Will Azusa go undefeated? Scherf admits they’re thinking about it after Bell Gardens win

“That’s always a goal because we’ve been 9-1 the past two seasons. It would be great to be undefeated before the playoffs. I’m sure it’s in the back of the kids’ heads. But we have to take it one game at a time.”Azusa coach Joe Scherf

By Aram Tolegian
Among other great things to come out of Azusa’s stunning 48-0 rout of Bell Gardens was it cleared the way for the Aztecs to finish the regular season with a 10-0 record. If it sounds foolish to talk about such a feat just one game into the season, it may not be considering Azusa’s loss to Bell Gardens last season was the only thing that prevented the Aztecs from finishing 10-0.

With Bell Gardens out of the way, it’s not a stretch to say Azusa will be considerable favorites in its next nine games.

“That’s always a goal because we’ve been 9-1 the past two seasons,” Aztecs coach Joe Scherf said. “It would be great to be undefeated before the playoffs. I’m sure it’s in the back of the kids’ heads. But we have to take it one game at a time.”

That game this week is Ontario Christian on Thursday at Citrus College. Kickoff is 7 p.m.

The win against Bell Gardens even surprised Scherf. Azusa lost to Bell Gardens 34-6 last year. But Scherf felt his team had some legitimate excuses in that game.

“Having a lot of kids coming back from last year, it was a bitter taste in their mouths,” Scherf said. “During last year’s game, we lost our best player. Then we lost our best lineman to a concussion.

“We still didn’t expect anything like that. We thought we could win. We thought it would be a lot closer. We were just very happy to get out there and play.”

Scherf isn’t worried about a hangover effect against Ontario Christian.

“Our boys are pretty humble, they know our success is related to our preparation in the weight room and practice,” Scherf said. “There’s not really an overconfidence we allow to happen. And if we do, we’ll do a lot of running.”

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  • Hmmmm

    Might want to change the title from Montebello win to Bell Gardens win.


    Good to see the Coach of AZUSA getting some POSITIVE EXPOSURE! I just want to mention that Coach Scherf, is also a great person who is very approachable and will take the time to sit down and talk to you. Hes concern about his players on and off the field and will discuss any problems with the parents. Most schools have the luxury of having the players play only on offense and will not play defense or vise of versa, but these smaller schools dont have that luxury, so many of these players will play both ways and will be exhausted by the 4th quarter and become ineffective come CRUNCH TIME. Ive seen happen for many years.

    Take for instance last years playoff game against San Dimas; AZUSA was doing well the first 3 quarters, but the Defense was getting exhausted, and San Dimas running game took over and AZUSA could not stop the run, so thats when the BOTTOM FELL OUT. When you have your Halfback who was running for touchdowns in the beginning of the game, but was also playing defensive cornerback on Defense, SOMETHING IS GOING TO GIVE!

    This season AZUSA seems to have a good amount of players and hopefully Coach Scherf, can keep his key players from playing both ways! Especially come playoff time! Ive seen a couple of Articles on AZUSA, on how theyre going to run the table and go undefeated this season and honestly, I dont know if thats good or bad, my reasons are that puts a BIG BULLSEYE on you, and there will be a lot of teams gunning for you.

    Coach Scherf, you have brought excitement to the City of AZUSA and heck when you have the Mayor of Azusa come out to congratulate you, and even invite to City Hall, thats called JOB SECURITY!!! You see it all the time coaches getting fired. Who would have thought that AZUSA had a DIAMOND in the Rough, waiting to take over the program and do what youve been doing, and what you have accomplished in two seasons!

    So I will end with this, Good Luck to you and your coaching staff this season and I know youll have the AZTECS ready to go, because it showed last Friday night. You dont go to someones home stadium and put up that many points! Oh yeah, now they know who AZUSA is.




  • Hefe

    Azusa plays a bunch of creampuffs, so an undefeated season isn’t a stretch.

  • AzusA

    YO, HEFER,

    is calling you all cream puffs and what are you going to do about it…

    Sept. 16 Ontario Christian
    Sept. 23 Gabrielino
    Oct 1. at La Puente
    Oct. 8 Sierra Vista
    Oct. 15 Bassett
    Oct. 22 at Duarte
    Oct. 28 at Ganesha
    Nov. 5 at Workman
    Nov. 12 Gladstone

  • Hey Aztecs, laugh now, and cry later!!

