Two-Minute Drill with Robledo and Tolegian: Damien at Bishop Amat; West Covina vs. Glendora

Coming tomorrow, two-minute drills on Covina-Walnut, Monrovia-San Dimas.

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  • Aaron

    Rio Ruiz should never get out of the pocket. I know he is an athlete, but he needs to make good decisions as a QB and not think run, buy time with his feet and move the pocket…but deliver the football is what he needs to do.

  • whitey

    this will be the last time Damien plays Amat, the guy with the Napoleon complex wants no part of Amat, never has/never will, Amat 34 Pomona Cathiloc boys 7






  • TeachDGame

    Sure to be a great game, hopefully not as one sided as some are predicting. Aram & Fred both have some good points, Amat is bringing along the offense slowly and Damien players better be fired up. Last years game was a toss up with a much stronger Amat team at this point, regardless of the final score.

    By the way Aram… obviously you have no kids and do not understand the decision on what high school to send them to… not saying that there aren’t a TON of flippin parents out there who make all their decisions based on athletics, but don’t think that one football game decides what kids go where… sure there will always be some, but if that was truly the case, then Damien’s frosh class this year would definitely have suffered… not sure that is the case just yet… Many factors play into it…

    Whitey, maybe you know Gano better than others, maybe your just spouting off, but this game I think is bigger than Gano all by himself. This game has to be played year in and year out. These schools HAVE to play each other. Damien should never duck Amat like some other local schools as it means too much to the community (parochial that is). The alumni, boosters and local catholic schools all want this game. Let’s see how the Frosh & JV games go… if they ALL get blown out, hey maybe your right. But if lower level games turn out ok, then the game sticks around for Damien staff to show the rebuilding process. I know for sure if Mr. Gano decided to duck Amat, there would be a ton of very unhappy folks on campus and in the booster “den”… and would send the wrong message to the parochial community.

    Looking forward to a great game free of serious injury and hopefully full of excitement on both sides of the field…. Fire Up the BBQ and the In N Out truck as well as the parking lot carne asada….

  • whitey

    teachDgame, I’m going with 50% first hand knowledge of Gano and 50% intuition, if he has total control over the football program at Damien , this is the last time they play, he had much disdain at Los Altos towards Amat and was jealous of their success and accolades, but he’d never play them, he talks big, but shies away from higher level competition, I mentioned to him, shortly after he got the job at Damien, that he’d better not win too many games in the Sierra or else they’d(CIF,league schools) would push him into the Serra with the big boys, he sneered and said Amat would never beat him, the intuition part is that he and his staff are not really parochial school type guys,basically hired guns, none of them played at Damien or at a Cathiloc boys HS , to my knowledge. I don’t know if they really get “it”. It, being the huge differences in public and parochial schools, add in that Damien is all boys, there is definitely a vibe at an all boys that is unique and I’m not sure they buy into that, if Carroll is still in charge of scheduling the game stands, if GG runs the whole show it’s finito

  • kh

    whitey quit haten dude.
    now taking shots at gano.

    and his staff.great staff over there,i dont think ganos sraced of amat,your scared of a loss.
    who or what do you coach?????
    your leaning for us to say your a amat nation fan.thats great support with pride not hate.amat has and always will have class guys on the not really 100% sure your in the nation,
    if so rep with pride.
    they have earned it whitey….

  • Nice knowing you, Damien

    Lou Farrar and Greg Gano have avoided high level competition throughout their careers. Neither coach has scheduled anyone of value besides BA (Farrar only).

    Gano has already dropped St. John Bosco who has been on Damien’s schedule for as long as I can remember. If Gano dropped Damien’s annual game w/ SJB, he sure in hell is going to drop Bishop Amat, who he never scheduled in the first place.

    FYI, Gano replaced SBJ w/ JSerra, who has been the “doormat” program for the Trinity. More importantly, JSerra has never beaten St. John Bosco.


    Um some you people are forgetting that Gano and Damien administrators didnt have to put back AMAT back on the schedule this season. The 2 game contract which most high schools agreee to was up last season. (There are certain cases in which one time games are scheduled which is a rarity) All I got to say is think before you speak.


    First off kh there is no nation , it is only in the eyes of outsiders. Yes there were some followers unwise to the tradition who had some funky azz nation t-shirts printed during the Verti years and I don’t think they were his fault but as we went those years so did the popularity of those shirts . Most are gone as they rarely surface now and it was just a bad idea. Many alums fought them tooth and nail and it looks like we won. Now many outside the Family still use the term as they use Bishop . WE ARE AMAT AND WE ARE FAMILY. Whitey makes total sense in the fact that if it was up to Gano this game would not be played. It was forced on him and the contract ends after Friday . We will see later on what happens next . Me I am going with the fact that LA hasn’t played Amat in many years and never in the Gano era. I also believe that they are a good coaching staff but without the parochial school experience they don’t get it . Why do you think Damien is content to stay in a public school league and not play with the rest of us . I don’t think Gano is scared of Amat he is just of what facing them each year means to him amd his legacy.


