Coveritlive: Bishop Amat welcomes Muir

With the vacation days gone lets get back to business. For the third straight week Mike “The Cousin” Robledo will do Coveritlive from the Bishop Amat-Muir game, another no-brainer whenever you pit two traditional East-West Valley powers. I forget the year, but I can still remember my pop running out of the stands about 15 years ago with his Muir ’58 alumni shirt when the Mustangs beat Amat on a last second Hail Mary at Kiefer. That won’t happen this year, not even close, but I’m sure the family will be there again. However, would you be surprised if Muir hung with Amat? Not at all, this is a team over the years that tends to play to its level of competition and has the athletes to compete with the big boys. If you don’t believe me, ask Charter Oak, who needed a last-second goal line stand to beat Muir in the first-round of the playoffs last year, nearly knocking the Chargers’ back-to-back championship bid out before they had a chance to warm up.

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  • Aaron

    No disrespect but Amat should win big. Muir is a bit banged up and losing two guys is enough as they are only a one deep team.

    Mike should be in Santa Fe Springs covering it live with the top ranked in the Southeast Division: Santa Fe Chiefs faces off the sixth ranked Bonita Bearcats.

  • Amat grad 1990

    That game was in 1989. Worst game ever Fred.

  • Lan C. Erbacker

    Welcome Muir and Muir fans! Gonna be a great Friday night match-up for all involved, players, coaches and most of all…us, The Fans! Friday Night under the lights at Kiefer! Amat’s first Home Game of the year! Let’s put it all together on Friday Lancers and let’s rack a “W”!!! Good Luck to all the boys competing Friday Night and prayers for an injury free night of football throughout the Valley! Go Big Blue!

  • Unreal…

    Aaron, You are wrong.

    Amat should be covered. They are playing a better team and it is our first home game. Muir has speed all over the field so this will be a good game for Amat to get ready for Venice and league.

    Don’t get me wrong… I don’t think every Amat game should be covered (Garfield and Venice) but most should be. They are just bigger games.

    BTW… Amat is currently ranked 19th in the state.

  • Aaron

    Amat has been on cover it live the last two weeks…ergo my point.

  • Coach Pasadena

    Amat loses first game this friday. This could be the headlines on this blog, so don’t count the chickens before they hatch Amat fans.

  • Huckster!!!!!

    Dear Amat 73,

    I know we havent played in about 14 or 15 years, but I want you to know that I am not the same horse that could put up that hell of fight! Im merely a beaten down mule with my glory days long gone!!!!!!! Im going back to the rest of the pack with my down trodden WSGV brethrens.. I have about one or maybe two good horses in the stable and theyre so undisciplined that there is a good chance we will never see them at their highest potential! The other animals in the stable are Wanna Be Stangs!!!! You know that old Funky Flavor Stangs, that is long gone!!!!! You tell me to get there early and that makes me a little apprehensive about the whole event! I feel like you have something there waiting for me, so now Im bothered. I know Im going to get killed, so should I bring some blind folds and not witness my old foe take me apart like I never existed? What little pride I have Ill show up for the beginning of the end of our season!

    John Muir High School used to be Mustangs!

    I just seen Huck and hell be writing you to save Pasadena High School some, so dont eat us all up!

  • Unreal…

    The Dominguez game was a good call for Coveritlive. I think Week 0 should have been Glendora and Charter Oak. Santa Fe vs Bonita? Not so much.

  • Coach Pasadena


    Your funny, but come friday the joke could be on you. I’ll see you on this blog Saturday or will I?

  • Lance R

    Anybody can win on any given night. In what looks to be a picnic for Amat is anything but that. Muir has some athletes on their side and altho Amat is playing well I see a good game brewing. The banged up players for Muir will suit up and play this is a big game for them that I am sure they circled on their calendar. I remember in 2003 going on the road to play Muir and the line was just not moving to get in the stadium, as I approched the gate everyone was going thru a metal detector belt buckles were going off and this really slowed the entrance down. Amat crushed them that nite. Prediction this Friday Amat 34 Muir 20

  • ruserious

    GO LANCERS!!!!

