Sunday Tribbin, looking ahead and Video Rewind

Athlete of the week nominations and looking ahead: Those curious about Azusa have their chance on Thursday, our Flip Video’s will certainly be there. Game of the week has to be West Covina and Glendora, hottest teams at the moment meeting at Citrus. The most intriguing is Damien at Bishop Amat, after a 2-0 start and 35-0 win over Chaffey, could you imagine Gano’s signature victory coming at Kiefer?

LA Times rankings up, Bishop Amat No. 14, Glendora checks in at No. 25

This weeks schedule

Azusa vs. Gabrielino at Citrus College, 7:00pm
Diamond Ranch at Chaffey, 7:00pm
Gladstone vs. El Monte at San Dimas, 7:00pm
Ayala at Los Altos, 7:00pm
Bonita at Baldwin Park, 7:00pm
Brea Olinda at Diamond Bar, 7:00pm
Charter Oak vs. Rancho Cucamonga at Los Osos, 7:00pm
Covina at Walnut, 7:00pm
Damien at Bishop Amat, 7:30pm
Duarte at Littlerock, 7:00pm
Garey at Ganesha, 7:00pm
Glendora vs. West Covina at Citrus College, 7:00pm
Hart at Arroyo, 7:00pm
Hoover at Mountain View, 7:00pm
La Puente at Wilson, 7:00pm
Monrovia at San Dimas, 7:00pm
Northview vs. Chino at Covina District, 7:00pm
Pomona at Chino Hills, 7:00pm
Rosemead at San Marino, 7:00pm
Rowland at Claremont, 7:00pm
Sierra Vista at Keppel, 7:00pm
South El Monte at Nogales, 7:00pm
South Hills at Tesoro, 7:00pm
Workman at Montclair, 7:00pm

Highlights and video interviews from Rowland-Rosemead, which really means, check out Raiders QB Michael Ball..West Covina-South Hills raw highlights…

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  • Aaron

    Bonita kids:
    KC Huth
    Eric Mikity
    Brandt Davis
    Cameron Salce

    All made amazing contributions in the nail biter win against Santa Fe.

    Charter Oak:
    Travis Santiago
    West Covina:
    BJ Lee
    Z. Shay or J. Moore

    Bonita girls have won six games straight in the Dave Mohs Volleyball tournament beating Calvary Chapel, Norco, El Modena, Garces (Who has already played 21 games this season, wow), Trabuco Hills, Brea Olinda, and facing Troy tomorrow.

  • El Chupacabra

    Sherman Oaks Notre Dame: 0 – 3
    Loyola: 1 – 2
    Crespi: 2 – 1
    How weak is the Serra League this year…?
    This is very disappointing…! Disappointing strength of schedule, Disappointing for playoffs and Disappointing for those who speak of the powerful Serra League…!
    Enjoy the BBQ against Damien…
    The BEST!

  • El Chupacabra

    Really Aron…?
    Nail biter against 1 – 1 Santa Fe? Santa Fe…the #280th ranked team in the State? The Santa Fe that nearly beat you?
    Well then…Don’t work too hard pounding your Shest against #415th Balwin Park this Friday…!
    Afterall you have to brief and save your energy for Diamond Bar, Los Altos and Walnut.
    You’re as bad at that La Puente Pac-5!
    And another thing – Volleyball…? on NFL Sunday…? On Sunday Tribbin…?
    Let’em have it SGV!!!
    The BEST!

  • Aaron

    Well dude…if you read the polls and I know you do Santa Fe at 1-0 was ranked 1st in the Southeast Division while Bonita was ranked 6th at 2-0. It was a nail-biter the Bearcats pulled it out after spotting them nine points.

  • Really?

    Bonita girls have won six straight at Dave Mohs tournament? The tournament must not be very good. St. Lucy’s killed you guys.

  • Aaron

    Losing to a Division II team 27-25, 25-26, and 25-20 is not exactly getting blown out. I’ve seen many volleyball blow outs and that’s not really one of them.

    No doubt that St Lucy’s is a great team…but that’s not killing another team. As far as the tournament is concerned…I have no idea.