    Azusa will go undefeated. I don’t know if that is Good for them. If you can look down your schedule, and every game is a shoe in… well your not doing yourselves any favors. Undefeated only means something when you have tough schedule. Being a wild cat, we saw undefeated teams lose in playoffs or finals. Maddox now knows that it may better going 12-2 with a title, that 11-1 or 13-1 and lose in playoffs or finals. I hope the Aztecs are ready for Them Semis or better. Those games get pretty tough, and if you have not studied, you won’t pass the test. Honestly you won’t see the Aztecs or Arroyo in the Finals. That tough semifinal game is going to weed them out. Monrovia, San Dimas, BP, and Schurr are taking their lumps now in preseason, but when it comes to playoff times, those scares are going to remind them and help them pull through. I think those teams will be in the semis.

  • The guru

    WOW azusa is a bunch of cream puffs! you guys dont play anyone!! You play teams that might as well be JAA Midget teams common your going to get up in the playoffs and lose second round or semis tops! never will u make it to the show!! and Schurr aint nothing who ever put that is dumb lost to a not so good Cantwell team! and CANTU = OVERRATED!!!!!!!!!

  • Honest Observer

    Wow I did not know AHS’s schedule is that bad! They better go 10-0. Even going undefeated won’t get them a number one seed in the playoffs. Come on be serious. This is not fair. No one should be allowed to have Nine scrimmages! We should put them in San Gabriel Valley junior all american League…They might as well played the Azusa Raiders, Covina Vinkings, and Duarte hawks.Geesh. This schedule is crap. Outside of blair, it could be the worst in the midvalley. But at least blair is in a better league. When you are in the worst league in the division, you can’t afford to schedule a weak preseason. I mean you don’t want to be playing your first real game in the playoffs. They could have at least scheduled 3 good team off of last years showing. Just because bell gardens spanked them last year, does not qualify them as a good team this year. For argument sake, I will say Bell Gardens was a good team. I’ll give the coach at Azusa credit, he has done a great job, but He knows what he has over there. He is trying to build his team up by scheduling all winnable preseaon games. Their league should only be allowed to have one team in the playoffs.Will anyone in their league be over .500 besides Azusa. If you think your going to waltz in to the playoffs and win because you have the best team in your Schools history, you got another thing coming. Last year no one know about them, they snuck up on some people. This year people will be gunning for them, and you are going to have to bring your A game. Everyone knows the Aztecs will be out by the semis. They will be riding high in some fake world where Azusa is a contender. Now if they would have scheduled 2 more decent, and i mean decent teams, I would say Azusa is a contender. But until the first round of the playoffs, they will not be challenge at all. The Aztec pyramid will come crumble down, and you can blame the coach for not getting his team battle tested at that point.I say Fly High AHS. If you lose even one game in the schedule you will be out of all the rankings. See you Nov 19th.

  • AzusA

    Hey Guru,

    Before you start running your mouth, and look like a complete idiot. Why dont you go and check out one of those books called, HOW NOT TO LOOK LIKE AN UNEDUCATED DUMMIE ON THE BLOGS! Im sure you seen them at your local book stores, titled BOOKS FOR DUMMIES??? But maybe not, because Im sure thats the last place you would enter.

    Heres a tip, write your little message on Microsoft word and your computer will pick up any misspelled words like (COMMON)??? Are you kidding me, you cant spell come on? After when youre done retard, with your insignificant little insults, you cut & paste, and place it on Freds little comment box. Press submit and your little pathetic message will go into cyberspace and up your AZZ!

  • FredJ

    Montview is not the worst league in the Mid-Valley, that belongs to the Mission Valley League. Azusa also beat Covina two years in a row in the playoffs (the same Colts that beat West Covina) and San Marino in last year’s quarterfinals. Beating Bell Gardens was no small task either. I would agree it’s not the toughest schedule, but it’s not the easiest either. In the future, however, I would like to see Azusa play the better divisional teams in nonleague like Monrovia, San Dimas, Arroyo or Rosemead, that would be a great gauge in terms of how far their program has come. But make no mistake, Scherf deserves a huge amount of respect for turning the pulse of that program around. Players aren’t leaving Azusa anymore, it starts right there.

  • R.Meza

    There is only one thing I can say about all of you fools posting trash and that is HATERS.You should use your real name to post you cowards.Coach Scherf and his staff are doing a great job with the team.Go AZTECS so all these Haters bring the title home.


    Thanks Fred for your input!

    Hopefully by placing your comment, it can make some of these BIAS commentators go hide underneath a ROCK!

    Fred you where at both games, when AZUSA played against Covina and Duarte several seasons ago and come on those were some great games! I agree with you about AZUSA having to play some BIGGER NAME schools, but what is wrong with playing Bell Gardens again, I mean they beat us soundly last year, and even you had us losing to them this year. Also look how far Ontario Christian went last season and Im sure theyll be playing real hard to WIN. This will be Coach Scherfs third season and look what hes ACCOMPLISHED. To tell you the truth Im hoping some BIGGER NAME school doN’T offer him a head coach proposition and he leaves. WOW, would that be a sock to the stomach!