    To say that Damien is content to stay in a all public is completly wrong. The one and only reason why Damien has stayed in all public school league and that is money. In order for Damien to get where Bishop Amat is as a footbal program would take alot of money and most importantly time(Which damien doesn’t have). For this to happen they would have to drop out of the Sierra and join a lower divison all Parochoil school football league. This can include the del rey league which includes Bosco Tech,Verbum Dei and others or the Olypic league which includes whittier christian and Marantha. I would include the Mission league but im being realistic hear,they can not compete with Serra or Cathedral right now. Not including the mission,trinity,and serra league if the were to join any of the other all Parachoil school leagues, this would be a major drop in compition for the school. Along with a drop in Compition for Damien would also include an heavier financial burden on the school and the Parents to get these kids to the football games which could be as far as a 60 miles away from Damien. The only upside to being in a all parochoil school league is having the ability to recruit and giving kids scholorships to recieve the a private school education and play sports.
    As far as they Sierra league goes why do you think when re-leaguing meeting come up every two or so years, Damien is almost never in the conversation to be moved . This is because Parchoil schools in general travels very well. When this happens tickets sales and cocesion sales are through the roof. When the last re-leaguing took place the Chino Valley School disrtict which owned the majority vote in that league 2 years ago,chose to get rid of one of their district high schools instead of Damien.

  • kurmugin

    Re Amat-Damien: I have no dog in this fight, but we are hearing from a of of folks who apparently do and seem to think they know the thinking and motivations of Mr. Gano. Lots of ESP going on. I don’t blame Gano for not scheduling Amat, yet, Damien isn’t ready, yet. Considering the size differential, they may may never be on a par, but Serra seems to do ok with only 500 boys. Maybe the Spartans can too. Playing Amat gets locals a fat payday and a probable beating. What’s a loss worth? Unless you’re Diamond Ranch and taking a loss is part of your dna, who needs it? Seems Los Altos played more than it’s share of tough teams in all those championship years and had the players to do it. DeSpain and Gano both profited from all that. Demographics, changes in the community and school district, and open enrollment have all had a negataive effect on LA football. Playing LA these days, home or away, is not the good experience it was for them or their opponents. It lacks class. Not because of the student athletes or the staff but the overall experience in the Heights. They no longer have the talent pool and their playing field no longer compares to other area schools. In football, at least, they seem certain to be the bottom rung of the Hacienda League and should have been dropped to the VVL with Wilson, who has demonstrated its superiority already. Damien, on the other hand, has first class facilities, a good player pool, strong local support, plenty of money, superb coaching, and sense to schedule teams with equally strong support, guaranteeing healthy box office returns. That, pays the bills, and in this economy, to the good fathers as well as the public school districts. I for one like Damien playing area teams and here in La Verne. I get to see some of the games. Bonita is good from a fan standpoint, but the seating is only fair. San Dimas is acceptabale, barely. Haven’t been to Charter Oak’s new digs yet. Like Citrus CC’s capacity, but ticket taking is a drag, at least when Glendora is playing, and parking control is iffy. I go to games for the entertainment. Love the game. More with a good seat, adequate field lighting, and good sight lines. I’ll leave the politics and passions to you fan-atics.

  • kh

    you put your football program on the highest of hieghts.
    wrestling,same league with us bonita.
    baseball below us.
    your girls golf just got crushed yesterday,
    your b.b. what div.?
    why do you guys get to pick and choose what div. your in, anwser that for me…bonita we stay in the same div.all year,
    at amat you guys never stay in same div.why
    not haten just asking?

  • whitey

    hey mini me sr Amat plays where the CIF SS puts them, same as Bonita,if you’d quit hating and would learn to read and listen you could educate yourself , but no you’re spouting off all the time and yacking on a guys nickname(hating) Amat has played and won championships on almost every level in a wide variety of sports, since being removed while kicking and screaming from the OC private school league(Trinity)Amat now plays in the football powerhouse Serra and then moves to the Del Ray league for everything else. Mini me sr, you are aware that Amat baseball flies a D 1 chasmpionship banner, no one else in the SGV can make that claim, football has played in the highest Division of CIF-SS for over 40 years and they proudly fly numerous champioship banners as well, as far as girls golf, dude, get a freaking life!



  • socalbaseball fan

    Hey Whitey Diamond Bar has the equivalent of a D1 championship in baseball winning the title in Jim Edmonds senior year 3-2 vs Esperanza. Top division in that year had a different name I believe 5A.

  • KH is right


    Great points, I often wonder how it is that Amat plays in all different divisions in all sports, take baseball for example, how can you claim to be the top team around when you play way below Glendora, Damien and Diamond Bar (just to name a few). Please, Amat is not what they think they are, quit living in the 80’s and early 90’s. YOU have not won anything in football since, news flash, that’s about 20 years now. Keep your Division four titles, they don’t mean crap and no-one in the SGV is scare of you, we used to respect you, now we think you’re S**t.