  • Chupacabra slayer

    Bahahahahaa SGVWorst/Chupatumadre has toned down his comments. Thanks Fred!

    Hey fool you left out Alemany 3-0 dimwit!

  • Psssstttt

    Meanwhile the La Puente Warriors go quietly about their business.

  • Mr. Bigfoot

    El Chupacabra

    Amat and Alemany are both undefeated at 3-0 each. I know it’s hard for you to put this together in your tiny mind, but they are also in the Serra. Loyola has lost to 2 Pac-5 teams (one was Mission Viejo). Crespi lost to a very good Compton Dominguez team (See LA Times about their history of doing this to Pac-5 teams). Notre Dame lost to State Champ Serra, Football powerhouse Valencia, and yes…they should not has lost to Taft. I’ll give you Taft for now. SO Notre Dame is the weak link in the Serra.

    Now say that to yourself slowly….”SO Notre Dame is the weakest team in the Serra”

    What does that mean to you?

    What does that say about the league?

    Over the past 6 years, SO Notre Dame has amassed a 66 win and only 9 loss record with TWO Serra League titles. These wins and losses have come againsts some of the absolute BEST in California State Football.

    Try to imagine a school like SO Notre Dame in the Sierra instead of Damien or imagine them in the Hacienda…

  • Dear Psssstttt:

    La Puente must be better than “quietly going about their business” this week – their defense was very quiet against Wilson at the passing league – in fact they didn’t stop any of Wilsons receivers – Perez must have a super, really super game to leave with a win

  • JFR


    Amat and Damien most intriguing game of the week? You need to put down that hippy lettuce and come back down to earth. Amat is going to work them, game over after 1st qtr.

  • Just an Observation

    Dear Passsssttt
    That was a passing league game!
    But they do need to learn how to tackle. It surprises me all over the valley the amount of “missed” tackles.It’s an epidemic. They see these NFL guys try and knock someone down instead of tackling. The NFL is such a joke now when it come to that stuff
    The other night against Northview’s #20 La Puente gave him another 50 yard night just on missed tackles alone.

  • Aaron

    For Tribskin Pick’em does a push go in the loss column?
    Over the past three weeks my record was:
    W: 42 L: 13 Push: 9

  • El Chupacabra

    “SGVsBest said:
    Hey Amnot A CIF Champion for 16 for years Honk –
    TacoSlayer & Twinkle Toes
    Choncho from the TacoNazo on Valley has your warm bowl of OVERRATED Menudo ready for you and your 7 children and fat wife!
    Get your OVER RATED menudo at TacoNazo!

    3 and 0, and still the unindisputed Runner Up – wait for it…wait for it…Bishop Ammm
    Ah…never mind…we all know the story…Over rated…5 claps (Yankees style)….say it with me…OVERRATED!!!

  • sgv scouting

    For those that say that the Serra League is weak this year…chew on this…

    Crespi defeated Clovis West 34-33 and Clovis West was ranked 21st IN THE STATE by

    The Serra League is just fine!

    Now back to our regular scheduled programming…

  • Anonymous

    That is a hell of a rating coming off of a losing season. They were 5-6 last season. Shows you how much ratings truly mean. Real teams would run all over Clovis.

  • football jones

    Passing league results?

    You can’t be serious….

  • Player for the Week

    Who ended up getting the player of the week honors last week. Does it get posted somewhere? Anyways, if he didn’t get it last week, then Nunez for Azusa should get it this week. He scores all of their 31 points (3 runs, and INT ret for TD, 4 EP, and FG). Pretty impressive stuff). And rumor has it he will be interviewed on Sunday Night Football tonight after the game. Congrats Aztecs!

  • El Chupacabra

    OK then…”Chew On This”…he says!
    Because he types it…it must be true!
    Thank you for the report on the non SGV schools and the affirmation on the Sierra.
    Now maybe you can do some reporting on the SGV schools. That is your job description afterall.
    How’s La Puente HS doing? They don’t buy the paper you say…Oh, got it! Howbout Bassett or El Monte? What…not sexy enough? Oh…they don’t win you say…Oh Ok! “sgv scouting”…WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Put down the BBQ and leave Knifer yard. Its Sunday…the game was over Friday night!

