Tribskin Pick’em, your predictions and ours

Steve Ramirez and I will go head-to-head in Tribskin Pick’em throughout the season.
Last Week: Robledo (20-5); Ramirez (18-7).
Season: Robledo (53-14); Ramirez (48-19).

Last week: Steve and I both missed West Covina over South Hills, La Puente over Northview, South El Monte over Workman and Cantwell Sacred Heart over Baldwin Park. I edged Steve by a couple games taking Charter Oak over Esperanza, Wilson over Los Altos and Bosco Tech over Gladstone. Steve got me taking Ontario over Nogales. We both called Chino Hills’ win over Tesoro and Glendora’s win at Canyon. Not a bad week at all.

This week: After going back-and-forth I’m taking Glendora over West Covina. If Covina QB Billy Livingston and the Colts’ spread offense could have some success against the Bulldogs, I’m banking that Chad Jeffries and Co., can do the same. As impressive as West Covina was last week against South Hills, its secondary was never tested. Damien may be in a good spot to upset Bishop Amat, and I learned later that Wallace Gonzalez isn’t back yet, he returns next week against Cathedral. A very intriguing game is Rowland at Claremont. I’m going with Michael Ball, who along with Charter Oak’s Travis Santiago and Jeffries are the three QBs having the best season’s through week three. Knights QB Steven Rivera was injured in last week’s win and won’t play against Hart, which all but ends the Knights’ chance of winning. And oh yes, Monrovia at San Dimas. This doesn’t have the same luster now that the Cats and Saints have scheduled up and paid the price for it, the Wildcats losing to Glendora, and the Saints losing to Bonita and Rancho Cucamonga. The Cats are gonna be hungry, and this is the absolute don’t-wanna-lose game on their schedule. Take the Cats, guaranteed.

This weeks games and predictions

Azusa vs. Gabrielino at Citrus College, 7 p.m., — Robledo (Azusa): Ramirez (Azusa)
Diamond Ranch at Chaffey, 7 p.m. — Robledo (DRanch); Ramirez (Diamond Ranch)
Gladstone vs. El Monte at San Dimas, 7 p.m. — Robledo (El Monte); Ramirez (El Monte)
Ayala at Los Altos, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Ayala); Ramiez (Ayala)
Bonita at Baldwin Park, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Bonita); Ramirez (Bonita)
Brea Olinda at Diamond Bar, 7 p.m. — Robledo (DBar); Ramirez (DBar)
Charter Oak vs. Rancho Cucamonga at Los Osos 7 p.m. – Robledo (Ch. Oak); Ramirez (Ch. Oak)
Covina at Walnut, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Covina); Ramirez (Covina)
Damien at Bishop Amat, 7:30pm — Robledo (Bishop Amat); Ramirez (Bishop Amat)
Duarte at Littlerock, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Littlerock); Ramirez (Littlerock)
Garey at Ganesha, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Ganesha); Ramirez (Ganesha)
Glendora vs. West Covina at Citrus College, 7 p.m – Robledo (Glendora); Ramirez (West Covina)
Hart at Arroyo, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Hart); Ramirez (Hart)
Hoover at Mountain View, 7 p.m. — Robledo (MView); Ramirez (MView)
La Puente at Wilson, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Wilson); Ramirez (Wilson)
Monrovia at San Dimas, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Monrovia); Ramirez (San Dimas)
Northview vs. Chino at Covina District, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Chino); Ramirez (Northview)
Pomona at Chino Hills, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Ch. Hills); Ramirez (Ch. Hills)
Rosemead at San Marino, 7 p.m. – Robledo (SMarino); Ramirez (San Marino)
Rowland at Claremont, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Rowland); Ramirez (Rowland)
Sierra Vista at Keppel, 7 p.m. — Robledo (SVista); Ramirez (SVista)
South El Monte at Nogales, 7 p.m. – Robledo (SEMonte); Ramirez (SEMonte)
South Hills at Tesoro. 7 p.m. — Robledo (Tesoro); Ramirez (Tesoro)
Workman at Montclair, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Montclair); Ramirez (Workman)

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  • Colt74

    Agree with most but I’ll take WesCo and La Puente.

  • C-Town

    big game vs Walnut this week. We got through the easy part of our schedule the last 2 games, now its on to a better football team. We will find out how good we really are. Hear all is well at Covina with the Varsity doing well, and from what I hear a pretty solid freshman squad.. and J.V team that is 2-1.

