Your early season player of the year candidates?

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  • Glendora

    i don’t believe Chad is the one I believe Corey victoria junior running back for Glendora is in the running.

  • San Dimas Parent

    Should check out that kid Jose Nunez from Azusa, saw him on TV last night… very impressed

  • Rowland Man

    Finally, some respect for Ball.


    Too soon in the season to have anyone in mind!

  • Jay

    Rio Ruiz is not done yet, so dont count him out of the mix. There is alot of season left and this kid will be in the hunt for the POY this year and next year. That breakout game is coming,, I do not see why his name is not on the above list.

  • Anonymous

    Zach Shay for Bishop Amat…scoring touchdowns rushing, receiving, special teams and I see a touchdown coming soon when he plays safety on defense. None of the mentioned nominees can say the same. He plays 4 different positions and is a weapon in all the mentioned positions.

  • observer

    Of who I’ve watched this year?
    My top 4 based totally on what I’ve seen would be:
    1. Dennis Rufus
    2. Travis Santiago
    3. Chad Jeffries
    4. Corey Victoria (although GHS has a stable of good RB’s)

    Rufus is probably the best athlete in the SGV.. Incredible speed, very well-polished for a high school kid still.. Santiago has the confidence of his teammates.. Occasionally makes a mistake or two, but overall well ahead of most Juniors.. Jeffries, with a better cast of receivers, would be a guaranteed 200 yd passer each night, likely averaging somewhere around 275 Total Yds a game… Victoria does a great job of making cuts and knowing where he wants to go with the football and moving forward.. Hicks also looked very good in limited action.. Holmes is most important at DB for GHS..

  • Bonita

    it would no doubt be Garrett Pendleton if he didn’t get hurt
    and it should be him at the end of the year
    but my vote right now is Michael BAll

  • GHS Alum

    Thank you, after reading your comment finally someone understands the situation our QB is in here at Glendora. If Jefferies had Santiago’s cast of receivers he could easily go 300 yrds a game.

  • Tartan Plaid

    I hate to admit but I would have to agree in the first part of the season statistically and more important athletically no two athletes have been more productive and skilled than Santiago and Rufus. We were fortunate contrary to what everyone else is saying to beat these guys (thanks for turning the ball over gentlemen) but they were beasts on the field that night and I think we probably woke a sleeping giant. Now with that being said Chad would win the award in a landslide if he played on a team like Charter Oak and their offense including their supporting cast or in a system or program like Bishop Amat. You can’t compare apples to oranges and each of these guys play at a higher level and will be playing at the next level so guys like them should be the only ones mentioned in a conversation. Good luck this week Tartans keep shocking the world. We’re not surprised because we know how close and how hard you’ve worked to get here. Tartans beat Bulldogs going away!

  • All around

    You have to consider Jose Nunez at this point. He is the QB/Kicker/LB at Azusa. The other athletes I believe are one way starters on their respective teams. If I am wrong let me know, but Jose plays all of the key positions of the game. 20 tackles, 2 sacks, 2 defensive TD’s, 1 INT, 3 passing TD’s, 5 rushing TD’s, 300 yards passing, 130 yards rushing, 1 made FG, 10 for 11 on PAT attempts. Is there any other player out there with those type of stats? Probably not in this area.

  • kh

    right now mckitdy lb for bonita,
    has to be in the ruin.
    he gets hurt,lets hope he finishes up intact with all body parts,
    when you play mlb thats where you rack up tackles,the whole fields in front of you.he got tested big time last week up the middle,anwsered big late in 3nd and 4 th quarter,wat to step up mick,””larry”” madie.we havent even played 4 games and your looking for player of the year.
    give it a rest fellows,stay toned for next tip on college bets,i give out niners plus points to the over .
    go bearcats

  • Mr. All Around

    There is in fact somebody in the valley that does more than Mr. Nunez. We’re talking about a league 10 times better and a division 9 times better! Fred has seen him already, but I don’t think Aram has.

  • kh

    dose nunez hold for himself on points after t.d. too.
    i lived in azusa for 9 years,teams playing great,lets just keep it at that.can they play with glendora bonita co,
    right aram whats next front page on bassett because the beat 8 man boys christain team down off quit street.
    go under doggs

  • kh

    fred looks like none of the above is your leading front runner,,,,,
    so now what felix



    Excuses are for little Tarty boys and your coach. Still waiting for you little boys to hit the IE..

    Jeffries overrated

  • Recruiter

    IE Town,
    Overrated or not he has a D-1 verbal commitment and is still being recruited. You must be from Corona Centennial?

  • Friday Lights

    Zachary Shay most explosive player in the valley. 2 way player and returns kicks. stats are on max preps. Julian Gener Best defensive player in the SGV. Fred you need too start coming to the Amat games your judgement is shakey!

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