  • AMAT 73

    Huckster are you the one and only StangFan in diguise. What’s with the new name. I just figured you would be at the game so I advised you gert there early as We of the Faithful are chomping at the bit for some AMAT football at home . The crowd should be huge. I will hold a spot in line for you at the IN N OUT truck , how’s that .

  • Huckster!!!!!

    Amat 73,

    Im far from being a Muir fan! I really think Amat will win 56 to 7! Im giving them a touchdown, because I really think they wont even score. I hear it will be a brutal whipping too! Im loving it! I dont think Bishop Amat is a world beater either, but I know Muir is terrible at best! Once Amat get a hold of the game, Muir will really go into the tank and die with their heads kissing their tails! Theyre way to undisciplined and Amat coaching staff will exploit every faze of Muirs game!

  • Amat Dude

    I hope our kids don’t take Muir lightly. These are the games where a seemingly underdog team are motivated to play at the highest level. Think Buster Douglas-Mike Tyson Match.

    Go Lancers! Shut out the Stangs!


    AMAT WILL SHINE!!!!!!!!!



  • jcaz

    Everyone knows that as the first home game of the year, it’s gonna be packed over at Kiefer and like I so often like to say, you’d better get there early to get a good seat because I guarantee you……it’s gonna be azz-hole to belly button tight that night at Kiefer !

  • Another No Brainer

    Another no brainer next week Coveritlive – Bishop Amat v Damien and another no brainer the following week Bishop Amat v Cathedral and another no brainer the week after that Bishop Amat v Venice and another brainer the week after that well you get Fred’s point right???

  • AMAT 73

    You got that right Jcaz . Hey werd up nice to hear from you . I was beginning to think you got lost as you have been so quiet . Anyway nice to see you are in mid season form on your posts. I see you’ve changed up your spelling sucks this year. Did you get a thesaurus for Christmas last year.

  • FredJ

    Oh no, next week’s Coveritlive is Diamond Ranch, Diamond Bar…We might even do South Hills- Monrovia on Thursday night..

  • The Stang Fan

    Amat 73,

    Friday night is going to be exciting! The stands will be packed, the sun will be setting, and the asada and In-n-Out will be wafting in the late summer breeze….unfortunately for the Stangs there will have to be a kickoff.

    Bottom line is this, the Stangs are mangled right now. And I mean big-time. I mentioned on Aram’s blog before that this squad is a one-deep team. That’s it. The 1’s are damn good, and if healthy, this would have been a good fight. But that’s not the case at this moment. Amat (and it hurts me to write this) shouid win by 25+. If Davis is not starting under center, a possibility as reported in the PSN, it could be worse.

    I’m hoping the boys will go out and bust their a**es and put up a good fight that’ll prepare them for league. After this game they have a bye-week to rest and get healthy and we can make some noise in the playoffs.

    I wanted this game so bad, for so long. Hopefully, Amat will renew the contract, as I remember this was just a one-year thing. But I doubt it’ll happen. Smh…damn!

  • Coach Pasadena

    Amat fans,

    So if Amat loses to the stangs you Amat fans need to shut up for the rest of the season? See you friday nite.

  • AMAT 73

    Hit and run baby hit and run . No just kidding. When I saw the reports that your QB was questionable for the game and others it was kind of a let down. I too hope the contract gets renewed for at least a couple of more games. Hopefully it opens up the Pasadena pipeline to AMAT because you folks have some great talent in the Pasadena area. Either way I expect a hard fought battle and the Mustangs will bring all they can this Friday . Hopefully both our teams get through without any major injuries . Good luck and enjoy the game.

  • Lan C. Erbacker

    Stang Fan, are you giving me/us/The Lancers, the Lou Holtz treatment or what? Not for one moment do I believe the Stangs show up anything but ready to kick our butts, hurt, hobbled or otherwise! The Lancers will be ready and I hope your Stags are too! Good Luck Friday Stang Fan. No injuries and a good game, it’s gonna be fun, first home game of the year! Gotta Love It! Go Big Blue!!!!