  • bmteducator

    LP is a very physical football team and should beat Wilson by 2 TDs

  • Aaron

    My record over three weeks has been:

    W: 42 L: 13 Push: 9

    Think I’ll have to take the chance and not pushing soon.
    Azusa vs. Gabrielino-Azusa, big.
    Diamond Ranch at Chaffey-DR, an old Mt Baldy league foe and I wouldn’t be surprised if Chaffey puts up a fight. DR has not been able to finish in the fourth quarter.
    Gladstone vs. El Monte- The common opponent is Covina and the Lions lost by two less than Happy Rock. Look for El Monte to get their first win.
    Ayala at Los Altos-Ayala, Big.
    Bonita at Baldwin Park-Bearcats look to be 4-0, BP continues to disappoint…wondering what happened to Aram’s All-World WC3 and Demetrius Jackson.
    Brea Olinda at Diamond Bar-Diamond Bar…CalPreps average strength rating of Brahmas Opponent’s: -5.475.
    Charter Oak vs. Rancho Cucamonga-CO, they’ve played tougher opponents…however Rancho knows how to win at a higher level.
    Covina at Walnut-Covina…wondering if this is a barometer game.
    Damien at Bishop Amat…Do not look to pick against them until Alemany and Crespi…if that.
    Duarte at Littlerock- Littlerock.
    Garey at Ganesha-Ganesha
    Glendora vs. West Covina-Glendora, they live off turnovers…however if West Covina runs the ball well they’ll have the upset.
    Hart at Arroyo-Hart
    Hoover at Mountain View- Mt View
    La Puente at Wilson-LP
    Monrovia at San Dimas-MTown…but SD winning makes the Bearcats look better…yet, MTown will roll.
    Northview vs. Chino-Chino is quietly 3-0 before Mt Baldy League play.
    Pomona at Chino Hills-Pomona is about to see a solid team come crushing down. They’ve seen each other a little during passing league at the Wolfpack Challenge.
    Rosemead at San Marino-San Marino continues to roll, second in the RHL looks perfect.
    Rowland at Claremont-Claremont, Kessler will be able to put points up on Rowland and Teague should help out some if he’s available. Kessler has two receivers on pace to have over 1,000 yd seasons in Tanner Kuramuta and Aaron Dockery.
    Sierra Vista at Keppel-Sierra Vista
    South El Monte at Nogales-South
    South Hills at Tesoro-Tesoro
    Workman at Montclair-Workman

  • Damien Upset

    Damien in a shocker. The streak comes to end for Hags and the home field. Late field goal in 4th wins it for the Spartans. The Amat kicker looks very week. Extra point kicks are OK but fieldgoals he is avg. at best. He is no Ragsdale and he is no Gener I have yet so see him put one in the end zone on the kickoff. Is there a better kicker on the campus. This will lose you a game when crunch time hits.

  • Unreal…

    Damien Upset,

    You will have to one this one because as long as Gano is your coach you will never play us again (See Farrar). We will win and it will be a comfortable victory.

    I fully expect our offense to fire on all cylinders now that Wallace is back so I hope your DB’s get ready and grow about five inches this week.

    Thank you for playing us. Unlike others in the Valley you guys have always had the Brass to schedule us. Let us play a hard injury free game.

    Go AMAT!!!

  • Sorry no upset for Damien

    Gano is gonna get his teeth removed and replaced with dentures this week at Kiefer with or without a kicker. Amat has beaten teams with an offense that is currently running at 60%-70% capacity. When this team begins to gel at around the 4th game of the season, all hell is gonna break loose.

    Damien will score on our second team defense in the 4th quarter.

    Amat 42-14 No Brainer!

  • CH Husky Fan

    Looks like the Huskies are back on track with a dramatic come from behind win against Tesoro. The defense has been playing great and the offense finally kicked it into gear for a game winning drive. I think the tough schedule the huskies are playing (not counting 3-0 Pomona) will help them when it comes to the tough sierra league schedule. Their only loss was to Santiago who lost to #1 ranked Vista Murrietta in the last 16 seconds. This season is crazy. Santa Margarita blanks Diamond ranch 56-0, gets beat in a rivalry game by Tesoro 32-21 and then they spank Carson who is supposed to be legit 56-14 then Chino Hills Beats Tesoro. Wow high school football can be unpredictable sometimes. It will be interesting to see how South Hills does against Tesoro this week. Ayala sounds impressive until I saw their schedule. Their soft schedule is not going to help them one bit. Their 5 pre league opponents have a combine 3-11 record so far and we aren’t talking tough teams. I am interested to see how Charter Oak does against real competition….. I mean they cake walked though a very marginal division the last couple of years. Now they have a tough league and a very tough division to compete in. I think Claremont is much improved also. It should be interesting this year. I see Chino Hills taking first Charter Oak & Claremont battling for 2nd & 3rd with South Hills close behind….then Damien and Ayala finishing last.

  • JFR

    CH husky,

    Your game against Pomona is already over, I don’t to mean to bash P town but your at a totally different level. I give Pomona props for scheduling up but their not there yet.