    Now back to our regular scheduled programming…

  • With Sprinkles

    LA Times rankings up, Bishop Amat No. 14, Glendora checks in at No. 25 and Charter Oak is at – wait – Charter Oak is never found in the LA Times due to their “cupcake schedule”

  • Huskies Parent

    Wow, the scouting guru obviously still reads the blog but of course the hypecrite comes on here to leave a comment promoting his grass is greener Crespi football team. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, go directly to jail jerk. You bail ship when you realizing we are sailing on the Titantic. Go ahead fredj keep posting his expertise comments and meanwhile he’ll continue to curse us with the guru jinx. I hate the guru, fredj, and this blog.

  • Dicaprio

    Huskies Parent – at least you recognize that SHills is the equivalent of the Titanic. Karma is a &!+#. Recruit for years, use the Bogan-ville apartments , then challenge transfers now. 1st Judy leaves – then the Guru – Bogan is coming soon. The Sierra League is the iceberg and there’s not enough lifeboats in the Inland Division. You’re taking on water fast. Time to jump ship.

  • COSteelCurtain

    ‘Just SGVsBEST’

    This doesn’t work anymore ‘JUST SAYING’!

    We now know who’s been tagging the neighborhood with filthy graffity. We now know who’s been throwing the granades in the room. It is unfortunate to say that COCF was right. Right under your noses, AMAT Family!

    ‘Just’ grow a pair, you racist filthy scum! Why don’t you, for once, be a man and admit to your AMAT Family that it is you who has been bashing your own school and community for the past year. SGVsBEST is you!

    AMAT Family, Amat 73, JoeAmat, challenge this scum!

    You’re welcome, AMAT Family!

    With Sprinkles said:
    LA Times rankings up, Bishop Amat No. 14, Glendora checks in at No. 25 and Charter Oak is at – wait – Charter Oak is never found in the LA Times due to their “cupcake schedule”

  • Panther Fan

    Azusa vs. Gabrielino (Azusa)
    Diamond Ranch at Chaffey (Diamond Ranch)
    Gladstone vs. El Monte (El Monte)
    Ayala at Los Altos (Ayala)
    Bonita at Baldwin Park (Bonita)
    Brea Olinda at Diamond Bar (Diamond Bar)
    Charter Oak vs. Rancho Cucamonga (RC)
    Covina at Walnut (Covina)
    Damien at Bishop Amat (Bishop Amat)
    Duarte at Littlerock (Littlerock)
    Garey at Ganesha (Garey)
    Glendora vs. West Covina (Glendora)
    Hart at Arroyo (Hart)
    Hoover at Mountain View (Mountain View)
    La Puente at Wilson (La Puente)
    Monrovia at San Dimas (Monrovia)
    Northview vs. Chino (Chino)
    Pomona at Chino Hills (Chino Hills)
    Rosemead at San Marino (San Marino)
    Rowland at Claremont (Rowland)
    Sierra Vista at Keppel (Sierra Vista)
    South El Monte at Nogales (Nogales)
    South Hills at Tesoro (Tesoro)
    Workman at Montclair (Montclair)

  • COSteelCurtain

    ‘Just SGVsBEST’

    Dicaprio, Defensive?, JCAZ, LimpDICK

    This doesn’t work anymore ‘JUST SAYING’! We now know who’s been tagging the neighborhood with graffity. It is unfortunate to say that COChargerfan was right. Right under your nose AMAT!

    ‘Just’ grow a pair, you racist filthy F*g! Why don’t you, for once, be a man and admit to your AMAT Family that it is you who has been bashing them for the past year. SGVsBEST is you!

    AMAT Family, Amat 73, JoeAmat, as shameful as it is, you have to challenge this scum!

    You’re welcome, AMAT Family!

