Sunday Tribbin — Big week ahead

The anyone and anything thread you want to talk about. We also use this thread each week for your nominations on boys and girls athlete of the week, and a look forward to next week’s schedule, where we have a pair of back-to-back thrillers, South Hills-West Covina on Thursday, Muir at Bishop Amat on Friday.

Thursday, September 16
Duarte vs. Garey at Ganesha, 7:00pm
Ontario Christian vs. Azusa at Citrus College, 7:00pm
West Covina vs. South Hills at Covina District Stadium, 7:00pm
Friday, September 17
Alta Loma at Ayala, 7:00pm
Arroyo at Montebello, 7:00pm
Baldwin Park at Cantwell-Sacred Heart, 7:00pm
Bonita vs. Santa Fe at Pioneer, 7:00pm
Don Lugo at Diamond Bar, 7:00pm
El Monte vs. Covina at Covina District Stadium, 7:00pm
Esperanza at Charter Oak, 7:00pm
Gladstone vs. Bosco Tech at Citrus College, 7:00pm
Glendora vs. Canyon at El Modena, 7:00pm
Mountain View at Sierra Vista, 7:00pm
Muir at Bishop Amat, 7:30pm
Nogales vs. Ontario at Montclair, 7:00pm
Northview at La Puente, 7:00pm
Pomona at Ganesha, 7:00pm
Rancho Cucamonga at San Dimas, 7:00pm
Rosemead at Rowland, 7:00pm
Walnut at Claremont, 7:00pm
Wilson at Los Altos, 7:00pm
Workman at South El Monte, 7:00pm
L.A. Marshall at Bassett, 7:00pm

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  • Aaron

    Sophomore Reggie Turner 9 carries for 165 yards against Claremont. One of his nine carries was a long of 73 yds.

  • Time will tell

    Claremont defense was horrible last week.

  • Tom Kiss

    Tesoro vs Chino Hills

  • LA 200 student-mob anniversary already

    How fast a year goes – it is the sequel to the 200 students from L Altos running on the Wilson field during the game – what will the sequel hold???? – one thing is forsure – every official from the school district will be there to see what happens – will the 200 student-mob be restrained this year?? – Fri Night is coming

  • LA 200 student-mob anniversary already

    How fast a year goes – it is the sequel to the 200 students from L Altos running on the Wilson field during the game – what will the sequel hold???? – one thing is forsure – every official from the school district will be there to see what happens – will the 200 student-mob be restrained this year?? – Fri Night is coming

  • LA 200 student-mob anniversary already

    How fast a year goes – it is the sequel to the 200 students from L Altos running on the Wilson field during the game – what will the sequel hold???? – one thing is forsure – every official from the school district will be there to see what happens – will the 200 student-mob be restrained this year?? – Fri Night is coming

  • COChargerfan

    Aaron…haven’t your heard that stats are meaningless? Just wanted to say that young men make mistakes during the pressure of competition and they need to be turned into teaching moments and not character assassinations. This blog is evidence that there are too many people out there with bugs up their rear ends and personal agendas. When kids make mistakes, they need to apologize, take their punishment with a smile on their face and then come back stronger and more mature. Thats all that anyone can ask of othersand themselves.

    Several more interesting games this coming week. My personal games of interest are SD who finds out whether they are in way over their heads against Ranchos athletes or has some game after all, Bonita who gets an intra-division game against Santa Fe who has been a successful program in the past, Claremont who gets an always-decent Walnut team and, of course, CO who gets Esperanza who is recently demoted from the Sunset/Pac-5. And Amats next little engine that could with monster balls is Muirrelax, just messing with you guys.

    Seriously, whats up with the Serra League this year? Notre Dame is 0-2 after being blown out by Serra and a 2 TD loss to Valencia, Dominguez taking down Crespi, Loyola barely beat Mira Costa and got blown out by MV. On the bright side, after moving up from DIII, Alemany beats Oaks Christiandoes that make them the favorite? Interesting pre-season so far.

  • reality

    The reality is that the Bohi staff should be celebrating a big win and some terrific coaching and fully focusing on the next big game. Instead they have this drama that will have to be played out at the school on Monday. I wish all the best for kh and family but as a Bohi fan I stand with the staff and the team on any decisions that are made. I hope the admin. stays out of it and does the same.

  • SD MOM

    You Forgot SAN DIMAS vs Rancho @ 7:00 @ SD

  • Spartan Fan

    Chaffey of Ontario @ Damien.
    Friday @ 7.

  • Damien Mom

    Chaffey at DAMIEN






    You really are an idiot. Stats are not meaningless unless you try to defend a loss like your dimb azz did last week. Still dissing Amat I see .Why not point to Amat as the favorite in the Serra or are you setting everything up so when we win league again you can say the Serra was very weak this season . Your only fooling yourself with that just messing with you guys line. You know you mean what you say so why try to hide it as a joke. You and your pal sgvsworst need to find a huge rock so you both can think of what to write on Amat next .

  • Player of the week

    Hey Fred,
    Check out what Jose Nunez did for Azusa Aztecs last week on Maxpreps, the stats don’t lie. I was there, and he was amazing. Might be one of the top players in the entire SGV this year. I know the haters will say it’s just Azusa, and they’re playing against inferior competition, but I really think this kid could be a performer on any team in the valley. If you don’t believe me, come see for yourself this Thursday at Citrus.

  • I agree on Jose Nunez

    Player of the week:

    Jose Nunez stats vs Bell Gardens

    12 tackles
    2 Sacks

    74 yards passing
    3 TD Passes

    48 yards rushing

    6 – 7 from PAT attempts

    Probably did not even play the entire game.

    Not a bad night!!!!!!!!!!

  • ESL for you


    “LOSE” not “LOOSE”

    LA parents are the ones who are supposed to have the grammar problems. Shut up, and stop embarrassing the rest of us Wilson parents.

  • high school football fan

    To SGVsBest,

    You are a coward!

  • Dee

    Jose Nunez,
    Hands down. Stats say it all. I was at the game too. That kid is great. I have seen him train, some of the best foot work I have seen around. And a great kid all around.

  • SGV Athlete

    I’m going to make some early predictions.

    Duarte vs. Garey (Garey)
    Ontario Christian vs. Azusa (Azusa)
    West Covina vs. South Hills (South Hills)
    Alta Loma at Ayala (Alta Loma)
    Arroyo at Montebello (Arroyo)
    Baldwin Park at Cantwell-Sacred Heart (BP)
    Bonita vs. Santa Fe (BoHi)
    Don Lugo at Diamond Bar (DB)
    El Monte vs. Covina (Covina-but close)
    Esperanza at Charter Oak (Esperanza-but a good game)
    Gladstone vs. Bosco Tech (No Comment)
    Glendora vs. Canyon (Glendora-flipped a coin)
    Mountain View at Sierra Vista (MV-just because i want to see them win 2 games this year)
    Muir at Bishop Amat (AMAT)
    Nogales vs. Ontario (Nogales)
    Northview at La Puente (La Puente)
    Pomona at Ganesha (Ganesha-upset of the week)
    Rancho Cucamonga at San Dimas (San Dimas-another coin flip)
    Rosemead at Rowland (Rowland-two words “Michael Ball”)
    Walnut at Claremont (Claremont)
    Wilson at Los Altos (Wilson-the Conquerors are having a baaaad year)
    Workman at South El Monte, 7:00pm
    L.A. Marshall at Bassett, 7:00pm

  • SGV Athlete

    oh yeah, missed 2…

    Workman at South El Monte (Workman)
    L.A. Marshall at Bassett (Marshall, but Bassett needs to bounce back or their season is DONE)



    You missed another one on that “WILSON DAD” post.


    “HEAR” not “HERE”

    I guess that makes you “Dumb” and the other guy “Dumber”.

    ESL for you said:


    “LOSE” not “LOOSE”

    LA parents are the ones who are supposed to have the grammar problems. Shut up, and stop embarrassing the rest of us Wilson parents.

  • POW

    Nunez also Caused a fumble that resulted in a defensive touchdown, as well as scoring the first TD of the game with a fumble recovery for a TD of his own.

  • Calling Former SGV Athletes

    Walter Thurmond III : One Tackle this afternoon vs. the 49ers.

    Any other former San Gabriel Valley athletes out there that play in the NFL?

    If so how did they do?

  • DB

    Andrew Cameron leads high-powered attack
    Throws for 250-yards and three touchdowns. Wilson self destructs

  • General Ed


    You really are pathetic. Theres nothing wrong with the Serra League. Just like last year, when Amat started doing well you started downplaying their wins and then the Serra League and finally, you attacked the Pac-5! Lmao!

    Notre Dame lost to Serrathe defending state champions. They also lost to Valencia. Now if you have been following football OUTSIDE the San Gabriel Valley, you would know (as all Amat fans know) that the Valencia Vikings have an excellent program. Valencia has recently played powerhouses like Hart, Orange Lutheran, CC Canyon, Loyola, St. John Bosco, Mission Viejo, Bishop Amat, SO Notre Dame, and Corona Centennial. If any program can upset a Serra team, it would be someone like Valencia.

    Crespi fell to Dominguez. It was an upset but not really. Dominguez has a history of beating good Pac-5 teams. Like I said before, the LA TIMES did an article on Dominguez about this fact. The head coach for Dominguez even stated that he did not believe that his win over Crespi was an upset. But your ignorant ass thinks that West Covina and Dominguez have the same caliber of program. You probably also thought that Diamond Ranch was going to be able to hang with Santa Margarita too.

    I guess I cant really blame you. You follow Lou Farrar footballhow in the hell would you know that Valencia has a program more than capable of beating SO Notre Dame? Or how would you know about Dominguezs history? You would not and you did not. And this is why everyone thinks youre an idiot.

    Stick to Charter Oak football, dude.

  • Anonymous

    I agree DB but Andrew threw for 302 yards and 4 touchdown passes. Great job Brahmas!

