bragging up Jeffries and the O-Line are living in a dream world because Santiago and CO’s O-line played even better. And you’re ignoring (take off the rose colored glasses) that both defenses played very poorly but CO’s D-Line played light years better than GH’s.

    So I suggest that the GH honks check your egos for a minute and look at the big picture, namely, your league opponents are Upland (2009 Central CIF Champ), Los Osos (2009 Central Runner Up), Rancho (2009 Central Semis and the team that kicked your butt in the 1st round)), Etiwanda (co Baseline league champ) and Alta Loma. Seriously, you may beat Alta Loma but that is it…that’s 1-4 in league so there isn’t going to be any Pride in the Foothills this year. So, enjoy your weekend because come league play the annual whining of you GH honks will begin on que and the CO fans will be laughing our butts off because CO’s team is more talented and have an easier go in a league where they will battle for the crown and make the playoffs even if it results in a first round loss.

    Big picture pals, big picture…that’s what I’m saying.

  • Who Knew

    It’s becoming very apparent that Mike the Clone knew all along what he was talking about when it comes to the Glendora Honks.

  • SD MOM

    Bearcat: yeah we also had 2 touchdowns called back due to BUNK calls…. with your officials… but celebrate cause we will get the smudgepot back just like we have in the PAST … your only talking cause you have one win…. Celebrate your ONE win!!!!!! as we will our ONE LOSS!!!!!just like last year we had ONE loss the whole Season what about you? Does your son have a CIF Ring cause mine does…..its really nice!!!!!!

  • kh

    eye wittness.
    did custer party after smoking the indains.
    did the boys on the island party after we dropped the bomb.
    so what wrong with men having a few beers after self destructing s.d. season.
    s.d. mom,get out of the pasted ,last season team was banged up pretty good,friday we were running on all cyclder honey,except our starting qb ,but as you see we didnt need him.
    t-phillips dose serve breakfast my bonita athletes only,so your wrong my friend.
    players dont go in there after a game, coaches and boosters only,if you had a son playing football or you played football you would know players dont hang out with there coaches,17-18 year olds have plently on the minds they
    football,on friday night.
    s.d. mom come on you cant take a ass wopping,like a man.
    if you guys where cowboys,you guys would of rode home bareback,would of taken your saddles too.
    your in for a long season,keep your eyes open for your new fan,goes by big corn.hes bald like a skin head.we scalped him and sent him packing last friday back to s.d. side where he and his daughter belong, plus dont know whos his daughter address there using,either parents live in s.d.
    people who live in glass houses,shouldnt throw stones…

  • Confused

    COChargerfan – If CO outplayed them on the O-Line, and outplayed them on the D-Line, and outplayed them at the QB spot – how did they lose? The one thing that you got right is CO has an easier go in league than Glendora – as always. So if GHS goes 1-4 in league – and GHS beat CO – how would CO do in the Baseline?

  • Conq’76

    LA Conq,

    Yes, you’re right it wasn’t that long ago that LA gave El Dorado all it could handle in the Div. 6 Semi-Final game and the next season looked promising until we ran full steam into St. Francis where the wheels came off and Rodriguez went down. It just seems like a lifetime ago…

  • Conq’76

    LA Conq,

    Yes, you’re right it wasn’t that long ago that LA gave El Dorado all it could handle in the Div. 6 Semi-Final game and the next season looked promising until we ran full steam into St. Francis where the wheels came off and Rodriguez went down. It just seems like a lifetime ago…

  • Conq’76

    LAALUM, and LA Conq

    Or maybe it was the Southwest conference or Southeast, whatever it was, they played a highly touted El Dorado team very tough…

    I took some classes with Binky and his partner in the backfield, back in ’73, Mike Hill. Don’t recall them being terribly diligent students!

    I played JAAF with Matt and Randy Hertel and rooted for them while they perpetuated the LA legacy!

  • COChargerfan

    “Confused”…now that’s one of the most apropo monikers of all time and explains everything. Your answer is obvious…FOUR TURNOVERS…or, over 1/3rd of CO’s possessions. I believe that CO scored on 3 of their other 5 possessions so you do the math if they hadn’t committed 4 silly giveaways.

