CIF Football Polls: Rowland and Arroyo take over top spots; Chino Hills, Charter Oak, Glendora ranked in Inland; Bishop Amat No. 6 in Pac-5

Above: Rowland’s Michael Ball leads No. 1 ranked Raideres.

Inland Division
1. Vista Murrieta (2-0), 2. Corona Centennial (2-0), 3. Upland (3-0), 4. Norco (2-0), 5. Redlands East Valley (2-0), 6. Chino Hills (2-1), 7. Rancho Cucamonga (3-0), 8. Charter Oak (2-1), 9. Redlands (2-0-1), 10. Glendora (3-0). Others: Roosevelt, Ayala, Damien, Chaparral.
Robledo’s thoughts: Glendora should be ranked ahead of Charter Oak simply because of its head-to-head win and overall body of work, which is more impressive. Chino Hills is where it should be after last week’s win while Ayala and Damien are creeping up.

Mid-Valley Division
1. Arroyo (3-0),
2. Whittier Christian (3-0), 3. Azusa (2-0), 4. Monrovia (1-1), 5. San Marino (2-0), 6. Covina (3-0), 7. San Dimas (1-2), 8. Village Christian (2-1), 9. Pomona (3-0), 10. La Puente (2-0). Others: Sierra Vista.
Robledo’s Thoughts: San Dimas is paying the price for scheduling up, and could lose again to Monrovia this week. Covina should be ranked higher simply based on its win over West Covina, which by far is the biggest nonleague win of any teams in the Mid-Valley. Arroyo is No. 1 for now, but no Steven Rivera (ankle sprain) against Hart could cost them this week. One thing is certain, by the end of the year, Azusa will be No. 1. So, do schedules make a difference? Is is smart to schedule up? Ask 0-3 Baldwin Park, nowhere to be found.

Southeast Division
1. Rowland (3-0), 2. West Covina (2-1)
, 3. Burbank (2-1), 4. Bonita (3-0), 5. Santa Fe (1-1), 6. La Mirada (1-2), 7. Norwalk (1-2), 8. La Serna (2-1), 9. Muir (1-2), 10. Diamond Bar (3-0). Others: Diamond Ranch (0-3).
Robledo’s thoughts: The pollsters got it right, Rowland should be No. 1 based on how they’re crushing opponents with West Covina No. 2 after back-to-back impressive wins. Bonita should probably be No. 3 instead of Burbank, other than that, hard to argue with it.

Pac-5 Division
1. Mission Viejo (3-0), 2. Servite (3-0), 3. Lakewood (3-0), 4. Los Alamitos (3-0), 5. Edison (3-0), 6. Bishop Amat (3-0), 7. Long Beach Poly (2-1), 8. Newport Harbor (2-0), 9. San Clemente (4-0), 10. Alemany (3-0).
Robledo’s thoughts: A more than fair ranking for Bishop Amat, who on paper should continue to win its next three nonleague games against Damien, Cathedral and Venice before taking on the Serra. If they get to 6-0, they could conceivably be ranked as high as four or five once league starts.

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  • Aaron

    Slowly moving up the polls…but this is a joke. Litmus test for Rowland this week against Claremont and I expect Rowland to come back down to earth. Kessler is on pace to having two 1,000 yard receivers and possibly 3,000 yds passing in ten games if he keeps this pace.


    Please clairify as to what is the joke. Rowland claiming the number 1 spot or Bonita being number 3 .

  • Interesting…

    Rowland just gets by Baldwin Park, South Hills crushes Baldwin Park, and West Covina beats South Hills. I think WC should be #1, that Covina loss was no doubt a fluke. Even though the WC defense isn’t all that great, their offense should’ve put up more points than just 21. When you consider WC missing their defensive MVP, then you know it was a fluke! Venice and South Hills win should’ve shot them to the top.



    Get off of Glendora’s sack! You the entire valley and the Glendora fans know that, that win was a fluke. I as a CO fan know that Glendora won and thats fine but you also know that if Glendora and CO play today @7PM at Citrus you wouldn’t be picking Glendora to win that game… Thats what CIF has done they recognize that that CO is a much better team today then Glendora is. The body of work you are talking about is CO, Monrovia and Canyon come on. At least Gardena has CO, SJB, Mater Dei and Carson scheduled this year and not to mention Esperanza who would beat Glendora this FYI… I guess my point is that Glendora will never pass CO in the CIF polls this year.


