Saturday Morning Quarterback: West Covina pulls trifecta, outlasts Glendora; Bishop Amat routs rival Damien; San Dimas rallies from 21 down to beat M-Town; Bonita shuts out Baldwin Park, now 4-0; South Hills, Charter Oak, Rowland all lose

Saturday injury update: Charter Oak QB Travis Santiago did not break his ankle on Friday. X-Rays were negative, leaving him with a sprained ankle and out for an indefinite period.

Friday’s results
Bishop Amat 42, Damien 7 — The Lancers were dominant throughout, leading 35-0 at halftime. QB Rio Ruiz had a breakthrough game, throwing for 200 plus yards and two TDs.
Rancho Cucamonga 40, Charter Oak 28 — The Cougars have the Chargers’ number, improving to 2-0-1 against them over the last three years. It’s a big setback, the Chargers can’t seem to win the big marquee encounters. Even worse, word is Chargers QB Travis Santiago suffered a sprained ankle on the last play. Does that mean Josiah Thropay takes over next week?
West Covina 33, Glendora 28 — Can we forget Covina? In all seriousness, if the Bulldogs aren’t the No. 1 ranked team in the Southeast next week, the pollsters aren’t paying attention.
Bonita 29, Baldwin Park 0 — Did I just say West Covina should be No. 1 in the Southeast? Yup, I forgot about the guys in green, who make an equally compelling argument.
Tesoro 59, South Hills 6 — This wasn’t just a loss, this was another humbling defeat for the Huskies, who get Monrovia on Thursday.
Diamond Bar 31, Brea Olinda 28 — The Brahmas have all the momentum they need going into next week’s Hacienda opener against Diamond Ranch.
San Dimas 35, Monrovia 34, OT — Amazing. The Saints trailed 28-7 heading into the fourth, scored 21 unanswered points and won in overtime. If you’re Monrovia, you’re only hope is you win the rematch come December.
Walnut 49, Covina 42, OT — The Colts finally surrender their first loss, which is a huge boost to the Mustangs’ confidence.
Hart 44, Arroyo 3 — With or without QB Steven Rivera, it wouldn’t of made a difference.
Wilson 36, La Puente 20 — The Wildcats beat a good team, it makes you wonder what their Valle Vista league chances really are.
Chino 47, Northview 30 — Looks like it’s going to be another long year for the Vikings.
Chino Hills 48, Pomona 13 –– Even though Pomona was undefeated, you kind of expected this.
Rosemead 21, San Marino 7 — The Panthers finally get in the win column.
Claremont 24, Rowland 21 — Didn’t see this coming at all, but when two good teams meet, anything can happen.
Sierra Vista 42, Keppel 12 — Dons offense continues to roll heading into the Montview.
Nogales 40, South El Monte 19 — Nobles, like Wilson, could be another VVL contender.
Ayala 34, Los Altos 7 — Could be a long, long season for the Conqs
Workman at Montclair, NA
Garey at Ganesha, NA

Video highlights and Interviews from Bishop Amat – Damien with Chino Hills Tom, the Inland Insider.

Don’t miss the thrilling finish to San Dimas, Monrovia either

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  • Aaron

    It has been a great year so far at the Varsity level for the Bearcats who are currently undefeated at 3-0 and they roll into Bravetown again. Last year the BP crowd was a non-factor when they were undefeated and barely anyone came. Not sure what to expect as far as Bearcat fan travel right now, but it should be better than Santa Fe considering it’s right there.

    Great year on the lower levels Bonita Frosh are 4-0 with a 38-0 victory over the Braves and the JVs are 3-1 with a 32-7 victory over the Braves.

  • JFR

    Giant test for CO tonight, Rancho’s front five are 300+ and can move. CO needs to make up for that 14-0 lead-choke job from last year, the kids still have that bad taste in their mouths which is a good thing.

    BA and Bonita in BLOWOUTS.

  • BOHI Coach

    I am a fan of the lower level teams at BOHI but I hope you understand scores like 38-0 are not an indication of how good they are rather than how bad your opponent is. One sided games do not help move the experience levels along like they need to be. Teams grow from challanges.

  • Wilson LP game a little bit more interesting

    Moe Vega hasn’t practiced all week, and will not be playing tonight according to sources within the program, or will he? This will not be the first time Vega missed practice all week and Zavala will still play him game day.

  • RCCOugars

    JFR, Choke job??? I think Rancho just made more plays and woke up and started just playing football. Rancho Has not been playing well this year yet. Will this be the week we finally put up 4 qtrs of football? If Rancho plays for 4 qtrs and doesn’t choke (as JFR would say)I know we will win this game. It definately will be a dog fight, but I think Rancho will eventually wear them down with their size. Charter Oaks passing game is better than the first three weeks we have seen, so that will be a big test for the secondary of Rancho. Hopefully it will be a great entertaining game.

  • JFR


    Sounds like your already starting to get that excuse machine rolling. It would be a HUGE blow to RC if you guy’s lost to the new little kids on the block. Your right about one thing, we need to keep our D off the field because that is one big a$$ front five.

  • Hefe

    Where’s the Bell Gardens-Cantwell pick??

  • SG Valley

    Cougar – I’m not going to mince my words because you RC guys always come on here and smash the Valley. That being said, Charter Oak IS going to be your first test and it will be a test you will FAIL! Your defense is weak! Your secondary is the weak link and CO will EXPOSE IT! the only thing you may have going for you is your OL. Take the over because CO is going to throw some points on the board tonight as Payback for the past few meetings. It will be a shoot-out, ONLY if your offense shows up and can get past the CO defense. If CO defense shows up, good night Kitty cat! Just a little smack talk to get things going 🙂 Good Luck RC (you’re gonna need it) and injury free as always!

  • cat parent

    in regards to Vega, i hear you say that he hasnt practiced all week and might not play?Cuz he was hurt right?and if hes still been at practice everyday and is healthy by tonight why shouldnt he play in the game?stop worrying about what goes on with the team just sit in the stands and watch the game with everyone else!!

    Good Luck tonight WIlson!!

  • FredJ

    I know this game is big for Monrovia, but how big? Here area sample of comments on Miguel’s blog this morning on the Cats’ rematch with San Dimas…

    MtownOneLove said:

    Dear Lancers?

    These Wildcats are going to be true to their name tonight, “WILDCats” They are out for blood they have assured that they are going to go Braveheart on you guys and won’t be satisfied until they put a hurting on your team and pride! Seriously and this is no joke, Monrovia is straight out playing for Pride and when you mention Pride and Monrovia in the same sentence you paint a picture of a massacre! SD you guys are going to eat Each and every comment you guys have made since the Title game last year, I assure you Lancers Once again that the Wildcats will win on the field and if your fans got a little jumpy I’m positive
    September 24, 2010 9:36 AM
    MTownOneLove said:


    I know some of the Monrovia players and I know first hand that they are going out for blood! This is not just a game, its about pride, and when you speak of pride when talking about Monrovia you are talking enough pride for 10 teams!
    I hate to say this but I feel for some of these SD players, because these Wildcats are going to be ruthless and go Brave heart style on the Lancers.
    September 24, 2010 9:16 AM
    Goldenarm said:


    I don’t think M-towners needed to see that picture to remind them. On the other hand, San Dimas may need it to remember a better day for them. Monrovia by 14 tonight.

    Every week you seem to revel in adding a comment regarding TC not having a shot at victory. EVERY GAME THIS YEAR the Rams will be underdogs and slotted to lose. I can’t remember such a time in TC history. Were down, but by no means dead. If you fire the gardner, don’t feed and water the plants for months – don’t expect the roses to bloom bright and healthy overnight.
    McFarland will find us a win somewhere down the road.

  • sgv

    I think the Lp and wilson game is gonna be interesting tonight good luck to both team but i think LP can pull an upset tonight.

  • ghsalum08

    glendora i think will win in close one

    Hopin co will beat rancho and then glendora beats rancho and los osos and upland those teams are the toughest comin up in nxt few weeks not sure about etiwanda i dont think there that good are they?

  • Aaron

    BOHI Coach,

    My response to you is that blowouts are very good for the program as long as the two and threes get to play in the game. That’s what happened yesterday: the second and third teams go to play and have fun. Those guys go to play a nice chunk of the third quarter and the entire fourth quarter.

    It’s not good for us if only 30 kids get playing time on the lower level teams, if they get plenty of time in regular games that’s what makes Bonita get better.

    It’s also the same for the JV as well, when the coaches can rotate as many people to get them valuable experience the better for the players when they are on Varsity and running onto the field Friday nights.

  • Spartan Fan

    Let’s cause an upset! We have faith in you Spartans! GO SPARTANS!!

  • miracle heartt

    Go Spartans varsity team… You guys can do it i have faith in all of you especially #8 Michael Arkfeld Go Get Them!!! Dont let the other team have the ball!!! We will be right there cheering yall all on!!! GOOD LUCK!!! YOU CAN ALL DO IT!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!

  • SD MOM

    MtownOneLove: First of all Dude SD is not Lancers…..Duh…. We Are SAINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!The championship game I heard the same song and dance then too…. then the next day after we won OUR Beautiful CIF RING it was the Rain!!!!! Really blame it on whatever you want, Win or lose tonight We have a Ring!!!Do the wildcats????

  • SD MOM

    MtownOneLove: First of all Dude we are not Lancers…. We are The SAINTS!!!! i dont know how you would forget that the Saints beat you in the Championship!!!!!! The Day after we won our Beautiful CIF RING you guys were on here blaming the rain… or lose we have a Ring!!! do the WildCats?????? keep trying!!

  • Great Game Tonight at Kiefer Stadium

    Amat will come out with their guns blazing tonight. It’s time for Rio to fire on all cylinders tonight. Shay and Moore are looking real good and the Offensive Line are opening up big running lanes. The boys in Blue will not let their school and fans down. Sorry Spartans and Spartanettes there will be no Miracles and no upset tonight at Kiefer.

    However we will treat you to a great evening full of excitement, great food, great crowds and tail gates. But Amat comes out shining tonight!!

    Hoping for a great game (hopefully not lopsided) and injury free football!



    This one is for you, Whats going on with those 5 D1 recruits at La Mirada? Looks like coaching staff cant find a way to get that team firing on all cylinders. Too bad guess its going to come down to Norwalk, West Covina and Bonita in the playoffs.

  • RCCougars

    SG Boy, I never smashed the valley, but maybe if you guys can start beating some inland teams we will stop smashing you. One thing your right about CO will be the toughest test to date and I never said we would smash them. Now our dee has been playing straight up vanilla dee not having to throw any schemes to beat the weak teams we have played to this date. I am sure you will see a different defense tonight.

    Now our offense is pretty much unstoppable, we have used about 10 different plays from our playbook to win the first three games. I am sure the playbook will be wide open tonight, and your right it must just be a shoot out…

    CO had one tough game and they lost to Glendora, so do not think you have played any quality teams beside them. You guys beat up on two weak teams as well as we did..I am sure farar will have his team ready to play well and I did think it would be an entertaining game. Our first home game so we should be read to play also..

