Two-Minute Drill with Robledo and Tolegian: Bishop Amat at Compton Dominguez; Damien vs. Diamond Ranch at Ganesha High School

Aram and I have a full-plate of two-minute video’s this week. Today I’m posting Bishop Amat vs. Garfield and Diamond vs. Damien Ranch. Drills later in the week include South Hills at Baldwin Park, Claremont at Bonita, Monrovia at Glendora and Arroyo vs. Temple City.

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  • Fred / Aram, You Don’t Know Mr. Welch


    I don’t think you know Harry Welch. This guy is a legend and I’ve seen him have far inferior talent on the field at other schools and just dominate better more athletic teams. He and his staff coach their kids up and make phenomenal adjustments play by play. They are frickin’ good!

    At Santa Margarita, he has superior talent compared to DR and believe me SM is going to have a phenomenal season.

    That being said, I think this was just an example of a FAR superior coaching staff coaching up their kids and just dominating DR. It wasn’t as much of a reflection on DR having a down year.

    Trust me….SM and Coach Welch would beat Bishop Amat by 30 or more too. He’s that good and he has a lot of talent to work with! And I think very highly of Hagerty and BA, but that is the honest truth.

    I think DR will beat Damien this week. Last week wasn’t a reflection of DR being really bad, it was just what any team will get when they go up against a Harry Welch coached team.

    Watch and see!

    Make sure you come back and tell me I was right…LOL

  • Norco

    Santa Margarita will lose to Tesoro this week…..Then you can jump off the bandwagon & cheating Harrys nut sack …

  • Mark Roberts

    How is Tesoro going to beat Harry Welch’s team? Heck he has got some of Tesoros players on his roster. Santa Margarita may or may not go unbeaten this season, but rest assure Harry’s Eagles will be in the CIF playoff round. You just do not go from Canyon to St Margarets and win championships like that making it look easy along the way. True Harry does some shady things in reguards to illegal recruiting but he has been around long enough to find the loop hole. This guy can flat out coach but true talent is needed and he finds ways to get it so he positions himself in the best way to win and bring that high school wins. “if your not cheating your not trying” Santa Margarita may not win it all this year but they will be in the hunt and this is something that has not happen in a long time down there. To the fans and players over at Santa Margarita you must feel very lucky to get this coach, he will surprise alot of you with the way he just wins. Does not surprise me I have been watching Harry do this for years now.

  • Norco

    Mark…I watched a Tesoro team physically beat up a very strong Los Alamitos team in a scrimmage…Now people will say it was only a scrimmage….but THS first unit dominated for 30 plus plays…take it for what its worth…Im taking TSH in this one…

  • Way off base Norco

    Norco why the abusive language? That’s not like you. What interest do you have in making a comment like that! Now who’s being stupid. Welch is well respected as a winner and yes in some circles he’s not held so high be what merits the nuts comments.

    As far as Los Alamitos, they’re not the same team of years ago. Sorry they’re not.

    Norco I liked it better when you dazzled with facts and insight but you’re slowly becoming what you despised most. Well, so much for another fast start.

    Best of luck to Norco who asks for respect but gives none. Maybe that’s a recipe for success, in your mind, but I doubt Coach Gerhart feels that way. You played for him right?

    Norco no need to flame me, I’m just offering a civilized critique or your lastest work.

  • Norco

    I respect your opinion…And your right the comment was uncalled for. The coment was a referance some of my friends who coach in South County use when they talk about Coach Welch recruiting their players. Now what Coach Welch has accomplished on the field and how he has gone about doing it…is two separate issues, and I will leave it at that. I do remember though wactching a very physical, well coached Canyon Country team beat a DLS team, and I can say I was very impressed with the coaching staff and style of play.

    Now as far as respect…I respect every team…but I only comment on teams I have seen first hand…and it`s just my opinion…no more …no less…But I do believe Tesoro beats RSM….

  • Norco gets back on track..thanks

    Thanks Norco.

    I loved reading yoru break down of Norco line play and teh issue of assignments and what not. Very informative. Shows you know more than the average bear, too bad that’s not the water line here.

