Volleyball Top 10: Can anyone beat the Regents?

St. Lucy’s has done a lot of this lately.

Here’s this week’s Girls Volleyball Top 10

TOP 10
1. St. Lucy’s (4-1) –
The Regents showed they are the real deal, sweeping both Los Altos and Bonita. They may not leave this spot all year. Can’t wait for the Regent-Chino Hills tilt.
2. Chino Hills (9-1) – Followed up a pair of sweeps by going 6-1 in the Arcadia Tournament.
3. Bonita (7-2) – The Bearcats, despite the sweep to St. Lucy’s, look like the team to beat in the Hacienda League. They are No. 2 in CIF-SS 2-A.
4. South Hills (3-1) – Earned a five-game win against Brentwood before beating former league rival Walnut.
5. Los Altos (1-1) – The Conquerors, who are still formidable, looked out of sync in three-game loss to St. Lucy’s. But the Regents have a way of doing that to the opposition.
6. Glendora (3-0) – The Tartans beat three teams they should to begin the season. Can they keep it up against Los Osos?
7. San Dimas (4-3) – The Saints, who lost in four to rival Bontia, are the favorite in the Valle Vista League.
8. Diamond Bar (5-4) – The Brahmas are off to a steady start, and may surprise some people in the Hacienda.
9. Bishop Amat (1-1) – The Lancers get an early test against South Hills tonight.
10. Charter Oak (4-2) – It’s hard to gauge the Chargers, who beat San Dimas, but then lost to Northview, which lost to Gladstone. This may be a tough slot to fill all season.

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  • Regents Rock!

    Keep up the good work Regents! Aside for the short-sighted pre-season rankings, lets keep the #1 spot all season. Took a slight dip in CIF ranks to South Torrance, but might be able to get it back with some dominating performances. Good luck at El Dorado Tournament this weekend in Vegas!

  • Regent Fan

    So proud of our Regent girls. Big tournament this weekend with some of the best teams in the country playing at this tournament. Anxious to see how SL does against these teams. Go Regents!

    The top 10 is still young and yet to be proven. Bonita is a great team and will earn their spot at #2. They are a better team than Chino Hills. Chino Hills was in the Arcadia tournament which looking at the teams they played they should have won the whole thing.

    Bonita was in the finals game with Troy at the Dave Mohs tournament. That was the real tournament with real teams.

    Don’t get me wrong, Chino Hills is a good team… Just think Bonita is better.

  • GHigh

    Regent Fan?

    Trying to spark some controversy? “That was the real tournament with real teams?” Wow! Are you saying the Tri City tourney doesn’t have real teams? I know for a fact that the girls playing in that tourney are real! True story. Take that to the bank! Some of those teams have a shot of winning CIF in their divisions. Just trying to keep it real for you!

  • vbfans

    Regent fan give the san Gabriel valley a break with your snooty attitude! With all the recruiting you do, u couldn’t beat los osos? Spots 2-5 are open for debate right now, The big miss in this poll is that Ayala isn’t on the board. They easily beat DBar. The sierra league will be fun to watch this season!

  • Keeping it Real….

    To GHigh and Vb Fan: I understand what Regent Fan is saying. Some of these teams rather than challenging themselves, go to certain tournaments to get better records rather than pushing themselves to play upper Division schools. Chino Hills is a good team and should be pushing themselves for more. Even if the teams they are playing win their Divisions, does it really matter when it is several divisions lower than the teams they are use to playing? That doesn’t seem snooty or controversial but realistic.

    The Tri City tournament has real players and real teams. However, some schools have loads of club players. The bottomline is it makes a difference.

    Recruiting: That seems crazy. What can SL sell? They have a winning tradition sure but at the bargain basement price of 7K a year? Come on people? South Hills, Bonita, Glendora and Chino Hills are all loaded with Club players and great traditions.

    As for SL losing to Los Osos. Los Osos is Division I and this was the first game SL played after losing their setter. And if you see the scores, it still wasn’t a sweep.

    VBan: I agree we are missing Ayala. They should be in this mix.