  • Dranchhhh

    Got my money on AMAT, BoHi, Cov, CH, Ganesha, CH tonight…Lets Gooooo




  • just sayin’

    RCCougars – As for the valley “beating some inland teams we will stop smashing you” – I got a couple things for you
    read ’em and weep

  • AMAT 73

    Hope Lou and the team bring all tonight . Big game and an even bigger statement to the IE . Good luck and rep the SGV with pride.
    CO – 17
    RC – 10

  • Real Housewives of Horsethief Canyon

    its a bad season until you find some more 200 pounders to replace the four you had when you were winning. A ring is nice and everything but last years fun doesn’t do much for this years guys. Quit barking like a chihuahua locked in the garage.

  • C/O Tonight


    Lets hope tonights game is the same as the past 2 years. Both teams playing well and a close game. Big Lou and the other coaches like to play R.C. and seem the have a bond with your coaches. Again lets hope for a good injury free game. Tonight will be fun. GO CHARGERS!!!!!

  • Amat tested

    Amat will have a harder time than you think of opening holes in the Damien line. Likewise, Damien has a good running game as well. I predict it to be low scoring. Hope it’s not a blow-out.

  • RCcougars

    AMAT 73,

    If CO scores 17 points tonight, I will guarantee they will lose. There is no way they will hold us to 10 points.

    We will just have to wait for tonight.

    RC 35 Co 17. Thats probably more realistic..

  • Reality

    Amat should beat these Damien powder puffs by 40. Anything else would be a moral victory for this extremely weak Spartan team.

  • Amat Dude

    Go Charter Oak! Even this ole dog is rooting for you guys to represent the SGV. Show those IE guys how it’s done in the SGV!

    Beat Rancho!

  • reality

    Amat by 10 tonite. Interesting outcome last nite in the Southeast. Harmless La Serna beats La Mirada 32-28. Most pre-season polls had L.M. with their 5 or 6 D1 players winning rings in a cakewalk. I guess football IS really about team.

  • CoCharger56

    My compliments to Mr. Tolegian. Do take the time if you haven’t had a chance to read his column. As a fan, an ol’has been, a coach, and as a father, I completely agree and empathize with Mr. Tolegian.

    Last Friday during the CO v. Esperanza game we witnessed a horrific play where an Esperanza player suffered a compound fracture to his left leg. According to Coach Kemp at Esperanza the player hurt was Travis Cooke #17. A senior wide receiver. Unfortunately his season is done and will be having surgery tomorrow morning. He has to have a plate put in to secure the bones that broke. In spite of the terrible injury, Coach let us know that Travis’ spirit is high and he will continue to support his team for the rest of the season. Isn’t that something? If you’ve been there, then you’ll know what I mean. Way to go Travis. Keep your chin up! We at Charter Oak wish Travis a speedy and full recovery.

    Good luck to all the boys suiting up tonight. Play with pride, have fun, and be well.

  • Bones

    Wow, a lot of action across the board this week ,eh? Still, I think Damien pulls for the win tonite…WesCov is in a raage since its loss to Covina, they’re rolling on all cylinders as of late, Glendora aint too shabby…Im rooting for the Bulldogs. Anyone gonna check-in live tonight at the Covina-Walnut game??

  • Don

    Good luck to ALL of the guys tonight:

    Bearcats, Chargers, and Lancers.

    Bravetown tonight, love those carne asada burritos; next week we’ll check out that new turf on Covina Blvd.

  • cooking

    Don by the way will SDMOM, be cooking burittos tonight?

  • Joe Amat

    Reprinted from September 11, 2009 9:51 AM


    I love this “Sunset at Keifer” photo for a number of reasons. The anticipation of the game is only one thing, but this is a great time. Moods are great, it’s a time to mingle catch up with others before kickoff, make the rounds and see the regulars, and I always take time to remember those that have passed and gave so much by roaming the sidelines as Lancers in a variety of roles like founding Principal Msgr. Keifer, chaplain Msgr Cremiins, Coaches Joe Rodger and Bob Woods, equipment man Chuck Stanzione, and longtime boosters like Kick Katusic, Steve Lesko and Jim Wiard among many others.

    Notice a few things. The sun hasn’t set, teams are not out, the pep squad is still in there game-day sweats and not yet in full uniforms. This is probably closer to 6:30 in anticipation for the 7:30 kickoff. And the home stands are already nearly FULL! Some fans arrived at 2:20 when school was released to put down blankets and reserve seats even as the team is just getting ready to go to chapel. Cars usually start arriving during the teams booster-served pre-game meal in the faculty house and are there when the team goes on their wander walk past the Grotto on their way back to the locker room to mentally prepare.

    I want to point out some special things about taking in the atmosphere at Keifer during this time of the early evening that you only get if you’re there. You enter through the wide variety of tailgates (that get a bad rap mind you. GREAT food, friendship and hospitality – even for visitors if your nice!). Once passed the new ticket booth you’ll enter the “fair-like” atmosphere of crowds, souveniers, and concessions. Behind the photographer in this picture is Amat’s own weekly In-n-Out truck and the smell that begs you to stop. On the photographers right is some great kettle korn – usually for dessert – if you choose not to go for the funnel cake or cappuccino.

    Game day is so much more than just a game. God-speed to all.

    Game Time!

  • SD MOM

    Real houswives of Jealousy…… You Jealous are you? its ok maybe one day your kid will win a Ring!!!!

  • coat tails

    SDMOM, didn’t your son graduate two seasons ago, when they lost too Rosemead??? ALL THAT CRYING YOU DID ON HOW THE ROSEMEAD FANS WERE MEAN! HAHAHHH…


    Quit riding last years win, to make up for the ROSEMEAD SPANKING!




    7-0 C0

  • http://dsfasff bearcat fan

    SD mom
    i like how all you do is talk about last year we get that you got your ring last year but its a new year and sd is a shadow of what it was last year so your players better start focusing on the present instead of last year or else you may be in trouble in league

  • ptown

    Pomona 0 Chino hills 28
    9:03 left in 2nd


    21-21 CO/Rancho haltime.


    21-21 CO/Rancho haltime.

  • Beep beep dan

    C/O 21 R/C 21 at the half

  • Saints

    Halftime M 21. SD 7

  • saints

    End of 3rd
    M 28 SD 7
    WE NEED A QB!!

    Billycats came out to Play.
    Too many mistaclkes, fumbles, stupid stuff. Monrovia took advantage of all!!

  • Beep beep dan

    C/O 28 R/C 21 4th

  • Ro

    is the Inland Insider Mr Tom Kiss? Fred

  • Panther Fan

    Brea Olinda 28 (3)
    Diamond Bar 23

    Canyon 10 (F)
    Santa Margarita 63

  • pins and needles

    can’t wait to hear COChargerfan and Observantcat on this one! (not to mention SGVsWorst!)

  • kh

    bearcats cruise home 29 to 0 thats 3 points allowed in last two games with this week off.

  • Chalk n Cheeeeeeeze


    LOL! Do you understand why your coach has made a career out of dodging the Pac-5 Elites?

    Ya’ll can’t even handle Rancho Cucamonga!

  • jcjpackfan

    fred, looks like all YOUR favs got their azzzzz whooped tonight, CO, SH(wheres the guru now) Glendora, Damien(er napoleon gg)………… it is now and has been for 50 years AMAT and then the rest, hats off to WC on their win, they had the ballz and courage to play Amat close the last 2 years, a classy program indeed, nice of the trib to promote all the coaches at LA,CO,SH on their lower division rings, WAY LOWER lol

  • JFR

    Bigger than the loss of the game is the loss of Travis Santiago on the 2nd to last play of the game. RC’s mike backer drew a personal for a late hit and jacked his ankle. It doesn’t look good because he was in serious pain on the sideline and he’s one tough kid.

  • football jones

    Wilson / LP musings,

    A couple of bonehead calls by LP staff ruined a good performance on both sides of ball.

    1)1st quarter LP leading 7-0, warriors pinned at their 20, they go for it on 4th and 1, HUH? Fails miserably, Wilson ties.

    2)2nd quarter, score tied 7-7, LP again pinned deep, 4th down, they fake punt. WHAT???? Again fails miserably, Wilson takes lead 14-7.

    3)30 seconds till half, LP receives kick-off, attempts fancy reverse, fumble of course, Wilson picks up ball & runs back for TD, 21-7.


    Rohrer and staff, more gimmicks!!!!

    Warriors moved ball well and defense was respectable.

    Just play good,solid, field position football.

  • 42-7 Happy 25th Anniversary Gano!

    Like I said there will be no miracles or upset at Kiefer tonight. Amat will shine. We pulled the dogs off the terrible mauling at the end of the 3rd quarter or else the score would have been more lopsided than it was.

    I was really looking forward for these green face painted kids called the Pit to scream their annoying chants…..but they got silenced all night and had their poor thunder stolen….awe shucks!

    Oh Happy 25th Anniversary Gano, I know you don’t want anything to do with Amat anymore!

  • James Wright

    Fred if you give Pasq credit for being a good coach again im going to barf. We could have & should have ran the ball down WEST COVINA throat, but no he’s still trying to make Jeffries the hero with no experienced recievers. But thats not the problem. I have watched that thirty defences “thats three down linemen defence sits back and plays virtally a zone and gives up yard after yard & 30 points a game has never stoped anyone in three years. Whats the old saying keep doing the same thing & expect a different result, its assnine. Unless that coching staff wakes up & someone grows some balls we will get our brains beat out againts league

  • LOL

    The biggest factor that Bishop Amat has over Damien is,quite simply, girls.

  • LOL

    The biggest factor that Bishop Amat has over Damien is,quite simply, girls.

  • Warriors Killed themselves

    Football jones.
    Come on man the fourth and one early was classic I going to shove this in your face. Roher pulls that off and he is a genius. Come on now we marched down the field with no problems.
    The fake punt ahhhhhh that was iffy, Ill give you that.
    Cant blame the staff for a fumble just look at our kids they carry the ball so loose if I was watching film on us Id be swatting at us all day long. Its so bad!
    Defense was good, what game were you watching coach was having a fit getting those guys to tackle, missed tackles cost us a whole bunch of first downs.
    We blew that one and we have no one to blame for this loss with our poor play.

  • Ro

    after a 56-7 tesoro victory over south hills and Tesoro beating santa margarita, Chino Hills victory over tesoro is the most impressive this year.


    If Bishop Amat had left their 1st string players in, the score could have been 63-7.

  • Beep beep dan

    C/O 28 R/C 21 4th

  • jcjpackfan

    fred, once again, you confuse all the lower division rings with competence, look at what your 3 gurus of coaching accomplished tonight, napoleon whupped at AMAT, again and gurus daddy whupped at Tesoro and grandpa, whupped at RC………… are you gonna drop them and start covering VB, you know the sport that you just found out about the libero after you published the all SGV team with out one, ? ahhh freddie ……go get me a double latte boy

  • RCcougars

    Well I guess the big fish ate the little fish again. O-line just too much in the end.
    40 to 28 final rancho wins. SGV maybe next year boys..

