Saturday Morning Quarterback: Damien, Bonita, Glendora, South Hills, Azusa, Arroyo, Rowland all impressive; Bishop Amat quiets the critics

Friday’s Results
San Dimas 55, South El Monte 0 — Those who thought the Saints would struggle after last week’s loss to Bonita better think again.
South Hills 38, Baldwin Park 17 — Huskies rush for 373 yards and Jordan Gutierrez rushes for 186 yards as they pull away in second half.
Walnut 16, Troy 10 — Mustangs get a nice victory over an O.C. school.
Charter Oak 34, Gardena 7 — You knew the Chargers would bounce back convincingly didn’t you?
West Covina 35, Venice 21 — After a mind-boggling loss to Covina, the Bulldogs come back with a mind-boggling win over Venice. Now, that’s how you bounce back from a tough loss.
Arroyo 42, Temple City 6 — These are the Knights I expected all along, but nobody expected this kind of blowout.
Azusa 48, Bell Gardens 0 — Can’t believe I just typed it, maybe the Aztecs are the Mid-Valley Division favorites. They beat the same team that put a whipping on them last year.
Bishop Amat 21, Dominguez 15 — The Dons jumped out to a 7-0 lead on an INT return, then it was all Lancers, slowly and methodically winning again. What will the critics say now?
Rowland 41, California 9 — Raiders picked up where they left off in the second half against Baldwin Park, racing to a 41-0 halftime lead. And man, Cal is usually legit.
Santiago 24, Chino Hills 12 — The Trib’s No. 2 takes a big hit after looking so good last week.
Bonita 42, Claremont 20 — These aren’t last year’s Bearcats at all. I’m starting to think they’re the early Hacienda League favorites.
Diamond Bar 48, Wilson 27 –– The Wildcats had an early lead, then the Brahmas came rolling back.
Damien 26, Diamond Ranch 19 — A big win for Gano and the boys, the schedule only gets tougher after this. What else is new at the Ranch? They start slow, so what, they will see you in December.
Blair 23, Duarte 0 — Not the way the Falcons wanted to start after getting shutout so much last season.
Garey 42, Nogales 28 — Nobles scoring points, but giving up way too many.
Sierra Vista 35, Hoover 27 — The Dons wanted to start off with a win in the worst way and got it.
Workman 34, Keppel 0 — The Scott Morrison era at Workman off and running.
Glendora 21, Monrovia 7 — Tied 7-7 at half, Glendora wore the Cats down in the second half to go to 2-0. Give Monrovia credit though, they hung tough.
Rosemead 17, Montebello 13 — Panthers hang on by their chinny, chin-chin.
Mountain View 19, Bassett 13, OT — Vikings get a huge win, pulling it out in OT.
Bellflower 20, Los Altos 18 — Conquerors lose another tough one.

South Hills coach Steve Bogan following victory…

Chino Hills Tom catches up with Chino Hills coach Derek Bub after Friday’s loss.

Highlights of Monrovia-Glendora with interviews with Tartans coach Mark Pasquarella and Wildcats coach Ryan Maddox
Friday night quarter-by-quarter updates

Coveritlive: to read replay of Coveritlive with Mike, click thread

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  • SGVsBest

    The LaPuente Lancers JAA are gonna get smoked in Compton!!!
    That’s a long way to go to get your A$$ handed to you!
    Dom 35 – Lancers JAA 7

  • TeachDGame

    Word on the street is that Diamond Ranch QB is sick, kept Frosh QB out of Frosh game yesterday as he is expected to start / play significant minutes tonight on varsity…. still a toss up vs Damien? I hope not….

  • Unreal…

    Looking forward to Amat’s game tonight. Should answer many more questions about our team than last weeks contest against Garfield. I see us coming out on top in a close one.

    Good luck to all the other SGV schools out there. Play hard and represent your school and the SGV with PRIDE.

    GO AMAT!!!

  • 1-0

    didn’t hear much from SGVsWorst after his Garfield prediction. you know what they say – “just keep throwing SGVsWorst against the wall and somethings bound to stick”

  • COChargerfan

    SGV fans, remember Norco vs. Crenshaw on Fox Sports West tonight starting at 8:30 pm…we get a chance to see Norco and whether they are as good as Norco fan’s hype or will they be bitten by the Mamba?

  • Norco


    Dont hate because you guys didn`t live up to your hype in week #1…Norco will be fine tonight…And FYI Norco is 21- against Shaw the last three years and came within 3yds of beating them last.Also the last time the garden snake played against Norco…he was a non-factor 17 carries for 23yds….One player will not beat a Norco…best RB on the field tonight will be Norcos All American Kelsey Young…book it

  • WHAT !!!!!!!!!

    All that noise last week and you are going to stay home and watch Norco . That just shows how much of a CO fan you really are . Follow your team man . Make the drive to Gardena like many of the CO fans will do tonight . Can’t believe you are promoting the Norco game instead of the CO game. Well on second thought I do believe it coming from you.

  • OBservantcat

    After watching Crenshaw play last week i wouuld have to go with Norco in tonights game. The Black Mamba (And he is Black) is a super running back but when he goes down it’s light out for the Shaw. No one stepped up after he started cramping. QB is too undecisive and that makes for a long night. Coaching is horrific, not being able to make ajustments is Crenshaws main downfall and I blame that sorely on the coaching staff.

  • Norco

    COChargerfan…it`s not hype…Norco is rich in history and tradition, 26 year playoff streak, 6 championships in 18 years…and 8 championship game appearances in the same span…Our expectations are always set very high and the 2010 season…Nothing but a CIF championship will do.

  • Beep Beep Dan

    WHAT !!!!!!!!! said:

    I know you may never saw one, but us hicks in Charter Oak we actully own a little thing that records TV. Wow, when did they come out with that! Maybe I should re-read what COChargerfan said, I dont beleive he said “Stay Home Everyone, dont go to the game, and watch NORCO”. I don’t know what you read, but its not what he wrote! Also the game is at C/O not Gardena, If you are going to pop off, you might want to get your facts straight!


    honk honk dum,
    OK then you all better hitch up the wagon a head over to the game .Make sure someone stays home to pedal the bike generating the electricity to run that recorder. Just figured since he was the mouth piece for the loss last week that the first thing out of mouth would be talking up the Gardena game . And where were you last week , hiding from embarassment only to come out now that you have a sure win this week . On second thought maybe not sure of a win. But I know one thing you will put up some terrific stats.

  • Norco

    bwahahahahahaha….BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! – PUH

  • Aaron

    I know many people in La Verne wish to see Norco have a great season as we have a Norco connection. Current Freshman Head Coach and Bonita teacher Chuck Chastain won a title at Norco as a QB.

  • Observantcat

    Gardena is better than you think. This is their coming out year, they will do very well in league and in their div. I hope that Charter Oaks takes it to them otherwise it will be a good learning expeince for the youg Skoby.


    Your kidding right AARON!!!



  • SGVsBest

    I’m gonna stay home and watch The Shaw take down Billy Joe, Jim Bob, and the rest of the necks from Med Lab Riverside…errrr Norco!
    Amnot Lancers meet your defense or lack of it…!
    Menudo on Sunday anyone?

  • Norco

    I take it you meant READ & not HEAR… and now back to your regularly scheduled Programming…everything is alright and will be taken care of with your best interests as a priority…. all is well…bottom line at Norco there are three parts pf the season… Pre Season-League-Playoffs. Norco only cares about game 11-12-13-14..

  • ST G54

    Arroyo at Temple City (Arroyo)
    Azusa at Bell Gardens (BG)
    Bishop Amat at Dominguez (Dominguez)
    California at Rowland (Rowland)
    Chino Hills at Santiago (Santiago)
    Claremont at Bonita (Bonita)
    Diamond Bar at Wilson (DB)
    Diamond Ranch vs. Damien (DR)
    Duarte vs. Blair (Blair)
    Garey at Nogales, (Nogales)
    Hoover at Sierra Vista (SV)
    Keppel vs. Workman (Workman)
    Los Altos at Bellflower (Bellflower)
    Monrovia vs. Glendora at (Glendora)
    Montebello at Rosemead (Rosemead)
    Mountain View at Bassett (Bassett)
    San Dimas at South El Monte (SD)
    South Hills at Baldwin Park (BP)
    Troy at Walnut (Walnut)
    Gardena at Charter Oak (CO)
    Venice at West Covina (WC)

  • hilarious

    Gardena is “better than you think” but Garfield sucks. this is their “coming out year” but Garfield was 5-6 last year (Gardena) was 5-5). I get it. Observantcat has Lancer envy!

  • IE Town

    Tarty Boys

    Where are you this week? Or, I forgot being tested against Monrovia!

    Norco, don’t worry only their GURU knows the IE? He’ll be back on this blog after SHHS plays this week! LMAO! Damn, I wish the Guru would get out of IE. But heck, the real recruits plays his bills. Go where the talent is to make the bucks..

    Sounds good to me!

    LEts roll SGV boys!

  • Unreal…

    Ben Bolch from the LA Times is picking Dominguez over our Lancers.

    GO OUT AT THERE AND PROVE THAT NERD WRONG!!!! (No offense Aram and Fred you guys are the cool writers I want to drink with),0,6592709.story

  • ghsalum08

    glwndora is ready to prove the naysayers wrong again monrovia ranked number 1 i see if they stop bueno it could be long night for the cats.
    I hope it is!
    as far as duarte blair not much respect for duarte but they got a nice team saw them scrimmage last week great d linebacker solid and nice tight end plus rb watch out vikings

  • COChargerfan

    Norco…looks like someone is a little uptight and tense before tonight’s game…relax or youre going to vomit. Come on, I wasn’t knocking Norco and was just saying that the time has come for the pre-season banter (i.e. hype) to end and for the games to begin. That’s all… and I’ll be pulling for Norco to represent the Inland and win. And, I’ve never said one word of hype about CO’s team nor will you ever hear me talk crap about an upcoming opponent…not my style. Im a respect your opponent because anything can happen once the whistle blows guy…this is something the smack talking, non-athletic wanna-be’s just don’t get.

    And “What”, you must live north of the 210…sorry you can’t read a schedule any better than you understand stats. But I heard that the “Confused” Glendora woman might be looking for a new pool boy or girl…pay isn’t great but there are perks (wink, wink).

    The Norco game doesn’t mean that much to me to record and rewind but I’ll be home in time to catch the live action before the second quarter starts.

    Week 2…still lots of unanswered questions across the Southland…for some, tomorrow will be like Christmas morning and for others it will be April 15th. But the feeling only lasts a week and then it repeats itself until December. So relax and enjoy…it’s the journey that matters.

    Can’t wait to see the new field tonight and I hope some of those Gardena Cheerleaders are back because they put on a great gymnastics show last year.

  • Norco


    Uptight and tense, yes…this will be Shaws 2nd game…our 1st…we are breaking in a new offense and starting two freshmen…One at QB Coltin Gerhart 5`11 197lbs & one at RG Cory Roth 6`1 290lbs…I think defensively we will be fine…very fast & physical…Offensively we will have some bumps along the way …Hopefully we will show well for the Inland Division…

  • COSteelCurtain

    All COHS Alum, Students, Friends & Supporters should come out to our home game tonight. The Stadium is being dedicated at 6 pm to celebrate the new field and success of our recent teams.

    Lets fill up the stands and cheer our boys of 2010!



    “IT’S TIME” quoting UFC! AZUSA it’s put up or shut up, bottom line. It’s been a long summer and AZUSA should be ready to go. Bell Gardens has a great football program and to win should put to rest some negativity on the blogs. Been waiting patiently to place something on here, and you don’t want to be to BRAZEN and give the other team anything to feed off.

    Believe me, these blog statements do get on the field, because I seen it for my own eyes! So remember what you post sometimes because it does get around (on paper).

    By the way does anybody know the JV score for yesterday game? AZUSA was playing Bell Gardens JV team and when I drove by, AZUSA was winning 12-6, but I didn’t catch the end of it.

    Well good luck AZUSA and play hard smash mouth football, because your playing a good team. Coach Scherf and to the rest of the Coaching staff, I know you’ll be ready and want some… Well you know.

