Thursday Final: West Covina runs over, around and through South Hills for 42-27 victory; Nunez leads Azusa to another dominating victory

Thursday’s Results
West Covina 42, South Hills 27 — Would someone send the Covina tape, I’m having a hard time comprehending how they pulled it off after watching West Covina dismantle South Hills every way imaginable. You weren’t thinking what happened to South Hills, you were more in awe of the Bulldogs’ backfiled and 0-Line. It was the most points scored on South Hills this decade. If this team doesn’t turn the ball over, they won’t get beat the rest of the way, and that includes Glendora next. Last week it was RB Chris Soloman, this week it was B.J. Lee (125 yards, 3 TDs), and next week it could be someone else. They’re that deep, and were better than I thought on the D-Line. What you don’t know is how they will handle a quarterback like Glendora’s Chad Jeffries. But questions about everything else were answered tonight, a big thumbs up.
Azusa 31, Ontario Christian 10 — Fine I’ll say it: The Aztecs can compete with anyone in the Mid-Valley Division. There is not a game they won’t have a chance to win, so yes, a Mid-Valley title is possible. Especially with QB Jose “The Real Deal” Nunez, who scored four touchdowns and threw for 207 yards.
Garey 49, Duarte 0 — It doesn’t show on the scoreboard, but the Falcons go down fighting every week.

Inland Insider Tom Kiss wraps it up with West Covina coach Mike Maggiore, RB B.J. Lee and South Hills coach Steve Bogan.

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  • ghsfb

    Just took a look at the CIF Polls. Glendora still getting no respect. I don’t know what Glendora did, but they sure pissed some people off over at the CIF office.

  • lohsbb

    the inland division is just too tough, just keep winning, you’ll be there…better yet win it all the way to playoffs…Southwest,Baseline,Sierra…

  • Norco

    just make it to the playoffs…then you will see why your not ranked in CIF…CIF is the coaches polls

  • LA Fan

    Well like always LA beats Wilson in both freshman and jv level. I heard about all this talent wilson had in the lower levels but they have nothing. I will admit that the jv had some big lineman too bad they cant block too well. Good job LA on both wins hope the same result is seen tomorrow and LA beats wilson at home. Hope Schreimen is ready cuz LA is coming after him tomorrow

  • wilson sucks

    Wilson will get beat again. LA 38 -Wilson 21.

    Why LA will win: wilson is S-O-F-T period.

  • football jones

    Wilson vs LA

    Wilson looks much improved from 09

    Haven’t seen LA Yet, but I doubt they improved from last year, or did they?

    Should be interesting game.


    21-7 west covina, south hills is absoultley getting punched in the mouth. Let’s see if they make a decent adjustment. All these all star lineman at south hills cannot even move the ball.west covina is dominating the game offense and defense.

  • Living Legend

    Looks like that Covina victory continues to get more and more impressive by the week.

  • SMH at your prediction.

    West Covina just dominated South Hills on offense and defense. not even funny Chris Soloman limited playing time because of food poisening/sickness and the ran the crap out of South hills. so much for their linemen’s hype. keep moving forward bulldogs!

  • Curious George

    Hey Freddie my boy. Fetch me a score please with complete a breakdown and analysis. Thanks!

  • ghs

    garey blows out duarte 49-0. Dominique Williams had 5tds. that makes total of 10Tds for him in just 3 games

  • jcaz

    Personally, I think that there is something to be said about playing good completion early and in a season and being ready to play when it comes down to a classic rivalry game such as this one tonight.

    Actually in my opinion, it wasnt as if West Covina dominated the game early on, because in the first quarter both offenses seemed as if they were going to put allot of points on the board this evening.

    However, as time went on, you could definitely tell that West Covina was much better prepared to play football than was South Hills tonight.

    West Covina just simply ran all over that South Hills defense and made some short yardage plays into some big time scores.

    To tell you the truth, I was a bit surprised at the size of some of the West Covina linemen and was very impressed by the way their offense line just dominated the Huskies, especially in the second half.