    And CO doesn’t play in the Baseline this year so who cares about such speculation. CO has to worry abut the Sierra and GH gets the Baseline. It means nothing this season, but you apparently missed that in pre-season the past two years CO played both Rancho (tie, loss) and Etiwanda (won, won)so they do have a 2-1-1 record. CO gets both these teams in the next few weeks so we’ll an answer soon.

    Bottom line is focus on the reality of your team’s upside and then the big picture…and while you are at it someone needs to tell the blogger “M Riley” that GH needs to play with their own players so the answer is NO, Jeffries can’t have CO’s receivers.

  • Norco


    Apparently you didn`t see Servite play Oceanside-they have no speed on the offensive side of the ball, no QB-Secondary is very suspect-teams that spread them out will have a good chance to beat them this year…Servites run D is OL is solid & run D is very strong…I will say this right now they lose to Chaparral…but at least 14 points….

  • Less Confused.

    are “silly turnovers” not part of the performance? Is Santiago’s INT not considered in comparing his “performance” to Jeffries (who had NO turnovers)? Did other people just “drop the ball” or hand to the Tartans? Or is it possible that defensive pressure caused some of those TO’s? Sometimes players simply crumble under the pressure of a big game. It’s possible that just the enormity of CO/GHS was not enough for the young Chargers to handle. That’s part of performance too.

  • ptown

    bearcat fan, nice win but your comment on pomona shows no class. You tell me the last time bonita been to the finals.I do know for a fact that its been 11 years for bonita.How many kids from bonita play college football?3 Pomona ids are currently play pro football. 0 bonita kids playing pro football.

    good win just dont bring pomona in your conversation.good luck the rest of the season.

  • General Turgidson

    To: “They have no clue…”

    I suggest you find out who Harry Welch is before you shoot your mouth off and condemn the SGV.

    From a man who really knows, take it from me… Harry Welch and Santa Margarita win the whole damn thing and go to the state bowl game.

    -thus sayeth “THE GENERAL”

  • On the RIGHT Side of the 210

    CO Charger Fan:

    How about using the enter key at some point and divide your posting into PARAGRAPHS???

    You must never have to write anything up during your normal day…. then again what should anyone expect from someone who took “Future Construction Worker” prep classes at CO.

    HAHAH… laughing at you!!! Quit your excuse making and MOVE ON MAN!!!

  • ptown i wasnt trying to put down pomona high its just in my opinion san dimas should be playing against better programs and if your trying to say pomona has a better program than bonita the last time the two played each other bonita won but i do think your program is improving and good luck this season i hope you guys destroy san dimas

  • COChargerfan

    I actually went to Monrovia High so it goes without saying that I’ll be rooting for the Cats this Friday. And you might want to pay attention because for two years now I’ve said several times on this blog that I have a degree in Business/Accounting from Cal Poly Pomona and work in the insurance claims business. And perhaps you should visit your optometrist because each of my posts is actually divided into appropriate paragraphsespecially for a blog. So you earn the a-hole award for attempting an ad hominem attacknow go look that word up and then Ill quiz you afterwards on what it means because I doubt that a pompous azz like you will understand it without a little help. So, exactly what makes you so brilliant?

    As hard as it is, listen for a minute. COs turnovers were not caused by some spectacular defensive plays and, instead, were avoidable and, thus, self-inflicted. Theres a big difference between the two. You may understand with this example; GH didnt score after they recovered the muffed punt return on like COs 15-yard line was this because of great defense or related to the two penalties that GH committed (i.e. self inflicted)? So, do you get it now? Theres a difference.