    Lets go AZTECS, represnt the Montview League well tonight, and show the Valley, AZUSA does play football and do have some great parks & recreation programs, that teach football and also lets not forget the AZUSA RAIDER JR. MIDGET PROGRAM.

    Well enough talk,and lets leave no DOUBT on the field and play like a League Champions!

    Montview League vs ALmont league, (LETS DO THIS).


  • Norco


    No team should ever need motivation to play this game…Good luck tonight…

  • packisonthehunt


    Just curious to know how many track runners are playing football at Damien. We know Damien has won League two consecutive times (2009/2010) the track team has good sprinters and hurdlers so just wondering. I would look myself but I cannot find a Varsity football roster for Damien.


  • AMAT 73

    Good luck to all the teams tonight and hopefully they all come out with a victory and an injury free game. To the Men in Blue , do the work and stay focused on the prize. GO LANCERS !!!!!!

  • Damien Fan

    Freshman team did it!!! JV Did it!! and now Varsity you can beat Diamond Ranch!! Go Spartans!!

  • New York

    Good luck to all the teams playing tonight.

  • Really!

    When some loser from Azusa pin’s a qoute from the UFC and is worried about a stupid JV game you know your in trouble.
    You just know that Aztec Pride has screwed up some kids head in JAA or Pop Warner as a wanna be coach.

  • STG 54

    Just got a text update
    Halftime DR 6 Damien 0

  • Lights out

    Diamond Bar already behind??! Here we go all over again!


    17-0 Charter Oak half time.

  • Dee

    Halftime Azusa 34 Bell Gardens 0. Go Aztecs! What you haters say now


    THANK YOU!!! Dee! That’s (REALLY)SWEET!

  • Rowland man

    Rio has thrown two picks and one was run in for a TD! Time to bring in the back-up. Like I have said, too much hype for someone that has not been under center for a whole season. Move him back to WR, and let the throwing duties to be for a true QB.

  • Unreal…

    Chill out there Rowland man. Has one TD pass to put them up. There is always a learning curve. He will be fine.

  • poor glendora

    Glendora is struggling with MONROVIAwhat happened top mister everything jeefersno wonder he is going to san diego

  • AMAT ROCKS!!!!!!

    21-7 BISHOP AMAT!!!! 4 mins left in game!!!!



  • 2-0

    SGVsWorst – shut it down little man – shut it down

  • Dee

    AZUSA 48 Bell Gardens 0. FINAL










    WELL DONE MEN IN BLUE!!!!!!!!!

    WELL DONE!!!!



    I hope you fools learn from this . It ain’t over til it’s over. Next time wait until the the clock reads :00 . I love Amat as much as the next fan but cool it next time .


    I hope you fools learn from this . It ain’t over til it’s over. Next time wait until the the clock reads :00 . I love Amat as much as the next fan but cool it next time .


    I hope you fools learn from this . It ain’t over til it’s over. Next time wait until the the clock reads :00 . I love Amat as much as the next fan but cool it next time .

  • Dee

    AZUSA 48 Bell Gardens 0.

  • Mike’s Da Man





  • DB

    final score update: Diamond Bar: 48 Wilson: 27

  • stat man

    Rowland man – 2-0 is the stat that matters

  • DB

    final score update: Diamond Bar: 48 Wilson: 27


    Get to chopping the onion and cilantro . I want a nice bowl of hot menudo tomorrow morning . You can hold the pata in your mouth were it belongs you pendejo. When are you going to learn idiot. MIGHTY ARE THE MEN WHO WEAR THE BLUE AND GOLD .

  • NoDoubt

    Time to get religion, Aram!

    Bonita Baby!!!!

  • DB

    sorry, didnt mean to post that twice

  • Amat Victa!

    Amat just beat the team that beat Crespi. Now we are going to have to listen to haters claim that Crespi sucks! haha!

  • Bones


  • New York

    Nice work, Glendora. You got the job done.

  • Hello Monrovia…

    We’re waiting for your comments….especially observecaf? Did you observe how many points you scored? Let’s here your excuses…I hope they are better than Charter Oak’s!!!

  • roylo

    September 10, 2010 9:43 PM
    AMAT SHINED said:









    WELL DONE MEN IN BLUE!!!!!!!!!

    WELL DONE!!!!


    I know it’s an amat thing but, this is pretty gay to the rest of us.

  • 21 – 15 Nail biter

    Dominguez recovered on side kick with 1:47 seoonds left and almost rallied to win thanks to some dumb ass officiating. The on side kick was recovered by an Amat player who fell on the ball, so the play should have been called dead, but ref gave ball to Dominguez. First bad call, then on 4th and 10 with 1 minute left, another pass interference call called against Amat. Bsll on Amat 15 yard line. 2nd bad call. Again on 4th and 5 with 47 seconds left another pass interference call against Amat. Ball on 8 yard line. 3rd bad call. Our defense stopped them with 20 seconds left and offense ran out the clock. What a game!!!!!!

    Friggen worse officiating I have ever witnessed in my lifetime! Cheaters don’t prosper. Dominguez got physically worked on Defense and offense. Our Offensive Line killed their Dline and Gener was a monster tonight terrorizing their #12 Quarterback, as our entire defense was. It was a physical game and we outhit, outblocked and beat them in every aspect of the game. Great job men in blue!

    Go Amat!!

  • General Turgidson

    Good God…

    Amat would have lost that game were it not for the monumentally stupid Dominguez coaching staff: after maintaining long drives and not allowing Amat to get the ball with the wing t, they come out the second half in the spread. ???. 3 and out and Amat only has to be less incompetent than Dominguez to win. Completely awful with some of the biggest kids in the world. What a waste.

    And besides allowing a WING T TEAM TO GET THAT CLOSE AT THE END… what was with that Amat offense? You have a tremendous runningback in Shay and #28 and Instead you have a subpar qb trying to orchestrate the spread. I would like to know what advantage that gives you. If Amat wants to try and and race corners and linebackers to their own end zone with their o-line all season, they will keep doing what they’re doing. However, I say Haggarty has them playing old fashioned power football within the next few weeks.

    Additionally, I didn’t know Pat Haden was known for throwing interceptions for touchdowns and 2 yard outs. Look at the kid’s stats. Ruiz was not even average in any sense of the word. Before you argue with me you saps, you find out his numbers first and then get back to me. Let’s talk real. Bad numbers = Pat Haden? Sorry soldier, as they say down in the Bayou… He sure ain’t no crawfish dinner!

    Amat makes some drastic changes or they don’t survive league.


  • LA Fan

    Final Score LA 18-Bellflower 20, much improved play from Los Altos after a horrible season opener last week. Should be a good game between LA and Wilson this upcoming week

  • WC BullDogFAN

    way to bounce back WC

  • Norco score???

    Anyone have a Norco/Crenshaw score?

  • General Ed

    General Turgidson

    Again, you talk out of your ass. Bishop Amat just beat the team that beat Crespi.

    Why don’t you show the #1 team in the San Gabriel Valley a little respect, moron.

    Why don’t you try congratulating these 16-18 year old boys for representing San Gabriel Valley football at Southern California’s highest level of high school football???

    It’s haters like you that will always drive our boys in Blue to perform better than expected and go above and beyond.

    Idiots like you always have something to say. You speak of a Pac-5 world you know nothing about.

    Mighty are the Men that Wear the Blue and Gold!

    put that in your pipe and smoke it, Fool.

  • Huskies chew on bones

    Bones, sorry to burst your bubble but South Hills beat Baldwin Park 38 to 17.

  • Sports Fan

    Whoever posted the score on the scoreboard is backwards as is the score. South Hills beat Baldwin Park 38-17

  • Damien

    Damien 26 Diamond Ranch 19

  • was at the huskie game. trust me south hills is better without hart. #22 is a stud, dont know his name. sorry. final score 38-10. bogan puts in JV’S and they give up a pity TD. 38-17. QB from SH needs to trust his recievers, seemed to me he liked to run to quick. but SH look good if that O line stays heathy they should be fine.

  • Wckid

    Great win for the BULLDOGS tonight way to bounce back from last week. We gist blew Venice away on the 2nd half. Chris Solomon with 4 touchdowns tonight. GO BULLDOGS!

  • Panther Fan

    Damien did not race out to an early lead. The Panthers scored two field goals before Damien could get their 1st first down. At end of the the first half it was DR 12 Damien 7. The Panthers gave Damien a TD in the fourth quarter when DR’s Center snaps ball over QB’s head into end zone where Damien recovers for their final TD of the night.
    Score doesn’t show how good Damien is because they are not that good, it shows very bad play calling by the DR staff.

  • CO Bro

    I’m watching the Norco/Crenshaw game on my dvr. Don’t know what the final is yet but Young is the real deal. Norco down right now 21 – 12.

  • jcaz

    Notes on Amat

    I have to say that this was perhaps one of the most entertaining games that Amat has playing in, in the last several years. This the game was perhaps as exciting as that St Paul win was in the rain a few years ago at Kiefer.

    For a while there, you werent really sure what Lancer team was going to show up. The boys in blue fell flat on their faces early on, but I have to say that I was very much impressed by the fact that they were able to rally back and stand toe to toe with a team that played them pretty much evenly throughout the entire game tonight.

    Interestingly, this game was so physical that they called in an ambulance because, not only were players flying all over the field getting smacked around tonight, but people in the stands must have been getting hurt as well !

    All kidding aside, the game had more than a few hard hits. To me it seemed as if the entire scheme on offense for Dominguez demanded close quarter contact. This was definitely a style of play where smash mouth football was the operative word ! To say that there was some hitting going on tonight would have been understatement that’s for sure.

    BTW, you really do have to give it to the defense evening because this team (once again) ended up denying Dominguez any kind of a scoring opportunity throughout more than three quarters of the game. They basically shut out a Dominguez team that defeated Crespi last week and that was no easy feat.

    BTW, that touchdown that they scored against us at the end of the game tonight, was in fact the only score that our defense has given up all year long and I thought that the only reason that happened was because we had the second team in there at the end.

    Anyway, what began as a total disaster for the Lancers, ended up being an over all bench mark game for them. Both the defense and the offense really stepped up big tonight and beat a very talented team.

    One more thing, that interception for a touchdown with only 50 seconds gone in the first quarter could have easily broken a much less disciplined team, however the Lancers showed us tonight that they could over come diversity and win a very tight game when all the marbles were up for grabs with less than 49 seconds to go.
    Yes indeed, to slowly rally, and to take the lead after an opening like that showed the Amat family that this team has a lot of carature.

    Make no mistake about it, Dominguez fought tooth and nails for every inch tonight, and they really thought that they were going to pull this one out tonight in the last minute, but our defense showed us why were going to go all the way to the championship this year.

    Great game, and if you missed it, oh well…..

  • BoHi observations

    1. Bonita wins surprisingly easily 42-20 but not that close.2 C. Horine stud leader injured unknown how bad but does’nt look good.3 Linebacker Huth either quit, tossed or kicked out at start of half.4 QB Spathias accurate and very steady. Huge improvement.5 Soph rb had a coming out game showing potential.6 Bonita far more physical despite being out-sized. One down side is that though well coached the staff does’nt seem to have total respect from the players as can be seen from the stands.


    Will Bishop Amat have Wallace Gonzalez for Muir??? Does he qualify?

  • No Bueno

    Wow, Monrovia is rated #1 in the Mid-Valley Division???? hahah. #56 is more impressive then Bueno!
    Bueno throws like crap, yes he can run but he should be able too when your 5’4″ running against a 3 man rush like Glendora.
    When is Glendora’s receivers going to wake up and start CONSISTENTLY catch the ball?
    Victoria keep it up your racking up the yards son. Holmes, Johnson another solid game. Jefferies Keep doing what your doing and dont worry about all the jealous haters who wish their kid had a D1 offer.

  • footballer


  • Lovin The Heights

    Yeah Stat Man… that’s what I say… stats is what matters 2-0 R O W L A N D !! Who’s next???

  • Jastrab

    Is the Garfield final score correct Orange Lu 15 Garfield 3?

