Glendora’s Pasquarella on West Covina: “They’re about as talented a team as we’ve seen.”

Glendora High School has seen some pretty good offenses this season and remains undefeated in spite of it. But Friday, a whole different animal comes to town in the form of West Covina’s devastating ground game. The Tartans handled Charter Oak’s trio of tall receivers and slowed Monrovia’s dynamic quarterback, Nick Bueno. If they stop West Covina, it could be one of the best nonleague performances in school history.

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    Is Glendora really playing a tough pre-season? Come on Pasqy, you have no idea what’s ahead of you…

    At least schedule Amat in your SGV or some big programs in the IE, if you really want to get ready to rumble in the future.

    Monrovia hung with you guys for a full half, and you only beat them by what?

    They’re size of school is what? Come on Tarty Boys?

  • Punt

    Ie town

    Simple answer, they need a comfort zone! Amat would kill them..

  • Northview

    Are they better than Northview (Fall of 87′)
    Sanderson, Gallis, Chavez and so on….

  • Just Asking

    Where are the “I survived IE TOWN” t-shirts?


    You want to buy one for Pasqy?

  • Forgot…

    IE Town…who is your team again? I forgot and want to make sure we keep up with your team’s efforts as well, seeing you are so concerned about G-Town.

  • big time tartan

    Glendora boys homegrown no tranfers Mr. IE

  • big time tartan

    Us tartans may not be the best team around but will give it a fight thats for sure!!!!

  • That’s a fact Jack!

    Glendora sure did handle Charter Oak’s offense and receivers. You again have no idea what the hell your talking about. Charter Oak had almost 350 yards of offense and over 225 yards of receiving. The only team to stop Charter Oak was themselves and their turnovers. I have a funny suspicion though that the loss has done more good than bad for Charter Oak.

    Do your homework and get your facts straight before you continue to get down on both knees for Glendora, Pasquarella, and Jefferies. Charter Oak’s miscues made Glendora. Do you seriously see them even making the playoffs being in the Baseline league now? What team, game, and sport are you watching pal?

  • big time tartan

    Thats the fact jack, are you kidding me your still crying about losing to Glendora get over it focus on Rancho because they are going to give Charter Oak there SECOND LOSS on Friday. I have an idea call CIF and see if CO can get out of the game and go play Los Altos instead so you can get another big victory. Your sad!

  • Back in Plaid.

    Fact Jack and IE Town,
    You both sound like whining Byotches !

  • kh

    the glendora wc blog sucks guys all you are doing is pointing fingers,
    somebody said this games could be for # 1 bragging rights when amat gets beat. like always glendora will be # 1
    with bonita#2 then then amat #3.
    come on guys get off players and bring some facts
    like jack did,sounds like c.o. control all aspects of the game ,but loss the only thing that counts.
    the win.

  • tartans all the way

    lets get one thing straight! glendora beat charter oak 28-21 and was it really charter oak beating them self or did the deffesne come up big when they needed to? cause its not like charter oak just droped the ball on the ground and said hear glendora take it! yes they had big yeards but when the D needed to they steped up with turnovers and you cant say it was just Co making mistakes because the tartans again the follwoing weak made monrovia turn the ball over 4times! and canyon twice! so in the charter oak game what really happened was the D made plays and stripped the ball away from the Co running backs! and the D was hustling around and in the right spot to get the ball also Co was picked off once it should have been twice but they took a clean one away on a horrible call so befor you say it was Co beating them self you think about it! because they D stepped up and did what they need while dont forget the O put up 28 on Co and the charter oak D had no answer for the tarten O and come after west co game you will see why glendora will win a baseline championship!


    Forgot and Plain Pasqy boys

    CC Huskies, just schedule us please!

  • COChargerfan

    Tarty fan, seriously did you see the game? Because 3 of the 4 turnovers were nothing more than CO mistakes…the ONLY one that could even be considered attributable to GH’s defense was the safety hitting Santiago along the sideline after he scrambled for like 7 or 8 yards…and that was a mistake in judgement because Santiago should have just gone out of bounds or down instead of taking on the safety.