  • weewillie

    hey- (un)interesting: Have you ever thought about going to any of these games? It would be a nice experience and get you out of the house.

    West Covina gave it their best shot and were outplayed in the fourth and critical quarter against Covina.

    WC was worn out and lost the game. No excuses for you.

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  • Proven you never play a down of futbol americano

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  • Aaron

    The two teams with outstanding arguments for the one are WesCo and Bonita.

    The Average rating on strength of Schedule for the first three games is 22.6. The Average for Rowland’s first three games is 8.067. The strength of the Non-league schedule for Rowland is 12.9 (average increased dramatically due to Claremont’s strength rating by the boys at Cal Preps). The average rating of Bonita’s non-league schedule is 18.7 (Brought down by the strength rating of 7 given to Baldwin Park).

    West Covina’s strength of schedule rating is through the roof especially with the whopping 30.1. They are 2-1. DR has a high strength of schedule rating 26.75, but DR is 0-3.

    Diamond Bar has the weakest schedule by far of any team in the Hacienda.

    CalPreps power rankings of the Hacienda
    Bonita 36.9
    Rowland 30.7
    WesCo 25.4
    Diamond Bar 13.5
    Diamond Ranch 13
    Walnut 10.8
    Los Altos -14.4

    If you believe I’m blowing smoke here’s the link:

    CalPreps rankings and picks are something like 75-95% accurate by weeks three and four.

    Cal Preps projections for the Hacienda League this week:
    Bonita (La Verne, CA) at Baldwin Park (CA), 7:00pm [projection: Bonita (La Verne, CA) 42-7]

    Brea Olinda (Brea, CA) at Diamond Bar (CA), 7:00pm [projection: Diamond Bar (CA) 38-14]

    Diamond Ranch (Pomona, CA) at Chaffey (Ontario, CA), 7:00pm [projection: Diamond Ranch (Pomona, CA) 35-14]

    Ayala (Chino Hills, CA) at Los Altos (Hacienda Heights, CA), 7:00pm [projection: Ayala [Ruben S.] (Chino Hills, CA) 52-0]

    Rowland (Rowland Heights, CA) at Claremont (CA), 7:00pm [projection: Rowland (Rowland Heights, CA) 35-31]

    Covina (CA) at Walnut (CA), 7:00pm [projection: Covina (CA) 28-6]

    West Covina (CA) vs. Glendora (CA) at Citrus College (Glendora, CA), 7:00pm [projection: Glendora (CA) 28-21]

  • Whatswrongwithufred

    Fred how in the world could you be so dumb.that makes no sense at all ranking a team ahead of a team it just beat, has a better record than, has played tougher opponents than, and did i they were a team they already beat!! your not the only dumb dumb fred, the times ranked glendora too and no charter oak…what are they thinking, are they that dumb too…

  • funny

    We all know if CO wins that game SGV FOOTBALL and SteelCurtain would NEVER let anyone forget. We’d get Beep-Beeps and CEE-OHs all day long. Thank God for the Tartans. The Cougars are next. Glendora may not pass them. It’s more likely that CO will fall below them.

  • Interesting…

    I know it hurts when someone says a win by your team or any team was a fluke, but in reality that’s all it was… Being 3-0 is good for you guys, but there’s absolutely no way you can beat Venice or South Hills. Just like you stated you dominated the 4th quarter and won! Congrats! The other 3 quarters were heavily dominated by WC, it’s not excuse, it’s a simple fact that Covina fans hate to understand.

  • patrick

    Oh there goes Aaron again….taking out his grudges!! So now that you have stated that 2x already that ive seen, what the hell do you want Cif,Mr Robledo , and Calpreps to do about it?? You are obviously losing sleep over it!

  • Aaron

    He asked a question, I answered it.

  • Raider Alum

    Why is it that Rowland’s win in week one is counted against the Raiders while West Covina’s loss is viewed as a fluke? I understand that Rowland might not be as deep or as big as West Covina, Bonita, or Diamond Ranch, but the only way to find out is for these hard-working young man to play the games. I am excited that the Raiders are playing well and hopefully will continue to do so throughout the season.

  • Can you say cupcakes?????

    Buena Park has played a tougher schedule this

    Typical Sunset League scheduling…

    Buena Park has been a program that has not done much of anything over the past decade. and has won won only three games the last three years. Yet relative to its own strength, Buena Park — which is badly in need of victories — has actually played a tougher schedule this season than Los Alamitos. Based on the statistical ratings of team strength at, Buena Park ? with a rating of minus-2.8, has played teams that are 17.5, 27.2 and 12.3 points lower than the Coyotes; Los Alamitos has played teams that are 20.9, 25.6 and 29.5 points lower than the Griffins.