  • Observantcat

    Monrovia is work in progress. The Cats played a dismal second half of football, but what was impressive was the defense. Barring the fumbles in the second half the game was dead even. Nick has to learn to read the defenses a bit earlier or make his commitment to run a lot sooner. Ellis McCarthy gave Jeffries all he could handle at linebacker. I see much improvement in the next few weeks. The Cats truly miss their starting tailback DeShawn Ramirez, but for a first game I still tip my hat off to the guys who played and played welll. Glendora gets credit for the Win and isn’t a bad team. I think the most impressive running back for Glendora had the least carries, I think his name was Hicks. Oh well, We will look to take this rage out on our neighbors, the Apaches from Arcadia. Ps….Norco, Your running back is problably if not the best running back in Southern cal at the moment, if he keeps it up he will be one of the best in the nation.

  • Bones

    Oh ok. My bad. somebody needed to fix the prep scoreboard. south hills actually defeated b. park.. aw man.

  • Norco

    Tesoro over SM
    Santiago over Chino Hills


    As for the Norco game overall I was pleased…We started two freshmen on the offense…. Offensively I thought we did Ok for the first time running the spread…Defensively I thought we played fast and aggressive and was laying some wood…Special teams hurt us because are FG/Kick Off had a death in the family and had to miss the game.. Mamba is the real deal….VERY fast and a very tough runner…But I will take our RB Young any day of the week…

  • Norco


  • Amat Stats

    General Turgidson & SGVsBest or should I say “worse”, and all the rest of you BA haters and naysayers:

    It is people like you that bring out the best in our Lancer men.

    I bet you had a big smile on your face when BA was picked in the opening drive. Well… 21-15 Bishop Amat Wins, need I say more.

    You see… the blue-collar attitude is something you just could never comprehend (only the inner-circle of the amat family truly know the – no frills, no fancy presentation, no need to prove ourselves to people who don’t even matter such as yourselves, but just playing “pure” amat football.

    You love to talk (and that is what it is – all “talk”) about our QB…. But please…. it is about the entire Lancer team. Rio, Shay, Moore, Valasquez, and our re-calibrated “O” line led the Lancers to 250+ total offensive yards (and BTW Rio had a 50% completion rate this evening and was rated with the highest completion rate last week for the Serra League which is posted on MaxPrep despite the “so-called” jitters that everyone and probably yourselves have claimed from the Garfield game. Our defense team is the BEST in the SGV – Juarez, Gener, Bowens, Sanchez, Castellanos, Sandoval, Alcantara, Daniels, Varella, Casarez just to name a few, allowing Dominguez just one touchdown from a team that:

    1. Came off a win from Crespi – a Serra league powerhouse

    2. Brought back 20+ starters from last year.

    3. Had help from the god-awful officiating that clearly sided with Dominguez, throwing 2 pass interference flags in Dominguez’s favor in the last 2 minutes of the game to get them to the 7 yard line and not to mention the illegal man down field penalty they did not call when they had all of their line-men down-field when they threw a 2 pt. conversion.

    4. Had help from a time-keeper (he knows who he is and I hope he is reading this blog), who allowed 1 1/2 plays to go by (while Dominguez was losing) without starting the clock towards the end of the 4th qtr.

    There were 10+ passes in the last 2 minutes of the game (the most I have ever seen in HS football history with all that transpired in such a small period of time) which resulted in all “INCOMPLETES” – courtesy of your Bishop Amat Defensive squad. Even with all that was handed to Dominguez, they could not cash-in their chips.

    So do us a favor, keep being be a hater, keep being a nay-sayer… BA thrives on the postive energy it brings.

    Bishop Amat (2-0) – Mighty are the Men who wear the Blue and Gold… Next Muir…

  • Aaron

    So far Bonita has been a running team this season…we normally sling it around.

    Greg Spathias
    SD: 15/20 131 yds 1 TD 3 INTs
    Claremont: 17/28 139 yds 2 TDS 1 INT

    Team Rushing
    SD: 228
    Claremont: 329

    Spathias has gotten better in the two games he’s played. Great for him and even better for the Bearcats.

    Reggie Turner had a very nice game 9 carries for 165 yds.

  • Bcat

    Hey Bohi,

    Great observations, Horine is a stud and lets hope he gets back ASAP. Spathias did improve but still struggles with long ball with too much air under ball. Sopr RB is a stud in the making. As for the midget LB his behavior is par for the course. He is cancer ready to spread. Great job pops!

  • trojan fan

    The report from the Amat game was great to see. A big fan of lancer football,however the wife planned a vacation in Miami so i had to capture all the action via the internet.Great job but please try to be a little bit more accurate with your posting of scores i.e. B.P. over South Hills,Bassett over Mt.View.Good by now time to go do some snorkling in the warm atlantic ocean.Should be back for more friday night football next week.

  • Conq’76

    News Flash! Loss Altos manages a heartbeat! (I wish Loss Altos was not a typo)…

  • just play

    South Hills played a strong second half and showed that they do still have some laters left there. 22 Gutierrez outstanding night, 11 Delagardelle,(spelled as one word not broken up like in the Tribune report) nice big target, 7 hernandez very nice job. Off/def lines will be best after more time together

  • just play

    Read the Trib this morning nice article on South HIlls for your info #11 Delagardelle is all on word not broken up in spelling.

  • FredJ

    Thanks, that how the scribbled roster was given to me … South Hills has no roster on MaxPreps and didn’t bring one to the game, hopefully they get that straight by next week.


    Now you finally see the light without even reakizing it. You already have us in the playoffs. You may not realize whay you have just written in your statement because you are such an azz. In only 2 seasons and 2 games we have gone from a team that was thought never to make the playoffs ever again to being thought of as in the playoffs after 2 preleague games .To me that shows the complete turnaround of a program many thought was dead and buried. Thank you mister gags for solidifing what every true Amat Family member knew would be the case when Hags took over the program. To general turd kiss my azz we are back and we will live with Rio’s growing pains and if your only arguement on Amat is that Rio is no Haden well your right Haden was ,is, and as far as I can see the greatest QB ever to walk the hallowed halls of Amat so put that arguement where the sun don’t shine and just stick to your how bad we looked after every Amat victory this season . And believe me there will be much for you to write about because this is a team of destiny. Hey sgvsbestidiot, got my bowl of menudo ready yet and don’t forget the tortillas this time. After your finished serving you can go eat your bowl of puro pata because this morning that’s where it belongs ,in your mouth menso.

  • COSteelCurtain

    Good job, CO!

    Looks like that CO Locomotive is heating up and ready to start rolling.
    Lots of young talent both on offense and defense. Keep working hard boys.
    We are here supporting you.

    CO alumni, students, friends, and supporters showed up in great numbers. Over 6500 at the game. That was a fun party. Lets do it again next Friday.


  • Crow Stew

    Orange Lutheran 15, Garfield 3

    Does anyone still think Garfield sucks???

    Lot’s of crow stew for everyone!!! mmmmmmmm

  • JFR


    LEGIT! You guys looked like it was week 10, great win.


    Fred, by far this has to be AZUSA biggest WIN and BELL GARDENS worst lost at home. Wow, this has to be by far the most unexpected score and in my opinion the GAME OF THE WEEK! Heck Fred, you even had them losing and most predictions on here had us losing also. So Fred, youre officially off my Christmas Card list and Steve Ramirez youre now on it. LOL Outstanding Job AZTECS and to the Coaching Staff, MENUDO on me!

    Coach Scherf would out a doubt, you have turn this program around for the fans of AZUSA, and Im sure the fans of AZUSA have waited a long time for this. THANK YOU! Im not going to bad mouth my heckler, (BG LANCER) and run my mouth, but Im am definitely going to savor the moment., and H@LL yes, Im going to be on this BLOG all week!

    AZUSA enjoy this WIN this weekend, because come Monday its time to put the HARD HAT on and KICK SOME AZZTEC!


  • COChargerfan

    CO looked more relaxed and executed well and looks like they are over the first game jitters. Be proud Chargers for breaking in your new field with a win.

    Norco, the team is as good as hyped. I liked your defense…they were physical and reacted well to the ball. The Mamba was spectacular but Norco’s “D” played him pretty tough. Young was every bit as good but Crenshaw’s defense was non-existent on the first two long runs…their linebackers and secondary were no where to be found so he just got the ball and ran into the end zone. Regardless, hes a great back.

    Nice win Bonita. It looks like Aaron was right about Cajon. I know that Claremont played without their starting running back, but realistically, Bonita is a good, not great football team…so Arum, just wondering if you are still that high on Claremontper Aaron, their defense gave up 468 yards? I think by the time we get to the league opener, the consensus is going to be that the top three positions in the Sierra are wide open. COs passing game is looking really good and this will be their ticket to battling it out for the titlebut if they dont get improved linebacker play and protect the ball, they could just as easily be 4thshould be fun to watch it unfold.

    Amat fans, you might want to spend less time worrying yourself sick by making some of your opponents more than they really areyoure Amat for Gods sake and Dominguez is well, just West Covina is another uniform, which is a good team that lacks your depth. On that note, the most impressive win of the week has to go to West Covina over Venice. So Amat fan, how do you now handicap your upcoming Oct 8th meeting with Venice?

    Talk about a competitive league, the Hacienda figures to be a dogfight for the top spots.

  • COChargerfan

    Check it out…CO’s Keith Smith on the TV as a starting LB for San Jose State…he’s playing pretty well against #11 ranked Wisconsin.


    Damn is the score correct Corona Roosevelt 80, Torrance 27 ???

    CO Great job getting the win on the new field. Also Congrats to Amat, Damien, Bonita and West CO for beating a damn good Venice team.

    How about Poly getting smoked by St. Bonaventure?

    Mission Viejo/Servite have to be looking like the favorite right now to be in the Pac 5 finals…

    Aram/Fred please no more hyping Claremont please!

  • Aaron was absolutely right about the Bonita-Claremont game. Would the score have been different if Taj Teague played? Maybe, but it seems like Claremont still would’ve been in a world of trouble. Perhaps I’ve overrated Claremont or maybe Bonita is that good.

  • Dee

    Way to go Aztecs! To all those who talked about how we were just a bunch of short no talent, no heart hispanics……piss on u! And this is coming from a lady! For those who questioned any part of the team the score says it all. Defense held them to ZERO! And Defense scored. Offense made great plays on the ground and in the air. I liked the way palyers were switched in an out. And as a fan it gave me more confidence in knowing we have a talented back up QB. Props to #’s 7 and 23. Of course Ham and Jose too!

  • AusaA FaN


    GREAT JOB AzusA.

  • Bulldog alumni player

    Hats off to west Covina. Great win over Venice. Bulldogs are back that’s all I gotta say. Nice way to shut up those haters on this blog, they have nothing to say now. Great win again.

  • football jones

    Wildcat vs DB Observations:

    Wilson offense is definitely on right track with surprisingly strong running game and good passing attack.

    Wildcat defense is still a work in progress.

    DB was well coached, ran no-huddle offense entire game, and came away with a balanced victorymuch credit to place kicker.

    Wilson had their opportunities but squandered much away with fumbles, interceptions, and some horrific clock management to end 1st halfwake up coach!!!

    Overall Wilson looked pretty good they just need some fine tuning.

    2010 should be a positive season for the Wildcats.

    Go Wildcats!!!!!

  • Dee

    @Azusa Fan…
    Lol Sorry I did get a lil carried away. I just dont deal with ignorrant people too well. Our boys (young men!) Did great. Its a good start. I even had butterflies in my stomach. Great coaching staff too. Thursday cant come soon enough!

  • Bonita posters,

    Fred is in Vegas and I’m monitoring his blog. Please DO NOT bash kids on the blog or your posts will be deleted. I realize KH is controversial (for lack of a better term), but the line is drawn when you start bringing kids into it. Thanks for respecting this rule.

  • reality

    Read the unfortunate post from Richard about the action of Bonita linebacker. It”s wat to easy to fire on this kid because of the way his Dad posts,(if it really is his Dad posting). Their are obviously some big problems with this youngman and surely he is suffering greatly this morning. Does it make you feel better to stick the knife in deeper? If it does your hurting more than he is.Lets let this play out before calling someone a cancer. I trust Podley and his staff as well as the entire team will do the right thing but as of now I still think of him as a member of the squad and a teammate until otherwise informed. Lets try and prop up a troubled kid rather than kicking him when he is down. This is an oppurtunity to turn a young life around if it is possible.Young Mr. Huth I for one wish you the best this day and you can make it back if you want as many have before you. It will not be easy but nothing that is worth it ever is.