    Also, as I said in an earlier post, the fact that CDF is so close to the action is totally cool because the way that stadium is designed, it really allows you to be a big part of all the action.

    You really do get a chance to not only see and hear all the hits coming off of that field, but to see just how hard some of these kids play this game.

    Yes, it was a very physical game tonight, with lots of folks in the stands for a Thursday night game. In fact, I even saw a few Lancers in the Stands this evening wearing Amat gear and even caught a glimpse of my old friend, whiskey Pete.

    That was cool because I hadnt seen him in a while.


    This score makes me laugh in joy bcos I knew that south hills was not ready for this stacked bulldog team!. Haha bulldogs literally took a shyt on their sh field!. Haha BULLDOGS are back!. KINGS OF CAMERON?. For all those lame bloggers hating on WC, just save it, really. Just don’t talk&watch with your eyes as these dogs make you guys become believers of what a true football team is.& for those sh fans, don’t make excuses why you guys lost. You guys don’t compare to this to WC.


  • jesusjr23

    The picture above says it all Fred!

    Anthony Molina had TWO interceptions inside the 30 yard line for WC today against the Huskies… Take away those 2 interceptions and this game is probably going down to the wire! That’s why WC lost to Covina, #84 got benched, which was real stupid by the coaches. It’s an awesome pic btw! Go Pinky!!!

  • crazyastec

    The aztecs score should of been at least in the 40’s if it wasnt for drop balls and little mistakesss.. theee aztecs are teh reall deealll. .they played sloppyyy and were still able to dominateee..
    imagine when they play to their full potential..
    riding that aztec bandwagon

  • funny

    Aahahha!!!! South Hills makes me laugh….that’s all I got to say

  • Jimmy C. Corn

    slow down bulldogs and show some class.act like youve been there before.where i saw the game from tonight my heart was broken in so many ways so fare thee well young warriors.battle on and remember that there are no differences between us. we compete to test ourselves. we are all brothers and sisters in the end.

  • Dan

    WC 42 SH 27,
    Bulldogs showed what they are capable of these past two weeks if they don’t turn the ball over.
    The work that our coaches put in to build and develop our “O”line was on full display tonight, Joe Gibson, Raymond Amaya, Mark Laffin, John Logan,and Michael Cortez were opening huge holes for our running backs all night.
    To think that Christopher Solomon had only 1 carry for the night gives an idea of how deep the running back position is over here at WC. BJ Lee is looking much more fluid and less mechanical at running back than before, great night with two TD’s for him, nice game also for Jimmy Frazier who I believe also had two td’s. Charles Tucker runs very tough and had a nice night on both sides of the ball with a touchdown and some solid play on defense, last week against Venice I saw him literally blow some Venice boys up as he led George Johnson on a couple of roll out passes. I was also glad to see that even Josh Johnson had a few nice carries tonight. Mo Dupleasis and Roger Paez were destroying people from the linebacker position and Anthony Molina, Gus Vilchris, Brett Ikari and Lonzel Barnett were part of a solid group of DB’s to keep South Hills passing game in check, . Also want to mention that our “D” line has been solid with guy’s like Chris Guzman, Deion Stepps, Justin Meaders, Michael Cortez Ray Amaya & Dominic Hernandez all taking turns fighting those D1 boys South Hills had on the line.
    Now to decide what game to see tomorrow, probably will drive down to the stadium I once played in and see Bonita take on Santa Fe at Pioneer High school since Bonita is in our league and Santa Fe is in our division.
    Husky fans, its a great rivalry that we have with your boys and the few times that we’ve come out ahead are times that I cherish, but here’s to hoping your boys rebound next week and have a great run in the tough Sierra league.

