Saturday Morning Quarterback: Bishop Amat remains unbeaten, Charter Oak, Glendora, Chino Hills and Rowland mighty impressive

For quarter-by-quarter updates of tonight’s games, click thread.

Friday’s Results
Bishop Amat 34, Muir 14 — Zach Shay scores three touchdowns and finishes with 107 yards. Jalen Moore rushes for 128 yards and a TD and Rio Ruiz throws for 145 yards and two touchdowns. Nice numbers for sure, but you get the feeling the offense hasn’t opened it up and can do so much more. Still, nice to be 3-0.
Rowland 48, Rosemead 14 — For the second straight week, the Raiders jump to a 28-0 lead and score the first two times they touch the ball. What have we got here?
Wilson 20, Los Altos 7 — I don’t want to pat myself on the back and say I called it. But I called it.
Glendora 28, Canyon 7 — This sets up an interesting Friday night at Citrus next week when West Covina comes to town.
Rancho Cucamonga 21, San Dimas 10 — The final score doesn’t look that bad really. Should be a good learning experience heading to the Monrovia showdown next week.
Claremont 38, Walnut 13 — The Wolfpack finally clicked on all cylinders. Why does it seem like teams always peak against the Mustangs.
Charter Oak 35, Esperanza 20 — I’m starting to get excited about Travis Santiago. He threw five touchdowns and of course, Big Lou proclaimed him the best QB in the Valley. Hard to argue with him after Santiago’s first three weeks.
Damien 35, Chaffey 0 — Take note Amat fans, the Spartans are 2-0 and though it was Chaffey, not many expected a blowout like this.
Diamond Bar 24, Don Lugo 17 — The fact they’re out of the Sierra League has renewed the optimism and passion of the people in purple.
Covina 31, El Monte 0 — You have to put the Colts right there with the tops in the Mid-Valley. Going by their 3-0 record and whom they have beaten (West Covina), does anyone deserve the Mid-Valley’s top-ranking more than they do?
Bosco Tech 35, Gladstone 28 — Gladiators hang tough for a while, fall just a touchdown short.
Sierra Vista 10, Mountain View 7 — Don’t look now, but the Dons are 2-0.
La Puente 34, Northview 14 — If there is an early-season contender to topple Azusa in the Montview, the Warriors are it.
South El Monte 28, Workman 7 — The South scores on three INT returns. The win isn’t shocking, but the lopsided score is.
Arroyo 12, Montebello 8 — Knights fell behind 8-0 then rallied back. They better not fall behind next week against Hart
Cantwell-Sacred Heart 35, Baldwin Park 17 — The Braves better hope they finish at least second in the VVL because advancing to the playoffs as an at-large is tough after starting 0-3.
Bonita 13, Santa Fe 12 — Even missing key players the Bearcats still go to 3-0, joining West Covina, Rowland and yes, Diamond Bar as early Hacienda favorites.
Ayala 61, Alta Loma 26 — The Bulldogs might not be playing the toughest competition yet, but they sure are routing the teams in front of them.
Chino Hills 14, Tesoro 13 — What a huge win for the Huskies after losing last week. This is how you get your Mojo back.
Pomona 48, Ganesha 7 — When was the last time Pomona started 3-0?
L.A. Marshall 58, Bassett 20 — The Olympians just gave up way too many points to have a chance.
Nogales vs. Ontario at Montclair .. Not available at sleep time.

Click on Coveritlive for a live chat with Mike “The Cousin” Robledo for tonight’s Bishop Amat-Muir game, pregame starting at 7 p.m. Mike will update the game throughout, answer your questions and post other area scores when they become available.

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  • Aaron

    Just thought I’d say congratulations to Westlake High School. One of my best friends graduated from there in 2008…they seem to be on their way to the state title game.

    Now down to the nitty gritty…I love the new helmet decals Bonita has…looks Jettish. The plain helmet looked solid against SD though.

    Bonita Frosh (3-0) destroy Santa Fe
    JVs (2-1)…Not so much but still a win

    Lets GOOOOO!

  • gametime

    bonita QB continues to improve, injuries are key with bonita and growing, defense will be tested. Santa Fe could be prime for upset, but will need to put up more than 20points.

  • LA Fan

    Common Fred inside sources tell you the wildcats are going to take it haha they can try too but will be out of luck. wilson is a soft team that will not be able to compete with LA. Last year wilson said it was their year and wat happen? they get blown out in their own home. I dont expect a huge gap in the score but LA comes on top in the end

  • LA vs Wilson

    It’s one thing for Fred to think Wilson is going to take it, but Im hearing the quit a few LA players are picking Wilson. It’s a said down at LA when your own players don’t believe. When would you have ever thought that Wilson would be the favor with their starting qb out going into an LA game. My opinion Moe Vege and Wilson’s team speed is to.much for LA 48 to 6.

  • Los Altos Fan

    Los Altos vs. Wilson

    I hope the players on Los Altos are not predicting a win for Wilson. I mean people can say anything they want on these blogs, but if you know the kids personally and you’ve played any sort of team sport in your life. Then tell them to turn in their helmet and pads and move on, because no team needs weak minded players like them. Tell them the football team does not need them, but I am hoping you are just trying to pump up this rivalry game by saying the kids are predicting their own loss.

  • Inside

    First play of the game for Wilsons offense tonite is a Double Reverse pass. You heard it here. If it works great if it does not great..Wilson tears Los Altos a new one tonite anyhow.

  • Deep Inside

    I heard the first play for Wilson was going to be a Moe Vega touch for a touchdown.

  • Lovin The Heights

    Tonight is Senior Night for Rowland vs. Rosemead. It’ll be great to see ALL the seniors get play time!!! This season is going to be a memorable year for the Class of 2011.. Keep the “BALL” rolling (Row-land)!!!

  • blogman

    Forgive me but I’m just too curious. What is K.C.s status. Seeing as Bohi has major injuries is he still with the team and will he play tonite? And if anybody knows, how about Horine and Pendleton?

  • la times

    Austin Lacy, a senior linebacker at La Puente Bishop Amat who nearly died last March from a virus, left school on Tuesday and has transferred to Pasadena, where he attended in 2008.

    Lacy started for the Lancers last season but had been a part-time player this season. He was still trying to regain form following several months of rehabilitation.

    His father, Darryl, said his son needed to return to a public school to “clean up” some grades from missing so much school last semester.

    Since he has moved, he should be eligible to play immediately for Pasadena.

    — Eric Sondheimer

  • Aaron

    Pendleton will be active for league. Huth should also be active. Horine is not active this week…will know later.

  • grades….

    If I were Wilson’s coach I would double check Vegas eligibility! A 1.6 gpa might not cut it! Look what happened to our fist two wins last season…

  • LA Parent

    My son was on one of the lower level LA teams, he quit due to the terrible attitude of the Varsity players. They would consistently pick on the jv and freshmen kids. So I will say, from my perspective I hope we get our a@@s handed to us. These varsity players need an attitude adjustment, and I hope Wilson gives it to them. This program has gone to potty!!

  • LA worry about your own grades……

    grades…. worry about your own kids;

    Why don’t you check #77, Paul Ortega over at LA. He hasn’t had a 2.0 since 5th grade. He brags about it on his Facebook, come to LA don’t need grades to play. He is sporting below a 1.0. Take notes all teams in the Hacienda league, shouldn’t matter LA is going 0-10. This kid also played all last year without grades. I guess that is what happens when you have an AD “Garcia”, who only knows one way to win, CHEAT.

  • grades…

    Who cares about LA grades! What happened to us the last two years? Our kids worked hard to get a few wins and all for nothing!

  • Scott Fisch

    I love the comment of Mr. Lacy to”return to a public school to clean up some grades.” I thought the public school wasn’t good enough, therefore sending your son to Bishop Amat. Maybe purely athletically motivated? Tired of spending money on a private school education going no where? Sure, thing, let the public school fix it. No you wonder about low test scores and low graduation rates.

  • Amat Will Shine!

    Dear Austin Lacy,

    The Amat Family is very proud of you. We all have absolutely no doubt that you will do well at Pasadena. And after that, you will move on to bigger and better things. We will always remember how you kick some serious %#$^& on the field and you made us all cheer to the top of our lungs over and over again! And when you got sick, we all felt for you and your family. You scared the *&^*$ out of a lot of people, Mr. When you got better, you made us better. Mighty are you! In my book, you’ll always wear the Blue and the Gold.

    Best of Luck to You and Your Family!!!

  • LMAO!


  • Curious George

    Why did Austin Lacy, a senior linebacker at La Puente Bishop Amat who nearly died last March from a virus, leave Bishop Amat on Tuesday and transfer to Pasadena, where he attended in 2008?

  • Scott Izanidiot

    Scott Fisch

    You must have just flown in from the planet Brainless so I’ll fill you in a a couple of things. Austin Lacy’s heart stopped and he almost died during surgery. Now,…when this happens to humans, they generally need something called, “recovery time from your heart stopping during surgury. You following me here? So the kid fell behind at Bishop Amat while he was recovering. Do you have any idea what that means or how difficult that would be for a kid? Of course not. That planet of yours needs to reallocate some funding. Education first!

    Give the kid and his family a break, hater.

  • AMAT 73

    Austin will definitely be missed not only as a player but as a fine young man . The good thing he is on the road to recovery and since we all know that education comes first I wish him well and hope everything works out for the best . To the AMAT Family he will always be a Lancer. Good Luck Austin.

  • just sayin’

    Scott – usually you’re pretty on spot, fair, and balanced. This one was out of bounds

  • ???

    The interesting thing is i heard Lacy is not going to Pasadena High but to Amat’s opponent for tonight. Let’s stay tuned.

  • ???

    The interesting thing is i heard Lacy is not going to Pasadena High but to Amat’s opponent for tonight. Let’s stay tuned.

  • jcaz

    I ran into his mom while standing in line to by a ticket at the Garfield game and I have to say that as a Lancer, we will miss him and his family, because if anything, his determaniation and his will to over come adversty should never be forgoten.

    But you know, I have often wondered about stuff like that because in a public school, kids are able to be held back and repeat a year or two.

    But I don’t think that that’s the way it works over at Amat. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

  • Factoid

    LA worry about your own grades……

    Let’s look at some history together…When was the last time LA had to forfeit a football game? Now, you tell me when was the last time Wilson had to forfeit a football game? I will be waiting for your response since you think you know everything!

  • Non-Amat Fan

    I Understand Lacy tried to get into a couple of private school’s before Amat. Ithink one was Cathedral where his older brother Maxwell played. Cathedral did not let him in because of alot of grades missed. How does he start at Amat. So much for Amat’s so called Academics.

  • blogman

    Scott Scott,Scott. Not only are you an Idiot but then you prove it by using your name as if your proud of the fact. Why don’t you wear a dunce hat tonite too so we can point you out?

  • blogman

    Scott, Scott, Scott. Not only are you an idiot but then you sign your name like your proud of the fact. Please wear your dunce hat tonite so we can more easily point you out. SHEEEEEESH!!!!

  • AMAT 73

    Good luck to all the teams of the SGV and here’s hoping for injury free games. Men in Blue , do the work and stay focused tonight . GO LANCERS .

  • Born Again Cat


    Wilson had to forfeit last year, because of a players uncompleted CIF paperwork, not due to grades. They also reported this error themselves, to CIF, when they realized the problem.

    Why doesn’t LA ever forfeit due to bad grades? Well, let me see. Maybe, because they knowingly break the rules, and have no scruples, that would allow them to report their own wrong-doings. This is nothing new, by-the-way. It’s been going on at LA since the early DeSpain years, when I was there…

  • Colt74

    Let’s Go COLTS !!! One game at a time.
    Play hard, Play smart, Play safe!

  • kh

    dont worry about mini me

  • Joe Amat

    Typing with my thumbs-but you’ve gotta get out to Keifer and get a look at the P-Train BBQ. Come and visit former Lancer great Pat Patterson, P-Train himself. The Trib needs to get a photo for the blog tomorrow. A sight to see… and smells great!


    CO 21 – 7 esperanza.

  • SaintsR4real

    Rancho Cuc 21.. San Dimas 10 3rd qtr.


    35-20 CO Wins

  • Panther Fan

    Amat will have a tough one in the playoffs if they face Santa Margarita. Going into the 4th qtr it is Santa Margarita 49 – Carson 14.

  • WOW!!!

    Tesoro beat Santa Margarita 32-21, and Tesoro just lost to Chino Hills 14-13. Boy oh boy these rankings, calprep predicitions, paper boys… everything is up in the air!!!

  • Panther Fan

    Finals – Santa Margarita 56 Carson 14
    Corona Centennial 44 Mater Dei 14

  • JFR

    I hate to piss and moan but those frickin refs tried their best to keep Esperanza in this game. That was the cockiest team I’ve seen show up in a long time than before you know it their down 21-0. They run that crazy navy option but our young D stepped up, baby steps.

  • Panther Fan

    Amats PAC-5 competition update

    Correction to Centennial/Mater Dei
    Centennial 44 Mater Dei 13.

    another big game – Tustin 46 Orange Lutheran 29

  • still injured?