  • CO Bro

    I think it’s a no brainer who should be the coveritlive game….Glendora vs West Covina.

  • CH Husky Fan

    I guess it was Rice and AD Tom Sweeney (Who’s son graduated from CHHS in ’09) that proposed the game with CHHS. The Huskies played Colony when Rice was there the last 2 years…..I guess he wanted to keep it going. I know pomona is at a much different level than Santiago, Tesoro & Mayfair. I think Mayfair will be very successful in its division. They played us tough, lost a close one to Los Alamitos and 24-14 to Pac 5 power Lakewood. Hopefully the Huskies can click on all cylinders this week.

  • SGV Handicapper says:

    Robledo and Ramirez, Ganesha over Garey. Garey by at least 3 touchdowns.

  • Bulldog Fan

    Picks for Week Three :
    Azusa over Gabrielino
    DRanch over Chaffey
    El Monte over Gladstone
    Ayala over Los Altos
    Bonita over Baldwin Park
    Diamond Bar over Brea Olinda
    Rancho Cucamonga over Charter Oak
    Covina over Walnut
    Bishop Amat over Damien
    Littlerock over Duarte
    Garey over Ganesha
    West Covina over Glendora
    Hart over Arroyo
    Mountain View over Hoover
    Wilson over La Puente
    Monrovia over San Dimas
    Chino over Northview
    Chino Hills over Pomona
    Rosemead over San Marino
    Claremont over Rowland
    Sierra Vista over Keppel
    South El Monte over Nogales
    Tesoro over South Hills
    Montclair over Workman

    Bulldog Fan is 51-16 after three weeks !!!

  • reality

    West Co. beats Glendora. W.C. thinks it is one of the best teams in the state and this is a chance to prove it also I don’t think Glendora would mind losing this one to take the target off their backs. w.C. by 13. Walnut bests Covina. Time for Walnut to show their fans something. San Dimas bests Monrovia. San Dimas to physical wins by 11.

  • Observantcat

    Reality, San Dimas too physical for Monrovia?….Thats the funniest thing I’ve read on these blogs this season. Have you seen how big and physical Monrovia is?…I would ask some of your neighbors first before I just pick up a stick and come marching. That’s Monrovia’s strong point is being physical, they have the real deal on defense this season and you new QB will get a taste of our entire Dline this game. Hopefully you will be spared any key injuuries going into league. They wil shut your running game comnpletly down and passing game is going to have to be forced all night in order to get any offense going. Monrovia by 21! Mark my words.

  • Red Leader

    How is San Dimas too physical when their leading tacklers are their DBs?

  • WakeUpCall,


    Here’s your wake up call. Wilson is also a very physical team, and the secondary has put it together. The pass attack and run game will wear down LP’s defense. Im expecting a real physical game. But to win by two TD’s, nah I, don’t think so. …….. Wilson will prevail.

  • Anonymous

    LP will not beat wilson by two TD’s, wilson is way to physical, air game will stun warriors, Sierra will stuff the tackle into the backfield causing hysteria.

  • weewillie

    I am not sure what reality is drinking but Id like some of that. I like my walnuts with the shell cracked- Covina will have those shells cracked by half-time.

  • smallcity

    Damien is easily the best team Amat will face to this point. However, Amat will come out ahead, but not by much.

    Cathedral is no slouch either, but the real test comes when they face Alemany and Crespi as pointed out Aaron.

  • Kimbo Slice (of Reality)


    You still flapping those lips? Monrovia has two (2) players, that is it. 56 McCarthy and Bueno. Your reclaimed lineman at running back will fumble away the ball then pretend he is hurt or cramped again. The two (2) players you have are physical, but the rest of them looked like Mildcats rather than Wildcats.

    You will be observing the scoreboard again and not liking what you see, yet again!

    But good luck with that physical thing you say you have. The only way I see you guys getting any help being physical is if you bring your volleyball team to suit up.


    You are jumping the gun, again…Wallace will play against cathedral…He Starts to work in on offense this week in preperation for next week…Do keep in mind that its mid season and Hagerty will be very careful on how he inserts him…
    Dont think he will bench a 5 week starter, so expect a team rotation…No disrespect to Wallace, who in which I think has made tremendous change in his team attitude…But how about talking more about the boys on the field at this time!!!
    So can the hype for a bit, dont set him up for a let down, Hags wont be come one dimensional…

    ON BLUE!!!

  • What’s the big deal?

    Wilson fans…what’s the big deal? You have won one game against the worst team in the valley and now you are talking like you have the best team in the valley! Wilson sux in all sports! LP will contain the passing and running game!

  • QB Coach

    Damien is not getting enough play out of their QB and the overall lack of offense will put un needed preasure on an already disadvantage Damien secondary.