  • Lan C. Erbacker

    Stang Fan, I meant “Stangs” are ready, not stags, no disrespect. Go Lancers!

  • Jastrab

    On the critically important topic of food, I heard a rumor at the Upland scrimmage that the In-n-Out truck is going to be replaced with a custom BBQ truck. Can anyone add or subtract from this rumor?

    I love BBQ, but I need that Double-Double Friday.


  • Lan C. Erbacker

    Then this should make you happy because you’ll get the best of BOTH worlds…IT’S IN ADDITION TO THE IN-N-OUT TRUCK!!! ENJOY! BOY, IT JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER OVER AT AMAT!!Go Big Blue!!!

  • Joe Amat

    It’s my understanding that their will be a BBQ truck (owned by an alum) in addition to the In-n-Out truck. I hope it stays that way!

  • JFR

    Not even close, Amat in a runaway 38-7!

  • this guy

    This guy SGV BEST is unbelievable. Man youre a complete clown and get real already. I can see you having some great stats against BA, but your comments are like from some kids coloring books, come on already grow up. I mean all you can come up with is FREAKIN MENUDO, wasnt that last years joke. I mean, try something else like face book or whatever book, come on your boring now. Dude get a grip already, and in your mind do you think your some type of jester?



    I don’t know how long that post will stand but Breaking News you make a hell and I do mean a hell of a point. It is a shame and a black mark on our blog THE SGV that that type of post had to be made to prove a point many and I mean many have tried to bring to light to the moderator of the blog. It’s one thing to bag on a school but to take on a city’s image and also a race of people who ive in that community is in no way related to sports but has been allowed to continue for as you say over a year now. I doubt this will go thru but Dammit Fred grow a pair and shut him down .

  • Jastrab

    Man….BBQ and In-N-Out it really does get better and better. I hear the truck is something to see and I am pleased that both will be avaialble to the fans.


  • Streak!!!

    Amat Undefeated at home in the Hagerty Era

  • SGVsBest

    Muir 28 – BishopNation JAA Lancers 12….!
    OVER RATED…!!!

  • jcaz

    73, I had heard a rumor as to why WERD UP went missing for so long.

    Apparently, WERD UP had gotten into trouble because he forgot his wedding anniversary. From what I was told, his wife was really really ticked off at him.

    She told him, “Tomorrow morning, I expect to find a gift in the driveway that goes from 0 to 200 in 6 seconds…..AND IT BETTER BE THERE WERD UP !!”

    The next morning he got up early and left for work. When his wife woke up, she looked out the window and sure enough there was a box
    gift-wrapped in the middle of their driveway.

    Confused, WERD UP’s wife put on her robe and ran out to the driveway, and brought the box back into the house.

    She opened it and found a brand new bathroom scale.

    That explained why WERD UP had been missing for such a long time….


    Like every school that Amat faces, Muir will definitely step up their game. Ruiz is still green as well. Without Ruiz’s 2 interceptions, the score for the Dominguez game would have been Amat 28,Dominguez 8. A win is a win but Muir is another extremely fast team with a speedy secondary. I think this one is going to be closer than expected.

    Amat 28, Muir 14

  • Observantcat

    First of all, Sgv best doesn’t represent any African American I know of when making these comments but as for the rebuttal comments they are just as racist or even worse. If you feel that insecure about the things that sgv best is saying on this blog then take it up with the higher ups at the Tribune. Because to come on here and show your true colors only makes matters worse even if it is a sample of how you may really feel toward the race of the person you are rebutting against. It’s time for the both of you to Grow a pair and leave your personal insults and points of view where they belong, (IN THE GARBAGE CAN) Yes this is a sports blog and most of you who really care about sports will over look the pitiful comments made on here concerning race, culture and moreso socialization. But dont let his small words spread by you being the messenger of reason, because it doesn’t work and it spills down the wrong side of the glass. Have some class and dignity to ignore what a fool says and do what a fool does.