    Mater Dei without Blackwell is average. With him is a different story

  • CatAlum

    Wilson 33
    LA 10


  • Footballer


  • Guaranted Win

    Arellanes next time you guarantee a win don’t do it against Wilson. Final score Wilson 33 Loss Altos 10 wasn’t even that close.

  • GHS wins again

    28-7 GHS over Canyon of Anaheim

  • Real Interview

    I’ll admit, I was a bit disappointed that you didn’t go out to interview Azusa this summer, but I’m excited to say that Azusa will be featured on channel four this Sunday night after SNF. Highlights will be shown of their game, and Jose Nunez will be interviewed live. Not too shabby for a small school like Azusa!

  • DB

    DB beat Don Lugo 24-17…I wasn’t there but I heard it was a bit of a nailbiter.

  • footballer


  • horrible

    whoever is calling the plays over at LA, its horrible…why didnt they jus keep the ball on the ground..LA is bad and is this staff really an upgrade from last years, hmmmm….LA is bad, but wilson is not that good either, both really vanilla teams that arent very good, period.
    did hear some wilson parents talking that this number 12 kis should stay the starter when 7 comes back, hmmm..he is a dual threat, that was their arguement, but who cares, both teams bad, very bad

  • Footballer




    kc had a great game cracking some heads and plucking some chiefs feathers on D what a solid linebacker. As KH would say without little man this game would have been 21-13 lol. As for the Bearcat coaches omg please! these guys suck!!!!!!!! Aaron you have to be throwing up my man who said the play calling was better I can’t imagine it being any worse a difficult game to watch from a fans perspective I know they have some injuries but isn’t this the time when coaching needs to step it up. When healthy and all the key players are back no doubt Bonita has the talent to play with anybody let us hope for your sake sponge bob and crew get a wake up call as luck would have it they dodged a bullet tonight. F-GRADE FOR THE COACHING STAFF

  • Ganoformayor


    A big fat I told you so may you can make Gano the mayor that might persuade him to come back LOL.

  • horrible..

    footballer you are saying exactly what those wilson parents were saying, that somebody would hit the blogs tonite and defend number 7 and his playing time…dont sweat it, its an unwrittrn rule that no player loses his starting spot due to injury, its immoral, so he is safe even if some do belive that 12 gives them more offensive versatility, you know…and again, boyj very bad teams.
    oh yea, and you are not fooling anyone acting like your excited about the D ranch elsinore game…very transparent fella

  • horrible

    hey ganoformayor…
    umm, would you like to buy vowel?
    or maybe phone a friend there bud…
    yea, we’ll leave it at that..

  • footballer


  • hmmm covina really?

    hmm i dont really know why is covina really “up” there i mean yes they beat west co but west covina was just off to a riugh start. im sorry but so far gladstone and el monte? really now? those are schools that have a lot of work to do. yes they have improved but really should they be honored that much? theres schools out there that have been improving for years and yet theyre not recognized.

  • MR. Longballs





  • ganoformayor

    horrible said:
    umm, would you like to buy vowel?
    or maybe phone a friend there bud…
    yea, we’ll leave it at that..

    I wouldn’t talk there Vanna looks like you need one too oops?

  • What happen to the LA program

    Was at the Wilson/LA game yes I am now calling it the Wilson/LA game, can’t believe how weak LA’s defensive secondary was. That #10 belongs on the JV or freshmen team. LA had no passing game, to speak of. With Diamond Bar being the weakest team left on their schedule it looks like a very long season. This team at best is going 0-10, sorry but they need lots of help.

    I was talking to one of the LA parents at the game and he told me that LA suits up some of their freshmen on friday nights. I can only assume they are attempting to give the preception that they are a larger program than they really are. He also told me the program is down 50 players from last year. After this loss they maybe lossing another 50 next year.

    It is going to take years to rebuild this program to just being able to compete in the Hacienda league. At best next year I can see this team winning one game based on their current schedule, that game isn’t Wilson they are way to young.

  • Aaron

    The play calling was better…however I don’t know until I see the film but when you spot the other team nine points it’s gonna be hard to win you know.

  • COChargerfan

    JFR, do you know the penalty numbers? Just guessing I’d say CO had 10 penalties for over 100 yards. A lot of calls looked like nothing including 2 personal fouls that appeared to be called after the play ended and the one toward the end of the game that was just an open field tackle behind the line that really incensed the CO coaches. From the stands, I couldn’t see any fouls…just what exactly did the refs say happened?

    I agree that they ran a funky offense and it looked like Esperanza’s o-line often got going before the ball was snapped but I only recall two obvious procedure penalties.

    The passing game is going to be fun to watch every week and another youngster stepped up and looked really good running the ball in the place of the injured Scoby…will his hand be healed by the RC game?

    D-line looking more solid every week. Linebacker’s as a unit still a work in progress…I’m honest and call it like I see it.

    I heard that the Esperanza kid broke his leg…injuries like that are the bad part of the game…praying for the kid to have a speedy recovery.

  • Born and Raised SGV

    hmmm on covinasnuts really!
    Prior to Covina vs. WC game, WC said they were working hard not to repeat the same results as last years first game. The coach said they were focused to prevent that as well. I find it funny how we haer how WC lost it and it fell in Covina’s lap. We also heard how it is was not for the Molina being benched, WC could have won. What are you showing your kids? Work hard and when it does not go your way…find any excuse and point the finger somewhere else?. WC dominated most of the first half, at half time Covina coaches made a some changes and changed the tempo and WC could not keep up… bottom line WC was on top of thier game and they came up short. WC had the same amount of time to prepare for this game.

    As far as the teams we are playing…We beat you didnt we? La puente seems to be one of the teams to beat in the Montview and they came from behind to beat El Monte…We held them to a GOOSE EGG.

    AZTEC PRIDE, Last year I replied a few times to some of your blog entries calling your Nation Cry babies because no one gave you the respect your kids worked hard for. Everyone doubted you last year and several continue to do the same this year even after beating BG. My apologies and hats of to what your Nation has accomplished. Now I know exactly how you feel.

    Covina Colts 3 and 0, outscoring opponents 91 to 21 so far this year and two shut outs these last two games.

  • COSteelCurtain

    Congratulations Charter Oak Chargers!

    Young team still making young team mistakes, but in spite of the terrible officiating you punched Esperanza in the mouth and controlled the entire game. O line and running game looked strong. Rufus is good! Charlie Avila and the defense played great team defense against a really good option team. The entire defense showed good gap decilpline. Excellent work by the coaches. How many tackles did Charlie and Nick have? Good game boys!

    Esperanza was a very physical team. Always with the extra cheap shot, but our boys played team football, punched back and sent many Aztecs home in ice bags and crutches!

    Good game boys!


  • Hey Horrible – Wilson – LA was really 54-10

    What was really horrible was that the refs called 8 as in EIGHT!!!!!!! 15 yard penalties on Wilson bringing back two touchdowns and the video shows Nelson’s ball never touched the ground in the endzone – it should have been a TD instead of an incompletion – that’s 3 TD’s not counted – Los Altos AD Garcia must be smarter than we believe him to be — it must have been an all LA alumni referee group he put together —-and the only LA touchdown was one of those fluke “knock the ball down but goes to the unattended receiver plays” /// and also it isnt so much that LA has a bad secondary – Wilson’s receivers were very very good – and the back up QB Morales on his first start was superb

  • Friday Night Lights

    I’ll tell you what, I’ve been reading this blog for a while now and with the hype I decided to go see a game for myself. And because I haven’t been to a game in a long time I picked a local game that was close and looked good on paper. I wanted to see what everyone is always talking about on Friday nights. Ok, so when did football players get so damn big? Let me tell you though, I didn’t go away sorry.

    Them boys at C.O. can ball and both teams looked like Gladiators fighting for their life on that football field. They were smacking the hell out of each other. Speaking of which why hasn’t anyone said anything about C.O.’s new facilities. Beautiful!

    Esperanza was no joke either but so was the raw emotions of C.O.’s sidelines. That stuff got me fired up and those receivers and quarterback for C.O. I dare you to tell me a better group around because those guys are for real.

    Best money I could of spent and going back to kids and a school too. Be careful of those boosters though that’s changed too and they will try to sell you everything. Pride is alive and well.

    These two traditional football programs playing against each other lead to some serious high level balling and was not your typical S.G.V. games I remember from before. He’s not kidding too about crutches and ice because I watched both teams walk by after the game and saw some classic pictures.

    Anyways, someone lead me to where I go next week because if your not going to a Friday night football game your not an American. Mr. Robledo point me in the right direction. Who should I go check out next week? And Bishop Amat of course I’m coming to one of your games obviously for sure but tell me which week is the best game to come watch you guys get after somebody.

    Congrats, to Charter Oak and Esperanza and keep working hard C.O. you men have a chance of being something special. Let’s go!


    BORN and RAISED in SGV!

    I see you’re up bright and early this morning! HAVING MENUDO??? BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS!

    On serious note, your 100% right about that! Good Luck to Covina, and the way you silence the CRITICS IS BY WINNING ON TH FIELD!



  • LA, What happen ????????????????????

    Was at the Wilson/LA game yesterday, LA does have some major issues on defense. This team can stop the run but has zero change against any team that can pass the ball. This is the worse secondary I have every seen at the high school level. They had no size, speed or skill. Their corners looked 8 to 12 inches shorter than Wilson’s receivers. Even when the defense had good coverage they were clueless what to do. This game wasn’t close from the start and should have been even a larger margin of victory for Wilson. Based on what I saw at that game LA doesn’t even have a change in their remaining seven games.

    Looks like LA is going to have some major recuriting issues next year. If they can’t even compete with Wilson. LA better start kissing some freshmen a@@, or you are going to see a mass exist over to Wilson next year. The majority of those key Wilson players are only juniors and they had a very strong and big sophomore class. The future doesn’t look good for LA football.

    LA I do have to say your players were right, you had no chance against Wilson.


    WOW, can’t believe I don’t see one blogger from LA PUENTE?? Fred had you guys losing and you proved them wrong! I’ll be the first one to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!





  • Lance R

    Easy win for Amat last nite and I agree they have not really opened up that offense full bore yet. Rio threw 1 deep pass that got intercepted but the play was there he just hung it up there a little. As far as Rio, he seems to be getting comfortable and his swagger is slowly developing, it is scary to see the poise he has and the zip he has on the ball he throws, this young man is exciting to watch and he has one more year to go, what a treat for Amat fans. Damien comes to Kiefer next week 2-0 and full of energy as it always is when they play Amat. I see a good game brewing here just based on both sides being pumped up for one another. Give Credit to Muir they came in with a small squad of maybe 30 kids and some got hurt, hope for a speedy recovery for the two that left in a ambulance (never good to see that). Amats defense is good but seems like they give up points in the 4th quarter unless those are the reserves in there getting scored on.? Good job by the players and coaches , The BBQ train was impressive, the crowd was huge (50/50 $1100) , this is Amat football at Keifer. Damien and Gano are next should be a good one. The freshman game will also be a good one since last years Amat Freshman coaches now coach Damien Freshman.

  • Amat tested

    Where are the St. Bonaventures? Orange Lutherans? Haggerty has scheduled a bunch of lower level teams to make up for his graduating most of his great defensive players. So he goes into league undefeated with rabid fans selling out the place. Wait til league starts, then we’ll see how battle tested they are. Muir had 23 players in uniform. We hear about Ruiz all the time, but he pales in talent to the 2nd string QB at Muir. Watch out, because Damien may slap your ears back.

  • 50/50

    that’s an awesome 50/50. and for the Muir game too. how ’bout that for a marketing ploy. “Come to a HS FB game for a chance to win $1000+) How much will it be at Damien $2000+?

  • The Voice of the Warriors

    Good win for the Warriors last night. Coach Rohror and his coaching staff have this relatively young team working hard and going in the right direction. There’s also plenty of room for improvement, with a couple of key players currently injured, they’re still not running on all cylinders. Coach Rohror has this team well diciplined and I expect them to improve every week. As for whether or not they have the horses to knock off Azusa in a couple of weeks…we’ll find out soon enough!

  • just sayin’

    Amat tested – I’m sure back then it looked like a pretty good game to schedule when Muir only lost to CO by a point in the first round and CO needed a goal line stand on a 2pt conversion to win. Unless you’re saying it would have been a “lower level team” to schedule too?

  • saladays

    Not impressed with either team in Hacienda Heights. Los Altos is very bad.

  • Saladays – go back

    Saladays – go back to that “other” paper’s blog – your idiocy is not as noticed there as it is here and u won’t get so embarrassed by your comments

  • Warrior Faithful

    Proud of our boys last night. #20 for NV did have great numbers but when NV got into the red zone the Warrior “D” did the job. Jose Perez was amazing once again. Maybe he didn’t have as many yards as #20 last night but with his 3 TDs and 100+ yards he was more effective. Our QB managed the game well and did what you want a young QB (sophomore) to do–not lose the game. We had several 10th graders playing and the future is bright. Kudos to Coach Rohrer and his coaching staff.
    Next week its Wilson. This is a big opportunity to show all our LP people that there is no need to send your kids to HH schools. We all see what a train wreck LA is.
    Lets GO WARRIORS!!!

  • Long Road Ahead

    Looks like Walnut will go on a 0 for 7 slide coming up. Good first win vs Troy but the loss last nite to Claremont and the the next 6 games I do not see Walnut not winning one of them. The last two Games Walnut will win and end the season 3-7. Will be a sad 6 weeks in a row for Walnut.