  • Dan

    Fred, Aram, great to see you guy’s at the game tonight, and a very nice job you guys and Tom Kiss did with this video and the music to go with it.
    BJ Lee, nice interview, your a well spoken young man, but I knew that already, I like your humble attitude and how you give credit to your offensive line and realize that there is still more work to be put into this season. Enjoy this victory with your team tonight and come Monday, just like you said, put all work and focus on Glendora. Chad Jefferies and Co. will be waiting for us up at Citrus next Friday. Good Night I’m going to sleep.

  • Aaron

    For all those hating on Azusa…Ontario Christian did make the finals of last year’s East Valley Division and lost to St. Maggies who is no chump by any stretch. They’ve continued to play a tough non-league schedule which will help them when they get to league play. Now there is Azusa’s game against Gabrielino…it looks like Azusa will be solid the rest of the way.

    That part about West CO…we’ll see, but my concerns about them have dropped. They will be solid when we play them.

  • COChargerfan

    Not trying to start an argument but does anyone want to reconsider your comments that at this point in the season West Covina isn’t as good as Dominguez?

    And Norco, did you catch the #1 ranked Westlake vs. TO game last night on Prime Ticket? I only watched the first half but I’d take your team against Westlake.

  • Born and Raised SGV

    “Would someone send the Covina tape, I’m having a hard time comprehending how they pulled it off after watching West Covina dismantle South Hills every way imaginable”. …. no need to see the tape again. You first heard about it while covering another school since WC was supposed to whip us by 4 td’s. The following week you were there to witness Covina was not the same Covina of last year. You found out irst hand that we have all the skilled positions filled with solid players who can not just line up and look like a spread O, but a team that can run it well. Our defense is small in size but we have speed,heart and could hit (look at the turnovers). Several made comments last year that we are a group of Covina Vikings that was a weak JA team. Well that JA team added Ainsworth, Livingston and Hynes to the mix and are looking solid after a full year of experience. We are still young but getting better every week.

    I am not here to say “we got this”, just saying these kids matured and is not the same team as last year.

    Solid kids + solid coaching staff = A solid TEAM.

  • Water Boy



  • SGV For 30 Years


    Who are you kidding about Azusas’ tough schedule. Who do the play that strikes fear in the hearts of us SGV fans. Amat? noo, CO? well noo, WC? naa, Chino Hills???? Well no. They needed a real challenge so they played the Mighty Knights of Ontario Christian (I think they are division 9). Next week they will be challenged by a pretty scary Gabrielino team. Sorry Aztecs we in the SGV aren’t drinking your Kool Aid. Maybe if you scheduled someone like Venice or South Hills like WC did then you could get a measure of respect. Hey sometimes when you win you really lose. And sometime when you lose you really win. Take a look at what WC has done since getting embarassed by Covina.

    SGV430 Ouuutt!!!

  • Reconsider this

    COCF – Why? Because they beat South Hills? Maybe we should reconsider our perception of the Huskies. Dominguez beats Covina 100 out of 100 times.

  • Prep Fan

    Azusa (and obviously the rest of the mid valley) are division 11. Ontario Christian is in division 12.

  • jcaz


    Comments such as theses are the types of statements that get folks so riled up against you.

    I mean, dude……you just know that they’re gonna go ape schitz on you in the next few days, so why go there anyway ?

    Well, it’s cause you like all the schitz talking don’t you ??

    HA ha ha….

    Ok COFAN, i’ll play along.

    But first, I just need to know the answer to the most important question of the night….

    Did anyone finally claim that $335 dollar 50/50 raffle last night ? After they kept asking over and over for the winner to step up, I was kinda tempted to go down there and say…..hey, I lost my ticket, show me the money !!

    But, I digress….

    The fact is that West Covina played an awesome game last night and they showed the entire SGV that they are more than a good team this year.

    However, to say that they are on par with Dominguez is somewhat of a dificult thing to analyze, “IF ONLY” because you really don’t have any one common game to compare the two teams against. Yet…

    For example, Dominguez has lost to Amat and West Covina has only lost to Covina, So, maybe you can ask the question this way. Which team is the lesser of the two, Covina or Amat ?

    But, is that a real fair question to ask at this point in time ? Of course not.

