Coveritlive on Friday: West Covina-Glendora (game of the week); highlights video’s from Amat-Damien, Monrovia-San Dimas

Mike “The Cousin” Robledo and Aram Tolegian will be live from Citrus College for the Coveritlive game of the week between Glendora and West Covina, our front page barnburner. I will provide updates from Damien-Bishop Amat along with Chino Hills Tom, who is making the trip to Kiefer to put together his popular highlights show which we will post later that night….Our SGVN video highlights tech master will produce a highlights recap of the Mid-Valley Division rematch between Monrovia at San Dimas. BTW, Bishop Amat No. 22 in ESPN Rise state rankings.

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  • Colt74

    I think this is going to be a great game and talked about for weeks. With that said I’m going with WC 27 Glendora 21. For some reason I can’t seem to get those numbers out of my head. Weird.

  • in the know

    Amat, owns coveritlive! mark it down Gano refuses to play Amat again, if that comes to fruition then XXXL Gano is running all of the football program, if , by some small miracle the 2 play again, GG is just a hired hand ,

  • Unreal…

    I’m really torn about this game. I love WesCo’s program and I have a ton of respect for Magiore but Chad Jeffries has been impressive. I think this game will be decided by less than three poin ts either way. Expect a low scoring game, WesCo’s defense has been impressive.

    Amat should win this game easy so we all know why Freddy is going to the Amat game…. In N Out!!! Best game experience in the Valley!!!

  • Frank

    This game will be covered in depth this friday night on “Prep Sports Night Live” on Time Warner Cable channel 101, this friday night at 10:30pm

    There will as always be live scores, rankings, reports from PSNL’s writers, in-studio coaches, guests, and phone calls from viewers all night long until 12:30am.

    Correspondents will be in attendance, so be on the look out and check out the show as it covers the Baseline league and every team in the Southern and LA City Section!

  • Mikey


    WRONG.. if you saw Fred and Aram’s Friday night post-game (on Aram’s blog) you’ll see Fred was fed by Chris Rix!

    In n Out & the tail-gaiting bbq smells don’t hurt either…

  • in the know….

    Get real! Damien and Amat have been playing for years! They are cross town catholic school rivals and will always play! The best game will be Thursday at Damien. Those Freshman coaches that Damien opened with open arms…are awesome! And they look great in Green and Gold!!

  • whitey

    Frank, first off nice to see you again, are we on for Thursday, after the game Wherehouse ? in the know is correct, GG has always shown disdain for Amat, Napoleon complex I believe, I’m in agreement bthat this is the last time GG plays Amat, cya Thursday

  • kh

    are you for real,talking crap about my spelling,
    wherehouse pizza.
    we all make mistakes,
    whitey ill see you at wherehouse thursdays my pizza night come say hi ,i will be sporting my bonita hat,

  • JD

    GHS will spank West Covina, & when 2012 comes along all the stupid people will be still be stupid!

  • whitey

    no problem mini me sr, just bring a pitcher or 2 with you, Blue Moon or Shock Top preferably, or are you persona non grata there?

  • COChargerfan

    JD…what’s up with the unnecessary stupid comment? Just wondering if JD stands for Jack Daniels? Anyway, you better get your flask ready because Upland, Rancho, Los Osos and even Etiwanda (with competitive losses against highly ranked Norco and Vista Murrieta) are waiting with big smiles on their faces…5th place in league…Happy New Year.

  • AMAT 73

    FredJ ,
    Good choice on coveritlive for Friday night. Have you though about doing for the Thurday games also . Since most do not play on that night I think you have a hell of a following. Whitey I don’t think that’s the same Frank you are thinking of who I call My Friend Sparta , FC.

  • FredJ

    We did Covina’s game on Thursday a couple weeks ago. From time to time we will do it again, I am thinking of doing a Coveritlive for next Thursday’s game, Monrovia and South Hills at Covina District…that should draw an audience from the Westside too

  • kh

    you want the rightie or leftie pitcher….
    love to buy you a beer ill be there after 7;15 training a college kid with some batting lesson in the back yard at 6;00 love working with hitters,the sound of the ball coming out of the machine then bang the bat meets it square and balls coming right at me,gives me a johnson,,,
    bonitas practice looked pretty laid back,second o scored three straight times on goal line d.not good.
    i hope this 3-0 ,should be 2-1,but i said a pray and he awnsered,the fallowing week we have a bye,b.p will be so pumpede up to beat us,like we did to them last year,stopped there winning streak.they would love to return the favor…
    well everybodys knows kh will be pumped,you can bet you bank roll illl have them pumped,i never get down,i stay pumped for the whole 4 quarters…go bearcats