  • confused?

    which is it – winning lower level titles or playing at a higher level? on one hand you talk about not winning, then you mention higher levels, then back to lower level titles. you seem confused. and since you mentioned these three -when has Glendora, Damien and Diamond Bar won anything?

  • Amat Honk

    Hey kh, don’t go biting off more than you can chew partner. I understand you are a true die hard Green Bonita fan and that is all good, BUT, if you continue to post your assinine comparison posts between AMAT and boita you are going to get lit up! Now go and enjoy your season, Bonita is doing well in sports right now and good for them, keep it up and good luck. We Amat faithful know where we stand and, being that you have been around for awhile, you should too. So pop some more ginkoba or fish oil pills and check yourself! Lest I do it for you! CAUSE YOU DON’T WANT NO BIG, BIG BLUE! Go Lancers!

  • TC Scams

    and while kh is at it he can go find out why Hitchcock never scheduled Amat back in the day at Temple City.

  • No Love

    Seriously, where’s the love? All we ever hear is blah blah blah-amat. Damien is all Heart, and are a closer team than any team in the past 4 years! Show some support. The drill mentioned 5 Amat players in 30 seconds but no play makers, like #21 Ramirez or #2 Lord from Damien. Even the win against DR was belittled, remember the pic in the paper? it was a DR player running the ball Not a Damien player? Uh, Ramirez won that game for the team, so it made sense to highlight DR?? The coaching staff is amazing with the boys and have worked hard to bring this program together. and ps Amat, we have your Entire Freshman coaching staff! doesn’t say much for you, does it?

  • Amat Honk

    No Love – Hey you know why you get no Love? Because you don’t deserve it!!!! And you know why the AMAT coaching staff is at damien, because it’s a coaching job! Enjoy it because those guys LOVE COACHING – NOT DAMIEN! Ask them and they will tell you, “I am a LANCER coaching at damien.” That’s why I see them at all the AMAT games on Friday nights HOME AND AWAY!!! Why? BECAUSE THAY ARE LANCERS! Once a Lancer always a Lancer! They may be coaching at damien but I gaurantee if you cut them…they will still bleed BLUE AND GOLD buddy boy!!! It’s all good and despite their current JOB assignment, we have nothing but love for our former coaches and hopefully one day soon they will comeback home.

  • Goin Yard


    Here’s reality for Amat in bb. Plays in a s@@@ league since they got booted out of D1. Wins two water down D5 rings and we could put up the old brackets, moved up to D4 and gets beat and hasn’t advanced since when?

    Amat, you can talk about your pre-season schedule all you want, but what has it done since getting out of that lower division? Not a thing!

    With all the recruiting going on at Amat, your bats can’t win the big ring in your division, nor can your pitchers throw with the best! Get there, win it or just keep talkin about the past if that makes you feel good!

  • Happy 25th Anniversary Gano!

    Gano hasn’t stepped foot at Kiefer since 1985. Hmmm wonder why? For you math wizards that is 25 long years. Guess what is waiting for Gano this week? His 25th anniversary present…another ass whipping like he received in 1985 courtesy of Bieniemy and company.

    Amat will not lose at home….not to St. Bonnies and not to Damien!

  • Amat Honk

    Goin Yard – Go home big boy, AMAT plays where they are put, just like all other schools (except football-we demand to be in Div I, Pac-5, whatever you want to call it but it’s the TOP LEVEL) Has Bonita ever been in DIV I in Baseball? Have they won a DIV I Title? I really don’t know and don’t care. Talk your smack but at the days end, your AD has more sense then you idiots because he knows the truth, you will get your assess handed to you 9 out of 10 times “IF” you ever decide to step up and schedule “that over rated team from La Puente”. So here’s an idea, shut that hole under your nose until you decide to step-up, jump in the pool with the big fish or just plain “let’em drop” and schedule us, your JUST PLAIN FANTASIZING, SPECULATING AND TALKING OUT YOUR BETTER SIDE! I like how you clowns always go to the recruiting card too. Not even going to address that worn-out drivel. Prove something to the SGV and schedule AMAT and beat them….otherwise, just admire from a far and enjoy the success of your own team as it beats everybody except the team it is unwilling to schedule….The Bishop Amat Lancers!

  • SVG fan


    I think Glendora just won a D2 championship, like going yard just mentioned, keep you D5 little league rings, and anything else you have won in D5 or D4. Which is not much by the way. I have been to Bishop to see a game, saw the Amat nation, do you have a class for future Raiders Black-hole fans ? you guys are a joke, like it was stated earlier, you’re not what you used to be, live with it.

  • Amat Honk

    sgv – you still strive to be what we (AMAT) is now! What does that say about your program? Why would you even mention AMAT in the manner you do if it were not for jelousy? You will NEVER be what we WERE (your words) and you will never be what we are, so stop trying and let the HATE subside. The “amat nation” (as you call it) left with the name years ago. Clowns like you who are searching for something derogatory to say about AMAT are the only ones who bring it up or still use it. That’s ok though because when your ammunition is in limited supply, you use whatever you can find. I’ve said enough on this matter and I no longer choose to entertain your non-sense. Good luck to your “teams” this season and Go Amat Lancers!!!!

