Crespi leads section in transfer requests

The Orange County Register’s Steve Fryer reported that CIF-SS spokesperson Thom Simmons told him that Crespi was the Southern Section leader in terms of football transfer requests. Simmons said the section received paperwork on 21 football transfers requests from Crespi. And you thought we had transfer issues out here. What I’m curious to know is how many of them were granted.

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  • Unreal…

    All of them…except the kids transferring to Crespi from South Hills. They have to wait a year.

    Go AMAT!!!

    BTW… I’m taking Amat to win by three 17-14. I hope Nine has a breakout game.

  • Bulldog Fan

    If Coach Mack is there, and he is there. These things will happen.It will be worth watching because some of the other teams in that league are going to be losing kids left and right to that program. It happens everywhere that a really good coach takes over a program.

  • AMAT 73

    I work with a Crespi alum and there is a big uproar due to his salary and other perks. They are asking the alumni for some healthy contributions to cover this and many other things Mack is asking for the program including free rides for many of these transfers.

  • Wise Up

    You could almost bet those kids are Notre Dame, Taft and Birmingham kids that transfered over there to Crespi. Like Welch at Rancho Santa Margarita Mack knows how juke the system. That must not have set well with alumni and parents when Compton Dominguez gave them that first loss right out the door. What is comes down to is most private schools pay their new coach lot of $$bank$$ to ensure large attendance gates when winning comes to fruitation. High School football is a cash cow to the private schools. Ask Monsignor Carroll how well Bishop Amat does during Football season. Heck had Amat beaten Lakewood the next game vs Edison was a home game for Amat and that game was staying at Kiefer for the Dough purposes. He cashed in on the Mater Dei game at home. Crespi is no different. Huge bucks in gate attendance.

  • New York

    I thought the CIF keeps the gate receipt during the playoffs but the host gets to make money on concessions. That’s why there are not ASB discounts to CIF games, unless something has changed.

  • joe Amat

    New York,

    In the playoffs after all expenses are paid (venue rental, transportation, officials, security, game management, etc) CIF keeps 60% and the schools split the other 40%. Home team keeps all concessions, parking, etc