  • Panther Fan

    Duarte vs. Garey (Garey)
    Ontario Christian vs. Azusa (OC)
    West Covina vs. South Hills (WC)
    Alta Loma at Ayala (Ayala)
    Arroyo at Montebello (Arroyo)
    Baldwin Park at Cantwell-Sacred Heart (Cantwell)
    Bonita vs. Santa Fe (BoHi)
    Don Lugo at Diamond Bar (DB)
    El Monte vs. Covina (Covina)
    Esperanza at Charter Oak (Esperanza)
    Gladstone vs. Bosco Tech (BT)
    Glendora vs. Canyon (Glendora)
    Mountain View at Sierra Vista (Sierra Vista)
    Muir at Bishop Amat (BA)
    Nogales vs. Ontario (Nogales)
    Northview at La Puente (LP)
    Pomona at Ganesha (Ganesha)
    Rancho Cucamonga at San Dimas (RC)
    Rosemead at Rowland (Rowland)
    Walnut at Claremont (Claremont)
    Wilson at Los Altos (Wilson)
    Workman at South El Monte (Workman)
    L.A. Marshall at Bassett (Bassett)

    Saturday’s game
    Elsinor at Diamond Ranch (Elsinor)


    General Ed,
    COCF and sgvsworst now think alike on Amat . What does that say about COCF and his abilities and knowledge of football

  • Azusa Fan

    The Azusa coaches pulled Nunez from the game midway through the 3rd quarter. They hand the game well in hand, and no sense in having their best players out on the field at that point. Jose still came on to kick extra points though.

  • valle vista insider

    Ganesha will beat Pomona or it will be very close but I believe that Ganesh will pull it out…….Go giants!

  • Early Accurate Picks

    Thursday, September 16
    Duarte vs. Garey at Ganesha, Garey by 20
    Ontario Christian vs. Azusa at Citrus College, OC, no way Azusa goes 10-0, this loss is inevitable
    West Covina vs. South Hills at Covina District Stadium, SH barely
    Friday, September 17
    Alta Loma at Ayala, Ayala by 10
    Arroyo at Montebello, Arroyo is too much
    Baldwin Park at Cantwell-Sacred Heart, BP finally gets one
    Bonita vs. Santa Fe at Pioneer, Bonita continues to roll
    Don Lugo at Diamond Bar, Diamond Bar gets a W
    El Monte vs. Covina at Covina District Stadium, Covina by 28
    Esperanza at Charter Oak, CO
    Gladstone vs. Bosco Tech at Citrus College, I don’t know anything about Bosco Tech, but I’ll still pick them
    Glendora vs. Canyon at El Modena, Glendora
    Mountain View at Sierra Vista, Mountain View by 14
    Muir at Bishop Amat, BA by 2 TD’s
    Nogales vs. Ontario at Montclair, Ontario by 7
    Northview at La Puente, LP by 3, but it will be ugly
    Pomona at Ganesha, Ganesha by 7
    Rancho Cucamonga at San Dimas, SD by 14
    Rosemead at Rowland, Rowland by 21
    Walnut at Claremont, Walnt by 10
    Wilson at Los Altos, Wilson by 21
    Workman at South El Monte, SEM by 14
    L.A. Marshall at Bassett, Basset by 10, and 10 fans in the stands

  • valle vista insider

    Pomona +3 1/2 over 63
    Ganesha -3 1/2 under 63

    For all odds ask on blog……..

  • valle vista insider

    Pomona +3 1/2 over 63
    Ganesha -3 1/2 under 63

    For all odds ask on blog……..

  • just sayin’

    SGVworst – need we remind you of this story from this blog

    Charter Oak 20, Muir 19 — Shocked is the appropriate word. I should have known not to underestimate the Mighty Mustangs. They had a two-point conversion chance to knock off the defending champions. Incredible.

    Muir?…YES…? Muir!

  • valle vista insider

    Pomona +3 1/2 over 63
    Ganesha -3 1/2 under 63

    For all odds ask on blog……..


    A number of points. First, I believe that I speak for COChargerfan when I say that those who blindly defend Amat on this blog do so without consistency and without appropriate grounds. This is my biggest complaint. None of you can honestly say that Amat will win the Pac 5 this year. None of you can honestly say that Dominguez was a great team. I will defer to COChargerfan’s post as he elaborated on this quite a bit. I will however completely destroy “Frank’s” post because he spoke of Dominguez’s speed. Let’s get real. Dominguez has some of the fastest kids around and they’re running the WING T! They might as well run the Notre Dame box! Any advantage that they might have with speed they managed to kill on their own with that debacle of an offense. GET REAL.

    If Amat does win the Pac 5 I will eat my own bayonet. However, we all know how this will play out: they lose in the first or second round and we hear the same thing we heard 2 years ago… “we lost to the team in the state bowl game!!” That’s exactly what always happens. That’s what will happen this year.

    Those are facts son. Instead of argue with them you will regress to 2 year old name calling and you will get emotional like a 15 year old cheerleader. You want to talk like men? Then deal with the facts.


  • Friend of Frank

    I must say that this is interesting , because there are more than a few instances when I can, agree with some of CO-FANS takes in this blog, and thats because there are more than a few occasions where Amat fans get overly carried away with their support for their team.

    But I guess it can be difficult to be an objective fan, if your kid happens to play for the Blue and gold.

    Anyway general, I do have something of an issue with some of comments you made, and just to make my point, I will use your own argument to explain my poistion.

    So, let pretend for just a moment that instead of Bishop Amat, that we plug in Charter Oak in this scenario.

    First point: Will Charter Oak win their division this year ? Can anyone in here say that they honestly believe that they will ? It seems to me that the days of walking all over low life completion is over and done with. Charter Oak has finally graduated into a higher class of football and are now starting to play some ball with some of the bigger boys out there. So lets get real here. From now on, they will be one and done. Get used to it

    Second point: If any of these two teams were to play one another, which team do you honestly believe comes out the loser ? Crespi, vs Charter Oak ? Honestly ?

    Ok, lets take it a step further. Dominquez vs Charter Oak ? Remember Dominguez beat Crespi earlier this year, so who wins that game this time around ?

    General, if your argument is all about the facts, then please do yourself a favor and recognize that you are compairing a little league team with the MLB when you speak of Amat and CO in the same breath.

    General, you might have to eat that sword of yours after all, so, General, If you dont ask, I wont tell.

  • COChargerfan

    Whoa, whoa there Mr. Ed…apparently you are new around here because last year I typed many a word discussing Amat’s 2005 and 2006 losses to D4 Valencia…so I know all too well who they are including their inability to get past Moorpark the past few years. Do you really believe that YOU are the enlighten one that is the only person that knows anything? And do you really think that you’re the only one that reads newspapers? And I read the Times fluff piece on Dominguez…so answer the question, what’s so impressive about their 6 wins last year or even their 6 losses? Nothing. Heck, on paper their record looks a whole lot like Diamond Ranch’s did last year with the exception that DR got to a CIF Championship game. Before you respond that Im crazy, you might want to ponder the thought that you are on DRs scheduleso think about it for a minute.

    And I never said that theres anything wrong” with the Serra. Some traditional power teams are getting beat and thats a fact so my question was who is the current favorite? And honestly, its not Amat but Alemany after they took down Oaks Christianyou guys really going to argue that beating Dominguez is a bigger feat than Oaks Christian?

    The problem is that the vast majority of the garbage that Mr. Ed and many others write involves inaccurate, paranoid (us against them) assumptions. Ill say it again, Amat honks stop being paranoid because Im not the boogieman. And, I openly root for Amat to win.

    And folks, not only do I know that Jerry Mac played baseball I actually watched him play several times including against CO and in his final high school game when he lost to San Dimas. In fact, I commented on this blog about Amats coach asking Jerry Mac to sac bunt late in the SD game. So, thats just another baseless assumption being made without any knowledge of the facts.

    Chupacabracome on Amat, lighten up and laugh sometimes because thats pretty funny.

    Before I go, heres a salute to the one and only GENERAL.

    In conclusion, heres a quote to mull onA stupid man’s report of what a clever man says is never accurate because he unconsciously translates what he hears into something he can understand.” [Bertrand Russell].

  • COChargerfan

    Friend of Frank…your Amat vs. CO is inaccurate because their playoff record speaks and says that Amat is a AAA team and CO is a AA.

    It is not out of the question that CO will win the Sierra at sometime over the next few seasons…they would have won it the last two years (for your doubters, they beat Damien who blanked the league champ Glendora). But you’re right about an Inland title because with 1900 kids, CO just doesn’t have the depth to compete with those 3,500 kid schools in 15,000 kid school districts…during the Norco game, the commentator said they had 150 kids suited up…CO doesn’t have 50.

    But that’s ok because the players and coaches will give it everything they have so the true CO fans will be proud of them regardless.

    On the other hand, when they get eliminated the obnoxious Amat haters are gong to be all over this blog spewing I told you that you suck garbage…because that’s who they are…SGVsBest wearing Lancer Blue but sans the wit…chupacabra is still making me laugh. I wish that I’d thought of itmakes my boogieman reference look weak.

  • SGVsBest

    Just sayin –
    We should remember that CO won a CIF Championship Ring after barely beating Muir.
    What’s the LaPuente JAA Lancers gonna do after you smack Muir? Huh…? What…?
    Crickets…Crickets…Crickets??? Answer the question Pac-5 playoff spot filler!
    Over Rated…!!! Over Rated…!!!

  • SGVsBest

    The Serra league is so bad this year. Notre Dame is a bunch of Sophomores and Juniors, Crespi smoked by Dominguez, Loyola looks like your JAA lancers and then there’s Alemany.
    Bishop(Raider)Nation can you say…Boise State?…hah…hah…LMAO!!!
    Over Rated!!!…Over Rated!!!

  • SGVsBest

    Look at the rear view mirror…You see the big sign that says… 15 years…?
    Oh wait…next exit…16 years…!!!
    Have a nice day SGV!!!

  • Come out come out where ever you are

    DRanch looked bad. Poorly coach and unprepared to beat a very average Damien team.
    DRanch fan you can buy into we play a hard pre-season but go to the championship. But remember you still have nothing to show for it. If you listen to Rody’s video blog he said as much.The Ranch is a long way away from being a top notch program with a lot prove(especially since they remove your biggest competition from the division).
    FYI as Rody was busy budding up to Big Lu…. Gano was doing the same with Podely who has DRanch’s number and just passed it a long.
    Go BOHI

  • AMAT 73

    Good win by the Lancers Friday night . Another solid performance by the defense as well .Only one touchdown allowed so far in our 2 games . The running game finally coming around with a nice job by the o-line . Congratulations to all the teams on their victories on Friday . Hopefully those that were injured during the games recover and get back on the field this week .