    So maybe the real question that you should ask yourself is, how good are Venice, Crespi and Covina “GOING TO BE” this year ?

    Fortunately, we get so have something of an answer to that question later on when Amat plays Venice at home. So maybe at that time, we can all sit down and make those comparisons, then, when those games actually do happen.

    For now, lets just enjoy an awesome football season and root for all our locals to do well this year.

    Great game Bulldogs, you guys played an awesome game last night.

  • irene

    I guess you were wrong. Any good coach knows defense wins games. And WCHS had the advantage as you stated!!! You need to read Steve Ramirez story!


    SGV FOR 30 SECONDS, Okay so youre telling me what AZUSA did last season was a FLUKE! Played Covina in the first round and put what 40 SOMETHING POINTS, played San Marino, had what 20 something points by halftime and I believe SM had 7 points only and wins SM. Then plays San Dimas TOUGH in the SEMIS for three quarters and ARE both tied up. Yes I know the final score, because I was there and when you have players playing both ways, something is going to give. WHO WINS THE MID VALLEY CHAMPIONSHIP LAST SEASON, SAN DIMAS!

    Last Season we played BELL GARDENS who has great football program over the years and they beat us 36-6. Look what we do this year and put up 48 POINTS UP! What I have yet to see one BLOGGER from BELL GARDENS say anything yet.

    But here you are making some insulting remarks and really YOU DONT KNOW WHAT THE H@LL YOUR TALKING ABOUT! Remember when you make comments like this, people from AZUSA get really pissed off! Why because there kids are on the field and theyre watching them WIN!

    If youre really from SGV, why would you be putting us down, when we just beat two teams that are NOT from SGV!



  • Plain, and simple

    Born and Raised SGV:

    “Would someone send the Covina tape, I’m having a hard time comprehending how they pulled it off after watching West Covina dismantle South Hills every way imaginable”.

    Plain, and simple explanation:

    Covina got by West Covina the same way Diamond Bar got by Wilson. Turnovers, and bad secondary play. Both Wilson, and Wesco did all they could to lose their games, and succeeded brilliantly. Props to Covina, and DB for not missing their buses on gameday. lol

  • AMAT 73

    To really answer cocf ( small case because has lost the respect to be in upper case with me ala Joe AMAT on AMAT a couple of years back) what exactly did he mean by Dominguez is like West Covina but in a different uniform . Now the master of spin will try to say he was sayng all along that he meant it in a positive way. I am starting to think he is a slimesman in disguise because of the double edged sword he tends to yield . I took it for a knock on bloggers writing Dominguez being a very good team because if AMAT beat them (you know we tend to build up our opponents ) they couldn’t be as good as was said by many. So is it a backhanded slam on WC or what exactly is he trying to start because as he starts his post ” not trying to start an argument but ” so maybe we should let him explain by asking the question and what is he getting at here. Now watch for the AMAT paranoia factor he speaks of be somewhere in his reply.

  • Aaron

    30 years…I’m not kidding anyone. I didn’t say Azusa’s schedule was all that weak…San Dimas rode the weakest schedule in Mid-Valley Division last season to the title. I was stating that Ontario Christian was playing a tough non-league…and that they went to the East Valley finals (XI) and played St. Maggie’s who is no chump.

    The Mid-Valley is Division IX. I saw Azusa during the summer and they performed not only in passing league but at passing tournaments. So stop pissing on them…it’s not something you need to do…just like someone told me to stop being down on other teams I’m telling you. It is better to focus on the positive things rather than the negatives in life.


    I almost forgot to mention, because I was to wrapped up writing my rebuttall to (SGV FOR 30 WORST YEARS).

    Outstanding JOB AZUSA! and now you can enjoy the weekend knowing what you’ve accomplished, by winning your second game like FRED, STEVE AND ARAM said you would!


    GREAT JOB COACH AND AZUSA AZTECS, remember take every game serious as if it was your last game and YOUR WHOLE SEASON was on line!