  • It’s Over

    Amat tested

    You are wasting your breath. Amat gets 6-5, 235 lbs. Wallace Gonzalez back at WR when they play Damien. No one is going to be able to cover him effectively.

  • Warrior Faithful – your going to need faith

    Tibbs from L Altos is an all league 1st team running back and #3 from Diamond Bar is even better than Tibbs – and neither scored a rushing TD against Wilson – should be interesting to see if Perez gets in the endzone next Friday – but dont forget what happened between La Puente and Wilson during passing league – Wilson totally shedded the La Puente secondary – it was 5 TD’s to 1

  • Wanted: Big & Fast Pac-5 Linemen for 2011

    Next year, Bishop Amat returns Jalen Moore, Zach Shay, Dionza Blue, Rio Ruiz, DJ Daniels, Darren Andrews, and Sal Valasquez.

  • Wanted: Big & Fast Pac-5 Linemen for 2011

    Next year, Bishop Amat returns Jalen Moore, Zach Shay, Dionza Blue, Rio Ruiz, DJ Daniels, Darren Andrews, and Sal Valasquez.

  • Wanted: Big & Fast Pac-5 Linemen for 2011

    Next year, Bishop Amat returns Jalen Moore, Zach Shay, Dionza Blue, Rio Ruiz, DJ Daniels, Darren Andrews, and Sal Valasquez.

  • jamdown

    Hey long road ahead, thanks for the worthless insight. Maybe we can get a little more info on your assessment. You can always tell when a chick posts something. Sad? This is football. You can go 0 and 10 and there will be no sad. The kids that hit field every week for our entertainment are warriors and should be respected as such. Sad is when your dog gets eaten by a coyote.

  • Yesteryear

    Used to go to LA games when they were a force to be reckoned with. Sadly those days are long gone. My hat is off to the new coach who took this team knowing it was going to be an uphill battle.

  • Long Road Ahead

    Looks like Walnut will go on a 0 for 7 slide coming up. Good first win vs Troy but the loss last nite to Claremont and the the next 6 games I do not see Walnut not winning one of them. The last two Games Walnut will win and end the season 3-7. Will be a sad 6 weeks in a row for Walnut.

  • Conq’76

    I say again, change the name of the high school to “The Heights High School”, change the colors to Green and Yellow and change the mascot to a wasp or a hornet. Loss Altos is destroying what it took 35 years to build.

  • COSteelCurtain

    After the “lower level” Muir playoff game, Charter Oak went on to win its Back to Back CIF Championship.

    Just sayin, what are you gonna do after little ol’ Muir? No need to get pissy with CO. Just answer the question?

    Good luck trying in the Pac-5. And I do mean the good luck part.

  • Amat tested

    For all it’s worth, Seymour (QB for Muir) ran for 200+ yards. Most of it was scrambling from side to side with little help from a fatigued 23 man roster. He outran DBs and corners alike. What a spirited kid! Ruiz has a gun but won’t run. If Damien can stop Amat’s one dimensional offense…i.e. running the five and six holes then they’re IN. Wallace is a beast, but “wide receiver”? He should be a tight end. What is his 40 speed? Damien has a much more consistent offense than Muir and are much more disciplined. They lost by 9 last year and matched them TD for TD in first half. There is no longer a size advantage on the line and it will show playing in league. Look for Damien to smash some skulls by giving Amat five and six hole pops themselves.

  • Aaron

    Afternoon all…afternoon for me at least.

    I looked at Division Standings…this I can’t believe for the Southeast with Maxpreps rankings:

    DB at four…they could be legit…but I’m not so sure based on how bad it was last season for them…however congratulations on their turnaround so far.

  • Walnut Insider

    Long Road Ahead,
    At first I was going to question that statement about 0 – 7, then I looked at their schedule and you are right. There is a good chance of a long skid here.

    I was at the game last night and Walnut just didn’t look like they had much going for them. They had a hard time covering Claremont’s receivers and getting pressure upfront on their QB. The first offensive play for Claremont really set the tone of things to come. With no pressure, their QB picked us apart. While I was impressed by Claremont’s QB, I think I was more shocked at how easily their receivers were getting open.

    Offensively, Walnut couldn’t do much of anything. It’s clear that Walnut can’t afford to get into any kind of high scoring shoot out. I still like the way they are running the ball, but the passing game is lacking. When you have a receiver like Coleman out there, you have to find a way to protect the QB to give him time to get the ball to him. There were a few times that I didn’t think Walnut’s QB would get up.

    I also noted that Walnut looked flat out there. It seemed that they didn’t have any sort of spark. The way they came out after half time was shocking. They were walking like the game was already over and they were down by 15 at that point. The next 7 games will be a good test to see the character of this program. I think Walnut can catch a team looking ahead of the schedule. If you look at some of the games that teams play after Walnut, it is possible. Diamond Bar, Diamond Ranch, and West Covina all play Rowland the week after Walnut. Rowland plays Bonita after us and Bonita plays West Covina after us. So if Walnut can put together a solid game from the start, there is a chance they could catch one of those sleeping.

    I said earlier that it would be a good year if they went .500 and I still think that. I think they can get wins against Northview & LA. When Walnut and DB play everything is off the table, due to the rivalry. That could get them to 4 wins. And if they can catch someone not ready, they can still get there. It’s going to be difficult, but the staff will be working hard to try and get them there.

  • Colt74

    Congrats to the COLTS for their win last night! Saw that except for Pomona and C-town the rest of the VVL had a long night. Shrug it off guys and work hard next week.I’m a COLTS fan first but proud to support every team in our league and those from the old ( really old ) days when we were in the Sierra league. I like it when I see WC, CO, SH, L.A.,LP, Azusa and Glendora doing good.
    Have a good one all and now back to my Menudo.

  • the critic

    yeah we all know muir only had 23 players last night but the fact remains that if there players didnt leave to go to alemany they would have more…but if u know football last night muir was clearly the more talented team even the bishop amat coach says it muir coaching staff lost that game for them not taking away anything from bishop amat they also did a great job as a team i dont know what muir was thinking lining up in an i formation when bishop amat corners were playing 12-15 yards off the receivers. oh and if muir starting qb was playing believe me dai dai mcfadden and karl holmes would had a big night against those corners.

  • the critc

    hey if u wanna see some of pasadena talent check out alemany for the last couple of years and tell me what u think.

  • Amat tested

    No mean to dismiss Charter Oak. But Bonita could rattle the helmets of CO this year. Why won’t CO schedule the likes of Amat or another beast from Pac-5? I hear they want no part of them. Step up and do this thang. I would like CO to open up a can of ….on those blue-blooders.

  • the critc

    hey if u wanna see some of pasadena talent check out alemany for the last couple of years and tell me what u think.

  • El Chupacabra

    The BBQ was good…
    The game?…What a yawner…!
    Amnot 73…Nice shoes…! Goodwill…?…Hah…Hah!
    The BEST…!

  • Aaron

    For all subscribers and readers of SGVN publications take notice of the coverage for the Bonita-Santa Fe game:

    Dear Fred and Aram,

    Fred it’s obvious you needed to assign Aram to be elsewhere. Just look at the horrible copy that the WDNs correspondent wrote for a huge game! Why wasn’t Campa covering the 1vs. 6 in the Southeast?

    Seriously read this:
    FOOTBALL: Bonita 13, Santa Fe 12

    By Steven Quintana, Correspondent
    Posted: 09/17/2010 11:48:15 PM PDT

    SANTA FE SPRINGS – The Bonita High School football team had a big second half Friday night to beat Santa Fe at Pioneer High.

    The Bearcats’ second-half run started with a field goal making it a 12-6 game, pulling them within seven of the lead.

    Bonita then moved the ball 78 yards and scored a touchdown as Spathis connected with reciever Casey Horine to give Bonita the lead and ultmately the win.

    The Chiefs defense controlled the first two quarters as it held Bonita to only three points.

    Ernesto Ledesma came up with the big play when he intercepted a pass from Bonita’s Greg Spathis and returned it for a touchdown.

    “I think they are the toughest team we have played so far,” Bonita coach Eric Podley said.

    Although the Chiefs’ toughness showed throughout the first half, they couldn’t hold them to the 12-3 lead they had at the end of the first half.

    This was the biggest game in the area and you get a blurb that is incorrect. This doesn’t even have to do with me being a Bonita fan…Casey Horine was inactive with a knee injury. On the sideline with crutches for heavens sake.

    End of rant…but seriously!

  • Amat Dude

    We got 6’5″ Wallace Gonzalez back for the Damien game. This should definitely change the Lancers offensive dynamics. Damien has not seen him on film since he’s sat out the first 3 games for being ineligible, which may translate to trouble containing him. Ruiz does not have tall receivers and I think they are all 5’11” or shorter. So bringing in Wallace into the mix will open up the passing game.

    Damien will get their toughest test this week at Kiefer. BTW those BBQ Tri Tip sandwiches were the bomb!!!

    Go Lancers!!!

  • the critc

    a team from the pacific league will win the southeast division championship this year. co is lucky they got out of there y they can because the knew there run in that division was over.

  • Don

    Some week two Bearcat thoughts:

    First, thanks for the coverage, Bonita always flies best under the radar; remember last season’s Baseball Team? Yeah, theDaily News muffed this story too, giving sidelined Casey Horine credit for the Bearcat’s fourth quarter TD. The correspondent also considers tying the game with less than a minute on the clock holding on. Brutal. The noise you hear is John Strey rolling over in his grave.

    The story of the Bonita Santa Fe contest was one of two, wily, experienced coaches who were fielding teams with their second choice at Quarterback and without their #1 offensive weapon. What to do? Answer with ferocious defense and special teams and hope that when the game ends your guys have more points on the board. Go on and add to that equation an Eric Podley whose sore back had him looking like a parenthesis bracket before the game. Ouch.

    Back story was Cameron Salce who has more guts than a Kansas City slaughterhouse. Pounded for 4 quarters by a relentless Chief D whose MLB is a foot taller and 100 lb’s heavier, Salce still had enough to haul in the game tying TD as the clock ticked down. (Memo to Greg Spathias: Consider taking Gelalich, Salce, and Johnson out to Dippin Dots after video.) Both teams exhibited excellent kicking games although the BoHi KO coverage remains a work in progress. Brandt Davis looks like he’s picked right up where Garay, Mier, etc left off. K.C. Huth added four punts for 173 yards, not too shabby either.

    Speaking of Huth, his enthusiasm appears intact. He may have given up a half foot and fifty pounds to Santa Fe’s MLB, but after the game, Huth was the main topic among the SF fans. (Memo to Bob Jastrab: Kid’s name is Gael Esparza, listed at 6’4 and 240 pounds. He’s all that.; legit, probably not a Mike for you guys, but solid at DE or DT.)

  • Biggest win in 42 years

    Even with the 3 TD’s that didn’t count last night (thanks refs) – the 33-10 win for Wilson was their biggest win in the 40+ year rivalry – and that also includes LA starting drives at the 50 yardline all night because that was where they started after Wilson kickoff return coverage (the real sore spot for W)

    History of The Wheel Los Altos-Wilson
    Los Altos leads series 31-10-1
    1969: Los Altos 14 Wilson 0
    1970: Los Altos 10 Wilson 0
    1971: Wilson 7 Los Altos 0
    1972: 6-6 Tie
    1973: Los Altos 33 Wilson 0
    1974: Los Altos 30 Wilson 7
    1975: Los Altos 21 Wilson 13
    1976: Los Altos 33 Wilson 7
    1977: Los Altos 14 Wilson 0
    1978: Wilson 21 Los Altos 7
    1979: Los Altos 27 Wilson 0
    1980: Los Altos 28 Wilson 7
    1981: Los Altos 17 Wilson 14
    1982: Los Altos 17 Wilson 16
    1983: Wilson 38 Los Altos 17
    1984: Los Altos 21 Wilson 9
    1985: Los Altos 7 Wilson 0
    1986: Los Altos 10 Wilson 7
    1987: Los Altos 23 Wilson 6
    1988: Wilson 7 Los Altos 0
    1989: Wilson 17 Los Altos 16
    1990: Wilson 14 Los Altos 10
    1991: Los Altos 30 Wilson 12
    1992: Los Altos 35 Wilson 8
    1993: Los Altos 40 Wilson 7
    1994: Los Altos 14 Wilson 7
    1995: Los Altos 24 Wilson 13
    1996: Wilson 22 Los Altos 20
    1997: Wilson 31 Los Altos 14
    1998: Los Altos 35 Wilson 14
    1999: Los Altos 31 Wilson 21
    2000: Los Altos 32 Wilson 10
    2001: Los Altos 40 Wilson 7
    2002: Los Altos 25 Wilson 0
    2003: Los Altos 35 Wilson 14
    2004: Los Altos 35 Wilson 18
    2005: Los Altos 35 Wilson 27
    2006: Los Altos 38 Wilson 18
    2007: Wilson 42 Los Altos 36
    2008: Los Altos 38 Wilson 14
    2009: Los Altos 54 Wilson 17
    2010: Wilson 33 Los Altos 10

  • BA Blues

    Amat tested

    This video will answer your questions. Keep in mind that since then, he’s become bigger, stronger, faster, and more importantly, disciplined.