  • Momma always said….



  • AMAT 73

    Saw the game and your team looked pretty impressive. The running back, Long I believe, is one hell of a back . The kid just coming back and coming back and busting big ones. Man can that kid run . Big kids out there on that o-line . Looks like they will come together nicely as the season goes on . All around sound team . Nice win to start the season. They had a few breakdowns but that’s to be expected in the first game and your staff I am sure will work on that and have it fixed by next game .

  • RC Cougars

    Rancho Cucamonga 42 San Dimas 20. Theres your correct and Accurate prediction.

    Wait until you see our O line 6’3″ 305 lbs average. We can pass or run, spread you out or run a power game. Just do not think San Dimas has the horses to stop that freight train.

  • Joe Amat


    First, I think “FoF” was referring to MLB being “the highest level of competition.” Using that comparison, yes – MLB was the appropriate analogy. Our Dodgers are still in the Major Leagues, even though they haven’t won it all since 1988.

    Second, do not forget, the “cupcake” reference was not an Amat invention -but the Los Angeles Times when they referred to your, and I quote, “cupcake schedule”. Jump on them – not “Amat fan”.

    As to your new placement in the Inland, welcome to the real playoff world. Please don’t use enrollment as an excuse. You weren’t apologizing when you squeaked by Muir in last years playoffs while nearly doubling their enrollment (after taking some of the finest football players from their area). Ponder these numbers from last year Pac5 playoff schools for a minute.

    Millikan 4026
    Edison 2501
    Orange Lutheran 1290
    Dana Hills 2926
    Mater Dei 2100
    Newport Harbor 2462
    Lakewood 4337
    San Clemente 3147
    Servite 965 (Boys=2000+)
    Long Beach Poly 4835
    Los Alamitos 2999
    Fountain Valley 3018
    Notre Dame 1250
    Long Beach Wilson 4630
    Mission Viejo 2997

    Amat = One-Thousand Three hundred-Forty-Seven

    Of all the things you hear from Amat bloggers, playing against schools with larger enrollment is not one of them. In reality, if we were to summarize what you usually hear it’s something like, “the Lancers hung in there and the other team was pretty darn good and among the best in the …(Division, State, Country – pick one) with a little of the requisite “woulda, coulda, shoulda” that happens after every loss in America.

    Amat got eliminated the last two seasons by schools that had well over THREE times their enrollment. I don’t think you heard “enrollment” as the first line of defense…. and certainly not as a preemptive strike. Let’s not forget, the Lancers have fought the releaguing process on numerous occasions to STAY with those schools and embrace the competition – not lobby to avoid them. More than a few times since Hagerty took over we’ve heard the comment about where we want to be, expect to be, and strive to compete in.

    One thing I CAN guarantee is that you will not hear nearly the amount of “you suck” comments when you get eliminated than is spewed on a regular basis whenever Amat get’s eliminated. So like I said – welcome. You’re not in Kansas anymore. I know CO will always compete, but now you’re going to be judged in a whole different light.

    “Fluff” piece on Dominguez? Really? Why drop that? It can’t be sour grapes for the second-largest metropolitan newspaper in the United States for the “cupcake” comment or refusing to even comment on your CIF Championship. Can it? As for D-Hi wins, I know that beating Culver City (who our friend and your Principal’s brother, Tom Salter coached) 64-27 was a huge accomplishment – given CC was 9-1 with only a loss was to Crenshaw (not to mention their 52-15 record over the past 6 yrs). Then they the Dons ran into Alemany…. “your” favorite to win the Serra.

    Finally, I’m not big on picking those “favorites” at all – because if you schedule right you hope that most games are up in the air. You might be unfamiliar with that approach to testing yourself to see how good you really are. As I’ve always said – true competitors really want that and those athletes deserve for those who make the schedules to provide that opportunity. It was interesting being the “underdog” to most people a week ago. I don’t think in Game 2 it’s wise to talk about favorites. We probably couldn’t settle on favorites in the Serra or the Sierra.

    However, let’s remember that after Amat beat Alemany a year ago Alemany Coach Dean Herrington has played Oaks Christian and unbeaten La Puente Bishop Amat, and he says Bishop Amat is better. Alemany lost to Oaks Christian, 28-17 & It lost to Bishop Amat, 36-14

    “I think they are a more well-rounded football team,” Herrington said of the Lancers.

  • SG Valley

    RC Cougar, C’mon kitty kat, you know and I know two things for sure. One-you have NOT beaten very good teams and Two- You have no defense. San Dimas is gonna ROLL ON YOUR DEFENSE!!!Big slow lineman do not make you an automatic winner, ok? Also beating up on bad teams doesn’t make you good either. Stick to the plan and rebuild, RC finishes third maybe fourth in league this year. Go get’em S.D.

  • Friend of Frank

    They say that excuses are like anal cavities, because everyone has one. So when you come in here and start to make excuses as to why CO wont win this year, you are starting to become just like all the Amat honks that come on this blog with their excuses.

    So once again lets use your argument:

    1. It is not out of the question that CO will win the Sierra at sometime over the next few seasons

    Do you really belie that it is out of the questino for Amat to win thier league ? In fact, I woul wager that Amat gets a league tittle much sooner than Charter Oaks does.

    2. But you’re right about an Inland title because with 1900 kids, CO just doesn’t have the depth to compete with those 3,500 kid schools in 15,000 kid school districts…during the Norco game, the commentator said they had 150 kids suited up…CO doesn’t have 50.

    Wow, this is the worst excuse you could have come up with because Amat is in a division where many of the schools also have similar populations, but the biggest difference is that they general play against schools that are the best in the nation when it comes to the playoffs.

    3. But that’s ok because the players and coaches will give it everything they have so the true CO fans will be proud of them regardless.

    The Amat family always does the same. They dont need an excuse to give it their best.

    4. On the other hand, when they get eliminated the obnoxious Amat haters are gong to be all over this blog spewing I told you that you suck garbage…because that’s who they are…SGVsBest wearing Lancer Blue…

    Tell me something, isn’t this the same thing we always here from all the anti-Amat people out there every year ? The only difference is that this year, we will see Charter Oak get eliminated very early on and because of that, I can also make a guarantee.

    They wont win their league, and if they do, well, then…….ill just have to eat myself a big delicious frank !!! and that’s only because I don’t own a sword ! sorry…..

  • AMAT 73

    I read your post to friend of Frank and I believe you have something wrong on your take of AMAT. First off I would not put to much in to AMAT bloggers who come on here if CO should bomb out this season and be one and out and spew hate. You as well as I, know who the real AMAT and CO bloggers are and I don’t think true AMAT bloggers would come on here and berate CO for losing.The past couple of seasons there has been a mutual respect growing between the CO and AMAT bloggers but for some reason you tend to speak out of both sides of your mouth with some praise and lately a lot of put downs on AMAT and when questioned on it you dodge the issue. I am still waiting on my question to you on Rio not having the intangibles and what lead you to that take after one game . Maybe you want the feud to continue and if that’s the case fight on . I think you are going to have a bigger problem with your own backers as you are giving CO bad representation on the blog. I for one would love to see CO take it to the IE and show bloggers like Norco just how good our brand of football is in the SGV. Now you are even somewhat siding with the worst of the worst ( and you know who I mean ) on some of his posts concerning AMAT ( chupacabra I wish I would have thought of that ) . One thing you are really off point is CO has all it needs to contend with the big schools of the IE . Don’t sell your team short because of less enrollment because in those 50 kids you have true blue Chargers along with a great coaching staff who rise to the occassion and have the will to win no matter who or how many are in front of them just like THE MIGHTY LANCERS do every week we play .

  • SGVsBest

    I am the Anti-BoyZee Lancers…The LaPuente Chupacabra…!
    I’m not CoChargerfan…all you Knifer Honks know who I am and where you can find me.
    I guarantee you…The BoyZee State JAA Lancers are coming up on the freeway exit known as # 16…!
    16 years and No ring…! Before the internet, Cell Phones, Hybrids, the Wheel, etc.
    Pound your shest until you can’t breaf…But you ain’t winning the Pac-5!
    I also guarantee you that the SGV will have another CIF Ring before The Baseball QB and his JAA teammates.
    You know it…now just admit it…!

  • Norco

    AMAT 73….

    RB is Kelsy Young…Long is our TE…Also I was actually very impressed with our defense as a whole…Crenshaws Thomas is legit…very fast and physical for his size…As for our offense, IMO Norco’s problems all appear to be fixable. The bad snaps look like a combination of timing and the QB trying to run the play before he’s got the ball, which they should be able to fix with faster pace at practice. Our secondary looked unusually strong, Linebackers # 10 Arguilles, # 55 Baker & #3 LB Starr played fast and physical, and #12 QB Coltin Gerhart should get better every week. OL has good size and should get better as each week progress…we have four underclassmen starting on the OL… Coach I talked to after the game seemed pretty optimistic season, and I’m getting the same feeling. May work out pretty well. Overall a pretty decent first game..

  • JFR


    Deja vu, this is last year all over again with you and Amat fans. You didn’t fare well last year as I recall and it’s looking the same this year. If you feel the need to fight this fight than please change your title and leave CO out of this Tired a$$ going nowhere kitty fight.

  • COChargerfan

    Joe Amat, as you know I root for Amat to win so Im not the boogieman nor the Chupacabra. Honestly, I will be seriously following two leagues this year; the Sierra and Serra.and their division mates. And the two of us have already had the enrollment discussion so theres no disagreement that both Amat and CO are fighting a numbers game. But, theres a big difference between privates and public schools, which is why the Serra, Trinity and other like leagues were put together a few years back. Regardless, both schools face a tough road. The problem I have is with the people laughingly point their finger saying ha, ha, ha you lost. Many Amat and CO followers including the two of us respect each others programs but as evidenced by this blog, sadly, too many just enjoy hating.