    TAKE NO TEAM FOR GRANTED, because here’s an excellent example. COVINA over West Covina!


  • Prep Fan

    Aaron, don’t know where you get your info from. Cal Preps has the Mid Valley in Division 11 and the the East Valley (Ontario Christian) as Division 12. The Valle Vista has not been Division 9 since 2005.

  • DRanchhhh

    Congrats to Azusa for pulling that one off. Also congrats to WC for beating SH. I mean I like the win but whats the uproar and “resurgence” of WC about? I thought we all knew that SH would struggle this year?? They lost very valuable kids to xfers and injuries. WC is big and strong every year, RIGHT? Why is everyone so high in WC right now?

  • Aaron

    Prep Fan…after rechecking on maxpreps you are correct. Point is to you.

  • AMAT 73

    WC Dan,
    Great win last night . Now the Bulldogs are playing the type of ball I thought they would this season . I can’t see any reason other than injury ( God forbid ) or the proverbial shooting one’s self in the foot to keep the Big Dogs of CAMERON from going all the way . Very impressive win considering the high rating that was given SH in preseason. Man I just wish and I am sure you do to that the contract would of had one more year. That would have been one hell of a battle. I do look for the Bulldogs to move up considerably in the SGV rankings and in the all 25 rankings also.
    Looks like the team is firing on all cylinders very early in the year. Keep it up and like WC they can go all the way . Very good win last night. Hopefully people will see you guys are for real .

  • just sayin’

    usually when a sentence starts with “not trying to start an argument but” –

    – you know they are!

  • Go BullDoggs

    All I can say is OUCH!. What a performance by WC. So Hills lets just say this is what comes around when you go crying to the CIF about transfers. What good did it do for you. Instant Karma. I can see why most bailed on Bogan and So. Hills this season, they are not very good. It’s so shiiity down in Huskie City. Bulldogs arrrrgh! Huskies yelp! yelp!

  • joe Amat


    Who said,”you can fool some of the people all of the time, all the people some of the time – but you can’t fool all the people all the time”?

    And you can’t fool me!

    You’re always talking about the “context” in which things were said and it was very clear that your comment about Dominguez/West Covina was meant to be a slight to Dominguez – not a compliment to West Covina. In fact you wrote,

    “Amat fans, you might want to spend less time worrying yourself sick by making some of your opponents more than they really areyoure Amat for Gods sake and Dominguez is well, just West Covina is another uniform, which is a good team that lacks your depth.”

    Making them “better than they are?” That certainly isn’t you expressing confidence in West Covina. And let’s remember – this was written on the heels of West Covina dropping one to Covina.

    Good teams “that lack depth” don’t beat a Pac5 opponent in 9 of the last 10 years. I don’t think anyone that has paid attention to the top level of football could downgrade Dominguez ability and chance to pull off a win – especially one in which most had them favored anyway.

    I love WC’s moxy and willingness to test themselves against the top level -but 9 out of 10 years? And not just bottom feeders – Crespi, Long Beach Poly, Notre Dame, Loyola, Esperanza, Compton, Jordan, Crenshaw, Carson…. really?

    Now what where you really trying to say about West Covina? or Dominguez? So 1) you’re not fooling anyone and 2)that’s probably another argument you don’t want to have

  • Simple Breakdown

    Last nights game was awesome! Both teams came out and did some damage on offense. Defensively both teams look like they need quite a bit of help. Obviously SH needs more work as they let in 42 points, and WC just ran all night nearly getting to the 300 yard mark or just passed it. WC needs a little less work, but still a ways to go. SH rushed for over 200 yards and passed for over 100. WC shouldn’t be this bad defensively anymore, because SH is arguably the best offense they’ll face this year. WC should make a good run in the playoffs, and hopefully go all the way! As for SH, well defensively….. I’d say half of their schedule has athletes better offensively than WC, so they need to really pick up the slack! Hopefully the season goes well for both teams… GO SH/WC!!!