  • SL Omega Mom

    The SGV has some amazing talent and we wish all teams the best success in all Divisions and tournaments from the SGV.

    Please disregard remarks from Regent Fan. I am not sure why a SL fan would be raving about one team over another team that is not theirs. Unlikely, an SL Varsity parent.

    Good luck St. Lucy’s in the tournament. I pray for a safe trip for our athletes, parents and coaches attending.

    Keep up the Good work SGV in representing!

  • Hear we go…

    Hear we go again…SL fans continue to show their private school arragance! What else is new!

  • Robert

    SL Omega Mom: Thank You
    Keeping it Real: Coaches make conscious decisions about the tournaments they choose to play in. While they may not know all teams entered when they sign up, they have an idea of the level of competitiveness. Let the coaches decide what is in the best interest of their girls and their team. Your other points are quite compelling.
    vbfans: Recruiting (if it were done) has nothing to do with beating Los Osos. Chino Hills and Ayala were not among the 33 schools the SGVT covered last year and were never listed.
    GHigh: While it doesn’t make a huge difference, I believe the comparison was to Arcadia vs Mohs. I attended your tournament again this year and had the chance to once again congratulate you on your well-run event and the job you do for your girls everyday. The world needs more people like you.
    Regent Fan: Doesn’t sound like you speak for all of St Lucy’s. It might be easier to change your name than to change your thoughts.
    Regents Rock!: I like your spirit but being number one in December is what really counts. SL (along with 24 other SoCal teams) are part of the 48 Team-Durango HS Tournament in Las Vegas. SL plays PrepVolleyball’s preseaon number 2 team in country in Assumption (Louisville, KY) along with El Dorado (Placentia, CA) and Marymount (Westwood, CA) in pool play on Friday.

  • Hooked on phonics….

    To Here we go: Private school may have helped you learn to spell….It is arrogance.

    Omega Mom brought up a good point. That doesn’t sound like a St. Lucy’s parent. They weren’t endorsing St. Lucy’s volleyball; they were endorsing Bonita. There wasn’t one endorsement to St. Lucy’s being superior. They were bragging about the fact that Bonita should be #2 and played in an Orange County tournament as opposed to Chino Hills who played a local tourney.

    St. Lucy’s bloggers are the first to defend Ganesha and other upcoming schools. Funny how he is the first to turn on them.

    Interesting…If you wanted to hate on St. Lucy’s; just blog like you are a Regent and then hate on other schools except the one you are from.

    The blogger should have wrote: Bearcat Fan

  • Ok….

    Hooked on Phonics…is that the best you can do? Spelling? LMAO!!! It’s a blog…just in case you want to know.

  • GHigh

    Hooked on Phonics?

    When did I turn on St. Lucy’s? I wasn’t turning on the school or fans, I was questioning the comment by one blogger calling him/her “Regent Fan”. Personally, I am a Regent Fan and a fan of all SGV teams. I don’t hate the OC either, but I would love to see one of our teams eventually beat those powerhouses in CIF because this is my home.
    Truth is that some teams should go and play in high level tournaments, which might not be right for other teams. At Ganesha we have decided to focus on our division.
    Best part of this discussion is people are finally bloggin a little. Volleyball isn’t getting much press this year so Steve and Fred need to know there are people out there who are interested.
    Thanks, Robert. Now I think I know who your are! I was actually surprised to see you this year. I know I should probably get a life, but the Saturday of our tournament is my favorite day of the whole year.

  • Let’s talk volleyball….

    St. Lucy’s plays the #2 team in the nation to start off this weekends tournament. That is crazy. Talk about setting the standards high.

    Then they have the #5 team El Dorado in DIV 1-A the very next game.

    Good Luck to St. Lucy’s. I want them to do well so they can make a case for the San Gabriel Valley. Never any respect for the Inland Valley though our girls have shown time and time again we can win.

    This SL team is fast and they have a variety of hitters and passers. It will be interesting to see how they do. They are relatively fresh having only played five games and their CIF setter is gone. Assumption from Louisville, Kentucky has two players in the top 25 players in the US. We have seen what REV can do with one top player. Can you imagine two players?

