2-minute drills: Bonita at Santa Fe (w/bold statement by Whittier Daily News’ Andrew Campa) and Muir vs. Amat …

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  • Basic

    Santa Fe put a whooping on the bearcats last year but it really was that QB they had, now that he is gone I see this as a much closer game however the status of C.H. will dictate this game for the Bearcats.

    If C.H. plays I see the Bearcats winning by 10 and if he doesn’t I see the them winning by 3 but don’t kid yourself S.F. will be a TOUGH match-up for the Bearcats and a loss is not far fetched…

    Best of Luck Bearcats…

  • Don

    Campa needs to get out more.

    Andrew, if the Chiefs win, I’ll stand you to lunch and a Banana Cream Shake at Rubi’s.

  • It’s kinda sad with KH not around to bag on our weight.

  • Rowland Man

    Rowland continues to play good football. Ball knows how to win, the kid can pass and run. Keep rowling Rowland!

  • reality

    Even missing some very key people Bonita sucks it up and wins big. The bearcats are very well-conditioned this year and are hitting back hard. They still have a very full cupboard from which to pull out stuff plus an outstanding coaching staff. This game can really prove who they are or who they are not after last weeks drama. Best to Horine

  • JFR


    Could you please just go with the audio with no visual in the future please. It’s bad enough watching Andrew but then you go and throw on Steve and it’s just to hard to watch. Are they related?

  • Rowland Man

    How about a breakdown for the Rowland vs Rosemead game.

  • Rowland Man,

    That’s coming …

  • Johnson and Johnson

    you guys r idiots who make no sense. R u guys coaches?

  • Aaron

    Santa Fe is a solid program, always have been under Jack Mahlstede, however both teams are really different this season.

    This will be another test, however the Bearcats have been playing great team ball and will continue to do so. Greg Spathias has managed the offense well and that running game is the best in years.

    On top of the big boys up front and the linebacking corps which has been stellar, how about Zach Brungard and Matt Gelalich at corner…those two have played amazing football from what I’ve been told.

  • reality

    Since you brought it up Aram I have never met a teenage boy who liked his dad bragging about him either to his pals or on a blog. Most are very humiliated by it and I have raised and worked with young athletes longer than I wish to say. My sons would have been mortified especially in this day and age where highschoolers are on blogs reading and writing 24-7.My best to KH and his son that he writes about but my experience tells me that as of now there are better things he should be doing rather than writing about his boy on this blog.

  • Jackboy

    All of us love our kids more than we ever thought possible, so dont be surprised when someone has something nice to say about their own kid in a Blog. The difference here is kh doesnt hide it! And hes complimenting other kids as well; I respect that, while other parents Blog under an assumed name and only brag about their kids.
    I know kids read these Blogs, my kids read these Blogs. They consider them a joke! Like the comics in the Sunday paper.
    Reality, how many teenage boys do you know? And dont you have better things to do than read about his boy on this Blog?

    Nice Job Aaron!

  • kh

    do something about it.
    wheres your self pride man.
    you guys call people out to chill down alittle bit,
    then i read on your blog. some bloggers calling our kids out saying then could be on some ped.
    thats bull,aram or fred you guys start as much as we dish out,
    i hope you send mr. ped a note on calling kids out on drugs on the blog, guys.in court whos wrong the guy who fabricates the story,or the writer who prints the fabricated story.reality your kid probably is tired of you bull crapping all your son dad storys.

  • No kiddin, you better go ahead and make your Super Bowl futures bets while the odds are really high. The Jets are favored right now.

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