    With Sprinkles said:
    LA Times rankings up, Bishop Amat No. 14, Glendora checks in at No. 25 and Charter Oak is at – wait – Charter Oak is never found in the LA Times due to their “cupcake schedule”

  • El Chupacabra

    BishopNation –
    You are in BIG trouble:

    1. Mission Viejo 3-0 (1)

    3. Servite 3-0 (3)

    5. Lakewood 3-0 (4)

    6. Los Alamitos 3-0 (5)

    10. Alemany 3-0 (11)

    13. Long Beach Poly 2-1 (13)

    16. Edison 3-0 (20)

    22. Newport Harbor 2-0 (NR)

    The BEST!

  • Smallcity

    Fred’s got this one right. Damien is a much better team than most people are giving them credit for. In addition, Damien has all the motivation in the world to beat Amat. I look for this to be a closer game than what some expect.

    Serra league overrated? You can’t be serious.

    What person in their right mind would patronize a business that disregards what that person wants. Love them or hate them, Amat gets more hits on this blog than any other team.

  • BEST of the BEST

    11 of the 25 BEST teams are in the Pac 5. Proving once again they play at a much higher level than the rest. Props to the Inland for having 6 and Miramonte for having 4 from their league alone. All others need not apply.

  • BEST of the BEST

    BEST of the BEST – Marmonte not Miramonte

  • What

    I can’t believe that the SD and Monrovia game is not even considered to be a game to watch. Are you kidding me?

  • jcaz

    A man escapes from prison where he has been for 15 years. He breaks into a house to look for money and guns and finds Chupacabra and his wife in bed.

    The felon orders Chupacabra out of the bed and ties him to a chair. When he was done with Chupa, he goes over to the wife started kissing her on the neck as he was tying her down.

    After he gets finished, he gets up and goes into the bathroom. While he’s in there, Chupa his wife:

    “Listen honey, this guy’s an escaped convict, just look at his clothes! He probably spent lots of time in jail and hasn’t seen a woman in years. I saw how he kissed your neck.” If he wants you very badly. Honey, don’t resist, don’t complain, do whatever he tells you. Satisfy him no matter how much he nauseates you. This guy is probably very dangerous. If he gets angry, he’ll kill us.

    Be strong, honey. I love you.”

    To which his wife responds: “He wasn’t kissing my neck stupid, he was whispering in my ear. He told me he was gay, thought you were cute, and asked me if we had any vaseline. I told him it was in the bathroom.

    “Be strong honey. I love you too!!”

  • Spartan 4 Life

    I agree with you Small City. Damien will come to play Friday night!!!

  • reality

    Bonita 13 Santa Fe 12 Santa Fe 20 Div V Warren 7 Warren 20 Pac Five LB Jordan 14 Last Fri. hmmmmmmmmmm.

  • Spartan 4 Life

    Just had to post this. Here’s the latest Top 25 from the L.A. Times. 6 of these teams are from the Inland Division. Let the debate begin. Which division is tougher, Pac 5 or Inland?

    September 18, 2010 | 11:58 pm
    Here’s a sneak peek at the rankings that will be published in Monday’s paper, with records and last week’s ranking in parentheses:

    1. Mission Viejo 3-0 (1)

    2. Westlake 2-0 (2)

    3. Servite 3-0 (3)

    4. Corona Centennial 2-0 (8)

    5. Lakewood 3-0 (4)

    6. Los Alamitos 3-0 (5)

    7. Gardena Serra 3-0 (7)

    8. Norco 2-0 (9)

    9. Vista Murrieta 2-0 (10)

    10. Alemany 3-0 (11)

    11. Oaks Christian 1-1 (12)

    12. St. Bonaventure 1-1 (6)

    13. Long Beach Poly 2-1 (13)

    14. Bishop Amat 3-0 (14)

    15. Crenshaw 1-2 (15)

    16. Edison 3-0 (20)

    17. Upland 3-0 (21)

    18. Dorsey 3-0 (23)

    19. Chaparral 0-2 (12)

    20. Valencia 2-0 (25)

    21. San Clemente 4-0 (NR)

    22. Newport Harbor 2-0 (NR)

    23. Thousand Oaks 1-1 (17)

    24. Dana HIlls 2-1 (22)

    25. Glendora 3-0 (NR)

    –Ben Bolch

  • jcaz

    OMG, Chupa is upset with my twisted sense of humor. Ha ha ha

    Dude, get in line already….

