St. Lucy’s enjoys sweep smell of success, beats Los Altos in three

St. Lucy’s was all smiles after sweeping Los Altos Monday in a nonleague match featuring the top two teams in the area.

St. Lucy’s Priory was without one of its top players, and perhaps its most-important piece Monday night.
No problem.
Senior Kailey Faust, substituting for All-CIF-Southern Section setter Jackie Macy, had 28 assists and the host Regents took down Los Altos, 25-17, 25-15, 25-16, in nonleague girls volleyball match that featured the areas top two teams.
St. Lucy’s, also getting 10 kills from senior outside hitter Alissa Young and six from junior opposite Jasmine Warmington, improved to 1-1 after opening the season with with a four-game loss to highly-regarded Los Osos last week.
Los Altos, which won the school’s first CIF-SS divisional title last season and began the year ranked No. 1 in Division 2-A and No. 2 in the area, slipped to 1-1.

St. Lucy’s coach Sean Douglas: I think we are extremely lucky to have a setter like Kailey. She works hard and sometimes its difficult when you are playing behind an All-CIF setter like Macy, but today she stepped in and you saw the results. We’re lucky A lot of teams if they lost their No. 1 setter, would be in trouble. We played great today.”

Los Altos coach Jaime Ornelas: “They are a very good team and this wasn’t one of our better days. Like I said before, we have a few veterans and a few players who have never played varsity volleyball.
“We’re still finding our niche. It was one of those days. It was a good match to give us a reality check.”

Other Scores

Baldwin Park def. Bassett 25-7, 25-15, 25-6
Northview def. Charter Oak 25-12, 14-25, 25-23, 25-19
Nogales def. Pioneer 12-25, 25-21, 27-25, 21-25, 15-13.
Diamond Bar def. Rancho Cucamonga 25-15, 26-28, 17-25, 27-25, 16-14.

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  • vballer

    St. Lucy’s is tough. Without their starting setter and they still dominated. Im not sure a local team will touch them this year. I think Bonita is the next best team in the area. That Hacienda league is going to be a battle. Huge win for Diamond Bar also. 5 gamer over Rancho Cucamonga.

  • vballer

    SL vs LA……….Coaches thanks for a Monday game. With my daughter’s games all on Tues/Thu, it was nice to be able to see the area’s top two teams play.
    Great game. LA was clearly outmatched. Player by player, position by position, SL was clearly the dominant team.
    Quick note to JO (LA’s head coach): You would earn a lot more respect by calling it as it is. To say “you just didn’t have it” and “it wasn’t your night” does not reflect what I saw on the court. You were dominated by a much better team. Give credit where credit is due and then move on. Much more professional approach. Tell others what really happened and tell your girls whatever you need to in order to motivate them. Act the same in defeat as you do when you win.

  • Interesting

    vballer…I was at the game and LA was off beat. I have seen them play when they are on and trust me they were off. Congratulations to SL! LA will do fine.

  • sgvbl

    What are the other big games this week? This is still preseason so there should be some good matchups. Is it true St. Lucy’s-Bonita play tomorrow? Those are the top 2 in the area in my opinion. I believe Walnut-South Hills is later this week.

  • Give Credit where credit is due

    To Interesting: Stop the excuses. LA may have been offbeat but so was SL without the star setter. The backup did a very good job but you only saw a portion of the SL fire power.

    SL moved up in CIF rankings to #2 in DIV II-AA. Los Altos dropped to #2, Bonita #3 in DIV-A.

    South Hills/Walnut game should be a great one.

    SL/Bonita will be a great game too.

  • vballer

    St Lucys at Bonita-Wednesday
    South Hills at Walnut-Thursday

    Does it get any better???????????????

  • LA Coach is a D.B.


    I thought the exact same thing when I saw his comments. Assumming the quote is accurate, he couldn’t even put it into two sentences. “Yeah, they were good, but…” Come on coach, show some more class then that. Having a bad night is one thing, but getting worked in 3 games and not getting more than 17 pts, that is more than just a bad night.

    I will give LA credit for having the most spirited team in the valley. As annoying as it is to listen to, their lower teams never stopped cheering.

  • vballer

    LA Coach is a D.B. said:
    The quotes shown on the blog are one thing…..See the actual paper for more disingenuous quotes
    You can’t be more right about LA fans’ (Frosh and JV teammates) spirit-LA……Loud and Annoying

  • sgvbl

    The Walnut-South Hills battles have been epic in the past. A lot of 5 set finishes. I think this year Walnut may be down a bit so I think South Hills wins this one fairly easily. I also predict St. Lucy’s over Bonita in 3 or 4.

  • Volleyball Mom

    I can’t believe people are complaining about a school having team spirit. It just goes to show how petty people can be. I think it’s great that the other school teams were in support and never gave up on the varsity team. If the team was being disrespectfuly in anyway, I can see how it could be annoying, but otherwise, find something credible to complain about instead of kids hating on kids supporting their school.

  • annonamoose

    Why no coverage of St. Lucys dominating sweep against Bonita? Anyone have the scores?

  • St.Lucy’s/Bonita scores

    27-25, 25-16, 25-20. St. Lucy’s won.

    Bonita had a great crowd. Lots of spirited fans screaming at SL. And SL did a good job of staying composed and doing what they came to do.

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