    So GH fan listen to what I said starting in my first post BOTH GH and CO played poorly on defense and your lines, especially your D-Line, were outplayed by COs. Your D-Line pretty much never made it into the backfield, never sacked the QB nor even forced Santiago to hurry. He just sat back in the pocket and threw whenever he pleased (on COs last scoring drive GH knew CO was passing but still couldnt get any pressure on the QB and he was able to EASILY complete passes against 5 DBs and score in something like 90 seconds. And the incomplete passes earlier in the game were misfires or drops as opposed to a GH DB making a play on the ball. When CO wasnt giving the ball away, your defense was extremely porous and thats a fact (see the stats). And COs D-line spent a lot of time in your backfield and knocked your QB down a few timesthis is what happened regardless of the final score so the GH honks that are saying otherwise are either ignorant or living in a dream worldor both.

    Pretty funny the comment about GH always playing at a higher caliber than COso how did your team fare against Damien last year? Because CO put an L on them and, oh yeah, I remember now that they put a 27-0 whipping on GH. Ouch.

    So the GH honks that are making the dire predictions about COs team need to look into the mirror and just hope that they arent right because, if they are, then GH is absolutely going to get demolished by the Baseline. Think about that for a minute you self-anointed brilliant honks.

  • To Sd Mom:

    Hey SD Mom, how many points do you think Bonita would have scored if Pendleton had played? It would have been a big number so be content with your twenty point loss.

  • Blah Blah Blah

    Wow, you just cant stop. Now we have to hear your Bio., sooooooo impressive! Please stop and move on to positive things about next weeks games. Your getting a little bit ridiculous.

  • hahahhah


    Ok so you went to Monrovia, but have a love affair with CO? That makes alot of sense.

    You’re an idiot who likes to hear himself talk and talk and talk.

    How about spending the 45 minutes it took for you to write your response to that posters comment and spend it with your family??

    Then again, if I was married to you, I’d let you spend all the time you want on the computer, while I cheat on your HS obsessed ass and FIND A REAL MAN!

    LAUGHING AT YOU!!!!! GHS Won and CO Lost — END OF STORY!

  • SD MOM

    KH: WTF are you talking about? Scalping, saddles,
    new bald fan? stick to the subject at hand!!!

  • Don

    Wow, those Saint fans can turn mean quick, huh?

    Hey sdmom, stop overcompensating by cracking on KH, you guys will still do fine in the Valle Vista but don’t misplace that ring. They’re hard to come by. Just be happy you didn’t get assigned to the big boy league . . . enjoy SEM next week because you have Maddox and Baiz after that and like Kurt Russell says in the movie Tombstone, “Tell them I’m coming! And hell’s coming with me!”

    Some other smudge thoughts: That Wing T sure runs better with a pair of 200 pounders in the backfield doesn’t it? Maybe Coach Z can locate a couple more somewhere . . . those Bearcat LB’s were as promised but the guys who freed them up were the BIG boys up front, Harriman, McKenzie, Tarez, et al gave the SD line all they could handle from the jump. And Eric, THAT’S what I was talking about, put ’em on the ground . . . BTW, eyewitless, worry about something that matters, like finding Bill a replacement for Nico and Tre and Joseph and Ryan, not snooping around La Verne eateries.

    Don’t let down Bearcats, lots of tough teams still to play; solid league, solid division. Contest every down.


  • Los Altos

    Conq76, LAALUM, and LA Conq,

    Principal Cheli McReynolds and staff actions are the real reason for the downfall of LA football this season. When Los Altos hired Arellanes over Godinez that opened up the flood gates. McReynolds staffs answer was threatening the families that wanted to move on. The families that decided to move on anyways she followed up with her attacking the family via CIF with false accusation. When Principal Cheli McReynolds was confronted about these actions she quickly threw Superintendent Barbara Nakaoka under the bus. She states Superintendent Nakaoka is putting pressure on her to stop these families from leaving Los Altos, but at what expense.

  • COChargerfan

    So hahahhah, I’m an idiot but you admit that you’d cheat on your husband for spending a few minutes (not 45…I apparently type a lot faster than you plus don’t have to look up any words) blogging about high school sports…so who lacks moral character? If your husband is reading this, perhaps he should look into hiring a private investigator especially when the pool boy and gardener are working around (in?) the house.

    And since you’re taking the time to read and respond to my comments, aren’t you the pot calling the kettle black? Talk about hilarious.