    Amat is a no frills team but still very well coached.

    This will be no contest.

  • FredJ

    I updated the thread, Wallace Gonzalez will not be eligible for Bishop Amat until next week against Cathedral.

  • Dons

    Dominguez is way better than Damien will be

  • AMAT 73

    Good win by the Lancers friday night. Muir was banged up plenty and I would liked to have seen a better performance by the Lancers but that is a testament to the grit of Muir with sucj=h a small squad but we got the W and the second string got some minutes so that is always good . I heard we will not have Gonzales until the Cathedral game at the frosh game on Saturday . Not sure so maybe someone can verify that . Either way I think Damien will be a good test for us and a bit better then the teams we have faced so far. No knock on them but Damien is said to be on the up swing so we will see . Plenty of excellent choices for coveritlive this Friday . CO vs RC , Glendora vs WC which are huge games and of course my Lancers but I think 3 weeks in a row is asking too much. Since CO vs RC is out at Los Osos make sense to cover but WC vs Glendora is huge to the valley. Damien vs AMAT is huge in that it is the valley’s two parocial schools and Gano vs AMAT going at it also . Hey Fred J since the SGV is having quite a few Thursday game this season have you thought of doing a coveritlive on one of those games. I am sure many of us would go on there and toss around plenty of good old bs on SGV football . It is a becoming very entertaining and at the same time very good historical and current information.

  • Observantcat

    Bimbo dice or whatever you call yourself. Lets wait until Sat. Morning when you are silenced once again. Right now all you know is what you dream.

  • the critc

    i must admit bishop amat is a good team not great but good now when they say damien is probably a better team then what they had already faced i disagree fully damien wouldnt last against a healthy muir or dominguez team. and playing against cathedral now thats a game where bishop amat should be able to try new stuff out against them there terrible they struggled against Glendale a pacific league door mat team (21-10). now when they play alemany oh there out for revenge and that alemany team has no weakness not saying bishop amat does but alemany is clearly the better looking and athletic team in my opinion but i know bishop amat is going to make alot noise this nice strong very disciplined team but alemany is there only krytonite this year.


    Duarte is not playing this week. They will play a nine game schedule.

  • SFV

    Wake up!
    San Dimas played a big physical team last Friday night at San Dimas. RC OL avg 305lbs. RC scored 21 points in the first quarter and SD shut RC down for the last 3 quarter. The SD line was getting physical with the big boys and moving them around in the 2nd half. If not for a couple of late turnovers, SD could have pulled the upset!
    We have seen how physical Monrovia is. Lost 21-7 to Glendora. My funniest thing what I read on the blog was after the Championship game. If it was not for the rain, Monrovia would have won. Guess what? No rain in the forecast this Friday!!
    After watching the game last Friday night,San Dimas will be ready and physical. I’m sure San Dimas has also marked this date since last December and read all the comments about “Blame it on the Rain” We hope you stay around longer and not leave before the 4th quarter as you did in December. SD will win 28-17. Make sure you get here early Friday and say Hi to Bill & Ted!!

  • Kimbo Slice (of Reality)


    Silenced? Really? You must be thinking about you and the rest of your crowd and how SHHHHHHH QUIET you all were when we rolled you up a few weeks back at Citrus.

    All I know is SCOREBOARD! When you play up, you get beat down! You enjoy that Saturday morning edition of the (uhm) the Star News and then we will ALL wait to hear your excuses again!

    Why don’t you guys actually beat someone before you go runnin your mouth! Arcadia? I will take a 21-10 defeat to Rancho over your blow out of Arcadia, a golf and tennis power!

  • Amat On Looker

    It appears to me that the Amat defense is answering all questions thus far? Muir scored second t.d on second/third team defense. First team Def. has only given up 7 points a game! One to Compton Dominguez and one to Muir. Not bad so far…Keep it up Lancers! Go Big Blue!!!

  • kh

    my son said s.d. was pretty good and tough,
    so insiders go with s.d. over monrovia to crush the wildcats.
    asked him why would you say that,he didnt down play glendoras team, his buddys are on that team,but i think we handle them pretty easy in the passing league this summer,and glendora smoked monrovia last week,theres your inside from k.h.
    i also said the rams would cover the 4 points,and for fred to bet ucla in lv last week.
    tonight i wolud like every body would think the niners will get killed,but remember its on real grass and the niner fans get it up for the anits,niners to the over,
    this is fun betting only,i dont bet football drop that habit 5 seasons ago,one kicked habit at a time boys.