  • Just Saying

    The La Puente game reminded me of the Puents games againt Baldwin Park and Azusa last year game that they should have and could have won if they stopped the stupid brain farts

  • Ro

    after a 57-6 tesoro victory over south hills and a victory over santa margarita,chino hills victory over tesoro is the most impressive victory of the year.

  • Norco

    Norco 35
    Upland 21

    Norco gave up a garbage TD to Upland with 1:30 to go…

  • Not Surprised

    @ James Wright it only get’s worse after next week.
    Fred has never called Pasqy a great coach just a good coach which he is. You get what you got with Pasquarella and at Glendora as you know that is just fine with the folks. It’s about winning league not CIF Championships

  • rccougars

    well san gabriel good effort from CO, but just not enough..told you that our offense was unstoppable. Big Fish 1 little fish 0..
    Maybe next year CO if you want us again. We return 15 starters next year…probably no hope for you CO, better stay with the little teams out in the San Gabriel Valley..HAHAAA….

  • Frank

    Wow, Amat seriously destroyed Damien, this game was over very early. Amat’s offense looked really good tonight, it almost looked to easy, maybe Damien shouldnt of had their varsity kids play on thursdays JV game, winning varsity games is what really counts.

  • dick slivers

    I agree with packfan, what happened to the 3 appointed gods of sgv football coaches tonight, GG was humbled, big time, Tesoro opened up a whole case of whup azz on SH and then grandpa lou loses to RC again , he’s not won in 3 tries, oh my

  • big time tartan

    West Covina has the most underated QB in the valley George Johnson is one cool customer, and their coaching staff is as good as they come. I am a tartan fan and I don’t mind losing to solid team like that, they deserve the win tonight. We had alot of turnovers and good teams cash them in!!!!!

  • knows it all

    hey guru, what up, you could have driven 2 miles to Amat and get the same whooping, you’re weak, very weak, karma got you with the transfer Cr@@@@p

  • Holy @#$%!

    Amat gets Wallace Gonzalez next week.

  • James Wright

    Congrats Cougers, we have the talent to play you , can we borrow your coaches!

  • James Wright

    Re big time tartan
    Pasq is that you!

  • whitey

    on tonights coveritlive, you had guys talking about WC and a state bowl game, omg the ignorance, you have a loss to Covina on your record, you have not won your Division77 yet, the only school in the SGV with a shot is Amat and they have to go 14-0…….nobody, NOBODY else has a shot at all ! good night now

  • Norco = Overrated


    You fools almost lost to Etiwanda and gave up over 500 total offensive yards! Watta joke!

    Are you still thanking the Almighty that Etiwanda had 4 turnovers?

    Norco = Overrated

  • Colt74

    Walnut 49
    Covina 42

    First off…Congrats to Walnut!

    Was not at the game so my fist impression of the score was BOTH teams defenses went to the wrong address but Walnuts showed up first. Can’t wait to read about this in the AM.

  • reality

    “Look, the emperor has no clothes” Covina, Glendora, Rowland, La Mirada, Monrovia, Damien, South Hills. Still clothed, Amat, West Covina, Bonita, Claremont, Azusa, Diamond Bar.

  • LP Fan,


    What did you do to our boys? Wilson didnt even play that #5 kid. And their starting QB seemed to still be injured. Those were senseless calls out there.. You made Wilson coaches look good. We ran all over that week D for some huge yardage, this loss belongs to you coach!

  • Reality

    CO fans take notice. GHS turned the ball over way to much to a very good team and we lost. Nuff said. No whining or crying THATS FOOTBALL!!
    Props to a well coached WC team.

  • Norco

    Yes…we are overrated…


    LOL: Did you say that Bishop Amat only has an edge because they have girls? Did yoy call the Damien Principal and requst they should send their JV Team instead. You are mistaken. They have ball players who know how to play footbal.

    I’m a little perplexed, some sports writer stated that Damien had a chance for an upset!

    I think Mr. sports writer, you should never leave your real job. I can not trust your judgement any longer.

  • Ex-Warrior

    To you dumb people are hating on the LP coaching staff. quit hating on the coaches. they are the reason why the LP program had turned around from 2 years ago. You shouldn’t be questioning the coaches decisions.
    At least it wasnt 3rd and 16 and they run a I-right Iso right.
    Dont blame the coaches. Blame the person who missed their assignment on that specific play.

  • Ashamed Alumn

    La Puente High School gets a bad rap. It’s obvious Wilson is the no class undisciplined ghetto crap on the field and in the stands of the district. Hey Wilson coach I have never seen a more out of control sideline in my life.How many on that staff have college degrees? Maybe one.
    And the parents in the stands you are nothing but and bunch of scum low life JAA wanna be’s gangbangers. The foul language and your know it all attitudes made me wanna puke as an alumni.
    How embarrasing but nice win but I’m never going back until the low life leaves.

  • Amat Dad 05070912

    To Phantom Fan:

    Did you see what happened to Damien when they tried to play with the big boys?

    You have no idea what you are in for next week.

    Be careful what you wish for!

    After Amat beats Cathedral next week, they will want to schedule Cantwell and Salesian next year.

    Cantwell and Salesian will kick your A– next year!!!

    Let’s Go Amat!!!!!

  • Dan

    Glendora nice game, your boys played hard,
    Chad Jefferies is every bit as advertised, he’s scary whenever we go against him, he’s got a rocket arm and can thread the needle too. #4 Holms is a talented player too.
    Bulldogs you make us proud, great game, next week Walnut, stay focused and keep up the hard work, thanks for making my weekend.

  • Wait a minute

    LP Fan, said:
    What did you do to our boys? Wilson didnt even play that #5 kid. And their starting QB seemed to still be injured. Those were senseless calls out there.. You made Wilson coaches look good. We ran all over that week D for some huge yardage, this loss belongs to you coach!

    And all the missed tackles,fumble,and blown covergae is coaches fault. you cant be serious.

  • Cathedral You are Next!

    There is no more Amat-Damien Debate. Amat is hands down in a different class than Damien. Amat vs. Gano is done with, he will never renew the contract no matter what their alumnus says. Amat keeps looking more improved and stronger with each week.

    Let’s focus on next week. Beat those Cathedral Phanthoms/Ghosts or whatever they call themselves.

    Who are you gonna call?…… Ghost Busters! Hahahahahaha.

  • the truth

    w cov is one of the best coached teams I have seen in quite awhile. There offense is a machine with creative plays that play to the strength of their athletes. (hear this D ranch) And they let the QB run and run he does. Their trap, counters, naked bootlegs, and power run plays were executed with unreal precision. Wow wow wow.

    Granted Glendora turned the ball over but the small market team still outplayed them. As for Glendora QB, outstanding player and tough as nails. He got hit or creamed on a TD pass which we all thought put him out of the game and then comes in for the 2 point conversion. Great passer in the pocket or on the run and he has great speed. Lots of fun to watch. Sure would have been fun to have him throw to the kid that transferred to amat. oh well he finally gets to play after what seems like 2 seasons.

    Sorry to hear about CO qb if hurt. Hes a great athlete. Looks like the new hacienda league is going to have some great games. They start next week.

  • smallcity

    Boy! I was way off on this one. Amat absolutely torched Damien.

    How about some individual player stats.

  • LA Conq


    Was the Ayala beat down of LA so bad that they don’t even get a score on the blog?

    Last I heard it was 28-0 at half. Anyone got the final?

  • ghs

    garey 35-0ganesha

  • SaintsR4real


    hate to say it, but eat CROW baby!

    Good job Steve… u just saw San Dimas’ greatest game this decade!!

    Thank you Monrovia for bringing your game, and that was your game (NO EXCUSES).

    Congrats boys and Coaches, you guys stayed tough as always and wouldn’t give up. Your parents were stunned but knew you had and have it in you.
    Don’t know what the future holds, but the boys believe they have more control than ever!!

    Did I not say Fred, that when u and Miguel predicted against SD that the only thing you were doing was jinxing them…BELIEVE IT!!

  • Oh what a game


  • Fashion Statement

    Nice uniforms Glendora NOT! Seeing red yet?

  • Bobby Bulldog

    Dear Fred,

    After picking against West Covina three straight weeks (you chose Venice,South Hills and Glendora). We are kindly asking you not to jump on the Bulldog Bandwagon. We are doing fine without you.

    In fact, the only time you picked us to win was vs Covina, and some pretty bizarre things happened in the last few minutes of that game.

    Fred, you are now a perfect 0 for 4 when its comes to picking the West Covina Games.

    Walnut defeated Covina this week. So it should not surprise you that we are hoping you will select the Walnut Mustangs when we play them next Friday.


    Blah-Blah-Blah LP cry me a river!!! u guys got handled 2nite in offense, defense, and special teams… u play WILSON 10 times u lose 10 times

  • Blue and Gold Stud

    Great victory Amat!

    The only reason Damien scored a touchdown was because the second unit played the entire 4th quarter. If both 1st team offense & defensive units played for stats,it could of been 56-0.

    Damien stopped only 1 drive of Amat to force a punt(for 3 quarters)Amat’s DEFENSE allowed Damien only 3-4 first downs for the same 3 quarters!!!!!

    Even Fred has to be impressed by the defense and what he saw with his own eyes, Juarez, Gener, Bowens, Sanchez, Casarez, Varela, Orduno, putting the big hit on Damien. Great job Amat coaches!

    Good luck Spartans the rest of the way and if you elect not to play us next year, it’s perfectly understandable.

    Go big blue!

  • Wilson Family


    Where did that comment about our parents come from. I didn’t hear or see any negative comments coming from our parents. Which one of your 20 parents that showed up heard these comments.

    Sorry but 4th and 1 on your 20 yard line up 7-0 and you are trying to justify that was a good play going for it. I have one comment on that and all the Wilson parents will understand.

    A HOYD move!

    That was the biggest single reason why you lost that game.

    We didn’t play a great game, but yes you did hand it to us on a silver plater.

    Please tell your coach Thank You!

  • Observantcat

    Hats off to San Dimas. They made an incredible come from behind Win. There are really no excuses. But the good thing is that this is a preseason game as opposed to the play offs. I believe that a lot of Cat fans were perplexed by the outcome of the game as they left in the 4th quarter assuming that Monrovia would bring home a victory especially after leading by 21 pts in the 4th. Monrovia played hard and found their defense early in the game as most of us expected. Nick was keyed on early and often as the game progressed. I felt as though Nick was choosing to force his passing game and this was not the night to try anything out of his ordinary powers. As I told you Saints4real, Our D is our secret weapon, but as we all know when the secret gets out you must adjust and the San Dimas Coach’s found us sleeping in the fourth quarter on the right side. I think overall it was a great game from start to finish with some of the most electrifying hits I’ve seen in a long time. This game will make both teams much stronger as the season progresses and will make for the game of the year if both teams proceed to make into another finals match-up. I really dont see either team losing but who know’s anything is possible. Look at what went down tonight.