  • QB Broken hand??

    Was told that the Wilson-DB was really close until in the 4th Q Wilson QB Schreimann broke his throwing hand – might want to check out the rumors Fred

  • Catinfo

    QB Broken hand??

    He broke (probably a fracture) the thumb on his throwing hand. Now, maybe they’ll run the ball more, which seems to be their strong point.

  • can someone please state what happened with kc im very curious because he is an important key to that team thank you

  • General Ed


    You are not sly and the Amat fans know what you are trying to do. Just like last season, you are attempting to belittle Amats level of competition. You made two ignorant points in your attempt to do this. The first one was that BA is overestimating their competition and the second is that Compton Dominguez football is comparable to West Covina. LOL! (I actually laughed out loud there).

    Ok so.How is Bishop Amat being overly worried or overestimating their competition? Orange Lutheran (who beat LA HABRA) escaped Garfield by a score of 15-3. Compton Dominguez beat Crespi last week (CRESPI.NOT GLENDORA OR BALDWIN PARKBUT SERRA LEAGUE FAVORITE, CRESPI) and the LA Times just wrote an article on Dominguez Football and their success versus elite programs.

    Only someone from Charter Oak (who has never seen an elite save BA) would compare Compton Dominguez with West Covina football. LOL! (I actually laughed out loud again!) Dude, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO WAKE UP?

    Compton Dominguez has played Carson, Loyola, Crenshaw, Bishop Amat, Corona Centennial, SO Notre Dame, Redlands East Valley, Crespi, and Long Beach Poly. They not only played these schools but also beat some of them including LB Poly. Compton Dominguez is light years ahead of any SGV school in terms of level of competition. You seem to be the only person that continues to NOT get this.

    So tell us, COCupcakefan (with your infinite wisdom of football outside the SGV).tell us how Dominguez is well, just West Covina is another uniform

  • Fred’s in Vegas, so the only thing he’s going to checking this weekend is women and odds.

    I will find out.


    Listen up . What are you trying to say . It was the blog that jumped on the Dominguez bandwagon as far as they were going to Amat down. Many and I mean many picked Dominguez to beat Amat. Now because we handled them are you taking away the fact they beat Crespi. We never woory ourselves sick over an opponent or is that one of your brilliant deductions by reading between the lines on the blog that only you see.Where did you see a post of us worrying ourselves sick . Maybe a few posts that we need to step up our game in the run department and then all ending in the fact the coaching staff will take of what needs to be done and we would get the W.That’s your main problem in that you don’t know shiat about football as was shown by your battle of stats last week with the Glendora bloggers instead of just accepting the loss and congratulating them on a hard fought battle. I’ll tell you what, you just worry about CO’s opponents and we will take ours one week at a time like we always do. Your topic last week was the short comings of Rio and this week it is how we build up our opponents more then they seem to be . I am sure WC Dan appreciates you comparing Dominguez to WC only in a different uniform . The reality is those 2 teams have the ballz to schedule us and your team ,well we all the rest of that story.I didn’t want to go there but your stupidity forced the issue. Do yourself and the fine fans of CO who I have the upmost respect for a favor and keep your trap shut on Amat . You are some fan of CO , 2 sentences on them and 3 paragraphs on 3 other teams. Was that the best you could do on congratulating your team for getting back on track and in the win column. Aram do a better job of being the watch dog and take that BSR post off the thread.We don’t need that kind of crap on here. Whatever transpired is between the team and KC and that is where it should stay .

  • Dear CatInfo

    Wilson is not going to be able to beat really good teams down the stretch if they are not able to throw the ball – if they plan on being a running team there will probably be no talk of playoffs – their Oline cant block for their running backs – all 3 of Vegas TD’s last night were on broken plays to the outside because their line was stuffed up front and he broke and juked his way down the field on the outside – no room at all to room in the middle – if Wilson plans on being a running team – good defenses will tie them down – it’s a shame about their QB – they have great weapons with their receivers

  • Taylor

    replying to packisonthehunt:

    Damien has a good number of sprinters and hurdlers playing football, but one of the most notable losses might be Jarrett Gonzales quitting football to focus on track. Jarrett was number 1 in the state for his age group each of the past two years. This summer Jarrett competed in the USATF National Junior Olympics where he took gold in the 400 hurdles. All credit to Covina for having a state champ in the 100 and 200 meters, but Id take a National Championship over a state championship any day.

    Congrats Jarrett Gonzales and Dr. Mike Williams

  • Dittos Wilson people

    you’re right about Wilson running – I counted 5 times Wilson ran the ball with the backup QB behind center – only one got past the line of scrimmage – and that was the last play of the game and it was a QB keeper

  • To Damien Taylor

    you are right about Jarrett – he is a class guy – dont worry about him not playing football – his college future is definitely in track – in fact SGV had 3 sophs last year make CIF in the hurdles – Jarrett, JR Nelson of Wilson and Andrew Fischer of Diamond ranch – with Jarrett being the marque runner – they will shine as juniors later in track season

  • JFR

    Amat Nation,

    Huge win last night for you guys on the road, some of us over here at CO know how good you are. Keep representing the SGV, thank you.




    Thank you for the post . As we have mutual respect between the two us but please one favor. We are not the nation WE ARE THE AMAT FAMILY or THE FAITHFUL . I hope your post was sincere and that nation part was an oversite. The nation is dead and gone and THE FAMILY will always live on . Even Fred has slipped on that fact so I can understand the mistake . Nice win last night and keep it up . Good luck this week .

  • CatInfo

    No doubt Wilson needs the threat of a passing game, but their receivers did little to help this last night. Countless dropped balls, 2-3 balls tipped for INTs, and anytime they try to go really deep the receivers outrun the QB’s arm. They could play a backup QB, and do fine, (if the receivers get their act together) as long as the run game continues, in any fashion.

  • CO Bro

    Ditto…”Huge win last night for you guys (Amat) on the road, some of us over here at CO know how good you are. Keep representing the SGV, thank you”

    Not all of us CO fans share the same views as COChargerFan.

    Also congrats to all the other winners from the SGV on this weeks wins. To all the non winners, keep your head up, its early in the year and never too late to turn it around.

    OK, now I am very curious as to whats going on over at Bohi. Can someone shed a little light on what happened without naming names?

  • Were Done


    The backup QB has no arm, especially compared to Schreimann. The backup QB is suppose to be a running QB, we all saw how well that worked when he was in, didn’t we. A matter of fact Schreimann ran the ball clearly much better than Williams running QB. All the talk about Williams wanting a running QB, well now he got his wish lets see what he can do with him. That’s what we get when you put a running back as your OC. Without Schreimann behind the center our season is done. I am not saying that Moe isn’t going to put up big numbers, but not as big if the passing threat was their, what a shame.

  • Wait and See Wilson Guys

    I’m told that Schreimann will be out only several weeks – the core of the Wilson schedule is the last 3 games – B Park, Pomona, San Dimas (no offense Covina – Week 5)// maybe he could be back by Covina – if not surely Week 8 at B Park – but the key is not Vega – it is getting the ball to Nelson – Vega is going to get his numbers and stats – but the new QB has got to find a way to get the ball to No. 3

    Nelson only had 2 throws his way last night past the line of scrimmage – both passes were off target – how can any team succeed with only 2 looks with a D1 possible guy there and not get the ball near him – Vega will need him to keep the defenses off of an 8 man front – what a waste last night, especially in the 4th quarter, no throws, no looks, no nothing – and zero 4th quarter points

  • Dominguez = WC in different uniform?

    “Compton Dominguez continues to take down Pac-5 opponents”

    The Dons defeated host Encino Crespi, 14-11, on Friday. Compton Dominguez, which plays in a Western Division that is three notches below the Pac-5, has made a habit of beating its more powerful counterparts.

    Call them the Pac-5 pillagers.

    The Compton Dominguez Dons continued their run of success against teams from the powerful Pac-5 Division on Friday, pulling out a 14-11 victory over host Encino Crespi.

    The Dons, who play in a Western Division that is three notches below the Pac-5, have made a habit of beating their more powerful counterparts, recording at least one victory against a Pac-5 team in nine of the last 10 seasons. Included in that stretch were triumphs over storied Long Beach Poly in 2005 and Los Angeles Loyola in 2007.
    We play them all,” Dominguez Coach Willie Donerson said Saturday.

    Donerson said he didn’t consider the victory over the Celts an upset because the Dons returned most of their starters from a team that last season reached the Western Division semifinals and Crespi was rebuilding under new Coach Jon Mack.

    Nevertheless, it looked as though Dominguez could have used a remedial course in hanging on to the football. The Dons lost five fumbles including three inside the Celts’ 20-yard line with four of the turnovers committed by star running back Will Gregory.

    “I thought he might have had some money on the game,” Donerson deadpanned.

    The Dons also had to play the second half without quarterback Chris Brown, who was sidelined by back spasms at halftime. But Stanley Taylor rushed for a pair of fourth-quarter touchdowns, giving Dominguez a good start in a stretch of five consecutive games against Pac-5 opponents that continues this week against La Puente Bishop Amat.
    Copyright 2010, Los Angeles Times


    JR Nelson had the chance to be starting at Euless Trinity (living at grandma’s house)- if he gets 2 dinky off target throws there at least it would have been on national television and 25,000 people crowds

  • JFR

    CO BRO,

    My kids and kids on the street attend BOHI and it is just that time when everything matches up. There freshman team is very good so this change in divisions is going to make them a power for years to come. This comes from a CO person.

  • Dan

    Lots of impressive wins last night,congrats to Amat, that’s a good team you beat last night, also to Bonita, Aram your forgiven for jumping on the Claremont bandwagon, they had me fooled over the summer too, I finally got a clue that they might not be what I thought they were when WC scrimmaged them a couple of weeks ago, we were up 24 to 7 before we started subbing players.
    Congrats to all the victors last night and especially to Azusa with that blowout over Bell Gardens, where is that Bell Gardens poster now? Also good game to Northview, most assumed they would be terrible this year but it took a last second TD for El Rancho to escape a defeat to the Vikings.
    Looking over all the results Fred has up there, the ESGV was well represented last night in games with teams from outside the area. Amat had a nice win over Dominguez, Glendora won in their
    showdown against a talented Monrovia squad [I feel bad for coach Maddox and Co, but they will bounce back and be a force in their divisions]
    Rowland blows out Cal Hi and our WC Bulldogs
    had a nice win over a Venice team that was loaded
    with size and speed.
    What a difference a week can make, the Bulldogs
    started like they were in the same state of confusion that they ended last weeks game in.
    Venice returned the opening kickoff for a TD, West Co. bounces back with a nice drive of their own and scores a TD to go ahead 7 to 6. Then a different kid from Venice returns another kickoff for a TD and they make the two point conversion to go ahead 14 to 7. They were loaded with talent and it looked like a long night for WC, but From then on WC finally got it together and took control of the line of scrimmage, they went on to build a 35 to 14 lead until Venice scored their last TD late in the 4th quarter to make the final score of 35 to 21. Not having 6 turnovers in a game helps a lot, Chris Solomon
    had 273 yards on the ground, the “O” line was pushing people around all night, and the defense overall did a very good job of keeping stud running back Teondray Caldwell and a talented group of receivers from making too many big plays
    for the night.
    Bulldogs, if any of you are reading this, great win, enjoy it for the weekend and come Monday forget all about it, put it behind you and put the focus on South Hills, The Huskies will be as big as Venice on the line but probably better, Jordan Gutierrez and Jamel Hart will be a dangerous combination in the back field. But we have our guns too, this should be a very good game Thursday.

  • Don

    Week One Bonita thoughts:

    Last night wasn’t the most poorly officiated prep game I’ve ever seen, but it surely was in the top three. The good news is the crew that showed up really didn’t affect the outcome much, they sucked for everyone. Just brutal. Frankly, guys that unprofessional should offer the schools their money back.

    Also brutal was the general beatdown BoHi gave the Wolfies. I will give Claremont some credit for changing the momentum early in the second half with some crisp tackles; no wienies, those wolfies. The change in mo was short lived though. A couple of Erik Mikity blitzes, some Harriman manhandling, and a long scoot or two by the Bearcat soph Turner and Claremont was ready for the fork.