  • COSteelCurtain

    Bonita? What? Are you kidding me?

    Don’t confuse Clarabelle and Sante Fe with the Great Program that is Thee Charter Oak HS Chargers, little boy.
    Esperanza (D-1 2009) scored 1 legit touch down on our defense yesterday.

    Bearcats remember the 31 -0 last year and 48 -10 in ’08 and so on. Go on and enjoy your games against the Walnut and Diamond Bar.

    At Charter Oak, we don’t hang league championships. We hang CIF banners!

  • Football Dad

    Why didn’t LA stay with the running combo with #33 and #2 like last week against Bellflower…#2 stretched the field with his speed and #33 pounded the middle and wore down that D-Line; I was expecting a better game from LA last night very disappointed that the defensive didn’t adjust they left #24 man to man and all night Wilson just picked on him, the defensive didn’t wrap when they made tackles but I’m not taking any credit away from Wilson they came in determine to win the wheel guess the butt kicking they got last year fired them up….what bothered me the most is they way some of the kids from LA acted by throwing there helmets which tells me there is discipline and respect issues towards the coaches……LA will be lucky if they win one game.

  • Horrible

    Bottom line football in the heights is very bad at this point, there is going to be no mass transfers from los altos to wilson because of this one, be realistic, last year los altos handed wilson their lunch bad after all the talk about how wilson was this and that, and there were not any mass transfers to los altos because of it, its one win, now if wilson can string two or three wins ina row, then maybe the transfers start, but not one simple win from a team who has won one game in three years, just isnt going to happen. you can see what can happen from one year to the other, looking at last years result versus this years result. And really, hanging your hat on the biggest margin of victory issue, are you kidding there? look at the overall win loss record over the years in favor of los altos. basically none of this matters, its only from what angle you look at this does your allegiance show. truth of the matter is both teams will not make the playoffs, los altos will not be a playoff team in the hacienda to say the least, and wilson will not be a playoff teams in valle vista, remember, that league only gets two automatic seeds. (San dimas, covina Baldwin park all ahead of wilson), so thats that. Oh, and ganofor mayor, are you kidding? that was your best comeback?, hahaha, why dont you try “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?”

  • football jones

    Wilson vs LA observations

    LA Alum – Dont be too hard on your kids, they played well and came charging back to start 2nd half. The running game looked decent and QB had some nice completions. This is a very young team and staff has them moving in right direction.

    Difference last night was the huge plays from Wilson receiving core. These kids are tall, fast, and hauled in everything within their reach. Also, credit to back-up QB and the Offensive Line.

    Good game for both teams – at different points on learning curve.

  • kh

    blindside we ware 3-0
    thanks for saying what you saw on k.c. last night,the d stepped up 3 points on a team like santa fe.sweet.
    the coaching there will alway be the crowd coaches.
    am one of them,i love it,
    it helps me in my recovery,i really try to control myself,i did yell at acouple o-linemen last night,am not going to call anyone or two kids out but just stay low and drive your feet,my god you know the hike count,should blast off line like there a dog changing u.
    are backs are on the smaller size so open the hole and there quick they will get thru it,
    the one thing i notice about the coach that worked baby,was the goal line block the kick,great coaching guys,i go to practice we work hard on that,look it paid off to help us win baby.
    the kicker what a stud,personnaly thaught it was are week part of the program,love when kids put it my face bo bearcats

  • Don

    Hey CO’sJaneCurtin,

    Guess you didn’t get the memo.

    You guys hung those banners back when you were in OUR division, or lower.

    You have been reassigned to the Inland division. Life is different there and once you get done with the 4-6 and 5-5 teams you booked for pre-season you will get a taste of it. What’s even better is with the way the Sierra is set up, you’ll get a chance to play one or two of those Inland teams also selected for the playoffs. I am sure the Chaparrals, Norco’s and Corona Centennial’s are planning their playoff runs around C O.

    I know, I know, you guys are tough and ready and all that stuff. I’ve followed Charger football for years and know dozens of families whose kids played there. Trust me, bulletin board fodder for Los Altos is one thing and being on the board at Vista Murrietta is something else entirely. Save your beep beeps until after Thanksgiving.

    Or until CIF re-leagues.

  • Yesteryear

    The only hope for LA is to very their offense. They can’t match up with most teams so they need to use more misdirection, fakes,reverses, screens, flares. They might not win a game this season so they have to play for the love of the game and try to string some big plays together.


    You see SGV, this is what we get now, These strange people from another LAND, running their mouths on how they’re going to whip OUR AZZES!


    I.E and the rest of you out there, the chickens are hugry and go feed’em. Here chick, chick, chick! hahahaha…



    Unfortunately we won’t have Wallace until Cathedral . Maybe Joe Amat can elaborate on that . Amat tested , I say very smart scheduling by Hags as he knows this team gets better each week and they needed the seasoning as they are very young experience wise. Nothing wrong with that . It’s one thing to schedule the powers when you know you can tangle right out the gate but look for some of those teams next year as a few of the teams we have on our schedule will be gone and if my guess is right I would bet Damien is one of them . We were forced on Gano and you know that playing Amat is not his cup of tea .As far as Muir how was he to know they would be that banged up for last night’s game . Next week Damien will be a test but I don’t think they will plug the 5 or 6 six holes as you think . That O line is popping and with the emergence of Moore and also Blue starting to get his feet wet along with Shay that is one heck of a three back rotation. The running game is our bread and butter and it just gets better each week . This team is rolling and getting better each and every week . One thing for sure you are drinking that Bonita koolaid because there is absolutley no way they could hang with CO and that is a fact . There are a good team where they are but CO was a great if not the best where they were. Now we will see how they fair in there new home but I believe they will be alright and turn a few heads.

  • JFR


    Charlie was called for “roughhousing” for fighting off a double team and hitting the back to hard. This wasn’t quite as bad as the Glendora game when Jeffries crossed the line of scrimmage and threw a TD only to hear from the white hat, he was in the neutral zone. We had 6 flags for seventy on D not sure for the O but plenty. CIF, the refs need more than a GED to officiate.

  • Wilson Parent

    Joshua Morales did a great job out there. He really proved he is able to hold his own. Los Altos vs Wilson is always a tense game. Well both teams practice very hard all summer and to be on the loosing side is sad. Im excited to see what Wilson can do the next weeks to come. With Brandon Schreiman out Joshua is able to show coach Zavala I dont need to be the second string QB. Will see what Zavala does once Schreiman comes back. Everyone else got to shine out there. Vega did great also but hell be gone with his 1.6 GPA. So much talent but a big arrogant punk thats to bad. Coach Zavala your team isnt just Vega and Schreiman. Did you see everyone else work together last night. TEAM work!!!!

  • Amat tested

    That QB for Muir ran roughshod over the Amat defense and anyone who saw that game would realize that Amat lacks TEAM SPEED. Oh sure, they have some good running backs and a QB with a gun that doesn’t want to get in the mix. But can they contain the run themselves. Last year they had the talent and defensive speed to keep up with anyone. They had the best run defense in the SGV (by my standards). This year an opposing QB can compromise their outside containment. Don’t pin all your hopes on Gonzalez and Booth. If they went both ways, that would be another thing. Alright, maybe Bonita beating CO is a bit of a stretch. But a healthy Bonita could rattle your chains. They HAVE team speed. Watch that blue-blooded kool-aid Amat fans.

  • defensive?

    COSteelCurtain – that sounded like props to Muir if you ask me, not a dig at CO – unless you’re a little self conscious. I mean that was a little awesome that you beat all those SGV schools for your championship. Truly the cream of the crop. Congrats. really. Now if you’re honest you know CO needs a little more well wishes in the Inland than the Lancers do in the Pac5.

  • D-Mo

    Don, as a Charger fan I would like to thank you for the “heads up” on the Inland Div powers. We weren’t aware that those teams are that much better than the Southeast teams. I guess we should try and prepare better. Thanks for the inside info.

  • just sayin’

    COLaceCurtains – and that was “Amat tested” that called Muir (a team in your division that gave you fits) a “lower level team”. And D1 2009 – there is a reason they’re not their anymore.

  • FYI

    LA has some serious coaching issues #33,#2,#17 should be competing for the spot. With all equal touches # 2 would prevail with the quickness and elusiveness shown when he gets the ball. Rotation wears down the defense elusiveness gets you in the redzone #17,33 pound it in. Coaches are morons or is just arrellanes? Despain and Gano played only the best the whole game. Coaches keep playing favorites and you will not see the redzone or endzone. You Jack A—– dont you see the film on sat morning this subject was designed to learn who to play more not do the same thing over and over and lose the players morals.

  • Mass Transfer Out of LA

    Interesting subject, over the last four years the wheel is 2-2 but for some reason the transfers only go one way. I can’t think of a single player that has transferred from Wilson to LA. Transfers from LA to Wilson happen every year a matter of fact this season one of LA’s top sophomores transfered over to Wilson. This upset the LA administration so much that they attempted to pull a South Hills and file a compliant with CIF. CIF tossed the compliant and the transfer was approved.

    I will say at this point we all know Los Altos can’t compete in the Hacienda League. This Wilson teams looks like they are going to compete in the VVL, a matter of fact they are favored by a few sports writiers to make the playoffs. The only talk about Los Altos is do they even have a chance to win a single game this year. Where would you have your kid play football?

  • just sayin’

    In Fred’s article he writes it was a “so-so offensive performance” by Amat. Must be nice when you can have an RB with 128 yards and a touchdown another with three touchdowns and 107 yards rushing and a QB who was 7 of 12 attempts for 145 yards and two touchdowns and the team scores 34 pts – and its a “so-so offensive performance”. Fred – elaborate?

  • LA Conq


    Totally agree about getting #2 (Gio Martinez) on the field more oftern. Kid has some dynamic speed and is reall the Conqs only hope to pop any long runs. Word from the coaching staff is he has had some attitude conflicts with the offensive coaches and THAT is why he has limited touches.

    I guess my question is, if the kid has such an attitude problem, then why is he playing on defense? Shouldn’t he be benched all around if he’s disrespecting coaches?

  • Don

    Hey D-Mo, happy to be of service. Kind of surprised though that neither you nor Jane Curtins got the word.

    Most of the Charger fans I know are sharper than that.

  • LA Fan

    @ Mass Transfer Out of LA
    I would rather take my kid to a school that has 11 CIF championships and has something to show for it in the last 10 years. Wilson has done nothing in the last ten years other than talk about how great their teams is which has accomplished nothing. Now they compete in D11 and will not make the playoffs because the fact is Covina, San Dimas, Baldwin Park are all better. Hey great win last night you took it to LA and got a good win. But you cannot compare LA to Wilson, we have 31 wins over your 10 goodluck catching up

  • Amat tested

    Don’t be fooled by stats my fine feathered friends. Amat QB had an opening 80 yard passing TD that was really a 5 yard pass with 75 yards after reception. The one bomb thrown was intercepted. The running game was fine with the Muir QB not only handling the whole offense but also as their star DB. So, as you can now see, the runs of 40, 50, 60 yards were busted from the 5 and 6 holes and there was never anyone who contested the runs. There was barely a runner touched on those long runs. The short bursts were powerful as Moore carried a few guys on his back at one time. Nevertheless, stats can be deceptive.


    Amat tested,
    Surely you jest in saying the Bonita could rattle Amat’s chains.Maybe the chains on the locks to the stadium but that’s about it . All this team speed you speak of, Dominguez had also, didn’t help the Muir QB .Maybe stat wise but were it count on the scoreboard no, our D has only allowed 2 td’s . I will take 14 points in 3 games for a defense anyday .You also have to add but a healthy when you speak of Bonita rattling those chains but reality is the season waits for no one , you bring what you got. I am not pinning any hopes on Gonzales nor Booth because we are doing it right now and when they show up it’s just more ammo for Amat. Now you are having a nice season so far in Bonitaville but don’t go over board and think you could take on CO or Amat . The 2 would show you what big ball is all about . Do not mistake a close win over Santa Fe as killing a giant . At one time in the past many moons ago Bonita did and could hang but if you check the outcome ,Amat came out on top as they would today but today it would not even be a contest. Win something first even a league title or better yet take a lesson from Don or kh and take them one game at a time. Your team has never felt the pounding of an offesive line the likes of Amat or CO’s and by the 4th qtr believe me all the gas in your tank would be spent and then the yards start to increase much like last night’s game against Muir. Then for you the only speed that would matter is the speed of the clock counting down the minutes left in the game.

  • Hacienda Heights home of the Wildcats

    LA Fan,

    That’s the past, if you want to live in the past go ahead. Trust me those LA players last night didn’t really care about Los Altos past.

    Over the last three plus years Los Altos record is 8 and 27 with no playoff appearances. During that same period of time Wilson’s record is 10 and 24, with two playoff appearances going 1-1. That is short term history just for the record.

    I can see you now “Johnny, I know you went 0-10 but 20 years ago Los Altos was good.”

    Theirs a new sheriff in town get use to it.