  • the critic

    lol…how dare anyone talk about muir after bishop amat destroyed damien atleast muir was in the game without starters and u guys say damien was a tougher opponent, stop it 42-7 wow 35-0 at the half lol…i think its time for u bloggers to really evaluate these teams and rank them differently ruiz completed only 3 passes on muir for 145 yards which included and 83 yarder on a ply were as the muir safety tried to jump a slant route in man d and it deflect off his arm so u do the math on that and a messed up hike from the backup center that led to another bishop amat score not taking anything from the number ranked team in the sgv which truly deserve it but muir is by far there toughest opponent hurt and all….just ask the coach and players where as bishop amat went to a goal line type formation most of the game…..smh at all u bloggers yall just bias…..GO amat the best team in the sgv…



  • 50/50?

    Does anyone know the 50/50 drawing amount at Amat/Damien game? It HAD to be over $1,000.00.

  • Rccougars

    Where are all you CO people..Talking trash before the game and then after we send you home a loser dead silence.. Rancho 2 SGV 0. Beat both of your so called CIF champs two weeks in a row. San Dimas already told our coaches they dont want to play us next year.. What is that? That was right after our game, and we played horrible, just think if we played a good game.
    SGV maybe next year, not..HAHAHAHa….

  • counting the money

    the 50/50 drawing at the Amat game last night was a few quarters shy of 3g’s….

  • maybe?

    or it proves South Hills is extremely overrated, as always

  • take notes

    COCF – this is for you

    Reality said:

    CO fans take notice. GHS turned the ball over way to much to a very good team and we lost. Nuff said. No whining or crying THATS FOOTBALL!!
    Props to a well coached WC team.
    September 24, 2010 11:48 PM

  • Cougars don’t like Men in Blue

    The only Team in the SGV to Beat Rancho Cucamonga twice is Amat. Maybe we should renew the contract next year. I heard they got some beefy and speedy players that Amat could use in the future.

  • kh

    whitey as you say amat plays at the highest level,
    so saying that,amat nation is kind of making a side out for the playoff run..
    thats ok,
    it is rough playing against team who recuit better then you guys,
    so 14 – 0 not likely.we all will agree.
    put down the hater hat and think ,what if bonita went 14 – 0 cif champs,any chance ? whitey.
    we get back starter g.p. who already was suited up last night,he will take over when coach thinks hes 100%.with the bye week and bonita 4-0 we should be sitting just under the great amat at # 2 in the poles waiting like a stark for the nation to slip again there position so bearcat sensations will roam the foothills praying on weak roadants that lerk in our paths.
    whitey g.p. is 6-5 d-1 style type qb. please dont start debating g.p. leave the players alone,you know better being a super star d-111 legend coach yourself.the only one that should have rights on the blog to report negitvely on players is the reporters,thats what they get paid for.not wash up old fart who hate all but one nation,
    in closing whitey you made me waste money on some blue moon pitcher,like the man i am,i was at warehouse and had my bonita hat on,like i said ,my son and the starting rb/cb was with me,
    was that you guys sitting out in the patio starring at us the whole time,dude dont call someone to join you out and you dont show,i felt like the date blow me second date brother not that kind of guy whitey you had the opt,fumble the ball,game over amat lose second round season another funk,bonita blows out second round getteing closer to the big dance.

  • reasons

    Bobby Bulldog – you let Fred down when he picked you against Covina. He started on your bandwagon and you kicked him off when you blew that one.easy tp pick againainst a team after taht one. good win.

  • pick & choose

    Rccougars – Not the whole SGV. You skipped this one
    As for the valley “beating some inland teams we will stop smashing you” – I got a couple things for you
    read ’em and weep

  • pick & choose

    Rccougars – Not the whole SGV. You skipped this one
    As for the valley “beating some inland teams we will stop smashing you” – I got a couple things for you
    read ’em and weep

  • pick & choose

    Rccougars – Not the whole SGV. You skipped this one
    As for the valley “beating some inland teams we will stop smashing you” – I got a couple things for you
    read ’em and weep

  • kh

    fred the d of bonita o points last night and 3 points against santa fe.
    santa fe will beat wc my friend,
    we limped home with that win.
    fred dont forget garrett p is back 6-5 qb love to throw the rock.maybe we will findly get to see two new faces on offense,now that casey h is down which is g.p. man,his second best reciever k.c.
    if you watched summer league boy g.p. and k.c. hooked up many times down the field.its working putting him only on d-less chance of getting hurt,but on the flip side less chance of bonita winning league and going deep in play-offs.thats why the head coaches get the big bucks to make the big moves.
    hey fred 28 points against wc last night .please before you make the stupit pick,make wc earn the jump over us,we will play them we are 4-0 fred there 3-1 whats wrong with them right on our butts ,it will make for a great game of the week show dont #2 verse #3 ,inless amat chokes but for now i dont see that,good solid team over in l.p. hieghts.
    we arer the team to beat at 4-0 fred wc got there lunch handed to them by covia

  • The San Gabriel Valley Amat Tribune

    The Amat Tribune blows it again! As a subscriber of your paper and a frequent lurker of its blogs I was not to surprised that Bishop Amat was on the front page of your rag. I was certainly expecting to see a little front page love for the San Dimas vs. Monrovia rematch though. The SD Monrovia and the WesCo Glendora game had to have been the most exciting games this week not a 42-7 blowout game! Enough is enough! Miguel Melendez blog actually had a pic of SD celebrating a victory but the hometown paper/blog did nothing. Its a shame.

  • The San Gabriel Valley Amat Tribune

    The Amat Tribune blows it again! As a subscriber of your paper and a frequent lurker of its blogs I was not to surprised that Bishop Amat was on the front page of your rag. I was certainly expecting to see a little front page love for the San Dimas vs. Monrovia rematch though. The SD Monrovia and the WesCo Glendora game had to have been the most exciting games this week not a 42-7 blowout game! Enough is enough! Miguel Melendez blog actually had a pic of SD celebrating a victory but the hometown paper/blog did nothing. Its a shame.

  • The San Gabriel Valley Amat Tribune

    The Amat Tribune blows it again! As a subscriber of your paper and a frequent lurker of its blogs I was not to surprised that Bishop Amat was on the front page of your rag. I was certainly expecting to see a little front page love for the San Dimas vs. Monrovia rematch though. The SD Monrovia and the WesCo Glendora game had to have been the most exciting games this week not a 42-7 blowout game! Enough is enough! Miguel Melendez blog actually had a pic of SD celebrating a victory but the hometown paper/blog did nothing. Its a shame.

  • sgvfootballfan

    Welcome to the world of DR,may this will prepare you for the playoffs if you make it that far

  • OMG

    I can’t believe how you people go on and on about Amat, Why? There game was a blow out. So they won big time against a team they knew they would beat. So, lets talk great game of the week. San Dimas showed who are the CIF Champs again to Monrovia. Great Game! Way to go Saints!

  • Colt74

    Got to give props to San Dimas for their win last night! ( I picked )

    Was blogging with a bunch over on the coveritlive
    Glendora-WC game and it was a good game. Hats off to WC !! ( I picked )

    Covina loses in a scorefest to Walnut. Did not see that one coming. ( I picked wrong ). A big hats off to Walnut.

    Here’s hoping that the injury to Travis Santiago is not too serious and wishing him and CO a speedy recovery. When a young man gets hurt it pretty much makes the rest of the scores and hoopla from Friday night trivial. Best wishes to him, his family, and his team.

  • pecking order

    Dear Los Angeles Times,
    You blew it again!
    The Rancho Cucamonga Quakes won the California League Southern Division Championship and took the San Jose Giants to 10 innings in the League Championship game. I don’t understand why you insist on putting the Dodgers on the front page. Its a shame.

  • Unreal…

    What a game over at Amat. The offense showed what it is capable of and we still don’t have Wallace Gonzalez suited up. I think this team will be one to reckon with for the rest of the season.

    Damien, thanks for showing up. You guys had the brass to schedule us but I’m afraid that it will be the last time we see you guys while Gano is coach.

    Jalen Moore is a monster! He was dragging spartans behind him on a regular basis last night. Rio looked great, made some good reads, delivered the ball wiht plenty of zip and made plays with his feet when plays broke down.

    Don’t know who 74 is but the boy can play. He played on both lines and got tons of push. Hats off to him.

    Atmosphere was electric on both sides to start the game. Only one thing bothered me and it was during prayer. Not sure if they couldn’t hear but the Damien Pit would not stop cheering during the pre-game prayer. I’m almost positive it’s because they couldn’t hear but I’m hoping they weren’t just blowing it off.

    Overall, great game.

    Congrats to West Covina on a huge Victory.

    GO AMAT!!!

  • Gonzaga Fan

    Watching the monrovia/San Dimas video I wondered – Was Adam Morrison – errrr – I mean Nick Bueno injured on that final play?

  • C/O football

    Rccougars, What game where you at?

    Come on now, you act like you guys kicked C/Os butt.. You have to admit that up until the end of the 4th, you were a bit nervous C/0 lead 3 times and was ahead 28 -21 in the 4th. The final score is not representative of the actual game. It was a hell of a lot closer than it looked, you have to admit. A great game to go watch.
    Not to take anything away from you, but the kick of return that was run back for a touchdown, was the first time all year that our kicker didnt kick it into the end zone, your guy did a great job jumping up and getting that ball at the 1 foot line. I guess everyone on C/O thought it was another touchback, and just watched as your boy ran by them at 60 mph.
    Not sure why after that we decide we are never kicking to him again? So we kick an onside kick? So we give you short yardage just before the half, had we kicked it and you started at the 20 you would have run out of time to score just before the half remember we were leading I believe there was only a few seconds left on the clock when you scored.
    Then we do another onside kick in the 4th. Not sure why again, with the kicker we have, and give you great field position again.
    We wont even get into what your player did to our quarterback, but CIF should suspend him for the rest of the year., or at least his coach should.. Cheap, real Cheap
    But you cant say you just handled C/O and they are way out of there league.

  • FredJ

    To answer the SGV Tribune blew it, the San Dimas picture on Miguel’s blog is from last year’s championship, not last night’s game. Look, we had three big games last night, sending our photographer to West Covina, Glendora, the game of the week. We didn’t ignore Monrovia-San Dimas, as you can see here, there is an 11 minute video highlights with interviews. For amat, we did the same thing, got interviews and highlights from Chino Hills Tom. Don’t know how that favors Amat, just trying to give all three big games equal billing, as well as recognize the story of the night was Travis Santiago’s injury at Charter Oak, which is why his picture leads this blog.

  • steppin’ up

    Now CO’s two biggest wins in the past 3 years are a tie to RC 2 yrs ago and making them “nervous” this year. C/O Football sounds like COChargerfan in disguise with all his excuses and second guessing

  • D-Mo

    Strange night at Los Osos.
    CO played a good game. I really thought we had those cougars, especially when they missed that extra point. When CO didn’t get that PI call on 4th down, you could feel the momentum die for the Chargers. Their youth is still showing, but you can tell that they are getting better evey week.
    I didn’t see exactly what happened to Travis, but it drew a flag from the ref. What a shame. The game was over at that point. Praying for a quick recovery. Moving Thropay back to QB means we loose a good reciever too.
    RC, nice game. You guys were a little too much for us again, but I could tell you knew you had your hands full all night with our youngsters.