    About that RB: kid is the quickest back I’ve ever seen at Bonita with good instincts for eluding the D too. A little maturity, OK, a lot of maturity and this guy could be a season changer.

    Teague WOULD have changed the score but not the game, way too much Bearcat D and that was without Tarez up front. Put him in there and that Claremont O line surge that showed at times would have been nil.

    The Bonita play calling these past two weeks is vastly improved night over last season, in my mind, the single most improved aspect of the team.

    As for the personnel issue, kid’s NAMES should NEVER be used unless to single someone out for praise.

    C O had nearly an identical issue with a WR last season. Lou and Dom handled it as well as it could have been. I know Podley and staff will do what they think is best for the team.

  • BSR

    Lvs, CO Bro,
    To answer your question without naming names at Bo Hi, A certain Linebacker/Punter stormed off the field at halftime threw his Helmet and ripped of his Jersey and Quit after a heated argument with his Coach.
    Don, youre right. Podley and his staff will do the right thing and let the disrespect this kid showed be a lesson to the Team and future players in his program about Discipline and Respect, If you dont demand it youll never get it or earn it.
    I dont understand why my blogs are being removed as this happened in a very public place in front of many people on the Claremont side.
    I know the truth is a hard thing to swallow, but Aram, would you prefer lies and rumors on your Blog?
    Winners never Quit
    And Quitters never Win?
    kh, how does that work again?
    There are other quotes and rants youve gone on record here with about the Great mini me
    Usually after a big win you, cant wait to get on here and start Crowing about little me.
    Football is a contact sport, little me just couldnt handle it became afraid and Super kid flew away. (Senior leadership) Im sure the Baseball coach isnt looking forward to the same kind of Senior leadership.
    Little Linebacker/Punter let down his entire team by quitting
    The Baseball coach is looking for winners not Quitters, any suggestions?
    If he doesnt play SS will he Quit?
    Reality is, MINI ME is a Cancer, a proven Cancer, and Reality, and it is and has been played out over and over again. But for now hes killing whatever team he is on and you cant trust a Quitter. The reality is the good of the many outweighs the good of the one.


  • Wallace Gonzalez Anyone?

    When does Bishop Amat get Wallace Gonzalez? It’s still hard to believe they took down Dominguez without him. I’ve lost count of how many times Amat has failed to score in the red zone this season. I think the addition of Gonzalez should make Amat deadly in the red zone. No one is going to be able to cover Gonzalez one on one so this should also help open up the running game too. It’s an exciting time to be a Lancer!

  • thanks for the answer bsr

  • thanks for the answer bsr

  • KH

    i would love to hear you and your sons side of the story if your willing to tell it but if you dont want to thats respectable its your business im sure youll handle it the way best for your family

  • Double standard

    Last year, when the Glendora receiver had his meltdown, the tribune covered it and allowed blogging. No the Bonita LB has a meltdown and quits at halftime and you guys delete the blog entries. It’s a story…you guys should cover it.


    Evidently you are the same person who posts as richardthe something . Drop your personal vendetta against kh. Yes many would come on here and rib kh on his grammar and continual bragging on KC. But whatever happened is a serious matter and should not be rubbed in kh’s face . It seems as you getting great joy out of this situation . We are talking about a young man here who many on the blog have spoken highly of also .No one including you have no idea what happened or caused the incident last night. Just drop it now as you keep sneaking in posts to continually keep this issue alive on the blog. No rumors have surfaced nor one post about it until you brought it up on the blog. Knowing kh and the guy is about as honest as they come as far as posting his heart and soul on the blog will post something on the matter when the time is right because that is the type of man he is . This could cause a man with kh’s well known problem to fall back to dark times. Hopefully all gets resolved between all parties concerned and we the blogging community should leave it at that until the involved parties feel it is time to share. KH i will keep you anf KC in my prayers and hopefully everyting works out for the best . BSR if you are any type of man with any scuples or morals do the right thing and just drop this issue and leaves the Huths alone to work this out. PLEASE.

  • Aaron

    A couple things. Whatever happened, happened and it is sad. I have details but not all of it. It sucks that it occurred.

    I’m sure Mr Huth is doing what he has to do right by his family.

    Difference in situations with Wallace Gonzalez. Gonzalez transferred after having had issues with every athletic team he was a part of at Glendora. However, by all accounts Gonzalez has become a model citizen.

    KC won’t be transferring anywhere.

  • Amat Dude

    COCC (short for COCupCake),

    “Amat fans, you might want to spend less time worrying yourself sick by making some of your opponents more than they really areyoure Amat for Gods sake and Dominguez is well, just West Covina is another uniform,” COCC

    That is the most assinine (I spelled it with two s for a good reason) statement I’ve ever heard. Please take off your colored blinders off and give respect where respect is due. Amat beat a damn good football team in Dominguez when everyone including Robledo and his mother put their money on Dominguez! Amat not only beat Dominguez, but they dominated the line of scrimmage and beat them up physically. I think our defense must’ve knocked 2-3 of their players of the game to boot, the fire department and ambulance had to take them away.

    So here is the Deal, just keep your trap shut about Amat, because nothing good comes out of it when it comes to Amat football. Whether we beat a team that returns 20 starters from last year’s squad, who barely lost to Alemany in the semis, who just beat a good Crespi team or if we beat a good St. Bonnie that just beat LB Poly or a Mater Dei with their USC bound QB… will always find some derogatory remarks about our opponents when we beat them fair and square.

    Now you come in here belittling Dominguez and disrespecting Amat by stating they are just another WC (no disrespect to WC as they have proven to be a worthy opponent) in a another uniform? Wow you have not only shown us that you are not just any moron but an ignorant one as well!

    BTW we don’t worry ourselves sick by making our opponents more than what they really are, I really think they worry more about us….as we take them one week at a time. You should worry more about your opponents than our opponents….Wow did you see Norco last night….can’t wait for them to kick your Azz!


    Alright punks… let’s try to be a little original. MR. ED… I like how you tried to commandeer my title, but the problem is that you don’t know football and I do. You can be “private ed” if you want. Heck… I may even let you be “corporal ed” no caps. However, General? I think not son!

    And you are quite wrong. I have been a supporter of Amat for quite some time. However, I do object to over hyped players who IN 2 GAMES HAVE HAD SUB PAR PERFORMANCES.


    I will repeat: shay and #28 are amazing players, there is a great o line and the defense is very good. I have said this already. The only thing I object to is the hype surrounding one untested – well, now he is tested – player.

    Look at the stats people. You cannot argue with numbers.

    Additionally, I truly wish I could get behind an Amat team that had a REALISTIC shot to go all the way. Hasen’t happened in quite some time.

    They go to the first or second round and choke.



  • questions

    Does anyone know if coach Zavala is also suspended for this weeks game against Los Altos? I know he was for last nights game and heard it was a 2 game suspension? Also is the Shriekman kid also out?

  • Braves

    Did that UTEP kid play for BP? I know there are 11 men on the field but when a team is rushing for 370+ yards (SHills) maybe the kid might be overhyped! 370 yards? Wow! Make sure UTEP doesn’t get that firm!

  • Please Stop

    Mr. Nelson you need to stop. Clearly at this time George is our best receiver, 7 out 8 last nights game. Those two passes one your son stop running, unexcussable. The second one he had no separation with a linebacker covering him. Your son has great potential but he needs to get his head out of that cool aid you are serving.

  • Repeat

    BSR has a point because nobody is bigger than your team or coach. This is not the first time or sport that this kid has gotten in trouble!

    But really can anybody be that surprised, the kid really doesn’t have a good role model at home.

  • whitey

    from reading KHs comments the last couple seasons, he seems to be a “win” at any cost type of guy, I’d not be surprised if this outrage was fueled by some type of PED use , I’m think KH would have no problem endorsing it, the ends seem to justify the means by all that I can gather from his blog entries…not to say that a lot of other players don’t use PEDs just that it might be a cause for this situation, it’s unfortunate, to say the least, for all in the Huth family


    Maybe it’s time for yhr big three to do some real reporting. This Huth situation is getting a lot of attention and since kh has gone on record for everrything but the kitchen sink about KC it is out there. Come on you three get the real story because I am quite sure kh would have no problem sitting down with you guys to give the bloggers the true story and stop all the inuendo and rumors. Do you jobs for once as you have let many stories go by the wayside with a thread inticing posts and never finishing the story with some good journalistic reporting.Or is it true you are only looking for hits on the blog to sell advertising ?

  • Frank

    As I said in a previous blog, if Amat beat Dominguez many would then say well Dominguez is not that good. I challenge any coach in the SGV to schedule Dominguez and see if you can shut down that type of speed. I doubt there is a team in the SGV besides Amat that could beat the Dons. Amat proved alot this week with a strong and decisive victory. Amat shutdown a powerful team who at times seemed mesmerized by Amats ability to contain them and wear out there defense. The game would not of really been close at the end if there was not some bad calls near the end in the last four minutes, but it made it an exciting game.
    As for Azusa I have to give you props on your W, whey to prove many of us wrong.
    Congrats to all other SGV teams that also won this week

  • Tartan Fan

    Youre a local guy, Surely you must know that he had zero problem with the baseball program or coach Henley at Glendora High. BSR is absolutely right, he is not a goof in this matter.

  • Don

    Prep team personnel issues should always remain strictly between the school and their staff and the player and his family. They don’t need the press, bloggers, or casual observer’s participation. Anybody asking to hang that kind of laundry out on a blog is either a trouble maker or a troll.

    Every team has stuff that goes on every season; always has been and always will be. Let the folks responsible be responsible and let us stay out of it. These kids are minors, they should be protected by the law and adults who have their best interests in mind.

    Mr bisquickdick or whatever you want your handle here to be:

    What I meant in my post was to let the Bonita Staff handle what they need to handle without any outside interference or input. That means you.

    If you feel the need for more give and take I would be happy to meet you at your convenience at say, Hollenbeck Park, apparently a venue comfortable to you, just let me know. If you want to remain anonymous, you may hide in any manner you find suitable.

    Lay off these boys. You want to speak to a man in person. I’m all yours.

  • Wilson Parent

    Coach Zavala was suspended for just 1 game. Skreiman (Schreiman)probably not even hurt but dad probably had him fake it. Because Dad finally realized by keeping him back 1 year and trying to make him grow he still isnt all that. And theres so much talent on the sidlines but because no one is there kissing asses to coach they dont get a chance. George Czarnick is way better then Nelson but Georges dad isnt kissing ass. That #15 will be sitting soon when Mr. Nelson starts complaining his son isnt playing. Schreimans dad lives there. He sold his son to Zavala his height and weight at any other school he would of never started. But again his dad would of fought for him to play. Poor kid when he gets out in the real world is daddy going to hold his hand too?doesnt play QB he wont play. Next will be Vega not playing soon. When do grades come out? All those other boys who worked as hard as anybody else to get a chance to play but wont get that chance. Its all about who you know.cant wait to see Wilson play Los Altos Fri. Lets see Vega act hurt cause he cant take a lickin’

  • F LA

    Wilson Parent aka Los Altos Parent,

    Great comment being that George’s dad passed away.

    Real tactic Los Altos, but exactly what we would expect from a classless program.

  • while i dont think that KH should have to speak about the situation i think that that fred or aram should find out what happened and post it the same as how they handled the wallace gonzalez situation put a post up and disable the comments for the post just to get the truth out on what happened

  • CO Bro

    It’s just sad what some of these “Fans” will post on these blogs!! Sad, Sad, Sad.

  • Location, Location, Location

    Czarnick caught 3 passes last night – let’s hope he has a game where he will go 7 for 8 and let’s hope Schreiman comes back soon – and let’s hope our coaching staff sees that Nelson needs to be the wide out and not in the slot and running back position – if he was the wideout last night maybe Wilson would have at least 2 first downs instead of two game changing interceptions –

    let’s hope the Wilson coaching staff believes the same thing two D Bar coaches mentioned to JR after the game when they told him, “you are way too good to only get 3 touches for the game, we were shocked.”