  • FYI

    Sounds like favorites to me = No wins

  • Amat tested

    Surely you jest:

    It is what it is. 5’6″ linebackers will meet their makers no matter how hungry they are. The offensive shakes and moves can only be outmatched by the new Lancer Mascot. Being a man of many talents I forgive the errors of your ways and realize your mental status is clouded by that Amat blue-blooded Kool-Aid. I am not necessarily a Bonita fan, but one who studies the game. I see a mean and hungry Alemany waiting in the wings for your young whelps. I think going to their home will be eye-opening and may even get you out of that stupor.

  • hoopla

    Well two weeks ago it was jitters, last week he was a little off. This week who knows. What will happen when the God sent has to go up against a real team. This poor kid is being put under such great pressure that when the real teams come around, he won’t have any where to hide. Thank God for the running backs because 7-13 n 145 yds won’t cut it. Its a dam shame that they can’t give the SR QB an equal chance to compete with the same offensive line and receivers that Ruiz get’s. I wish him.well for his sake and his T mates. Good luck.

  • Amat tested

    Yes, I feel for the Sr. QB at Amat as well. He got in for the 4th qtr. and was allowed to pass once and threw a wounded duck but needs some other chances. I think film day should be interesting with most of the coaches scratching their heads over…uh…what were the positives we can glean from this.

  • COSteelCurtain

    You bet I’m defensive!

    We are Thee Charter Oak Chargers!
    Back to Back CIF Champions and 26 -1-1 in the past 2 years. Including the ‘cupcake’ SGV schedule and Muir.

    I’m ‘just sayin’ what are you gonna do with your ‘cupcake’ schedule and the Pac-5. Don’t insult me to get away from the question. Lets go littleman. Your on the clock. Answer the question!

  • JFR


    You sound like the JACK@$$ in the barn that got left out of feeding time. Another bitter A$$ who is stirring the pot so lets go BIATCH!


    Amat tested, No kool aid needed here. I go by what I see and what have seen . Now the truth comes out since I guess I foiled your chain rattling theory. You profess to be a student of the game so in that aspect you evedently studied your theory and thought twice about it . Now to find you put your hope in Alemany by passing every game between here and then . It must be because you cannot find a team in the SGV to do your work of toppling Amat so you must venture to the SFV. Well fair weather freddy who is it you stand behind on a regular basis . Or is it the team you feel has a hot hand any certain week.

  • Expand your list LA Fan

    LA Fan said:
    I would rather take my kid to a school that has 11 CIF championships

    If you expand your list to include state awards for Band, Theater, Choir, Dance Team, Debate, CIF Badmiton, IB World School, your kid would be at Wilson

    If you include the Top 800 (4%) high schools in America it would be a push – Wilson and Los Altos there is with Walnut, Diamond Bar and Bonita academically

  • blogman

    Mini me had a good game. Solid punting and defense and played under control. I was a smallish LB as well and sometimes we suffer from a Napolean complex trying not to let the big boys intimidate us and causing us to lose composure.I don’t agree with bad play calling by Podley. It was a cold night, a hostile environment, small fan support, injured stars and an aching back. It has to be hard firing up your team in those circumstances but they did. Being consevative in your play calling was what was needed as well as a lot of heart that the team showed. Hope hurt players can get a few snaps next week before league starts up. I give coaches a C for offense and an A for defense.

  • Los Altos Parent

    Week 1 Ayala 35, Colony 0
    Week 2 Ayala 61, Alta Loma 26
    Week 3 Ayala ???, Loss Altos 0

    Do we really have to play this game?

  • Loving The Heights

    I have read all 133 comments And 50% of them are about two teams that aren’t going to play-offs, aren’t going to have a winning record, and just plan itchin that the cups 1/2 EMPTY… This season right here right now is what i’m talking about cause i deal with the present and prepare for the future.. to all the disgruntle LA / Wilson fans… come watch Rowland’s games this year.. you’ll get your monies worth and our food is good too! Don’t hate.. what is.. is!!! peace luv and happiness!!!!! KUDOS!!! to R-O-W-L-A-N-D !!!! you make us proud!!!! Class of 2011… go – fight – win !!!! WE ARE THE RAIDERS.. THE MIGHTY MIGHTY RAIDERS….

  • sick of it already!

    Man 2nd week and I am already sick of Amat and CO talk. Get over it already. Save some of your talk for when the season actual starts.

  • Blindside


    Trust me Aaron no film can do this game justice pathetic is the only word I can think of right now. So Coach gets a pass for being on the meds ok hes excused what about the other cup cakes can somebody please call a time out with 3:40 remaining on the clock and the put the linebacker in for one snap and run play is getting a little old now ‘Sounds like a bud light commercial. hey kitties can you kick the ball off from the tee next time a pooch kick with :41 seconds left are you serious? What game were you watching blogman I know KH is on timeout after last week but WOW! cat got your tongue, somebody ditto this please? the parents were walking around like zombies from a cheap horror flick at half time good thing for them the cats and little man cracked a few heads late in the fourth to spice it up a bit and get the momentum rolling. Im Not sure what meds you were on? but 2minutes of perfect football is what I saw and the kitties had to bail out spongy and crew with the blocked game winner, as KH would say 3-0 is all that counts oops’ I just threw up in my mouth I’m outta here.

  • The Real Wilson Parent

    Rowland Raider,

    It is very clear Los Altos isn’t going anywhere but Wilson’s record and the scores from this friday are looking good. Please I remember that 7on7 over at Gladstone, you guys had to go five overtimes to beat us with three of our four receivers missing. From what I have seen this season you are no sure beat for the playoffs either. Don’t be drinking that cool aid, its only week 2.

  • blogman

    Blindside. Anyone who would call a team pathetic and kitties after a tough WIN on the road is just crying out for attention. Throw yourself on the floor and bang your fists at home but keep your name calling to your pals you loser.

  • Aaron

    The things that won the Bearcats their last two games were excellent defense and great running game. Seems they went away from the running game. Unlike against San Dimas where Spathias three picks didn’t do anything the two picks and Safety against Santa Fe spotted the Chiefs nine points.

    I’m the biggest Bonita honk/alum/fan/supporter there is. I’m all in every season because I love my Alma Mater. Spathias made mistakes here…it seems he had to carry the team a little bit based on the play calling. Overall he’s been a good game manager, yet he still has room for improvement and I’m guessing they wanted to get back into the base offense as we get closer to League and having a healthy Garrett Pendleton.

    Bonita should and then it shouldn’t. Remember the success has been with an excellent running game. However if you read the quote from Coach in the article Pete Bennett wrote it seems the o-line is pretty banged up so that may have something do with why the running game wasn’t up to speed. Offensively, weve got some work ahead of us, but this week we basically lost every single offensive lineman. So we struggled, but we came back and persevered.” -Coach Eric Podley

    Defense played lights out especially with some guys gone. Give some KC Huth who played possessed from the way I’ve heard it. Remember I’m sadly following from three thousand miles away, and yet on the phone with my dad a couple times a quarter for some play by play and scoring updates gave me almost the same apprehension. Big shoutout to Eric Mikity who has played ridiculous the past three games…keep it up. the way Baldwin Park has been paying Bonita won’t need solid QB play but I’d like to see them run the ball really well so Spathias is put in great situations.


    Man some of these posts really make me laugh…

  • just askin’

    Amat tested – if Muir had such team speed – why the long runs by Amat. Shouldn’t someone have caught them?

  • Sondheimer says

    COLaceCurtains – and your best win in that 26 -1-1 was the tie vs Rancho! Name another? Back-to-Back San Gabriel Valley Lower Level Champions! Go Cupcakes!

  • kh

    come on dude,you write the same way you talk in person,
    be nice,just because we took care of your old home school homie,no need to unlaod on coaching staff.i would love to be able to sit with the rest of my sons teammate parents,but i lose it alittle bit at football games,so i try to stay in my own little zone,maybe you dont know it but the field isnt that far away last night so i had a great view of the qb when he would fake the run i would yell pass,iam not going to lie to any bearcat on the field,i know my son heres me it helps when your in the trenches to know if its a pass or not,we talk at home,like a pitcher tipping his cb,its so easy to crush a hanging cb if you know its coming,so there is alittle sence to my crazyness,am going to help us any way i can to win the championship,i dont think i cross the line,if so podley or medena would tell me to shut the blank up,and i will.the santa fe band took us out of the game all night,i loved there band,why the hell dosent bonitas band pride up and come to the road games,its weak,s.d dimas had there band on the side line smudge pot night,so i know it can happen,is it a money thing.
    i heard we sold 4000 waters and sodas at smudge pot night,t.c. never played inless we had are third stringers with us,the band,,,
    i was so pissed in the cif game last year agaisnt s.h. no band,,,,,next town over,covia,
    see if bonita wants to step back into the lights of c.o. amat m.joho m-day l.b. ploy then the whole school needs to be at all the games,the band is a big part of football season,step up band,lets take the band to b-p- next week then have a pizza party at warehouse and t-phillup,for desert,,iam calling for a blow-out all after hour football town party next week,any supporters.

  • Conq’ 76

    “Biggest win in 42 years said:
    Even with the 3 TD’s that didn’t count last night (thanks refs) – the 33-10 win for Wilson was their biggest win in the 40+ year rivalry…”

    Some might think Wilson beating LA in a CIF Championship game ranked as a bigger win, but that’s just me.

  • What happen to LA’s defense.

    Conq 76,

    Is that the best you can do?

    Where did you guys get the DC from, he was clueless. I really didn’t think we ran that complex of an offense. Take a look at the film check out your adjustments or should I say lack of adjustments during the game. Your DC game planned to stop Moe Vega, and he did that. To bad he forgot about the other 10 players. You keep Moe under 100 yards, the team got 500 yards, great job.

  • blindside

    Nice to have you back,Aaron your a die hard fan good for you loyalty is hard to come by these days as for you blogman never called a specific team pathetic but some games are horrible to watch.I’m off to see the wizard as you say kh the home team next week as we play the ranch and the following week the chiefs will get rolled by the true sgv power. Who do the cats play next ?

  • Amat tested

    No Kool-Aid here and Just Askin;

    I bring up Alemany only because Amat slapped their ears back last year and revenge shall be theirs this year. You still gotta get by Notre Dame, Loyola, Crespi. These may be early stumbling blocks but not the challenge Alemany will give you. Starting 9-0 won’t happen. However, Hags scheduling has sure made it an easier road. As for Just Askin, your moniker shows your ignorance. I mentioned in earlier blogs that Muir had 23 suited-up players. How do you think you would perform going both ways every play and your star players are both the wide receivers and the defensive backs. I was amazed the QB still had gas left in the tank.

  • Dear Conq 76

    I think the implication is that Wilson won by 23 points – their biggest margin of victory in the rivalry — but dont worry it will only be a one year record, next year at Wilson they will set another margin of victory record when their top receivers, D backs and both QB’s will be seniors

  • And your point is?

    Amat tested

    What’s your point? The Serra will be a battle as it always has been. The Pac-5 playoffs will be brutal like they are year after year. This is highest level of high school football in California and the 3rd most difficult division in the entire nation. Only Texas 5-A and Ohio D-1 are more difficult and more esteemed.

    This is business as usual for Bishop Amat. If you are trying to intimidate or scare BA, a school that has competed at the above mentioned level for over 30 years, I’m afraid you have failed, son.

  • And your point is?

    Amat tested

    What’s your point? The Serra will be a battle as it always has been. The Pac-5 playoffs will be brutal like they are year after year. This is highest level of high school football in California and the 3rd most difficult division in the entire nation. Only Texas 5-A and Ohio D-1 are more difficult and more esteemed.

    This is business as usual for Bishop Amat. If you are trying to intimidate or scare BA, a school that has competed at the above mentioned level for over 30 years, I’m afraid you have failed, son.

  • Norco??????? LOL!

    You guys notice that Norco has been scarce? That’s cuz Etiwanda passed for 280 yards and ran for 253 yards (that’s 533 total offensive yards) in a 14pt. losing effort. The difference?…4 Etiwanda turnovers!

  • the critc

    just askin’ said:
    Amat tested – if Muir had such team speed – why the long runs by Amat. Shouldn’t someone have caught them?

    when ur safety jump an interception but miss it on a slant route there is no one else back there oh and by the way he did get ran down but weaved his way into the endzone….now on the zach shay run it was nice and surprising when he busted out a pack and sprinted up the sideline only to be chased by a backup safety which zach out ran but who’s going to catch a guy who was already 20 yards ahead of u…..those were the only long runs…now does that help

  • the critc

    one thing to those who love them some alemany players u should be thanking pasadena for producing such great athletes…p.s charter oak should to.