    And Joe, the analogy was Amat is in the MLB and CO is a little league team…so is that fair? I do stand guilty of responding with the AAA stuff to agitate but, hey, FoF deserved it because if youre going to talk crap then you better be prepared to eat crow tooso many bloggers dont get that and think that theres a one way street to slinging bull crap. What is truly amazing is that no matter how innocuous my comments are, too many of the Amat guys immediately twist it into some reverse Jedi mind trick and then respond like rabid dogs. But, thats ok because Im all about free speech and, besides, Im a big boy that enjoys a good argument. Look at the latest garbageI make a boogieman comment that SGVsBest picks up on and he adds that hes Amats Chupacabra. Now, for anyone with a sense of humor the Chupacabra comment was funny but the next thing Im SGVsBests prison mate and were butt boys. Thats the very same kind of crap that SGVsBest slings at Amat fan for which they want him censored and banned but its OK for the Amat fan to say the same kind of garbage towards others, including me. So Im the one that is embarrassing the school that I root for? Really?

    And then there are people like TRUE TO FORM that just arent smart enough to keep their feet out of their mouthdude did you really say Stats are not meaningless unless you try to defend a loss like your dimb [sic] azz did last week. So, let me get this straight, are you saying that stats ARE meaningful EXCEPT when CO losses a game, then they are not? Lets delve deeper into your logic; does that mean that stats are only meaningful to EVERY OTHER team except CO or did you mean to ONLY the WINNING team? And Im the dimb azz? Really?

    So FoF, when and where did I say that Amat wont win a league title because it never happened. See above for the enrollment answerand it is reality not an excusewhy do you think the CIF uses ENROLLMENT as one of their three leaguing criteria? And I said obnoxious Amat haters which is a small minority and not every fanand I root for Amat to win so I cant speak for those that dont.

    So Joe, I was dead serious when I attempted to intelligently discuss the somewhat shocking developments involving the Serra teams this pre-season. No one is even talking about it including Alemanys win over Oaks Christian. Any thoughts?


    Norco, thanks for the good luck on Friday! Because it proved right. Got to see the Norco vs Crenshaw Game replay on dirct t.v. and wow was I impressed. Those teams are on a whole different level and I couldn’t believe the size of Norco’S offensive line. My opinion is the only team that could hang with those two teams, would be Bishop Amat and that’s all!

    Norco’s running back and I believe his name is young, is an incredible fast runner, who probably is Norco’s best player. By the way Norco, do you play anybody from SGV this year? Because that would be something to watch.

    Take it easy.

  • Cougars

    SG Fan, Your right the two teams we beat are not traditional power house teams, But they were both in the playoffs last year, so they are not scrubs either. How can you comment on our defense when you have never seen them play?

    Who has San Dimas played Oh Bonita spanked you guys 44 to 20 they are a traditional powerhouse school. HAHAHA!!!!
    Then you beat a El Monte team that went 3 and 7 last year and has not been in the playoffs in years.

    When is the last time you beat a team in our division? I do not see it in the last couple of years. Any team in our league would win your league and CIF every year (except Alta Loma) in your division.

    Talk to Charter Oak, Glendora Beat them both last year they are considered two of the better teams in the SG Valley. We even Beat Upland and they won CIF in our division. I know this year is a different team, I am just showing you that we dont rebuild we reload. You will see our Weak Dee and slow line hopefully this Friday Night.

    Like I said welcome to big time football SG Fan. You will see our big slow line making hole after hole and When Finau is running the ball, he only needs a little hole to break it all the way. By the fourth Qtr you line will be begging for mercy. NO MAS!!! NO MAS!!!

    Hope to see you out at the game Friday Night..


    Where did you see where it said stats are meaningless only when it comes to CO . What was said is when you are trying to defend a loss. You not CO ” you ” .I surely didn’t see any other CO backer coming up with thet stat angle. That means instead of nutting up and just saying we lost and take it on the chin and move on to next week and learn by the loss which was basically due turnovers which is a stat you failed to mention but TRUE TO FORM you danced around that one stat.You were on here like a dumb azz playing the we won the stat battle to justify the loss. Maybe next time just give credit where credit is due in that Glendora took advantage of the turnovers and beat CO . That’s what was meant. Is that clear enough for you.

  • Norco

    Norco, Clovis West, Alemany Debut In New CA Top 25 Ratings

    St. Bonaventure up seven spots to No. 11 after its big win
    By Cal-Hi Sports Staff

    0 LikesAdd To Favorites
    09/13/10 – Contributing: Mark Tennis, Ronnie Flores, Paul Muyskens

    (After games of Saturday, Sept. 11)
    (Previous ranking in parentheses)

    1. (1) Grant (Sacramento, Calif.) 2-0
    Junior sensation Shaq Thompson piled up 243 yards rushing on 20 carries and scored five touchdowns as Grant crushed Burbank of Sacramento 55-7 in its home opener. The Pacers will be at home again this Friday to face 1-1 Lincoln of Stockton, which lost its first game 28-21 to Pleasant Grove of Elk Grove but won last Friday 21-6 against Edison of Stockton.
    2. (2) De La Salle (Concord, Calif.) 1-0
    The Spartans were idle after their season-opening 45-7 romp past Junipero Serra of San Mateo. That win now looks even better since Serra won last Friday 28-21 over NorCal-ranked Monte Vista of Danville. This week, DLS hits the home field against 2-0 St. Marys of Stockton, which moved up to No. 16 in this weeks rankings.
    3. (3) Servite (Anaheim, Calif.) 2-0
    Servites 48-7 victory over Kennedy of Granada Hills wasnt surprising, but what transpired out in Temecula sure was as 2009 Div. I state champ Oceanside stunned previous state No. 10 Chaparral of Temecula 24-21. A week earlier, the Friars easily downed Oceanside. Those results easily solidify their status as Southern Californias No. 1 ranked team. Next up is 1-1 La Habra.
    4. (4) Westlake (Westlake Village, Calif.) 1-0
    Nelson Spruce caught two early touchdown passes as the Warriors opened their season with a 42-14 victory over Oxnard. Westlake puts its 15-game winning streak on the line against 1-0 Thousand Oaks in this weeks Marmonte League opener.
    5. (5) Junipero Serra (Gardena, Calif.) 2-0
    The Cavs fell behind early against Redondo of Redondo Beach, but pulled out a 37-13 victory as quarterback Preston Conner threw four touchdown passes, two of them to two-way standout Marqise Lee. Up next for the 2009 CIF Div. III state champs is 0-1 Mira Costa of Manhattan Beach.
    6. (7) Mission Viejo (Mission Viejo, Calif.) 2-0
    Some prep pundits felt Loyola of Los Angeles would give the Diablos a close game, but it was all Mission Viejo Friday night at L.A. Valley College, as the Cubs couldnt generate any offense in a 42-7 setback. Missions defense makes it ultra tough. If the Diablos continue to score at a 45.5 clip, a 10-0 regular season is likely. Up next is 1-0 Corona.
    7. (9) Lakewood (Lakewood, Calif.) 2-0
    Coach Thadd MacNeal thought St. John Bosco of Bellflower would be one of the toughest teams on the Lancers regular season docket. The Lancers passed the test with flying colors 27-7. The defense, in particular the front seven, is simply a stellar group. The unit held St. John Bosco to 50 yards passing as the Braves offensive line was under duress all game long. Next up for Lakewood is a crosstown game with 0-2 Mayfair of Lakewood.
    8. (11) Los Alamitos (Los Alamitos, Calif.) 2-0
    The Griffins ran past Mayfair of Lakewood 34-19 as senior running back Nick Richardson exploded for 307 yards and four touchdowns. He now has eight touchdowns in two games and could pile on the yardage and scores in Los Als non-league games, if hes in the game long enough. Up next is 1-1 West Adams Prep of Los Angeles.
    9. (12) Valley Christian (San Jose, Calif.) 1-0
    Byron Marshall, last years State Sophomore Player of the Year, began his junior season with 16 carries for 142 yards and two touchdowns in a 49-0 rout of Fresno Bullard. The Warriors also scored on a blocked punt and on a fumble return. Valley Christian plays next vs. 1-0 Cardinal Newman of Santa Rosa.
    10. (13) Centennial (Corona, Calif.) 2-0
    Three seasons ago, a game against Birmingham of Lake Balboa would have packed the house as both Centennial and the Braves were among the nations best teams. With coach Ed Croson now at Chaminade of West Hills, Birmingham is just not at that level now. Centennial went on the road and came away with an easy 48-8 win. This week should be tougher for the Huskies at home against 0-1 Mater Dei of Santa Ana.
    11. (18) St. Bonaventure (Ventura, Calif.) 1-0
    Junior Marc Evans grabbed the reigns of the Seraphs offense and in his first game completed 18 of 25 passes for 255 yards and one touchdown in a surprisingly one-sided 32-7 win over previous No. 6 Long Beach Poly. St. Bonaventure had no time to celebrate since it will play powerhouse Oaks Christian of Westlake Village in a Marmonte League showdown in this weeks game.
    12. (21) Oceanside (Oceanside, Calif.) 1-1
    Rebounding from a loss in their season opener to No. 3 Servite of Anaheim, the Pirates picked up a 21-14 win over previous No. 10 Chaparral of Temecula as sophomore Tofi Pao Pao passed for two touchdowns and Nate Small passed for another on a fake field goal. This Friday night , Oceanside hosts 1-1 Mira Mesa of San Diego.
    13. (15) Folsom (Folsom, Calif.) 1-1
    With one week off after a disappointing performance against No. 1 Grant of Sacramento, the Bulldogs bounced back to their high scoring ways in a 55-7 road win over Roseville. Dano Graves passed for 302 yards and five touchdowns while also rushing for 106 yards and another score. They return home on Friday to take on 2-0 Sacramento.
    14. (16) Centennial (Bakersfield, Calif.) 2-0
    Shawn Johnson stole the spotlight from USC-bound Cody Kessler in the Golden Hawks first game with two kickoff return touchdowns to go with two rushing scores in a 56-21 victory vs. Redwood of Visalia. Centennial plays 1-1 Clovis in this weeks game.
    15. (17) Vista Murrieta (Murrieta, Calif.) 1-0
    Jovonte Slater rushed for 110 yards and three touchdowns to compliment standout quarterback Derrick Brown (one TD run, three TD passes) as the Broncos opened by downing Etiwanda of Rancho Cucamonga 49-27. Head coach Coley Candaeles squad takes on 1-1 Santiago of Corona in this weeks game.
    16. (19) St. Marys (Stockton, Calif.) 2-0
    New quarterback Mitch Walding did even better in his second game than his first by completing 21 of 24 passes for 308 yards and two touchdowns in a 37-19 victory over Central Catholic of Modesto. The Raiders have given St. Marys trouble before, but not this time as the Rams scored on four of their first five series. This week, St. Marys faces perhaps its toughest test of the year with a trip to Concord to play No. 2 De La Salle.
    17. (NR) Norco (Norco, Calif.) 1-0
    Trailing previous No. 8 Crenshaw of Los Angeles 21-12 at halftime, the hometown Cougars held the visiting Cougars scoreless in the second half while Kelsey Young rushed for 288 yards and three touchdowns, including the game-winner from 37 yards out, for a 25-21 season-opening victory. Head coach Todd Gerharts club will next head on the road this Friday to take on 0-2 Etiwanda.
    18. (8) Crenshaw (Los Angeles, Calif.) 0-2
    Things looked good at halftime for the DeAnthony Thomas led Cougars to pick up a victory at Norco as he scored two touchdowns in the first half to build a 21-12 halftime. Another poor second half, however, sent them home at 0-2 after a 25-21 loss. Looking to stop its tumble down the state rankings, Crenshaw now heads to take on 0-1 Banning of Wilmington on Friday.
    19. (10) Chaparral (Temecula, Calif.) 1-1
    After falling behind 21-7 in the second half to No. 12 Oceanside, the Pumas came back on a Matt Morin touchdown pass to Darius Guillory. They later had a chance to tie it up in the final minutes but were stopped on downs. The 21-14 loss dropped Chaparral nine spots in this weeks rankings. The Pumas will look for their first win of the season on Saturday when they host 1-0 Central of Fresno.
    20. (20) Lutheran (Orange, Calif.) 2-0
    The Lancers defense has looked impressive early this season as they allowed just 17 in a season-opening win against La Habra and did even better against Garfield of Los Angeles with just a field goal in a 15-3 victory. Looking to remain undefeated, Orange Lutheran now heads on the road to take on Tustin this Friday.
    21. (NR) Clovis West (Fresno, Calif.) 2-0
    It was a breakout night for the Golden Eagles in their game against previous No. 14 Del Oro of Loomis as they had no trouble in a 47-7 blowout win. Kendall Brock set a school record by scoring six touchdowns and ended with 15 carries for 170 yards. Clovis West hopes to keep up its momentum in the next game Friday vs. 1-1 Crespi of Encino.
    22. (NR) Alemany (Mission Hills, Calif.) 2-0
    Versatile quarterback Vernon Adams completed 6 of 13 passes for 185 yards and one touchdown while also rushing for 83 yards and another score in a 44-20 victory over Eastside of Lancaster. The Warriors continue their tour of playing Antelope Valley foes this week against 0-1 Knight of Palmdale.
    23. (23) Buchanan (Clovis, Calif.) 1-0
    Head coach Mike Vogts team had a bye this weekend after opening up with an easy win over Madera. The Bears host 0-1 Redwood of Visalia in this weeks game.
    24. (24) Bellarmine (San Jose, Calif.) 1-0
    After starting out with a win against San Leandro, the Bells took this weekend off with a bye. They return to action this Friday with a home game against 0-2 Novato.
    25. (25) Edison (Huntington Beach, Calif.) 2-0
    Making his first start at quarterback for the Chargers since transferring from Mater Dei and being cleared by the CIF, Chase Favreau tossed four touchdown passes in a 48-7 victory over Wilson of Long Beach last Friday night. Itll be a shorter week of practice for Edisons game against 2-0 Dana Hills of Dana Point as they play the Dolphins on Thursday night.