  • Goin Yard Again

    Amat Honkie

    The reference was in BB, and lets face it, you suck! Keep talking about the past because that’s all you have to brag about. Like I said, keep feeding the past ego because that’s all you have to show for it.

    Where did you guys finish last year and the year before? Or I forgot, home watching the real BB from the SGV. LMFAO!

    Keep dreaming dude, that pre-season schedule Amat brags about got you where? Home suckin beers down and wishing you could play with the boys of spring…

  • Amat Honk

    PLAY US!! P.E.R.I.O.D.!! That’s what I thought!!

  • diogenes

    Fred..didn’t edgewood win a baseball title or two? I know they were in the wrestling big leagues, but is Amat the only DI baseball titlist?

  • Joe Amat


    Edgewood’s baseball titles were in 3A but, as stated below, Diamond Bar does have a top-level title …. as does Walnut in the early ’80s. Interestingly enough… with the same coach, Denis Paul. Bishop Amat’s title was the most SGV D1 baseball title.

    Curiously enough, Bishop Amat also has the most recent upper division (top half) boys basketball title in the SGV (though admittedly have fallen substantially since 2002)

  • Amat 02

    Ignore all these HATERS! It is the nature of the beast. When you are one of the best…..whether you win or lose, the haters will still come out. If you win, the other team sucks and if you lose, you suck. It’s called ENVY! I’ve heard it all (DIII, Taco Trucks, Raiders, Ghetto LP etc)and I’ve learned to deal with it by just ignoring these wannabe fools! When you debate these idiots, you are only stooping to their level. Silence is golden.

    I always say the games are for the kids to play and for the adults to sit back and enjoy, but it’s the adults that act like kids.

  • AMAT 73

    You say Damien can not compete with Serra or Cathedral right now . Well when would they be able to compete. I think it would make for a good league with St Francis ,Charminade , Serra , Cathedral , and Damien . Ok maybe they might not win it all the first few years but they would do what they have to do to be competitive .Whether you care to admit it or not they do have an advantage over the other the Sierra schools well maybe not CO ( that’s a joke no harm meant) in the recruiting factor which becomes an even playing field when in a league with other Catholic or private school leagues. They could probably fit into another league or compete in the Sierra for everything else but football. Maybe they kept Damien because they were afraid the would threaten to sue again.


    SGV fan,
    Ok if Amat’s D-5 rings are little league rings as you wrote , what does that make Charter Oak’s D-7 rings . Well I guess they are crackerjack rings afterall base on your point. I will be looking for tyour reply Mr SGV fan.

  • Just Wondering

    Aram and Fred,

    Just wondering why you never give the Amat running backs(who’s names are Jalen Moore and Zachary Shay by the way), any respect…all you keep talking about is how Amat hasn’t shown anything on offense yet (I would assume because Rio hasn’t had that big game yet). You also keep bringing up Dionza Blue who will be a good back in the future but who doesn’t even practice on offense anymore..he was put in of Friday because the coaches didn’t want Moore or Shay to get hurt…..In case you have forgotten these two boys have carried this team the last few weeks and deserve more respect…I guarantee you guys WILL respect them for the great players they are by seasons end…Quit buying in to all the hype on other players and respect the ones who are already doing it big!! No disrespect to any other Amat player because I know they will perform also but these two are doing awesome and deserve the respect

  • kh

    i just asked a ?
    why can your amat school play at different levels in different sports,
    sorry the blog has got so mean with haters,wasnt hating whitey ,just asking sir.
    whitey two season ago my son stuffed your 165 wrestler at the great l.p.hometown amat nation in league,well you guys kick are butts 9 out of 11 matches,amat didnt belong in our div.some one from amat said on are way out,he was just the jv guy the varsity guys hurt.well two weeks later league finales at co.4 exart rounds k.c went to cif and poor amat 165 went back to the drawing broads,big day for bonita to stuff and send home your your all not that tough.would love for him to wrestle this year,coach c pride stepped in the way,
    iam going with don hageman jr. to kick a 47 yard f.g. to win it 24 to 21 damien,
    coach gano might bring out the weapons like he did to co one year when at the start of the 3nd quarter all he did was give big cody the ball carried them to cif,maybe this year the middle linebacker will do the same go gano.


    Maybe because they and many were wondering what Amat was going to do without JA in the backfield. These 2 have more than filled the gap left by JA leaving the team . Many Amat fans said the team would be alright and that we always come up with a back to replace either a graduate or in this case someone who left the team. You are correct in that these 2 have stepped up and filled the role . Maybe they feel we haven’t shown what they expected to be a high powered offense but we continue to do what Amat does best and that is run the ball . I thought it would be more open on offense also but we are doing just fine and by the time league starts we should be in very good shape. Dionza Blue will be the next back to fill the shoes of the ones who leave . We also have a couple of freshmen who are tearing up so we are secure at the tailback position .