  • SGV For 30 Years


    I’m glad to see that you are all paying attention. You are all so quick to jump to the defense of Azusa. Someone mentioned that San Dimas road their soft schedule last year all the way to the championship. I agree with that statement. If you could go back that far, I did write about the softness of their schedule to. Azusa has had a nice run these last couple years. It is great for the city of Azusa, and it’s great for those kids. All I’m saying is that if you want to be the best then you have to play the best. I may not be drinking your KOOL-AID yet. But I will be watching you very closely with a tall glass in the fridge.
    And make no mistake I am 100% pro SGV so when the play-offs start I will be pulling for you. And if you get to the Championship Game I hope all the AZTEC fans show up with a Kool-Aid pitcher and chant “DRINK OUR KO00OL-AID”. Coaching, Heart, Focus,and Mental Toughness are what will take you to the Championship that you are chasing. Good Luck |_|

    SGV430 Ouuut (With Grape and Lemon Kool Aid Chillin) !!!

  • Dan

    Amat 73,
    That was a nice post thanks for the compliments.
    As far as going all the way if we don’t get injured or shoot ourselves in the foot I’m just hoping the Bulldogs are focusing on a very good Glendora team and no further. Next week will be an extremely tough game with Chad Jefferies and his team, the game is a toss up in my book.
    With teams like Bonita, Rowland, DR,and DB in our league we still got a long season ahead of
    us, as we learned in the Covina game it only take a few minutes of a meltdown and you can blow any lead and lose a game.
    Besides our league there are some pretty good teams in our division. La Mirada, Muir, Burroughs,Santa Fe are some good teams and another one that is getting my attention is Mayfair, they had some pretty respectable scores against Chino Hills and Los Alamitos, tonight they play Lakewood, so with teams like that in their preseason there won’t be much they haven’t seen come league and playoffs.
    Good Luck to your boys tonight Amat 73.


    SGV FOR 30 SECONDS, WHAT is up with you and KOOL AID? You’re right about your moniker about 30 YEARS, because I believe nobody uses that slang no more! Come on old man, get with the times.

    I see you’ve had a slight change of heart and you actually gave AZUSA a little credit for doing something. WOW like that REALLY means something, because bloggers like you can’t wait to see the LITTLE GUY LOSE!

    You see bloggers like you have this mentality
    “All I’m saying is that if you want to be the best then you have to play the best”. I see this type of thinking all the time with the Bishop Amat, Charter Oak,San Dimas, JEALOUSY HATERS!

    You see in Life, this is what you are dealt with. You go into the season, win your league and go into the CIF championship and win!

    But NOOOO, it doesn’t really count because, you really didn’t play anybody of signifigance, or your league is weak. I mean when in Life will something ever count as a legit WIN!



  • COChargerfan

    Hey Joe, the REAILTY is that Im not trying to fool anyone. Ive said many times before, Im not some kind of Jedi trying to pull mind tricks and, instead, you guys are driven by some perceived threat that just doesnt exist. The fact of the matter is that I could comment on this blog how nice the Amat uniforms are and that would generate a dozen negative comments that Im really making fun of themwhat is it with you guys?

    Amat guys came on this blog talking about Dominguez’s speed, skill guys, blah, blah, blah and I said that youre Amat adding that thats a compliment so as a D1 program theyre supposed to beat a D4 Dominguez teamso arent they? And I made the Dominguez to WC comparison because the same night WC had a high quality win over Venice and at the end of last year Dominguez and Venice were ranked virtually the sameso doesnt that make them pretty much interchangeable? Doesnt it? And finally, has Amat ever lost to WC? Isnt the answer NO? So keep following me folksdoesnt that mean that the win over Dominguez was the same level of win as one over WC? And Im also the one that said that the Amat guys were wrong for belittling WC by saying that they arent ANYWHERE near Dominguezs levelI was saying then and still believe that they are and have proven so after the Venice and South Hills winsso do you disagree?