    All that gibberish was an answer to my question. We all know SOS only matters for post season rankings and placement come playoff time . Not sure about Burbank but between Rowland,WC, and Bonita it could be thrown in a hat and who ever comes out first gets number 1 and itwould be pretty fair . All are fine teams and playing good right now . To me WC is looking the strongest of the three but with them playing Glendora a big piece of the puzzle will be put in place and I give WC the nod . Then you have the they beat Glendora who beat CO so what does that say about WC. Looks much better then they beat SD and sqeaked by Santa Fe and beat BP which I give your boys the nod , so far this season .What I got from your post is that West Covina deserves the number 1 ranking whicch still leaves Bonita at number 4. Care to elaborate further and stay off the stat track and put in X’s and O’s so to speak. What I mean in you own words by what’s on the field defend your thinking.

  • Anonymous

    Azusa will be exposed when they reach the playoffs. After seeing these kids play in person, its obvious to me that their success is caused by the softness of their schedule. No disrespect to the kids, but they just dont have the guns to go head to head with the best teams even in the mid-valley. Everyone will see soon enough. I really hope they do go 10-0 though, its a much needed morale booster in Azusa for years to come.

  • Aaron

    Defensively these boys are nails. End of story, No Casey Horine…fine Giamani Johnson,Garrett Horine,KC Huth, Eric Mikity step up and play big. Mikity was already having a great year leading the team in tackles with 41, two sacks, 1 forced fumble and one pass deflection.

    Right now defensively they are as good as anyone.

    Think about this Spathias overall has done pretty well and he’s the backup. Yes he spotted the other team nine points…yet he also drove the team down and threw the go ahead TD. Brandt Davis is the best kicker in the division. In this last win the O-line came in pretty banged up and still did enough.

    Right now, Bonita has played better competition than Rowland and therefore they would get the nod for the number two since we’re talking about competition. WesCo got out of their funk, played big and beat Venice. The win over South Hills isn’t all that surprising as they were in the same league last year. I just wonder what happened with the game against Covina. They couldn’t finish in that game. Here’s the problem with saying they’ll beat Glendora straight away, Glendora has thrived off of turnovers having made 4 interceptions and caused five fumbles while recovering four. If you’re going to say by strength of opponents I’ll give you WesCo.

    However, the people at this newspaper picked Bonita to get crushed by SD, and then a writer not named picked them to get crushed the next week. And then their third game with tons and tons of mistakes they still won the game. You know what though, no need to be number one now anyways.

  • Born and Raised SGV

    Interesting… said:
    I know it hurts when someone says a win by your team or any team was a fluke, but in reality that’s all it was…

    We all know it must hurt that no matter what angle you use, or how you sell it… you lost. Scoreboard biatch!

    I can’t believe all the babies who cry because it was most likley thier own kids that lost and you will try save whatever is left in your sack. What I find funny is that we are in week 4 and it still bothers you. I guess we won in more than one way!

    Yur next Chinnut Pony’s!

  • Interesting…

    Born and Raised,

    Just out of curiosity… Am I supppose to reply with LMFAO too? It seems to hurt you more, cuz I’m stating facts, while you continue to reply about it! BTW, I have no kids on the WC team, I just know football and I’m surprised you’re a bit lost.

  • Mid Valley

    Arroyo is giong to fall due to the injury to QB. They can win league without him, but the hart game looks grim and La Canada could be dangerous as well. I say Arroyo has to rest him up and they make the semis. You have to look at who people are going to play as well. Azusa may have topped out. Honestly does Azusa have the Defenses to stop Monrovia or slow down Covina or Arroyo in the Semis? I don’t think they have the corners to stay with those horses. They can be the suedo # 1. If they make it to the semis that would be amazing. If the La Puente Game is the only game on the schedule…they won’t be ready for the playoffs. They will fall in the second round, Especially when they Draw a tough Valley Vista team, which could be San Dimas or Pomona, bc Covina will win that league. The Teams to worry about are Monrovia,Covina,A healthy Arroyo, and Possibly Whittier Christian…Baldwin Park should only concern Valley Vista opponents. If they get through league, then you can put them in the conversation. My Guess is the top five should be

    Depending on the Glendora vs West Co Game.