  • Good Point

    I think the African-American community are more sensitive when it comes to dealing with these racial overtones. Don’t you agree? The Hispanic Blogging community has put up with this racist SGVsWorst with touchy stereotypes for over a year and the tribune has done zilch about it. Maybe it was a bad idea, however,it made for a good argument. There should be a zero tolerance policy towards any racially slurred comments made on these sports blogs Period!

  • COChargerfan

    jcaz…nice joke but you probably just gave SGVsBest some new material (as if he needs any) especially after all the In-N-Out and BBQ truck talk.

    And I long suspected that the “Best” is Hispanic…because hes purposely obnoxious and not just the stupid fool that some of you guys believe because he knows that one can’t be accused of being a racist against their own raceyou cant so what next? So, he might be obnoxious, but in a twisted brilliant waylooks like once again he got the BEST of you guys. Now, Im not endorsing him or condoning his methods but can appreciate a good jokeisnt that right jcazbecause its all about shiatz and kicks. Still laughing about Chupacabrahow many of you guys got the irony that it is a goat-like creature and the Best is always trying to get your goat?

  • just askin’

    OC – what makes what he said “even worse”?

  • FYI

    La Puente Bishop Amat’s Rio Ruiz is a standout at football and baseball. Right now he doesn’t want or need to choose one over the other.,0,2107477.story

  • It was me (I’m the writer)

    I simply took SGVsBest’s racial comment and changed it so that it was aimed toward African Americans. It was unfortunate that I had to resort to doing this but I wanted to GRAB people’s attention. I think I succeeded. Again, it was extreme but sometimes extreme circumstances call for extreme measures.

    Racism must always be addressed because ignoring it does absolutely no good. Racism is a cancer and like all cancers we must find a way to eliminate it.

    Thank you Fred for removing SGVsBest’s racial comment and for removing my racial comment. And again, I apologize to you and everyone else that had to read it.

    Anyways, best of luck to all teams this week! IT’S FOOTBALL TIME IN THE SGV!

  • Anonymous

    I also suspect this guy to be an imposter of Latino descent which makes it all the more reason to ignore his message of HATE. If you see a fire, go the other way!



  • Blog Police

    COCHARGERFAN – sgv’sworst is a CHUPAsomething, but it aint no cabra, Ha Ha. ALSO, it’s not a goat like creature, it’s a DOG! Maybe this is directed toward Husky fan?

  • Lt. John DumbBear


    Why am I not surprised that you would find SGVsBest entertaining or that his methods are “brilliant?”

    How do you know Best is Mexican American? Because he knows some Spanish or that he claims to be Hispanic? LMAO!!! What a tiny world you live in, old man.

    I HAVE AN IDEA! Let’s see how many other Charter Oak fans agree that SGVsBest comments are funny! THIS SHOULD BE GOOD!

    And, idiot….JCAZ’s joke was not racial in nature. Don’t you know the difference? STOP BSing this blog. EVERYONE knows that you support SGVsBest because HE TARGETS BISHOP AMAT.

    So the question is, do you find him entertaining because he targets Bishop Amat or….(wait a sec!)because he targets Mexican Americans??? It MUST BE one and/or the other because it’s all he ever talks about. He’s been bashing Mexican Americans and Bishop Amat for over a year now.

    And yet….you continue to find it brilliantly entertaining? WTF?

    Now comes the part when you dance around and deny that you support that other moron or that we misunderstood you or that people are just being paranoid…etc, etc, etc.

    Everyone, including the other CO bloggers (who are really cool) can see your true colors. You wear them on your sleeve with every comment you post.