    As the only D1 team, Amat is the best program in the SGV so they are supposed to beat WC, CO, SH and the rest of the teamsso arent they also supposed to beat a D4 Dominguez? If so, then thats a must win and not some big winthats what I said so do me a favor and stop the paranoia. And Im still not your boogieman.

    Good luck to all the SGV teams tonight.

  • COSteelCurtain

    Question to all the bloggers:

    Do the writing styles of JCAZ and SGVsBEST seem to be the same or what? I mean look at all the periods they both use and extra exclamtion marks and question marks. The strange humor. Coincidence?

    What do you guys think? Just askin


    I do see what you mean but you are giving jcaz too much credit in the brain department. Don’t think he is capable of such thinking . But it might be COCF as he and sgvsbest seem to think along the same lines and hungry for attention.

  • Curious George

    Why did Austin Lacy, a senior linebacker at La Puente Bishop Amat who nearly died last March from a virus, leave Bishop Amat on Tuesday and transfer to Pasadena, where he attended in 2008?

  • just sayin’

    COCF – I guess it was a must win for Crespi, Long Beach Poly, Notre Dame, Loyola, Esperanza, Compton, Jordan, Crenshaw, and Carson too. That’s why Dominguez is better. As you are always so quick to point out Oaks and Bonnies are in lower divisions too. Does that mean those wins should be automatic and must wins?
    On th eother hand – I’,m glad you’re coming around that Amat plays at a far, far, far superior level than the rest of the SGV

  • jcaz


    It never ceases to amaze me how many times people come in here year after year and claim that JCAZ is some other blogger, or some such thing.

    Its really funny actiually, but at the same time, maybe you do have a point.

    Fact is that I did in fact recently post a thread using a “pseudo” name so to speak…..but hey, that was just for schitz and giggles dude !

    No more, no less…

    BTW, one more thing, I do think that maybe you did hit one thing straight on, and that was that, just like COFAN (Still in capital letters 73), that I most definitely do love the lime light every now and then, but really… you think (as whats his name just alluded to) that even I, “am that capable in the brain department?”


  • AMAT 73

    As far as the caps that’s between you and him. As for that limelight, I am going to see if I can pull some strings and get you as a featured half time performer come Homecoming game . Maybe tell a few of your better jokes ….. oh well some jokes as most of yours stink ….. on the 50 yard line with a spotlight on you. Shitz and giggles as you say , enjoy the game tonight because the house will be rockin.

  • jcaz


    Ha. well, maybe your right….some of them do stink, but hey, that’s why there so darn funny….

  • AMAT 73

    Brother you are one twisted individual . Even that post made me laugh.

  • jcaz


  • What a Moron

    No idiot, Dominguez and WC are not the same. Dominguez has taken down many Pac5 caliber teams, whereby West Covina has gotten stomped by both Mater Dei and Amat.

    Dominguez had a down week against Amat and West Covina just stomped on South Hills last night, but SH is weak due to all the transfers. Dominguez physically beat Notre Dame when they were 13-0 in the finals. They are not the same 3-4 years ago and not the same this year moron!

    Dominguez would beat WC hands down this year!


    I wouldnt say AZUSA DOMINATED anything…. Ontario Christian is WEAK!!! If Azusa is as tough as you supporters think they are the score should have been alot more dominating!!! and Ontario Should not have even scored!!!!! wasnt impressed…. with their soft schedule try playing a big boy team!!!!!!!Azusa doesnt have ONE tough team to play, WHY IS THAT???

  • COChargerfan

    just sayinhavent we been through this before? The wins over Poly and Notre Dame were in 2005 and 2006 is the LAST YEAR that Dominguez had a really good team. In the last few years, the team has lost a lotso is beating Los Altos in 2010 the same as in 1973 (when they beat Crespi for the title)?

    West Covina is a good program that right now appears to be every bit as good as Dominguez and to say otherwise is an insult to them. And Moron, you conveniently forgot about WCs win over Venicewho Amat plays in a few weeks so the end of the story has yet to be written.

