Bishop Amat quarterback Rio Ruiz, featured in the L.A. Times, says the plan (for now) is to play football and baseball all four years

“Football has always been a hobby and a love. When I got to Bishop, I knew I had to be part of the tradition. I knew I was going to play all four years of football and baseball. So far, it’s going as me and my dad planned.” — Bishop Amat QB Rio Ruiz


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  • tcbruin

    Rio is a fine athlete.

    Needs to refer to Bishop Amat as Bishop Amat or Amat.

    Bishop is 270 miles up North.

  • true

    and this year there is another “Bishop” in league with Bishop Alemany

  • AMAT 73

    You can end all your speculation on Rio playing football this and next year and also any other assumptions you have on that issue. Now if you want to know about team USA because you seem so concerned I would advise to pose the question to the Times reporter because maybe he asked Rio that question and got an answer.

  • Witness

    Wow! Great LA Times feature. What a great athlete and young man. He has a cannon for a arm and cant wait to see him really air it out.
    ~ Everyone needs to Witness what we have here in the SGV with Rio ~

  • COChargerfan

    Amat 73, Rio confirmed exactly what I’ve been saying, that his sport is BASEBALL and football is a hobby and something he does for fun…his “passion” and “first love” is baseball. He also said people are telling him to quit playing baseball…exactly what I’m saying and just wait for this coming summer when the pressure from scouts and recruiters starts. And its not speculation because I don’t know what he’ll do, but I believe that I said that it is a “possibility.”

    Regardless of whether he plays 4 years of football, baseball is going to be his first and ultimately his only choice. So, he isn’t after a D1 football scholarship

  • Just askin’

    so back to the original question COCF. How is that ANY different than Jerry Mac?



    Again Amat Topic and you cannot resist. Whats happening over at Charter Oak with Big Lou and the upcoming game? Get off the Amat Nut sack already. Rio will do what Rio will do and Baseball is this yound mans calling but haven’t you ever heard of a two sport star in HS getting offered in both sports? Rio fits this mode. Rio is a baseball player first no denying that but it must make his dad so proud that he can play both sports and be darn good at both. A athlete like Rio could play Tennis, golf, hockey etc and be very good. He is a athlete. COCF see you at the Amat game friday I know you will be there.

  • Hefe

    All I know is his name makes me crack up.

    Sounds like the hero in some spaghetti western.

  • Don

    The kid is a fabulous athlete who plays QB but a next level QB, (which is what I assume most Pac-5 guys aspire to), is really more of a full time job than a multi-sport star can commit to. Nice kid too from all accounts although I too was amused to see him refer to Amat as Bishop. All in all a good fit at Bishop Amat whose balanced team style might be tough for some desiring an offense that stars the QB.

    Interesting comparing him with Mike Moustakas, who had a darn good soph season at Chatsworth as a QB before giving it up in ’06 to concentrate on baseball. I guess that decision worked out OK as he was just named the POY in the Texas League a couple months ago. Best of luck to Rio in whatever he and his family choose to do. Just remember to stay healthy.

  • AMAT 73

    For Rio we will allow the Bishop comment . HA HA HA . OK COCF you were right all along .Funny how you happen to leave out the part where he also says football is a love ( side note, don’t most high school football players have fun playing the game, also you see it many times in print when players say I just want to go out there and have some fun and play the game as best as I can, but how would you know that ) and he said when he got to AMAT ( I know he didn’t say AMAT but I am trying to be like you in the way you put words in someone’s mouth ) he had to be a part of that tradition. He also says he knew he was going to play 4 years of both baseball and football and so far everything is going like his Dad and him had planned but you chose to leave that out only to strenghten your point . But you called it all along like I said before, I stand corrected . Are you happy now . Now we can put this to rest except whether he leaves for team USA but that’s up to you and I advise you ask Sondheimer , maybe Rio told him . Now why don’t you go over the Miur thread and defend some of your writings over there because people are calling for you .


    Don or Tobruin: Rio does not have to call Bishop Amat____ ‘Amat.’ Ireallt have no idea where this started. I hate to read some or hear, like at the football games calling the school as ‘Amat.’
    When have you ever read or heard someone refer Notre Dame as Dame. As far back as I remember, the school was Bishop Amat. I gringe when I hear some yell ‘Amat!’ Further more, there should an accent over the T ; not over the first A.

  • Lord Forgive Them….


    Notre Dame is French for “Our Lady”

    Bishop (which is a title) Thaddeus Amat is the name of a person.

    Do you see the difference between calling a school “Dame” as opposed to “Amat?”

    If you need further explanation, please do not hesistate to ask.

  • COChargerfan

    What’s ironic is that I get accused of being argumentative even though I’m just responding to bloggers that call me out…so instead of turning this into a 3 day argument I’ll end it by saying I wish Rio the best of luck with whatever he chooses to do.

  • Vice Grip

    You wanted an answer so here it is. Rio will not be playing for Team USA in a couple of weeks. Him and his dad have decided against doing so. There are many factors behind their decision. Instead of trying to guess why or why not just appreciate the fact that Rio will continue to lead the Lancers on the gridiron.

  • Lan C. Erbacker

    Did anyone happen to hear/listen to Colin Cowherd this A.M.? Kinda felt like he had a pulse for Amat Fans experiences/woes with this blog, huh? I wont go into it, but if you did hear it, you will know what I’m talking about. Let’s Go Amat, Go Big Blue!


    Smartest post you’ve made all week . At lease it shows you have learned something by all the negative posts directed towards you and the contents of your posts.

  • BigJake

    Nice article on multi sport athletes at Amat:

  • COChargerfan

    VERY GOOD…actually, just means that this is a really stupid discussion that I don’t want to waste my time on…

  • same thing diferent day

    COCF – yet you have – and continue to on other threads


    Shiat I knew it was to good to be true. Well in fact COCF your whole take on Rio just got blown out of the water and you are not man enough to admit you were wrong. And to be quite honest your a freakin chump azz idiot.

  • COChargerfan

    It was recently asked why I persist sometimes and my response was if I didn’t respond, then some drive by artist like OH WELL comes along with some asinine assumption…but I would like to take the opportunity to thank Vice Grip for the info…hard decision for a kid to make but the one that makes HIM happy is the right one.

    And OH WELL, I’m right about this kid being drafted and playing pro baseball…you’ll see.

  • jane kane

    All I want to know is, does Rio’s dad work at LA Times? Come on, I’ve watched this kid play both baseball and football since he was little. He is a great baseball player, no doubt. However, he was always second string to Travis Santiago…Fred and Aram, what do you both have against Santiago? He is an amazing QB and you know it. Yet, you always describe him as mediocre. When will the day come that you both admit he is great? It’s beyond me how you have the b#lls to ask him for an interview…Wait, are you guys Rio’s dad’s compadres?????