    No one else has played anyone.

    1.Monrovia or Covina
    2.Covina or Monrovia
    3.Whittier Christian
    4.Arroyo(Due to injuries)
    6.San Dimas

  • Scheduling up

    Its good to schedule up if you feel you have the talent to compete for at least two seasons. YOu should not schedule up too many games. YOu should at least have one game on your preseason schedule that you could lose. For Example Covina Gambled and opened up with West Co. They won and it is paying off big time for them. They now know they can play in a big time game and win. They did not take too many big games. Walnut is manageble and they now have the confidene to go deep in the Mid valley. Monrovia scheduled up took a hard lost to GHS and still have South Hills. They learned they have to Throw more and hold on to the ball. That should help them in the semis or finals. Bp had no business taking all those games. They are going to lose agai

  • Scheduling up

    BP had no business scheduling all those games. they are going to be 0-4 and demoralized when they come into. Teams are going to have all the film they need to game plan. They should have scheduled like covina, a tough game early…guage what you have, you might have won. Then a managable game like walnut. Monrovia and San Dimas took two good upper division oppenents and two winnable upper division opponents, and a inter divisional contender. But they were the finalist teams from last year so they can do that. Azusa should have taken at least one good upper division team. Someone to at least say they played someone. Bell gardens is not going to cut it. They are riding high and will go undefeated, but how do you get ready for the tough midvalley Division playoffs. My guess is they won’t get past the semis if they get there. They won’t know how to beat a good team. Shame on you Azusa!

  • Colt74

    Interesting… I’m starting to think that at one time you actually played football…… just kept forgetting your helmet. That is the ONLY reason that I can come up with to explain how you come up with your logic.

    A win is a win unless it’s a fluke.
    Doesn’t matter what the final score matters what happened in the other 3 quarters.
    What drivel are you going to spew next…I wasn’t a win because you had your fingers crossed! Right? Come haven’t used that one right. Or maybe….Covina didn’t say “Mother May I” first?

    Thanks for posting..because reading your posts are better than watching the comedy channel.

  • Colt74

    Born and raised SGV :

    The Walnut kids deserve the same amount of respect that you would want to see for your team. The Chinnut Pony remark is not cool. These are kids you are disrespecting.

  • Lovin The Heights

    @ Interesting… Rowland just gets by Baldwin Park and they had their star Receiver out and 2 defensive linemen injuried.. came back from a 16-0 deficit… Get your facts before you use “just gets by”.. I said it first week.. you gonna recognize that Rowland is in the hunt.. don’t hate.. give credit where credit has been earned.

  • Lovin The Heights

    @ Aaron.. Rowland slowly moving up the polls because ya’ll holding them back!!! and it aint no joke. Everybody talked up Baldwin Park and California before season started… and now you want to call Rowland wins flukes!!!! against Baldwin Park Rowland was missing key players and QB Michael Ball admitted himself, along with the coaching staff that he was trying to do it all because of all the hype but he gathered his composure and second half came out the way he should have the first half. He’s a talent that shouldn’t be overlooked. You speak of #1 QBs as of late.. if he hadn’t gotten the cheap shot from Walnut player at the beginning of last season breaking his collar bone. Any average player wouldn’t have come back at the end of the season, no doubt Rowland could have gotten further in the playoffs. Ball still came back to play in the 1st round of CIF playoffs against California even though a major hit would have ended his career in football. He is an Elite Athlete and should be treated as such. The Coaches welcome any team that wants to challenge their talent and game. It makes for a better season. Rowland’s not ducking anybody, but just as you tooted Baldwin Park and California’s horns prior to Week 1.. don’t back down now and act like it was a fluke. Rowland never left earth, only the ones that wrote about the other teams. Like I said the first week… I’ll keep my opinions and let action speak for itself.. ooh wait.. ok i waited 3 weeks.. I’m enjoying the ride so far.. Don’t hate… appreciate! GO ROWLAND!!! We are proud of YOU!!!

  • Aaron

    I thought we stopped making excuses? You don’t make excuses when you win right…oh wait I did that, but it behooves you in an argument not to.

    Michael Ball is a great athlete, but I’m sorry he won’t get the QB treatment if he’s going to run around. He has to be tackled when he scrambles. Sad that he broke his collar bone…feel lucky it was just that and not an acl or something worse.