  • Wilson

    LA and HISTORY:
    I would rather have my son attend Wilson and HIS-STORY be that he participated in the wins of a program that ends with a 1 or 2 victory season, than to have him play for a school with an 11 CIF HISTORY that ends up 0 and 10 during his years of participation. The only HISTORY that matters is the history that our sons are apart of creating. And my son participated in the AZZZZZZZZ whuuuuping friday night. Yes he won the WHEEL and I’m proud of his hard work and the HISTORY he will be apart of, but I guess you will always have the 11 titles that someone elses sons won that you and your son can reminace about in about 10 years. By the way, way to turn it around receivers and secondary. O line gave another steller performance this time for QB Morales and his combined 400 yards, Vega didnt accumilate the rushing yards that he was working so hard to earn, only because LA was locked on him for dear life. It kinda reminded me when Mosley ROCKED Mayweather and Mayweather held on to Mosleys arm like his life depended on it. The Beast Camacho along with the beef upfront and his supporting backs contained LA’s viscious running attack. Hey and how about Charly,another big, game breaking run. Nelson,Soto,and Hawk had some nice touches,it would be nice to get that Drew kid some touches. How about Hawks coverage(sweet). Coaches as well did their part and showed the valley that we own the Heights. Sp.Teams return looked good once again, kick off needs a little more work. Way to go Subs, for filling the spots and not skipping a beat…….. Hey was that the broken fingered QB that lined up as a receiver and just layed I mean layed HAT on his coverage,that kid is sick. Broken finger and puts the hat of the game on LA. Oh yeah how can I forget HatHands ( laying hats- sticky hands) yes the back to back two game MVP Czarnick,damn this kid is bad azzzz. Well this is HISTORY THAT OUR BOYS CREATED……. NOT HIS-STORY of LA’s now defunct 11 past tittles…………

  • COSteelCurtain

    Yeah, it doesn”t look like ‘Just Sayin’ will be answering our question anytime soon! From one ‘Cupcake’ schedule winner to another, I just wish you would answer the question. No need to insult. ‘Just’ answer the question.

    Those without a future prefer to live in the past where it is comfortable…

    Enjoy your BBQ

  • COChargerfan

    Just sayingsometimes the final score doesnt tell the whole picture in respect to team talent. Actually, CO totally dominated Muirthe score was 20-0 with 8 minutes left and CO was driving the ball when they fumbled around Muirs 30-yard line. Muir went into panic mode and CO fell asleep by letting them complete 3 mid to long TD passes over a short timethe last one after another fumble. CO was clearly the far superior team but almost gave the game away at the endand it was no surprise that CO (Keith Smith) stopped the two-point conversion attempt because Muir basically got NADA the entire night trying to run the ball. Do you suppose that Muir went for the win instead of kicking the PAT because they knew that CO was the dominant team that would win in OT? A good example was last Sunday when the Texans really destroyed the Colts but if you didnt watch the game and just looked at the final scoreboard it didnt look all that badbecause the Texans lost their focus and intensity which let Manning make it look closer by throwing 2 TDs in the last 4 minutes.

    It appears that the critic is a Muir/Pasadena fan (not a Bonita fan] and he made the CO slightpretty funny that some folks get all cocky when they know that they dont have to face CO anymore. We heard the same Pacific League is the best garbage last year and what happenedall three teams were GONE by the 2nd roundtwo thanks to SGV teams (DRanch over Burroughs and South Hills over CV). So, which Pacific League team has won a CIF Title or even played for one in the last 15 years? And, during that time how many titles were won by SGV teams? Ill give you a hint that youre going to need both hands to countand a lot of the time the runner up was also from the SGV. It certainly could happen but at this point it looks like you dont have much history to support your smack talk.

    No matter what happens, guys like just sayin will NEVER give CO any credit. So COs domination of Esperanza means nothing? Yeah, they were dropped out of the Pac-5 but historically they werent the worst team in that division by any stretch of the imagination. So little old CO dominating a (former) middle of the road Pac-5 team does mean something. You want proof? Every year is different but for example, last year Esperanza lost to Edison 34-10, Fountain Valley 31-14, Los Alamitos 21-19 and Newport Harbor 13-10 (NH beat up on Loyola a team that Amat beat by 3 pts and who knocked Crespi out of the 1st round of the playoffs). So, Esperanza played some pretty competitive games in a tough leaguewell, they werent really all that competitive against CO last Friday night. More excusesjust sayin, this just shows that its only one far that separates a lot of these teams.

  • COChargerfan

    Almost forgot to thank JFR for the info. Neutral zone…that’s a new one…ref apparently is unaware that the rule reads line of scrimmage…which Jeffries was two yards beyond!!! Talk about putting one’s foot in their own mouth.

    And roughhousing too…maybe the ref thought it was flag football…too funny.

    It’s a hard job but seriously, where do they get some of these guys?

    Thanks again.

  • COSteelCurtain

    Sondheimer says – I wish I could play football!

    Sondheimer says – I wish I could play for COHS!

    Sondheimer says – I wish I was Travis Santiago or Dennis Rufus or Charlie Avila or Andy Orosco!

    Soudheimer says – I wish I could have just one of those ‘Lower Level’ Back to Back CIF Championship RINGS!

    Keep wishing Sondheimer. Don’t hate. Admire and try to immulate. Go to Church today and pray. New season and new opportunity!

    We are Thee Charter Oak HS Chargers!


  • hoopla

    Amat tested
    I don’t know what ur trying to say here, but give Ruiz the same O line n receivers that the SR QB had and see how many ducks he throws. How can u say one way or another if ur not given the same look.

  • FYI

    I am hoping the LA coaching staff has read this blog. Especially yours truly Arellanes are you blind or are you just a full blown moron and loser. Favorites has been known to never win you games but boy are they good @ss kissers. Bellflower game was close only because #33 & #2 touched the ball you morons.OPEN U FRICKEN EYES AND LISTEN TO THE CROWD WHEN THESE KIDS HAVE THE BALL YOU DUMB @SS.

  • just askin’

    Amat tested – the 83 yd play was on Muirs 1st defensive possession and the 8- yd run was 3 plays into the 2nd half – after a nice halftime rest. Do guys with “speed” get tired that fast?

  • just sayin’

    COCF – Hilarious!!! In one paragraph you write “sometimes the final score doesnt tell the whole picture in respect to team talent.” and in a later paragraph you use scores to demonstrates Esperanzas worth! Classic COCF talking out of both sides of your mouth. Usually it’s a few posts later or on a different thread – this time you were able to contradict yourself in the same post.

  • just sayin’

    COLaceCurtains – our “cupcake schedule? listing Amat’s opponents ranking and COs side by side EVERY Amat opponent is higher ranked top to bottom except Santa Fe is 1 spot higher than Muir.
    Alemany (18) – Glendora (39)
    Dominguez (41) – Rancho Cucamonga (64)
    Crespi (66) – Chino Hills (67)
    Loyola (76) – Ayala (133)
    Venice (135) – Claremont (146)
    Damien (136) common
    Cathedral (158) – South Hills (179)
    ND (209)- Esperanza (235)
    Muir (265) – Santa Fe (264)
    Garfields (394) -Gardena (501)
    Average = Amat-149 CO-174
    Like I said before,CO needs far more luck in the Inland than Amat does in the Pac5

  • just noticed

    COCF uses Edison 34-10, Fountain Valley 31-14 to say Esperanza “played some pretty competitive games in a tough league” and one sentence later writes “well, they werent really all that competitive against CO last Friday night”. 35-20? Now he contradicts himself in the same paragraph!

  • John Aztec Miller

    C.O. can compete and I didn’t say win but definitely could play with some teams in the Pac-5. The top tier teams none of us could that is why we were given relief and your home in December Bishop Amat. People go on the OCRegister blog where life is much more civilized. Good luck to your Valley. Peace.

  • To: Wilson said

    OK nice writup- but the MVP was the QB, he made great reads for the most part, only one turnover, the INT pass that was off target – but for a first start he used all of his weapons – Czarnick only caught two passes against LA – granted one was the 81 yd TD and the other a nice 8 yarder – but looking at the whole game – MVP – Morales

  • Amat tested

    Just Asking:

    I never said Muir had great speed. You interpreted my saying that the 2nd string QB had speed to everyone having speed. If you saw the game, which I think you didn’t…probably watching the mascot, you undoubtedly saw the scrambling going on behind the line of scrimmage. Not since Reggie Bush have I seen a runner go sideline to sideline and back again and still remain on his feet. They had to blow the whistle to stop the play and still hadn’t brought him down. And giving a kid credit for 150 yards passing, when in reality it was more like 75 yards is reaching a little. Yards after reception should be taken into consideration not the 5 yard pass. Do you understand me now or will you “keep asking”?

  • Football Fan

    LA defense was horrible. This game was sloppy on both sides not real football more like flag football throw the ball up and pray that someone catches it. The one bright spot was Wilson’s DE Sierra. This kid is going to be awesome he just a 10th grader but he was all over the field making plays. Only advice is he needs to work on technique for shedding blockers.

  • COSteelCurtain

    Looks like John Aztec Miller is right and you are WRONG ‘Just Sayin’.

    December? What did Mr. Miller mean by December? Just askin?

    Also, be a man and stick with one tag name. You got me “Defensive?” or whatever other number of Tags you hide under.

    If JCAZ its not SGVsBEST then its probably you. ‘Just Sayin’ the racist hater with bad jokes and name calling. Stirring the AMAT pot. Hating on your own team? That is really low! Scum Low!

    AMAT supporters have you guys considered that maybe COCF is right? SGVsBEST could possibly be right under your noses.

    Yeah, it doesn’t look like ‘Just Sayin’ will be answering our question anytime soon! I’ll repeat, from one ‘Cupcake’ schedule winner to another, I just wish you would answer the question. No need to insult. ‘Just’ answer the question.

    Those without a future prefer to live in the past

  • I got one for you COSteelCurtain

    Silly COSteelCurtain!

    Sondheimer says – I wish I could play football!

    Sondheimer says – I wish I could play for COHS!

    Sondheimer says – I wish I was Travis Santiago or Dennis Rufus or Charlie Avila or Andy Orosco!


    And yet, the LA TIMES has already done TWO front page stories involving Bishop Amat football…complete with Videos and pictures.

    And, I’m still looking for a LA Times story involving Charter Oak’s CIF Championships the past two years. OH THAT’S RIGHT!!! There weren’t any! Charter Oak wins back to back CIF Titles, Coach Lou wins his 5th title and not even a paragraph is written about it? Hmmmmmmmmmm…

    Why is that, COSteelCurtain??? Can you answer that question?

  • just askin’

    Amat tested – isn’t the object to go north and south – not “sideline-to-sideline”? Amat’s “containment” was just fine

  • COSteelCurtain

    The answer is very simple Sondheimer.

    We earn our CIF Championships in December. We don’t buy an article on the L.A. Times in September!

    Sondheimer says – Daddy I want to go to Bishop Amat. Daddy pays!

    Sondheimer says – Daddy, please put us on the L.A. Times. Daddy pays!

    Sondheimer says – I wish I could play football!

    Sondheimer says – I wish I could play for Thee Charter Oak Chargers!

    Sondheimer says – I wish I was Travis Santiago or Dennis Rufus or Charlie Avila or Andy Orosco!

    Soudheimer says – I wish I could have just one of those ‘Lower Level’ Back to Back CIF Championship RINGS!

    Daddy says – I can’t afford to buy all of that! Daddy says – You have to Earn that Sondheimer! We don’t do that in these here parts!

    Keep wishing Sondheimer. Don’t hate. Admire and try to immulate. Go to Church today and pray. New season and new opportunity!

    We are Thee Charter Oak HS Chargers!


    That is the answer Sondheimer!

  • just sayin’

    what he meant was you could “cpmpete” with the non playoff teams in the Pac5. what he meant was they could’t compete with the big dogs so they’d rather play a couple extra JV games as opposed to finding out how good they really are against the best. you two are a perfect fit. One lobbies against moving up while another asks for relief to move down. what i mean is I’ll stand with someone with the courage to fight to stay at the top level rather than one who ducks the competition.

  • Get real, John

    John Aztec Miller

    How can you say that CO could hang when Charter Oak Coach Lou Farrar and the Charter Oak football program have never actually scheduled a Pac-5 or Inland Division powerhouse? Nor have they schedule a program like St. Bonaventure or Carson. You can’t say they could hang with the best if they have absolutely no experience playing with the best.

    At least West Covina, Diamond Ranch, and South Hills could at least say that they have fought hard and tried. Coach Lou has made a career out of dodging the best programs. And he has you CO fans filling people’s head w/ comparative scoring garbage like..”CO and BA did similar against Damien so that means that CO could probably hang with Crespi..” LOL@that!

    And Esperanza? LOL! Esperanza lost all their players to the newly built Yorba Linda high. Legendary Esperanza head coach Bill Pendleton also left the school because of this reason. Basically, their monopoly is done as is their Pac-5 status.

    You think it is a coincidence that Coach Lou chose NOW to schedule Esperanza? LOL! No way, man!

  • Gimme a break

    What had the game for the Wheel become? It used to be a big deal of importance in the SGV. LA is looking like they did Felipe a huge favor. I havent’ seen them play but I have seen Wilson. They didn’t impress me at all. Look at it this way: Even if you win the battle for the Mayor of Munchcan Land, You’re still a Munchcan.

  • Forget Vegas!

    Bishop Amat vs Muir 50/50 Drawing at Keifer Stadium was $1,100.00!!!!


  • just askin’

    COLaceCurtains – you “earn” something against quality competition, which reminds me – you haven’t answered this Q either – “and your best win in that 26 -1-1 was the tie vs Rancho! Name another?”

  • 50/50

    and the Muir crowd was tiny and the Lancer crowd was small (by Amat standards) just wait til Damien rolls in. $3000?