    Dropped Out: Previous No. 6 Long Beach Poly (Long Beach); No. 14 Del Oro (Loomis); No. 22 Clovis East (Clovis).

    On The Bubble

    Bakersfield 1-1
    Bishop Amat (La Puente) 2-0
    Carson 2-0
    Dorsey (Los Angeles) 2-0
    Helix (La Mesa) 2-0
    Long Beach Poly (Long Beach) 1-1
    Oak Ridge (El Dorado Hills) 3-0
    Oaks Christian (Westlake Village) 0-1
    Pleasant Grove (Elk Grove) 3-0
    Rancho Verde (Moreno Valley) 2-0
    San Ramon Valley (Danville) 1-0
    Steele Canyon (Spring Valley) 2-0
    Valencia 1-0
    Vista 1-0

    Comments or corrections? Email

  • COChargerfan

    First of all, I had moved on from last week and it was YOU that brought up the stat stuff again in a feeble minded drive by.

    As to me being the only CO fan talking stats, perhaps you missed Lou Farar’s statement where he said “We know what went wrong. We had seven offensive possessions. We scored on three, turned it over on three and were stopped on fourth down on the other. We beat them up on the stat sheet, but not on the scoreboard. That usually indicates what turnovers can do for you.”

    And my comments were all about the turnover stat, in fact, in response to the “scoreboard” crowd I wrote an entire post on the 2009 NFL turnover stats and their correlation to winning and losing. Could you do everyone a favor and try to read a little before you start writing nonsense?

  • Friend of Frank


    Those posts were not from Joe Amat, but you did guess correctly in that it did come from a regular blogger who is having some fun by posting in drag……so to speak.

    BTW, I wonder how long it will take for someone to figure out who this is anyway. Should be fun.

    COFAN, just to let you know, in my first entry, I said that there are more than a few instances when I agreed with you, however, the rest of my comments were directed not at you, but at the little general now known on this blog as Private Ryan.

    In any event, the facts speak for themselves because the facts are that you do like to come in here and push more than a few buttons every now and then, and even if you say that you unintentionally do any of this, which I highly doubt BTW, then you know just as I do that it always ends up getting all the Amat honks all riled up.

    Nevertheless, and yes believe it or not, I do agree quite often with quite a few of your comments regarding Amat, because oftentimes I do in fact find them to be somewhat objective and pretty much right on point.

    But honestly COFAN, you oftentimes act quite a bit like my girlfriends cute little a$$ in that you just love love to stick it out there over and over again, so you can both just, shine shine shine.

  • COChargerfan

    FoF, I write a lot of stuff with no intention of pushing anyone’s buttons. Too many Amat guys have the mindset that if you aren’t a Lancer then you’re the enemy…it just isn’t true. I’m a 50+ year resident of the SGV and I have many friends and their kids who either went to Amat or are presently enrolled so why would I have any reason to dislike the school or it’s football team? Just paranoia, plain and simple.

    But when the personal attacks start, that’s another story. Because, then everything that I write has a purpose and before I hit SUBMIT I have already anticipated the peanut gallery’s response and have formulated my next response to their comments. I know where I’m going and they only know where they’ve been…and I am guilty of piling on sometimes but you will notice that it occurs in response to the rude, name-calling crowd. I don’t like obnoxious people so it is just my little way of putting them in the rightful place…a place that’s named respect for others.

    So FoF, how’s FC doing? Don’t know what to make of the paucity of Damien fans on the blog lately. Looks like Damien gets another win this week and then gets Amat…should be the week that you find out a lot about yourself. CO is facing the same identity check this week and next.

    I’m really looking forward to watching this year’s Sierra League matchups…it may be our little fishbowl but it should be exciting football every week.

  • Friend of Frank

    Like I said, often times you really do over do it, but once again, more often than not, I prety much agree with some of what you have to say in here.

    BTW, Good try, but no cookie COFAN.

    Not really a friend of Frank, because if I were, I would be eating Pizza all the time (you well know how he likes to invite everyone out to eat) and coloring my car green.

    Just to match it up with his car.

    Inside joke there to all you long time bloggers.

  • COChargerfan

    FoF, I didn’t think you are FC. No, my guess is that you’re an Amat guy that doesn’t want to incur the wrath of the “Nation” (i.e. the fans that don’t represent themselves in a manner that is worthy of being part of the Family).

    I do persist but it takes two to tango so I’m not the only one. Besides, sometimes it takes a little time and patience before you set the hook. And it’s a Catch-22 because a lot of negative stuff gets specifically directed at me and if I ignore the comments then it doesn’t take long before I start reading that my silence equates to proof that I’m a blathering idiot. So, it’s hard to judge when to stop. Look at the “stat” discussion, it ended last week but some uninformed drive by artist takes a shot for no reason other than to insult me…so what’s a man suposed to do, ignore it? Then there will be more pot shots and pretty much I’m done. Sorry everyone, I’m going to go out on my own terms which is after my kid graduates this year…so JFR I’ll be around until June.

    BTW JFR, did I read that your kids go to Bonita? So what makes you the keeper of CO’s chastity?

  • Friend of Frank

    Ok got it.

  • Friend of Frank

    That is to say that I understand, not that you “got it” of you know what I mean.

  • JFR


    Come ask Lou, Dom or lehigh who I am, always on the field doing what I can to help out since I’ve known them all most of my life.

  • Will the real COCF stand up…

    COCF= Tony G.

  • Right

    Your qb for player of the week please add co-players the Wilson DBs. Your two biggest plays that accounted for over 100 yards had no defensive player within 15 yards. A pop warner pee wee qb could have completed those passes. By the way next time your stud running back talks it up make sure he can back it up, he got smacked in the mouth all night. He must have had what 20 carries for 40 to 50 yards real numbers.

  • the critc

    Lets not forget about muir injuries they havent played with all there players yet and when danny huerta and dai dai mcfadden returns muir will be dominant….p.s the offensive coordinator for muir needs to air it out and they wouldnt be stopped.

  • Inland rules sgv

    sg valley, clearly you don’t know what your talking about, there is nothing big and slow at RC. Unfortunately, you are not going to be on the field getting your ass kicked for opening your mouth. I hope you make the game so you can see first hand how big and slow we are. I KNOW you are going to be surprised at our overall team speed on both sides of the ball. So I look forward to seeing your response after Friday night. I hope you are man enough to admit what you see.