    And the pass interference was OBVIOUS, not some ref’s mistake…your DB blocked Rufus so hard as he came out of his break that he almost fell down…how could you miss that? This allowed the ball to go like 10 yards past the receiver to the safety who had deep coverage…even assuming that you’re correct (which you’re not), not exactly some great defensive play but instead another CO mistake.

    As evidenced by the stats, your defense played horrible against CO and CO’s defense was only slightly better with the difference being that GH got 4 extra possessions and the benefit of several short fields.

    Vegas called and GH is 50-1 to win the Baseline but even money for the fans to be complaining that Pasqy stinks by week three of league.

  • Umm Fred is Jeffries as good as advertised?

    Travis has thrown 758 passing yards through 3 games and you think that 326 passing yards is a good season so far?? come on hop off that Glendora bandwagon, they are probably the sorriest undefeated team in the sgv!

  • Just Wondering?

    What’s a “deffesne” and what’s a “yeards” is that some sort of Glendora code speak or something?

  • GHS

    Hey That’s a fact Jack!
    Get YOUR facts straight 335 yards for CO vs 271 yards for GHS is not a beat down. When you take care of the ball and the other team doesn’t you get a shorter field to work with hence less yards. And you guys conveniently for get the score was 28-14 with less than 3 minutes left.


    Have you noticed you are the only CO honk still fighting this battle . Show some class like your fellow bloggers and give it a rest . Either way you cut it you lost and if Glendora wants to keep holding this as their signature win of the year well that shows how highly they think of CO .

  • JD

    Listen ie f@g & co f@g we know your the same Dick, Read my blog about the crying game I put on arams blog about a month ago. And we look forword to any game against the ie. We may have only 2400 students, but there will be enough parents, family & freinds to help our team kick anybodys but. PS keep cashing the welfare check that the good & hard working people of glendora help subzidize!



    You talk about cashing welfare checks? Can you morons in Glendora spell?

    Like I said, schedule us and bring the little Pu@@y Tarty boys with you…

  • COChargerfan

    NOTICED, apparently you failed to notice that I didn’t start this discussion again…but history called and asked me to post corrections to misstatements of the truth so I’m back…

    Nice try GH fan at distorting reality to make it sound like GH had a comfortable lead…actually, the score was 21-14 and GH scored with around 3 minutes left to make it 28-14 and then CO came right back and scored in like 90 seconds to make it 28-21. GH recovered the onside kick and was able to run out the clock.

    Like I’ve said a dozen times, when CO had the ball they dominated GH’s defense. Likewise, CO’s defense was not able to stop GH’s offense. So the deciding factor in the game was the FOUR extra possessions via the turnovers.

    It is what it is so these GHS fans are the ones that need to quit trying to make it something that it wasn’t.

  • COChargerfan

    And JD, you’re wrong because I ALWAYS use the same screen name so the IE blogger is your new BFF…and it looks like he’s wearing a big smile.

    BTQ, just wondering how many “parents, family & freinds [sic]” you’re planning on suiting up for the games “to help our team kick anybodys [sic] but [sic]?

  • Math Major

    GHS didn’t need to pile up the yards and I’m sure even you could figure that GHS woulda had more yards if they DIDN’T have those short fields to work with. They just may have driven 80yds instead of 30 to pile up yardage AND points – while keeping CO’s offense off the field. You just admitted the CO defense couldn’t stop them. You see your mistake prone offense changes the whole dynamic of that statistical battle making the big statistic the only relevant one – Points for vs Points against. Scoreboard.

  • D-Mo

    GHS, get ready for a butt whoopin. Maggiore’s Maniac defense is coming to Citrus tonight. Better rack up as many points as you can, because the Bulldog offense will probably put up at least 35.
    Has GHS ever beat Los Altos? Just asking.

  • Longtime Tartan

    D-Mo, if memory serves me correctly, GHS did beat Los Altos in 89 on their way to a CIF Championship. I also believe it was at LA.