    Too bad it always degenerate sto name calling and worst.

    Thank for your imput.

    Now I do have a question. How are the former Norco players doing in college?

  • Joe Amat

    Freddie and Aram,

    I tried to tell you about that schedule all the way back in March when it was announced. This is what I wrote then on the blog:

    “Fortunately, it says something about the direction of the program that some might say this is a boring schedule – when those same people would be saying it would be a big stretch for any other valley school and applauding them for challenging themselves. Again… perspective.

    Here’s some info and my take on each non league game

    Sept. 3 vs. Garfield @ELAC
    Historic program. Great venue. Good crowd. Fearless squad. Smart Week Zero opener
    Sept. 10 at Dominguez
    CIF Semifinalist. Respected outside the Fish-Bowl. Athletic Moore League-ish team.
    Sept. 17 Muir
    Reviving an important rivalry. Lost to All-World,2-time CIF Juggernauts Charter Oak by a point on last play of the game. No one was yawning then. And they’re better this year
    Sept. 24 Damien
    Local Catholic matchup. Amat’s closest competition to the east. Should happen every year regardless.
    Oct. 1 at Cathedral
    Another Catholic matchup to our West. CIF Finalists.11-2. Lost to Oaks Christian in Finals. In Amat’s league in other sports – making this another natural
    Oct. 8 Venice
    A Top City power on an annual basis. 10-2 last year and will play anyone. Get’s Amat back to a traditional City matchup like the old Carson contests in the past.

    And then you have league play in the 3rd toughest league in the NATION (that only got stronger w/addition of CIF Finalist Alemany) last year to defend the 2009 SERRA LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP.
    Oct. 15 Crespi
    Oct. 22 vs. Loyola at LA Valley College
    Oct. 29 Notre Dame
    Nov. 5 BYE
    Nov. 12 at Alemany

    In a perfect world we’d find a way to add St Paul to the mix – another one that should happen annually. But they’re not up to it now. Maybe soon. I’d like to face St Francis on a semi-regular basis and Aram is right, a venture into Chino Hills or Colony would be strategically effective (Uplands not going to happen for obvious reasons) and going back to Rancho/Los Osos makes some sense too. Traveling any further east doesn’t make as much sense. Schedules at private schools can be put together to satisfy a number of needs and being able to play quality games within an area in which we typically draw some students is a great way to promote the school.”

    March 17, 2010 10:02 AM

  • ????

    Joe,, not playing Upland for obvious reasons? Please expand there.???

  • Damien

    Damien is holding a ceremony to rename Spartan Stadium in honor of longtime football coach Dick Larson. Coach Larson, who was the head coach at Damien from 1975 to 1998, led the Spartans to CIF Championships in 1977 and 1982, as well as 9 league championships and 18 playoff appearances. Festivities on the 23rd will begin with a Mass …at 9 a.m. and will move to Dick Larson Stadium for the rededication ceremony and speeches honoring Coach Larson.

  • Joe Amat


    Tim Salter, head coach at Upland is an Amat grad as are his brother, sisters, and wife. Kids have gone to Amat. Brother Tommy was the head coach at Amat the last time we won a championship. His sister Kathie, principal at CO, was along time teacher/VP at Amat. His father, Dick was a legendary coach at Arcadia (stadiums named after him) and after retirement used to alternate between being an assistant at Upland for Tim and Amat for Tommy. Mark Verti teaches at Amat and assisted at Upland.

    There will always be a scrimmage so the schools can help each other get better – but too much going on there to have anybody drop an “L” on either party. Especially in the days when At-Large Playoff spots were at stake. It would be much better for the Lancers to go back to playing Rancho or Osos and use the Upland braintrust to help help them get a “W”.

  • Aaron

    Joe Amat,

    Probably a clerical error but Cathedral lost to Oaks Christian in the semifinals as OC lost to eventual State Champion Gardena Serra.

  • Joe Amat


    Correct you are. I now remember that being brought to my attention when I wrote it in March too. Semis.