  • SVG fan

    Attention all you Amat D5 champions, quit with the CO hate, they won and they enjoyed their championships, but they do not act they own the valley. They should be proud of their football teams, you on the other hand think you can beat every team in all sports and that’s NOT the case. NO one fears you, or your little crappy school. You say step up and play you, in what ? You suck in everything, football is all you got, and over the past 10 or 15 years you sucked at that too. I can’t recall, did you win a tittle last year ???? You talk like you did. Amat will shine my A$$


    AMAT 73
    I would have to agree with you, that would be a good league and could even turn into a great league. Hypothetically if this were to happen yes it would be a rough 3 or 4 years before Damien would be able to compete on a annual basis with these teams. For this to happen they would have to have an understanding administration and most importantly principle. An understanding principle is something which Damien doesn’t have in Father Travers, Father wants to win now and will do so at any cost. This was shown a couple years ago when father gave Morrison the boot right before is son’s senior season. Which in my opinion was pretty damn cold. Though Morrison’s run at Damien was nothing to brag about and was fill with ups and mostly downs, 2 league championships and 3 playoff appearances in 5 years, is something which not many coach’s can not acclaim to in high school football.
    To answer you question about when they would be ready, I will make a general and very bold statement, Damien athletics in particular football, will not reach it full potential until Father Travers retires and gives up the keys to the school. Father pours more money into the Tijuana mission club on an annual basis than the athletic programs at Damien. I have heard Father say multiple time that when donors give him money for the school he assumes they are giving it to the school for the sole purpose of TJ. About 10 or so years ago Mark McGuire an Damien alumn gave a pretty good chunk of money to the school for the sole purpose of Damien athletics in particular to renovate the baseball facilities. Father being Father completely ignored McGuires wishes and again poured it into the TJ mission club. This has been happening for years.

    As far as recruiting, yeah Damien does it, but what high school doesn’t. These public schools might not to do it directly, but they sure do it. You have to be beyond naive to believe that this doesn’t happen in high school athletics, and unfortunately this has become apart of high school athletic culture. But as far as giving scholarships, this is something which doesn’t happen at Damien.

  • Jastrab

    I thought Edgewood won a 4AAAA title in 77′. I also recall they were voted national champions that year, I think.

    Does anyone remember when Amat played Damien in 80 or so at their field and lightning took out the lights.


  • whitey

    jastrab, lightning knocked out the lights at CSLA for an Amat/Loyola game around the early 80s, I don’t recall that happening at Pomona Cathiloc boys though


    SGV Fan,
    You were the one who threw down to D-5 little league ring bit . Why change you tune now . Can you say the the D-7 rings were equal to Pop Warner rings. We know we can’t beat every team in the SGV in every sport as it has been proven in baseball , basketball , and other sports as kh mention the one weight division in wrestling. Now if your talking football Amat has a pretty good argument on that subject and for to differ is just plain silly. Of course no one fears and we know that also but it sure is questionable why SH or LA or a few other schools never call or answer the call when it’s Amat . Many teams will schedule Amat and I tip my cap to them because like the saying goes anything can happen on a Friday night. We don’t suck in everything as you say and if we have sucked in the last 10-15 years and no one in the SGV has beaten us in those years what does that say about SGV football my friend. Because we have played a lot of valley teams in those years CO being one of them . Think and choose your battle and words a little more wisely the next time you speak on Amat. On last year no we did not win a CIF title but we did win the Serra League title which is pretty good for a crappy little school no one fears. As far as Amat shining your ass I don’t know about that but I am pretty sure they would kick the hell out of it on the football field.

  • fredJ

    Just Wondering … we’re not giving Zach Shay and Jalen Moore credit?

    Saturday’s Tribune headline on page 1: Moore, Shay Spark Amat

    I’d say that’s giving them credit.

  • AMAT 73

    Interesting reply. What I do find odd is that you say Father wants to win now and will do so at any cost. I imagine the hiring of Gano somewhat is a testimony to that fact.I hear he came at a high price. What doesn’t jive here is that you say any extra money donated whether it is specifically meant for athletics or other projects he takes and sends to Tijuana. That is kind of a contridictory statement so I’m kind of lost there on the “at all cost part”. We also had a similar situation when Msgr hired Verti as the head coach not truly realizing what AMAT football mean to the school. It’s one thing for the team to be young and develope but not the coach . Thankfully with the help of alums and long time supporters, but I think the drop in revenue the program creates, he realized his mistake . Msgr has his pet project which is a great one in endowing money for students who are worthy to attend and cannot afford the whole amount of tuition to attend AMAT and this is not specifically for athletes as many think but for all students and he is very strict on that issue . I think Damien is losing out because it is a very fine school and it is another choice in the SGV for those who wish to go the athletic route and also receive a top notch education. But I do think is hurts them in the fact that they basically are the only parocial school not be in one of the parocial or private school leagues. But the Mission league or a new league with the teams now emergine as good programs would be a good fit for them . The Sierra league is a very strong league with some good if not great teams but it’s not where Damien belongs.