    Fred I just want to also mention lets not forget about Coach Beltran, whos the offensive coordinator. This Coach, who was the Freshmen Coach, was outstanding and I believe he won the league every year he was the head coach. This guy has a great personality with the players and gets along real good with them and never puts players down. Coach Scherf brought him up in his first season as head Coach. Im sure Coach Beltran will definitely be a head Varsity Coach some where. Also lets not also forget the defensive Coaches (BEETLE, MUNCIE) have been doing an OUTSTANDING job as instructors.

    Well Fred like you stated, its a start and we continue to build off that!


  • Azusa Azusa

    I don’t think any one is saying Azusa is a bad team. Or the coach is not doing great job. People recognize that their schedule is terrible and ok they play in the 2nd worst league in the division. There is no other way to look at it. There is not one ranked team on that list. Azusa’s Schedule is very weak. They have a great coach! How long Will he stay there, that is the real question and No one knows. Is there enough talent in Azusa to keep a coach like that? Anyhow, as the season goes on, they won’t have the stregnth of schedule to get the # one seed in the Mid Valley. That’s just how it goes. After having sucess for two seasons, the coach should have scheduled some teams worth playing. It would have helped for the playoffs. Alot of mid valley teams took chances by scheduling up. It will pay off later for them. I am afraid Azusa is going to get into a dog fight in the playoffs and not know what to do. Hopefully they will hold up.

  • Aram-FredJ sprinkle us with your Mid Valley thoughts ?

    Hey guys, who do you have in the mid valley semis. I know it depends on the brackets, but who do you think will make it?

  • Understanding Scheduling


    Everyone keeps bagging on Scherf for scheduling down. But first, you need to understand a thing or two about scheduling.

    Year 1: Scherf inherited his schedule in his first year, which was set up by the previous head coach, schuster. While anyone would agree that was the weakest schedule known to man, he really didn’t have anything to do with it, and did a pretty good job with the hand he was dealt. Every win was a blowout, and he had wins in games that everyone had picked them to lose in (Duarte, with the Canada’s, and Covina).

    Year 2: Scherf’s first year to pick his own schedule, he steps it up a notch. While BG, OC, and Gabrielino aren’t powerhouses, they are better competition than before. And really, overall they were pretty good competition for Azusa. Also, more big wins came against OC, La Puente, and San Marino, all projected losses by calpreps and sgv sportswriters
    Year 3: Everyone wants to say after making the Semi’s he should have stepped it up. Newsflash, when teams schedule opponents, it’s almost always on two year contracts. So it is what it is for now.
    Year 4: Rumor has it Scherf has already scheduled a Midvalley Powerhouse for week 1 next year, but I’m not gonna give that one away.

    All in all, you can say what you want about the schedule, but 3 years ago, Azusa was mediocre at best in the same weak league and schedule. Scherf has done a great job of turning things around, and I’m sick of seeing all the trash talk. If you don’t like it, then read something else. Give Azusa their moment in the spotlight once in a while.

  • Trojan Man

    Great Job Azusa.
    Keep winning.

    Azusa is EARNING respect one game @ a time.


  • I understand I know

    Understanding Scheduling

    You make me laugh. Scherf fell into a great postion. I know Schuster and he left the program way better than when he took it over. He was the one who started the turn around and when Scherf stepped in he just had to follow the road map Schuster set up.

    Schuster set the schedule soft to help them learn how to win because believing is half the battle. Schuster would still be there if not for poor adminstration and a horrible AD. From talking to him I know he had a hard time walking away from the team he was leaving but he could not deal with the principal and AD.

    There is no dought Scherf has done a good job but do not try to make Scherf this masterful coach. He fell into a good situation that was already set up by the previous coach. It makes me laugh when people think he will leave for a better postion. He will not leave because he did not bulid the program he fell into it. If he had to build it he would not know where to start. Again, I am not putting him down I know this from talking to other coaches. (and yes before you ask I have talked with coach Scherf before and I am not impressed with his football knowledge) He does get his players to play hard and he is following the road map very well.

    You seem like you know Scherf so tell him to schedule a power out side the division. Play West Covina, South Hills, Glendora, Charter Oak, or somebody that has won for years.

    Ontario Christian is 2 divisions below Azusa, Bell Gardens didn’t make the playoffs last year, and Gabrielino has sucked for about 10 years too! That is not a step up on Scherf’s part that is still a stinky schedule. Just as the schedule he inherited is stinky. Both smell of $hit one is Dog and the other is Cat.