    Rowland has not slowly climbed the polls…they’ve jumped people like no tomorrow. Playing BP post Lazarro, Cal post Terris Jones…and Rosemead is a weak schedule by far. This next game for you will go one of two ways…close and a Rowland win or a blowout by Claremont.

  • trojans85

    Santiago beat Chino Hills, Glendora over Charter Oak. CC should be #1, then Norco, VM, REV, and Upland. The only Sierra team that should be considered at this point is Ayala.

  • Ayala…Are you serious????

    Trojans 85 what are you thinking? Ayala ranked ahead of Charter Oak or Chino Hills???? The combined record of Ayala 5 pre league opponents is 3-11 and not one of them is even close to being a ranked team in their division. Meanwhile Chino Hill beat Tesoro who was ranked 11th in OC last week. They lost a close game to Santiago who was 16 seconds away from beating Inland divisions #1 team Vista Murrietta. Charter Oak’s loss was to undefeated and ranked Glendora. Ayala has padded it’s schedule with a bunch of patsies which will not help them when they have to play 5 strong teams in league. Meanwhile all the other teams in the sierra league have at least a couple of tough games to help challenge them.

    Chino Hills – Redlands east valley, Santiago & Tesoro
    Charter Oak – Glendora, Rancho cucamonga
    South Hills – West Covina, Los Osos, Tesoro
    Damien – J Serra & Bishop Amat
    Claremont – Bonita & Rowland
    Ayala – ?????

    Hope Coach Inglima feels good about himself after putting up 63 points on a team who hasn’t won a game in 2 years and probably won’t win one this year. Ayala will find themselves the same place as last year during the playoffs…at home or in the stands.

  • AHSfbfan

    Response to Ayala are you serious?

    Hey, the Bulldogs have not been on these sites claiming any dynasty or anything. We know the caliber of the opponents we have played and are humbly just doing our thing. We improved our schedule this year to include Colony and St. Paul, but contracts are contracts and the other teams were under contract, so we play them. I have not seen one Bulldog supporter on here boasting about our wins or how we have the best players and the best program in So Cal. Yours have!
    Yep we put up 63, but what do you do? Ask your kids to quit playing! We had reserves in the game and kept scoring. Alta Loma didnt complain; they understood.
    When Chino Hills used to play School of the Deaf and Sherman Indian etc… your supporters came on blogs and boasted of how they were going to be the National Champs; only to finish last in the Sierra League and get a playoff spot because of their weak preseason schedule wins…Shut up and play the game.
    Yes, Ayala has alot to prove and is likely to be the last place team in the tough Sierra League. As you know they will play their asses off and compete every single game. CH has never blown them out and we don’t ever expect to get a blow out win, because it is a good rivalry game. Who knows they might even end up beating your over rated Huskies again. Oh yes, Santiago beat you and should be rated higher than you without a doubt. They will probably finish 4 or lower in Big 8. Hope your not still thinking of a CIF championship when you can’t really play with the big boys of Inland Division. Out

  • hope you’re not a CO fan

    Ayala…Are you serious????
    I hope you’re not a CO fan because you just wrote exactly what everyone has been saying about Charter Oak for two years. With teams on the schedule like University, Gardena, Aliso Niguel, Wilson ,DB, Pioneer, Los Altos it was a joke. Etiwanda last year and Bonita the year before (in the final game of the regular season) were the ONLY wins CO had against teams with winning records-yet they were ranked at the top almost wire to wire.


    hope you’re not a CO fan,

    Your point is???

    Big difference is that CO won two back to back titles with that schedule and the preseason schedule was sufficient enough come playoff time. Ayala could have the weakest schedule of all of the Sierra and still won’t even come close to winning the Sierra league title not to mention an Inland title.

  • hope you’re not a CO fan

    It’s a little early to tell about the Sierra League yet and they’d have a pretty good chance in a watered down Southeast now wouldn’t they. point made. no need to pop off about their schedule at this point in the season – unless there is. you can’t have it both ways


    hope you’re not a CO fan,

    Sorry bud but Ayala still would be considered a favorite to win the Southeast. West Co, La Mirada, Norwalk, Dranch still very good teams to get by in the playoffs. Ayala would not be the favorite even in that division. If CO was in that division they would be the clear favorites for a third consecutive run at the title. So your point was not made, dont get me wrong I want Ayala to win all its games except for the CO game it makes the league look better…

    By the way in the CIF poll CC should be ranked number 1 in the Inland.