  • Reality

    More whining and excuses geeeeeese! Be a man about it and stop acting like a WUSS!!!

  • baby blue nutter

    Covina v Walnut…to the delight of the fans on both sides, the run game was abandoned early. There had to be over 800 yards of offense. One of those games you hate to see either team lose. If you had Colt Vinny on your fantasy team, you are looking good right about now. Not sure how many yards receiving…but he had at least 4 TD’s. Watching both QB’s light it up was fun…well…probably not for the defenses.

    For Walnut, win or lose this game, it answered a few questions (I know…vague…I don’t like to get all personal on the childrens). Got a chance to see the offense open it up. Some good momentum for the game next week against WesCo. Good thing the Bulldogs aren’t hot right now (sarcasm)…

  • Time For Next Level – Wilson Coaches

    It’s true the program is moving forward at Wilson – but Champion teams do champion things //

    OK, play calling is much better but each week we still see awful play selection at times: but let’s start with smaller things:

    1) 8 personal fowls against Los Altos – 3 personal fowls against La Puente with an ejection – it seems the Wilson staff is OK with these type of things and a lack of discipline

    2) Wilson is the only team in the Valley Vista who does not even have a roster on Maxpreps – OK so you guys are too lazy to put up the stats like other teams – but to not even care about a simple thing such as a roster – is not the caliber of a champion team – if you need inspiration – just look at any of the MaxPreps Xcellent 25 sites – they will show you what champion teams do – and dont kid yourselves – the players look at these things – and want to see their names and stats

    3) for the second time in 3 years – Los Altos kicking team was standing on the field ready to start the game and Wilson is just starting to come out of the lockerroom walking like they are going to a picnic – not the attitude of champions

    4) making adjustments – champions adjust during the game, that’s why they win championships – particularily at halftime – 6 of ther last 8 games Wilson has played – the opponents have scored over 40 points – it appears from the stands that Wilson has a defensive game plan and stays with it at all costs no matter what the other team is doing

    Championship teams and programs dont happen by accident – Wilson has the talent to be near that top ladder, especially at offense – tuning up with the above mentioned could help


    Some info on #74, Christian Orduno or “BIG O” as we call him…He is real close to 6-5 and tips the scale at 290…
    Thanks for noticing his hard work! I believe he maybe one of the best left tackles in the country! But I am a little biased!!!
    BTW, that is his mom and aunt on the front page eating my food! Fred n Tom hope you enjoyed the food, thanks for the support!

    ON BLUE!!!

  • GHS Alum

    Mr. Wright,
    Regarding your post last night:
    The Glendora receiving corp did a great job last night with the exception of the dropped ball on that long pass down the middle of the field. Pasqy isn’t trying to make a hero out of anyone by throwing the ball he’s trying to “win games”! Yea we came up short last night but thats football. Lay off the sauce and choose your words better !

  • Inland Valley rules sgv

    Put it to bed, to all co people , It was a great game it was a nail biter, my boy was on the field, there was no attempt to hurt your QB this is football and these things happen. We all hope your QB is well he’s the real deal, Your coaches can’t win and they were looking for an excuse here’s an Idea try and stop #5 he owns you all by himself coaches, and the score was indicative of the game our big boys just wore you out by games end and your receivers met there match with some real DB’s obviously the best they’ve seen this season so go home lick your wounds and go on beating teams in your weak league haha!!! RC COUGARS RULE co

  • football jones

    Unruly Wilson Fans?

    Ive been to all Wildcat games this year and have not heard or seen any ghetto like behavior.

    Yes, certain fans critique the coaches every move and scream at officials on every play, but thats football.

    I can honestly say Wilson fans do NOT insult the opponents and are generally well behaved.

  • A. M. at Home

    Damien HS – The electricity was in the air and the atmosphere was Great for a HS game! I applaud your scheduling of the game, wish it would have been closer but things don’t always go as planned. Respect for our fellow Catholic School Brothers is what I give. Good luck the rest of the year. I also wish to give props to the AMAT DEFENSE!!! The whole defense, great job Coaches too. We hear a lot about our offense (and rightfully so. They’re pretty darn good) but in regard to our defense, these youngmen are absolutely prepared week in and week out and believe me coaches it shows! Great job by the D-line, LB crew and secondary! Only two legit scores on our first team D in four games! Not bad!Let’s keep it up! We are getting better and better each week and you coaches are at the root of our success. This defense is playing pretty damn good for taking the losses of personel from last years team. Keep up the good work Coaches because it shows in our youngmen out there on the field. THANKS! Now let’s, turn the page Lancers and it’s time to go GHOSTBUSTING! I aint afraid of no GHOST…….Who ya gonna call??? AMAT LANCERS! Go Amat, Go Big Blue!

  • BINGO!!! Next Level Wilson Guy U R Right

    you r right on target ‘Time For Next Level’ –

    but I wonder how many coaches actually read these blogs??

  • JFR

    Travis is out for at least four weeks.

    Inland empire rules. Go ask for a copy of the game and watch what #43 does after he makes the tackle and then get back to me.

  • NoBrainer

    Dear “The San Gabriel Valley Amat Tribune,”

    You can’t blame Fred and co. for BA getting this “Front Page” exposure. Look at both of the videos above. In the SD vs. Monrovia match, there are still plenty of seats left for people to sit. You would think it would at least sell out for a match this big. It did not.

    On the other hand, the BA vs. Damien game was sold out w/ over 7,000 in attendance. If that is not impressive, the 50/50 drawing was almost $3,000.00!

  • Amat Honk

    RC n I.E, can I please ask that you slow your roll abit on the RC owns the SGV thing? My home school resides in a quiet little suburb of Los Angeles co, in the SG Valley, in the quiet little city of La Puente and without trying to steal your thunder, there is still some property you cant afford in the SGV. Congrats on your victory. It still sounds like the CO vs. RC rivalry is alive and well. You guys have had some really good games and hopefully the games will continue. CO I wish your QB well. I hope it’s not as bad as previously reported. Good Luck to both teams for the remainder of the year.

  • FredJ and all others

    May I say I feel sorry for the QB from CO for his injury, but in that same hospital ER there was a Saint in the next bed with a serious arm injury which has required surgery. This player will be out also for the rest of the season. So, #45 we will miss you! get better!

  • s b





  • RCCougars

    First of all who cares about the price of homes I thought we were talking football???

    About the Uncalled PI that ball was 20 yards over his head and the db and wr were both looking up and got their feet tangled up.

    Another thing I never said we kicked their butts I just said we won the game. Our O-line was just too much in the end, thats what won the game. Last I checked football was a 4 qtr game?? Not 3!

    I am real sorry to hear about the qb, I hope he is ok. Our coaches do not teach that and the kid came right out of the game and will be dealt with by the coaches. Santiago is a very good player and I want to see him out there as quick as possible.

    Well CO is 0-2-1 in three years that speaks for itself. Until you beat us you can keep saying we made them nervous, we almost won. Come on with your cryin excuses and just admit we played for 4 qtrs and won the game.

  • Hey RC – Amat must only watch the Andy Griffith Show

    Amat Honk wrote:
    “My home school resides in a quiet little suburb of Los Angeles co, in the SG Valley, in the quiet little city of La Puente and without trying to steal your thunder, there is still some property you cant afford in the SGV.”

    La Puente is ground zero for valley gangs, 56 LEGAL ‘weed’ houses where you can buy weed at; gun shots every day, police helicopters almost every night – AH lives by watching Opie and Andy –

    if the rest of us in the Valley help with the fund raising – could you still buy that quiet little suburb and remove it for us

  • oops

    That was to FredJ and others: my bad not from him, as he made no remarks about the #45 injury Saint. Sorry!


    Just goes to show that the SGV, with the exception of AMAT has trouble with better competition.

    Tary Boys: WC burns your butts AGAIN. See what speed does.

    Damien: Gano are you ready for baseline with that showing?

    CO: Excuses won’t make up for a lost. It’s only matters what the score is at end of game. Just ask Monrovia! LMAO!

    South Hills: Did you show up like Damien?

    Tary Boys and Pasqy: Schedule us next year – Still trying to beat lower division teams to beef your record. How will that get you ready? Team defense is in serious trouble with IE speed.

    One thing about Bonita Amat and WC = They dig down deep….

  • RCCougars

    CO FANS,

    One more thing you talk about your youngsters, well 16 of 22 players we start are juniors or sophomores. So we are good and young.

    Next excuses step up and I will help you out with the answers.

  • JFR


    No excuses here, we had our shot and didn’t get it done. I agree, your big boys up front in the last seven minutes were the difference.

  • LP FAN

    Dumb ex- Warrior
    we do blame coach, u dont go for it on 4th and 1 deepin your own territory. Not to mention a fake punt from the same area.

  • Smallcity

    Great job on the Amat/Damien video guys.

    Christian Orduno:

    I don’t think he’s flying under the radar at this point. Definite D-1 prospect.
    Going both way as a lineman is tough! Imagine what how much better he will be when he commits to one side of the ball in college.

  • Conq’ 76

    Time for the next level, Wilson coach says

    Were those fowls chickens or ducks!?

    Seriously, I understand typo’s and miispelled words (I misspelled miispelled for the sake of brevity), but confusing “fouls” and “fowls” talking about football? Really? LOL

  • Phantom Fan

    To Amat Dad, don’t Take the Phantoms for granted. The Phantom defense is Outstanding and the offense has some good players. Coach Pearson will have them ready. The Day’s of playing Cantwell and Salesian are over for the Phantoms. I nwill see all You Amat Posters after Cathedral wins a close game.

  • Wilson Wildcats

    Next Level Coaches…Before you talk make sure you make sense

    A) 27, 38 & 36 are the point totals for the first 3 games and could be way more if there wasn’t so many dropped balls and penalties. There is a reason you are in the stands and not on the field calling plays. Play calling has been good

    1) Those personal fouls are all from Seniors that are barely getting use to winning. Its just like a kid getting bullied around for 3yrs of course he is going to have a attitude, Zavala will get it straight before League starts. It’s to change the mindset of Losers because thats what they were before Zavala came in. Again there is a reason you are in the stands

    2) When you are trying to change the culture of a program from a LOSER to a WINNER there is more important things than Maxpreps, if it is so important to you go talk to Zavala and I am sure he would love to have you in charge of updating Maxpreps. Give it time they will get the stats up, let me know what is more important to you getting W’s or Maxpreps

    3) If you like Los Altos pre game warm ups go watch Los Altos play. Each team has there own style just like when New England won there first Super Bowl they got introduced as a team instead of individuals like EVERY other team. I’m sorry to break it to you but Championships are not won with your entrance to the field.

