Tribune Super 35 Rankings: Bishop Amat on top while Charter Oak, Glendora fall, Bonita back in

Now that we got a zero week glimpse of half the teams in the Valley, we have a better idea of how the Top 35 shakes out. Something tells me there’s going to be lots of shake-ups in the weeks to come. And yes, we did rank five Sierra League teams in the top ten.

Welcome back to the top ten Bonita …

Super 35 Rankings
1. Bishop Amat (1-0) — Even with first-game jitters, Lancers still roll to a 23-0 victory. A much bigger test comes Friday at Dominguez, winners over Crespi.
2. Chino Hills (1-0) — Posted a 28-14 win over Mayfair on the road. Huskies didn’t have the easiest time, but certainly will take it.
3. Glendora (1-0) — While Charter Oak was winning back-to-back Southeast titles, Glendora felt all along it was just as good. They got to prove it with a 28-21 victory.
4. Claremont (1-0) — We said lets wait and see, well how about a 31-14 victory over Cajon. I’d say that’s good enough.
5 . Charter Oak (0-1) — You didn’t expect the Chargers to fall that far did you? In all honesty, their offense under QB Travis Santiago and his receiving crew are going to be lethal. My guess is they don’t turn the ball over four times in one game the rest of the season.
6. South Hills (0-0) — We’ve seen Charter Oak and West Covina fall, will the same happen to the Huskies at Baldwin Park? We shall see.
7. Rowland (1-0) — QB Michael Ball rallies them back to a 35-29 victory over usually tough defensive Braves team.
8. Bonita (1-0) — If this is how good the Bearcats are without QB Garrett Pendleton, imagine how dangerous they’re when he’s back.
9. Ayala (1-0) — Bulldogs cruise to a 35-13 victory over Don Lugo, face much tougher test Thursday against Colony.
10. Azusa (1-0) — Aztecs facing a tougher than normal season opener Friday at Bell Gardens, an Almont League juggernaut.
The rest: 11. Covina (1-0), 12. Damien (0-0), 13. West Covina (0-1), 14. San Dimas (0-1), 15. Walnut (0-0), 16. Arroyo (1-0), 17. Diamond Bar (1-0), 18. Diamond Ranch (0-1), 19. Rosemead (0-0), 20. Baldwin Park (0-1), 21. Wilson (0-0), 22. Northview (0-0), 23. La Puente (0-0), 24. Pomona (1-0), 25. Ganesha (1-0), 26. Los Altos (0-1), 27., Gladstone (0-0), 28. Bassett (1-0), 29. Nogales (0-1), 30. South El Monte (0-0), 31. Sierra Vista (0-0), 32. El Monte (0-0), 33. Workman (0-0), 34. Mountain View (0-0), 35. Duarte (0-0),

Great postgame Interview from Chino Hills Tom, the Inland Insider. He talked with coach Derek Bub, Auston Smith, and Steve Smith, who had three INTs in Friday’s win over Mayfair.

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  • smallcity

    Don’t let the Tribune’s ranking system become that of the college system. At times it seems that it doesn’t matter who the loss is against, when in fact it should be a major factor.

  • C-TOWN 2010

    CO #5 after a sloppy loss to Glendora? Mmm, questionable. If anything they go in the #10 spot, and Bonita needs to move up higher after that 21-point rout of defending CIF champion San Dimas. Covina is good where it is, and hopefully we move up higher with bigger numbers we should put up.

  • Adam

    Amat is in for a rude awakening going to Compton Dominguez. 7-0 at halftime vs Garfield was nauseating. Their Defense did not allow a point to Garfield but no disrespect to Garfield Dominguezhas a offense that can score points. To let a 5’3 get catches againt your secondary showed so much weakness. Rio and the offense sputtered in that red zone and should have had alot more points then that. Shay save their a–es. When Amat loses, and they will lose, the Tribune will keep them at no.1 because this is Amats newspaper and blog and Amat is Amat. These Rankings should not include Amat because their is favoritism based on D1 PAC5 and what “used” to be over their. Glendora should be up there as well as Bonita but they are not what Amat is to the Tribune which is their bread and butter baby.

  • Where is Monrovia???????????

    Yo Fred do you not like Monrovia or what, I know they aren’t the best team out there but they should at least be ranked! Or is this only for team that played last weekend?

  • Where is Monrovia???????????

    Yo Fred do you not like Monrovia or what, I know they aren’t the best team out there but they should at least be ranked! Or is this only for team that played last weekend?