    As for taking me on, get real. It’s like gettting into a azz kicking contest with a one legged hombre…..Not to fair is it ?

  • ???

    Spartan 4 Life

    Where is Charter Oak on this list?

  • Huh???

    Speaking of SH, seems like they had a different announceer that night. Definitely not the longtime regular…wonder what happened…??

  • math teacher

    Spartan 4 Life – read below. 11 of the 25 teams are in the Pac 5. 11 > 6. easy math. no debate.

  • Dish

    For those of you who are saying the sierra league is weak, you better revise your claims. I feel that those schools, especially Damien, have a bright season ahead of them.

  • Dear La Puente video Guy at the 30yd line

    Thought I would save you some time disecting the LA – Wilson passing game, already did it:

    #3 Nelson, 99 yds, also a 38 yd TD called incomplete – but clearly did not touch the ground

    #15 Czarnick, 91 yds, one TD

    #4 Soto, 78 yds, one TD, also a 24 yd TD called back because of one of the ‘you guys are too rough personal fouls’

    #22 Hawk, 42 yds

    #5 Vega, 19 yds, one TD

    and all with a first time QB behind center at the varsity level

    #15 also had a completion called back because of one of the too much ‘pushing’ personal fouls – if not for the away from the ball penalties – 3 receivers would have been over 100 yds

    sure the bloggers will say it was against LA defense – but the La P Defense wasnt any better than LA’s during the summer matchups – so we will see what happens

    see there you go, saved you some time

  • ST G54

    Athlete of the week has got to be Azusa’s QB!!!

  • Week’s Athlete

    I suppose the Azusa QB should be athlete of the week every week since he will see the worst competition every week, and they run a one man show over at Azusa… Give me a break, no Azusa player should ever win this honor because the level of competition they play is so bad. If this kid were going to Amat, he would be riding the bench. This award should go to the player to performed the highest against legitimate competition.

  • COChargerfan

    So jcaz…do you really think it’s a good idea to get into a pissin’ match with the Chupa? I think you’re way too smart to go down that road.

    And I’m still waiting for your “friend” to show his outrage over your Chupa is gay joke the same way he was so, so, so offended over my Rent reference. How about you just sayin’? Going to step up to the plate and show your outrage or hide and be two-faced?

    And ???, CO’s not on the “list” but they are looking at TWO beautiful brand spanking new CIF CHAMPION trophies…to go with their other THREE…plus three runner ups…all in the last 25 or so years. So have fun with the Times’ rankings…it will be your highlight for the 16th year in a row. Now Amat folks before you jump on me, I was just making a point that this is how stuff gets started and it was a known Amat supporter that was the instigator.

    On a more serious note, CO proved that they are every bit as good as Glendora so doesnt that make them 26th? Not too bad for a mid-sized public school.

    Talking about real heavyweights, anyone else notice that Norco plays Upland this week? Thats a game Id like to see on TV. So Norco, whats your take on this upcoming game?

  • Playin’ with the big boys now

    You might want to stare at those CIF trophies and rings a little while longer because you won’t win your league let alone another CIF title. You will be battling tough teams each week in your league, not crappy teams you can beat up on. No playing a 7-6 Diamond Ranch team in the finals this year…LOL. I say you go 6-4 and get TRAMPLED in the first round of the playoffs…..there are no pansies in the inland division playoffs. What have you done so far this year? You lost to the only ranked team you played – Glendora. You beat up on Gardena who has scored a whopping 14 points in theier 3 losses, and you beat a very average 1-2 Esperanza team. Quit living in the past and face the future!

  • COChargerfan

    “Playin”…really pal, you’re playing with yourself on this argument. I’ll mirror what a Chino Hills fan recently said, they know what they’re up against in the Inland. I have yet to read a single comment from any Sierra team predicting that they’re going to win the Inland CIF Title.

    BTW, I want to send congrats to Chino Hills for the nice win against Tesoro…way to represent the Sierra.