    – I hope it is the Wilson OC who gets shocked instead

  • Los Altos

    F LA,
    Please do not assume all parents/supporters of the LA program are like the “Wilson Parent.” That would be classless. To have some competition and hunger to beat each other is one thing. But name calling makes us as low as what we are fighting. Sorry to hear about the kids father. Ignorance is bliss. I’m sure you have people in your program that have little or no class as well. I just don’t want to be lumped in with that nonsense. Good luck to you on Friday. I hope it’s a competitive game. I’m sure it will be regardless of who is hurt or not.

  • SEMHS FAN 3481

    [I skipped SEMHS vs. SDHS game due to other obligations, and the obvious too!]

    and just WoW! 55-0 San Dimas won.

    [and this is inclusive of last year and Friday night]

    I truly wonder now if Principal Zuniga was thinking of bringing his compadre, varsity coach Hernandez, was a benefit to him or to the football program.

    That is just lame, I know SEMHS always has a tough time with SDHS the last few years, but come on now, NOT one offensive score?

    What kind of offense were Coach Hernandez group running? Better yet, where was the defense, 5 TDs in the 1st quarter. YOU SHOULD BE FIRED along with your LAME A** staff too.

    Coach Thompson and his successor Coach Escamilla ran WAY better programs even when they lost big, at least they scored some points.

  • SEMHS FAN 3481

    let’s not forget the beat down from last year too.

    September 11, 2009 @ San Dimas HS:

    San Dimas 56 South El Monte 0

    September 10, 2010 @ South El Monte HS:

    San Dimas 55 South El Monte 0

    [thanks Coach Hernandez, looks like a “strong” season ahead for you and your idiot staff, let’s see now, with the inclusion of last year’s overall standing, you’ve now given your self a 3-9 record! YaY!]

    those 3 wins came from the cespool teams of last year, and you’re making SEMHS look very weak overall compared to those squards you won against. nice work there, keep a “stiff upper lip” there coach **ROLL EYES**

  • Wild west

    Wilson parent;
    Its obvious that you were not at the game,or maybe you just had your blinders on. schreiman’s height and weight are legit. And he more than proved that he is capable of running this offense no matter how much he was set up to fail. Regardless of your thoughts of his fathers so called but kissing. And the so called dinky off targeted passes were not from lack of effort as seen from the D1P. Hard work an determination from Brandin,Moe,George,O-line,D-line,backs were noticed,receivers need some fine tuning as well as the secondary and this team will be on a run. And as far as being held back a year,that arguement comes next year. He,’s still in your criteria of a legitimate H.S. athlete so save it. N as far as faking injury( please ) that kid has more heart, determination,and drive than half half of the players that you would consider complete. LA does not know how fortunate they are ( Sch

  • WildWest

    ( Schreimans injury ). But LA will still have their hands full with Josh. He is a force to be reckoned with.

  • General Turdandhisson

    Why the military tag, why cant you a have more respect for our countries officers than coming on here an spewing your twisted facts and lies about a great kid, just because he has recieved some excellent publication. The press Rio has recieved is because of what he has done and the type of athlete he is, he has performed at the highest level in 2 sports, against the best in the southland in FB and in baseball in the country. You state you know the game, you dont know Jack, because if you were at the game and were paying attention, you will know that there has been at least 11 dropped balls that would change some numbers, at least 5 against Garfield and about 6 against Dominguez. Amat’s recievers our not the same caliber of DJ Johnson or Rio Ruiz himself. If young Rio had recievers like last year, the passing numbers would be much different, those 2 guys Never dropped any balls J Mac was very lucky to have them last year…Rio was the ultimate possesion reciever and made big catch after big catch because of his great athletisism …# 1 and # 13 dont even scare our own JV and have caught maybe 2 balls between them, they have dropped everything. Rio needs a Rio to throw too.. and we all hope that is coming when Wallace is eligible. Please stop your Nazi propaganda about our QB- he has made big plays already with his legs and arm and when others start stepping up and start making plays we will all see numbers, But if you say your are an Amat follower then it’s about team and wins that truly matter we are 2-0 with him and the future is looking brighter, trust me I know football as well and there is no other QB close to Rio as far as talent on or around Amat. At Amat we play the best teams with the best talent, we dont play cupcakes and pad individual stats, other valley QB’s may have numbers right now against horrible other teams- those same QB’s would sh!t there pants if the saw the D-lines and Lbackers of garfield and Dominguez coming to kill them. Just the size alone of Dominguez # 14 DE scared the crap of our sideline guys and coaches not too mention the speed of those teams… Your so called backup guy will have to spend the season doing just that, backing up…Stop you hating-you Nazi…either support the team as a whole or get in your “Go Big Blue” card…you sir are “Dishonorably Discharge”…General Turdski

  • Bonita

    Don, kc not a minor. He turned 18 back in the summer.

  • Bonita

    Don, kc is not a minor. He turned 18 back in the summer.

  • COChargerfan

    General err Mr. Ed” after your court marshall by the real GENERALpull your Victoria Secret panties out of a bunchsame goes for you TRUTH IS. I said before the game that Amat would win and explained below that the reason being is they lack Amats depth. Not exactly words that should get anyone all lathered up overproves you guys are paranoid and obnoxious. And congratulations are in order because your posts woke up WERD UP. And pal, when you started name-calling (i.e. COCupcakefan) you just became SGVsBestwhy cant you see that? Heck, at least hes smart enough to come up with new, original material so if youre going to diss on me could you please try to provide something new and amusing.

    And going big balls just makes me laugh because every little team that could has big balls for playing Amat. Heck, there must have been a dozen big balls comments last year following the West Covina game. Sure, any team can win in theory but come on, youre Amat (thats meant as a compliment so stop the paranoia) and Dominguez is a DIII team that was 6-6 last year with their big win being against LB Jordan and they werent good enough to win a DIII CIF Title. Their other wins came against those football juggernauts Downey, Paramount, Lynwood, Culver City and Redondo Union. Since the exceptional 2005 Championship team, Dominguez has been getting smoked by the good upper division teams and their wins have come against the bottom feeders like a 3-7 (0-3 in league) Loyola in 2007 I read Maxpreps way too much.

    So what if they beat Crespi last week in a low scoring game because most pundits are saying Crespi is not all that this year. Just proves that the good DIII teams are equal to or better than the bottom Pac-5 oneshmm, Ive made that argument many times before only to have ignoramuses like Mr. Ed and TRUTH IS tell me that Im an idiot and dont know shiat about football and have never seen an elite [team]. So why is it that we hear the very same garbage when I say that Amat outclassed a lower division opponent like Dominguez? So stop talking out of both sides of your mouth.

    And Mr. Ed, any way you slice it you are dissing on WC by saying that they arent as good as Dominguezbecause, Im saying that the Venice win says they are in the same class. But congratulations, you just made Venices bulletin board for your Oct 8th game.


    Again with your famous dance around the question routine. You should go dancing with stars because are sure to win. The question was where do Amat fans worrying themselves sick and build there opponents up more than they are. Can you ever answer a question that is asked of you without taking out your dancing shoes and taking a spin around the ballroom. Maybe your beef is with the bloggers who said and there were many that Dominguez would beat Amat . They were the ones building Domiguez up because they beat not all that Crespi last week . You always twist ( another dance ) things around to your point of view when it comes to Amat . What is it with you and Amat . Why do you continually try to damper a fine win in almost every case as you did last week on Rio . What will be your topic next week ?

  • COChargerfan

    The problem is with you TRUTH…add poor reading comprehension skills to paranoia and the result is a jumbled “Cuckoo’s Nest” of thoughts. Does it actually make sense in your brain to attack ME for what OTHERS said about the Amat vs. Dominguez game? Really???

    As to Rio, last week I said that he’s dedicated to baseball and thus it doesn’t appear that he will develop into the complete QB that Jerry Mac was…in large part because Mac was a VERY GOOD QB. Again, more twisted paranoia.

    I’m not the boogie man so stop looking under your bed every time I make a comment.

  • Steve

    Bonita Said

    Very good point! The truth is what paper are suppose to write about!

    Everyone remembers the SGV felt it important to air out the BJG situation and maybe by some crazy discussions it turned the kid around to be a better student/athlete. If you believe the Amat nation, all sounds like he’s doing better! Maybe the positive role models at the school helped this young man. Sometimes a coach is a better role model than the ones at home!

    Surely now, everyone knows KH for who he is! Daddy mouth speaks volumes for himself and not his kid. Podley just might play a role in this KC’ life and maybe turn him around too! KC just witnessed to much at an early age.

    Good luck to the program and KC…

  • SGVsBest

    Hey Amnot A CIF Champion for 16 for years Honk –

    Yeah you huevon –
    Choncho from the TacoNazo on Valley has your warm bowl of OVERRATED Menudo ready for you and your 7 children and fat wife!
    Get your OVER RATED menudo at TacoNazo!

    2 and 0, and still the unindisputed Runner Up – wait for it…wait for it…Bishop Ammm
    Ah…never mind…we all know the story…Over rated…5 claps (Yankees style)….say it with me…OVERRATED!!!

  • SGVsBest

    COChargerfan –
    Don’t concern yourself so much with these LaPuente JAA Lancer Honks.
    SerraLeague is coming soon. Then we can all laugh about these 2 meaningless wins they have posted so far.
    Over Rated!!! Thye don’t like me because I speak the truth to them. Over Rated!!!
    I’m your ChupaCabra, BishopNation!!!

  • Here we go again


    Jerry Mac was also a baseball player first as well as Jay Anderson. Jerry Mac was the starting catcher in fact. Football was his second sport at Amat. So your wrong on Jerry Mac and your wrong about Compton Dominguez being like West Covina. You should do the other Charter Oak fans a favor and just go away.

    P.S. If Bishop Amat wins the Pac-5, I’m sure you say that this was a down year for the Pac-5.

  • SGVsBest

    I’ll say it for you…BishopNation…!
    The Serra League is Down this year…!
    But it doesn’t matter…You’re never going to be good enough to Win a CIF Championship Ring in the PAC-5!
    Tell me I’m wrong…C’mon…who are you going to beat in the finals…? Hah…!
    Enjoy your meaningless wins against lesser teams…!
    Over Rated!!!


    Hey COCF looks like you have found and new friend and protector. With friends like that who needs enemies. Like minds think together.

  • Blog Observer

    Hey! SGVbestTURD! I thought I told you to stay off the blogs BOY! Blah, Blah, Blah, racist comment, Blah, Blah, Blah another racist comment, Blah, Blah Amat sucks. YOU ARE A JOKE! Don’t make me tell you again, BOY! Stay off the Blog, SGVsbestTURD!!!!!!!!!!

  • General Ed


    You’re a sad, sad old man and I’m not going to dance with you. The other CO fans on this blog also think you’re a tool.

    If you want to believe that Amat overestimated a Garfield squad that hung very well with Orange Lutheran who beat an awesome La Habra squad…you go ahead if it makes you feel better.

    If you want to believe that West Covina and Dominguez football are on par with each other you go ahead if it makes you feel better.

    If you want to believe that Crespi “isn’t all that” because they are rebuilding, you go ahead if it makes you feel better.

    If you want to sit there and tear apart Dominguez’s schedule when Charter Oak has never scheduled a Loyola or a Carson or a Long Beach Poly, you go ahead if it makes you feel better.

    Do whatever it takes to make yourself feel better and perhaps a combination of all of the above will remedy your #1 ailment, which is of course…

    Bishop Amat Envy.