    Your Midvalley week 1 opponent next year is San Dimas it is not a surprise. Scherf may think San Dimas will be down but he better watch out the Saints will be marching strong next year!


    soft schedule or not, there is a nice buzz around the city that hasnt been felt since the days of former aztec great and pomona pitzer record breaking qb jack ramirez was at the helm…there was a time where the aztecs were the doormat of the montview…soft non. conf or not, the major task at hand is always league…so credit to the staff for turning the tables and brushing off the “homecoming game” status…

  • Doubt it

    Schuster may have a great base of football knowledge, but I think Scherf is the better head coach. If you are saying that Schuster would have done just as well or better with the same teams as Scherf, I just don’t think that’s the case. Scherf is a way better play caller (he was held back under Schuster), but more than that, he is better at unifying a team. I know both coaches, and respect each of them. But Scherf is the better head coach. Yes, he was handed a team in 08, but 09, this year and beyond, there is no doubt these are his teams.


    WOW, good to see some FANS from AZUSA come on the BLOG and bring up some GREAT TOPICS! My son played for both coaches and I have nothing but respect for both coaches and will not say anything negative about them. Every Coach will have different styles of coaching. Schuster had the tires and your tire was your partner for practice the entire summer, if you did something wrong either in practice or the game, well you would run the track with the tire around your waist I was told.

    So all coaches have their own style on how they prepare for the up coming games. But what matters most is, HOW THE COACH, IS COACHING ON GAMEDAY AND WHEN THOSE LAST SECONDS WIND DOWN, WITH THE CLOCK READING OO: OO, BOTTOM LINE THE TEAM WITH THE MOST POINTS WINS THE GAME! Well for one of those coaches, that didnt happen to many times and there would be a lot of angry fans in the stands. I can remember my daughter attending one of those games, and she was completely clueless about how the GAME OF FOOTBALL was played. Come on, you all know what Im talking about, like OUR WIFES! LOL
    Well anyways my daughter is watching her brother on the field and turns to me and asks is this all this coach knows how to do? Meaning, run the ball right, run the ball left or have the quarter back continuously run the ball. We all know this will not work in this day and age of FOOTBALL! Maybe 30 years ago that was the style but not now. The defense will know exactly what to expect, ALL THE TIME!

    Todays FOOTBALL is fast, speed, speed, speed, lean, big and lean and a mixture of running and passing. Todays game is you must have a mixture of everything including gadget plays and what not.

    With the new Coach, I believe hes fine tuned AZUSA and is mixing up the plays on offense, with running the ball and passing. Bottom line is, you must keep your opponents defense guessing and continue to mix up the plays. And thats why this Coach is having such great success these last two seasons. Azusa has had talent for many years, but my opinion is they were not utilize when need to be in a game.

    Well with all that said, and this just my observation through the years as an AZUSA (SUPPORTER) FAN, IM JUST GLAD TO SEE AZUSA LIVING UP TO ITS POTENTIAL!



  • football jones

    Soft Schedule

    Theres nothing wrong with scheduling down while rebuilding a program.

    If Azusa continues to win Im sure well see a beefed up non-league schedule over the next few years.

    LP will hand Aztecs their first lossmaybe.

  • I understand I know

    Doubt it
    Funny comment you make Scherf is a better play caller than Schuster, Scherf was Schuster’s OC his last 2 years when Azusa had trouble scoring. Schuster was keeping them in games with the defense. When Schuster was calling the Offense in 2005 I believe they were averaging 23 points a game. Schuster’s last year with Scherf calling the plays they were getting 10 points per game. Schuster taught Scherf a lot and Scherf got to learn how to call plays while Schuster was taking the losses. Again, I have mentioned I know Schuster while he was calling one side he let the other coordinator have complete control of the otherside. He had a lot of coaches on his staff that were learning to be coaches They were new and inexperienced and Schuster showed them what it would take to be a good coach. He was not only building the program he was teaching coaches. Scherf was a lower level coach that Schuster took under his wing and brought up. He started on Schuter’s freshman staff.

    I know Schuster still works at Azusa and has nothing but good things to say about Azusa and what they are doing there now he talks football with the coaches and players there all the time. From what I understand Scherf and Schuster get a long great and are always talking football.

  • Proof is in the pooding

    Know and understand
    We’re just going to have to agree to disagree on this one. They are both great coaches, but I will stand by my comments on Scherf being a better head coach and play caller. But anyways, good luck to you guys at Monrovia this year.

  • being a tranfer from glendora, was shocked to see the tiny crowd for azusa tonight at citrus, really small crowd. och had more people there, glendoras jv had more people in anaheim today, you people need to back up your tiny little team, lucky the och coaches are senile and stubburn, it could have been ugly

  • Thursday Night

    We may not draw as big a crowds as Glendora, but when we play on Friday nights it is much larger than what you saw last night.