    No, Im still not a division disciple but I used it because I know Amat guys are so I was just putting it into terms that you could understandbecause I like to be helpful.

    And you apparently missed the AAA vs. AA comparisontheres only one A (i.e. one far) difference.

    Ive always known that jcaz sometimes likes to blog in dragI enjoy what you have to say so never stop my friend.


    SD MOM, I know you have more Class then that! And this can’t be SD MOM. Probably someone else using her moniker.

    Well (IF), THIS IS TRULY YOU, YOU!!! should be watching the GAME FILM of yesterday’s game(L), instead of worrying about THE CANYON CITY!


  • SD MOM

    AZTEC PRIDE: Considering Rancho was on here blogging they were gonna shut us down well they were in for a surprise … cause a score like 21-10 is not a shut down, considering they are a huge school and a higher division school and league I might add!!!! how do you think Azusa would do against Rancho? they had some HUUUGGGEEEE boys on their team I dont think Azusa as far as size goes can even compete with that….We played well… you should have went…and again when is Scherf gonna arrange some better competition for the Aztecs?? im just sayin…

  • WOW!!!

    Aztec man sometimes talks too much, but SD mom? I would never have thought u were a mom either! U lost, oh well. U played well, but don’t brag about losing. That’s sad 🙁

  • If, and only if

    South Hills picks up a defense, then they’ll do something big! Against anyone for that matter, because they will put up big points no matter what. As you seen in the WC game. I don’t mean pick up players when I say pick up a defense, the coaches just need to hype them up and make them believe they can stop anyone and tackle anyone! Coach needs split Jamel and Jordan on each side, so the other team can’t run to the outside. The linebackers need to clog the middle a lot better. D-line try to get a bigger push! Secondary read the run a lot faster, you’re way late and get caught flat footed. C’mon Huskies! Pick it up, a little motivation and do what you have to do!

  • Azusa

    Gabrielino actually hung tough with Azusa in last years matchup. Two red zone turnovers maybe more. A big 28 point 2nd quarter I think. not much else

  • SGV for 30 Years


    Actually is you read through the blogs, there have been a few references to Kool-aid since I said it. So looks like maybe I’m starting a trend. I’m not one of those hater bloggers you talk about. Of course I’m and old guy, it says 30 years. But I’m still in pretty good shape. If you will go back and read my postings you will notice that I’m no hater. I don’t think that you can compare schools like Amat, Charter Oak, and South Hills to others. I think all of them are Cheaters, and believe me I’m no fan of theirs. I actually like to see the little guy come up. I would likes see schools like Azusa play teams like Walnut, Diamond Bar, Arroyo, or Bonita. Those are the type of tests I’m talking about they all play by the same rules as you do. It’s hot always about winning and losing. Sometimes its about the competition. All that to say I hear ya AZTEC. I may come check you guys out in a couple of weeks. I’ve seen alot of time watching good SGV football over the years. I’ve seen the rise and fall of LA, DB, and Wal I’ve seen some great players over the years. I love to see the little guy come up and win. I also like when people defend their team and community.

    SGV430 Ouuutt!!

  • Aztecs prride

    To busy watching watching my Rams beating up the faiders.Sgv 30,ok Jack alane

  • SGV For 30 Years


    Not that old dude. We are talking mid 40’s. I took some of your advice and checked out Nunez on Channel 4 last night. Seems like a nice clean cut well spoken humble young man.
    Hey are you one of those guys hoping the Rams decide to pull and Al (comatose) Davis and return home. Shoulda never left the Colesium!!

    SGV430 Outtt!!!!!

  • Come on Tribune

    Everyone know azusa is not contending for the mid valley Title. Cmon be serious. Last year was miracle run for them…Come on now. Stop Pumping Up the Azusa Fans. YOu would not bet your job that the Aztecs are going to be in Finals… Not even Aztec Fans would do

  • No kiddin, you better go ahead and make your Super Bowl futures bets while the odds are really high. The Jets are favored right now.

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