    How Quickly things change. A week after losing badly to Corona Santiago ( A team that will most definitely challenge Centennial for a league title) Chino Hills looks to be a new perennial powerhouse. Tesoro was one of the most amazing teams that I have seen play football, and THE HUSKIES WON THE GAME! It was a great game to watch, and I have to agree with CH Husky fan, Chino Hills Players; You will cruise to a Sierra League title over the much weaker teams in the league. Pomona goes down this week, then a challenge against overrated Redlands east valley!
    Be proud of yourselves Huskies, you are there.

  • Walnut Insider

    I am going to go ahead and pick Walnut over Covina this week. This is almost one of those must win type games for the Mustangs. This is the start of some difficult games. I am hoping they find a way to protect their QB a bit more this week. If they don’t get down early, they can keep a balanced attack because their ground game has been pretty solid this season. They have the running backs running people over this year.

    I still think the bigger problem is on defense. They have to find a way to pressure Covina’s QB and not let the receivers get open. I know it sounds simple enough, but like I have said in the past the coaches are putting the players in the right positions, they just have to perform.

    I don’t know if Walnut can recover mentally from another loss like last week. They looked mentally done coming out of the locker room against Claremont. Walnut is at home and maybe that is the spark that is missing.

  • Observantcat

    It’s funny you say that we must beat someone. Thats the same thing people all over said when we beat you guys last year.

  • Kimbo Slice (of Reality)


    Man, that name is ceratinly not fitting for you. Do you observe anything at all? Re-read the post so I don’t have to point out how dumb you really are.

    I am representing Glendora knucklehead! Thus, the “rolled you up a few weeks back at Citrus” comment. It wasn’t the “blame it on the rain” game you guys choked on (yet again) against San Dimas. You ran your smack before our game against you and the only thing that got smacked was (everyone, all together) the Mildcats! Again, beat someone THIS YEAR, genius. You must be so proud after knocking off the mighty Apaches.

    So to sum it all up for you in a term even you can understand, we did not play you last year.

    Hello! Is this thing on?

  • Observantcat

    #1 you dont make any sense.
    #2 You have been hiding in the shadows of anyone that has beaten Monrovia in the past year. You are really a SD fan with no spine.
    #3 You probably have never ever suited up in a football uniform in your life.
    This may be the closest to ever getting into a game as you will ever get.
    #4 my advice to you is to wait until Sat. or better yet get on the blogs after 10:00 so that you can remain breathless. You have nothing to back up your claim of physical. You will know the real meaning of physical after Fridays game. Until then keep chattering the BS, we all hear you loud and clear. Someone may get you your BAh, Bah……

  • Amat tested

    Damien vs. Amat should be a well fought game. Hags will demonize Damien to psyche up his players and remind them of the overall record vs. Damien. But Damien knows that they can be the giant killers. They have the discipline and will bang hard at the line. Their kicking game is better than Amat. Their D-line will contain the run. The Damien QB is a little green but gaining confidence daily. The QB situation between the two teams is a “pick-em”.
    I’ve seen both teams play and Damien can run just as hard hitting the holes as Amat. They have excellent receivers which made some acrobatic catches against D-Ranch. I’d like to see a close game. I’ll be there.

  • strategery

    critic, I think we all know a big reason Amat scheduled Muir again is to make an impact on that area. If they can beat Muir, repeat against Alemany who they beat last year, already have proven to be better than St Francis multiple times, and with the impending decline of Charter Oak now that they have to play real teams it only makes sense for the Pasadena kids to look Amat’s way as an option. Look for the Lancers to get even better.

  • O fer 2

    Observantcat – this is the same smack you were talking going into the Glendora game and predicting(rooting for) Dominguez to stomp Amat.

  • HacHts

    whats the big deal : LP sux, the best athlete u ever had came from Wilson ( Tim Gilmore ). N he wouldn’t even participate there, you guys are not gonna contain anything that Wilson does, stop getting your hopes up.

  • mighty

    LP is gonna beat wilson. Wilson beat a los altos team that isnt good. Their is no way wilson can stop LPs running game and Northview tried to pass against LP and the warriors had two quick interceptions. LP will contain wilson the whole game.La Puente is the best team in their district.Next week will be a hell of a game LP vs. Azusa!

  • CatAlum

    Hey all you LP honks:

    You all say Wilson sux, because they’ve only beat LA. Well look at your own sorry Montview League. With the exception of Azusa (maybe) LA would punk all of you head-to-head. Look at all the teams from the Montview, and their pre-league schedules, WEAK, WEAK, WEAK. Only one team scheduled from better than Division 11.

    LOL. Your whole league is gutless, and pathetic!

    See ya Friday Chumps.

  • Facts vs Fiction


    I think it is unanimous…you are an IDIOT!!! You pop off before the Glendora game and then you are no where to be found on the blogs after the game. You pop off about Amat and again no where go be found after. Do you see a trend here genius? Shut your pothole brainiac…all of your fellow Monrovia followers beg you!!! Karma is in effect you dumbass!!!