  • slowly becoming an Amat Fan

    Thunder and Lighting will roll into Kiefer stadium Friday night. (Jalen Moore and Zachary shay) Amat will take care of business.

  • jcaz

    Fred, just wondering here.

    Is it always such a good idea to have so many threads up at once ?

    I mean I know it’s kinda cool to include so many topics and all, but getting on to a thread and deciding where to post can be like going to a grocery store isle and trying to figure out which box of cereal to buy.

    I oftentimes have to scroll down a page or two and by past some “similar” type threads, or even some older ones and hope my comments hit the mark.

    Just asking that’s all

    BTW, TCBriun….see you at the game today

  • tcbruin


    Headed to Damien campus today.

    Curious to see Parker on Damien sideline.

    I KNOW he wants this one REAL bad.

  • FredJ

    JCAZ, by piling on a lot of threads it reduces the number of comments per thread, but increases the blog hits overall because most visitors do not comment. I also find by continuing to add new topics there is less chance of bitter back and forth arguments between commenters. If I move on, generally bloggers move on to the next subject too.

  • jcaz

    Fred, OK I guess I understand….

    TCBruin, the JV’s pretty much shot themselves in the foot today. They were on the one foot line at least 2 times this afternoon but couldn’t break through.

    I left half way through the forth quarter and over heard the announcer call in another touchdown for Damien as I was walking towards my car.

    How did the Freshmen do ?

  • Lan C. Erbacker

    In the battle of the Amat coaching staff’s, the Amat Freshmen won 14-0! 🙂

  • get real

    Rio Ruiz needs to do more than stay in the pocket. How about learning the rest of the QB position. His mechanics are horrible and acracy is nothing to brag about. He needs to go back to his position of last year.
    How about letting the Sr QB show his talents. Having Rio on one side and Walace as the other receiver, TP at QB makes so much sense. What waste of weapons.

  • Ben Dover

    I love how you all talk (write) sh!+, that’s why this site is so good. I must say though, many of you can’t spell for sh!+. Stay safe!!!

  • tcbruin


    Ended up staying ay Amat.

    Too many blown opportunities. 4 attempts at the goaline right before halftime. 4 runs up the middle. No play action, predictable play calling doomed JV’s today.

    OL looked like it has not progressed since last season[4 of 5 starters returned].

    Why doesn’t coach JH put the other QB in? The starter was ineffective.

    1st 1/2 db’s got burned BAD for TD’s.

    Damien DID have a LOT of varsity guys down for this though.

    1 for 2 vs Camien this season. Tomorrow night is for keeps.

  • Laughing Spartan

    You Amat guys are hilarious when you get your ass kicked. 21-0 is an ass kickin’! The best players on this team are all sophomore’s. The qb’s, rb’s, & the wr’s are all soph’s that played for a bad coaching staff last year. The jv from Damien is 70% soph’s & 30% jr’s. Take your ass whipping like a man, & btw, the best hits came from the Damien side. The best sophomore players were on Damien’s side as well. So quit whining Amat, & hopefully we get 2 play every year. #20 from Damien is a beast.

  • yeah…about that…

    yeah not one of the juniors on damiens jv team see any time on varsity and only a few (4 i think) actually practice with the varsity and get sent down for jv games and 3 of those are sophmores. didnt see anyfight from the Amat jv team which suprised me a lot. and those stops on the goal line was nothing but a testament to the defense on Damiens side. and they did run play action on the goaline the second time. the quarterback overthrew his reciever twice. anyways cant wait to see what happens tomorrow night.

  • jcaz

    Laughing Spartan

    True, the score certianly looks as if it there was a big difference between the two teams on that field today, but it wasn’t and I also wouldn’t exacally call it an azz whippen.

    Damien got some excellent pass plays off, while Amat was compleatly dominated on that line of scrmidge, but honestly, even with all of that, the game could have gone either way.

    Shudda, Wudda, Cudda I suppose, but a much closer than you make it sound my friend.

    Still, it didn’t go our way today and Damien came out on top, because they executed better and made the plays happen when they need them most.

    We didn’t and we lost.

    Still, when the big boys play tomorrow night (and if by chance, the results are soemwhat differnet than the JV game was today), will show the same spirit as you did this evening and take your ass wuppin like a man ?

  • Amat Honk

    Hey Laughing Spartan, I didn’t hear too much laughing last year when those soph’s you speak of were Freshmen and they got their @$$e$ handed to them by the Amat Freshmen Team? BUT, for now at least, “He who laughs last” right? The Big Boys Play tonight laughing boy, see you there! GO BIG BLUE

  • AMAT 73

    Laughing Spartan,
    Here’s another good joke for you. That freshman coaching staff that was all the rage by Damien as a some stealth move over AMAT had it handed it to them by our new freshman staff at AMAT 14-0 . I bet Gano just loved those results. So we trade jokes so far but at least there is no egg on our face . Let see what tonight brings. Good luck to the Spartans tonight and here’s to a hard well played game.