  • COSteelCurtain

    ‘Just Sayin’
    OR ‘Defensive?’ or ‘SGVsBEST’ or JCAZ

    We are Thee Charter Oak Chargers!
    Back to Back CIF Champions and 26-1-1 in the past 2 years. Including the ‘cupcake’ SGV schedule and Muir.

    We have 2 big shinny “Cracker Jack” beautiful CIF Championship RINGs and you don’t! One says 13-0-1 on the side. The second says BACK TO BACK on one side and on the other it says 13-1. Both CIF Championship RINGS earned with ‘cupcake’ schedules. You have Lakewood and LB Poly!

    ‘Just Sayin’ what are you gonna do with YOUR ‘cupcake’ schedule in 2010 and the Pac-5?

    Don’t get away from the question SGVsWORST! Insulting me or COHS only confirms what you are. SCARED! You can’t answer the question beasuse you can’t handle the Truth.


  • CO Bro

    I am embarrassed as a CO fan. I do not share the same views as some of these others.

  • COSteelCurtain

    ‘Just Sayin’ is SCARED of November! He can’t answer the question beasuse he can’t handle the Truth.

    what are you gonna do with YOUR ‘cupcake’ schedule in 2010 and the Pac-5?

    Insulting me or COHS only confirms what you are. SCARED of November!


  • saladays

    Wilson will give up a least 250 yards rushing this week at LP.

    Will South Hills stay within 30 points??

    Bonita in a blowout.

  • Hacienda Hieghts Football

    Wilson’s football team look like a bunch of monkeys with no dicipline. What’s up with all that celebrating. You just LA the best program in SGV HAHAHA!!!. Zavala your teams shows how much control you have over the team NONE. Wilson might have won the game but you look like losers. Zavala how is the rest of your teams doing? They stink. Zavala your not building a program your trying to keep your Job. Zavala you suck as a head coach. Lets see how you do next week

  • COSteelCurtain

    ‘Just SGVsBEST’

    This doesn’t work anymore ‘just saying’! We now know who’s been tagging the neighborhood with graffity.

    ‘Just’ grow a pair, you racist filthy F*g! Why don’t you, for once, be a man and admit to your AMAT Family that it is you who has been bashing them for the past year. SGVsBEST is you!

    AMAT Family, Amat 73, JoeAmat, challenge this scum!

    CO Bro said:
    I am embarrassed as a CO fan. I do not share the same views as some of these others.

  • John Aztec Miller

    Ok, you got me and I couldn’t resist the temptation to post another comment. I am offended by Bishop Amat’s assumptions and insinuations from my post. The fact remains this team we are outfitting this year many of them did compete in the Pac-5 last year and yes we loss many from our Freshmen class to Yorba Linda but just beginning this year.

    How dare you Bishop Amat have the audacity to attack our tradition. We too can arguably be called the Bishop Amat of Orange County but one key difference. If I remember correctly, our last C.I.F. Championship is more recent than yours so maybe you should of gone to the Sierra league with Charter Oak also.

    You people have some nerve attacking schools and coaches. I was just merely trying to come on this blog to read about Charter Oak’s program because honestly I was very impressed from top to bottom on and off the field with the entire community but unfortunately I made the wrong decision to post a comment.

    Regardless, if I were you Bishop Amat I would embrace Charter Oak and vice versa because you two are the best two teams in your fishbowl. Facts are facts Bishop Amat and regardless of level Charter Oak is a much more respectable name down here right now compared to your program so win a few games and beat someone like Lakewood and then maybe you can earn the respect you should give us and your backyard schools.

    Just pathetic and I agree with you too CO Bro maybe Bishop Amat is arguing with themselves and playing both sides with their sick demented posts because I never saw a Charter Oak attitude like I am reading on this blog.

    I’ll post again, good luck to your Valley and PEACE!

  • just sayin’

    COLaceCurtains – 1)already posted Amat’s schedule is better at every spot – 1-10 than COs. In comparison – no cupcakes there 2)Amat is in much better shape in the Serra and Pac5 than CO is in the Sierra and the Inland. that’s a consensus. 3)who’s avoiding questions now? Name that “signature win” in the past two years?

  • just sayin’

    Johnny Aztec – No – the one key difference is Amat hasn’t been banished to a lower division. And as a matter of fact Mr Aztec – you don’t even have an outright Championship at the highest level – ever! your last one at all was in 1990 in D3 (unless you call kissing your sister in 92), so I hardly would call you “the Bishop Amat of Orange County. In reality – last year that might have been Servite – since they hadn’t won a title since 1893 – even longer than Amat! How’d you feel about them?

  • HaterAide

    Hacienda heights football:

    a bunch of monkeys, yeah ok, but a bunch of winning monkeys, n u want to talk about coaches control, u didnt see wilson throwing helmets after the game. You just seem to be a hater, n Zavala and crew are doing well, n getting better weekly…. LP 250 rushing yards. Lol on Wilson lol, are you serious, best joke I heard all weekend,

  • JFR

    I’m taking a week off, I cannot handle the amat vs CO groundhog story anymore. It’s been going on for three years and nothing has changed, both teams are going in the right direction and getting better how horrible is that. Good luck BA, we have are hands full with Rancho, a win would be huge for our youngsters.

  • Dan

    Just Saying,
    Its incorrect at this point of the season to say that Amat has a tougher game than CO in every week except for one. If you line up the schedules week by week Amat gets the edge 6 weeks to 5 weeks according to the latest Cal preps ratings.

    CO. Rating BA. Edge
    9/03 Glendora 41.9 Garfield 11.5 CO
    9/10 Gardena 5.6 Dominguez 41.7 BA
    9/17 Esparanza 21.2 Muir 19.1 CO
    9/24 Rancho C. 38.6 Damien 27.9 CO
    10/1 Santa Fe 19.3 Cathedral 26.2 BA
    10/8 Bye Venice 28 BA
    10/15 Ayala 28.3 Crespi 38 BA
    10/22 Claremont 27.4 Loyola 36.7 BA
    10/29 Damien 27.9 Notre Dame 22.9 CO
    11/05Chino Hills37.9 Bye CO
    11/12South Hills24.8 Alemany 49.2 BA

    Not arguing for either side just stating the facts. One other thing is these ratings will change as the season progresses. The Bye weeks are a wash as I gave the edge to the team who had a game that week.

  • scientific method

    Appreciate the effort to providing some balance, but I’d have to say that method of comparison would never be approved as statistically accurate if it went before a review board. The only way to accurately compare schedules is to compare the most difficult game on the schedule of one school to the most difficult game on the schedule of another school. Then compare the second best to the second best and so on until the weakest teams are compared. Comparing teams week by week is arbitrary as to who teams are playing each week and one school may actually have a much larger advantage in one week while the other schools has a minor advantage in the next. That being said i think that the “just sayin’ method” is a more accurate measure, thus giving Amat an advantage from top to bottom.I also think it depends waht ranking you use, as on MaxPreps Muir is ranked ahead of Santa Fe, so it could even be 10 for 10. Your point about the rankings changing is true too, however it would be my guess that the Serra League opponents have a better chance of going up the ranking than do the Sierra opponents.

  • Dan

    Scientific Method,
    Thats a good point, that probably would be a better way to determine the tougher schedule instead of linning up week by week like I did.
    Thats more in line with taking all the opponents ratings and getting the overall average.

  • saladays

    Wilson lovers,

    You play no defense. None. You gave up over 400 yards to Diamond Bar. You gave up close to 200 yards rushing to a team who has no offense in Los Altos. You also said you were getting better every week last year. Then proceed to give up 45 points a game during league play. You have talented players but everything else discipline, technique, toughness, style of play, and demeanor are totally lacking. Go watch Bishop Amat play defense.

  • Don


    I checked with my consultants, Greg Santiago (I think he got his info from Millie) and my Aunt Juanita and they all said only Missouri hillbillies (and possibly some of their Arkansas kin) ever put a jacka$$ in the barn in the first place so you must be thinking about someone other than me.

    Hard for me to understand why some of the C O fans are so suddenly touchy.

  • Don


    Check your Sun Tzu.

    Strategic: Loss of primary running asset (O-Line) means a return to the hit and run spread (guerrilla attack).

    Tactical: A 6’4 240 lb middle line backer means don’t run between the tackles.

  • Realistics

    Sorry Charter Oak but these Bishop guys are right. Charter Oaks toughest oppenent they have played in the past 10 years (that I know of) is probably Rancho Cucamonga in 2008. Unfortunately, CO tied RC and did not actually beat them. This CO vs BA thing makes no sense. They play completely different types of schools. Go to and look at both of their histories. They play in different worlds. Let there be peace!

  • JFR


    Hell boy, we just might be related “sick feeling” because I have family in both those states still to this day. Who are you backing, if your going to sling mud big guy I’m acomin like a pig in heat, yeeehaaaaa. “Midwest term”. Are you trying to name travis’s dads name in or what to let us know your an insider, don’t name kids because it’s poor form old man. P.S. are you a razorback or a tiger fan. SSUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEE or ROAR.

  • Aaron


    You’re correct on that. I’m still hoping the boys get healthy soon but they’ve got plenty of time. Bonita can beat Santa Fe with banged up starters and the younger guys getting time they can do the same this week against BP to allow the others to get healthy. Also the experience now will be needed later.

  • COSteelCurtain

    ‘Just Sayin’

    I told you boy. This doesn’t work anymore. You’ve been outed from your closet. Everybody reading this blog knows that you are ‘Defensive?’, ‘Realistics’, ‘Scientific Method’, JCAZ, and SGVsBEST!

    You are a racist sum and need to be eliminated from this blog.

  • HacHts.

    Saladays…..pure Ignorance on your behalf. How are you going to compare Amat and Wilson. Your in a world of nothing better to do than nag. DB was not a walk through the park team. And we could of gave up 500 yards, and sucked on both sides of the ball, but guess what we wuuuuuuuppped LA, even though the refs called back some TD’s. So save it you dont want to be looked at as the hater you are. Amat!!!! please try to get your point across with a compatible comparison.

  • Once again Saladays – go back

    Tibbs from L Altos is a 1st team all league running back and #3 from Diamond Bar is even better (who on week one ran for over 200 yards against Nogales). Neither of these runners scored a TD on Wilson and #3 was shut down with only short runs // granted 4 passing plays from D Bar accounted for 4 TD’s and 191 yards – a mistake Wilson is likely not to repeat for the rest of the year – they have faced their best passers already with Livingston still to come for Covina – Perez better have his super A game come Friday to get in the endzone for La Puente

  • Sherlock

    This is pretty easy to read. First he was SGVsBest, then El Chupacabra and today he’s stolen COSteelCurtain. Or SteelCurtain has changed hi sstyle over night. SGVsBest, at least be a little stealth and avoid posting back to back as two different people.

  • Don


    Mom born and raised about 20 miles SE of Springfield, Dad born in Ft. Smith, raised in Joplin. I have hundreds of cousins, etc all over SW MO, as well as KS, OK, and AR. Matter of fact, I’d probably have a much better time with the AR Troopers than with the CHP. Guess that makes me a ‘Back. Pop got a quick look at SoCal on the way to the Pacific and brought the little woman out after the war.

    As for dropping names, I go further back with Mike than Greg but I have lots of C O pals name of Hernandez. Carreon, Williams, Chan, Perri, San Juan, Padilla, Dallen and on and on. That doesn’t even take into account the Baseball guys. As far as naming kids, you may want to look back four or five years. I name kids when they have done something worth positive notice although mommies and daddies don’t always get as much slack.

    Please tell JaneCurtins, cracking on someone else’s success leaves you open for rebuttal. Better to concentrate on the positive things going on with your own favorite team rather than to try and defer or deflect by being negative about another school since someone might just come back nasty.

  • JFR

    Pope Don,

    Three of the people you mentioned have sons who work for me. You should check yourself, me, myself and I at the door #ickhead. You are LOCO!

  • Joe Amat

    Wow, this is “The Neverending Story”. Amazing that folks are still trying to compare Charter Oak and Amat’s schedules and level of play. The Chargers won championships against the teams they had to play. It’s not their fault CIF limited that to just the teams in the “Fish Bowl” and a little beyond. On the other hand Amat has fought several times to stay in the top division where teams not named Long Beach Poly go years between championships (ie: Servite’s 26 yr drought) with the top 5 leagues as determined by CIF – that generally holds true in rankings as well. I’ve been down the road trying to explain. Either you get it or you don’t, but that’s what Amat has bargained for and they know the deal.

    I’ve never hid my feelings about how I think scheduling works. There are times you have very little control over your division. You can lobby, battle, appeal – then CIF does what it does so you have to beat who you have to beat. If your league is tough, you need to be ready. That means balancing being battle tested, confident, and healthy. Coaches gotta do what they gotta do and different coaches have different philosophies.

    My contention is if the league/division is a bit easy for you, you need to step up and schedule some tough ones in preleague (ie: Amat in baseball schedules up – but Amat in basketball schedules a very weak preleague schedule. Big difference. Not my cup of tea). That’s always been my beef with the Chargers too. The games they “choose” to play – not the games they have to win for a title. I think kids deserve an opportunity to play the best schedule possible to find out how good they really are. I’ve always said if you asked studs like Chris Allen, Muema, Golden, etc if they’d rather beat Bell Gardens in the first round or take a crack at the #1 team in the nation (Long Beach Poly at the time) I bet they’d want to play Poly – even if it meant they might get eliminated and not get that ring. I think that’s what competitors would say. Fans, boosters and bloggers might say otherwise.