  • Lp_DueceDuece

    I love being the underdogs cause it just motivates us even more, Can’t wait till Friday!

  • warrior fan

    so I was just told that the O cord. is the same from workman last year. I hope he adjusted his gameplan from last year because he couldnt do anything then and they wont get lucky again this week our secondary is much better then LA!!

    Dont worry deuce deuce im predicting a 35-7 win for us!

  • football jones

    LP vs Wilson,

    Interesting match up of two programs on the upswing.

    Has any -reasonable- blogger seen BOTH teams this year? If so please provide some insight.

    I’ve seen both Wilson games and wildcats definitely have quick strike capability, but on downside have (7) turnovers.

    Can LP contain the Wildcat receivers?
    Can Wilson hold onto the ball in a close game?
    Who is more physical?
    Who is better coached?

    Over the years LPJAA has produced many talented players but most go to greener pastures (BA & LA). If Rohrer keeps winning will these players stay at LP?

    I’ll be there…

  • Dear Football Jones:

    First of all – LP has no idea how fast the Wilson receivers and DB’s are. There are at least 5 on the Wilson defense that are faster than Perez.

    Last year LP had a fairly good 4×400 relay – they were all seniors last year – Wilson’s 4×400 beat their best time 3 different times – and all four of them are back this year – you will see them in the secondary and as receivers

    Nelson and Hawk last year as soph’s for Wilson went to CIF in track – Perez is going to have to have a super day to beat the Wilson defense

    Second of all – those same Db’s for Wilson are their receivers, LP has no one capable of staying with them – they will have to be 8-10 yards deep to even try which will open up the Wilson running game

    Third – Tibbs from LA and Clayton from D Bar – are much much better runners than Perez and neither made a TD – in fact Wilson has not given up a TD this year by a running back

    Fourth – Schreimann will be back and will share QB duties with Morales – LP will have to prepare for both and see about 25 different sets, Schrieman has a rifle and as you saw last week Morales passed for over 300 yards and ran for almost a 100

    Fifth – LP gave up 27 points to El Monte – 27!!!!! and 17 points to Northview – How can they talk about stopping Wilson with those stats!!!

    hope you come out to Wilson Friday and see the game – should be interesting

  • Observantcat

    Just Mark my words! No time for the extra’s…. go play with your kids and take an aspirin before you get in bed. This is Football we are talking about not a psyco meeting. Take your Money to Santa Anita on a rainy day and be on all of the Underdogs you may come out rich!

  • Amat ?

    I have a question for Amat….why is it that you are a private school, a sports powerhouse (that generates money), but your fields and school are in such awful condition? You get tuition $, admission to game $….omg fix up your fields. I would be embarrassed to send my kids there. What does the parents $ go to! I am not thinking education; I just heard that some of the players on the freshman team can’t play because of grades.

  • Pete & Repeat

    observantcat – we marked your words two weeks ago. Should we mark them again?

  • Pete & Repeat

    observantcat – we marked your words two weeks ago. Should we mark them again?

  • Pete & Repeat

    observantcat – we marked your words two weeks ago. Should we mark them again?

  • WisonFan

    Football Jones:

    Be there early,get a good seat,grab your popcorn,keep the POP on ice, and get ready for the ZaVaLa SHOW. GUARANTEED to keep you on the edge of your seat.

  • Mark my words

    Here you go again talking about the rain! I guess you still have some of that water in your from last December. It all make sense now. It was you that probably never suited up in a football uniform in your life. PS3 does not count as playing! What is worst betting the Ponies at SA or betting on the Billycats to win a Championship?

  • Amat Honk

    To Amat? – Where do you think silly? The money goes to pay the tuition for all of our Football recruits. Ask a stupid question…get a stupid answer. We do the best we can, with what we have and we LOVE IT NONE THE LESS! Thanks for the concern though.

  • Kimbo Slice (of Reality)


    I will hold my comments until Saturday morning just for you.

    See that is your problem, you cannot see the forest for the trees.

    No hiding San Dimas fan here. Just someone who doesn’t like people (like you) speaking without thinking. Then again after reading your other posts you are rather good at it.

    As I can see, you do your best work on the blogs after 10pm, oh wait unless you LOSE! Then silence! As expected though. Run your piehole, then run and hide after you tank yet again.

    I will be at Citrus Friday night hoping our boys play their best to beat West Covina, so if you would like to pass judgement on my talents come assess me for yourself.

    I would love to continue this battle of wits with you, but unfortunately you are unarmed.

    Good Luck Friday!