  • enough is enough

    B S R ,you are a real class act! Judging by your screen name I can only assume your first name is Bonita. Regarding the Bonita incident involving K.C.I was wondering if any of you oppionated parents saw The football coach grab him by the shoulder pads ,shake him ,and scream in his face. For a young man who just walked off the field of Battle .(The intensity of High school football line backer position is through the roof) And to take that and storm off,was actually a better reaction than a hot headed Player might have taken. At least he chose not to make it physical like the coach did.Make no mistake K.C. could have dropped that coach like a little school girl (or B S R ). So hats off to K.C. , he is an intense player which I’m sorry to tell you , is a good quality in an athlete. And,most kids High School age don’t always control that intensity under any circumstance. But at the end of the Day Bonita football is a better team with K.C. on it . my expectation is that the coaching staff would deal with this situation Fairly ,and take part of the blame in how thay dealt with him.As for your attack on K C and K H the jokes on you .You have no clue to what K H is all about ,but he sure has your number

  • enough is enough

    B S R ,you are a real class act! Judging by your screen name I can only assume your first name is Bonita. Regarding the Bonita incident involving K.C.I was wondering if any of you oppionated parents saw The football coach grab him by the shoulder pads ,shake him ,and scream in his face. For a young man who just walked off the field of Battle .(The intensity of High school football line backer position is through the roof) And to take that and storm off,was actually a better reaction than a hot headed Player might have taken. At least he chose not to make it physical like the coach did.Make no mistake K.C. could have dropped that coach like a little school girl (or B S R ). So hats off to K.C. , he is an intense player which I’m sorry to tell you , is a good quality in an athlete. And,most kids High School age don’t always control that intensity under any circumstance. But at the end of the Day Bonita football is a better team with K.C. on it . my expectation is that the coaching staff would deal with this situation Fairly ,and take part of the blame in how thay dealt with him.As for your attack on K C and K H the jokes on you .You have no clue to what K H is all about ,but he sure has your number

  • enough is enough

    B S R ,you are a real class act! Judging by your screen name I can only assume your first name is Bonita. Regarding the Bonita incident involving K.C.I was wondering if any of you oppionated parents saw The football coach grab him by the shoulder pads ,shake him ,and scream in his face. For a young man who just walked off the field of Battle .(The intensity of High school football line backer position is through the roof) And to take that and storm off,was actually a better reaction than a hot headed Player might have taken. At least he chose not to make it physical like the coach did.Make no mistake K.C. could have dropped that coach like a little school girl (or B S R ). So hats off to K.C. , he is an intense player which I’m sorry to tell you , is a good quality in an athlete. And,most kids High School age don’t always control that intensity under any circumstance. But at the end of the Day Bonita football is a better team with K.C. on it . my expectation is that the coaching staff would deal with this situation Fairly ,and take part of the blame in how thay dealt with him.As for your attack on K C and K H the jokes on you .You have no clue to what K H is all about ,but he sure has your number

  • Excuses


    If the kid quit, its not the first time this year! Already happen and Podley let him back on the team. Know the facts, because some of us do!

    There is attitude issues and the “I guy” with this young man. Cross check with the BB program and you’ll find the same pattern of behavior!

  • truedat

    Well, Aram, Fred I will preach at you again and you’ll write an article about it and like I said before; the Inland Empire(IE) teams are just too much for these SGV teams. Glendora is doing well, and Charter Oak fought back well however, Chino Hills who could argue top 2 got smashed by a Average Corona/IE/Big 8 team. Those kids are a different breed, Glendora/Charter Oak/ South hills will find out the hard way when playoffs come around. The Baseline and Sierra are good leagues through and through but just don’t hold a chance against the #3 Team in the Big 8,Southwestern or Sun Belt leagues. I know you can’t write about the IE that’s The Sun or PEs job but just take note and realize that no Baseline or Sierra team will make it past the Second Round, and even then that’s pushing it.

    Go Tartans, go Chargers, Do well Pasqy and go all SGV teams…prove me wrong!@


    A number of points. First, I believe that I speak for SGVsBest and COChargerfan when I say that those who blindly defend Amat on this blog do so without consistency and without appropriate grounds. This is my biggest complaint. None of you can honestly say that Amat will win the Pac 5 this year. None of you can honestly say that Dominguez was a great team. I will defer to COChargerfan’s post as he elaborated on this quite a bit. I will however completely destroy “Frank’s” post because he spoke of Dominguez’s speed. Let’s get real. Dominguez has some of the fastest kids around and they’re running the WING T! They might as well run the Notre Dame box! Any advantage that they might have with speed they managed to kill on their own with that debacle of an offense. GET REAL.

    If Amat does win the Pac 5 I will eat my own bayonet. However, we all know how this will play out: they lose in the first or second round and we hear the same thing we heard 2 years ago… “we lost to the team in the state bowl game!!” That’s exactly what always happens. That’s what will happen this year.

    Those are facts son. Instead of argue with them you will regress to 2 year old name calling and you will get emotional like a 15 year old cheerleader. You want to talk like men? Then deal with the facts.


  • COChargerfan

    Whoa, whoa there Mr. Ed…apparently you are new around here because last year I typed many a word discussing Amat’s 2005 and 2006 losses to D4 Valencia…so I know all too well who they are including their inability to get past Moorpark the past few years. Do you really believe that YOU are the enlighten one that is the only person that knows anything? And do you really think that you’re the only one that reads newspapers? And I read the Times fluff piece on Dominguez…so answer the question, what’s so impressive about their 6 wins last year or even their 6 losses? Nothing. Heck, on paper their record looks a whole lot like Diamond Ranch’s did last year with the exception that DR got to a CIF Championship game. Before you respond that Im crazy, you might want to ponder the thought that you are on DRs scheduleso think about it for a minute.

    And I never said that theres anything wrong” with the Serra. Some traditional power teams are getting beat and thats a fact so my question was who is the current favorite? And honestly, its not Amat but Alemany after they took down Oaks Christianyou guys really going to argue that beating Dominguez is a bigger feat than Oaks Christian?

    The problem is that the vast majority of the garbage that Mr. Ed and many others write involves inaccurate, paranoid (us against them) assumptions. Ill say it again, Amat honks stop being paranoid because Im not the boogieman. And, I openly root for Amat to win.

    And folks, not only do I know that Jerry Mac played baseball I actually watched him play several times including against CO and in his final high school game when he lost to San Dimas. In fact, I commented on this blog about Amats coach asking Jerry Mac to sac bunt late in the SD game. So, thats just another baseless assumption being made without any knowledge of the facts.

    Chupacabracome on Amat, lighten up and laugh sometimes because thats pretty funny.

    Before I go, heres a salute to the one and only GENERAL.

    In conclusion, heres a quote to mull onA stupid man’s report of what a clever man says is never accurate because he unconsciously translates what he hears into something he can understand.” [Bertrand Russell].

  • Wrong

    San Dimas was not Jerry Mac’s last high school game. His last game was against Torrance. Get your facts straight.

  • Bcat ?

    All this talk about a little kurmugin has overshawdoed the real story, how is Casey Horine doing? Is there an update on his status? In two games he has been very impressive. Losing him is a bigger blow than losing GP. No knock on GP, but Spathias has stepped up and done a decent job, but I don’t think there is a replacement on the team for Horine. He has skills that are not taught. I hope he will be back soon.

  • Dump Zavala

    Wilson has all the talent any team could wish for in the SGV but they lack Coaching, Leadership and Direction. The Offensive line has no blocking sceam they just block who ever is in front of them ,credit to the QB and RBs that they were able to do anything. The DBs have no clue who they are covering. The only reason Diamond Bar scored was on errors from the DBs. The worst thing about the DBs is the coaching. This the area that Zavala has sole responsibilty for and they are horrible not for lack of talent. Zavala be true to yourself and be fair to those kids and get help you have no business being a head coach today. What a waste of time and talent.

  • Not true

    He did not quit the team before. He was there all summer and worked hard. Would you guys just let the staff figure this out and stop blowing this up on the blog.

  • Nothing But Truth

    Hey Not True, Open your eyes you said it Zavala and staff had all summer and spring to figure it out. Zavala still has not figured out what offense to run,this is his 2nd year. You would think that of all things on the team his DBs should the best part of the team, but they were horrible. Zavala and his staff need to figure out that they have no clue how run a High School Football program. The worst thing about the situtation is that those kids have been working hard. Those kids are showing you what they have been taught and when they took their first test they Failed. Ask yourself how could they fail when they have spent so much time studying, studying to fail because the coach is showing them math when the subject is english.

  • patrick

    @Dump Zavala, Sorry bro! but i know atleast 4 of your turnovers were forced by Diamond Bar, quit trying to take credit away…thats poor sportsmanship!! and if your telling me the ONLY reason DB scored was because of errors, then giving up 48pts on errors does not make the case for a good season for Wilson period!!

  • Dump Zavala

    Patrick, The only thing I am saying is that Wilson had more speed,power and size than DB but they still lost. There is two reasons for this outcome DB is better coached and Wilson has bad coaching. Zavala is propably a good position when is not running a Team. The fact is that zavala can not run a team.

  • Cats

    Was there a issue with the crowd noise coming from the Wilson side at last fridays game vs DB? I thought you can cheer after a score?

  • kh

    bear cats are 2-0 .
    that’s the only story,
    my computer in the shop.
    look out using ex computer,with spell check.
    this is neat,now what you going to stay Richard.
    like it matters to us.
    theirs no story easy storm to clam.
    i saw the play ,kid from clmt head butted k.c. after play k.c. pushed him back,ref throws flag on both players off sitting,
    from there i really didn’t know what happened.
    next sit of defense,theirs no k.c. out there on the field,4 minutes to go,so i guess one of the coaches was told to clam k.c. down or kicked out of game ,then you have to miss the next weeks game too Richard.that’s when a couple coaches and mini me head butted.
    when you sign up to play football emotions are always flying high,that includes the coaches.
    he will be back today to help the bearcat team and coaches fource back to the goals.
    1.league champs
    2.cif champs.
    thanks guys with kids that play h.s. sports,
    in the past things would of been a different moster,
    today with gods will k.c and myself are working together in this tough times to keep him on track towards a college committment.
    i respect all coaches at bonita high school in all but one sport,but she another story.
    great advise comes from great teachers in life,some times we all need to take a little time before flying off the horn. one day at a time our life’s can change,if we are willing to listen,from the ones we can learn.
    go bearcats,
    don call me before you in.

  • SGV For 30 Years

    Listening to these Wilson people they sound like they are expecting a CIF Championship this season because they changed leagues. Well I saw Wilson. They have a few athletes, but certianly not enough to keep up with the likes of DB who at best will be middle of the pack in the Hacienda League. Everyone seems to be bagging on the Offense, here is the way I see it. If you give up 48 pts you are suppose to lose. Football is a simple game. In this era of spread offenses and wildcat formations, football will always come down to blocking and tackling. So Wilson fans chill out. Have some faith. We are only one game in. I haven’t seen LA yet but I’ve heard they weren’t very good this summer. That’s one that you really need to get. At least you would know you were the best team in the heights.

    SGV430 Ouuut!!!

  • Basic

    BCat, you are right, that is the real story, what is up with C.H.? How serious is the injury? I’ve said it before, one of the best athletes, if not the best, on this team so this means more than the loss of GP. Any updates?

    Also, someone said that the best part of this year’s team has been the play calling and I couldn’t agree with you more. I wonder if it would have been the same if GP was in there though? Love how well they are running and setting up the pass, and having C.H. in the wildcat…err bearcat, is an added bonus.

    Hope the injury is not to bad and comes back quickly…

  • Wildcat Fan

    SGV For 30 Years, If you been around so long you should know that several of the kids playing at Wilson competed and the highest level during their Pop Warner years. The have played in the Finals and Semi-finals for the national championship. Be patient the wildcats have been aweful for last two years and we are tired of waiting. The league they have moved into is so much easier than last year they should be in the mix for a CIF bid, but they are not. DB has not competed for anything in years and when ever you played at team in Wilson’s old league they got spanked. DB will lose to Diamond Ranch, Walnut,Bonita, Roland and West Covina.

  • KH fan

    Ken – great post. You are right not to blow this out of porportion. Not sure what happened, but if coaches take him back with the right level of discipline, then so be it. Good luck the rest of the way.