  • kh

    fred i fill the love coming.
    just as in horse racing ,the front runner rarly holds on.give amat alittle reat at 2-or 3-.puts the boys in heart for a strong finish.
    bonita cool at 8 for now but 3-8 last season we have alot more to prove then beating a slow s.d. team.i wasnt impressed at all with s.d. team effort,like of speed,and ball control.
    s.d. mom we dont own the ref. you and i know what i think about refs.watched film and i still think you t.d. the boy was out of the back of the end zone.
    cry me a river.

  • really

    Adam – when a valley team beats Amat, Then you can put someone else at the top.

  • Geography

    Monrovia guy – this is for the TRIB’s teams. You want Monrovia rankings – go to the Star News or Arams SGVN Top 25

  • Lan C. Erbacker

    Adam-Dude, save some Haterade for the rest of the Amat bashers. It’s only week one and your already wearing your emotions on your sleeve. Go Big Blue!

  • No Big Deal, Dude


    Amat also struggled last year when they played Compton Dominguez for their first game of the season. As a matter of fact, the game was tied 7-7 going into the half. Many felt that Amat should have beat that Dominguez team by more than 3 TDs. They did not but went on to greater things anyways.

  • Where is Monrovia?????

    Hey Geography,
    That’s weird because some of these teams were on Arams top 25 list! I’m confused??? I also think Monrovia is going to give Glendora a run for its money… Please all you Glendora fans don’t think you are going to man handle us because we have weapons of MASS destruction and we aren’t afraid to use them. Its going to be a great game over at Citrus!

  • Geography

    Monrovia guy – Education rough over there in the land of the Wildcats? Trib has their rankings for team on the eastside. Star News has theirs for the inferior ones in the west. Aram has his “All-Encompassing 25 for all schools covered by the San Gabriel Valley Newspapers. That’s why I said go to the Star or Aram. Kapish?

  • Where is Monrovia???????

    Hey Geography,
    Slow your roll there guy, just a simple question that’s all! There is no need for all that Monrovia Education being rough crap! A simple answer back would of been more than adequate, you didn’t have to go and poke fun at my school like that. Chill out there broseph!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Observation

    No Jay Anderson = no offense for Amat.

    Someone better get Jay back to football or Amat is looking at a 5-5 season with 1-3 in league play.

    Amat could not run between the tackles against Garfield and that exposed the Running games weakness.

    Aside from the pressure of Gener the O-line of Garfields gave their QB time to throw.

    Rio looks uncomfortable back there and looks to throw every ball like he was throwing his fastball with a 3-2 count. No finess just rifle shotgun arm everything and lots of missed passes.

    Against a team like Garfield Amat had no enthusiasm and looked flat, tired and there was no team leader to fire them up like Darian Johnson did last year.

    Just who is the leader that will pump up this team? they looked to be lethargic and asleep most of that game. I was asleep watching it.

    The truth will come out against Dominguez, Venice and Cathedral. Look for Loyola, Crespi and Alameny to beat Amat this year. Amat will beat ND but this is a down year unless Jay Anderson comes back.

    I see Amat better next year with Rio more polished and Shay being the go to guy.

    This is the year of the minor rebuilding Amat does to get ready for next season.

    Not going to happen this year They look flat.

    To Amat honks I know it is one game but you yourselfs are wondering what team was that, that was playing friday against Garfield?

  • Dbar?

    C’mon, we all know that Diamond Ranch did not perform well against SM, but ranking Diamond Bar ahead of Diamond Ranch? Please.

  • jcaz

    Wow, no love for Basset here Fred ?
    Whats up with that ?

    I mean the guys roll to what was the biggest margin of victory of any other program in the SGV and they get burred at number 28 ?

    Look, over the last couple of years, your criteria has been to rank teams according to the results that they produced on the filed of pay.

    On the surface, that seemed like a reasonable approach because according to your criteria, It didnt make any difference who the opponents where, nor did it matter what so ever in what division they played in, because in the end it was all about scoreboard !

    Never mind that one team played a cup cake schedule and beat a 5 and 5 team for a CIF championship, and that another team in our valley lost to a school that was ranked national because in the end, your philosophy has always been that the winner always gets top billing, no matter what right ?

    Well, if next week Basset wins, and wins big (and BTW there is a strong likelihood that this could happen), then I would be looking to see you move them up considerably, even ahead of Amat if Amat were to lose, or to even squeak out a win…

    Whats fair is fair right ?

  • C.O. Beep Beep

    Fair evaluation of Charter Oak which actually surprises us Charger fans but your absolutely right that if they can take care of the football and not turn the ball over and defense can hold teams at some key times this C.O. group has some serious potential.