  • reality

    While Bohi athletes Horine and Pendleton are great I would like to offer two other players that I have enjoyed watching and in my humble opinion are playing lights out. #52 Mckenzie and #33 Brumguard. My apologies if I miss spelled the names. They have played their hearts out for the two years I have watched them game in and game out and if you want to know why Bonita is still winning despite missing many top guys due to injury and personal issues just watch these two. Thanks guys, keep it up.



    NEVER have I once spoke of Charter Oak. You are in fact right. They do not, in fact, have a chance to win the division. I have never once said so. I have never once said that they would beat Dominguez. I have never compared them to AMAT. I merely said that I agreed with COChargerfan about Amat’s fans.

    AMAT IS THE BEST TEAM IN THE VALLEY WITHOUT A DOUBT. But the best in the Pac 5? Certainly not. This is what is so funny about these blind Amat Faithful. Any hint that Amat is not the best team on God’s green earth and they accuse you of being an Amat hater. I am not and never have been.

    I will say what I have said before: I wish I could have some realistic hopes that Amat would be a division contender. Will they be in the future? Who knows. Are they now? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

    Mr. Frankfurter… THOSE ARE THE FACTS.



    TO: COChargerfan…

    In spite of your attempt to defame my good name(see “Bertrand Russel” quote) it seems that we, perhaps unfortunately, share a similar sentiment once again.

    I do pull for Amat to win… as long as they can at least. I also pull for Charter Oak and South Hills. Anytime a respectable team in the valley wins I am all for it. But gentleman, let us not surrender our will to pompous fantasy!

    Mr. Ed… commencing immediately you shall be referred to as “private ed”…. no caps son!

  • COChargerfan

    My daughter attended South Hills from 2000-2003 so I got to witness first hand the ’01, ’02 and ’03 CIF Titles. And I got to see CO’s two titles so that’s 5 during my kid’s high school days…as a Monrovia High alum, I tell them to enjoy.

    And my son in law played for Damien so I saw many of their games including some classics against Claremont…I saw Ian run like 90 yards at the very end of one game for the win. I also saw Amat beat them badly a couple of times.

    I’ve been lucky enough to be an active fan of a few SGV teams which is why I’m not so myopic.

  • COChargerefan

    The ’01 was a typo as the first SH title was in ’00. My bad.

  • Amat Dad

    To CO Charger Fan:

    50 year plus resident of the SGV. Seriously dude grow up already. Your on here debating and arguing about HS football as if you still go to HS. Leave this to the teens to go back and fourth about who is the best etc. Remember Allen Iversons “were talking Practice” interview “I mean were talking Practice”….well in referance to that “were talking HS footall” “I mean were talking HS Footall” ….Amat is my team of choice and I put two very good kids through there for a education and yes football, altho I still follow Amat football and are there for home and away games, The action , the crowds, the intrest is there with me for Amat but as well, all of SGV football teams whatever their history. I read the tribune Sat morning and cant wait to see how the schools did and what players shined. I am dealing with present time and what they do in the present season. Amat is chasing the championship road in the pac 5 and can they do it? well maybe but the thought and support of the chase is there in all Amat fans. CO has had championships and I went to see their run and was very glad to see them win it. I like the fact those kids worked hard and got their rings and celebrated, after all it is for the kids. You and I are not out there running gasers and putting in that hard work that they do… so sit back enjoy the football on fridays pull for everyone that gets in the hunt come November and remember altho I am a Amat alumni Dad I pull for all teams in our area. When they go Head to head may the best team that nite win. Remember we are talking teens here who are playing footall and giving it their all as we enjoy it. “were talking HS Football”

    Good luck to all teams this friday. Focus on your goals and drive to win and try to stay injury free.

  • COChargerfan

    Amat DadIve used the word perspective many times before on this blog. Have you not read the many arguments that I had with Amat fans over their belittling lower division, fishbowl comments that were directed against some of the local football teams? Because my response was consistently that these teams consist of players that are enjoying the game regardless of the level they are playing or whether they win a championshipso you’re preaching to the choir. Dont get me wrong, while in the moment winning is the goal but after it is all said and done, the journey will be remembered long after the scoreboard fades.

    Besides, Im not someone that uses this blog to make rude, obnoxious, profanity-laden comments about others…as I said, its about RESPECT and I use logic and facts mixed with a dose of sarcasm in an attempt to educate the potty-mouths who, BTW, are pretty much all adults. And EVERYONE on this blog is talking about high school football, perhaps because thats what it is about, so youre way off base to admonish me with some as if you still go to HS crack.

    Lets talk about YOU for a minute. Do you realize that by starting your post with grow up already that not only did you purposely insult me, you did it in a juvenile manner typical of a high school kid? So, perhaps you should heed your own advice.

  • AMAT 73

    General Turg,
    I don’t think I have seen a known AMAT blogger ( honk ) ever post that AMAT is the best team in the Pac-5 . If you have please cut and paste as I would like to see it . Whether we are the best in the valley is still up for debate among many SGV bloggers . As to winning a PAC-5 championship it is possible for AMAT to do and it is in our grasp if we continue to improve this year. How many still thought Dominguez would beat AMAT only to change their tune after we beat them and now discount Dominguez’s strength as a good team . 3-4 years ago I would totally agree with you that it definetly was not in the cards but now as you have seen we can come up with winning games no one other then THE FAMILY thought we would ever win. I don’t think your absolutely not is that absolute in that we can’t win the title. Many base their thinking on the fact of AMAT’S lack of supposed D-1 type of players . We put our fair share of players into D-1 without them being the prototypical type . Hopefully as the season goes on we can change you outlook to ” hey it just might be realistic that AMAT can go all the way”. We face tough competition in league although some, do to early losses by league foes are already discounting the Serra this year as weak, shows you how much they really know about football.One thing I must agree with you is and I am not sure I saw this on the blog either but you say it was often about Rio being better than Pat Haden and if you can find please cut and paste that also. Rio is nowhere near the caliber of Pat Haden. Those years were my high school years and I have first hand experience seeing him in action and I would also say Sciarra was better also at this point in time . Now I am not saying Rio is not the real deal but he does need seasoning as he was playing DB and WR last season and aside from freshman ball this is his first season at QB . Now I firmly believe he will be one of the better ones to play at AMAT when all is said and done but definetly not the best , that title belongs and always will belong to Pat Haden altought I do wish someone like that would come along again at AMAT.


    Now are including the time you made sly remarks as to Corona’s son being gay . But no you never make rude remarks . You have yet to apologize for that one . Just ask Frank . Let’s see you get out of this one or will you just not reply like you have done in the past when you are proven wrong.

  • SGV Fan Base

    Great post Amat Dad,

    CO blowhard fan way off base. He is just a arguementive person that has not grown up and gets a little too twisted in HS football. GO SGV! You are right we are talking HS Football and it is all about the kids. CO fan what kind of example are to your team and kids,not to mention other parents of CO. You must be one of the parents or fans that real CO fans do not like to sit next to at games, they avoid you like A plague. Get a NFL team and go argue in a bar or something, leave HS football to just that HS football.

  • I take exception

    GENERAL-TURD,that’s a pretty broad stroke in identifying Amat fans and I take exception to that! Now I will brush you with a new blog name…FROM NOW ON YOU ARE HERE BY BESTOWED THE NAME OF…..GENERALTURD-N-SONS!!! Has a nice ring to it dontcha think General TURD? General Turd-n-sons, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!! Everytime I see your stupid screen name, this is what I will be thinking, SO SAYETH ME, SO BE-ETH YOU!!!

  • SGVsBest

    BoyZee Lancers-
    “In our Grasp” he says!!!…What a joke!
    Two weak wins and now the “old Man” thinks his JAA Lancers are within a wheat grass field away from a CIF Ring…Hah…Hah…!
    My Shest hurts from laughing so hard…!
    Who are going to beat to get that ring?…Lets hear that argument!
    You’ll be 8 -2 get to the playoffs and get smoked again…! Lakewood, Edison, Etc. Freeway exit #16…coming up!
    You’re a Pac-5 playoff spot filler…That’s it!
    Over Rated…5 clap…OVER RATED!!!

  • Really Fred?

    Fred, if I start dropping the “N” word and typing in psuedo-ebonics will you ban me? THEN WHY HAVE YOU NOT BANNED THE IDIOT BELOW (SGV’sBest)? You continually allow his racist comments and racial mockery to post on YOUR BLOG. The Blog attached to YOUR name, that YOU monitor, yet you do nothing to quell or put an end to his insulting and demeaning posts? Why do you allow this type of behavior towards the Hispanic readership? There always comes a time, and the time has come. Balls in your court Fred.

  • Dan

    I recognize your writing style “Friend of Frank”, how’s the little Chiwawa next door? lol.


    This is absurd. Amat dad: if debating football is not your thing… then what in sam hill are doing here! GET REAL. You can’t tell me that the only reason you are here is to lecture COChargerfan and the rest of us misguided folks. You’re reading just like the rest of us.

    Secondly, if you think that a title is “within your grasp” this year… then you better damn well believe that you are the best team in the valley. Be consistent. Now, I BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE THE BEST TEAM IN THE VALLEY, but this is no surprise. You should be. But at the top of the Pac 5? No.

    Of course not all Amat fans are as brazenly dense as others are… but if we are speaking of this well adjusted band of miscreants who frequent this blog… then I have to stick by my original comments.

    As far as Rio and Pat Hayden… read the many earlier blogs and the cover of the preview mag (and the article). My problem was not with anyone on this blog, but it was more about Fred and Aram who touted this kid. It was also about how blindly hopeful some Amat fans were about him. SOME, ADMITTEDLY NOT ALL.

    I am not sure why there are so many people willing to jump down my, and others who share my view (see COChargerfan for the most part), throat when all we are doing is stating clear and concise facts.

    I also find it ironic that those who accuse me of being negative, foolish, whatever, resort to high school name calling or playground tactics (private ed and the general turdson comments). Now if you want to do that —- go for it! It is all welcome. Just do not complain about SGVbest or anyone else, and just be aware that you are proving my very point about Amat fans.