    4) If you have seen all 3 Wilson games there D has played 10x better in the 2nd half than the first and its because of the ADJUSTMENTS so once again there is a reason you are in the stands

    B) You are right about Championship teams don’t happen by accident, but they have nothing to do about any of the B.S. you mentioned above. So please do everyone a favor and go buy yourself a Hot Dog, Soda & Popcorn find a good seat shut your mouth and watch the Wilson Wildcats convert from a Loser Program to a Winning Program

    LP Fans stop jumping on your coach its not his fault, those are the gambles you have to take when you are playing a team that has way more talent than you do. There is not one player and I mean not one player from LP that would start for Wilson and please don’t say #22 because he is not anywhere near as good as #5 from Wilson. LP fans are reminding me of some of the current Wilson fans. LP was 0-10 just 2yrs ago and the only reason they are doing as good as they are is because of the coaching

  • LP Alum

    Hey RC,

    It’s closed minded bigots like you who continue to perpetrate this belief that LaPuente is nothing but a crime laden, gang infested hell hole. There are not gun shots and helicopters flying every night as you would lead people to believe. I grew up there and still have family living there and know of what I speak, unlike you. My nephews attend LPHS just as all of our family did and they and their friends are typical teenagers who play sports. People like you need to keep their stupidity to themselves. Keep this in mind, it’s better to be thought to be ignorate than to open your mouth and remove all doubt that you are stupid!! Crime is everywhere whether you are in West Covina, Glendora, Hacienda Hts. Chino Hills, and oh yes let us remember the large pot growing homes in Diamond Bar. So take a look at yourself before you make comments on others.

  • jane kane

    RCCougar, I agree that football is football; however, once malice becomes part of the game, then it’s not football anymore. That young man from Rancho, #43, clearly knew what he was doing and did it intentionally. It is quite disturbing to think that a young man would do something as malicious as trying to break another player’s foot. I am sure the RC coaches will handle the situation with appropriateness, and I just hope that young man rechecks his character. And you RCCougar, I hope it never happens to one of yours because then, you might not consider it football…

  • Really?

    LP Alum

    Ask the Amat honks about the Freshman football player that pulled out a knife last night on a Damien player. Teacher from Damien tackled the player and the cops took him away.

    Lets see Amat’s policy on that one?

  • Stop the idiotic Comments

    With this statement you Wilson Wildcat are on crack…….you must be kidding me

    “There is not one player and I mean not one player from LP that would start for Wilson and please don’t say #22 because he is not anywhere near as good as #5 from Wilson.”

    You my friend are a fool! PERIOD!

  • saladays

    Wilson Wildcats,

    The only, I repeat the only reason you win games is because of who you play now.

    You play some of the worst absolute worst football I’ve ever seen.

    Besides Los Altos who would you beat in the Hacienda League the league you guys would be in if you had any amount of pride.

    LP gave it away.

    A winning program wouldn’t be 1-5 in the lower levels though three weeks.

  • Saladays???

    For someone with so much knowledge of football why would you PAY to watch a Wilson game if they are so bad. You could have watched West Cov/Glendora, Monrovia/SD, Bishop/Damien, Bonita/BP and you chose LP/Wilson???

  • A. M. at Home

    Don’t kid yourself Phantom Dad, Amat is gonna come ready, prepared and respectful of all opponents. See you Friday night? Is there somewhere to set up if we get there early? I hear there is little to no parking?

  • SG Valley Fan

    RC Cougar, dude are you really that stupid that you think the comment posted earlier was about the price of houses??? You do NOT own the SGV because Bishop Amat resides in the SGV and they have handed your asses back to you backwards everytime you’ve ventured into LA PUENTE (thus the property you can’t afford comment). Please tell me if I’m wrong Amat Honk but I believe this is where you were going right? Andy Griffith reruns, helicopters and gunfire (yeah right, what an ignorant statement). Slow your roll buddy and try to at least win your own league this year first, huh?

  • Love this kid!

    We knew that this game was going to be bigtwo big rival schoolskids coming in 13 years old who dont know what school they want to go to and they came to this game and Im pretty sure they are going to choose Bishop Amat.

    ~BA QB Rio Ruiz

    Check out his leap over a defender at 2:15 in the video above. GO LANCERS!

  • RCCougars

    First of all the RC Cougars and RC are two seperate people. I do not know this RC person with the crazy comments.

    I get the home thing and property if that is what he meant. I did not get that the first time thru. We did play amat in 06 and 07 they beat us both times. That was before the current coaching staff and we definately were in some down years then.

    Sorry if I ruffled the panties of you amat fans, my comments were towards the CO and San Dimas fans. They are always on here talking about their rings, but to get them they beat nobody of value.

    I would love our team to play amat. Our schedule will probably be open next year week 3, since San Dimas is backing out after one year. Lets set it up, it would be a great game. Lets talk to our coaches.

    Myself, I hate to see a kid ever get hurt on the field, especially someone as good as Santiago. I hope he is back for league, because I think you have a great shot at winning the sierra league, With him at qb.

    About our 43, I will check out the film on Monday when my son gets his dvd. I hope it isnt as bad as you say, I will see. I can not believe he would do that since he broke his ankle the first game last year and was out all year. Believe me our coaches have much respect for Lou and they were all over this kid after the game. I did see that first hand.

  • JFR

    How bout them BRUINS!

    BA fans should be proud of their kid Price, I can see them finally starting to turn the corner. It’s not often that you see a UCLA defense dominate, I love it!!!!!!!!!

  • Unreal…





    UCLA! Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Sheldon Price had a great game. Broke up a pass in the end zone. My Cowboys need to win to make it a perfect sports weekend. I wish Bowens would have gotten some burn.

    I can finally see our program making the turn and competing this year. Bring on SUC.

    GO AMAT!!!

  • JFR


    I hate to say it but your kid had his ankle in his grasp and did a 360 roll with his ankle. We know it’s not taught because the Farrar’s and Biaz families go back 35 yrs together not to mention that Dom and your head coach text weekly if not daily. Sometimes the heat of battle takes over but in this case it’s going to really hurt CO. If all goes well Travis will be back by Damien.

  • Sgt. Mike

    As a long time fan of C.O. football with no one on the team but daughters who were cheerleaders years ago I always have supported the Chargers and enjoy going to the games. I just wanted to extended a heartfelt get well soon to Travis Santiago. The Chargers offense this year has been so explosive and fun to watch. I loved what Charter Oak was doing with the football on offense and some special playmakers.

    I came on this blog because I knew I could check his injury status and honestly being impartial because I have no direct emotional attachment I can honestly tell you the play at the end of the game was sickening. Unfortunately, that young man had been teetering the entire game flirting with hurting someone because I think Charter Oak’s freshman tailback was also on the receiving end from what could tell what were some questionable plays by that kid.

    What was otherwise a fantastic game I just say Rancho Cucamonga learn from your mistakes and Charter Oak continue to grow and mature learning from your mishaps as well. Hopefully Travis has a speedy recovery and in the meanwhile God knows what C.O.’s coaches will do with their offense now. With no serious injury to their quarterback this team was a few plays away from being undefeated and a few weeks away from being a force to be reckoned with in league and beyond.

    Good luck to both teams and get and stay healthy.

  • Phantom Fan

    Sheldon Price is not any good. it’s just a matter of time when Cathedral’s Anthony jefferson get’s the starting job over him. Go Phantoms

  • Aaron

    Story for the Bearcats has to be their defense. Making good teams look bad was an observation by another to me. In the last two games they’ve given up three points and 44 points total on the season. Yes Santa Fe score twelve points, however, the defense only gave up three points.

    Pendleton practiced and will be ready to play and lead his team at Diamond Bar in two weeks.

  • kh

    do we still have to here about a 500% team in the win loss record.
    last season they had adam mauma to carry them home,with the speed of his cousin to.
    the glory days are over co.its bonita bearcats who are here to stay my friends,the fressmen qb could of started for the varsity this year,he looks that good and the boys are 4-0 down there,the jv are 3-1 we are 4-0
    so the schools sitting on 11-1 this season just like the baseball team,did thru out all the levels.
    bonita lost 2-1 to ocean view in the finales in baseball last season.
    jump on the wagon boys the bearcats are # 1 in football in k.h. rating,who cares about amat there not in are way.or road to the rings.

  • Saints

    Hey RC Cougar,

    You know nothing. The San Dimas-Rancho contract was a one year deal. San Dimas did not back out. They play bonita that same week next year.

  • Tech Support

    There is kidding yourself, there is delusion, and then there is being a Cathedral fan.

  • RCCOugars

    Well saints fan, I was told different by the coaches. THey told our team that San Dimas was losing all their players next year and did not want to play us again. Maybe that is why they only asked for one year contract?? At least that is the info I was passed. IF wrong my bad.. All other teams we signed on with are for two years, I guess San Dimas is the only one year contract.

  • saladays

    Wilson parent,

    Hey Narcissus,

    I went to watch La Puente play.

  • observer

    I agree that the bonita defense is fun to watch. I think its obvious that the d coaches set up schemes that confuse the offense and the guys out on the field flat out hit. Bonita plays defense the way a lot of teams should play offense, by attacking. in the three games I have seen I’ve noticed that they create a ton of turnovers and have blocked lots of kicks. #31 is as solid of a linebacker I have seen and #6 is the big hitter. The secondary has shut down some good receivers. I like #40 at outside lb and #42 is a Load to stop. #51 is undersized at dl ine but is in on a lot of tackles. Keep up the good work bearcats

  • Coaching

    Someone asked if coaches read this blog.

    100% sure yes.

    You would be amazed how much this blog affects coaches. Coaches have the ability to do what every they want with no real accountability. These blogs are a place for the parents to voice their opinion, and coaches dont like it.

    The question of discipline is a major concern at Wilson, as can be demonstrated in last nights game. Wilson’s stud middle linebacker was ejected from the game for punching one of the officials, yes punching one of the officials. This could be a major blow for Wilson once CIF completes it investigation. This suspension could turn into a season ending play.

  • 50 yard line seat for Saladays

    Hey Saladays you r welcome to spend your $7 again and have 50 yard line seats at Wilson to see them play El Monte next Friday, buy the nachos, support our boosters and have another miserable night – but at least u will have time to come up with more excuses – by the way, of the 4 people watching the game on the La Puente side – which one were u???

  • just a fan

    Seriously, unless you have a kid on a team or an emotional attachment to the school, why would anyone go to any game besides a Bishop Amat game? Seems like they’re the best team, play at the highest level, and provide the most exciting atmosphere at a game – with the best food and highest 50/50. You can’t lose!

  • Aaron

    Been to Amat games…they’re pretty cool but there’s no reason to go to Amat Games if you don’t have an attachment…same reason buddy!

  • Just a fan – u sure can lose!

    You sure can lose going to a BA game – you could lose your hubcaps, sit in a stadium designed for a middle school that sits on a track on the visitor side – that is as almost as stupid as parking on a golf course at the Rose Bowl, try to get out with the horrible traffic patterns after the game, and thern go to a crowded Pizza Co were everyone goes after the game to get real food

  • Why go Saladays??