  • Amat Dude

    Laughing Spartan,

    Don’t get all riled up over a JV game my friend, most of our best sophomores who beat you guys as freshman last year did not suit up and play yesterday (like your best sophomores did) and are playing on varsity, DJ Daniels, Dionza Blue, Andrew Hauser, Adam Alcantara and Anthony Carillo.

    It’s tonight that really counts and matters. I predict that we will beat you guys and we will hand Gano a nice 25th year Homecoming present, since the last time he had his azz handed to him was in 1985 courtesy of Bieniemy and company.

    He who laughs last, laughs louder….

    After tonight’s spanking you will no doubt be a Crying Spartan!

    BTW give my regards to your frosh staff: Parker, Marquez, Zendola and Spoon and company as they are still die hard Lancers. Hahahahahahaha!


    Laughing Spartan,
    One thing you failed to realize when you got Amat’s freshmen staff. Even though the hope was there they can’t change Spartans into Lancers.

  • Laughing Spartan

    I wont make excuses about losing 42-7. That’s a bigger ass whippin’! Hats off to Amat, they play fast & execute very well. I see you keep bringing up last years freshman game. Yeah you got some good sophomores but understand you played a freshman Damien team last year with some horrible coaches. What you see at Damien is what you guys went through in the years past. Except you guys have a great tradition, Damien has some tradition but we need to earn it. Remember, Amat guys are all over this website, so dont get all butt hurt when others disrespect you as you disrespect them. Saying that Damien played varsity players on the JV team is BULLSHIT! So get your facts straight. The only reason I commented on this topic is because of the line of bs about The JV Game. You guys are right though, The Varsity game is the only game that really matters! And you kicked our asses. So there, thats how a man acts. I notice that CO & Amat always talk about the Freshman & JV teams, oh unless you get your asses kicked. This Game will hopefully be cont’d I also am curious to see If Gano keeps this game on Damiens schedule.

  • Laughing Spartan

    I wont make excuses about losing 42-7. That’s a bigger ass whippin’! Hats off to Amat, they play fast & execute very well. I see you keep bringing up last years freshman game. Yeah you got some good sophomores but understand you played a freshman Damien team last year with some horrible coaches. What you see at Damien is what you guys went through in the years past. Except you guys have a great tradition, Damien has some tradition but we need to earn it. Remember, Amat guys are all over this website, so dont get all butt hurt when others disrespect you as you disrespect them. Saying that Damien played varsity players on the JV team is BULLSHIT! So get your facts straight. The only reason I commented on this topic is because of the line of bs about The JV Game. You guys are right though, The Varsity game is the only game that really matters! And you kicked our asses. So there, thats how a man acts. I notice that CO & Amat always talk about the Freshman & JV teams, oh unless you get your asses kicked. This Game will hopefully be cont’d I also am curious to see If Gano keeps this game on Damiens schedule.

  • Amat Dude

    Laughing Spartan,

    I got to hand to you for coming on this board and man up instead of hiding like most haters do after a good azz whuppin. But just to enlighten you, our freshman and future freshman squads will still kill you guys. Mark my word! You say we always talk about our last year’s team? Okay, so let’s talk about this year’s freshman team…..we still beat you 14-0 against your new and improved coaching staff right (all former Lancers)? So what’s your point?

    Nobody ever said your Varsity players played on the JV team? So your statement is FALSE and is BULLSHIT! all I said was your best sophomores played JV and beat our JV’s and our best sophomores play Varsity and beat your Varsity. How can you argue with that? And not only did we beat you, but we DOMINATED you guys…so hats off to you guys for having the nads to play us. I respect all teams that play Amat, so enjoy and savor your big JV win over our JV’s if it still means so much to you! Hahahahahahahahaha!

    I should be called the Laughing Amat Dude!

  • Amat Honk

    Dang Amat Dude, take it easy my man, no sense in gloating so hard. I believe it was pretty obvious on the field last night. You’re gonna draw fire my man. I had a great time at the game and despite the lopsided victory on the field I hope all the Damien crowd at least enjoyed the evening,Atmosphere and a chance at winning the $2,800 50/50 prize!!!! That is completely nuts for a local High School Football game 50/50? Hang in there Spartans and good Luck the rest of the season! See Amat 73..”I’m tryin real hard to be the Sheperd” LOL. Go Big Blue!

  • Amat Dude

    Amat Honk,

    Thanks for the wise advise my man, but it was Laughing Spartan who drew first blood with his outrageous statements…which will obviously draw a rebuttal by the faithful. I did give Damien credit for scheduling us. But read his first comments when he comes in here and gloats about their JV’s kicking our JV’s asses, now that’s funny!