    So now you’ve gone from being confused about how turnovers affect a game to not being able to understand why a Monrovia alum supports the Chargers…really, how dumb are you? Here’s a clue, how many GH parents attended another high school? Pretty simple huh?

  • just sayin

    Any last 10 charter oak teams beats that glendora team 50-0…ofcourse they play us wen we are rebulding

  • just sayin’

    just sayin that wasn’t the regular just sayin’. Not that it’s trademarked, copyrighted, or on my birth certificate. I’m just sayin’

  • QB Coach

    If you look back you will see I picked GHS in this one and I think the better team won.

    Some quick thoughts on the game.

    GHS needs to be concerned that an average freshman running back ran so well against you. Also Victoria is your man you can stop with the Hicks Holmes nonsense before it cost you.

    CO- youre young and it showed this will get better over time but it may cost you a couple more losses before you get it figured out. I would also be concerned about Rufus he doesnt seem to have the make up to carry this team like Adam could.

  • Conq’76

    Los Altos,

    As I said, change the name of the school, its colors and mascots name and then allow all this political BS to accumulate around this “new and improved” school. I say, allow the reputation and legacy built by so many others over the last 35 years to stand unmolested.

  • Conq’76

    Los Altos,

    As I said, change the name of the school, its colors and mascots name and then allow all this political BS to accumulate around this “new and improved” school. I say, allow the reputation and legacy built by so many others over the last 35 years to stand unmolested.

  • All off my chest

    COChargerfan, TEs and Tackles pull inside not outside. Sorry you’re getting your sports mixed up. Football isn’t your game. As far as winning goes, it’s always SCOREBOARD. Always!

    The amount of yards Santiago threw is because they were down and behind in the score and the clock was important. As far as dismissing Glendora’s win as being statistically invalid well that’s the definition of being a sore loser or just plain ignorant. Every facet of the game matters, including miscues, turnovers and execution and being opportunistic. In the end the better team doesn’t need to win, only the one with the most points. Thought you knew.

    Pasadena Non-Coach. Nice try fraud. “CO would have won except for turnovers”. Ever try that excuse with your team Pasadena Coach. Turnovers are part of the game, some earned and some gifts from the football gods. Stuff happens, you still need to take avantage of the turnover. Never heard such nonsense from a real coach, what level does that excuse work?

    Amat vs Cathedral. Unfortunately there are some idiots who think starting stuff with Cathedral is humor or necessary, it’s not. Bishop Amat is currently enjoying a great return to Pac 5 competiveness, great for a fellow Catholic school. As far as Cathedral goes they are being moved up several divisions after competing against Oaks Chritsian and yes Serra, who represented themselves well the other night against Notre Dame. Let’s hope for a good game when it comes but remember that at the end of the day we’re BOTH Brothers in Faith and dismissing staffs and players is not our style, never has been.

    Fortunately for the Lancers they have lower level teams willing to play them while other local SGV teams make excuses, that’s meritous in my book. Playing Garfield? Seriously, in all my years I’d never thought that possible. NEVER!

    Even Joe Amat can concur with me that playing Garfield is nothing more than a recruiting trip for them. Now when Mater Dei schedules Rio Hondo Prep I’ll see things differently. BTW when Sheldon Price goes to practice he plays along side two Cathedral Phantoms.

    Never thought Amat Lancers would sink to dissing Cathedral or Garfield, but then again I never thought I’d see the Los Angeles Dodgers logo hijacked by every cholo and chola with room on their neck.

    Lancers are better than that, and so are Phanthoms, and Mustangs…even those worms that now can’t remember the true meaning of “Family”.

  • COChargerfan

    “Chest”, you misunderstood what I’ve been saying. First of all, I never said that GH didn’t win on the scoreboard but, instead, took issue with GH honk’s saying Jeffries and their O-Line dominated and as proof against that argument I offered the fact that the QB had average stats and they only ran outside the tackles. And where did I ever say that the TE’s and guards only pull outside? Heres what I said “And yes a team can trap block outside the tacklesever heard of a tight end or pulling guard.” As to the specific trap blocking scheme and inside or outside shoulder technique, that is a function of how the defense is aligned and reacts…thought you knew? So stop being presumptuous and read a little closer.