    And I quote, ” one cannot be accused of being racist against their own race. Altough it is a movie have you seen A Soldiers Story where the black sargent purposely taunts the Ginchy a term he uses for a uneducated black man in to punching him so he can level charges on him and get him thown in the stockade for the fact that he feels this person makes the Black man look bad. Granted it is a movie but it is a fact of life and does happen in real life. Now you say he may be obnoxious but in a twisted brilliant way and it looks like he got the BEST of you guys. Who do you mean by you guys, Mexicans or Amat honks please clarify . Now you wrote this, that all the In and Out and BBQ truck talk has given him new material , in what manner , towards the Amat honks or the Mexicans or the Amat Mexican American community. But like you say you do enjoy a good joke and you are still laughing at the chupacabra . I think the main one who is twisted is you and that sense of humor of yours is pathetic . COCF you are a disgrace to the good bloggers of CO and by some of their posts I think that group is growing by the day . I used to think you did have some smarts but after your can’t be racist against your own race , well that say it all .


    The collection of the greatest Triumvirate of Idiots ever to hit the blog. Come COCF let’s see you double talk your way out of this mess you have brought upon yourself.

  • Good Question…”Watch this Movie”

    “…he got the BEST of you guys. Who do you mean by you guys, Mexicans or Amat honks please clarify .”

    That is an AWESOME question, WATCH THIS MOVIE. Everyone on this blog knows that SGVsBest is a racist and hates BA. He combines his hate for both on every post. I’m not surprised either that COCF finds him entertaining. If COChargerfan says that he’s funny because he slams BA, then COCF is a liar because he has claimed to support and actually “root” for BA numerous times in the past. If COChargerfan says that he’s funny becuse he targets Hispanics, then he’s a racist. It’s very simple. SGVsBest only comments with these two aspects. So it’s obvious that COCF supports one or the other. So which is it COCF? What’s so funny or entertaining about SGVsBest’s racial comments toward Bishop Amat? And please do not insult us by now making light of the situation. And please, do not insult us by stating that “he’s funny because he gets a rise out of you guys.”

    You’ve backed yourself into a corner once again, COCF. How embarrassing for the other good Charter Oak people…

  • what it is

    chupacabre is not a “goat-like” creature but one who preys on goats. COCF screws up again!

  • jcaz

    Heres my take on SGVB.

    First of all, I do think that he is Hispanic but because of what he says and the way he says it, I think that perhaps he has an emotional issue of self shame about being a person of Hispanic decent.

    Additionally, I also kinda believe that he is an adolescent because I don’t believe that an adult would continue to come on this blogg and act as childish as he has for such a long time.

    Case in point, do you all remember Donky boy ?
    Well, this guy used to come in here and slam the Amat family in much the same was as tis does now. He used to be the very same boggie man and used to act very much in the same fashion as we currently see in both WERD UP and in SGVBest.

    The only difference was that ultimately, Donky boy, along with a few others such as anonymous, and Basic actually ended up contributing to this blogg on a regular basis.

    Now as all of you well know, there are people out there right now who will always belive in a conspiracy or two, and I for one can tell you that I am one of those folks who actually believed that there was someone up there on that grassy Knowles many many years ago.

    So I guess that because of that, I actually believed that there was reason why he was allowed to continue for so long in here.
    It was a conspiracy on the moderators part to keep you all tuned in !

    Yup. Make no mistake about it, both Fred and Steve are much smarter than all of you think because if you doubt for even an instance what I am just said right now, then just take a minute to look over all the hits that you see here just on this one guy alone. Heres what I mean by al of that.

    Like I said, I used to believe that allot of these types of blogers were plants on this blogg, or as they like to call them in Vegas shills.

    Interestingly, I often wondered that if he were in fact a blogger who came in here and continually bashed another program (Say Chaster Oak for the sake of argument)then who long would he have been allowed to continue ?

    Anyway, like I said, I used to believe that. But not any more.

    And yes, even after saying all of that, and after being on this blog as long as I have, I dont really believe that these types of bloggers are in fact shills so to speak, especially after seeing ARAM ban SGVBest from his blogg.

    However, I do believe that they are allowed to present their point of view or expertise on this forum simply because they draw out so many comments from so many of you. And lets face it, because of this type of behavior, this blog prospers. Am I not correct ? I mean, just look at this as objectively as you can !

    Anyway, so what right ?