    And Playin’, apparently you don’t realize that regardless of what happens in the future, CO gets to keep those championship trophies FOREVER??? Say it with me slowly so it sinks in….F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

    So just sayin’, I’m sorry I mean Playin’, so is it some worse fate having to stare at shiny new 2008 & 2009 trophies than an old faded one from say 1995? Correct answer is NO…why, because they are ALL beautiful things.

  • Playin’ with the big boys now

    COCharger fan…..keep looking at them. I still look at my 2 rings I won with Diamond Bar in ’98 & ’99. I actually have them and don’t need to live thru others like you seem to need to do. We won ours in Division 2 & 3, not division 7 or whatever weak division you were in. In ’98 beat a Chino team that was on a 21 game win streak not a slappy 7-6 Diamond Ranch team. Charter Oak will find themselves like my beloved Brahmas, a has been. You will not be able to compete with the big boys in your new division. I am a realist about my Alma Mater…they are struggling these days. You should be like me and face the future and let the past go….it will be much less painful when you are sitting at home after the first week of the playoffs.

  • jcaz

    You know COFAN, I dont have a beef with you. In fact, I have come in here time and time again saying that quite often some of the things you talk about, I can actually agree with but for the life on me, I don’t know why you always seem to want to bring me the nver ending argument that you so often enjoy with all the faithfull.

    Look partner, your beginning to be as big a of a pain as that pimple on my pecker that I told 73 about a few weeks ago….

    (He he, come on Chupa, an opening there for you eh ??)

    Anyway, COFAN, what im getting at here with you is that you dont need to use me to make you point !

    In othe words, if you have a beef with some of the stuff that goes on with some of the other Amat bloggers, and at the same time, if you happen to have an issue with all the rhetoric that invariably always seems to go on in here, then at the very least, take it up with them.

    Keep me out of it ok….

    Again, you dont need me here to make your point.

    Also, COFAN, at the very least, and just to gain some objectivity, you can also try your hand at being as objective as I try to be, by sometimes including some of that famous wrath of yours on some of your own bloggers the next time you have an objection to what someone says in here.

    For example, that last joke of mine was meant to be a dig on Chupa. Nothing more, nothing less.

    However, if you want to go down that “gay” road, just take a quick look at what COsteeLCURTIAN posted just a couple of days ago. And I quote:

    “Just’ grow a pair, you racist filthy F*g! Why don’t you, for once, be a man…”

    Now, i that isnt a direct attack on that “lifestyle,” then for the life of me, I don’t know what is.

    So, COFAN heres the deal. Next time you crank out something, be objective, because I can tell you one thing that you can always take to the bank COFAN, and that is that no matter how much folks like 73, and Joe get on you, thses two guys will ALWAYS,a dn I mean ALWAYS tell you that they dont agree with allot of the BS that many of the misguided faithful post on this forum.

    And BTW, I can promise you that, more often than not, they will make it a point to tell you and everyone in here of that fact.

    So, just give it a try ok dude….

  • COSteelCurtain

    Back to Back CIF Champions!

    Don’t hate. Admire and try to immulate.

    JCAZ, Thank you for the compliment. Being scared is normal for weak people like you.

    Don, How many thousands of cousins? All in the midwest and the south? Wow. Interesting! Who’s open now big boy?


  • who’s scared

    No, scared is being afraid to schedule anyone of consequence in your nonleague schedule for years and years. Scared is fighting to stay out of a league that is more challenging than the little Miramonte. Scared is complaining about the move to an Inland Division that you have zero chance of winning. Scared is knowing you’re now losing the one fact you think separates you from other schools in higher divisions that really compete. Who’s scared?
    BTW – it’s emulate genius

  • Living in the past!

    All of you Charter Oak fans are living in the past….Yes you DID win back to back championships in your weak division…..that was then, this is now. My 7th grade teacher used to be HOT! ( now she’s in her 60’s), I used to have a full head of hair, A new Camaro used to be had for a few grand, & UCLA used to have a good football team.
    So what’s the point you are trying to make about the Charter Oak of the Past? They WERE successful. They are in for a whole new ball game now. When i first started martial arts training, I was kicking the crap out of all the orange belts – I felt like king kong…..then as I moved along I started sparing with my instructor (a black belt)….I didn’t brag so much then.
    As my coach in high school used to tell us “If what you did yesterday still looks good, you aren’t striving for the future”. Take a good long look at the past CO fans- because the future sure looks bleak!