  • OldMan in Chino

    Response to AHSfbfan
    I have been following CHHS football since 2001(the year they opened) and I do not remember them playing Sherman Indian and California School for the Deaf. They may have played them back in 2001 when they fielded a JV team with Freshman and Sophomores. I also remember when Ayala High School opened in 1990 and played their first season also a JV season against teams like Ontario Christian (the old Olympic League). As to there never being a blow-out game between CHHS and AHS, looking over recent games starting in 2004; CHHS is 4 and 2 against AHS. 2004: CHHS 21 AHS 16 (+5), 2005: CHHS 20 AHS 7 (+13), 2006: CHHS 42 AHS 21 (+21), 2007: AHS 19 CHHS 10 (+9), 2008: AHS 18 CHHS 17 (+1), 2009: CHHS 14 AHS 7 (+7). I will have to give credit to Coach Inglima the games have been more competitive since he became Head Coach. As to CHHS playing with the Big Boys of the Inland Division, at least CHHS scheduled games against REV and Santiago, the only team that AHS scheduled in the Inland Division was Alta Loma; team that is still looking for their first win in two seasons. Granted at one time Alta Loma was a powerhouse to be reckoned with back in 2000, double overtime with Alta Loma finally out lasting Ayala in the second round of the play-offs. The results from AHS weak schedule may look good on paper, but unfortunately it will not prepare them for the rigors of the Sierra League or the Inland Division.

  • kh

    you have two teams with a loss ahead of us.wes-co lost to covia,,,
    burbank,the armenians play football. ?
    would love to see wes-co take out glendora,that would open a hole knew can of worms for fred,then damien win against amat,that would drop amat and glendora below bonita if we take of little b.p. they should be fired up,last year we stopped there little win streak.could place us #1bonita
    #10 walnut
    theres next weeks top ten if the two top teams loss.

  • AMAT 73

    Nice senario but since Damien would take out number 1 and West Covina takes out number 2 and Bonita beats an unranked 0-2 team not a big enough win for them to jump to number 1 . It would be more like WC at 1 and just maybe Damien at 3 or 4 with AMAT being the other 3 or 4 and Bonita staying the same based on BP not being a win of significance. co with a win over RC would be a number 1 factor before Bonita. But that’s just my opinion .

  • AHSfbfan

    Okay CH Old man,
    Remember this preseason bad ass schedule… the year you won one game in league and made the playoffs! The reason CIF changed the way they do things was behind this CH season. The School of Deaf and Sherman Indian reference were to the quality of teams you played not the actual teams… I pulled up the old calpreps to remind you that you didn’t always play stellar teams either… Colony and Los Osos were new schools back then without the reputation that they have now. Really Div 13 ??? Division 11 ??? How did they prepare you for league?

    CH opponents pre-season 2004
    Vista del Lago XI Won, 30-0
    Colony VIII Won, 41-0
    Los Osos II Won, 35-28
    St. Anthony XI Won, 45-0
    Saddleback Valley Christian XIII Won, 41-0

  • Ayala…Are you serious????

    I am no Chino Hills supporter…I just stated the facts. Sorry I hit a nerve. You bring up Chino Hills schedule in 2004 is hilarious. I believe that was their first varsity season with seniors….of course they would schedule weak opponents since they have no experience. Every new school starts with a weak schedule to build confidence. What’s Ayala’s excuse 20 or so years after opening? Wow…they put a St. Paul team that was 3-7 last year on the schedule….way to go big! And Colony….anyone who saw the writing on the wall knew they were gonna suck after Coach Rice left and took all the talent with him. Keep justifying your weak schedule and your coach.

  • kh

    dang it.
    i forgot c.o.
    just having fun.fred has wc behind us.
    with the lost to glendora c.o. gave the game santa fe did with us last week.
    the season been good for bonita we might get back the big linemen this week ,the way i saw him jumping before and after the game last friday
    whats the problem,lets go get in there,playing hurt is part of the game,k.c. played the whole week then that friday night with a broken foot,it took a concusion for them to realize he had a broken foot,,thats another story…you cant teach toughtness,its in the blood genes…

  • OldMan in Chino

    I do not understand AHSfbfan line of logic. In 2004 CHHS played Vista Del Lago (est. 2002), Colony (est. 2002) and Los Osos (est. 2002). These three schools were also building a football tradition so why wouldnt a school established in 2001 play schools that are relatively new like they are? The fact that CHHS beat them quite handedly is not a reflection of the weakness of Vista Del Lago, Colony or Los Osos but rather that of the 4 schools; CHHS was stronger at the time. When Colony and Los Osos did become football powers, they did finally beat CHHS; Colony in 2009 and Los Osos in 2008.