    The fact and the issue is this person should have been banned along time ago .This is not the place for the racial posts. The anti Amat posts we can live with because as time goes on the team is making sgvsbests look even stupider than he has ever looked or we could ever imagine one person to be . Now his tune has Miur beating Amat by 16 . Those posts are being taken care of on the field where they should be . Remember the no defense call by him and also big bad Garfield beating us up physically . Well a big goose egg in that one for Garfield to a team with no defense by his observations of the team over the summer. It’s the racist posts which have no place here and by them being allowed is just as bad as the posts themselves.

  • jcaz

    My point was that:

    1. He is a child
    2. He is of Hispanic decent, but ashamed of it
    3. Controversy generates hits on this blog
    4. Because of all of that, I thought he was a Shill (in order to generate more “hits”)
    5. I believe in conspiracies
    6. But, I no longer believe that now because of what Aram did to him.

    That about sums it all up….


    Its true,
    The P-Train is coming to town… A brand new 30 foot long BBQ… built like a locomotive with a fully operational horn, whistle and bell…So come hungry!!!

    ON BLUE!!!

  • the critc

    Muir will try there hardest tomorrow against amat muir is playing without starting qb jeff davis and captain danny huerta. on a good note dai dai mcfadden has returned but not fully healthy i hear he’s going to be playing with his fingers taped up one which still has the stitches in them from where the bone broke through his finger. also trevion yates ankle kevon seymor ankle sam hutchinson ribs tairen owens knee but they all will try to give it a go to help save some face for muir….

  • Miss Glendora

    Coach Pasadena: I think you should pass on this one, and stay home!

  • COChargerfan

    Its not me dancing, but some of your guys lack of reading and critical thinking skills (see the Bertrand Russell quote). Because, I specifically said that I dont condone or endorse SGVsBestand I dontbut I can still dislike the content but still appreciate his handiwork, namely, getting some of you all lathered up including assuming that he is some sort of white supremist and, bam, he drops the Im Mexican get out of jail free card on youthats the twisted (i.e. not normal) brilliance. And the ONLY thing that I found funny was his Chupacabra referencethats itso DumbBear learn to read and quit making crap up.

    I saw A Soldiers Story a few timesso what? Let me ask this question, doesnt the African American community reserve the right to call each other the N word? Clearly, racism isnt defined by what is being said (i.e. the CONTENT) but, instead, by the race of WHO is saying it and of the PERSON that is the subject of the comments. So, if a Mexican calls another Mexican a CHOLO, is that racismisnt the correct answer NO? I dont make up the rules so dont try to blame me if you dont agree.

    Dont kid (get it?) yourself for a moment because I know all about the Chupacabra, including that it is a FICTIONAL creature (i.e. IT ISNT REAL) so I find it interesting that some of you are certain that you KNOW what it looks like. So Im wondering, what does the boogieman look like? See, my Chupa looks like a goat which is why it is able to live among the goats yet never been seenyours can look like a lizard, dog or whatever you like. So, I wouldnt be surprised that the ChupaBEST has spent some time at Amat games or even went to the school there, so he is hiding among you yet you cant see him… because youre looking in the wrong place!

    And jcazs joke made fun of WERD Up for having a 200 lb wifeso he made fun of FAT WOMENjust wondering for the PC police, isnt that just as bad as a Menudo reference? And do I really have to explain the connection between a persons weight and eating In-N-Out and BBQ (see Bertrand Russell quote again)?

    And Im still waiting for one of you guys to explain why calling people stuff like idiots, morons and dimb azz is any different than dropping a Menudo reference? Like Ive said before, you want to retain the right to talk like jackasses but at the same time want to censor everyone that throws it back in your face. And you dont get why I keep bringing this upbecause if youd stop then guys like the BEST would quickly run out of material and then fade away…and then we could focus more on football.

  • Huckster!!!!!

