Thursday Final: Azusa rolls; El Monte beats Gladstone, Diamond Ranch holds on

Thursday’s Results
Azusa 34, Gabrielino 0 – Jose Nunez accounted for three scores and the Aztecs (3-0) secured their second shutout in three games with a rout of Gabrielino (2-1). Azusa forced six turnovers and held the Eagles to 124 total yards.
El Monte 32, Gladstone 24 – Mike Jimenez and Frank Lopez had big games for the Lions, who were too much for the Gladiators at San Dimas High School.
Diamond Ranch 21, Chaffey 14 – Cesar Carillo threw for 125 yards, including a 30-yard TD strike to Marquise Cherry for a 21-8 lead near the end of the first half.

Azusa had more reason to celebrate Thursday following a 34-0 win over Gabrielino at Citrus College. The Aztecs forced six turnovers.

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    I don’t know about all these Thursday night games Fred, must be rough on these kids making it to school and all the families going to work the next day. There’s nothing like Friday Nights!

    You know I get this funny feeling everytime I see something about AZUSA going 10-0, and BEING #1 SEED and what not. Fred can we enjoy one game at a time and see what happens at the end of the season. My opinion is, this puts way to much pressure on a team and the coaches. Don’t think the PUENTE boys can’t wait to topple AZUSA, and i’m sure they can taste VICTORY! They take the Montview League Championship (VERY SERIOUS)!

    IF??? La Puente does win Wilson this Friday, AZUSA will have it’s hands full next week. I’ll say this about LP, they always come out to play and those kids play tough. I mean can you blame them, because look at the area where they live at. We all know the City of La Puente, is a very tough area, but they do have great city programs.


    HAVE THEM PREPARED AND READY COACH SCHERF, and don’t buy to much into all this hype, Because it gets YOU out of FOCUS!


  • FredJ

    Aztec pride, embrace the pressure, there’s nothing wrong it.


    Good Morning FRED, and to put the Football talk to the side. I just want to say that was real nice of you putting up the story about the asst coach from NV who tragically died yesterday. Read that story yesterday and the pictures that were put up today on the were gut wrenching. Then to read these replies on the blog about how good of a man he was, should make his family and friends real proud to know how he touch many lives!

    My condolences to that Fanmily!

  • FredJ

    Thanks Aztec Pride, I knew when I put it up there would be a lot of nice things said about him, he was a good man who touched a lot of kids lives and raised a wonderful, loving family. Going to a Northview game won’t feel the same for a long, long time.

  • why?

    why does TIP at duarte not want to play littlerock. hahaha
    they sure are going in a great direction.


    Why is Gladstone playing El Monte at San Dimas?


    Your right GSTONE, why not play in El Monte? They have their own stadium. Or is G, the host team.

  • SGV For 30 Years

    Well said Aztec,

    I think that we all really feel for the Cruz and Fraijo families. Northview has had a real tough week. Both those men seemed to have great impact on those around them. To both families I want you to know that we do feel for you and pray for you. My condolences to both families.


  • BR

    diamond bar is going to beat diamond ranch next week 56-0

  • C-Town

    congrats on what u guys have going on at Azusa. Its nice to see some teams who dont recruit get it done the right way. Let all the haters come on and talk sh*& about the so called “little schools”. U guys are a legit football team. I hope we both are fortunate enough to make the playoffs and make some serious noise. Great to hear about the community support and school spirit. These haters dont know anything about that cuz they are living in 1 city and their kids go to a school in another city and dont know what loyalty or pride in the community or school is. And some of them are probably right, you guys or us, we probably wont beat Bishop Amat, C-oak, Damien, But we wont run away from them. All we can do is beat the teams we have scheduled and beat them convincingly. So much respect to u guys, from the team u guys have beaten the last 2 yrs..

  • DRanchhhh


    You are HIGH-larious!!

    DR vs SM- 56-0 (SM 2-1)
    DR vs Damien (Damien 2-0) Lost by 7
    DR vs Elsinore (Elsinore 3-0) lost by 7 BTW Elsinore #1 in Central DIVISION.

    You think a 3-0 DB team who has played Nogales, Wilson and Lugo will win. You all barely escaped the Lugo game. Im glad DB has won all 3 of the games on their schedule. it says a lot about the your progress. I mean hey, we havent accomplished that YET. But dont act like a weed head and make outrageous claims of beating a team that has been battle tested already. Personally I think the last 2 losses were a result of bad coaching calls, not talent or ability. Hopefully Layton gets that staff together, as he USUALLY does, expect them to put up major points from here forward.

  • Aaron


    Chaffey tonight…possibility they could play. Problem with DR so far is they haven’t been able to finish.

    Diamond Ranch (Pomona, CA) at Chaffey (Ontario, CA), 7:00pm [projection: Diamond Ranch (Pomona, CA) 35-14]

    That’s from CalPreps. Chaffey is kind of a trap game for DR because the Panthers and the Tigers used to be in the same league and compete for the top spot and then Colony changed the dynamics a bit.

    If DR wins it could start something for them and they could begin to roll…if they come from ahead to lose I wonder how they’ll do against Diamond Bar.

  • aztec insider

    the only thing the aztecs are sweating is how much roids to do……

  • Panther Fan

    DR Lost the first two games to both bad play calling and turnovers. The last game saw an improvement on the play calling with the use of a greater variety of players. The last game against Elsinore was lost mostly because of turnovers. Once the ball is held more securely then DR will be on the winning side of the game. My congratulations to the coaching staff for taking note of comments from the stands and making adjustments on the calls and putting more players to use. Tonights predictions DR 48 Chaffey 7.
    Sorry BR but DB will be on the losing end next week. 56-0 LOL – Santa Margarita you are not. Just go back to sleep and we will wake you when it all over, just like your winning streak. Sweet dreams BR, Sweet dreams. That all it will be for you. Next weeks predictions DR 48 DB 3.