    I have to admit as a fan I missed some of our three year seniors that graduated but I hope this group learned from their experience and the new stars that have emerged realize no longer can they count on the guy around them but have to put that on themselves and each other.

    Time will tell but don’t count the them out because they beat Glendora everywhere but on the scoreboard and if they played them a month from now guaranteed the outcome is much different.

  • patrick

    What difference does it make where DRanch is ranked in relation to Dbar, point is …..Your NOT in the top 10!! You guys appear to have problems other than DB to worry about right now!!

  • just sayin’

    I think it’s funny when people say “if we play them in a month we’ll beat them”… like you’re going to improve – but they’re not!?!

  • jcaz

    Just saying……good point.

    Also on a side note, I just logged onto CALPREPS and they have the following projections on some games of note in our little fishbowl:

    Mountain View (El Monte, CA) at Bassett (La Puente, CA), 7:00pm [projection: Bassett (La Puente, CA) 35-6]

    Note: next weeks number one team

    South Hills (West Covina, CA) at Baldwin Park (CA), 7:00pm [projection: South Hills (West Covina, CA) 35-14]

    Note: Was hoping to see the Braves going in unbeaten for this one

    Venice (Los Angeles, CA) at West Covina (CA), 7:00pm [projection: Venice (Los Angeles, CA) 40-21]

    Note: Thought it would be much closer projection

    Damien (La Verne, CA) vs. Diamond Ranch (Pomona, CA) at Ganesha (Pomona, CA), 7:00pm [projection: Damien (La Verne, CA) 26-20]

    Note: long season ahead for Drrrrrh i’m afraid

    Bishop Amat (La Puente, CA) at Dominguez (Compton, CA), 7:00pm [projection: Dominguez (Compton, CA) 21-20]

    Note: What can I say other than to say, OUCH !!

  • Lan C. Erbacker

    Observation – Are you really that much of a “simpleton” to think that one player makes or breaks an Amat Football team? This is a young Amat Football team and they will continue to experience some growing pains but to gleen all this doom and gloom from one game is absolutely ridiculous. I can hardly wait for the next barrage of “observations” after we bring home the “W” on Friday night! Go Big Blue!

  • Lan C. Erbacker

    jcaz – Never like being projected to lose but hey, 21-20 is more than a fighting chance; especially since we are so bad(sarcasim). Let’s show’em what we got Lancers! Go Big Blue!

  • randy

    Wow DRanch at 19?? Behind my valiant Brahmas? Sounds like Fred is trying to rack up the hits on the blog with the Pomona crowd, I woulda had the Panthers no lower #6…..ol’ FJR trying to stir the pot…i love it…I dont understand why DR keeps getting dropped lower and lower, being left behind CO and SH in the Southeast as the biggest surprise of the re-alignments, kinda like having the fox guard the hen house…..

  • Dan

    I saw Bonita’s athletes back in the summer and
    mentioned then that they would be one of the teams contending for the Hacienda title and also would run deep in the playoffs in the South East Division, I still think they will, Fridays win over San Dimas was no suprise to me at all.
    Now a team in the South East that has my attention after Friday is Burbank, if Warren is close to being what they were last season then Burbanks win is impressive cause Warren was a power house last year. La Mirada’s loss is no suprise either, St. Paul in most years will put out a quality team, certainly one that can play with the best teams in the East SGV. Look for La Mirada to start 0 and 2 with La Habra on the schedule, but they will be fine come playoff time.

  • Aaron

    Anyone know why Glendora has gone to a Cincinatti type uniform?

    I just noticed…but Bonita has gone to a plain helmet.

  • Ok I have to say

    Ok I have to say why is glendora getting so much crap? Yes overall yardage they got beat and co turned over ball. But it was also glendoras first game same as co. There were a lot of kids that were starting their first varsity game. Great job to the Glendora defense for stepping up. You guys out played them I believe. I think Glendora will be fine in baseline. Upland only won because of their kicker. Etiwanda lost. Yes rancho and Los osos won kinda big but they played extremely weaker teams than co. Glendora will be fine got first game jitters out of the way. I believe Glendora will handle Monrovia because Glendora has already played a game and Monrovia hasn’t and all the pressure will be on them. Glendora will be more relaxed and will come out on top. Co will finish either third or fourth in Sierra good luck. Glendora will most likely go undefeated in preleague. And league will contended top 5 teams would be ranked top ten easy in the sgv rankings.