    You said about Wilson – “The only, I repeat the only reason you win games is because of who you play now” — then why in the world did you want to go see La Puente play????

  • askin’

    Aaron, so what was your attachment?

  • kh

    fred did you know bonita punters is #6 in ave. in calif. 12 in nation at 39.39 ave. punted a 64 yard last night.big part of bonita offense,bails them out.if they wont run and throw to him,you cant hide a good athlete.

  • There’s also another one KH

    Hey KH – Wilson’s punter (#8) I am almost certain has a higher avg than 39 and was Fred’s All SGV punter in the preseason list: but we probably won’t see it anywhere – evidently stats that help players get college looks is not important for Wilson since it has nothing to do with “having a championship attitude” like bloggers here believe Wilson does not need

  • Wilson Wildcats

    Discipline!!!! Why is this behavior tolerated from Coach Zavala. His staff talks down to the boys and to the point where they make fun of the players. Talk to your staff 1st about respect before you go over it with your team. And #5 Vega is he already not meeting his 2.0 or did he go off on a staff member again. Josh morales is awesome. That was a great move on your part. He should be your 1st string QB. Oh thats right #7’s dad wont allow that.

  • Need to Understand

    I have deal with Coach Zavala and some of your staff in the past. You need to understand you have a very young staff it is going to take them a few years for them to figure it out. Espically Coach Zavala, at this time he lacks the ability to lead a team. Don’t get me wrong Coach Zavala and staff is an improvement from Hoyd but a huge downgrade from Coach Oviedo and staff. This team would be competing for a CIF championship in your current division with Coach Oviedo running the program.

  • Who’s Hungry?

    If anyone is interested in knowing just how much Bishop Amat loves football, please watch this video.

  • Butch

    Even Bassett woulda dinked South Hills dat night.

    Bulldogs OWN you!!!

  • Remember The Summer

    Is this the same Wilson team running around fighting during the summer!

  • the critic

    lol….at anyone who thinks the phantoms will give amat a tough game…..amat once again will come out victorious and by a big margin the phantoms are weak very weak this game will look worst then the damien amat game believe me…


    you bloggers come on here bashing wilson day after day, do you not have anything better to do then to worry about what wilson players and staff are doing..really..get a life already and quit living on here you low life scum bags

  • seriously?

    the Phantoms only beat West Adams Prep by one score? explain that. could get ugly!

  • This isn’t the place….

    NO LIFE (Wilson Coaching Staff),

    Their is something going on over at Wilson that the parent(s) aren’t pleased with. Maybe you should address this issue internally instead of on this blog.

  • Aaron

    Pretty sure the bashers aren’t Wilson People.

  • These guys are tall and fast

    Cathedral was up 37-0 at halftime vs. West Adams. Do not let the final score fool you…it was a rout. Cathedral has an awesome QB and some tall and very fast receivers. Amat’s DBs will be tested like nothing before.

    The height advantage will go to Cathedral’s WRs. Amat has had trouble defending the pass and this is the best QB that Amat has faced so far. Cathedral has all the proper tools to pull the upset.

    The BA secondary better have a good week of practice.

  • Don’t forget Mr. Phantom

    The Phantoms may have a good QB and tall wide receivers…but don’t forget, we have a good pass defense – rushers in Gener, Varela and solid Linebackers. Don’t also forget we like to blitz and put pressure on the QB. This is a team sport, it’s not all about the secondary. When everyone executes their assignment properly, that QB of yours will be running for his life! Oops I’m giving away all the secrets….just show up next Friday night and I’ll show you what I mean.

    Amat Ghost Busters 34 – Casper the friendly Ghost 7

  • Who are ya Gonna Call?

    Who are ya gonna call?

    Ghost Busters!!!!!

    I ain’t afraid of no ghost!!!


  • What?


    If you would read the comments from M-town and other blogs saying that it was luck that SD won the Championship game do to the weather. All SD gets is they have played nobody, it gets old and the reply is whow has the ring. They should have beat you guys, all you did was score 21 in the first qtr and held on.Your 300 plus D-line was wearing down. If it was not for a few mistakes in the 4th qtr. But if they did than as you said would have beat nobody of value.

  • really?

    “Amat has had trouble defending the pass”? They’ve given up TWO touchdowns TOTAL in FOUR games. – 1 to LA Times #25 team in the final minute up 14 in a prevent defense. What kind of trouble is THAT?

  • Smoke and Mirrors


    Nobody on Frosh or JV could start ath the varisty level for Bonita.

    What are you on? Game way faster on V-level

  • RCCougars

    HEy, What? We laid an egg against San Dimas. We played for about 15 minutes of that game and were up 21 to 0 and just quit playing football.

    Not to make excuses, because we won, but half our team was out of practice all week with the flu.

    Just ask CO about our line they wore down CO in the fourth qtr and we scored 19 points to win the game. They are a much better team than you all.

    Well we brought our ‘C’ game to San Dimas and still won. San Dimas you play division 8 or something, the teams you play and yourself would not win a game in our league ever!!!! Except maybe Alta Loma all their players left to go over to Upland.

    Just so you know we have our rings also and believe me it is against much superior competition than you face.

    TOo bad your coaches only signed up to play us for one year, because of some lame excuse that you are losing all your players…HAHAHAHA.

    Keep playing ball with the little folks and we will keep the big boy football out in the Inland Empire.
    Only team you have out there is Amat and nobody else. We have 4 teams ranked in the top 10 in calif in our division alone.

    San Dimas do not worry you play another cupcake this friday in Nogales. Their only win is against the other cupcake team you played South El Monte. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

  • kh

    smoke and minors.
    have you seen the fr. qb on bonita.
    if not just. go see him, make you own choice.
    dont over rate h.s. football please|.the kid would start on b.p. team.
    wilson fan the tried to fine wilsons punter but theres no stats on the team,the reason fred picked wilson guy is because nobody on out staff pushed bonita punter,it is what it is,
    have a nice week.

  • These guys are tall and fast


    I’m a true Amat fan but Cathedral will be the first team to really test Amat’s pass defense. Garfield and Damien did not have a good QB but Garfield still managed to throw for almost 130 yards.

    Amat’s secondary also allowed for Compton Dominguez to quickly score toward the end of the game via completed long passes and pass intererence calls. Up until this point, Dominguez primarily ran the ball.

    Muir’s backup QB still managed to throw for 123 yards and scrambled for an additional 65 yards. This containment weakness can be devasting when playing a superior passing team.

    Cathedral’s starting WRs are all over 6ft. 2in and include standout Ryan Longoria (Los Altos Transfer) Their starting QB has thrown for 840 yards in 3 games.

    I’m not trying to be a downer, but Cathedral does have the weapons to pull off an upset. They present a different set of challenges that the Amat secondary really needs to prepare for.

  • Bonita Punter

    KH – they might run or throw to him more if he didn’t quit in the middle of games. Quit pimping your kid.

  • 840 yards passing? Wow that’s great……….

    Thrown for 840 yards in 3 games?….yeah great stats considering they really played no one – Glendale 0-3, Pasadena 1-2, West Adams Prep 1-3 . Are you forgetting Amat plays in the Serra League?

    If you are an Amat fan, you haven’t been around long. Amat respects all, fear no one. Rest assured the Best Coaching Staff in the SGV is watching game tapes right now, and will have a game plan in place by Friday Night.

  • Amat Fan

    Where is Jcaz? Must still be upset for having his 99 cent 7-11 hotdog confiscated by gate security before kickoff! Since the school has imposed a no outside food policy.

    I was looking forward to his Post Game Drivel.

  • A Real Wilson Supporter

    These guys are tall and fast,

    Your need to get your facts straight, Ryan Longoria hasn’t been cleared yet. He hasn’t played a single down over at Cathedral, you can thank Los Altos administration for that. On that note I was told by a parent that over 1/3 of the team didn’t show up for practice on Monday after that big loss to Wilson. Adding to the very low numbers I was also told they dress out about 10 freshmen on varsity every friday night.

    The comment earlier by “Wilson Wildcats” was once again made by a Los Altos supporter. Everyone within the program knows Moe didn’t play due to medical reasons. For the record we just had a grade check and trust me Moe’s grades aren’t a concern. So please advise Harrington he is wasting his time.

  • stat boy

    A Real Wilson Supporter – Longoria caught a 74 yd TD pass on Sunday.

  • Monrovia…Karma!!!

    Hey Observantcrap….

    Suck hind tit….you are 1-2 and full of it!!! SD and GHS own your ass biotch!!!

  • stat boy II

    Longoria Ryan Cathedral Valid Change of Res 10-11
    Investigated-New Information Received 09/17/2010

  • Aaron

    Just facts here:

    Name: Longoria, Ryan
    Submitted by: Cathedral
    Status: Valid Change of Address
    Years: 10-11
    Notes: Investigated-New Information Received
    Action Date: 09/17/20

    Go here and type his name in:

    3 Rec 104 yds
    13 total tackles
    2 Interceptions
    2 pt conversion

    Stop busting Mr. Huth’s balls…or at least do it to his face. KC is eighth in the state in punting according to Maxpreps submitted stats. The reason why he wasn’t hyped too much in the pre-season is this is his first year as the punter. We already knew he was a stud at linebacker…yeah a whole lot of quit in him is the reason why they pitched a shutout Friday. Here’s a hint: don’t lie to people because you don’t like one person from being proud of their kid.

    And Tanner Diebold the frosh QB at Bonita is a stud!

  • kh

    he has never quit in the middle of any game hes ever played,get your facts straight before blowing out your spout,he get pulled because he one tough s.o.b. at bonita theres no showing any real charter from with in your sole,football should bring out the beast in all athletes,am sorry if we want to when league and go pasted the first round,which hasnt happened all three years of his h.s. could you here some coach telling dick buttkis,am taking you out dick for pushing back the other teams guys after he just cheap shotted u,sorry jack lambert here at bonita our lb have to play under control at all times,so we are going to make you sit out the second half,now go down there and cheer on the boys like a good little benched lb.not in our house hold,
    if you are on the other side of the ball,you have a big chance of not playing next week,that works both way in football.he dosnt play just to support the green and black bonita colors or whare the v jacket to be to win ever game no matter what sport it is.if you get stuck and knocked out it part of the game boys.soph. year out with ankle.jr. year broken year ???????????????????????? long way to go.
    4-0 bearcats now thats what we are bearcat land our talking about,and i said we will win every game this year,because we can…

  • Phantom Alum

    Let’s get reat without name calling Amat is a very good team. Amat by all mean’s should beat Cathedral and I am a Phantom to the bone. Amat’s Defensive line is bigger than Cathedral’s and #76 is a monster. The Phantoms are very young starting alot of Freshman and Sophmores. They will grow up very quick in this game. We at Cathedral Respect Bishop Amat and it is an Honor playing them. Hey Coach Canales is a good friend of Cathedral and he called us for a game because nobody from the SG Area wanted to play Amat. It is a win win situation for Cathedral. If We play close and lose, We lose to a Great Team. If We win, Cathedral get’s noticed and We get alot of kids for Our program. It’s funny a little History lesson for you Amat fans. When Amat won the CIF with Pat Haden their Coach Phil Cantwell a Cathedral Grad. The Salters Father Dick is a Cathedral Grad. Yes, Ryan Longoria is with us and is a Stud. Good luck to all Amat people We at Cathedral respect Amat and We hope it is a good game for both with no injuries.