  • AMAT 73

    General Turg,
    Now I am going to demote you. I hope you can read a map during battle better then you can read a post on this blog. First off if you are going to stand behind him then the least you can do is spell Haden’s name correct . HADEN . I wrote that it is still up to debate by many on the blog ( other honks ) that we are not the best in the SGV. I know who and what we are general, so I am consistant on that issue. As far as me writing we are at the top of the PAC-5, I never wrote that only that the championship is in our grasp if we continue to improve. It seems as though you are accussing others of which you are just as guilty of doing also. A trait you and COCF also seem to have in common. Is there a court marshall in order here.

  • Fanman

    Hey Gen. Turg. WOW! you really let us have it with that blast tough guy. You miss the point altogether, True this is a blog we all read it but the point one made is these are HS athletes and SGV teams that should be commended not knocked down or have a tit for tat over. The above states lets talk about the athlete of the week, but know it turns to Rio is no Haden and Amat this and CO that and all the haters club jumping right in to bash again I cant say it any more clearer “HS teen athletes”. True one can have a opinion but in a constructive way. The bash back and fourth gets very old and makes no sence as these are again HS athletes. Adults blog in here, and not just you, but most really take it too personal. A good arguement in a constructive manner is all good and banter is welcome but dont you think people go a little too far in exploiting a HS football athlete in his teens and or their team. The point is tone it down look to the positive of all schools and their athletes and leave it at that. We all want that brass ring in football and Amat chases theirs every year with the best football team they can put on the field but it is never good enough to the hater who comes in and takes shots at these kids. Remember you may attack your fellow blogger but the end result is you are attacking these kids that give it their all. Thats all I am saying. Get the point yet? By the way the opening sentence was banter between adults

  • COChargerfan

    Really, youre wrong because I never actually said FCs son was gay. What happened was FC said that his son was going to New York to be in a play and he bet that I couldnt guess which oneso I guessed Rent as a joke. And I did apologize by saying that the comment was in bad taste and further explained that I actually saw Rent from a 1st row seat with Doogie Howser (Neil Patrick Harris) in the lead who was fantastic. But, Im careful about what I say and bringing up Rent isnt the same as actually saying that someone is gayinstead, it is an open ended suggestion that leaves the conclusion up to the readerbefore anyone responds, remember that not every actor that ever played a role in Rent was gay. But thanks for bringing it up because I hadnt listened to Seasons of Love for some time so I did sowhat a great song.

    SGV Fan Base, the fact of the matter is that half the time, including my latest comments that got you off the couch, have much more to do with life than football. And Ive repeatedly said that I dont represent CO in any way but certainly I dont embarrass them by being a rude, crude, foul-mouthed jackass which is more than a lot of the bloggers can say. So what kind of example to your kids are youdidnt you teach them to not call other people nameslike blowhard? Boy that exception guy is a real good fatherly examplebet his kids cant wait to drop GENERAL TURD-N-SONS on their friends during recess. What another fine example for your kids and their school

    And Really Fred? wants SGVsBest banned for insulting the Hispanic readershipnow that is hilarious. Now dont get me wrong because I dont condone pretty much anything that SGVsBest says or racist comments but I do support free speech and his right to say whatever doesnt cross the lineand as evidenced by what people get away with, its a big line that, BTW, excludes the N word. What Really is saying is that HE wants to be able to level insults but doesnt want any in returnisnt that so? More specifically, you want to retain the right to call SGVsBest an IDIOT but you dont want him referencing Menudoisnt that right? Well, it isnt because thats censorship of everyone else EXCEPT YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS.

    Too many bloggers cant handle the truth so they resort to personal attacks in the place of facts. The GENERAL understands and I salute him for his support.

  • COChargerfan

    So AMAT 73, what SPECIFICALLY did I say? Are you saying that I’m an insult slinging potty-mouth? If so, exactly when and where?

    You know what I said on this thread to incur the wrath of Amat fan…here it is again:

    “Seriously, whats up with the Serra League this year? Notre Dame is 0-2 after being blown out by Serra and a 2 TD loss to Valencia, Dominguez taking down Crespi, Loyola barely beat Mira Costa and got blown out by MV. On the bright side, after moving up from DIII, Alemany beats Oaks Christiandoes that make them the favorite? Interesting pre-season so far.”

    Now that’s an ACCURATE review of the pre-season and nothing for or against Amat is even mentioned but, notwithstanding, the Amat crazies used it to start a full fledged personal attack starting with TRUE TO FORM who called me an idiot and dimb azz. I ignored this guy only to have General Mr. Ed also chime in by calling me COCupcakefan, ignorant in as many words plus pathetic and an idiot. Then, JUST THINK offered his two cents saying that Im the same as SGVsBest and lack abilities [just wondering, what the heck are abilities?] and knowledge of football. Then, FoF comes along and compares CO to a little league team and throws in a hate attack on CO saying From now on, they will be one and done. Get used to it.

    So AMAT 73the fact of the matter is that for no valid reason four of the peeps leveled personal attacks against me and slights at CO.. And I never personally attacked anyone in return but, instead, provided facts such as Dominguezs last season record (I didnt make up the fact that they were 6-6), that Alemanys win vs. OC makes then the Serra favorite (after all, Alemany is ranked 22nd in the State). So how was that metwell the peeps then accused me of being SGVsBests prison mate and butt boy. Theres more but the rest is pretty much the same pattern of the peeps being rude, obnoxious, smack slingers.

    I dont live in the same belligerent crap hole as these guys, so do me a favor and dont ever try to compare me to them.

  • just sayin’

    COCF – go back and find the post that linked you and SGVsWorst in prison. It was a CHARTER OAK blogger who said to stop using CO in your name because you were embarrassing US. Every anti-CO remark or comment supporting Amat does not come from the “peeps” as you call them. Some other people in the SGV just get it.

  • AMAT 73

    Geez are you letting these fools get to you. No, and please read carefully I am not saying you are a potty mouth insult slinging blogger. Never did and never have but that is one of the traits I was writing about in that you always try to put words in someone’s mouth or post. I always put my blog name and you can make no mistake on who I am and who I root for on my posts. You would think that after the outcomes of the Crespi and ND games and considering we are the Serra League defending co champs and 2-0 and beat a solid Dominguez team ( who you tried to down play after our win as being West Covina in a different uniform ) that we would at least be somewhere in there as the favorite but no, you bypass us for a new member in Alemany and you write it again in your post to me ( did you give us the same type of credit when we knocked off St Bonnies , I will answer it for you NO )and if I am not mistaken we beat Alemany the last time we played .If you had any kind of well wishes for AMAT you should have come out with something to the effect of it looks like the Serra is there for the LANCERS to take this year and not put your little does that make Alemany the favorite. You do come in here and say you pull for AMAT in games but be real you as well as I know you really do not and it shows in some of your posts. I am still waiting for a reply to my question to you on how you came to the conclusion that Rio does not have what it takes ( intangibles) to lead the LANCERS after only one game or was that another one of your keen insights on AMAT football. Also I was not comparing you to those you have listed, again putting words in my mouth or post ,I only wrote you and general Turg( again general Turg) so there can be no mistake as to what I am writing, share a similar trait in the same way he was harping on AMAT honks for saying Rio is better than Haden ( of which I agree so you can’t turn that on me ) only now to change it and say he was speaking of Fred and Aram and also the part that he roots for the LANCERS .

  • True CO Charger Supporter

    COChargerFan insert foot in mouth…Again! I agree with Amat Dad, you do take this HS football way overboard. And I also agree with Amat73, if you really wish Amat well, then you should just come out and be straight and congratulate them after a hard fought win over Dominguez or Garfield or whomever. But instead you insert your foot in your mouth by comparing Dominguez to West Covina(after Dominguez beat Crespi and West Covina lost to Covina). That my friend is a slap in Amat’s face.

    You love to instigate a riot and then when people confront you, you hide underneath a rock or talk on both sides of your mouth.

    You continue to further embarrass us true CO fans with your insults.

    You really need to grow up and get a life!!!!

    No wonder people are starting to compare you to the other sleazebag SGV’sWorst!

  • jcaz


    Very good…..

    At least someones paying attention in here, ha ha ha.

    Now I guess i’m going to have to take off all that lipstick and change out of that designer dress I just bought. Ha ha ha

    BTW, like I said earlier. COFAN, in my opinion, you do have some good takes every now and then, but I know it’s only my opinion and not too many folks share that with me.

    Still, you really shouldn’t let it all get to you like that. Chill out dude, because if it makes you feel any better, I know for a fact that i’m going to get some “hits” for “Dressing in drag” so to speak.

    Only difference here is that I kinda like the BS that comes my way.

    Ha ha ha

  • Not COOL!

    TRUE CO CHARGER SUPPORTER; Youre kidding RIGHT! I mean whats this blogging stuff all about if you cant write from the heart. COCHARGER FAN is always on this Blog writing great stuff and not just a few meaningless sentences; the guy has great info and does his homework! If youre really a CO fan, you would definitely appreciate what the man writes period! But you come in here bash the poor guy! What if COCHARGER wouldnt post anything?

    This BLOG would end up like Miguel Melendezs blog, I mean click on his link and you have what, maybe two posts. The blog is like a ghost town and theres nothing worth reading ever since Glendora beat Monrovia, and all the cat bloggers are gone also.

    COCHARGER, I wouldnt pay any attention to that supposedly CO kid, maybe his momma yelled at him because he didnt do his homework and got an F today. If COCH doesnt rebuttal intelligently against BA, who would we have on here to make any type of comments.



  • SGVsBest

    You the SGV ACLU now? Why because you don’t like what I say about the BishopNation Honks…! This ain’t Cuba, North Korea or Venezuela little man.
    I’ll have you know that I have thousands of fans and supporters that insist that I speak for them…!
    I am their voice and I speak and type what they won’t….I am the Anti-Amnot Honk…! And they laugh with me and at you with every post that you “ignore”…!
    Now back to football…Answer the question…Since you have the ring “in our grasp”…Who are you going to beat to get that Pac-5 Ring? ??… Hah…Hah! Nope…Try again!
    Over Rated!!!