  • Joe Amat

    Some observations after watching the film. Garfield was better than most people give them credit for. Go back and watch on IBNsports. Then watch the Diamond Ranch game, if you dare, just to compare. Take into consideration how an Amat season has played out in the Hagerty era so far. Everyone was wondering how we were going to replace Marcus Wagner. Hagerty moved a DB to tailback that didn’t play there at all under the previous regime – and DeShawn Gaise had a great year. Lenhart starts the season under center, starts slow and in comes McLanahan. Gaise graduates and they wonder – how do you replace that… and Seals…. Bowens…Prieto….Price.

    In comes Anderson and up steps Darian johnson, Cazares, Kane, etc. Slow start vs Dominguez (who “Fish Bowlers” thought was a poor decision and were clamoring for a CO matchup) and West Covina. Domingez makes the semis, loses to Alemany, and opens this year knocking off Crespi. How’s that Dominguez game look now? Does CO knock off Crespi? Why doesn’t Hagerty turn Jerry Mac loose, they ask. Anyone that knows Amat knows we have to run the ball. So you have to establish and prove you can do that first. I expect Hags to continue to hammer the ball with Moore and Shay on the outside. If he didn’t look like he had it in him to step into the DJ role I don;t know who could.

    So now they ask why Rio didn’t light up Garfield. Did you guys not learn from 10-2? Slow and steady wins the race. They’ll figure it out… or they won’t. But this is how it’s done. Ruiz wasn’t horrible by games end. If anyone reads Hags quotes in the paper – he gave us about what was expected in Game 1. If you didn’t – they’re archived. Just for kicks i took a look at the QB stats posted below to really figure out “QB Ratings” using the formula they use in the NCAA. Have some fun with this…

    Andrew Chavez(C.H.) 7-14, 68 yrds 0 TD/ 1 INT (76.51 QB rating)
    Chad Jeffries 9-15, 94 yrds, 1TD/ 0 INT( 134.64 QB rating)
    Travis Santiago 15-24, 201 yrds, 1 TD/ 1 INT(1 FUM)( 138.26 QB rating)
    Michael Ball 9-18, 164 yrds 1 TD/ 0 INT (144.86 QB rating)
    Rio Ruiz 10-17, 164 yrds, 2 TD/ 0 INT (178.68 QB rating)

    Didn’t do so bad after all now, did he?
    try it yourself at

    Big week vs Dominguez – who I’ve been trying to say for a year and a half is the real deal. Get out some time and find out? You’ll be surprised at the things you see. Obviously, if they can get the Celts they can get the Lancers. We better be ready. I think we will.

  • DBHS

    Andrew Cameron: Passing Yards 167, Completion % .706, QB Rating 117

  • For Dan

    I was at the Burbank vs. Warren game.
    Despite the win, Burbank made ALOT of errors. Lots of overthrows.
    Talent wise Burbank seemed to be better. Some of the same kids that played WC two years ago. In many ways Warren played harder, faster, and outhit them.
    Burbank did just enough to win.
    They will be scary if they can shake the first game mistakes.

  • To KH

    Dude you need to trade in your CIF ring for an education! Man your english or as you would say “inglish” is way off like you. It seems that
    you have too much time and should spend more of it learning how to write a complete sentence!!

  • Condors

    You hit it on the head Dan. Burbank is a team that will be very solid. Ochoa is a stud. That division is going to produce 3 solid teams that will do some damage, if not win it all come playoff time. We got a good look at them last year in the quarterfinals & their underclassmen were good. Warren is solid & for Burbank to get past them says a lot.

    One game I will be watching this week will be La Serna vs Downey. We just scrimmaged Downey & they have some athletes. If La Serna hangs with them, they are legit.

  • Jimmy C. Corn

    i don’t know about all this huffing a puffing but i do know that fans show up when you win and family show up on holiday practice after you lose!

  • kh

    to kh english teacher.
    no way do you turn in a ring i earned brother,anybody can open a book ,but can anybody win a cif championship football patch,we didnt get a rings like these new wave kids,we recieved a patch,thats all…
    i am handleing a few things right now in my life,its not out of the ? going back to school,
    first things first,keeping my house, a roof over my sons head,its getting tough,
    but like on the h.s. football wall.
    i quitter never wins,
    and a winner never quits.
    people know i have some english problem thanks..
    is this all you have to do is come on the blog.
    thribe on peoples weakness.
    whats your take on some of the up coming games this week.?
    do you think you can work on some of your bad habits too.
    what if i just have a learning disorder,
    i have zero to hide,but in second grade i was picked up by the yellow bus and taken out of english class ,went to some school 5 miles away.
    so your write maybe i cant seam to put english together some of the time,i am trying i think i am a great father to my son,i teach about 10 little kids and 100 hundred teenagers baseball,none of there parents ? my work habits.
    i hope yor not one of those people who make fun of retarted childred,i feel pretty lucky to be able to talk after seeing some people with really bad problems,
    get some help my friend,

  • Dan

    KH, nice post, you seem like your priorities are right, don’t worry about the haters, no big deal on your spelling errors, your thoughts are as clear as a whistle.