    Bonita Punter

    Jealous are you!!!!!

  • Wilson rara

    Wilson is ok.
    Things are going as planned, Zavala and his staff have everything under control. Though everyones not such happy campers over at Wilson, theres a winning expectation being enforced by coaches,players,parents and fans. Whatever It Takes, is what the fans are starting to comprehend. At all costs, at certain players expenses. Though 12 has had two outstanding performances, lets please not forget that 7 put up 27 verses a credible team ( Diamond Bar ). He cannot be held accountable for dropped passes, or blown coverages. Wilson and staff have the players to compete for league and C.I.F. play. Coaches, communication!!!!!!!!! It can make or break a promising season. With that said, go CATS.

  • kh

    the season starts in two weeks for the bearcats.
    i think we led everybody in d-fence in the pre season in less amat hold opp. under 10 points per game.i know they play teams we could ever suite up against….
    whos the hotters teams in the area..
    deal with it,
    remember our household saying
    asks coach podley if k.c. a quitter/

  • Damien Dad

    Damien will play Amat next year,

    In talking to the players on the Freshmen and JV (Soph) during the game Friday night, they want to renew the contract for four years, we have a lot of talent on both of our teams, and they have a lot of talent. It’s going to be great for both schools. Unfortunately we knew that the game could end up that way last Friday, and the Amat coaches had the perfect game-plan. Let’s give credit to them and the players for their execution of that plan, great show of discipline. Just not our night, and they have the better Varsity team. Good luck to Amat the rest of year. Looking forward to the FUTURE at Damien and great games to come. Go Spartans

  • I4I

    To whom it may concern,
    Everyone has dirty laundry, be aware that making enemies within, can be detrimental to a program looking to excel in their new surroundings.

  • Norco

    RCCOugars…First of all nobody is scared to play you..Norco will have a week #1 & week #2 open next year…I`ve seen your OL…big yes..athletic no…quit acting like you have accomplished something so far…Youv`e played three cupcakes in Silvarado. San Dimas & Great Oak…

  • Reality

    KH. Check out Glendora’s Sophomore Punter Christian Fulham He is averaging 48 a kick. He has only 12 punts he need 14 to be ranked.

  • smoke and mirrors


    A freshman QB at Bonita is a stud? Can start on Varisty? What are you guys smokin?

    Lets see if he could stand KC drilling him at the varsity level. Easy Answer isnt it!

    Most freshman bodies can’t handle the force of older kids and would end up getting hurt.

    The kid in question is 30-40lbs lite just to have a chance at the next level. Seen all your boys play and talented at freshman level yes, higher levels today – NO!

  • Aaron

    Just a question if anyone knows…how heavy were Jimmy Clausen and Matt Barkley at fourteen when they won their starting jobs.

    The player is very talented and is the future QB at Bonita whether he starts next year or his junior year is but a question. Is that putting too much on his shoulders…possibly, but I believe in him just like I believed in Garrett all last season and just like I believed Greg Spathias would be able to fill in for Garrett.

    The kid will grow and put on some weight and be ready. However I’m also a firm believer that Freshman should never step foot on the varsity field because as you say their bodies are not mature enough and just started getting used to the physical thrashing of high school football.

    And honestly how many QBs can take the hit KC Huth lays without struggling to get up?

  • Joe Amat


    Matt Barkley was 6’2″ at least 190-200 when Amat beat him up as a freshman. Amat picked off a few, had pressure on him all night and won by a few touchdowns with the Monarchs getting a token 4th quarter TD against the 2nd defense. Typical Freshmen are still boys and are bound to struggle at times, regardless of how talented they are.

    I’m pretty sure Clausen was held back at least once so he was older than the typical freshman – and may have been bigger as well.

  • RCcougars

    Hey NOrco,

    I know the first three games the teams were not very good. I never said they were. San Dimas is always talking about their ring from last year and I just was saying they could never play in the inland division and they play in the little boys division, that is all.

    My good friends son plays for Norco and I know you guys have a great program. I would love to play you guys and see where we stand. You already beat two teams from our league, but I think we are better than both of those teams. We will see about that soon enough.

    Where you read that I said people were afraid to play us is beyond me. I think we have the size and speed to compete with you guys and we will probably see in the playoffs.

    We have accomplished the same as you nothing, except winning all our first 4 non-league games.

    If were lucky enough maybe we sneak into the playoffs to play you with our big un-athletic line and our slow skill guys. Good luck in league Norco you will need it.

  • Don

    Jimmy Clausen began his Senior season at Oaks Christian on 9/1/2006 twenty days short of his 19th birthday. When Matt Barkley began his Senior season at Mater Dei on 9/3/2008, he was five days short of his 18th birthday.

  • bohi frosh parent

    To Aaron:
    Yes the Bonita frosh qb has a chance to be pretty good in a few years. But to say he is ready now for varsity is a large stretch. Way too small and has an average arm for a freshman. He is way behind where Pendelton was as a freshman. Pendelton was much bigger and had already developed a very good arm with some accuracy to give you a comparison. However he will be coached nicely by Podley and potentaly could be a good one

  • Joe Amat


    Nice research. So with September birthdays, by my math, that means Barkley either started late or repeated a grade once and Clausen twice (or a combination of the two)

    Think that’s right?

  • kh

    thats cool.
    about glendora kid.48 sweat k.c. shanked one against clarmont for 22.killed ave.
    last 8 punts 362 yards ave 45.
    think it neat that he punts i was the punter at t.c. on our cif championship team.hope history repeats itself

  • Don


    My understanding is that Clausen began Kindergarten at age six and was also held back a year when he began Middle School. I can’t point to where I actually heard that but it was around the time I began studying the HS QB biz: ’05 or ’06. Don’t know about Barkley.

    Also probably worth remembering is that Casey was the last of three Clausen brothers taking snaps for big time teams. Brother Casey was a big feature at Tennessee and Rick was a Vol too. All were disciples of the Clarkson camp. Sometimes I wonder if Dad C thinks he got his money’s worth from Steve.


  • jcaz

    Amat Fan

    Sorry to disappoint…..

    But I had to catch a flight out of town just two hours after the end of that game and couldn’t make a blog entry that evening.

    Actually, I forgot my laptop, so I tried to post a comment on one of those internet machines that you find all over the airports these days but unfortunately, I ran out of time before I was able to finish my comments and everything got erased.

    Talk about being hooked to this blogg eh ??

    Anyway, I will post a comment on the game later on…

  • funny how

    Funny how amat can have so many athletes on “scholarship”, use the term losely, yet they don’t have money for air conditioning in the classrooms. They sent students home early because of the heat.

  • Football Fan

    because Amat has to pay all those Ex-Coaches High Salaries. That’s why they can’t afford Air conditioning. You know where the priorities are at Amat. Football or Air. Also, the Grade thing how does a Kid Start last year for Amat and Transfer back to pasadena because he was missing a whole year of grades . How can he start Period and play football and Basketball. So. Much for Amat Academics. Imagine how many more kids are like that.

  • jcaz

    Notes in general, thoughts on that game…

    You know, oftentimes we as fans get caught up in all the trash talking that invariably comes along with competitive sports.

    But the facts are that when a rival shows you a “human” side to them, that it can really take you more than a few minutes to digest the events that you just witnessed.

    The facts are, that over this past week, I have seen and read where many bloggers have come in here and just ripped all over the Damien coach.

    Now, dont get me wrong, me, not knowing anything about the man, well, I pretty much felt that it was just the usual kind of stuff that comes with the territory.

    Nothing more and nothing less as I like always to say…

    However, I have to say right here and now that when that game was over at Kiefer stadium last Friday night, that the one person that I felt the most pride in, was not a player, or even a coach on the Amat sideline, but for the guy who was standing on the other side of that football field.

    The coach of the Damien Spartans.

    Even after his team was completely humbled on that field that night, Coach Gano showed what kind of man he was.

    I have to say that I watched in amazement as more than a few Lancers walked up to him to shake his hands, and he stood there and congratulated each and every one of them.

    And BTW, he took more than a few minutes of his time, and stood out there and congratulated many of the Amat football players on their victory and did so in much the same way as if they were his own kids who had just won that game for him.

    Coach Gano embraced a few by tapping them on their helmets and telling them what a good job they did that night and he did so with a smile on his face and a sincerity that I never would have imagined.

    I have top say that that evening, a lesser man would have just walked off that field with out saying more than a few customary set of words for his opponent.

    But that night, I saw something much much more.

    I saw a bigger man than I thought I knew walk off that field.

  • Amat Honk

    Football Fan – Pick up a newspaper once in awhile before you come on here and make stupid comments. A. Lacy was hospitalized for a large part of the year and don’t worry about our air conditioning because obviously you or your kids don’t attend Amat so why do you care? Hit the bricks with your fake concern for our students – SCAB!

  • James Wright

    GHS Alum, Make me choose my words better anytime any place.

  • James Wright

    GHS Alum, I dont give a dam about what u think or anybody else thinks about me or my comments! I guess Im the only one that see’s that 30 defence getting pushed down the field on every game for the last three years,you play the game to win. At least play a ball contol offense if your going to play that D. If somthing doesn’t work than change it or at least mix it up a little. And last of all I think everyone should believe in somthing, I believe I’ll have another drink!

  • love the money

    Amat was charging $8 to the students of St. Lucy’s and Pomona Catholic, Damien’s sister schools. Generally, they are charged the normal $1 rate. Is amat that hard up for money? Got to pay for the athletes I guess.

  • Go Co-ed

    students at the visiting school are admitted under student prices. PC and SL ladies do not go to Damien. those kind of things are usually spelled out in the contract. if Tom Carroll did not include it in the contract your beef is with him.

  • Amat Dude

    Damien did not send in the required paperwork to Amat Administration to admit those students from Pomona Catholic and St. Lucy’s in for free. They only requested Damien Student Body with a current student ID and staff with proper ID in for free. My nieces attend St. Lucy’s and they had to pay.

    Know the facts before you start blurting non-sense in here.


    football fan,funny how,love the money,
    Yea but we sure kicked your azz last Friday night . What you got to say about that ? Money well spent don’t you think. If you what to talk like a fool on here expect more of the same right back at you .

  • Big Brother

    It’s hilarious how peeps come out of their little rock and are reaching for straws just to try to make Amat look BAD! When we were 3-7 under Verti we sucked, now that we are 4-0 and just beat the crap out of Damien…’s the scholarships, it’s No Air Conditioning, it’s the tail gates, it’s the transfers, it’s you charge $8 at the gate….Give me a Break Peeps! We paid our dues, now comes the rewards!

    Stop with the Envy Peeps and get a life!

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  • Ruby Matus

    huh. i may do more research on this one further. nice post.