    So now Charter Oak get’s a crack at some of the best teams in SoCal if they get to face a Corona Centennial, Norco, or Chapparral, et al. And if they’re going to continue the success their “fans” are used to … they’re gonna have to knock off teams like that 4 weeks in a row. More power to them if that’s how it works – but know you’ll all know what it’s like to compete at that level.

    I’ve been reading this thread from bottom to top trying to figure out how this runaway train got started again, and this is what I decipher:

    *Amat tested* questions playing Muir by saying, “…Haggerty has scheduled a bunch of lower level teams…”

    So *just sayin* writes “…I’m sure back then it looked like a pretty good game to schedule when Muir only lost to CO by a point in the first round and CO needed a goal line stand on a 2pt conversion to win…”

    Then *COSteelCurtain* get’s a bit testy with

    “After the “lower level” Muir playoff game, Charter Oak went on to win its Back to Back CIF Championship.

    Just sayin, what are you gonna do after little ol’ Muir? No need to get pissy with CO. Just answer the question?

    Good luck trying in the Pac-5. And I do mean the good luck part.”

    So it was on … with everyone needing the last word and SGVsWorst getting in the mix – which is never a good thing. Not really sure what was “pissy” about saying Muir looked pretty good at scheduling time after giving the “champions” a run for their money and returning their best players. And the bottom line… it was really *Amat tested* that called them “lower level” in the first place.

    Me thinks your beef is with him. Either way, those that “get it” (as MTC used to like to say) know how the schedules/divisions compared in the past. That gap has closed a little bit in the playoffs. We’ll see how things shake out then. In the meantime – stay healthy.

    I like the valuable contributions on this blog. Others… not so much. I’ll leave you all with this … and those reading know who it’s for:

    “Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools talk because they have to say something.” Plato

  • amat will shine

    Hoopla…or Grandpa SR QB
    Hear me and listen this time-Your, not OUR, SR QB is not a QB, he is the starting arm waving ready set go guy on kick off. OK thats it, thats all you gonna get because thats where his talent has gotten him period, end of story Ok. Please deal with this however you need to. He has thrown what 2 passes in his career first pass was picked at St. Paul, the second pass was the worst pass I have ever seen in HS history, it was so horrific that Monsigner pulled an Al Davis and wanted to trade “the SR” for JaMarcus Russell. This poor kid is felt sorry for by all, but there is nowhere else to put him. Sorry grandpa time to take your ball and go home, your genes have not helped the athletic program at Amat. Bye Bye now and take care

  • COChargerfan

    Thanks for the kind words John Aztec Miller and good luck to your team that showed a lot of fight and heart especially after getting down by 21 pts. And I think that I speak for all CO fans by praying for a speedy recovery for the kid that was injured. And just sayin is really harmless but suffers from low self-esteem (sadly, Ive contributed greatly to his condition) so he gets all lathered up over minutia.

    Ill now help him on the road to recovery. Hey just sayinapparently you dont understand what the word sometimes meanshavent learned yet that Im smart enough to avoid blanket statements? So the so-called contradiction only exists in the minds of ignorant fools…not sayin you are but you might want to look in the mirror. And your follow up post conveniently failed to mention that I also said that Esperanza lost to Los Alamitos 21-19 and Newport Harbor 13-10and that NH beat up on Loyola a team that Amat beat by 3 pts and who knocked Crespi out of the 1st round of the playoffsthose that arent ignorant fools will recognize that those were obviously competitive games played by a good football team.

    More on Esperanza to prove what a biased fool you really are just sayinafter LB Poly beat Amat in the 2008 CIF Playoffs (thats only 2 years ago), who was Polys 2nd round opponent? Why, none other than the Esperanza Aztecs who lost 17-10. So, if you still want to talk smack about ALMOST beating the eventual CIF Champ LB Poly two years ago (and you know you do), then doesnt Esperanza have the exact same argument and, more importantly, shouldnt they be awarded the same level of respect?

    I bet youre feeling a little better about yourself now, so youre welcome just sayin. The doctors work is done and now needs to go work on his golf game.

  • Don

    I don’t know what the Pope thing is all about but I’m happy to hear you have work. Some don’t. Your name calling causes me to believe you are the one with the problem. You apparently think I have something in for Charter Oak. Not true, I wish them only the best, always have, always will.

    I do take exception with posters who, (as your pal JaneCurtins did), try to detract from the success of another team because they somehow think it makes their favorite team, (in JaneCurtin’s case, C O), stand taller. It doesn’t, quite the opposite, it antagonizes. Charter Oak football doesn’t need someone to holler against Amat, Bonita or anyone else because their achievements stand quite well on their own.

    BTW, regarding your post yesterday; BOAR hogs are always ready to go. It’s only the SOW that needs to come in heat to rut. As for the folks I mentioned, most we know because they have kids who played either with one of my boys in a sport over the last 15-18 years or played for me on one team or another. Here’s a couple I left out: the Allens, the Howes, Clappers, Colbys, and Smith Sr who I only met this last year.

  • Hacienda Heights Football Fan

    Hey Saladays, You hit the spot. To add to your comments I a may their JV & Freshman Teams are horrible. The root of the problem once again is Coaching Zavala has no business being head coach. Wilson’s program is failing those talented kids.

  • JFR


    That last post wasn’t this JFR, I know the wuss who did it but I don’t what he was trying to say. ?

  • Conq’76

    The Heights High School, in its inaugural year facing off with its crosstown rival, Glen A. Wilson, faired as well as one might expect for a first year football program. Fielding a number of players who brought heart but little in terms of experience, skill and physicality, the Hornets fell to the Wildcats 33-10.

    “I think our boys learned a valuable lesson tonight.” First year coach Jim Arellanas quipped, “The Heights Hornets have a way to go before we will be able to compete at this level.”

    The Hornets, sporting yellow and gold with a crest of a recently crushed Hornet on their helmets, displayed a desire to compete. However, that desire was dealt an early blow as the Wildcat receivers, who averaged about a 12 inch height advantage over the Heights secondary, visited the end zone early and often.

    Next week looks equally daunting for the Hornets as they welcome undefeated Ayala into the the “Hive”.

  • LA Fan


    First year coach at LA Jim Arellanas is playing his kids like it was his first being a coach.

    Why does he have Tibbs & Fiola sitting on bench when the team is on defense. These kids need to be play both ways.

    Why is Giovanni Martinez barely used as an offensive threat?

    Common on coach Arellanas you should know your players by now.

  • Conq’76

    LA Fan, yes there is merit in playing your best athletes both ways, but there is also some wisdom in, if you are going to get your hat handed to you, you may as well get some of your future players some experience.

    Either way, I think it is going to be a very long season for the “Heights Hornets” no matter who actually takes the field.


    The majority of the teams out their don’t play their primary running on the other side of the ball. Tibb’s get’s 20 plus carries a game being that he is just about the only threat LA had. I thought Tibb’s played both sides. Just maybe those four fumbles the week before had something to do with him being tired.

    Anyone that knows Justin Fa’aola knows that he has always been lazy and out of shape. Seeing him Friday he is very true to form. Fa’aola’s lack of speed and our size on defense wasn’t a very good match for LA as you saw.

    Giovanni Martinez giving coaches attitude, that is so out of character (ha ha). Honestly Giovanni looks like he would have been your best weapon on the offensive side of the ball.

    Your size and team speed is what killed you guys on the defensive side of the ball. You guys are going to get another shoot next year all those players are returning next season but one.

    I have to say look at your coaching staff and their experience or lack of. Your DC was a freshmen DC last year. Your OC came from a team that went 0-10, and he is a Wing T guy. No experience with the offense that Arellanes runs. We may not have the best coaching staff in the valley but you may have the worse coaching staff in the valley.

  • the critc

    to cochargerfan: im a sgv fan not just pasadena but the team i go for is alemany against any sgv team and my reason for is that alemany has all of pasadena talent and so does charter oak over the past few years co main player dennis rufus is from pasadena born and raised there but was persuaded by st.paul to leave then co got him…oh and adam muema carlos crayton and etc….now alemany last year team had 14 pasadena starters in there line up this year they have 6 there main 6 vernon adams saldin mcculough akeem gonzalez deron smith cameron and j.r 6 starters…my point is if co didnt have those pasadena guys you wouldnt be pumping co as well as alemany thats why i go for muir/alemany…oh yeah and dennis rufus not charter oak…and in that game last year dont forget co scored off of muir mistakes but when muir noticed that co was to slow they started exposing them.

  • the critc

    to cochargerfan: im a sgv fan not just pasadena but the team i go for is alemany against any sgv team and my reason for is that alemany has all of pasadena talent and so does charter oak over the past few years co main player dennis rufus is from pasadena born and raised there but was persuaded by st.paul to leave then co got him…oh and adam muema carlos crayton and etc….now alemany last year team had 14 pasadena starters in there line up this year they have 6 there main 6 vernon adams saldin mcculough akeem gonzalez deron smith cameron and j.r 6 starters…my point is if co didnt have those pasadena guys you wouldnt be pumping co as well as alemany thats why i go for muir/alemany…oh yeah and dennis rufus not charter oak…and in that game last year dont forget co scored off of muir mistakes but when muir noticed that co was to slow they started exposing them.

  • the critc

    oh and one more thing for all you that hate against pasadena for the past few years your favorite players have come from pasadena…DEITRIC RILEY JEFF VAUGHNS DENNIS RUFUS ADAM MUEMA…ALL FROM PASADENA AND YET MUIR STILL HAS ALOT OF TALENT EVEN THOUGH EVERYONE LEAVES. FOR WHAT REASON I DONT KNOW MUIR USE TO BE ABLE TO COMPETE AGAINST ANY TEAM IN THE STATE JUST NOT THAT LONG AGO IN 2000 DANG 2000 BUT WHEN HART WAS STILL GOOD MUIR WENT IN THERE AND GAVE THEM THE HARDEST GAME OF THE YEAR QUOTED BY HARRINGTON HIMSELF MUIR LOST JUST 14-0 2 LATE TOUCHDOWNS BY HART. Lets not forget that pasadena has and still produces the most talent you can go back as far as late 80’s early 90’s to present show a little respect for a city where as parents and coaches are talking bad about the schooling and that happens to run everyone away but in reality when it all boils down pasadena will be represented right whether it be from an athlete that played at another school but was raised in pasadena and played pop warner football for them ponies or panthers and trojans now or from a fan of a program when you look at there bio it will have from pasadena on it….

  • the critc

    oh and one more thing for all you that hate against pasadena for the past few years your favorite players have come from pasadena…DEITRIC RILEY JEFF VAUGHNS DENNIS RUFUS ADAM MUEMA…ALL FROM PASADENA AND YET MUIR STILL HAS ALOT OF TALENT EVEN THOUGH EVERYONE LEAVES. FOR WHAT REASON I DONT KNOW MUIR USE TO BE ABLE TO COMPETE AGAINST ANY TEAM IN THE STATE JUST NOT THAT LONG AGO IN 2000 DANG 2000 BUT WHEN HART WAS STILL GOOD MUIR WENT IN THERE AND GAVE THEM THE HARDEST GAME OF THE YEAR QUOTED BY HARRINGTON HIMSELF MUIR LOST JUST 14-0 2 LATE TOUCHDOWNS BY HART. Lets not forget that pasadena has and still produces the most talent you can go back as far as late 80’s early 90’s to present show a little respect for a city where as parents and coaches are talking bad about the schooling and that happens to run everyone away but in reality when it all boils down pasadena will be represented right whether it be from an athlete that played at another school but was raised in pasadena and played pop warner football for them ponies or panthers and trojans now or from a fan of a program when you look at there bio it will have from pasadena on it….

  • Conq’ 76

    Arrelanes had little choice, due to the lateness of his hiring, but to run the offense that has been in place for years at LA, the offense Aguilar and Gano ran, because that was the only offense these kids knew, the only offense they had been exposed to. The same can be said for any defensive schemes.

    I must say though, that the corners looked like Junior High kids as the Wildcat receivers blew by them…

  • Coaching


    Please be honest here, LA’s offense was the same offense that Arellanes ran at Northview. Don’t forget the old OC came from Northview and ran the same offense. Arellanes and staff are over their head and it is only going to get worse next season. I can see this team going 0-20 over the next two seasons.

  • JFR


    Why do all these great young athletes want to leave the area to win a championship and get a scholarship. What horrible parents!

  • Conq’ 76


    I’ll take your word for it, I knew nothing of NV’s offense. I do know until Aguilar took over, no LA QB to my knowledge had ever taken a single snap unless he was under center. Despain ran his psuedo West Coast offense and I bet he got Gano to swear he would not tinker with it. Either way, LA’s offense looked very similar to last years, at least to this amateur’s eyes.

  • the critic

    jfr: if they stay in the area they would win a championship and still get a scholarship muir alone has sent out more kids to college on sport scholarships then co,alemany go check it out….parents in the pasadena area are haters how all of a sudden after Lance Mitchell starting safety for oregon state right now out of muir, the pasadena schools become a bad environment. what makes an environment good or bad, people right well maybe it aint the school thats so bad after all…