    And GH honk also said their D-line won the battle that is absurd. As QB Coach stated, GH got owned by a freshman running backshouldn’t CO’s O-line get some of the credit for this fact, as in, they were better than GHs D-lineespecially since he ran mostly inside the tackles?

    And every yard throwing wasnt because CO was behind. Dont remember that CO scored the first TD of the game on a 24-yard pass? And CO did throw the ball at the end because they were behind but, as I pointed out, despite GHs defense knowing that this was coming, CO still had a very easy time doing so because GHs D-line got zero pressure on Santiago (more proof that COs O-line was better than GHs D-line) and the 5 player strong secondary was overmatched by COs 3 receivers.

    So yes, GH won on the scoreboard but not because they outplayed CO, which is what a gaggle of the GH honks, is saying and Im saying instead that thats a dream that just didnt happen in the real world.

  • just askin’

    COChargerfan – you’re arguments on all threads aren’t consistent and that’s why others question your credibility.
    Here you point to the freshman running back “owning” Glendora – thus proving the CO O-line dominated the D-line.
    But on another thread you just wrote:
    “And people, stop picking on Rufus because the reality is that GH didnt throw or run the ball his way and they were doubling him as a receiver, so how was he supposed to make a difference? Hes a very talented kid who is going to have some mediocre games because some coaches are going to decide that theyre going to make someone else beat them.”
    Could it be that GHS just decided to let little Scooby-Doo “beat them”, knowing full well he couldn’t carry them all the way to victory?
    Taking away the opponents strength and making them go to the option you want – that’s what I call domination.

  • Dissecting Sour Grapes


    Linemen “pull” and so do TEs…you were talking “traps” outside the tackles. When a TE “pulls” who does he “trap outside the Tackles?

    Again what difference does it make going to the stat sheet selectively. SCOREBOARD! (1 win and 2 loses in CO’s last three tries.

    As far as Scooby dominating…if so why stop?

    As far as Rufus not dominating? How about everyone else? He does have two “twins” to work off of and schemees create mix matches and “iso” plays.

    Football isn’t your “real time” converstaion sport. I see how you always bring up “researched” stats, too funny.

    Madden Footbal “ruined” Football. I mean how else can you explain all the geniuses we have to deal with here.

    TO’s are a result of lack of concentration, poor execution and a variety of things, dealing with them is coaching. Coach P capitalized and Coach Farrar didn’t nuetralize his mistakes. Thought you knew.

    Boise State does a great example of this time and again, and did so the other night.

    Make plays, execution, trust your preparation…but never, ever, ever, nevr make excuses.

    Team “A” gains 400 yards passing and doesnt’t get in the endzone and settles for four FGs. Team “B” gets and INT for a TD and runs back a Punt…wins 14-12. Final stats team “A” 525 total yards. Team “B” 57 total yards. This happened, I was there.

    Team “A” throws for 500 plus yards and loses in OT while holding the other team under 100 yards. Loses in Double OT. This happened I was there.

    If you need “stats” to lay your head down on your pillow great but when you say things like Jeffries is of “average” speed and worst, when he has a D1 ride waiting for him, it just sounds so petty. Bet Jeffries beats Chris Allen in a foot race…what does that prove?

    Very disappointed you’re such a sore loser when for thwo years you’ve been a pain in the butt but at least a great CO backer. Lately you’re making them look bad, which isn’t surprising.

    Dial it down a bit. No way CO should have lost. That’s a feather in GHS’s cap. That’s why you play the game…thought you knew.

  • I agree with your thoughts here and I really love your blog! I’ve bookmarked it so that I can come back & read more in the future.

  • Well thisis cool info, will have to try it. By the way, the link does not work. Can you fix it please? Thanks once more for taking the time to put this up. I definitely loved every part of it.

  • I think you are definitely right, but my aunt did not believe this when I showed this to her.

  • I think you are definitely right, but my aunt did not believe this when I showed this to her.

  • I think you are definitely right, but my aunt did not believe this when I showed this to her.

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