  • Tech Support

    As a Rowland grad I’m proud we’ve gotten to the point on this blog where other people claim we’re overrated, not good, flukey, will come back to earth, and a joke.

    So far it seems the teams that get those labels thrown at them on here are teams that win a lot.

    So thanks guys!!!

  • Norco

    I received this txt last Friday night…please read…

    From: Mater Dei Fan
    Sent at: Fri Sep 17, 2010 9:21 pm
    To: Norco

    Dear Norco,

    If my calculations are correct, you should receive this message immediately after Corona Centennial scored in the third quarter to take a 44-0 lead. First, let me assure you that I’m alive and well. I’ve been living happily these past two months in the year 1994. The energy generated by Corona Centennial’s sheer power of created a portal in stands which threw me 16 years into the past.

    Once you receive this message, please do not attempt to bring me back to 2010. I am perfectly happy in 1994, watching John Flynn and Rod Perry march through the South Coast League as I eagerly await the arrival of Matt Grootegoed and Lenny Vandermade. I feel that unnecessary time travel only risks further disruption of the time line and do not wish to live in a world where football in Riverside County is relevant and further losses to Servite are guaranteed.

    These are my wishes. Please respect them and follow them.

    Your friend in time, Mater Dei Fan, November 1, 1994.

  • Lovin The Heights

    Good thing Aaron you’re not a betting man… sounds like you sitting on the fence.. and i didn’t say where i was apologizing for anything so excuses weren’t needed. I’m sure a lot of Coaches wish they had him!!! Run on young Ball run on!!!!!!

  • OldMan in Chino

    To AHSfbfan;

    The 2004 football season you speak about where CHHS had a weak pre-season and how it did not prepare them for league or the play-offs. They did not win only 1 league game; they went 5-2 in league, beat AHS and advanced to the second round of the play-offs. The 2004 season was the season that AHS only won 1 league game despite their rough pre-season schedule. Possibly Coach Roche knew what he was doing in preparing his team for league play and the play-offs.

  • Born and Rasied SGV

    This is directed to a particular blogger who I know.

    Interesting..You know football as much as Robledo does.

  • Neither Norco or Etiwanda have ever played a Pac-5 Elite


    There’s another text message about Norco’s game with Etiwanda last week. The text said that Etiwanda racked up 533 total offensive yards against Norco!

    THAT’S RIGHT FOLKS! ETIWANDA RACKED UP 533 OFFENSIVE YARDS VS. NORCO! 280 yards passing and 280 yards passing!

    Norco escaped with a 2 TD win but check this out…ETIWANDA had FOUR Turnovers! LOL!

    Does everyone now understand why Norco is jumping and sniffing at Corona Centennial’s jockstrap?


    All that matters is the 533 yds was done between the goal lines . All that tells the story is Norco by 14 in the end.

  • Norco

    Lest see Norco played Crenshaw on a Nationally telivesed game…
    So of course their was bound to be a let down…
    Norco is two games in and people want perfection…
    Damn, if Norco were perfect, what would happen to the other team(s). Norco is 2-0 nuff said…
    On defense last week….
    Yes the FS did take bad angles (correctable)…
    Yes Norco is young (only reps and time will fix this)…
    Norco starts 16 underclassmen…
    Norco is 2-0, we work hard and have the will to win….
    Remember guys, it does not take talent to hustle …
    But you have to remember what Norco’s entire philosophy is….
    They pride themselves on working toward game 14, that is where they expect perfection…
    They expect to get to game 14 year in and year out….
    And nobody is jumping and sniffing CC`s joke strap…
    Last time I checked Norco is reining BIGVIII 8 League Champion…
    Norco & CC has nothing but respect for one another….

    So pleas try again you pathetic eunuch…
    And one more thing…
    drop the PAC5 Elite…that sh!t is laughable

  • Amat Honk

    Don’t let “them” draw you in Norco….It’s an ugly place where “they” dwell. Nothing is ever good enough and they thrieve off other peoples misery. Stay golden.

  • AMAT 73

    Stay strong . After that game with the Shaw you guy’s made your bones. You defintely belong . But remember if you come up against a SGV team in the playoffs it’s on brother.

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