    Now that my friends is a tournament!

  • vbfans

    We as our name states are big fans of this sport and the talent in this area. We appreciate this blog and paper having this forumn for the local girls. Ghigh you have always been very fair and a big supporter of your program and the SGV over the past years. It is obvious that the class of the valley is St Lucys until someone beats them. They have so much depth this year and have all the pieces together to go deep in CIF. Bonita looks very tough, but don’t underestimate Glendora, South Hills, los Altos, Chino Hills and Ayala. I think any of them any given day can sneak up on the best. Good luck to all of you!

  • Regents Rock

    @ Robert, Can’t agree more. End of season is what matters. There was no doubt in our minds who #1 was.

    @ Ghigh, I agree. About time someone stirred the pot around here. Lets get fired up people!

    And quit hating on Regents Fan. That is nothing that hasn’t been said before. They gave their opinion, which I happen to agree with. SL’s JV beat C.H. over the summer. D.M. tournament is very competitive and all the top teams in socal are there. Disappointed SL’s didn’t go this year. Congrats to Bonita is in order.

    Finally, can we hear from ANY other schools other than SL’s and Ganesha. Good to hear Ghigh’s perspective and already know about SL’s, so lets hear from someone else. Never thought I would say it, but I miss that idiot from LA! We would keep pace with the football blogs back then!

  • sgvbl

    I agree with the rankings except the absence of Ayala. I also think Bonita should be ranked above Chino Hills. I like the bravado of the St. Lucy fans without them over the years the blog wouldn’t be as active. And this is the year that they can run their mouths with confidence. Hands down they are the best team in the area. That doesnt mean that they cant be beaten. They have 2 matches each with Ayala, Chino Hills, and South Hills so they cant sleep. Keep posting the results of all the teams in the area on the blog.

  • VBnewbie

    Sounds like an awesome tourney in Vegas. Good Luck SL and the other SoCal teams. How long is SL’s CIF setter out for?

  • VBnewbie

    Good preview of the Durango Tournament @ Maxpreps News- Girls Volleyball.

  • Prep Fan

    Well, if were looking for more teams to talk about, we should add Webb of Claremont. They won the Ganesha tournament which had both San Dimas and Charter Oak in it.They should probably be ranked in the top 10.

  • CHHusky

    I’d love to watch our girls play Bonita. And are you really talking about summer leagues? Really?
    The Arcadia Tournament was more impressive on paper but I’m sure the Capo valley tournament will be better. These girls at this level all know each other, and their capabilities. Good thing they do the playing, not us. If you want to know who they are excited/scared about ask your kids. They surely know! We have nothing to lose but move up this year.

  • Basic

    The Lady Bearcats looked good yesterday against Rancho however, the girls seemed to loose some composure in the 3rd game (lack of mental focus). Yes they were ahead and not really threaten but the coach has to step up and re-focus the team to keep their heads in the game until the final point, or maybe bring in some of the bench players to get some game time experience???

    Anyway, they really did look very impressive, I just hope they can keep the focus on. Perfect example was the match against SL, game 1 they were right there, they win that game and it’s a different story but as we know they lost that game and game two was just a crushing and I think that was due to mental composure but they started to re-focus in game 3 and made it competitive. So I hope they can maintain that mental focus because like I said, athletically they look really good…

  • Proud Regent

    St. Lucy’s had a good showing for what Max Prep’s considers the #1 tournament in the country (Durango tournament). We had a dose of humble pie playing the #4 team in the country Assumption. Day 2 was a successful day in which we beat Xavier College Prep which is Max Prep’s #20 in the country and most importantly we beat South Torrance (convincingly 25-16, 25-12) in 2 games. Currently South Torrance is ranked #2 in CIF above St. Lucy’s (#3). South Torrance is also the team that beat St. Lucy’s in quarter finals in CIF last year.

    Proud of our Regents and Coaching staff. Nice representation for SGV too. Tough tournament but good to know we can go toe to toe with most if not all teams there. Our girls learned so much. Go Regents!!!

    How did the other teams do in the tournaments this weekend?

  • CHINO HILLS. . . #1!


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