  • socalfootball fan

    Hey DRanch I have never seen named BR post anything about any team. This is just a ploy from you or one of your friends. DBHS fans respects all the teams they play and know they will be in for a bull fight in the first Hacienda league game.

  • sgvfootballfan

    Any scores at half or finals of tonights games

  • Just Askin

    Not a hater. Just askin, why the Prep Football Scoreboard if ur not gonna update?

  • SD MOM

    34-0 Azusa, 32-20 El Monte

  • Panther Fan

    DR’s game against Chaffey was more of a game against the Referee’s. I have never seen more crooked ref’s since DR was in the Mt. Baldy League. Chaffey’s final TD with 2:09 remaining in the fourth quarter was imaginary. Chaffey’s ball carrier was hit about the 2 yrd line where he coughed up the ball and it went flying through the end zone. It was clearly visible from the stands and the ball could be seen being lost from his hands before going over the plane of the goal line. It’s bad for High School football when the ref’s like these play favorites. The Final score DR 21 Chaffey 14.
    Got to commend Chaffey’s third quarter, they had control of the ball for first 10.5 min. though they only gained 43 yrds on the ground before giving it up on downs.
    DB your next.

  • crying about the ref’s again?

    Panther fan,

    Your hated by all. You should be used to it after all these years. The only team around here that likes you, is the one team around here you’ve NEVER BEATEN. CO BABY! They love playing Diamond Ranch. Better make your run soon. CIF will re-align your nemesis in a year and a half from now and you will be back with the Chargers again!!!

  • ???

    Was at the Diamond Ranch game today….. It was not a game against the refs it was a game of getting physically manhandled on the defensive line! If Diamond Ranch continues to get mauled at the line its gonna be a long year in the Hacienda league…..

  • Panther Fan

    Sounds like some Charter Oak fan is CRYING about their new league alignment, and they haven’t played a single league game yet. Must be predicting they won’t be able to hang with the big boys in their new league and Division and will be begging to go down to a lower level to compete. I suggested in these posts that DR should be put in the sierra league during the last re-alignment.

  • DRanchhhh

    What an incredibly horrible group of officials at the Chaffey game. I have never seen such horrible calls, wait….yes I have. Either way looks like the coaches have somewhat gotten it together. I didnt realize how many weapons we had. I still say we need another QB but I guess we will have to wait until he matures.

    Without those BS calls (3) major ones, we easily go up 35-8. Boo at the refs who officiated that game and read this blog. You guys sucked major balls!!

  • the truth

    My o my, the ranch has some talent and do play hard but they make silly mistakes and the coaches really need to be able to adjust on the run. How chaffey was able to run the same play over and over, and we not able to stop it is crazy. Adjust adjust adjust. At least a few of the players on defense figured it out, why not the coaches?

    But watch out the ranch has unleashed the CP. Chase price is finally getting his shot at tailback where he should have been the whole time. Reward the pt to those that have the desire, attitude, and ability and dont cause headaches for others. Its about time. The QB is starting to come into his own and most of the time throws a nice pass. Isolate harris more often and oh my what a weapon, use it. And lets see the wildcat, if you are scared to run the qb then put a rb there and let him run.

    Good luck vs DB its about time but beware what youve asked for roddy, they are small but pretty good. Should be a close game and hopefully the players win or lose it not the coaches.

    Dranch 24 D Bar 21 ranch wins in last minute on a 40 yard field goal by jeff stamp.

  • the truth

    why bag on the refs, dranch held and they called a chaffey td back on holding so maybe it goes both ways. stop crying.

  • Aaron

    I knew Chaffey would give DR a game as can be seen by the score. Congrats to DR for getting their first win…now I’m wondering how next week will go.

  • Panther Fan

    Chaffey did not get a TD called back on a holding call. Chaffey’s ball carrier was brought down at the five yard line when that holding call was made. You must be thinking of the time the announcer was calling a TD when he saw the ref in the back of the end zone holding his arms up in a Y-position, which is not the indication for a TD. Chaffey was being spotted on the one yard line. It was the next play that chaffey’s running back was hit at the two yard line and fumbled the ball through the end zone as mentioned in my earlier post.

  • Aaron

    Congrats to Azusa continuing to win. Joe Scherf has done an excellent job there. Seriously three years ago how many people would think they could even attempt to be a top team in their division?

  • Not Impressed

    Whooppie Azusa I mean come on….Gabrielino!
    Why not beat up your sister or little brother.

  • lamfo

    The Ranch is a serious trouble

    Chaffey really????

    The tide has turn and the Ranch is in trouble Pomona and DB look like they on the the path of turning the corner and when DB kicks your but it will become even morew obviouse.

    The kids you have been stealling from DB & Pomona now have reasons NOT to go to the Ranch so they wont.

    What a shore lived uneventfully run you had. Nothing to show for it but some runner up plaques.

    Next step coach finds some reason to leave in the of season.

  • AMAT 73

    Nice job by the AZTECS last night. Your defense is playing super. Good job and keep up the good work and that is a fine coach you guys have .

  • Aztec c/o 2010

    @not impressed.
    haha im sorry sir but our football team is not here to impress you or anyone. they are here to play some football something you absolutely are ignorant about. no matter who the school is its still a W so hate on that sir. haters gon’ hate.

  • Not Impressed

    @ Aztec c/o 2010 Obviously you didn’t think that beating Gabrielino isn’t impressive as in your own words state you don’t have to impress anyone.
    Well you are right Son. We totally agree, you impressed no one.

  • football jones

    Azusa stats,

    Critics can whine & moan all they’d like, however the Aztecs have outscored their opponents 113 – 10.

    That’s Impressive.