  • Monrovia For life

    Monrovia spanked San Dimas in the preseason last year, then San Dimas got their Revenge, when it counted. Real Wildcats have to accept that, and take it like a man. They got the best of us right now. Monrovia has everything to prove. San Dimas has lost a few, but I still say they are a very dangerous team in the midValley. Everyone is Riding the Azusa and Covina train, but San D should be respected. You Can expect these two teams to in the Semis again. Monrovia is going to beat San Dimas friday because they do have that nasty taste in their Mouth. The Rain last year did play in SD’s Favor with the wing T, but that by no means was the Reason they won. They were more physical on Defense, and wanted it more than Monrovia. However its a new year, and Monrovia’s line is alot better and more experienced than last year. If you watch the Glendora Game you would have seen that Monrovias line did open holes and get after the QB… The running backs kept fumbling. That’s what happened. But we lost, its done. I expect it to be a close game , Monrovia will win 28-14.


    When was the last time you were at AMAT? I have been to games all over the valley, the state and country at all levels… So here is my qualified opinion on Amat!

    1. #1 in the VALLEY!
    2. Best looking uni-forms.
    3. Most expensive knee braces-$2400 a pair!
    4. Field is a year old or new, who else plays on bermuda lane #2 grass?
    5. 5 million dollar multi-use facility/gym.
    6. P.Train B.B.Q. / IN and OUT truck, can u find better food anywhere else?


    When was the last time you were at AMAT? I have been to games all over the valley, the state and country at all levels… So here is my qualified opinion on Amat!

    1. #1 in the VALLEY!
    2. Best looking uni-forms.
    3. Most expensive knee braces-$2400 a pair!
    4. Field is a year old or new, who else plays on bermuda lane #2 grass?
    5. 5 million dollar multi-use facility/gym.
    6. P.Train B.B.Q. / IN and OUT truck, can u find better food anywhere else?


    Sorry about the double post, computer got a little squirrly… Where was I? Ohh yeah #7…

    7. Attendance 4k plus every game, sometimes 10 thousand!
    8. Reserved seating!
    9. College like tailgating atmosphere.
    10. Most college scholarships awarded by far…

    Don’t even want to get into the Hall of Fame or the who’s who of Amat…Far to much!!!

    PS. Have u seen r new golf and utility carts! All Blue and Gold, very custom!!!

    So in a nut shell, do not feel sorry for US…
    We are in the BEST PLACE POSSIBLE!!!

    ON BLUE!!!

  • Amat ?

    Amat Honk ~ thanks for the honesty ~

    I guess you don’t send (pay for )your children there for a great education….only for sports???

    Oh, and I was at AMAT and the bleachers were so bad you can barely sit on them…. Doesn’t your alumni ever donate anything? Oh wait, they would have to make something of themselves….

  • AMAT 73

    AMAT ?
    I have not seen a post of such ignorance in some time so I will help you out here. First off yes we are a private school not supported by tax payer dollars . The entire school budget must be met with tuition money . Yes we do receive money from the Archdiosese but most bills get paid by tuition. Salaries for staff which includes educational , administrative, and maintenance . We do the best we can and for what we have and our fields are very nice . Sure a turf field and new stands, scoreboard would be nice but since we have to pay for it they have to wait.Much of the money goes to improving the classrooms , science labs , computers , library and so forth . Someone mentioned our new student center which is state of the art and was built with donations from friends of AMAT and the Alumni and various fund raisers and some of that tuition money but very little of it . The killer line is you saying you would be embarressed to send your kid there. Have you ever been to the open house or spoken to an AMAT alum or anyone with ties to the school to see what AMAT is all about or are you judging a book by it’s cover and from the outside AMAT is a very nice looking campus freshly painted and well manicured lawns and foliage. Now to address your concern of some freshmen having to sit because of grades. Unfortunately many freshmen do suffer when coming to AMAT because the rigors of study and what is expected as far as learning and grades regardless if they are involved in sports, all are expected to succeed in the classroom first playing fields second. Parents spend good hard earned money and they deserve a return for that spending. There are many avenues to help them through mentoring by upperclassmen , extra help by teachers , tutors and so forth . What would you rather have them do overlook grades and education for the sake of a win and let the kid fail but play ball. That is not the way it’s done at AMAT no matter what bs you hear on the blog.


    Do you need more reasons than I have posted? My boy is a senior and has 3.85 gpa, and at this time he has letters from 88 different colleges, expressing interest! By the end of football season thiS year, he should be able to attend the college of his choice, for FREE! What a waste of MONEY!!!

    ON BLUE!!!

  • Amat Honk

    What? That would be silly too. Everybody knows you have to play Football to go to Amat. C’mon man! Don’t make me tell you again, it’s all about the football! All those students graduating and going on to college (something like 95 -98%) are geeks man. Pure luck! I guess as long as you’re awake in class something will get in, huh? Numbers often lie and I know you know this because I can tell by your posts, YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!!