  • GreenandGold getting old

    42-7, Amat get more personnel drawn from better youth football programs now days. Damien needs to focus on luring more football players back, but at 600 or so $$ a month u r not going to get the kids from Upland, Rancho, Fontana, and ontario like we used to. Please send Amats staff back to them. Give Gano at least 4-5 years to build something, and if he can’t bring back some accomplished Alumni that can, and I don’t mean chavez or bechtel. Keep it up Amat, we get our only Recognition of past glory when we play a power house like you. We’ll return again!

  • We’ll Return Again!

    Not that you can weigh the lower level games too heavily, but since it seems to be a topic of discussion, the freshman game was pretty much a dead even match with the exception of the two long scoring plays that Damien gave up on missed tackles. On top of that, Damien had a new QB in that struggled. Damien is rebuilding and has a bright future. We will return again!

  • redundant?

    We’ll Return Again!


    For all the people talking trash about a freshmen game, Damien played very well and will continue to get better. As for the freshmen coaching staff going back to Amat, they wont they all decided that they wanted to beat Hagerty’s ass for the next 10 or 15 years. I will let you know that in two years the tide will change and Damien will beat Amat. Don’t get me wrong the freshmen still need to improve and so do the sophomores, but with this new staff and the kids their finding(recruiting).
    Damien vs Amat will be the game to see in two or three years.


  • Big Brother


    Listen little brother Damien. You guys could wish all you want. I’m wishing for a Ferrari 430 for Christmas this year and hit the lottery.

    After the 42-7* pounding by Amat, you think the undecided parents of a 13 year old football stud will go to Damien?

    AS far as the former Lancers coaching at Damien wanting to Beat Hagerty, I’m sure they do. In as much as I admire your higher aspirations, let’s be honest to ourselves….Gano doesn’t want anything to do with Amat after that pounding he took Friday night. He will only schedule teams that he believes he can win (don’t you know his legacy at LA?). Unfortunately, Amat will not be one of them, which is a downer especially if you are trying to build your program.

    On a higher note, keep up the hard work and I really hope you guys continue to grow, excel and win games as we will continue to root for Damien.

    *Note – scored late 4th Qtr TD against 2nd/3rd unit.

  • Dictionary

    Look up redundant…

  • Webster

    Dictionary – “We’ll Return” would have been sufficient. “Again” made it redundant. Unless they meant Damien will return – and then return again after that.

  • We’ll Return AGAIN!

    Webster is obviously not alumni and not very smart, so I will enlighten you to the best Alma Mater in SoCal.

    Damien High School Alma Mater

    A certain word, a thought remembered
    Will stir within someday
    We’ll recall the nights of victory
    Time has swept away.
    We’ll sing to you, our Alma Mater
    When times like these are gone;
    And bring to you wreaths of glory
    Of what we’ve said or done.
    The night is ours, the battle’s over;
    We’re proud of our Spartan men
    And take heed to our warning
    We’ll return again
    “With our shield or on it,” is the code
    Of our Spartan men.
    So you tremble at our warning

  • Merriam

    so you’re saying even your alma mater is redundant?


    Big Brother,
    your probably right, amat will get all the 13 year old studs in the area. Damien will get mostly all the left overs and a few good kids hopefully. Your kids will be told their are the best and will think their the best. The kids at Damien will be told they are not the best and work their ass off with the new freshmen staff. So in my book hard work beats talent any day, so you can have all the studs that cause problems because their pop Warner super starts. At Damien all we want “now” is the hard workers and by some hard work and luck we’ll have the chance to beat amat. I’m not saying its gonna happen but if amat gets the kids i think their getting and Damien plays as hard as they can for the next 3 years its gonna be a fun one to watch

  • Big Brother


    I think you’ve misread my post. I wish you guys all the best. I just don’t think Gano will have the nads to schedule Amat in the future. As far as your insinuating our football players are only told they are the best and think they are the best, yes you are absolutely right. That is after they have worked their tail off and have proven themselves in the weight rooms and practice field. Hagerty does not play prima donnas, you can be a stud, but if you don’t have the work ethic and don’t believe in team work…you don’t play…PERIOD. Yes everyone that dons the Royal Blue Uniform are told they are the BEST…read the SGV Tribune and LA Times my little Brother!


    big brother,

    I’m not one to talk our varsity is not at its best right now. I just think with the new freshmen staff and coaches were gonna have some great teams.Amat has earned the right to say their kids are studs and they are, but i think the kids that amat will be receiving in the next few years will be different from the past. Maybe I’m wrong and the kids will be great like all amat teams before. I just think it all starts at the freshmen level to break down the pop Warner starts. I saw the amat vs Damien game those kids were beast for amat, but i don’t think it was their coaching i think it was just that they were football players. my opinion is that the amat freshmen staff is not as good as Damien and it will show on Friday night in a few years. I know though as always amat will have a great team. so no disrespect its just what I’m assuming might happen in a few years. hopefully for Gano or he will be out of a job.

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