  • fly on the wall

    Congrats to KH who knows his shortcommings and continues to work on them as well as everything else in his life! He’s no quitter!!!—Just an observation.

  • FredJ

    KH, one of your best posts ever, sometimes you’re too honest for your own good, but you’re always great speaking with when we run into each other at events. Some simple advice, don’t take all the bait, don’t try to answer every critical commenter on here, most of the time it’s just someone trying to push your button.

  • KH Comment

    Fred – i am not the one who made the KH education comment, but for you to publicly support him disregards all the times he has come on here and bashed other parents, kids, coaches and, on more than one occasion, threatened physical violence. He is always touting his athletic skills, while putting down parents and kids for not being at athletically talented as he and KC are. Where are you when that happens? Do you come on here and tell him to cool it. I have noticed you have deleted very few entries, but for the most part, they go unedited. When somebody pushes back, be drops the “I am a hard worker who is raising my son and sorry my education is not up to your standards” card and draws sympathy from a few bloggers. Guess what, we all are raising our kids and, for the most part, doing a good job at it. I am not saying it is easy, but it is part of the deal when you have kids and it doesn’t make KH better than the rest of us who also do the same.

    For every negative comment towards KH, he has brought that on tenfold with his own comments. He has also been on here and made thinly veiled racial comments. I also remember him making comment about gays in the past…the comments weren’t thoughtful, rather, they were 8th grade humor. He has been better the last few weeks after he got called out for basically saying that Bonitas replacement at QB would probably not get the job done and then started pushing KC for the job. He quickly changes his tune once he got called out for it. I hope the next time something goes south for Bonita and he starts down that road of blaming coaches and other players and starts to insult other bloggers, you call him out on that. Until then, I wont criticize his education. I really could not care if he can spell or not. What I get offended about is his constant negative comments towards others in the community and the true meaning behind that bad spelling. A few weeks of good behavior does not make up for all the negativity he has created over the past few years.

  • Don

    My problem with the kh attacks are that thy are almost always personal, many with hateful and just plain nasty name calling. That’s wrong.

    Also wrong are those who call Ken out for his writing skill. If syntactic fluency and quality prose are required to post here most of us might as well just pack it in now, even the guys who get paid often are a little short of Pulitzer quality.

    Some folks don’t like his pumping of KC. So what? He loves his kid. Ya gonna stone him for that? If that’s the worst thing he’s ever guilty of, he’ll be in good shape. Others seem to have problems with inappropriate comments; yeah, that’s pretty unique around here. At least he has enough humility to apologize when he offends someone unfairly.

  • FredJ

    This is a rankings thread right?

  • kh

    pen pal
    i here ya.
    scott morrison had a tough job,plus he is and always will be a great father.thats a hard job to please,
    i put my resume in for the damien baseball job
    but i was two days to late,they had there minds set on levya,talk to tom carrol nice guy,saig they were going to name coach the next day.great choice levya hes doing a good job over there.
    could you see head lines,damien hire baseball coach you english is off alittle to the bloggers.
    ididnt take p.c.c. job i was hired at csla ,had to make some big decissions,miss k.c. senior year,or start coaching up on the hill with csla.
    give it to god,so easy k.c. first, baseball second.k.c. lost his verbal only ride to csun.did visit then coaching staff got the pink slip,so now what happens with are verbal to csun,finnally got a call from new head coach matt curtis,had nice talk there coming to see him play this sunday at mlb compton hes on there scouting team,hopefully he dont get broken up from fridays game agaisnt clmt.
    s.d. game put him down for last weekend,football rough,
    i know why jays anderson not playing too hard to do both,jay will be drafted next spring,should be a few local kids taken in the draft,this spring.had agent call me today

  • kh

    freds right.
    the daliy bullet had d.r. and s.d. ranked in the top ten,but no bonita bearcats.
    did they think that somebody dreaned up the game the other night,we played,we kick the dogg dowing out of them,d.r. didnt even show up fred,
    so you want to talk to bonita peo[ple about rankings? why we get no respect bro.

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  • You make a few good points, but I think what you say is not necessarily true. I randomly asked a few people in my class and they didn’t agree with you either.

  • You make a few good points, but I think what you say is not necessarily true. I randomly asked a few people in my class and they didn’t agree with you either.

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