  • Cats

    Warriors come out and play yay, Warrriioooorrrrs come out and plaaayy yyaaaayyyy. Nowhere to run nowhere to hide. There’s no Coney Island nearbye to escape to.

  • Amat?

    I am not disputing that Amat has good athletic programs. (Amat Blue: congrats to your son, but not everyone is like that!) I am just saying that for a private school that you pay for, it should be nicer. What if a student isn’t into sports???

    And yes, I have been to the open houses. Been to games, have been on the grounds for other functions. Sweated because there is no air conditioning. I have spoken to Alumni and have friends who are Alumni. Based on that and paying almost $7,000 a year ~ the school sucks! Football might not, but the school does!

  • Amat Honk

    Amat? – Some people just don’t get it. Some people never will get it. I guess you gotta go there to get it? Eitherway, we LOVE our little school…FANATICALLY!!!!!!!


    Again too far with your comment…Maybe the classrooms are a little aged and no air conditioning does suck, but they are very clean and have an old school feel…
    The school does not suck!
    The landscaping is wonderful, thanks to alum Wally Gerlach of GLS inc.
    Also, are facilities are first class! Find any dead spots or goathead stickers in are grass, unlike C.O. and other public schools…
    There is no trash blowing around, like most schools… So why the hate for Amat? Come clean, you must of had some affiliation with Amat…

    P.S. Amat honk, if I was not a genius, my head would not be this BIG!

    ON BLUE!!!

  • sports_analysis

    Lp can be a very physical squad. They are not big nor strong but they play wth heart and as a unit which i dont believe wilson can break down in 48 minutes. wilson is also to focused on stopping Perez that they have over looked senior free saftey Brian Avendano who has had 9 tackels and two phenomenal interceptions.
    i predict 35-14 Lp

  • Wilson will win

    How can you say that wilson is too worried about stopping Perez that theyre going to ovr look a free safety?? notice you didnt say the other rb which probably means the kid isnt good?? i saw you guys play Northview the only reason you won was due to big plays. You better hope you have the same this week otherwise you have no chance..I cant wait till league play begins so we can put you back in your place and give you another reality check!!

  • AMAT 73

    Amat ?
    What fair is fair so before we continue what school did you graduate from ? I just want to know what pristine campus you strolled though in your school days. Also in talking to those Alumni did they tell you that they received a sub par education or felt their parents were cheated on that tuition money the parents paid 4 years in a row. If all you have is no air conditioning and the grounds are not up to your liking ok because if a neighbor paints his house an awful pink or blue color it’s your choice not to like it but it’s his choice with whatever color he chose, and you have to live with it . Next time you drive by AMAT turn away and don’t look. Now in you boldness on how bad AMAT looks show us you have the balls to answer where you went to school.

  • Speed kills

    Lp is trying to brag about a free safety that has nine tackles? That’s sounds more like a problem. Just for the record if Wilson’s speed make be a factor when he ATTEMPTS to make those tackles.

  • Speedracer

    Speed kills,

    What speed are you talking about? Your fast guys are all 400 meter runners? What happened to them at the Miramonte league finals in the 100 meters? One thing is to be a fast skinny middle distance runner and another thing is to be a fast 100 meter runner!

  • What a Bum

    Amat? is a dripsh@t drop out and graduated from some continuation school somewhere in Covina. Come on now, he will never mention his bankrupt school paid by our tax dollars.

  • Dear Speedracer:

    If you want to get technical – football is measured not by the 400 or the 100 – Wilson’s two fastest corners have run a 4.58 and a 4.64 40m – and they are your “skinny” 400 guys as you say – come out on Friday and just see how “skinny” these guys are and how hard the “skinny” guys can hit and tackle

  • JVgameLPvWilson

    LPHS JV team just beat Wilson 30-6 and it should have been worse. If this is any indication of the varsity team then everyone is right about Wilson not being physical. They got run all over and looked pretty bad. The score could have been a lot worse. We’ll see tomorrow.

  • Wilson LP Freshman game

    Oh yeah – Just saw the Wilson LP freshman game 26-6 Wilson with La Puente scoring on the last play of the game against all reserves – Wilson dropped 2 TD’s and LP looked really bad – couldnt tackle looked very slow – if this is any indicaton of tomorrow then it will be a long night for LP – LosAltos beat our JV 38-6 and the real game at varsity was Wilson 54 Los Altos 10 if you were to count the 3 TD’s called back – you cant judge by ridiculous comments – igit!!!! from JV to varsity

  • Over all the talking!

    i never comment on these things, but im over all the talking that goes on in the blog..If your trying to base a varsity teams talent from watching a freshman or jv game..your way enough with the talking wait for the outcome of tomorrow night and good luck to both teams

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