    I believe I am that friend you speak of since I did respond to your saying you have never been rude on the blog and I referred by pointing out the incident of the comment about Frank’s son. Now you come on here waiting for my reply towards jcaz’s joke who really I don’t know where the friend part comes from as I don’t think I have posted as a friend or posted anything concerning him or his jokes. Maybe you should just post the persons name instead of hiding it as you do many times with you twisted comments and replies since you don’t have the nads to call out someone when you have an issue with them. So reading into the line as you do quite often here goes. First your rude remark was directed towards a well known blogger Frank Corona who by his choice puts allot of family business on the blog. It was not some drive by artest such as Chupa or a sgvsbest who we all know nothing about and could care less because they are all spinless . Now you want me to respond with outrage ? Sure it is not in good taste to make jokes of being gay or the gay community and if anything that would be the subject of the outrage which is not what I posted.You chose to go after a defenseless young student with your gay Rent referrence and this is a joke to chupa , granted a joke in bad taste because of the gay issue but nowhere near what you meant on Frank’s son even though you tried to weasel your way out and then came up with half hearted apology. Now if I am not the “friend” you wrote of too bad because I did write to you on the subject above. Look it up it’s in the Sunday Tribbin Sept 14th . If I am not the friend, like I wrote earlier grow a pair and name who you mean.

  • amazed

    athlete of the about giving it to Josh Morales..qb from wilson,started in place of #7 and did extremely well..over 400 yards total throwing and rushing. Ran for 2-td’s and threw 3..pretty deserving in his first var. start

  • kh

    athlete of the week,
    bonita hole defense, 3 points allowed agaisnt #1 RATED TEAM IN DIV.

  • Hukt on fonics werkt forr me

    WOW…. I guess the english classes are lacking at Bonita High. I don’t even think the spell check function would know what to do with that last Bonita post. Bonita is having a good year but don’t get too cocky, there are much bigger fish in these waters.


    So now you come up with you know ” with sprinkles or ??? ” are known Amat bloggers. Please if you answer one question let it be this one . How do you know they are Amat bloggers? You say that only to justify your old faded takee on 1995 CIF trophy Amat has and throw in your NO to suger coat your blast . Then you throw the faded trophy slam again only to get corrected by “playing with” who you say was “just sayin” to being a DB honk which has thankfully shut you up for now. You say Amat bloggers are paraniod when it is you who are very paraniod with Amat in that you think every Amat blogger is out to get you or bag on CO .

  • guilt by association

    it makes them feel better if everyone that realizes the ChOak hypocrisy is somehow an Amat blogger and even better if it’s a lone blogger posting under a dozen different names

  • COSteelCurtain

    Thank you! Thank you! And Thank you!

  • kh

    drunk on fonica.
    your so smart,just figure it out.
    i didnt go to bonita,are football school had way more football pride .t.c. rams…..
    this could be the start if they dont choke it off,i am not sold on this team.
    way too many mistakes,santa fe had zero game plan for the second was there game to lose,and thats what they did,they lost it more then we won it,
    maybe somebody ran into the lockers early,but i swear the santa fe kicker made a easy 37 yard field goal earlier,so why would you push kick the ball 20 yards down the field instead of shooting for a touch back,making santa fe march at least 40 yards,to get into f.g. range.we were lucky my friends,thats ok,3-0 going down to b.p.
    haters get off our wagon.

  • COChargerfan

    OH REALLY IM BACKI read your post and Ill respond by quoting a scene from the movie Billy Madison: Mr. [OH REALLY IM BACK], what you have just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. And I still dont know or at this point even care who you areyoure wrong that I called FCs son gay because it never happened so please leave me out of your thoughts and good bye. P.S. Dont step on any flaming bags with your boots.