  • BoHi fan

    To BASIC:

    Once again you couldn’t be more wrong. The lose of GP is huge just ask any of the coaches. Casey is very valuable and is a big part of the offence and defence but the bearcats have many athletes who can step in. They need them both

  • Shame on you

    To Excuses, B cat, BSR (, Repeat & Whitey,

    You guys are unreal!!! Talking about an 18 year old kid the way you are. You guys do NOT know KC at all. He is a good kid who has NATURAL talent, so there is no need for “PEDs” or performance enhancing drugs. Maybe since you are so concerned with his life story you should keep up with the program and realize KC has been an All Star athlete all of his life unless you think his dad was encouraging PEDs back when he was 8 years old too. Get a life! KC is a competitive kid (competitive kids get hot headed at times) with a lot of talent and there is no denying it if this so called “cancer” or “midget LB” is playing Varsity sports. I guess the coaches think the “cancer” is worth the risk if they have him on the team. Not only that; grow up, grow a pair and own up to what you say!!! No one is going to have any respect for someone who goes under an alias to talk crap about a kid. KH is obviously man enough to show everyone who he is. But you guys are all too scared to say all this crap to their faces or say who you are. You guys all give La Verne a bad name! Every kid who has ever played sports at Bonita knows how political it is and how every one gossips about each other & brown noses the coaches. I would HATE to have parents like you! It’s good to be competitive but obviously you people have all taken it too far and say things that aren’t true at another persons expense. How would you guys feel if all this talk was about your kid? Put it into perspective people and grow up. None of you know KC and for that matter none of you know KH either. You don’t know a thing about their life. So don’t talk like you know anything of a good role model because you all shot your witness of a good role model in the foot by talking crap the way you all have. Sincerely someone who has known the Huth family for over 10 years,


  • KH,

  • LancerFoLife

    Seriously MEN? Get off the kid. Make football observations, talk smack with other MEN about football but keep the name calling of kids and out right bashing of student athletes out of this. You guys have got to be kidding? KH stay up brother and resist the temptation to sink to the level of these mental midgets/idiots. There should be at least two hard fast rules to this blog; no out right naming of athletes and definately no personal attacks on these KIDS!!! I think any blogger who does so should warned once (with a removal of his/her post) and then banned from the blog for a second offense. Give it a rest and let’s get back to football!!!

  • In My Opinion

    To All Blogger and FANS,

    Take your loss or win and show some class. You should hype your team and boys without tearing down another. All of these boys are playing IMO the hardest game out there. Whether they win or lose, they went out there and gave it their all. And for that they should be respected in this forum. If you dont agree with this IMO you are not a true fan, youre a bunch of bitter a$$ ( o )s.

  • Blog Cop

    Fred / Aram – it really is time for the tribune to require logins with e-mail address to access the comment section of the blogs. I realize that people can create anonymous e-mail addresses, but most dont or wont. Attach an e-mail to sign in process and you will see the tone of the blogs change dramatically.

  • Blog Cop

    Fred / Aram – it really is time for the tribune to require logins with e-mail address to access the comment section of the blogs. I realize that people can create anonymous e-mail addresses, but most dont or wont. Attach an e-mail to sign in process and you will see the tone of the blogs change dramatically.

  • Blog Cop

    To Opinion:

    Agree with you and not only that, but they are HS athletes that are playing for free and for the love of the game. Probably 95% of these guys have no aspirations of playing even lower level college ball so leave them alone and let them play to the best of their abilities without having to read some BS blog about how they suck. They don’t owe you guys anything…hell, the coaches get paid next to nothing as well.

  • Basic

    thought the kc issue was over but people just keep on bringing it up…what I brought up was the Casey issue and his injury which IMO is a much bigger issue for the Bearcats.

    I know BoHi does not agree but like I said IMO the loss of Casey is bigger than that of GP. Just look at what happened when he was out of the game, Claremont scored twice and the O went 3 and out twice until that last run. I am not saying GP’s loss is not huge just that IMO the loss of Casey is bigger…So why is that I am so wrong BoHi???

    Shame… Please don’t bunch all LV Parents as one because we all know that every bunch has at least 1 A*S but that does not mean all are A*S*S, and yes some on here have been complete A*S*S that does not mean we all are. Secondly, while I do agree that Bonita is very political to say that they are competitive is wrong, if we were competitive, then we would recruit and have a few more CIF banners hanging…I d agree though, some people on here are complete A-Holes.

  • Patrick

    Lets everybody take a moment to clap for Wildcat Fan, NOW he feels redeemed for berating DB after a simple football game. I hope you feel real good about yourself “Loser”! All around , DB has been a much better program than Wilson, but do you see DB fans or anybody for that matter posting that all over a meaningless message board? You evidently dont really pay attention to say DB has never competed in anything!! That was very ignorant and FALSE to sit behind a computer screen and LIE like that! You suck and have NO credibility from here on out!!

  • football jones


    Wow! One game into the season and some fans are calling for the coachs head on a platterrelax Al Davis.

    I was at game and Wilson looked much improved from last yearcredit coaching staff.

    True, defensive backs were totally lost on numerous plays, but give DB some credit. They ran no-huddle offense entire game, and their passing was sharp.

    Why did Wilson lose?

    Its simplesix turnovers.

    Protect the ball and you probably win.

    Should be interesting this Friday vs LA.

  • HaciendHeights

    From reading this blog, it seems like a lot of students have transfer from Los Altos to Wilson and they have brought the parents with them. I’ve read this blog for years and I can’t believe how much BS is coming out of the parents at Wilson. I am a Wildcat at heart but we have always represented with class, respect and above all with a commitement to excellence. I can’t believe all this comments after one meaningless game. Give the kids a chance to play and enjoy their season. Parents let your kids be kids and stop living vicariously trough them.

  • Wildcat Fan

    Hey Patrick, Common DB has done anything in past 6 years. Lets look at the facts League 2004 1-5,2005 0-5,2006 1-4,2007 0-5,2008 1-4, 2009 1-4. DB football has no history other than losing.

    Football Jones, I donot know what you saw but their was several touch downs where there was no Defensive back near the WR.

  • bohi fan

    Casey is the best athlete on the team hands down. GP is is the most valuable to his team Hands down. We will need them both. Learn to support and not bag on our kids. I will see at the game Friday

  • patrick

    WilsonFan, YOU saind DB had not competed in anything!! False

  • Wildcat Fan

    Hey Patrick, How is it false is Maxprep wrong on the stats for DB for past six years. Truth hurts

  • Schreiman

    Been trying to stay away from commenting on this blog but the comment about the offensive line was to much. For the record they did a great job at the DB game. My son when passing was only touched once the whole game. Wilson supporters please give this team some time, lots of talent and quality coaching we are going to be fine.

    A friend of mine who’s son plays at LA was telling me about this beast of a linebacker they have. He told me his name was Camoucho. I told we have a linebacker named Camoucho also. He then told me his first name was joseph. I had to break the bad news to him, that was our linebacker he was talking about.

    What about the great play out of Serria, at DE just a sophomore at 6’4″ and has some wheels.

    Then we have Moe Vega sorry but he made DB look real bad, the number of broken tackles during that game WOW.

    The best surprise has to be George, flat out a great game at WR and kick return. The coaches were working with George at kick return and the parents were scratching their heads. Now I understand why we are the parents and they are the coaches.

    These coaches are doing a great job, these negative comments make the coaches job that much more difficult.

    We have a big game this Friday, let’s focus on the future.

  • Same old story

    Mary C

    Great Post!

    Yvonne – Blah Blah Blah.. Who cares!

  • History of losing?

    And how many CIF titles does Wilson have?

  • StatSheet

    History of losing?

    Wilson (HH) is 2-1 in CIF Championship games.

    Diamond Bar is 4-2 in CIF Championship games.

  • Interesting

    Schreimen…help me out here. All these studs and you lose bad to DB? For the last few years you have been bragging about all the stud talent and great coaching…explain what happened? According to you and all the talent you claim to have at Wilson, you should have won a CIF title by now. How do you explain that? LA has their worst team in history this year and if Wilson loses Friday night I want to hear your excuse! The pressure is on!

  • Not Schreimen


    First of all, this is only the second year with the new coaching staff at Wilson. Under the previous staff, the program was basically butchered. All involved in the Wilson program have high expectations this season, because they have already experienced the lows of the past two years. We believe the raw talent is there, and we’re hoping everyone can come together (stay healthy), and fine tune things by the time league starts. Once these Wilson players get a few wins under their belts, and realize how well they can play, their confidence level will be hard to beat.

  • In My Opinion

    Not Schreimen said:
    That was a great post and I agree with you. Wildcat Fan, do you see how easy it is to eloquently state a position for your team without belittling a team that actually won the game. Good Luck to All of the SGV Teams this weekend….

  • Norco

    SGVsBest …
    Catch this
    Read it slow
    Qaptain Queef
    You really ARE a weirdo…
    Emotionally fragile
    Marginally intelligent
    Wussy Girl
    Don’t pull a muscle…
    Or have you already pulled your muscle this morning?
    My advice to you,
    my friend,
    is to go big or go home.
    The Norcomeister does not respect panzie-arse retorts.

  • WIlson Wildcats?? What have they done lately?

    Why are these boneheads from Wilson talking smack about DBHS after the Brahmas whupped em by 20 points? Who is out there digging up Brahma stats compared to what Wilson Football has done in the last 6 years? Wilson football has SUFFERED TWO BLOWOUT losses and played basically below .500 during these same six years as compared to the Brahmas, but DBHS was competing against much stiffer league competition,in the Sierra league. You gotta play the cards you were dealt. DB has struggled mightily but make no mistake Wilson Wildcat fans, your team has not had in a winning season during those past same 6 years. You hush your mouths you silly fools! Take your loss with dignity, have some pride in what you once were, don’t resort to low life mud slinging.

  • kh

    both k.c. and Casey didn’t play the whole second half.
    we will see if the team folds without are best athlete this Friday,if we are like i think,a good team ,somebody will step up and carry the load.
    drugs or alcohol don’t play any part in our house hold.i don’t go to h.s. party’s so cant watch mini me 24/7.
    we have to learn things in life the hard why sometimes,who wants to listen to your parents.
    its there road to there journey,my god step in and help smooth the road of life ahead of them.
    to all the haters,we still love you all,20 days tell my 1 year of of clean sober living.
    as i get better the bearcats get better,who knew,
    maybe the coaches can stay focous with k.h.
    at peace in his own mind.
    i see the girls volleyball team loss,my heart bleeds.
    i agree with the blogger who said we all should be accountable for our email blogs,the blog, would be a much peaceful scriptures if you were talking crap about someone kids and parents,then our boys would know who the fingers behind the blogger.
    go bearcats

  • Jackboy

    To the Haters,
    Every young man growing up should be so lucky to have a father like kh, Ive known kh for 30 plus years now and have seen some truly remarkable changes in him.
    There is no real Blueprint for being a father, much less a single parent, kc is very well liked, and a winner, on and off the field.
    All of us love our kids more than we ever thought possible, so dont be surprised when someone has something nice to say about their own kid in a Blog. The difference here is you dont hide it! And youre complimenting other kids as well, I respect that, while other parents Blog as someone else and only brag about their kids.
    kh, good luck and congrats on the 1 year sobriety, you must be doing something right because kc is turning out to be a fine young man. I know you have been, and always will be there for kc as you have been for all of us.

    Go Bearcats!

    P.S. Richard & Mary, jrtang@—–.com ring a bell with you bsr? More to come!

  • blogman

    Jackboy, are’nt you the same genius that claimed Cieslik was a great hire and we should all just wait and see. Yep, it is you,just checked the spring archives. Apparently hanging around KH for 30 years has not made you any smarter.

  • kh

    now your taking shots at jackboy.
    dont go there about brains, jackboys in his own league my friend,
    what a pleasant young man hes raising,4.4. g.p.a. his son has.
    fine a life your paddy up the river with straw paddys.dont ? jackboy family morals,class family all the way up and down the ladder,let fine you something to talk about positive my friend,whos going to win the new league bonita in ?.
    dose bonita even have a shot,if you ask fred and aram hell no we dont,but i see the aram pulling for the bearcats this week,good pick long as you guys let blogger get thru your techs calling out kids for doing P-E-D- DRUGS. thats ok on your blog..lets get back to the real ? on the blog,,
    its football season boys and the bonita bearcats are the hottest team in so cal,biggest turn around in the valley even with there starting 6-6 qb.wake guys and pay attention to the bearcats,tough game this week with santa fe,
    last to game were walk in the park.
    didnt s.d come back and beat the crap out of somebody 55 to 0.that alone shoud clue you in on the bearcats d-fence.both lb didnt even play the second half,one got hurt and the other stay off because they thaught he would hurt one of claremonts guys.
    bearcat 35 -santa fe 7

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