  • I think COCF is a fine blogger as long as he is not stooping to SGVsWorst level by putting down kids and their hard work with his insults dressed in sugar…if he is a grown up man putting down 16 to 17 year old kids, he’s gonna to have to deal with the bloggers wrath.

    Don’t hate….Congratulate!

  • SGVsBest

    “Old Man 73”-
    So how much does it hurt to have to tyoe “True Co Charger Supporter”…? Hah…Ha:…?
    How can you stoop so low…?
    You ain’t fooling nobody old man…!
    We all know its you…! And we also know that you write as “just sayin”…!
    You ain’t fooling nobody!
    Now back to football…Who you gonna beat?
    General please make this fool answer the question!
    16 years…!!!

  • COChargerfan

    Always interesting to wake up and read more nonsense.

    True CO Charger Supporter, if youre going to bash me at least try to be accurateWest Covina beat VENICE last week. This is actually a good example of what Im talking about because if I had made that same mistake, there would have been eight guys jumping on my throat. Anyway, VENICE is historically a whole different animal than Covina and every bit as good a program as Dominguezin 2009, Dominguez was ranked 113th in the state and Venice was 126pretty close dont you think? And Dominguez is a D4 teamthree divisions below Amat so this is a must win and not some great featthats pretty much all I said. Did you know those factsbecause I did? Now Amat will beat Venice but Im betting that they are going to find out that they are as good as Dominguez when they meet on Oct. 8th, especially after all the bulletin board material Mr. Ed gave them. So True, you took the time to read and post on this blog which is the very same thing that you are accusing me of, so doesnt that mean you also need to grow up and get a life? And youre not paying attention because I dont ever put down the kidsmore nonsense.

    Not COOL, thanks for the support but I really dont give any thought to what JFR or other self-proclaimed True CO supporters have to say about methey are not my wife, mother or friends, so I just dont care. Sorry, thats the way it is so do me a favor and stop asking me to change my screen name or quit posting because it isnt going to happen. Actually, I thought about changing to JFR, writing something innocuous about Amat and then just sit back and watch the posts blasting him. Would have been pretty funny but, hey, Im a stand up guy so just couldnt do it.

    “Just sayingthe prison/butt-boy post has been deleted along with SGVsBest two posts where he dropped the Chupacabra on Amat. HmmmAmat honks post gets deleted with the Bestwhat does that tell you about the inappropriateness of BOTH of their comments?

    Amat 73, Im a thick-skinned big boy so nobody on this thread gets to me, thats nobody. But thats a curious response that totally avoids the question, namely, the inappropriate potty-slinging remarks that followed an innocuous post of “Seriously, whats up with the Serra League this year? And I answered the Jerry Mac question, first of all, I never said that Rio wont be as good as J-Mac, what I said was he apparently will not develop the intangibles and later explained why, specifically, hes a baseball player first and foremost like Jay Anderson and other kids like Mier from Bonita he may not even last long enough to develop the QB skill set that comes from EXPERIENCE. And I said that Rio is more physically talented than J-Macisnt this why so many like you are so high on this kid? But, the QB position takes time to learn. While on the subject of unanswered questions, is Rio leaving to play baseball? You Amat guys know the answer but dont want to sayso it appears that he is going. Besides, you do know that I did the intangible post following just sayin dropping smack about Thropay.

  • just sayin’

    COCF – I’m telling you -it was not an Amat honk – an embarrassed Charger.

    Jerry Mac did not start his 1st game until the 2nd game of his Jr year – so he had same experience as Ruiz.

    – and not smack – fact. different. much different than “apparently – “

  • Blog Police

    There you go sgv’! You see son, you can express yourself without racial overtones and bigotry. You still sound absolutely ridiculous, but at least your working on not being such a racist. Good job baby boy, keep up the good work!

  • Lance R

    CO Charger fan,

    You just love to talk about everything and everybody else but CO Football. You have this obsession with Amat which tells me you are a closet Amat fan and or you just cannot wait to measure up your CO team to whatever Amat does. Stick more to the topic of your name “CO Charger Fan” and give us your takes on whats happening with Big Lou and the Boys or change it to “CO Lancer fan” and get in and talk Lancer football which you like to do.

  • AMAT 73

    You wrote to me ” are you saying I am insult slinging potty mouth ?” .I replied no I am not saying that never did never have did but that is one of the traits I was writing about which related to putting words in someone’s mouth or post. Not the trait of being a potty mouth so if you misunderstood what I meant ok but I think you know now what I meant on the trait part. Here we go again the question wasn’t about Rio being just as good as J Mac but how did you figure he does not have the intangibles after just one game . So in essence you base it on what you think will transpire on him not continuing in football ala JA which I have never seen posted as fact on the blog or even though you believe every AMAT honk has inside knowledge of his choices wnich we don’t . Now you deduce since no one has replied about Rio leaving for team USA baseball because we all know but do not want to say that it appears he is going using that as you reasoning. Why do you think we all know the answer to that question ? Did you ever think no one replied because maybe only Rio and his family and Hags know the answer and no one else . No because again one of your sly remarks on AMAT that you say you root for in games appears.As you posted to JFR when he told you to lay off or change your name repping CO . I have no control over what anybody else from AMAT posts. I have voiced my take to AMAT bloggers on their posts , just ask my pal JCAZ about that . Now as far as Thropay I will give you my take since you brought it up . He left AMAT because it was not in the cards for him to be the QB and transfered to CO . It looks like it was also not in the cards for him at CO at QB, so the family figured no more transfers it will cost another year of eligibility lost and he adapted to your coaching staffs moving him to a new position because he is a fine athlete and kudo’s to Lou and staff for doing that which would have happened at AMAT like it did with Booth only the transfer was denied in Booth’s case and sadly he lost out on a high school football career. I have no reason to knock nor drop smack on Thropay. So what you’re saying is because someone knocked Thropay that led you to do the Rio post . Hummmm that last sentence kind of sounds like when your putting words in someone’s post . HA HA HA HA . You see COCF in the end all this is for shitz and giggles as my pal JCAZ often writes.

  • JFR


    “I’m a thick skinned big boy so nobody on this thread gets to me, not nobody”. I would have to disagree because in that last chapter you wrote it’s as though everything chaps your hide. I admit that when I do come on most of the time my intent is to get under the skin especially when it comes to CO and Amat talk. I don’t understand why some people get so bent out of shape, I come on here to laugh at posts and when I’m able, ruffle some feathers. It’s HS football folks and yes I am laughing, cheers to continuing the fun.

  • jcaz

    Fred should reposition this thread because even though it’s burred way way down below the current stuff, it’s still getting some hits !

    And yes, COFAN, you do seem to be quite the celebrity in here. So many folks are always seemingly after your azz, that your starting to make even me, envious of you……. ha ha ha

  • Dan

    Jcaz lol, just having fun with you Bro, when I realized it was you I could’nt resist, at least I only gave a hint, instead of just blurting out your name.


    Fred J Robledo I am I correct in that you are a Latino or I mistaken in the fact that you continually allow these post . Happy Mexican Day . Come on Fred open your eyes to blatant racisim. Hopefully this post goes thru if not I have my answer.

  • jcaz



  • COChargerfan

    just sayingI remember too much and it wasnt a CO blogger. Interesting that you start by asking me to look for the post as if it never happened and now you know who said it.but, nice try at diverting blame. So, what about all the other potty-mouth slinging insults following my “Seriously, whats up with the Serra League this year? commentare those all CO bloggers disguising themselves as Amat honks too? And just saying thats exactly the point, PRESENTLY Rio lacks the experience of the J-Mac that led Amat so well LAST YEAR.

    Lance R, first of all, my comment was “Seriously, whats up with the Serra League this year?, so I didnt even mention Amat. And Amat became part of the conversation only because a bunch of them responded with nasty personal commentsso take your rose-colored glasses off. But Im curious, are you saying that a blogger can only comment on the school that they supportso Amat fans can comment on Amats team, Bonita fans on Bonita, etc.? And Ive said many times that Im an out of the closet Amat fanyou miss my recent Im not Amats boogieman comments?

    Amat 73, you made a blanket statement via It seems as though you are accussing others of which you are just as guilty of doing also. A trait you and COCF also seem to have in common. And since the item that I was then speaking about was some Amats fans incorrigible language, those were the dots that were connected. And it was your very own just sayin that blasted Thropaynot someoneyoure way too smart to not know that fact. And you also know that theres an ongoing feud between the GENERAL and Amat honks over anointing Rio as the next Haden so thats the context. And, nowhere did I ever say that Rio was done after one gameI said his baseball activities would apparently hold him back. Look at this post: As to Rio, last week I said that he’s dedicated to baseball and thus it doesn’t appear that he will develop into the complete QB that Jerry Mac was…in large part because Mac was a VERY GOOD QB. Again, more twisted paranoia..I was clearly talking about the FUTURE and explained that baseball activities were the reason. Youre trying to make something out of nothing. And you obviously read my posts about Rio so when I asked the question whether hes playing baseball, why didnt you just say then that you didnt know? Wouldnt that have stopped the speculation and been easier than having me ask two more times before you gave that very answer?

    JFR, you misinterpreted what Im aboutif these guys want to get into my face then they are going to have my hands around their throats. And you missed the point, which is Ive been accused by many, including YOU, of being a bad example for my kid and CO even though I dont comment in the childish, name-calling, profane manner that so many others do, which includes many of the avowed Amat fans. So, whos the bad character example?

  • just sayin’

    unlike you COCF I can go back and prove what was said instead of twist what was said. you also have a tendency to insert yourself in other conversations too. My initial comment was to our “friend” Observantcat and it was more of a “blast” on him – and didn’t even mention the former QB in questions name!
    “I’ve lost respect for Observantcat’s football knowledge since he trumped Charter Oaks tight end as the next great quarterback. couldn’t win the job at Amat, couldn’t win the job at CO – yet OC had him as the 2nd coming of John Elway.”

    is that the terrible “blast” you’re talking about? In fact it says absolutely NOTHING about the former QB other than he didn’t win the job at Amat (true) and didn’t win the job at CO (also true).

  • FYI

    this is for COCupcakefan and General Turd,0,2107477.story

    I guess Fred & Aram aren’t the only ones


    sgv’s_______ fill the blank,

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