    And whoa jcaz…I must have hit some kind of nerve because I don’t have any beef with you either. First, that was a friendly warning that playing with the BEST is a losing proposition that I think you are above…that’s all…go ahead and play if you so desire. Yes, Im guilty of using your joke as an example of the inconsistency that is practiced by bloggerswelcome to my world. You may have noticed that I’ve spent the past few weeks attempting to educate the regulars in the “Golden Rule” and your joke became part of the lesson but certainly I meant nothing personal against you.

    Anyone can use any screen name, but in the past a ??? exchanged comments as an advocate of Amat so thats the basis of my assumption. In general, when someone comes on the blog advocating for a certain school, then arent they a honk for it regardless of the high school they attended? Remember, I attended Monrovia but honk for CO. And besides, the 90% rule appliesas in, 90% of the comments directed at me come from the Amat faithful and history says that maybe 75% of ALL comments come from Amat guysso is it wrong to assume that that is where some drive by rant under some anonymous screen name came from?

    As for you Diamond Bar fanlooks like someone is still a little butt-hurt over that lop-sided loss to CO last year and that 1-9 record. Wow, 48-0 and it could have been 100-0 if Big Lou didnt set the starters at half time and call off the dogs. And history calledin 1985 CO won the Southeastern CIF Title by beating none other than Diamond Bar by a score of 36-5. DB is a has been and CO isnteven if they dont win an Inland titleso you are the one that needs to get over the angst. BTW, congrats for the 3-0 startcant wait until you get to play those same weak teams in leagueyou knowBonita, West Covina, DRanch and Rowlandand, unlike CO, youll get beat. You ever considered doing stand-up for a living because youre really funny pal.

  • top o’ the mornin’

    what a way to start the morning! COCF educating us on the “Golden Rule” (do I hear “hypocrisy). And the requisite fuzzy math lesson 90% …. 75% … so therefore we can ass-u-me …….. NO – you can’t assume! You’re a CO honk because your moniker says so and that’s all you defend. others may comment on multiple topics AND question your ridiculous logic as it pertains to all subjects CO vs Amat. That doesn’t make them an Amat honk. It just makes them hip to your foolishness.
    Then an explanation for all we need to know about the secret to CO’s success …. ” lop-sided loss to CO last year and that 1-9 record”
    Great scheduling! Beating up on those 1-9 teams.

  • COChargerfan

    top o’ the mornin’…if you’re the DB fan, I left a flaming present on your porch…it’s full of the same stuff you’re slinging…so enjoy it with your cup of coffee.

    If you’re just another coward that hides behind multiple screen names and never states the school team that they support, you can address me after you grow some nads.

  • COSteelCurtain

    “top of the morning’, Dicaprio, Defensive?, JCAZ, LimpDICK, SGVsBEST

    This doesn’t work anymore ‘JUST SAYING’! We now know who’s been tagging the neighborhood with graffity. It is unfortunate to say that COChargerfan was right. Right under your nose AMAT!

    AMAT Family, Amat 73, JoeAmat, as shameful as it is, you have to challenge this scum!

  • AMAT 73

    Unfortunately we all have our thorn in the side bloggers from our schools who tend to go overboard . We have ours and you have yours. I for one would really like the powers on the blog make regestration of a screen name mandatory so at least we know where these posts come from. Anybody can copy a style of some jerks writing (sgvbest alias chupa) with a different screen name and send someone on a witch hunt to think it is a blogger from the perceived enemy . Like when COCF thought playing with the big boys was just saying ( a known AMAT honk ) in disguise only later to find out it was a DB honk. So to challenge us to speak out to these scums and I only speak for myself is not really possible because I am really not sure who are behind these posts. Might be sick azz from a school other that AMAT or CO who loves seeing the banter between the 2 schools. But if you have solid proof I would send a post off to the person stating my feelings on his postsand the reflection on AMAT in a negative manner . I have done it before and will do it again. Not that it would do any good because you know as well as I do an azz is an azz no matter what .

  • Roll on July 11th, i can’t wait to play KH3D even if it is Japanese. Of course i will have to play it again when the US copy is released to thoroughly discover the story line but i will get the idea.

  • Man I’m glad I ran into you here. I did end up using them to do my gutter cleaning. Too high for me.

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