    I’m a Pasadena Alum and Muir will lose by 50 tonight! Even if they had Jeff Davis or Huerta! They’re not the same Muir team that Amat has played in past years….. They have no running game and the passing game are all streaks! I don’t see them scoring against the starters of Amat! My prediction is Muir 0 Bishop Amat 70!

  • Blog Police

    COCHARGERFAN – Fair enough, your ChupaBest is a goat. The difference between calling someone an idiot, dimb azz, shite head etc, etc is calling out an INDIVIDUAL. Rude? Yes, non the less, you are usually addressing the actions or commenting on an INDIVIDUAL. That is considered a rude personal attack. Now, let’s say one where to call all Chinks (I will switch it up here) dimb azz’s, then this would cross over to a derogatory RACIAL reference towards Asians. Even if I said all you rice eating (here is your menudo reference) Walnut, Rowland Heights fans are dumb azz’s, I would still be dropping a racial comment because the nationality mix of those cities is highly Asian and if you are from the fish-bowl (opps, no malice intended) you would know this. The reference to rice eaters is in the context of a racial slur….am I making sense? The jist of my arguement COCHARGER FAN is that while calling individuals out regarding their reasoning and comprehension abilities IS often done in a Rude and Insulting manner on this blog, SGV’sChupa is out right Racist in his postings as he attacks a class of people using racist innuendos and posts with racial overtones. Think about it. If you want to call me a dumb@ss for this post, that is your prerogative. I would think it unjust but, hey, that would be your opinion and it would also say alot about you. It would be an attack on me is my point. Call me a menudo eating idiot and you are off base and out of pocket. Get it? Anyway, This is the last I will post on this IDIOT (individual attack) as I can see that our BLOG MODERATOR has by his inaction, chosen his course of action (listen to Dr Martin Luther King’s speech regarding the silence and inaction of the Majority). To end on a football note, since this is a High School Football Blog….Good Luck to all Teams in the Valley this evening. Play hard, respect your opponents and remain injury free. High School Football is a once in a lifetime deal boys, don’t waste it!


    How did I know you would totally avoid my questions to you .You said one could not be a racist against ones own race. I referred to a movie incedent about it and you come with the N word referrence. Not the same thing, the sargent did it because the back country , uneducated African American man through his actions and beliefs in the eyes of the lighter skinned, educated sargent, were a disgrace to the African American race but you choose to dance around the real question. Inter-race racism which you said is not possible.Even though you say “no” on your cholo thinking , bad example (see above on the sargent ) unless one thinks only Mexicans are in fact cholos then it becomes a racist comment much to your pal sgvs cutting the lawn tomorrow comment . A cholo is a cholo regardless of race or color. We know the difference do you? Just watch American Me for a few examples. Those movies sure come in handy. Now you do make sense on the trucks when it come to weight jokes (being fat although I have only seen him refer to fat Mexicans so are you speaking of that or fat Amat honks) sgvs makes so thanks for the answer maybe, but you still haven’t answered who the question of who are ” you guys” that “he got the best of again” , Amat honks , Mexicans , or the Amat Mexican American community. Unless you can tell which of his insults belong to who, and by the way you post you probably can in your mind.

  • Good Point

    Common sense knows that calling a black man an idiot or calling all African Americans watermelon and fried chicken eating Nword are not the same. One is a personal attack like someone already stated, and the other one is considered a racist hate crime, punishable with a fine and jail time. That’s not okay. Comment to be deleted for sure.

    Now you are saying that when you call me an idiot and call on the entire Mexican/Hispanic community a paleta cart pushing, fat menudo taco truck eating chubacabra beer drinking beaners….That’s okay? No hate crimes broken!

    A duck is a duck as much a racist is a racist. You can be of Mexican descent and be ashamed of your own race as you have alluded SGVWorst to be. If he is in fact hispanic and hates his own race and makes racist hispanic comments even about his own race that is fine with me, but don’t do so publicly especially on these sports blogs where kids can read it.

    Now back to my Mexican Novelas….they got some hot latina Mexican bikini babes on there!

  • jcaz

    Hey, I kinda thought that last joke was kinda funny……

    Oh well…

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